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Three Basic Steps to Jehovih's Kingdom





Oahspe's stated purpose is:


Oahspe Prologue, 02/1.24.

to teach mortals HOW TO ATTAIN TO HEAR THE CREATOR'S VOICE, and to SEE HIS HEAVENS, in full consciousness, while still living on the earth; and to know, in truth, the place and condition waiting for them after death.


That being understood, the concomitant and clearly collective purpose becomes apparent by the time one reaches the last book in Oahspe: Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth. That purpose: to establish Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth.

To fulfill both purposes requires individual spiritual development evolving into a greater more comprehensive purpose within the context of family, community, nations and the earth. Accordingly, attaining Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth requires a progression of man as an individual and as a member of his kind (i.e., social, religious, familial, communal, etc).

For the Faithist, then, progress towards Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth can be essentially defined in three steps:


1.     Be Vegan - Serve Jehovih if you would live a happy life

2.     To Serve Jehovih is to obey His commands and commandments

3.     Jehovih's intent is, with man's assistance, to bring about Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth, in its fullness. If you would most effectively assist to that end then come out of uz and be clean --- become a practicing Faithist as indicated throughout Oahspe, and as defined by Jehovih for this 7th Era (02/1.16 - 21 --- see below for quotes).


For each step there is also an associated development of the three attributes of the Creator:




And each step is a progression in grade from 1 to 99:

1.  The first step of Vegan lifestyle and serving Jehovih, being the Love step, is suitable for those traversing Grades 1 to 33 in their effective-resurrection-grade (recall that putting animal substance into the body puts a person at grade 1 as far as diet is concerned and consequently will subtract from aspirations and grade of service; e.g., 04/4.11 & 26/13.3-4 (see below for quotes) among other Oahspe citations too numerous to mention.

In fulfilling this first step, man increasingly experiences the love of the Father.

2.  The second step of obeying Jehovih's commandments and learning to perceive and obey His commands, is the Wisdom step and is suitable for Grades 33 to 66.

Bear in mind that unless and until a person fulfills the first step, s/he will find it difficult to fulfill the commandments, and consequently, cannot advance much in perceiving Jehovih's commands. While the angels of Jehovih's kingdom are capable of amplifying His will and otherwise providing clarity and inspiration, it is not a given that this will always occur. Jehovih's angels work to raise man to resurrect --- that includes allowing him to suffer the consequences of his choices. Oahspe has shown how time and again Jehovih's angels are called away to allow man to experience cause and effect to its full extent. )

But to those who became constitutionally vegan and who have also advanced along the path of serving Jehovih, His commands become increasingly clearer and the Wisdom of His ways begins to be perceived within their soul. And as this talent of perceiving Wisdom grows through that Faithist's increasing appreciation and love, it blossoms into a Tree of Indescribable Beauty within the expanse of the soul.

3.  The third is the Power step and is attained in its fullness in the grades 66 to 99. This requires coming out of uz (the system and order of the world's people) and being clean. While this can be done by a single Faithist, it is wiser and therefore better to do so as a family as in "gather up your household" (32/17.26 --- see below for quote). For, the greatest power comes from many working to one end.

And while the single practicing Faithist will attract angels of similar aspiration, and therefore can learn to work with Jehovih's kingdom, and therefore produce some good in the world, yet a family of practicing Faithists will be more potent in their labor and of great value (toward Jehovih's kingdom on earth in its fullness) --- though by uzian standards it might not seem so. And by their Faith in Jehovih's Love, Wisdom and Power, their faith is extended to embrace His kingdom (e.g. 33/7.36 --- see below for quote).

By "practicing Faithist" is meant those who covenant to fulfill the discipline necessary to be called Faithists by Jehovih (02/1.16-20 --- see quote below). Remember, though, that anyone who attempts to follow their highest light and do good is on the right track, regardless of discipline or its lack. Yet compared to those of the 3rd step, it is as the difference between a child or apprentice going forth compared to a master craftsman.

May we all rise to the light of His heavens and fulfill in the glory of His earth.




Oahspe, God's Book of Judgment, 32/17.21-26.


I come as your elder brother, in the name of Jehovih. I show you how you can live without the governments of man. And how you shall live, in order to join in my resurrections.


Let the Faithist of this day not say: I will purify the government! I will leaven the whole mass!


I say to you, your God does not labor in such method.


The cure is, come out of Uz, and be clean.

Whoever has more faith in Uz, let him remain in Uz; whoever has faith in Jehovih, let him come into His kingdoms.


To know your Father in heaven, O man, who has learned this? They profess Him in words, but they belie Him in their behavior.


Renounce them, O my beloved; gather up your household, and follow my voice, which I speak into your soul from the Almighty. Follow your highest knowledge, and make yourself a glory in Jehovih's kingdoms, forever and ever.



Oahspe, Book of Discipline, 33/7.36.


Your glory is to fulfill the all highest yourself. When all who can, will do this, then, on that (as a foundation) rest your faith that the quickening power and wisdom of Jehovih will sustain His kingdom through His holy angels.



Oahspe, Book of Jehovih, 04/4.11.


According to the condition of these different plateaus in atmospherea, whether they are near the earth or high above, so shall the spirit of man take its place in the first heaven; according to his diet, desires and behavior, so shall he dwell in spirit on the plateau to which he has adapted himself during his earth life.



Oahspe, Book of Lika, 26/13.3 - 4.


And man that is brought forth out of the earth shall be numbered; and the grade of his understanding measured; and the nature of his desires and aspirations shall be ascertained; which reports shall be copied and sent into the Orian kingdoms, for the deliberations of the Chiefs, so they may determine the requirements of the earth, and the nature in which her roadway shall be strewn with either light or darkness for the ultimate perfection of her soul harvests.

And the heavens of the earth shall be measured, as to the spirits of the dead; and their grades shall be determined, together with their desires and aspirations; the lengths of the times of their bondage to the earth, the places of their habitation, and the nature of their supplies. And a record shall be made, and a copy also sent to the Orian Chiefs for their deliberations.



Oahspe, Oahspe Prologue, 02/1.16 - 21.


Behold, the seventh era has begun. Your Creator commands your change from a carnivorous man of contention, to an herbivorous man of peace. The four heads of the Beast shall be put away; and there shall be no more war on the earth.

Your armies shall be disbanded. And, from this time forward, whoever desires to not war, you shall not impress (draft, conscript); for it is the commandment of your Creator.

Neither shall you have any God, Lord or Savior, but only your Creator, Jehovih! And you shall worship none other, from this time forward forever. I am sufficient for My own creations.

And to all who separate themselves from the dominion of the Beast, making these covenants to Me, I have given the foundation of My kingdom on earth. And all such people shall be My chosen; by their covenants and their works they shall be known on the earth from this time forward as Mine, and shall be called FAITHISTS.

But to those who will not make these covenants, I have given the numbers of the Beast, and they shall be called UZIANS, signifying destroyers. And from this time forward, these shall be the two kinds of people on earth, FAITHISTS and UZIANS.












All Oahspe references are from the Standard Edition Oahspe of 2007






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