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Time to clean, move upward and onward



*Images from the Tablet of Emp'agatu, i037



A time always comes upon the people when they must learn the lessons that result from hearkening to the beast. We are in such a time now. We are nearing the end of the Faithist year during which a condition of Dan'hiss---Light in the Corners (i037 Tablet of Emp'agatu; 35/H.5.9)---has been and still is upon man. This gentle light of atmospherean Agni has penetrated to the core and people have been perceiving not only the light in themselves and in their social orders, as well as in others, but also seeing the evil brought to view from the light shining deep into the dark corners even into a darkness where the beast in man cannot yet go, and now fears to do so. As a result he feels trapped in a web of his own making.


As the beast thus feels trapped, this can be a dangerous time. For, as the beast feels his way of life ending, not only does he feel desperate, but to avoid the sinking feeling of despair and in desperate hope to turn things around, he will strike at others. On the other hand, the Emeth knows, the Faithist trusts, and the Faithist-in-heart believes that Jehovih (and His kingdom through His God, Lords, and Es'sean hosts) remain in charge of the domain --- not only of their heaven but of the earth too.


Yet within the system and order of the animal creation, individuals contend with each other for alpha position. In that way the species is kept trim and healthy. Those who hearken to the beast in man believe the same of man, and so adopt that system and order of the beast. For that reason, it may be said that these believe---regardless of professing otherwise---that satan (self, the beast) does indeed rule the world. In contrast, those oriented to Jehovih, stand aside and allow the beast to destroy itself. For, man stands at the precipice of the abyss. In the ensuing confusion, evil shall turn against evil. In the end, the beast shall destroy itself.


I made the serpent the lowest of living creatures, for I gave him an element capable of destroying himself. ---Book of Inspiration (34/6.8).


"...the Beast said: Do not think I come to send peace on the earth; I come not to send peace, but a sword...." ---Oahspe Prologue (02/1.9)


Let this be testimony to all peoples, that whoever divides my people or despoils them, shall also be divided and despoiled. ---Saphah: Earthly History of the Faithists of the East (35/O.22).


Such is what becomes of the strongest alphas among the evilest of man. And for now, the less evil of the beasts shall destroy the most evil of the beasts, even as it has occurred countless times in the past. These took their cue from the practice of hada as new self-Gods arose up to challenge and destroy the older, more evilly-entrenched false Gods. One example is the Triune Confederacy destroying the Oracles in the Bon cycle. There the oracles taught the doctrine that had developed from a practice of Baugh-ghan-ghad of ancient times of regular human sacrifice including children. The false Gods Baal and Ashtaroth, no strangers to such beastly rites and ceremonies, escaped capture at the end of Spe-ta cycle, and so, taught such practices in early to mid-Bon.


Because of that example, man of today shall be tempted to rise up and destroy the evilest of the alpha-beasts and their ilk. Yet to offset that, things are happening to give man a clear choice---Es-man or beast-man; choose Jehovih and His ways, or choose the Beast and his ways. To facilitate man's choosing wisely, the earth has been rising into a period of light in its roadway, and the soul light itself has been rising from the inside of man; and also, this year is as stated, a time of Dan'hiss to illuminate the corners.


This latter is seen as the third symbol of the four in the image following the title above. The images indicate a series of signs of the times that have come upon man. Interpreted, N'qui signifies a time of spiritual thirst as well as being desirous of light that comes with Jehovih's hand at work in man's affairs. Recently it began manifesting potently in the Faithist year that began at the June solstice 2016.The second image, Kain signifies the beast's response to man's move toward righteousness. Then, in the Faithist year beginning June solstice 2020, Jehovih spoke and Dan'hiss came forth. That which follows Dan'hiss comes with the Faithist year beginning at the June solstice of 2021. Man will feel the unseen influence of the condition called Sue, signifying among other qualities such as a time of enlightenment, the upliftment of man's soul so as to sustain the good. But bear in mind that what is coming is only one act of a multi-act play. May we all do well our parts for the glory of Jehovih.


Finally, this last chart (shown below) of ETHE WEATHER indicates the rise in atmospherean light up through the ji'ay and into dan to the end of the subdan and a harvest time signifying the end of the first 200 years of the Kosmon era. Much shall occur between then and now to prepare man for the Fraternity Social Order established by the es-man so that peace may grow in the world.








All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition