Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih

CHAPTER 8 Fragapatti





20/8.1. This, then, is the manner of the House of Mouru: Fragapatti would announce the subject; then, rank and rank, according to exaltation, the representatives of hundreds and of thousands would speak on the subject. When all had spoken who either desired to, or were those whom Fragapatti asked to speak, then Fragapatti would pronounce in the name of Jehovih. And these were the decrees. For example:

20/8.2. Fragapatti asked: What shall be the divisions of the earth, and who shall be the Lords of these? || And when the House had expressed, then Fragapatti said: In the name of Jehovih, these shall be the divisions of the earth, namely: Jaffeth bounded on the east and north, by the sea and to the ice regions, and on the west to the mountains of Oh'e'loo, which shall be called the first division. |544|

20/8.3. To the east and south, water and water; and to the west, the highlands of E'zar; and its name shall be Shem.

20/8.4. From this day forward, the south land shall be called Arabin'ya, encompassed by the sea. And north of this, the first country of the brown red race shall be called Heleste, |545| bordering on Shem and Jaffeth on the east, and extending half way to the sea on the west.

20/8.5. Uropa shall be Goddess of the west part, and it shall be called after her. And the two great west lands shall be called North Guatama and South Guatama. And all the islands of the earth shall be called Oce'ya; and the waters of the earth shall be called Oce'a, signifying, in likeness of the earth and sky.

20/8.6. For the seven divisions of the earth there shall be seven rulers of the rank Lord God; and for South Oce'ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for North Oce'ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for Japan (Zha'pahn), one ruler of the rank sub‑God.

20/8.7. Hear me, O Gods and Goddesses: He whom I shall proclaim from among you shall reign only during dawn of dan, and you shall raise up a successor in your own name, and in Jehovih's name, to the same rank, to hold dominion for two hundred years, being the next succeeding resurrection.


















544  see image i018 Post-Flood Outline Map of the World






545  note that Par'si'e is part of Heleste






i018 Post-Flood Outline Map of the World. Showing the chief political divisions used by heaven from the time of Fragapatti (and subsequently used by mortals). [The map shows the names of places as described in this volume. The spelling is not always the same, owing to the different periods of time mentioned, but phonetic in a general sense. The submersion of the continent of Pan is a good explanation of the four peoples, Chinese, East Indian [India], Hebrews and American Indians. In phonetecy it accounts for the sounds of words used in Central America, Sandwich Islands and Japan. --Ed.] [The mid-Pacific land is Hawaya (Hawaii). --ed.]   (see image only)



20/8.8. Fragapatti said: I proclaim, in the name of Jehovih, Ah'oan, Lord God of Jaffeth; Yima, Lord God of Shem; E'chad, Lord God of Arabin'ya; Gir‑ak‑shi, Lord God of Heleste; Uropa, Lord Goddess of Uropa; Yaton'te, Lord God of North Guatama; Kow'anea, Lord God of South Guatama; M'wing'mi, Lord of South Oce'ya; Ots'ha'ta, Lord of North Oce'ya; and Soo'fwa, sub‑God of Japan.

20/8.9. Approach the throne, you Lord Gods, Lords and sub‑God, so you may be anointed in the name of the Father, and duly crowned with the emblem of All Light.

20/8.10. The Lord Gods came first; and they stood before the throne of Jehovih, now illumed brilliantly, in gold and white. Fragapatti said: By Your Power and Wisdom, O Jehovih, which rest in me, I anoint and bestow to Your kingdoms, these, Your Lord Gods, for Your glory. Amen! (And now speaking to the Lord Gods:) Receive this fire (ethe fire), for it is His anointing with power and wisdom, so that all men, women and children, mortals and spirits, coming under your dominion, may rejoice in their Creator, rising forever. Amen!

20/8.11. The Lord Gods responded: May I glorify You, O Jehovih, in the kingdom You have bestowed upon me! In Your name I receive this fire, for it is Your baptism with power and wisdom. Whomever You have entrusted to my dominion I will cause to rejoice at all times, and to rise up forever in Your numberless kingdoms!

20/8.12. Fragapatti said: And to you I bequeath, in the Father's name, power to exalt successors, so that you may also bequeath to your successors power for them to exalt successors also; and so on, till the next dawn of dan from the etherean kingdoms, for this shall be the manner of the dominion of the Gods and Lords of earth, and her heavens, for a long season after now.

20/8.13. The Lord Gods responded: I accept Your power, O Jehovih, to exalt a successor to me in my dominions, with power to bequeath the exalting power to his successors after him, till the next etherean dawn of dan.

20/8.14. Fragapatti said: Crown of Your Crown, O Jehovih, I weave from Your golden light, for these, Your exalted Sons and Daughter; and with my hand, in Your name, crown them. Jehovih, be with them, now and forever. Amen!

20/8.15. Then Fragapatti gathered of the light present, and fashioned crowns for them, and they came forward to the foot of the throne, and he crowned them. And as they said: I receive Your fire! There came down from above a stream of light, bright as the sun, and settled upon them.

20/8.16. And now they sat down at the foot of the throne, in ancient custom, and Fragapatti came down from the throne, bringing attendant Gods with him; and they took the hands of the newly‑anointed Gods, and raised them up; and Fragapatti said: Arise, O Lord God, and go your way. Jehovih is with you. Then they stood aside, a little way off.

20/8.17. Then the two Lords came forward. Fragapatti said: O Jehovih, by Your power and wisdom vested in me, I appoint and announce these, Your Lords, to their divisions of the earth; and with my hands, and in Your name, I weave a crown for each of them, and crown them Lords of Your light, for Your glory. Amen!

20/8.18. Hear me, O Lords; that which I bestow in the name of the Father, and you receive, you shall also bestow in the name of the Father upon your successors at the end of this dawn of dan. Though a Lord God has dominion, first, with mortals, and, second, with the first heaven in his division which rests on the earth; and though a Lord has dominion with mortals only, and with those ashars who minister to them, you are both made Lords of far‑distant islands, where you shall determine many things in your own way, often being Gods also, which I also bequeath to you, and your successors forever.

20/8.19. The Lords said: What You have put upon me, O Jehovih, I will do, with Your power and wisdom, for Your glory, forever. Amen! I receive Your crown with praise and thanksgiving, and will bestow it in Your name upon my successor, as bright as I now receive it.

20/8.20. Fragapatti then laid the crowns upon them, and they also sat at the foot of the throne. Then Fragapatti took them by the hand, and raised them up, saying: Arise, O Lords of Jehovih, and go your ways.

20/8.21. And when they stood aside, Soo'fwa came forward. Fragapatti said: In Your name, O Jehovih, and by Your power in me vested, I crown this, Your Son, to be sub‑God of his division of the earth and its heavens. I crown him with Your light, and bestow him with a rod of water and a rod of fire, so that he may have dominion in Your name, and for Your glory. Amen!

20/8.22. Hear me, O God: Your duties make you both Lord and God; but your second resurrections shall be removed at short intervals, as you shall presently be informed. But you shall have power to appoint assistant Lords to be with you, in my name, and the Father's. And you shall also exalt a successor after you, with power to his successor also.

20/8.23. In Jehovih's name, receive this crown of yellow light, for it is the emblem of the oldest habitable country above the waters of the earth! And may the Father be with you, now and forever. Amen!

20/8.24. He also sat at the foot of the throne; and as he had raised the others, Fragapatti raised him up, saying: Arise, O God, and go your way. So he stood aside. And now the es'enaurs sang and chanted, and the marshals led the way; and the newly empowered Gods departed out of the House of Mouru. Once outside they proceeded to a vessel that previously had been provided them, for it was to re-conduct them back to the earth. And so, amid the flying of banners and the music of the trumpeters, they entered the vessel, and sped forward, soon out of sight.





CHAPTER 9 Fragapatti





20/9.1. The hosts of the second resurrection were now conducted to the mansions previously created in Haraiti by Fragapatti; and they were provided with teachers and occupations, according to their development.

20/9.2. Fragapatti said: The marshals-in-chief will now send the builders of fire‑ships before me; I want to speak to them. Now when the builders came, and duly saluted before the throne, Fragapatti said:

20/9.3. Go build me an avalanza capable of carrying three billion angels, with as many rooms, and make it capable of descent and ascent, and with east and west and north and south motion, and prepare it with a magnet, so that it may face to the north, while traveling.

20/9.4. The builders saluted, withdrew, then went and built the vessel. And it was two hundred thousand paces east and west, and the same north and south; its height was one thousand lengths, and the vesture |546| around it was a thousand paces thick; and it was provided with etherean curtains, two hundred thousand; and with four hundred thousand banners, of all possible colors, shades and tints. Besides these, were fifty thousand small flags and streamers. The floor was woven in the form of a spider's net, extending from the center outward, and with circular bars at crosses; and the framework within was constructed with one million uprights, the entire height of the vessel; and yet across these were twenty million bars; and within the whole, were the rooms and halls, and places for musicians.

20/9.5. When it was completed, the builders notified Fragapatti. He said: Athrava, come and sit on the throne. I promised to go and see Hoab and his colony, in Zeredho, when he sent word |547| to me regarding certain matters. Behold, messengers have notified me, and Hoab desires to know how he can establish his colony, so that he may never again fear being bothered by other Gods and angels.

20/9.6. Let fifty thousand musicians enter the ship with me, besides a sufficient number of captains and officers to manage the ship. The marshals at once made the proper selections, and took them to the ship, where they all entered, Fragapatti with them, and they departed.

20/9.7. So Fragapatti returned to Zeredho, the second highest lower heaven, of which the ambitious Hoab, with his colony, desired to be sole occupant forever.

20/9.8. Hoab was waiting to receive him, having aroused up a sufficient number of his indolent |548| subjects to maintain the semblance of a heavenly Council. But what a surprise! He had expected only a small vessel, with a few attendants. And now, when he saw the magnificence of the avalanza, and the majesty of the band of musicians, so far transcending anything he had ever seen, he feared, and was awe‑stricken.

20/9.9. Fragapatti approached slowly, but with Avom lights, and when the ship was close, the hosts aboard cast out hundreds of thousands of perfumed ovaries, which exploded with beautiful colors, filling the surrounding atmosphere with the most delightful perfume. Finally the avalanza came to anchor and Fragapatti, without any ceremony, alighted, taking a thousand attendants with him, and came directly up to Hoab, who was abashed somewhat on account of his shabby appearance.

