Book of Jehovih




CHAPTER 6 Jehovih





04/6.1. When man comprehended the earth he looked upward; and Jehovih saw him and knew the desires of his soul. So Jehovih sent His son Uz, and Uz spoke, saying:

04/6.2. Hear me, O man; the mysteries of heaven and earth I will clear up before your judgment. You (the human race) are the highest of all creation, and come to the highest of all kingdoms; |82| from Great Jehovih you shall learn wisdom, and none shall stop you.

04/6.3. Contemplate, O man, on the magnitude of your Father's kingdoms and His places in the firmament on high. Unless I take you into the heavens above, you cannot comprehend its places.

04/6.4. Man then rose up in spirit, and ascended into the firmament, for his spirit had crystallized into separateness; and Uz and Es |83| ascended with him, speaking in the voice of the Father. And man saw that each and everything in the firmament was orderly, and still each to itself located. Then Es spoke, saying:

04/6.5. Observe, O man! As a farmer sows corn in one place, wheat in another, and flax in yet another---everything in a separate place; even so does Jehovih store the ingredients of which worlds are made---everything in its place: the substance of the iron in one place, the substance of the stones in another, the substance of the vegetable kingdom in another, and likewise for the substance of the animal kingdom, and the oils and sand; for He has places in the firmament of heaven for all of them. These that you saw are the ji'ay, the a'ji, and the nebulae; |84| and amid them, in places, there is se'mu also. Let no man say: Over there is hydrogen only, and over here, oxygen only. The divisions of the substances of His creations are not as man would make them. All the elements are to be found not only in places close by, but in distant places also.

04/6.6. When the Father drives forth His worlds in the heavens, they gather a sufficiency of all things. And when a corporeal world is yet new and young it is carried forth not by random, but purposely, in the regions suited to it. |85| Accordingly, as there is a time for se'mu; and a time for falling nebulae to bury deep the forests and se'muan beds, to provide coal and manure for a time afterward; so is there a time when the earth passes a region in the firmament when sand and oil are rained upon it, then covered up, and gases bound and sealed for the coming generations of men.










82  The kingdom over all other kingdoms is Jehovih's kingdom.








83  Uz releases man's spirit from the flesh so that he can ascend into heaven; meanwhile, Es is the guide to heavenly things.












84  That is, the "substance" of the things seen was atmospherean substance, and was either in the more rarefied ji'ayan form, or the comparatively thicker a'ji'an form, or in the thickly dense nebula form.







85  see images i010, i012



i010 The Earth in Jy'ay. The earth (white spot) in Jy'ay (ji'ay) during the glacial period, showing m'ha'k, the surrounding nebula, that caused the earth's crust to break and upheave, forming ranges of mountains. At the period referred to, the earth was turned from its axial course: the north becoming east, and the south becoming west.   (see image only)



i012 The Earth in Hyarti from Nebulae. Showing the earth (white disk in center) eclipsed on all sides by nebulae. In the Hyartien period the earth was in darkness for one hundred and thirty years. This was the gestative age for the vegetable kingdom.

(see image only)

04/6.7. And man said: I am ashamed in Your sight, O Jehovih! I looked upward and said: The sky is vacant! Then I said: It is true, the corporeal worlds are made of condensed nebulae; but I did not see the wisdom and glory of Your works. I locked You up in coincidences and happenings. Your unseen world has become seen; the unreal has become the real.

04/6.8. O if only I had been mindful of You! If only I had not put You far off, nor imagined laws and decrees. Teach me, O Jehovih! How was the beginning of man? How was it with the first of the living that You brought forth?

04/6.9. Jehovih said: Have I not declared Myself in the past; in My works have I not provided thousands of years in advance? As I have shown system in the corporeal worlds, know then, O man, that system prevails in the firmament.

04/6.10. To the tree I gave life; to man I gave life and spirit also. And the spirit I made was separate from the corporeal life.

