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To Share is to Grow. To Give is to Receive. To impart is to empty the vessel so that more may enter. As we sow, so do we reap many times over---in ABUNDANCE!


This holds true also for the Inner Realm as well as for the Outer Realm of Jehovih. The way is now open to reap huge benefits.In past cycles man was given what was good for his soul of the time. We all know that when raising a child we provide boundaries within which the child's development may blossom. In the Time of Seffas, now past, such parameters were initially quite confined and rigid, then gradually expanded through the first Measure of the Eoptian age.


In the Time of Kosmon which began the seventh era, man is no longer fenced about. Jehovih through His God has removed the fences, telling man he is now emancipated from compulsory obedience to the ways of Jehovih and His Kingdom of God; but simultaneously he became responsible for his own choices as to whatever he would become. That much you know already. In light of that, consider the following.


In Kosmon, man becomes free to directly learn in his own way and time, of Jehovih and the ways of His kingdom and creation. One valuable lesson man learns in the early days of Kosmon is to grow collectively in the highest, best, wisest possible way. This includes growing in his understanding of the Inner Realm of Jehovih, that is, in His Realm of Soul, Spirit, Mind and Form.


Accordingly, whereas in the past, information regarding the Inner Temple was scant and heavily veiled in secrecy and made cryptic, so in Kosmon such information shall flow more freely even as demonstrated in Oahspe so that man may grow collectively and openly in the resurrections of his God, Son of Jehovih. This sharing will be not only among peers but also made available for those less knowledgeable, so that either way they might have the advantage of seeing other perspectives.


Note, however, that this does not mean that discretion in speech is discarded nor useless. Indeed discretion will become appreciated more highly as Kosmon unfolds; it will be the difference between forced discretion (Seffas) and wise discretion (Kosmon). Forced discretion is like a bureaucracy where everything is tightly regulated, thus removing or minimizing discretion from both the administrator and the recipient of bureaucracy. Although Jehovih's kingdom has general rules and objectives, wise discretion rules all. This can come from within a person immersed in the abundance of Jehovih's light and presence, or it can come directly from Jehovih's voice, or through His kingdom suited to the occasion. Or it can come from the beast of self*---although its discretion is of the past cycle of Seffas and mostly hinders the rising es of Kosmon man.


The past secrecy was necessary to protect those mortals conscientiously choosing to live and grow within the realm of Jehovih's kingdom. During Seffas, false Gods and false Lords in hades would pervert and destroy such routes to Jehovih's Kingdom of God whenever and however they could. In their jaded eyes those routes were competition to be eliminated. The price to be paid for such precautions by the Faithists was twofold. First was the disadvantage of erected barriers preventing those seeking Inner Truths from easily finding them, if at all. And second, to prevent those holding the higher information from freely imparting and sharing their perceptions and understandings of the inner realm.


But the time of the false Gods and false Lords is over. The sixth era was their zenith and the seventh their downfall. For, by the time of Kosmon, man had sufficiently developed in his capacity for comprehensive understanding, so that of his own accord he will turn from any pretenders, choosing instead those teachings that resonate with their own spark of Jehovih's light within.


So indeed in early Kosmon the light of Jehovih's kingdom will stand before man, and so will the professings of the beast in man. And man shall be free to judge and choose what he would. Those who will, shall share / contribute what they have to share. In marketplace parlance, they shall set forth their knowledge, discoveries, inspirations, aspirations, ideas and plans into the marketplace of knowledge and let the buyer decide. In such a way of sharing, a higher more comprehensive view of the inner realm of Jehovih shall emerge, evident to those seeking to grow in inner wisdom---because wisdom, inner and outer, is chiefly what man is to learn from Kosmon. For it is through learning and practicing wise dominion, that the balance between Es and Corpor shall be achieved by man.



*In man's republic government when making his laws, man will continually and increasingly seek to cover all possibilities as a result of the beastly evaders of the spirit of the law (via loopholes, gray areas, subterfuges, etc.). For instance, in 2012 the USA created a health law containing 12 million words. Compared to such extremes as this, the comparatively simpler lifestyle and governance of an established Fraternity social order shall attract joiners by the droves.







All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007






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