20/9.10. Fragapatti said: Friend and brother, peace and joy to you and your house! To which Hoab replied: All hail, great Chief! Happiness attend you and your hosts! And if I had not previously discovered you were a philosopher like myself, I would apologize for the vast difference between the respective appearances of our hosts. But you are welcome all the same!

20/9.11. Fragapatti said: A mere incident of conditions, most noble God. You are aware that when children go on a holiday excursion, they attire themselves in their best; so it is better that I find an apology than that you should.

20/9.12. Hoab said: No, Chief, there is a philosophy in this matter which has worried me lately: A thousand years ago my colony was ambitious to attire itself in grandeur, and to build fine ships and go on excursions also. Five hundred years later, they ceased building ships and going on excursions, saying: What is the use? Lately, they are all utilitarians, doing just as little as possible. In fact, many of my subjects deny themselves comforts, on the plea that they can do without them.

20/9.13. Fragapatti said: You remember when I was here before, I said to you that without contentment no people had attained to peace; and you did acquiesce. Why, then, should you not rejoice that your people have thus subdued ambition and curiosity? Has your mind lost its contentment in so short a time? You know I came here to impart to you and your people the great secret, that you may fortify yourselves in such a way that you shall never fear for Gods or angels molesting you.

20/9.14. Hoab said: Hear me, O Chief: If my people lose all ambition for rites and ceremonies, and dancings, and excursions; and keep constantly striving to deny themselves of everything except what necessity calls for; and if that necessity becomes smaller and smaller, where will the end be? Will not all inspiration die out? For, to tell the truth, since my people have given up rites and ceremonies, and prayers and singing, they have also given up rejoicings of soul, and are becoming like a dead people.

20/9.15. Fragapatti said: Then you would seem to prove that to hold on only to the useful in life would ultimately end in suicide to the state, to the family, to the individual, and even to the soul?

20/9.16. Hoab said: Many of my people are too lazy to clothe themselves; and because of shame, they seek secluded places, as they say, to live as they please. Do such people not commit suicide against the state? Has a man a right to withdraw himself from his fellows, saying: It suits me better? We have been told that in the first age of mortals, they had no ambition to live together, being void of all talents, and that the Gods inspired them to language and to society, giving them rites and ceremonies as an inducement to make them harmonious and attractive to one another.

20/9.17. Fragapatti said: How shall I account for the difference between your arguments now and the other time I was with you? You desired me to believe that you and your people were the highest, best, happiest of all people in all the heavens. Why this change?

20/9.18. Hoab said: You promised me you would teach us some way of protection against being molested by other Gods and spirits from other kingdoms. Since then I have reasoned on the subject, and I perceive that if such a state of security could be given to my people, they would wander off into isolation, and even forget20/9.18. Hoab said: You promised me you would teach us some way of protection against being molested by other Gods and spirits from other kingdoms. Since then I have reasoned on the subject, and I perceive that if such a state of security could be given to my people, they would wander off into isolation, and even forget language and judgment. But, you told me you had been in heavens where such a state of seeming impossibility exists?

20/9.19. Fragapatti said: Do not let arguments sway you, O Hoab. But rather, examine proofs for yourself. I thought that my statement to you was too extravagant to be believed without evidence. Behold, then, what I have done: I brought a vessel large enough for all your people, desiring that you go with me to my kingdom, newly founded in Haraiti; and if at the end of a few years, and you desire it, I will take you and your people to still another kingdom, in a far‑off world. After that, if you desire it, I will provide the same conveyance back to Zeredho, with power to rule over it to your heart's content.

20/9.20. Hoab said: Fairest of Gods! I feared, indeed, that you had come with the old story; to worship the All Light, the Unknowable Nothingness; with foolish ceremonies and rites, and prayers and songs of praise; which, however good for the ignorant and superstitious, are worthless to a God as enlightened as I am. This you perceive with your own judgment. I will gladly go with you, and I will persuade as many of my people as possible to go also. You are the first God who ever came to our heaven, who did not want to circumscribe |549| our liberties, which neither I nor my people can tolerate. ||

20/9.21. These things were then communicated to the people of Zeredho; and after a few days they gathered together, and went into the avalanza, every one of them. Fragapatti signaled the commander not to go direct to Haraiti, but by way of Utza, one of the hells in the Aoasu mountains, inhabited by billions of spirits in darkness, many of whom did not know who they were, nor even have names, being infants and idiots, chaotic and foul smelling.






















546  This would appear to be a mantle of light covering the ship, but not a photosphere, however.














547  notice, a message
















548  lazy, idle, sluggish























































































































549  limit, restrict, circumvent, thwart, deny, prohibit, restrain, hinder, impede



CHAPTER 10 Fragapatti





20/10.1. When they came to Utza, Hoab cried out: What do my eyes behold! As I live, here are people who once belonged to Zeredho, my own heaven! By what strange law did they leave my kingdom to come and dwell in these torments?

20/10.2. Fragapatti caused the avalanza to stop so that information could be obtained. Then he called the druj to the ship, and thousands of them came, ragged and debauched. Hoab knew many of them, and he said: Do you know who I am? And they answered: Yes, Hoab, God of Zeredho. Again Hoab spoke, saying: Why did you leave my glorious kingdom to come and dwell in this hell of iniquity?

20/10.3. They answered, saying: A pity that we left, indeed! But since it is so, it is so. Hear us, then, O Hoab, this is the reason: Even as mortals often leave Purity in order to revel in sin. Other than that, we do not know.

20/10.4. Then Fragapatti spoke, saying: Jehovih says: I have given man many talents. Because the roadways are not open for their growth, he plunges into darkness. Do not think that you can draw a line, and say: O man, you shall not do this, or, you shall do that. || For you are powerless to hold him, whom I created to go forward. And if he does not find a way to go forward, he will turn and go backward.

20/10.5. The drujas said: Yes, master, Zeredho did not fill our souls; we were thirsty for amusement and lightheartedness. We heard no voice but Utility. We sheared off all ornament and diversion, and art, and, finally, even music. We would gladly hear from Zeredho, to find out if they have ceased to talk, and perhaps to live, because, in fact, Utility has spoken!

20/10.6. And they laughed, and frolicked about like idiots and fools, mingling with harlots, thieves, liars and drunkards.

20/10.7. Fragapatti caused the ship to move on a while, and then stopped, and called other drujas, and questioned them in the same manner, and received answers of the same character.

20/10.8. Again they moved onward, and the same was repeated; finally, they came to a place where all was darkness and noise and confusion, where the denizens did not even heed the ship, nor the calls made to them. Then Fragapatti spoke to Hoab, saying: Has it been proven to you that man cannot stand still? Hoab said: It is true. This matter comes home close to me. I perceive now that had I not come out of Zeredho, I would not have witnessed these things, nor would I have seen Zeredho as I now see it.

20/10.9. Fragapatti said: Do not be hasty against your own philosophy, for I will show you your own wisdom by and by. So they traveled seven days in hell, the lowest division of hada, where there was neither government, nor order, nor truth, nor virtue, but torments, wailings, and cursings.

20/10.10. Fragapatti said: You have seen that all these many people do not know their own darkness.

20/10.11. Hoab said: Is it not true, O Chief, that no man knows his own darkness? Who, then, is safe? Who knows he is not on the downward road?

20/10.12. Fragapatti said: You have said man is the All Highest. But does it not come home to us all, as it did to the ancients, that to do good with all our wisdom and strength, and have faith in this, that we are on the road to the All Highest?

20/10.13. Certainly you have proven, said Hoab, that Zeredho is not the All Highest, for it cannot retain its people. Even hell has prevailed over her. And does not hell prevail over all self‑righteousness, and over riches, kingdoms and empires? If, therefore, hell prevails, is not hell the most powerful? And if the most powerful is not hell, then the All Highest possible must be most powerful. The ancients were happy in ignorance, for in believing in an All Person, a Creator, and that they would ultimately see Him, they had an object in view. But with the growth of wisdom, we find we cannot realize such a Person, and so have no object in view ahead of us. And with that, we recoil upon ourselves, and all is dead.

20/10.14. Fragapatti said: Has man no lesson from the past? In the ancient times the Gods persuaded mortals to make stone idols and worship them. And they were sufficient until man attained more knowledge. Again the Gods came to mortals, inventing a large man‑God in the sky, persuading them to worship him. He was a sufficient God till man learned to commune with angels; and the angels contradicted that philosophy. But hear me, O Hoab, do we not have a lesson in this, which is, that we must ever have an All Highest Person so far ahead that we cannot attain Him? If this is true, then when we have surpassed a Person whose figure |550| and condition we can comprehend, is it not incumbent upon us to create within our own souls the thought of an All Person beyond our comprehensibility?

20/10.15. Hoab said: It seems so. But how can you teach your soul to think of an All Person beyond man's comprehensibility?

20/10.16. Fragapatti said: For a basis to reason from, let us consider the etherean, the atmospherean and the corporeal worlds to constitute His body; and the motion within and between these as the manifestations of His Power and His Wisdom. Since, then, we ourselves have these things in part, we find, also, we have another attribute embracing all the others, which is combination concentrated into one person. Shall we not, then, give to Him, Who embraces all things within Himself, combination concentrated into one Person? Otherwise, He is our inferior, which cannot be. Therefore, being ourselves persons, are we not mere offshoots from the All Person? Otherwise, we could not have attained personality. Does a child not take its personality because its mother was a person? Can man have an entity unless he receives it from an entity? Could man be a person, unless he sprang from a Person?

20/10.17. Hoab said: You are a great light, O Chief! Truly, you have unfolded a universe before me! Yes, there must be an All Person! O if only I had seen this philosophy before!

20/10.18. Fragapatti said: Do not be infatuated, O Hoab, with sudden appearances. For were I to show you, first, what it is to believe in an All Person, Whose magnificence surpasses the universe itself, and then that man can attain to be one with Him, even as a note in music is one within a tune, I would so far enrapture your soul that you would do nothing but listen. Let us, therefore, suspend our research awhile, so that we may devise some resurrection for this hell of suffering millions.































































































550  attributes, stature



CHAPTER 11 Fragapatti





20/11.1. The avalanza was constructed in such a way that the words spoken by Fragapatti and Hoab could be heard by all who chose, of whom there were two billion on board. And when Hoab expressed conviction, the same sentiment seized upon the whole assembly; at which point, Fragapatti raised his hand, saying: By virtue of Your power, O Jehovih, I will illume this hell!

