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Stirring Up and the Tree of Light



Although soul realm cleanup has been ongoing since the Kosmon Era began in 1849, yet it hardly seems like a cleanup at times. When washing a heavily soiled fabric the dissolved dirt goes into the water, polluting it, darkening it. So during the early Kosmon era cleaning of our collective soul substance, the unfettered darkness permeates our plateau, being thickest and darkest at the earth's surface. As a milieu it covers all souls regardless of their grade.


Soul substance here refers to the soul realm with its flows and forms (fabric) of soul substance, its space(s) and its light (or its lack). The soul realm has those four elements even as the corporeal realm, the atmospherean realm, and the etherean realm also have those four elements of liquid, solid, gas/air, and light. (See, e.g., Se'moin's 35/D.47 Yot'ang'd'ang.)


The washing itself can be considered an agitating action---a stirring up in a cleansing solution that thoroughly tosses soul substance. How is this achieved? Notice in the Chart of Light and Darkness image for the first 200 years of Kosmon, the stirring up of man's soul substance by the steep quick fluctuations in the ethe'ic solution. Fourteen mostly sudden reversals of trajectory endure 14 years each on average. The 14th pulse or step of anything signifies belief and more specifically what the all highest belief is or should be. There is power in belief; heavy dark clods of false beliefs have been clogging paths of light. We are nearing the end of the heavy clod-breaking of beliefs phase that covers the first 200-year period of Kosmon's era. Additionally, the world entered in 2018 a 13-year period of testing of beliefs / highest beliefs amid a rising (thinning) atmospherean milieu light. May all choose wisely. For, only the belief in the ways of Jehovih and in the light of His God's kingdom shall deliver man from the abyss toward which he is currently accelerating.



Oahspe, Tae's Prayer; 01/1.6.


And in the stirring up of man's soul, Jehovih spoke through His sons and daughters. His voice came up out of the marsh and down from the heavens above, and the children of men heard and saw, and rose up because of the spirit in them. They responded to Him, Who is Almighty; and their voices were called Tae, because as it is the universal word of all children born, so it represents the universal prayer of man (humankind).


The fall of the beast around the time of Bon:


Oahspe, Book of Ben; 36/8.4.


And in the stirring up of things long past, it was as if a cloud of dust and darkness, foul and poisonous, overspreading heaven and earth, was to be cleared away and room made for other Gods and Saviors.


The fall of the beast around the time of Kosmon:


Oahspe, Book of Knowledge; 37/6.28.


And in the stirring up of things long past, it was as if a cloud of dust and darkness, foul and poisonous, overspreading heaven and earth, was to be cleared away to make room for the immortal kingdom.



As hinted in the above quotes, past dan'ha cycles were cleared away with the coming of each cycle's hi'dan. But the angels of Jehovih cleared away only that which directly affected the next stage of development in Seffas. They did not clear the soul substance, nor thoroughly clean away the scraps, the shards, the bits, the residue. Neither did they much mend, nor thoroughly clean nor deal with to any significant degree the malformed soul substance. The time was not right. That would come with Kosmon's advent.


Nevertheless in preparation before her [Kosmon's] era began, progress was made toward cleanup---sort of like a pre-soak cycle on a washing machine. Thus in the Arc of Bon, Lika cleared away, cleaned and mended more thoroughly than previous cycles. Because of that cleaning labor, the Tree of Light within man remained sufficiently intact to the end of Bon. For, in that cycle man was to replace the I'hins. Since man's beginning, the I'hins' purpose was to be an exemplar as well as provide the seed and light of everlasting life to man. The Faithists of Bon were the I'hin replacements who, through spreading their seed and by example, kept alit the Tree of Light.


Man in Kosmon is to become the glory that the I'hins could not attain, for Kosmon Man is the fullness of man's spiritual and corporeal development --- the Perfection of his species. While man's intelligence and physical refinement has been developing over the cycles his spiritual and soul development has had to take a back seat, so to speak. But now is catch-up time for the bulk of humanity and that starts by cleaning the soul substance. That cleaned substance becomes the rich soil for the Tree of Light. And from that soil, the Tree of Light within man will draw its elements upward. This results in a healthy, thriving tree providing nourishment for man to the eoptian age end.


In that regard, notice in verse 37/6.28 that at the beginning of Kosmon, instead of clearing away for other Gods and Saviors, the way was being cleared for Jehovih's Immortal Kingdom. The immortal kingdom has within it the Tree of Light. The Tree of Light cannot long live on poisoned soil. Enough soil was cleaned by Lika that the Tree could survive to Kosmon. But that Tree now needs clean soil to survive and thrive to the end of the eoptian age. And man will do the bulk of the labor in cleaning it.


It starts with man himself becoming clean. In no other way can the requisite cleanness come to be. In no other way can man fully enjoy his life on corpor. A clean soul realm allows man to dig deep into the soul substance. The deeper the root, the higher and fuller grows the crown of the tree.



We have looked in brief at the cleanup during the first 200 years of Kosmon. To fully dislodge the harder clods may extend beyond the 2049 dan---yet to remove the stains takes much longer, as we shall see later. But first we look at how this soul substance affects the earth so profoundly---next time.






All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






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