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Stories of the Flood (the Deluge) Part V





Flood Stories from Around the World ~ Oahspe's revelations regarding the Great Flood or Deluge, which was the actual submergence of a great continent in the Pacific Ocean some 25,000 years ago.

Even the Flood of the Ezra (Judeo/Christian) bible retains elements that hark back to the actual events of the Ancient Flood. Mythological as the Ezra bible account is, the elements and narratives still yeild clues to the actual long ago event that was the sinking of a great continent:

Oahspe's revelations so often provide enough details to help clear up conundrums in our fragmented and often mythologized recorded history. We can compare the Ezra bible account of the Deluge with Oahspe's to finally explain some of the Ezra bible's apparent fanciful incongruous details. The underlying narrative begins to make sense once the details are decoded within the context of the actual event.




Oahspe, Book of Aph: (10/6.6, 8 10/2.10):


|| And the vortex of the earth closed in from the rim, and lo, the earth was broken! A mighty continent was cut loose from its fastenings, and the fires of the earth came forth in flames and clouds, with loud roaring. And the land rocked to and fro like a ship at sea.


And again the vortex of the earth closed in on all sides, and by the pressure, the land sank beneath the water, to rise no more.


Tell them I have spoken, the earth and her heavens draw near the troughs, in the etherean seas of My rich yielding worlds. I will scoop her up like a toy, and her vortex shall close about like a serpent hungry for its prey....||




When the vortex of the earth was compressed to the surface of the earth, not only did the force break the crust of the earth around the continent, but the atmosphere was violently compressed. And such an event would have surely caused a drastic climactic incident which would no doubt have global ramifications.


When the vortex was compressed from above bearing down on the borders of the continent of Pan, the atmosphere also would have been compressed and subsequently escaped to every side manifesting as great blasts of wind. Then when the vortex sprang back away from the earth, the opening space would have been like a huge vacuum drawing in displaced air - and this happened twice.


Rain is caused by "low pressure" atmospheric systems, which form as warm air rises --- this same thing may be what happened on a grand scale when air was violently expelled and restored as Pan was sunk. Atmospheric low pressure involves a partial vacuum-like state which forms below warm rising air, which then sucks in more warm moist air near the ground, which condenses into clouds as it rises into the cooler higher regions. In the heat/vortexyan exchange of the warm and cold air currents associated with low pressure, thunder and lightning can manifest.


Although the Ezra Bible has a very short description of the flood, it does include waters from below as well as from above, as contributing to the flood.



Ezra Bible, Genesis 7:17; 8:1-3

||....On that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of heaven were opened....||

And God made a wind blow over the earth and the waters subsided; the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were closed, and the rain from the heavens was restrained. And the fountains of the deep were restrained, and the waters receded from the earth continually.....||




As the above example from the Eara bible demonstrates. a widespread ancient world view placed the earth in the midst of great waters above the sky and below the earth. Fountains and springs were believed to be from the great reservoir of water beneath the earth. A Hebrew myth elaborates on this theme and provides more details that are in accord with Oahspe's descriptions of rain, atmospheric and ground disturbances (marked in bold). Of course it is apparent that knowledge of the sunken continent was lost in the regions were the Ezra bible originated, however, there are still many flood myths from around the world which include a sunken land.




(from Hebrew Myths by Robert Graves)

|| Earth shook, her foundations trembled, the sun darkened, lightning flashed, thunder pealed, and a deafening voice the like of which was never heard before, rolled across mountain and plain. Thus God sought to terrify evil-doers into repentance; but without avail. He chose water rather than fire as a fit punishment for their unspeakable vices, and opened Heavens sluices by the removal of two Pleiades; thus allowing the Upper and Lower Waters --- the male and female elements of Tehom [the Deep], which He had separated in the days of Creation --- to re-unite and destroy the world in a cosmic embrace....When one hundred and fifty --- though some say forty --- days had passed, God shut the sluices of Heaven with two stars borrowed from the Great Bear. This still pursues the Pleiades nightly, growling: 'Give me back my stars!" He then sent a wind that drove Tehom's waters toppling over Earth's brink, until the Deluge slowly subsided. ||




Although there is no explanation of why the sun darkened in the above narrative, from Oahspe's account, the fires of the earth came forth and great clouds (of smoke, as in violent volcanic eruptions) would have no doubt darkened the sky. The great noise and roar of the earth rending apart was retained also in the ancient Hebrew myth, perhaps without any knowledge of what it signified.

The Pleiades element in this myth is also interesting, since, according to Oahspe it was a column of starships forming to channel the force to compress the earth's vortex that caused the sinking of Pan. With two leading starships, that of Etisya's (the female Chieftainess) at the lower end and Aph's (the male Chief) at the upper end of the column, their unity along and through the line of ships were instrumental in compressing the vortex of the earth. Although the mythical narrative does not specifically mention the starships, or male and female Chiefs at the two extreme ends, above and below, it uncannily echoes these details in the elements of its story.

A global effect of the sinking of Pan is confirmed by the advice given to the I'hins to provide food for themselves, as there would be no food available 5 months (150 days) after the event when their ships would land.




Oahspe, The Lords' First Book (11/1.37):


||Take, therefore, food that is good to eat, and gather it into the ships; for the flood shall remain one hundred and fifty days, and you shall come forth and not find anything to eat. ||




Not only can large scale volcanic activity change global temperatures which in turn affect food crops and severity of colder months, we know that earthquakes in the ocean cause tsunamis which can devastate huge swathes of coastal regions. Indeed we seem to have had an unprecedented number of tsunamis in the last decade or so, the largest of all being the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 which killed hundreds of thousands of people.

It seems that it may have taken some 5 months for lands to achieve a modicum of recovering following a period of rebounding waves as the oceans settled, and time for the land to be clear and dry of sea and flood waters. It would certainly take some time for coastal land to recover from such devastation so that it was suitable for human habitation. Moreover, the coastlines had drastically altered as a consequence of the sinking of Pan --- sea levels dropped so much that huge low land areas were now exposed on much of the coast-lines of the world. For recall that when the landmass of the continent of Pan was forced to the bottom of the ocean, a great quantity of water filled in the area to create the Pacific Ocean (See Geological Evidence of the Submerged Continent) And, as well, there was a great quantity of water lost beneath the surrounding continental plates(See Pan the Submerged Continent of the Pacific Ocean).

So, for the small scattered bands of I'hins who survived the flood in their ships, the effects of sun screening by volcanic dust, flooding rain and huge tsunamis would have been a blessing because such events would have depopulated large areas of savage wild beasts and reduced enough of the dangerous giant druks to give the I'hins a chance to remain unmolested so as to become firmly established in their new countries.




Artistic Rendering of The Column of Starships:

Book of Aph 10/3.16, 17.

Quickly, now, the ships of fire formed in line, extending from my place down to hada, where Neph and his Lords of the earth rested, whose hosts extended to all the divisions of land and water, embracing the various heavenly kingdoms previously built by the Lords.

And in the line of the etherean ships the plateaus of rank were stationed; and the hosts of Gods and Goddesses took their places, according to the rank of wisdom, power and love manifested in the etherean departments from which they came; with the two Orian Chiefs at either extremity.






All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007






Common Ancestry of Humans, the I'hins of Pan


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