20/11.2. And by Fragapatti's will a sudden light was created, so brilliant, none present, except the ethereans, could look upon him. Hoab bowed down, and hid his face, and Hoab's hosts were overcome with fear, prostrating themselves on the floors of the avalanza.

20/11.3. Fragapatti said to the swift messengers: Go at once to Mouru, greeting, and say that Fragapatti demands, at once, a million etherean volunteers, for signal centers in Aoasu's lowest hells, bringing rods of fire and water.

20/11.4. The swift messengers departed hastily. Fragapatti then commanded that the avalanza be anchored for a day; and he and many of his hosts went out into hell, where the spirits were weeping, wailing and cursing, or lying in drunkenness and lethargy. Many of them were naked and foul smelling; and hundreds of thousands of them, having had diseased corporeal bodies while on earth, now carried with them into hell the substance of their corruptions, even the rottenness of plagues and consumptions, and of other diseases it is not even lawful to mention.

20/11.5. Fragapatti said: By Your Power, O Jehovih, a wall of fire shall encompass these people around. They shall not escape. For, were they to return to a nation of mortals, they would inoculate them to death. Fire, O Jehovih, Fire! You All Purifier!

20/11.6. And he cast his hands outward and upward, in majesty, and there rose up walls of fire on the face of the mountains; and its light fell into the valleys of Ugh'sa, the pit of hell. To the east and west and north and south, Fragapatti turned, saying: A wall of fire! A wall of fire! And he, himself, shone as a sun, united with the Eternal All Creator, Whose voice was power to wield the elements to His will.

20/11.7. Presently, there were hemmed into one field more than five hundred million drujas, who, by the sudden transformation, were roused up to desperate wildness, with bated breath, |551| running here and there, first one way and then another.

20/11.8. And yet there were other millions of them, so low, stupid, and crazed, that the others ran over them as if they were only a heap of rubbish, death!

20/11.9. Then Fragapatti went to Hoab, saying: For pity's sake, come and help me, and persuade your hosts also.

20/11.10. Hoab said: O friend, and brother, do not mock me! You have undone me entirely. I am nothing. My hosts are nothing. For pity's sake, temper your own light. It pierces me through!

20/11.11. Fragapatti said: Shall I not send you back quickly to Zeredho, with your hosts? Hoab said: My wish is nothing; my will is nothing! Yours and the Great All Power's will be done. Fragapatti said: If ever you had faith in your life, I charge you now to quickly summon it to your soul, for Great Jehovih is with me now, and just ask and speak in faith by the Creator, and it shall be granted to you. Speak quickly, while yet the power holds upon me: Shall I put on a thousand‑fold more light? Say: In Faith I will endure all, for the glory of Jehovih! Give me fire or torments, or whatever You will, O Jehovih!

20/11.12. Hoab trembled, and then strained in every part, and at last, suddenly sprang up facing the light, melting in the flame of fire; and he said: I will endure all, in faith of You, O Jehovih! Give me fire or torments, or whatever You will. From this time forward, I will do for You, forever!

20/11.13. Presently, his spirit took the crystal form, and the victory dawned upon his soul. A smile, denoting knowledge of All Holiness and Majesty gleamed in his countenance! The light began to retract and to reflect from his face, brilliant and sun‑like. He had conquered and won! He said: Thanks, O Jehovih!

20/11.14. Fragapatti said: Quick, now, seize the goal; go forth practicing your light for others, and it will grow, giant‑like. And Hoab was strong in faith, almost mad with the delight of such wondrous change; and he rushed forth, commanding, in the name of Jehovih, raising up hundreds and thousands, even as he had been raised, crystallizing.

20/11.15. They labored one full day and night, and all the ethereans with them; and they rescued, and divided, and subdivided the spirits of darkness into grades and sections. And many of the spirits belonging to the hosts of Hoab were thus raised to the second resurrection, with light and power.

20/11.16. But of the hundreds of millions of spirits in the torments of hell none were as yet raised even to the first resurrection. But, they were stirred up and routed out of lethargy; and the supplies for their drunkenness were cut off by the walls of fire, created by Fragapatti, which flamed upward ceaselessly day and night.

20/11.17. And Fragapatti stationed sentinels with power, near the walls of fire, commanding them to cast in the elements of ughs and brimstone, |552| so that the suffocating smell would prevent the drujas from escaping.

20/11.18. On the second day, a million ethereans, with rods of water and rods of fire, came from Mouru, in answer to Fragapatti's commandment. And when they arrived before him, and had saluted in the sign of Jehovih's name, he said to them: Behold, I have established one signal center in hell. It will require a thousand more centers before we have broken them up and delivered them. The marshals shall select from among you ten thousand of the rank of das, to remain in this center and complete the work I have laid out.

20/11.19. So the marshals selected ten thousand from the ethereans of the rank of das. Now the das are those who have attained to power with the rod [wand --Ed.] with water, and the rod with fire, but not with the hand, like the ranks above them. They go among the denizens of a signal center (in hell) with the two rods, casting water with one and fire with the other. And the hosts of spirits in darkness run for them, like cattle for salt; and the das thus discover and sort them; for the lowest spirits go for the rods with water, and the highest for the rods of fire. Because the lowest spirits dread the light; and because the highest desire to be rescued from the lowest.

20/11.20. On the second day, therefore, the das began work; and many millions were baptized with water; but with fire only one million. The latter were then taken beyond the walls of fire, and colonized, clothed and fed, and guardians placed over them, in preparation for the nurseries, hospitals, schools, factories, and such other educationals as belong in the lowest heaven.

20/11.21. On the third day the das went through the same labor again, and again many millions were baptized with water, and only two million with fire. The latter were also taken beyond the walls of fire, and colonized in the same manner as those of the previous day.

20/11.22. Such, then, is the labor of the das in hell, baptizing and selecting; and it continues until all the people are taken beyond the walls. The last taken are, therefore, the lowest grade, and the first taken are the highest grade. But the last are usually so low in knowledge and ambition that they cannot move by themselves, and are placed in nurseries and hospitals, to be cleansed from their foulness, and to be healed of their infirmities.

















































551  breath held in due to terror; not doing any breathing due to fearful anticipation


























































552  Ughs: foul air from dead people. --1891 glossary. || Brimstone is sulfurous gas. By ughs we may presume the smell of rotting corpses. In other words, to keep the drujas contained, they were surrounded by ughs and brimstone; and the ethereans (knowing the chemical composition of such things even as today we know how to make suffocating sulfur odor) could easily cast a thick wall of them.



CHAPTER 12 Fragapatti





20/12.1. Fragapatti caused the ship, the avalanza, to be moved to other black mountains, buried deep in revolting crimes and misery; into which no one with Godlike power had ventured for hundreds of years. Again he called down Jehovih's fire, and raised walls, impenetrable, high on every side, frightening and stirring up the self‑condemned with frenzied fear. And with oaths, curses and imprecations against all righteousness, they ran, all polluted with foul thoughts, which had clothed them about with foulness terrible.

20/12.2. And Hoab, too, now a very sun, desperate to do overwhelming good things, even a thousand times more than in his self‑ease of other days when he refrained from dark company lest he be polluted, now rushed in headlong to the very worst and foulest. Proclaiming Jehovih and active work to stir them up; and by his quick and unmistakable zeal, proving his soul's connection with the Almighty's Power.

20/12.3. After Fragapatti and Hoab rushed in, so did hundreds of thousands of ethereans; laboring for the Father's kingdom, with flames of fire they cut loose the demons' grips of torture on the helpless, and hurled them separate. None could escape because of the surrounding walls, now seething with the choking smell of brimstone; and so, weeping and wailing before the crystallizing lights thrust at them, they had no recourse but to fall prostrate.

20/12.4. All day long, and all night, Fragapatti and Hoab (now a powerful worker, which Fragapatti had previously seen would be the case) and the etherean hosts, did not rest; but waded into the hell of death, turning to the right or to the left the miserable, devouring wretches, brothers and sisters of mortals and spirits, now engulfed in their own depravity, and by their desperate desire for sin, holding millions of the moderately good as officers of torture, in order to gratify their horrid love of witnessing horrors. Into groups and series they roughly selected them, as a starting point for the das that were to come afterward and more carefully divide them.

20/12.5. Then Fragapatti called the das and put them to work with their rods of water and rods of fire, making stations beyond the walls of fire, where the naked, trembling, rescued sufferers and drujas were housed and fed, restrained by guardians of ample strength and foresight. For such is the nature of the low man and low woman, that the love of evil, in time, delights to feed itself in evil more than in good, and will even turn against benefactors, and spurn good offerings.

20/12.6. Of whom Jehovih says: As by fire the dross (impurity) of metal is burned and cast out, leaving that which is pure; so I created the righteous with light from My countenance, to burn out the dross (darkness, evil) which the wicked nestle into their bosoms. In this, man shall perceive that it is Me and My chosen, casting out the dross, that heals. Go, then, deliver the wicked in hell, and make them clean with water and with fire, and you shall find a star in every soul. And as many of these as you deliver, so is your glory in My etherean kingdoms.

20/12.7. For each deliverer is like a sun around which these stars congregate, and they magnify one another forever. And when these stars have grown, they also go and do the same. Such are My exalted ones in the highest heavens, whom you call Gods and Lords, and justly so, because of their supremacy. ||

20/12.8. Thus went Fragapatti through the lowest regions of Aoasu; for forty days and nights he and his hosts labored, and he broke up the regions of hell, and cast out the souls of the tortured, billions of them. Nor was any place left standing in all the lower heavens where evil held dominion.

20/12.9. Now established in those regions were two hundred thousand colonies for the rescued evil ones. Aside from those were the very lowest, being nine hundred million who did not know anything: Some were infants who died at the time of birth; some, infants of drunkards, who came to the lower heavens with the intoxicating liquors or smoke of their mother's debauchery; some were very young abortions, slain by their mothers and fathers; and some were chaotic, killed in wars, mad and crazed, howling, screaming and fighting. And Fragapatti had all these unfortunates brought away from the others, putting guardians over them for the present.