04/6.11. Out of se'mu I made man, and man was only like a tree, but dwelling in ha'k (darkness); and I called him Asu. |86|
























86  See image i013. The Par'si'e'an (Persian) word for Asu was Adam.





i013 Asu, the First Race. Being the animal man (proto-man), wholly of the earth, and incapable of eternal life.   (see image only)



04/6.12. I looked over the wide heavens that I had made, and I saw countless millions of spirits of the dead, who had lived and died on other corporeal worlds before the earth was made.

04/6.13. I spoke in the firmament, and My voice reached to the uttermost places. And there came in answer to the sounds of My voice, myriads |87| of angels from the roadway in heaven, where the earth travels. I said to them, Behold! I have created a new world; come and enjoy it. Yes, you shall learn from it how it was with other worlds in ages past.

04/6.14. There alighted upon the new earth millions of angels from heaven; but many of them had never fulfilled a corporeal life, having died in infancy, and these angels did not comprehend procreation or corporeal life.

04/6.15. And I said, go and deliver Asu from darkness, for he shall also rise in spirit to inherit My etherean worlds.

04/6.16. And now the earth was in the latter days of se'mu, |88| and the angels could readily take on corporeal bodies for themselves; by force of their wills, clothing themselves with flesh and bones out of the elements of the earth. By the side of the Asuans they took on corporeal forms.

04/6.17. And I said: Go forth and partake of |89| all that is on the earth; but do not partake of the tree of life, lest in that labor you become procreators and as if dead to |90| the heavens from which you came.

04/6.18. || But those who had never learned corporeal things, being imperfect in wisdom, did not understand Jehovih's words, and they dwelt with the Asuans, and were tempted, and partook of the fruit of the tree of life; and lo and behold |91| they saw their own nakedness. And there was born of the first race (Asu) a new race called man; |92| and Jehovih took the earth out of the travail of se'mu and the angels gave up their corporeal bodies. ||

04/6.19. Jehovih said: Because you have raised up those who shall be joint heirs in heaven, you shall tread the earth with your feet, and walk by the sides of the new born, being guardian angels over them, for they are of your own flesh and kin. |93|

04/6.20. The fruit of your seed I have quickened with My spirit, and man shall come forth with a birthright to My etherean worlds.

04/6.21. As I have quickened the seed of the first born, so will I quicken all seed to the end of the earth. And each and every man‑child and woman‑child born into life I will quicken with a new spirit, which shall proceed out of Me at the time of conception. Neither will I give to any spirit of the higher or lower heaven power to enter a womb, or a fetus of a womb, and be born again. |94|

04/6.22. As the corporeal earth passes away, so shall the first race Asu pass away; but as I do not pass away, so shall the spirit of man not pass away. |95|









87  great numbers














88  see image i009 below





89  experience, participate in, share, engage, acquaint yourself with, become involved with


90  insensible of, deaf and blind toward





91  lo and behold = look and see; used as an intensifier, an exclamation, meaning 'look! and see!' lo = look!; behold = see!

92  This new race of man was also called I'hin.






93  lineage, family, kinfolk, kindred; i.e., they are your relatives







94  While here the doctrine of reincarnation is clearly repudiated, Oahspe later shows how the teaching of reincarnation came to be.

95  Thus the second race, the I'hins and their descendants who obeyed the commandments, became capable of eternal life. (It has been said that everyone conceived or born on earth today, has capacity for eternal life.)




i009 X'Sar'jis, or end of the se'muan age; that is, the time of the termination of creating animal life. Jehovih said: Behold, I quickened the earth with living creatures; by My breath came forth all the living on the face of the earth, in its waters, and in the air above the earth. And I took the earth out of dark regions, and brought her into the light of My ethereal worlds. And I commanded the living to bring forth, by cohabitation, every species after its own kind. || And man was more dumb and helpless than any other living creature. Jehovih spoke to the angels that dwelt in His ethereal worlds, saying: Behold, I have created a new world, like the places where you were quickened into life; come and enjoy it, and raise man upright and give him words of speech. For these will also be angels in time to come.   (see image only)




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