PORTRAITS OF PROPHETS Whose Histories and Teachings are in OAHSPE

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Zarathustra, one of the past great prophets    
of the Creator whose story is in Oahspe.

Po, a great prophet of the Creator for
China, contemporary with Abraham.

Abraham, a prophet of the Creator, from
the tribes of Shem to the Faithists of Ham.

Brahma and Yutiv of India.
Contemporaneous with Abraham.
Re-Established worship of the Great Spirit,  
c. 3950 bce.

Eawahtah (also known as Hiawatha).
The great prophet of the Great Spirit for    
America. Contemporary with Abraham.



Chine (the founder of China). He restored
the rights of the believers in the Great Spirit
and demonstrated the potential that comes
from being one with the Everpresent Great
Spirit. Contemporary with Moses of Egypt.

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