20/12.10. Then he called together the crew of the avalanza and Hoab with all his hosts; and when they were duly in order, Fragapatti extemporized |553| a throne, sat on it, and spoke, saying:

20/12.11. Without You, O Jehovih, man is nothing. Neither can he stand upright, nor hold up his head, nor his soul after he is up, except by You. When he cuts himself off from You, he falls like a limb of a tree that is severed.

20/12.12. He goes about boasting: There is no All Person. But his words are like a severing knife, and he does not know it. He sets up his judgment, saying: You were good for fools, O Jehovih; but as for me, You are a foolish encumbrance!

20/12.13. Yes, he says: Who has seen Jehovih! And he laughs because of his cleverness. He says: What did Jehovih stand upon when He created the worlds? How long did He sleep before He created? He says: What a foolish Creator! He created sin and death! He says: Who knows the size of His head; the length of His arm; the place He lives; or who has heard His voice!

20/12.14. He says: Truly, there is no All Person; no All Highest; no Light. This is the second downward stage, and in the third, he says: A curse upon Faith! A curse upon all things! A curse upon myself! And then comes hell and her horrors to swallow him up.

20/12.15. But You are near, O Jehovih! Your hosts traverse the universe. They come in Your name, and Your power and glory are with them. In their majesty they encounter all evil; they cast out hell and its prisoners.

20/12.16. Then Fragapatti turned to Hoab, saying: Speak, O Hoab. Nine hundred million dead, who are still sleeping in death, lie at our feet. These regions are unsuited for their treatment; where shall we take them? Or shall we, because they are so dead, leave them to shift for themselves?

20/12.17. Then Hoab rose, saluting, and tears were in his eyes. He said: Mighty You are, O Jehovih! Lo, I was on the verge of an everlasting fall! I was on a steep precipice, but did not see it. With blinded eyes I walked about. I lost Your countenance. My family became strangers to You, and we were becoming strangers to one another!

20/12.18. Yes, I was ungrateful before You. I forgot that You created me. I forgot that all the joys I had ever had were bestowed by You; and that by You I had been made capable of appreciating my own enjoyment. And then I raised up my voice against You, and turned You out of the world.

20/12.19. Yes, I chose a corner and appropriated it for my own ease and glory. I said: To keep other Gods and angels away from my lands, this is all I desire. But You were mindful of me, O Jehovih! Your voice sounded in the heavens above, and Your Son came down in Your glory. He saw my vanity and my weakness, but he did not rebuke me. Yes, I told him I did not love to go to those beneath me and raise them up. I said: Let them shift for themselves!

20/12.20. Now I am rebuked in my own words! I have now cast myself out of hell. Behold, I said: Zeredho shall be a place for me and my people forever! None shall come here to make us afraid or to bother us. And Your Son said to me: I can teach you and your people so that you shall never again fear to be bothered by the low or by the evil‑minded; nor shall you fear that Gods or angels shall come and inhabit Zeredho!

20/12.21. Thus spoke Your Son, O Jehovih! And he has given us the secret. We no longer fear that others will encroach upon Zeredho. Behold, Zeredho is Your place, O Jehovih. These unfortunates, these drujas, are Your children. They shall go to Zeredho. I do not fear pollution now, nor do my hosts. We will wade into this filth, like scavengers into a filthy street, and we will make these children be like shining stars in Your firmament!

20/12.22. Yes, O Jehovih, nothing can make us afraid again! We have nothing; we have nothing to lose. We are Your servants, now and forever!

20/12.23. Then Fragapatti spoke, saying: Behold the size of my avalanza, O Hoab! If you will take its measurement, you shall find it is just the size and build to take you and your hosts and these drujas. Do not think this matter is mere coincidence, for I sent scouts beforehand, and had all these unfortunates enumerated, and your people enumerated also.

20/12.24. When Hoab perceived this great wisdom in Fragapatti, and comprehended the care that had been used to accomplish so much, he made no reply at first, but, looking at him, burst into tears. Presently, he said: By Your Power and Wisdom, O Jehovih, I will also lift my fellows up out of darkness and misery!




























































































553  improvised, created only with the elements at hand; made impromptu



CHAPTER 13 Fragapatti





20/13.1. Then Fragapatti sent swift messengers to Mouru, relating all that had been accomplished, also giving the names of the generals and captains over the newly established colonies redeemed from Utza, in the Aoasuan mountains, so they could be registered in the libraries of Haraiti. And Fragapatti established a line of messengers between the colonies, and also from the colonies to Mouru, selecting and appointing the messengers, to hold office during dawn.

20/13.2. And when the affairs of this region of the lower heavens were completed and in working order, Fragapatti was ready to ascend with the mad and dumb drujas rescued from hell. Accordingly, the proper persons fell to |554| work and carried them into the avalanza; being obliged to blindfold them because of the light. Nor did the drujas cease wailing and crying with fear, pain and craziness. But because of the multitude of infants, Fragapatti had previously provided five hundred thousand women of fetal, so that the infants might be redeemed to everlasting life.

20/13.3. Fragapatti had aboard sixty thousand physicians, and they went to work, resuscitating and restoring to consciousness the unfortunates. And of the hosts of Hoab, every single one wanted to help, and so, willingly worked as nurse and helper.

20/13.4. Now thirty thousand es'enaurs began the music, soft and gentle as a breath of wind, carrying the tones throughout the ship, sounding like an endless echo, calling and answering from all possible directions, a continuous and enrapturing change, as if near, and as if far away. So that the uninformed did not know where the music came from, nor how it was produced.

20/13.5. All these things were set to working order just as the great avalanza was ready to start. Then Fragapatti went into the ship, being almost the last one to enter. Already the light was gathering bright and dense about him, his head almost hid in the brilliancy of the halo. And then he called out:

20/13.6. Arise! Arise! In Jehovih's name, upward rise! And as he spoke, behold, the avalanza moved with his will, for all the hosts joined in the same expression, and presently the great fire‑ship started upward; leaving the burning walls and signal centers flickering below, so that even hell overthrown shone with great grandeur.

20/13.7. Fragapatti spoke to Hoab, saying: When I took you and your hosts from Zeredho, I promised to take you to Mouru, the capital city of my kingdom, Haraiti. Now you desire me to go to Zeredho with these drujas. I ask you now, do you think that you can plan their salvation, and restore them to light?

20/13.8. To which Hoab replied, saying: I perceive that of myself I can do nothing but go downhill; or, at best, keep on a level road. As I now comprehend All Light, there is not one thing in the whole universe that can rise of itself; but, by the external pressure of other things, all tend downward, even man. To attain to be one with Jehovih is the beginning of the resurrection of the individual; but he who has attained power to resurrect others is strong indeed. There are many who spasmodically resurrect others, but, alas, how few can keep them resurrected! Not only must he have the Light of Jehovih within himself, but power to make others obtain the Light for themselves. Alas, I am weak!

20/13.9. Fragapatti said: Understand yourself, O Hoab. Do not be deceived, nor short in faith to accomplish; for in this lies the key to all Wisdom and Power. Yet do not allow yourself to go to the other extreme, saying, man of himself can accomplish nothing. To teach a child this, is to cut off its legs and arms. To teach it that it can accomplish, is to make it giant‑like and effective.

20/13.10. Hoab said: I perceive your wisdom, O Chief. How, then, shall we find a line by which we can train this economy? |555| If we do not inspire them with faith to accomplish, they will accomplish nothing; if we teach them they are dependent on Jehovih for all things, that Jehovih does all things, that no man can change his own destiny, that he is moved as a machine, then we will make nonentities of our people. On the other hand, if we inspire them that they can accomplish, it will grow upon them, and, finally, they will believe that they do all, and Jehovih nothing. This was the mire my other kingdom ran into.

20/13.11. Then Fragapatti spoke, saying: You perceive that reason cannot solve the matter. Let us, then, suspend the subject, and I will take you to Mouru and her kingdoms, and there we may obtain facts more pertinent than opinion or reason.
















554  energetically began































































555  i.e., the wise balance between too much and too little; a fruitful policy



CHAPTER 14 Fragapatti





20/14.1. The avalanza rose upward with its contrasting assemblage of the souls of Light, and the souls of darkness, the drujas. The holy es'enaurs were chanting anthems of praise and thanksgiving, while the drujas were engaged in --------- or cursing everything in heaven or earth, or in weeping and moaning, or in stupor, dull as if dead.

20/14.2. Fragapatti had previously sent swift messengers to Athrava and the Holy Council of Mouru, where the Light of Jehovih had descended, Whose voice came upon them, saying:

20/14.3. Lo, My hosts come in the avalanza; prepare to house them, using thirty million volunteers. Choose from among My ethereans and My atmosphereans, those who shall receive the hosts of the avalanza, the nine hundred million in darkness. Go, therefore, to the borders of the sea, Che‑wan, near the crossroads, Tse‑loo, where I have created the plains of Hoo'e'tse‑gam, ample for their resurrection. And you shall provide houses, hospitals and nurseries, suitable for them to dwell in, so that you shall be ready, when the avalanza comes, to deliver them.

20/14.4. Athrava and the Holy Council had responded to this, and the swift messengers in turn had informed Fragapatti of the prepared place. Accordingly, the avalanza landed in Hoo'e'tse‑gam, where the thirty million were waiting to receive them, having been disciplined by Ardi'atta, Goddess of Zhei, in etherea, first of the seven Ie'tas in Gom. And they had ten thousand trumpeters, besides four thousand two hundred other players.

20/14.5. Ardi'atta had provided the pastures in green and in red and brown, but the green she had laid near Che‑wan, where the avalanza would land; so it was called, Hoo'e'tse‑gam, signifying, green for the newborn. Consequently, the drujas were delivered from the avalanza on an open green plain, neither dark nor light, suited to the diseased in mind.

20/14.6. Fragapatti knew Ardi'atta, for her former kingdom in etherea lay in one of his own provinces, and it was easy for him to commune with her at a distance, and without messengers. So, even before the avalanza landed, he said to her:

20/14.7. I will cast the drujas on the green fields, and as fast as you and your hosts can resuscitate them to consciousness, they shall be selected and carried into the houses and nurseries you have provided for them.

20/14.8. The avalanza was thus discharged of the drujas, in Haraiti for the present, to receive treatment prior to being carried to Zeredho. And Ardi'atta and her hosts took charge of them, although more than four million of Hoab's hosts also remained, as volunteers with them to assist in the redemption.

20/14.9. Then Fragapatti directed the ship to be steered for Mouru, where it arrived in due season; and waiting to receive him were more than one billion souls, and they had provided musicians, one million players and singers, so that far and near it was like a sea of music.

20/14.10. When Hoab looked upon the beauty and magnificence of the scene, and especially the discipline, his soul was so filled with thanks to the Great Spirit that he scarcely could speak. And when he mastered himself a little, he said: O Chief, Fragapatti! How could one so exalted as you are, come to me in Zeredho! Every hour I am rebuked by myself because of my former vanity.

20/14.11. Fragapatti said: To learn not to speak of one's self, nor to think of one's self, whether praised or rebuked, is this not the right road to Jehovih? Hoab said: It is true. Therefore, the opposite, is going on the wrong road.





CHAPTER 15 Fragapatti





20/15.1. When the avalanza was made fast, and the hosts came forth, many of the Zeredho'ans, fearing the brilliancy of the lights of Mouru, were permitted to go and dwell a little way off; but the others, led by Fragapatti and Hoab, entered the capital city, and came before the throne of Jehovih, greeted by Athrava and the Holy Council.

20/15.2. Athrava said: In the name of Jehovih, O Chief, greeting: And to you, O Hoab. Come, and honor the throne of Mouru.

20/15.3. Fragapatti said: Greeting to you, Athrava; and to you, most Holy Council, in the name of our Father! Hoab said: Greeting, in Jehovih's name!

20/15.4. And then Fragapatti and Hoab went forward and ascended the throne, and sat at the left hand of Athrava. At once the Light from the etherean worlds began to fall upon the throne, and even upon the whole Council, and the light was brilliant and golden yellow, the most sacred color. Hoab had never seen such light before, and was overwhelmed with fear and delight; but many of his hosts were obliged to hide their faces.

20/15.5. Presently, while three billion looked on, the light condensed over the throne, till like a very sun it stood above Fragapatti's head. And then the Voice of the Almighty, Jehovih, came out of the midst of the light. Jehovih said:

20/15.6. Hear the words of your Creator, O man! I, Who created the corporeal and the es'ean worlds! Behold the works of My hands! Who can find a place where I have not created!

20/15.7. Do not think that I cannot also create a voice and words. For is this not easier than to create a man who shall create words? Behold My corporeal suns amid My corporeal star‑worlds! Behold My etherean suns amid My es'ean worlds.

20/15.8. I made corporeal darkness, and I made corporeal light. I made spiritual darkness, and I made spiritual light. But I am the Light of light. I am the Word of words.

20/15.9. As the wisdom of man invents words, so does the light of My Light come in words to those who can bear My Light.

20/15.10. Behold My wisdom, O man, in creating souls out of the substance of corporeal darkness! Their souls can thus hear Me and not be afraid. But to those who become pure souls, I come openly. Their throne becomes My throne! Their voice becomes My voice. Their hosts look upon My throne, and My Light shines before My people.

20/15.11. Hear, then, your Creator, O Zeredho. Your people called to Me in their darkness, but I did not come. Your hand was upon them. You had said to them: Behold my wide countries; my mountains and valleys; my bright rivers and refreshing winds. Come, they are yours to keep forever!

20/15.12. And because your hand was upon them, they were beset with darkness; they could not find their way out; nor did they perceive anymore the glory of My kingdoms. Yes, you were like a wanton |556| going after My chosen, and your voice lured them away from Me!

20/15.13. But I spoke in Nirvania, high above, in My thrones of light. And My Sons and Daughters heard My voice. I said to them: Lo, the red star and her heavens are fallen in darkness! Go to them and deliver them into a new resurrection. ||

20/15.14. Had I not spoken in the ancient days, saying: If you raise up those who are beneath you, so will I send those who are above down to you, to raise you up also.

20/15.15. But they forgot My words; nor did they strive any more to raise up those who were in the hells below. And I said to My Nirvanians: Go to Zeredho, for she has enticed My holy ones away from Me. And you shall give them a parable of compensation openly, and they shall come before My Light and hear My Voice. For you shall take them to hell and cause them to deliver the drujas, through the light of My countenance; and afterward you shall bring them to Mouru, so that I may speak with them face to face.

20/15.16. Hear the commandments of your Creator, O you Sons and Daughters of Zeredho, for that which I give you shall be inviolate. Which is, that you shall have dominion over the earth and her heavens for two hundred years, commencing at the close of this dawn of dan.

20/15.17. And you, O Hoab, shall be God over all the rest, and you shall be anointed with power to raise up successors with power and wisdom. Be wise, O My children, and profit in the wisdom of My etherean hosts while yet the dawn of dan remains.

20/15.18. The Voice ceased. Then Athrava spoke, saying: In Your name, O Jehovih, I now suspend myself from Your throne, till it is the will of Fragapatti and Your will also, that I resume it. And he rose up and stood aside. Then Fragapatti went and sat in the middle of the throne.

20/15.19. Fragapatti said: I proclaim three days' recreation to the Holy Council, and to the city of Mouru. Behold, my people shall mingle together as brothers and sisters, rejoicing in the Light of the Father. Be joyful, singing and dancing. The ascent to Jehovih's kingdoms may be compared to a ladder with steps, and not a level plain, and you shall call this the first step in the resurrection of the earth's heavens in this dawn.

20/15.20. The hosts then mingled together, greeting and rejoicing, for the Zeredho'ans had long desired to see the ethereans now dwelling in Mouru; and the ethereans were equally desirous of seeing the atmosphereans. Consequently, there was great rejoicing and merriment.






























































556  one who seduces



CHAPTER 16 Fragapatti





20/16.1. When the time of recreation ended, Fragapatti ascended the throne of Jehovih, and signaled to the marshals to proclaim order and labor; and the vast multitude took their places at once; and in the same instant, the es'enaurs played music, with anthems, which, when finished, was the signal for heavenly business. Fragapatti said:

20/16.2. Again I am about to depart, and again I shall leave the God of Mouru, Athrava, with you. But Hoab, and those of his hosts as I may choose, shall go with me. For, according to the rank and glory of Gods, I must now deliver Hapacha and his kingdom of Ipseogee, raised up from Guatama.

20/16.3. So Fragapatti descended to the foot of the throne and sat down; and Athrava, God of dawn of Mouru, came down and took him by the hand, in ancient manner, and said: Behold, you have honored my throne, and the time of your departure is upon you. Arise, then, O God, and go your way.

20/16.4. And Fragapatti rose up and stood aside, and signaled for Hoab to go and be raised in the same manner; which he did, becoming wise in the behavior of Gods toward one another.

20/16.5. The marshals had lined up fifty thousand attendants, as well as ten thousand es'enaurs, and, at a signal from Fragapatti, marched forth out of the capital, followed by the hosts of Hoab and one hundred thousand ethereans.

20/16.6. And once they were beyond the lights of Mouru, behold, some of the hosts of Hoab rejoiced, because they were more pleased to be where there was less light. Yet there were seven hundred million of them who did not rejoice, but rather loved the light more.

20/16.7. Then Fragapatti said: It is well that not all are of one mind. The seven hundred million, who love the light more, shall be my traveling companions to Ipseogee. Because they are strong in light, I have work for them. But the others shall be taken back to Zeredho, where I will also come in due time.

20/16.8. And after they are settled in Zeredho, behold, I will send a God to them, and they shall found a new kingdom, in Jehovih's name. Let all hands, therefore, enter the avalanza, following me.

20/16.9. At once the hosts entered the ship, and Fragapatti gave the word to be off, and they sped forth directly for Zeredho, led by swift messengers who well knew the nearest route and the lightest places. And the route taken was through the sea of Foo'witchah and the Oram of Haiti.

20/16.10. Hardly had they gotten under way, when the light of the upper heavens began to descend on Hoab, whose excitement, from the wondrous scenes, made him propitious to the change; and feeling the buoyancy of the light, he thus spoke, saying:

20/16.11. How could I forget You, O Jehovih? Or in observing your purposes, deny Your designs? How did I not see that at my quickening in my mother's womb, I was the farthest from You? And yet, even then, Your breath was upon me!

20/16.12. And when You had fashioned me and bade me walk upright, You sent Your angels to me, saying: Behold, Your Creator lives. You are life of His Life; flesh of His Flesh He created you. And He gave you yourself in proof of Himself.

20/16.13. I was conceived in the earth; housed up in darkness; of Yourself built up; nor of myself was I anything under the sun.

20/16.14. And You created the honeybee, and bade him speak to me for my own benefit. He said: Behold me, O man! I am a worker. In a community I live with my brothers and sisters. I shut my eyes to things sour and bitter, and I store my house with sweet provender only. Soul of man, hear me! I am the voice of your Creator. Behold the harmony of my house, and the provision I make for my newborn!

20/16.15. And You created the ant, and bade him speak to me for my own benefit. He said: Behold me, O man! I am a worker. In a community I live with my brothers and sisters. Soul of man, hear me. I am the voice of your Creator. Behold the industry of my house, and the burdens we bear jointly into our stores.

20/16.16. And You created the spider, and bade him speak to me. He said: Behold me, O man! I am one with your Creator. I move by the spirit of things; I build my house by the geometrical figures of the unseen worlds. Do not think that I reason or take lessons from other spiders; I take no lessons; I move by the spirit within me, and it moves in concert with the spirit of things outside. Hear me, spirit of man! There are two ways to knowledge before you; one is by the soul of things, and one by reason. ||

20/16.17. And You continually held up before my eyes that the unseen ruled over the seen. Then I became vain before You, O Jehovih! I said: When I am dead, and born a spirit, then I will see the unseen, and cannot err anymore.

20/16.18. But lo, my folly in Your sight! When I was risen in spirit, I saw the spirit of things; but, alas, the soul lay still beyond. And to me the soul was now the unseen cause, and ruler over the spirit.

20/16.19. Again Your holy ones came from the etherean worlds, speaking to me, saying: And yet beyond the soul comes Nirvania.

20/16.20. Now I have seen Your crystal spheres, and Your matchless glories. Yes, I look into this sea of Foo'witchah, where I had often gazed before, seeing nothing then; but now, seeing ships laden with Gods and Goddesses from Your Nirvanian fields, moving in higher works and worlds.

20/16.21. And Your Fire stirs me to the soul, to expand to the mastery of these atmospherean heavens. O if I could express the hallowed glory You have bestowed upon me! O if only I could thank You for the happiness I have because You created me!

20/16.22. O that I could open up the souls of men to behold Your wondrous works, and the majesty of becoming one with You, You Almighty, Jehovih! O if they would hear me and believe! O if only they would not turn away from Light! O that they could learn to glorify You every day, for the little Light and little joy they receive! How like Gods and Goddesses they would become in Your kingdoms.

20/16.23. But they harbor discontent; they discourse on the little they have received from You. Like the cankerworm, that grows to devour, they feed their sorrows by recounting them over and over. For pain they cry out; and for disappointment they weep. Yes, they feed their own darkness with darkness, and in the end forget You, You All Light!

20/16.24. Hoab ceased, but gazed at the coursing ships in the atmospherean heavens; in a little while Fragapatti said:

20/16.25. Behold Your wisdom, O Jehovih! Those whom You would make strong, You have made to feel adversity's sting. For the emergencies that lie ahead, You plan Your Gods to run near the cliff's edge where millions perish.

20/16.26. Who can attain to know Your wisdom, O Jehovih! Who can comprehend the trillions of Your Sons and Daughters! And yet You know every one, and carry them by a breath, so gently they do not feel You, or know You. To a very hair's breadth You take them; and in the time of desperation, Your hand comes to the rescue of the righteous.

20/16.27. Man says: Now I will fortify myself with riches and houses, and all manner of possessions; adversity shall not come upon me; I have more faith in my possessions than in Jehovih. Mine is a kingdom I can see; but Jehovih is far off. ||

20/16.28. But You are suffering him, in his vanity, to go away from You for a season. Sooner or later You bring him in with a short turn; either on earth or in heaven. And he goes down as an example to hundreds and thousands that envied him.

20/16.29. You have set up the poor man in faith; he toils day and night; he is weary and sore; he cries out with hunger; his rags are a shame to him; but he remembers You, O Jehovih! In Your praise he sings a song in his soul every day. To do good to others is his great delight.

20/16.30. And afterward Your hand reaches down to him; his soul is like a giant. You have planned him for a very God in heaven!

20/16.31. The spark of faith that was in him, he nurtured, and it became like a mighty tree that did not fall before the blast. The good he received he exalted, and it fructified and grew as a harvest in rich soil; and he stood mighty in all places.

20/16.32. His songs are in Your praise, and they endure forever; his psalms are the voice of Your loves; and the multitude of Your people remember him, while all else are cut down and destroyed. Your work has a sure foundation; Your Wisdom stands before man's wisdom; not one has found a failure in Your word, as it speaks to his own soul.

20/16.33. Your labor is from the subtle and unseen; Your footstool the cause of causes. But the vain man looks to Your object; he turns Your ways upside down; he makes the cart push the horse. And You suffer him to drink to the full of his own vanity; and when he runs himself into torments, You find a way to reach him and bring him home to You.

20/16.34. Great is his glory when he finds You; his voice becomes the love of Your loves forever! For You had shaped him as an example, and given him scope to run to his extreme, for his own glory. Yes, You had planned him to be one of Your great workers, who would not go down afterward.





CHAPTER 17 Fragapatti





20/17.1. On the way to Zeredho, Fragapatti and his hosts in the avalanza were joined by a ship of a billion explorers from the north regions, a thousand times farther than the north star, of the seventh magnitude of light, even three higher than Fragapatti. Ctu, the Chief in command of the expedition, greeted in the sign, Jehovih's Name, which Fragapatti answered; and by certain signals the ships approached and made fast, with the es'enaurs of both singing and playing the same anthem, being five million voices, and half as many trumpeters.

20/17.2. Then Ctu came near Fragapatti, saluting, and the hosts stood in line, so they could hear what was said. So, after due ceremonies, and acquainting each other as to who they were, where they came from, and so forth, then Ctu spoke, saying: I see you have your ship ballasted with a north magnet?

20/17.3. Fragapatti said: This is only a five years' dawn, and I teach my hosts how to ballast so they may better read the maps, roadways, stars and suns. Of these, my hosts, five hundred million have become capable of being delivered into etherea, except in cosmogony. I am providing for them, so that when they ascend, they may not be lost in the etherean worlds, nor be dependent on others.

20/17.4. Ctu said: What is the length of this serpent? Fragapatti said: Seven and one‑eighth Hoitumu. And he asked Ctu what distance he had come from his home; and Ctu said: One million four hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred and thirty and two Hoitumu!

20/17.5. How long is your journey yet before you? Ctu said: Five hundred thousand years! Then Fragapatti inquired as to how many star‑worlds (planets) Ctu had so far passed on his journey, and Ctu said: We have passed twenty thousand star‑worlds, some smaller than this red star, and some ten thousand times larger; some of them yet liquid balls of fire, some newly crusted over, some with atmosphere, water, earth, and minerals not yet separated, but boiling, seething, whirling; some firm and just entering the age of se'mu; and some old and worn out. And we passed one that had become barren as to living creatures; and the God, through whose pastures it passed, dissolved and dissipated it before us, having invited billions of guests to witness the scene.

20/17.6. Of atmospherean worlds, we have passed more than ninety thousand; some of them larger than the vortex of this red star, and capable of providing homes to trillions of inhabitants; and yet, on many of them, there were no people.

20/17.7. Thus they discoursed on the size and wonder of Jehovih's kingdoms; but their numbers and descriptions only the Gods themselves could comprehend, they were so vast; and, when they had nearly concluded, Ctu, himself an Eon, |557| remarked:

20/17.8. The mortal desires to become a spirit; then his ambition is to become an etherean; next, an Orian; next, a Nirvanian; next, an Oe'tan, |558| and then to travel (as Eons) in the surveys of magnitudes. But those ahead still call to us to hasten, because the glories ahead are still more surpassing in magnificence! Who, then, can approach the Unapproachable, All Highest! He Who fashioned the plan of all creations! Who is there that is not swallowed up with devotion and awe of Him Who is Ever Present, that extends beyond all limit, our Father, Jehovih!



























































557  travelers (in the surveys of magnitudes) who notify the Oe'tans of the available places for new worlds, and the time for dissipating old ones. --1891 glossary

558  an angel who had attained to wisdom and power to make worlds. --1891 glossary



CHAPTER 18 Fragapatti





20/18.1. When they drew near Zeredho, Ctu, with his ship and hosts, withdrew, duly saluting, and they sped on their journey. But Fragapatti halted on the borders of Zeredho and landed seven hundred million of his hosts, the others remaining aboard.

20/18.2. Again the avalanza put forth. Fragapatti said: Now I will visit Yaton'te, Lord God of North Guatama, and see what he has accomplished, and perhaps he will accompany us to Ipseogee, to see Hapacha, my well‑loved God of the West Wind.

20/18.3. Now, when they came to the sea of Ctevahwitich, |559| they raised the avalanza fifty thousand miles for the benefit of Hoab and his hosts, for the roadway of Tems lies here, where pass countless numbers of fleets filled with students learning about the dismembered warks belonging to the earth.

20/18.4. Here the students learn the processes of condensation and dissolution of meteoric stones and small planets, of such diameter that a mortal could walk around one of them in a day. On the outer extreme of this sea, the nebulae is in constant waves, where the vortices play, condensing and bursting, like whirlwinds on the earth or corporeal ocean.

20/18.5. Here Fragapatti explained, saying: In this you shall behold the wisdom of Jehovih, and the uniformity of His works. Here lies the first belt away from the earth capable of having nebulae condensed into meteoric stones. All nebulae lying nearer than this to the earth's surface is either attracted to the earth or repulsed from it. Therefore, calculate the distance of this belt from the earth, together with its density, and you shall find that it is the same distance as wark belts belonging to the stars in the firmament of similar size, density and velocity as the earth. The first wark belt of the sun is, therefore, the place of its nearest planet; the second wark belt is the place of its next nearest planet, and so on; and these wark belts are all graded in distances according to what I previously stated.

20/18.6. Jehovih has said: I have created two ways for My mathematicians to prove My works; one is to measure that which is near at hand, in order to determine that which is far off; the other is to observe that which is far off, in order to determine that which is near. For, since man could not measure the wark belts of this world, I provided him with the means to determine the wark belts of the sun, so that he might better comprehend his own world.

20/18.7. So that man might find still further evidence of the earth's wark belts, I created the nearest one with different densities, so that not every year on earth would be alike as to heat and cold. And in certain cycles of dan I condense the first wark belts so that to mortals the sun seems as if in eclipse. For it is through this belt that My cycles of dan'ha give either light or darkness to mortals spiritually.

20/18.8. Let man compute My times for his own benefit; I created the first wark to gain in rotation faster than the earth, one year for every eleven. So that when the wark has made twelve of its own years, the earth shall have completed eleven years. ||

20/18.9. Fragapatti caused the avalanza to be driven into a forest of whirlwinds, so that the hosts could observe, as he illustrated and explained, saying: You shall perceive now, that those stones that are condensed beneath the apex fall to the earth, while those ascending frequently rise toward the lighter plateau and explode, to be attracted back within the wark belt. This belt compares to the cloud belt near the earth. There the wind currents make raindrops and snowflakes; here the currents make the first nebulous formations that come under the name corpor.

20/18.10. While Fragapatti was thus discoursing, the avalanza rocked to and fro, and many of the people perceived now, more than ever, the knowledge and power required by angels and Gods, to contend successfully with the elements. But the beauty and grandeur of these fountains, these fire‑spouts, and whirlwinds on fire, together with the roar and whistling of the flying stones, so enraptured Hoab and his hosts, they could do nothing but look and wonder at the glory of it.

20/18.11. For seven days and seven nights Fragapatti and his hosts traveled in this wark belt, observing and studying these miniature worlds, creating (condensing) and dissipating; and on the eighth day the avalanza was lowered beneath the currents, and they sailed directly for the kingdom of Yaton'te, Lord God of North Guatama, piloted by messengers well acquainted with the course. But not being in a much frequented roadway, they encountered few ships or processions of other Gods.

20/18.12. Yaton'te had been apprised of Fragapatti's coming, and had accordingly notified his kingdom, and summoned seventy of his Lords to his capital, which was named after himself. So Yaton'te commanded his otevan to be put in order and illumed, and having provided five hundred es'enaurs in addition to his crew, together with his Lords and ten thousand attendants, he went forth a thousand miles to the borders of Hagak, to meet Fragapatti.

20/18.13. But, lo and behold, when compared to the avalanza, the otevan was only as a small boat is to a large ship. Accordingly, when they approached each other, Fragapatti caused the front of the avalanza to be opened, and the otevan entered within the walls and was made fast. And the hosts of the otevan came out and were received with great joy by Fragapatti and his people.














559  This sea in the spirit world is over and above the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; or, in other words, outward from the earth's center, in atmospherea. --Ed.



CHAPTER 19 Fragapatti





20/19.1. A thousand miles north of the northern line of the sun on the earth, in the middle between the east and west front of North Guatama, |560| and from the earth upward, and without intervening space, five hundred miles, Yaton'te had founded his kingdom, and it was here that Fragapatti came to see him. Five hundred miles westward lay Ipseogee, extending north and south two thousand miles, where reigned the good Faithist, Hapacha, styled |561| God of the West Wind.

20/19.2. After the avalanza reached Yaton'te's capital, and the hosts duly landed in the lower heaven, Yaton'te ascended his throne, and after due ceremonies of welcome and thanksgiving, and with music rendering praise to the All High, Yaton'te proclaimed recreation for three days and three nights.

20/19.3. Then Fragapatti spoke to him, saying: I am glad to have this recreation time, for I desire to hear the story of your adventures, and of your success in this kingdom, for your record must also be my record, to be taken with us, at the end of this dawn, to heaven above. Hoab and his hosts shall also hear your words.

20/19.4. Yaton'te replied: What I have done, I have done. Nevertheless, he who has built great kingdoms may find little to admire in a small one.

20/19.5. Fragapatti said: I have seen old men who doted more on a grandchild than on a large family they had bred themselves. And is it not a wise provision of our Creator that He bestowed us with such means as enables us at all times to live over again our past history in the young? Every hour we find a new way open to remind us of our follies in youth; and also a new channel in which to witness Jehovih's wisdom.

20/19.6. Yaton'te said: If a man converts his neighbor from evil into good, two great things are accomplished, the triumph of the man and the reformation of the neighbor. If, on the other hand, a man fails to convert his neighbor from evil to good, two misfortunes have transpired, which are, the disappointment of one and the loss of glory to Jehovih. It is a strong man who can recount his own failures and say he glorifies the Father because of them.

20/19.7. Fragapatti said: How shall we measure magnitudes, |562| O Yaton'te? Does a mortal, who has delivered one druk into light, not have as great a glory as a God who delivers hundreds of thousands? Is the one not as great in magnitude as the other? According to our worthiness in righteous persistence, no matter what our limit is, is this not the greatest glory? Jehovih granted to man to first learn to deliver himself, to master himself, to rule himself in the All Highest. He who can do this is a great ruler. And in the next time, Jehovih entrusts him with a small kingdom, perhaps a drunkard, or a wanton, |563| or even over his own family, to rule over to righteousness. He who does this is a great ruler. Is not, then, man's persistence in righteousness the whole glory of his kingdom?

20/19.8. Yaton'te said: The Father knows! To try, and to try, and to try; this is the sum of the good a man does. And yet what man is there in heaven or on earth who cannot find an apology for falling short in the good work he accomplishes? Does the poor man not say: O, if I had this, what great good I would accomplish? And the rich man makes the same speech, and the king also. And yet Jehovih has given a kingdom to each and every one of them. But he who can say: I have done all I could, according to my strength and wisdom, rates among the highest of men and Gods.

20/19.9. Hear me, then, O Fragapatti, so you may best understand; imagine yourself to be absent from all light of high heaven, and to be in a place of darkness, where three billion spirits are vagrants, scattered far and wide on the corporeal earth. Such was Aoasu in this kingdom; but the spirits did not congregate together in hells, as they did in the east, for they had no association; no Gods, no Lords. They were perpetual migrants, except those who dwelt with the druks as familiars.

20/19.10. And as to the spirits of those who died in infancy, they were taken by the spirits of their fathers and mothers, or others, and cared for until they also gained sufficient knowledge to serve them as vagrants; and this was the end of their aspiration.

20/19.11. And strange to say, all these spirits were without clothes or drapery of any kind, and devoid |564| of shame; neither were they good or evil, nor did they have any desire for, or knowledge of, a higher heaven, being content to rove about, to sleep, and to eat. And they had a thousand languages; or, at least, a thousand different kinds of signs and utterances, which they had acquired on earth, but lost and mixed up so that neither Lords nor Gods could converse with them.

20/19.12. Thus I surveyed them and found them before I built this capital, for which reason I located it centrally among them. Know also, O Chief, that I traveled among them with music and with fire, and gaudy apparel, in the hope of gaining their aspiration; but, alas, they neither smiled nor frowned at my fine shows, but vacantly gazed at us, or even fell asleep while our otevan was paraded before them!

20/19.13. Then I came here and built this capital, and founded Jehovih's throne, on which you now honor me. And then I sent to them, here and there, presents of gaudy attire, in the hope of inspiring the multitude through the few; but, alas, those I attired soon removed their clothes, preferring nakedness. Thus ended my second failure.

20/19.14. After this, I sent a hundred thousand preachers to them, to portray the greater glory of a higher heaven. But, alas, they did not listen, or, if paying attention, in a day would forget all that had been told to them. And thus ended the third failure.

20/19.15. Then we held a holy council, imploring Jehovih for light and power; and His voice came upon me, saying: Go to their loves, My Son; go to mortals. Begin with es'yans.

20/19.16. Then I commanded my hosts to go and live for a season among mortals; and they brought the es'yans to Yaton'te, under guard of the asaphs. And the next of kin followed, desiring to remain. And I said to them: Behold, my place is fair, and my people are clothed. Unless you are clothed also, you cannot dwell with us, nor shall you look any more upon your next of kin, whom I have taken for myself.

20/19.17. And for love there came many mothers and fathers, and brothers and sisters, belonging to the recent dead; and they suffered themselves to be clothed; and these were the first in my kingdom.

20/19.18. Again I called my hosts together, and I said to them: A thousand Lords I must have. I will divide North Guatama among my Lords, and they shall dwell with mortals, having enough ashars to give one to each and every mortal, man, woman and child. And whether by natural death or by war, it does not matter, the es'yans shall be brought to my kingdom.

20/19.19. This I accomplished, providing nurseries and places of entertainment for those who were brought here. But, alas, the tens of thousands of spirits, who, because of their kin, came, and accepted clothing for sake of remaining, had little talent to talk, or even desire for anything.

20/19.20. At the next holy council the Light came to me, saying: Hear the voice of your Creator, O My Son; because you have been diligent in striving for the resurrection of My children, I have come to you. Behold, I created man naked, and with shame, as the foundation of industry. But because this people followed, in the Osirian age, the abandonment of spirit communion, while they were yet mortal, they lost the light of My countenance.

20/19.21. Neither can you inspire them to industry, except through clothing the body; but, first of all, you shall make them ashamed of nakedness; otherwise, there is no higher resurrection for them.

20/19.22. Then I inquired of the Creator as to how I should teach them shame. He said: Of themselves, to themselves, for themselves, you can do little. But you shall inspire them through mortals.

20/19.23. Every plateau shall be a thousand miles in breadth every way, |565| except the lowest, which shall be two thousand miles; with a rise of one degree to the next, so that the plateaus shall extend from the earth up to your kingdom, like a stairway, one plateau higher than another.

20/19.24. And for both the lowest and second lowest plateaus, your Lords shall provide subjective entertainments, subjective teaching and subjective things in general. Nor shall there be anything real on these two plateaus, except the inhabitants and their food, and the mirrors, lenses, and machinery for producing subjectives. |566|

20/19.25. And the lowest plateau, being on the earth, shall be provided as a mirage, having everything spiritual in appearance, as they are corporeally on the earth. And it shall be provided with forests, lakes and rivers, and with all types of animals, birds and fish, and with whatever is suitable food for mortals. |567| And the lowest plateau shall be called Hochedowa, signifying, happy hunting ground. |568|

20/19.26. And you shall send word to your Lords, saying: Thus says your Creator: Behold, I have created a good place, and called it Hochedowa. Teach this to mortals, by inspiration and otherwise, saying also to them: Go tell one another, for, after death, the soul shall go there in great delight. And you shall say to them: Unless you wear garments to hide your nakedness, you shall not enter Hochedowa.

20/19.27. Yaton'te said: When the lowest plateau was made habitable, covering a large portion of North Guatama, the Voice came again, saying: Through your Lords, My Son, you shall possess all mortals, every man, woman and child, allowing not one of the drujas to come near them.

20/19.28. And because of the construction of your plateau, behold, I will send in many places upon the land, great droughts, and these wandering spirits shall not find sustenance, except through you and your Lords. And as fast as they come, you shall oblige them to be clothed, or draped about the loins; but you shall show preference to all those who wear ornaments.

20/19.29. Yaton'te said: This much we have accomplished, O Fragapatti: The foundation of my heavenly kingdom is broad and sure, but as yet I have few subjects to show you.

20/19.30. Fragapatti said: Behold, I will take two days of rest, and then I will inspect your places. Proclaim, therefore, recreation for two days.





560  i.e., one thousand miles north of the Tropic of Cancer, and halfway between the East and West Coasts of North America




561  called, named




































562  scale, importance, greatness










563  one who is more or less undisciplined, unrestrained, unchaste or libidinous; a seducer
































564  completely lacking; destitute, void











































































565  What is the geometric shape of this plateau? Does it follow the land border contours? Most likely, the 2000 miles breadth would stretch from the Rocky Mountains eastward, to the coast of North America.







566  These days, circa 150 ak, we may think of this type of production as similar to creating virtual realities, using such things as projected realities (environments, images, holograms, tangible and otherwise, etc), production equipment, and the like. Mortals experiencing films, television, internet, holograms, music recordings, etc., are all corporeal examples of subjective encounters.

567  Meaning the sort of food that these spirits had been used to eating when they were mortals; plus plenty of spiritually healthy foods.

568  The happy hunting ground has been known in Guatama even to the coming of kosmon.



CHAPTER 20 Fragapatti





20/20.1. When the recreation was ended, Yaton'te called his council together and he sat on the throne, and Fragapatti and Hoab sat at his left hand, on the throne also.

20/20.2. The Voice of Jehovih came to Yaton'te, saying: Behold, O My Sons and Daughters, this heaven and this land shall not be like any other place; for here shall rise in time after, those who shall begin the founding of My kingdom among mortals. For in the lands of the East, and the heavens of the East, I have given them Lords and Gods before whom they fall down and worship. But in this heaven, and this land beneath it, there shall not be given any Lord, or God, or any person born of woman for their resurrection.

20/20.3. To this end I have created this subjective heaven and her plateaus, and they shall endure till the dawn of kosmon, and the overthrow of war and mortal kingdoms. From this throne I will come in that day, through My Chiefs, and reveal the histories of My kingdoms. And I will radiate outward, around about from this heaven, until My kingdoms encircle the whole earth, and until the earth's heavens are Mine also.

20/20.4. And whether the I'huans are mortals or spirits, you shall not teach them to worship anyone, except the Great Spirit.

20/20.5. For a question will rise among mortals in the beginning of kosmon, as to whether mortals are ruled by the angels of heaven. And I will prove it before them that in this land, all Gods, Lords and Saviors shall be cast out, and mortals shall become worshippers of the Great Spirit, being ruled to that end by the inspiration that shall descend from this heaven, through the spirits of the I'huan race. And they shall know that I, Jehovih, alone rule over all, and within all My works.

20/20.6. Be wise, My Sons and Daughters, for as you now find little aspiration among the hosts of wandering spirits, so the same lack of aspiration will be manifested among mortals in the beginning of kosmon. The Voice ceased.

20/20.7. Yaton'te called Et'seing, his assistant God, saying: Come and sit on the throne. I will now go for forty days with Fragapatti and show him all my works. Then I will go with him to Hapacha, God of Ipseogee, after which I will return here.

20/20.8. Et'seing, having been anointed and crowned previously, came and sat on the throne, duly saluting. Then Fragapatti rose up to speak, perceiving that the great multitude desired to hear him. He said:

20/20.9. In what they have done I am well pleased, O Jehovih. Through Your voice I selected them, and being Your servants, they deserve neither praise nor censure. You have wisely chosen them, for in this dawn I perceive the foundation of that which will reach mortals in the third dan'ha |569| that comes after. And because You have chosen this place, O Father, great is the responsibility of these, Your Lords, and Your Lord God.

20/20.10. Because they have supplicated You, You have guided them, and they cannot err. Because their work has been slow, they have great honor in patience and persistence. May Your Wisdom, Power and Love continue with them, for Your glory, now and forever. Amen! Fragapatti ceased, but the light became brilliant above his head; and the Voice came out of the Light, saying:

20/20.11. They shall concern themselves more in a righteous foundation of My kingdom, than in a multitude of conversions and resurrections. For the standard of their Lords and Gods, and their successors, is of more value than tens of thousands of redeemed who are of little wisdom and strength. For these latter will be raised up afterward.

20/20.12. The Voice ceased, and Fragapatti came down from the throne, followed by Yaton'te and Hoab. The es'enaurs chanted: All Hail, Great Jehovih's Power! His Light the Immortal Voice! And when the Gods advanced to Ctius, |570| they halted, standing abreast, and then filed in front of the throne, saluting in the Sign of Om, and were answered by Et'seing. Lastly came the marshals of the traveling hosts; and when they had passed, the Gods followed them, thus passing out of the capital to the place of the ships of fire, followed by the inhabitants of Yaton'te.

20/20.13. There they entered the avalanza, amid music and cheering, and then departed, first to survey the kingdom of Yaton'te, and then to go to Ipseogee.


























































569  This would be the present dan'ha cycle and which launched the Kosmon era.






















570  The etherean Ctius was probably chief marshal of the throne. He was stationed in front of the throne.



CHAPTER 21 Fragapatti





20/21.1. After Fragapatti had examined the places of the asaphs and of the physicians, and other such places that belong in the lower heavens, he descended to Hochedowa, the land of delusion (illusion) for teaching by subjective illustrations; the happy hunting ground. He was to witness the games and tournaments, which were, so far, maintained by a great expenditure of labor on the part of the ethereans. Jehovih said:

20/21.2. As mortal children can be taught by objective illustration, so have I created My es worlds capable of a similar process subjectively. My rules are not man's rules; nor are My worlds illustrated as man illustrates. Witness My rainbow, which is a subjective illustration to mortals of a bow without the substance of a bow. But man bends a stick, and says: Behold, a bow! And he holds it in his hand; but Mine he cannot touch.

20/21.3. I gave to mortals to teach their sons and daughters many combinations by the use of objects; thus they would know a circle, a square, a triangle, or learn to compute numbers by the use of objects. In the same way, but inversely, I created subjective means for the spirits of the dead, so that they could be taught and amused with My works.

20/21.4. To corporeans I give corporeal eyes and corporeal ears, so that they may attain to wisdom on the earth; but to a few I give su'is, so they may see and hear things spiritually.

20/21.5. To the spirits of mortals who die in infancy, I give spiritual eyes and spiritual ears; but without cultivation they do not hear corporeal things, nor see corporeal things. But to those spirits who have fulfilled an earth-life, I created them to see and hear after death, the matters of both worlds.

20/21.6. Nevertheless, there are many spirits in heaven who have not fulfilled either a spiritual or a corporeal life, and they can only see and hear a little; for which reason I commanded that they should be called drujas, signifying, spirits of darkness.

20/21.7. And I sent My Gods and My Lords, saying to them: Go to the spirits of darkness, for they neither see nor hear heaven or earth, and are wandering about indifferent even to their own nakedness.

20/21.8. And you shall create mirrors and lenses, and optical illusions and delusions, and provide games and entertainments for them, so that their understanding may be opened up for the glory of My kingdoms.

20/21.9. When the avalanza arrived at Hochedowa, it was lowered and made as a floating observatory, in order to witness what was going on; and yet it was so provided, that it could be moved about from place to place.

20/21.10. And they witnessed the heavenly tournaments and games; the boating, fishing, hunting, and all other entertainments representative of what these angels had been engaged at in mortal life; and yet these things were only subjective, and not real.

20/21.11. But it came to pass that many drujas were restored to their memory of earth‑life; restored to seeing and hearing, and, in fact, came to know they had entered another world; all of which illustrated to their dull senses that it was possible for them to learn to see things, and to hear things, understandingly.

20/21.12. Nevertheless, within these regions there were hundreds of millions of angels so stupid as to be void of form and expression.

20/21.13. Jehovih had said: When a man has fainted, you shall arouse him by calling his memory to things past. And when the druj in heaven has seen who he is, and his place also, you shall show him symbols of things past, and thus awaken him.

20/21.14. Jehovih had said: Behold, O man, you are the chief glory of My creations. Neither did I create any animal that walks on land, or flies in the air, or swims in the water, or crawls on its belly, with desire for spiritual life, nor with capacity to accumulate spiritually. But I have given only to you, O man, power to aggregate the spiritual entity.

20/21.15. For I bestowed My animals to be like a vessel that is full of water; no more can be put into them; and also when the vessel is destroyed, the water runs back to the ocean. I quickened them into life by My Own hand; but when I take away My hand, lo, they go back into dissolution. As a drop of water that has no power before the sun, but evaporates and is seen no more, so is the spirit of all the animals I created before the light of My countenance. But to you, O man, I gave power for everlasting life.

20/21.16. Nevertheless, as a man may take a drop of water and put it in a vial, and keep it for a long time, so have I given to My exalted angels, power to take the spirit of a fish or animal, |571| suddenly dead, and re-clothe it for a season with the semblance of a body; |572| but yet it is only a subjective existence. And, even as a man lets a stone fall out of his hand, and it drops to the ground, so, when My angels release their hold on My spiritual animals, their spirits fall into the sea of My body, and are seen no more. Even so, but in less degree, I also created the trees, the grass, the moss, and all vegetable things that grow on the face of the earth. And I gave to My exalted angels power to take the spirit out of a tree, or a bush, or a plant, and to carry it away and re-clothe it with corporeal substance. But to My exalted Gods I gave power to do the same things, not with one plant only, but with whole forests, and with animals, fishes and serpents. And when they do these things in atmospherea, they are called subjective heavens.

20/21.17. So it began, in the ancient days, when spirits of darkness returned to mortals, that they told them heaven was like the earth, with everlasting life for all animals as well as for man. || Do not turn away from such spirits, O man, but learn from them, so when you also become a spirit, you do not linger in My bound heavens. |573|

20/21.18. For if you set your soul to feed on animals, and to dwell with them, the Gods cannot deliver you to My emancipated heavens, till you have served your time in the lower heavens. One great light I have bestowed upon all men, which is that they can progress forever. Though the waters of the ocean rise up and make clouds; and the clouds fall down as rain and run to the rivers, and from there back into the ocean, and this repeats a thousand times, ten thousands of times, yet that water has not progressed. Neither have I given progress to a stone, nor to a tree, nor to an animal; but I have given progress to man only.

20/21.19. Be wise, O man, and do not tie yourself to things that do not progress, nor set your soul upon them, lest they become a bondage to you in the next world. But for the druks (those who have tied themselves to things that do not progress), I have created heavens midway between light and darkness, subjective and objective, so that they may be redeemed. ||

20/21.20. Fragapatti also visited the Washa'wow'wow, the great hunting fields; and the place of tournaments, the Se'ka'to'si, where tens of thousands of drujas were being amused, instructed, and awakened to their condition and to their possibilities. And when Fragapatti and his hosts had seen the beauty and grandeur of this lowest of heavens, and made a record of the affairs, Yaton'te said:

20/21.21. Now I have shown you, O Fragapatti, the foundation of a great house, even my kingdom, which is Jehovih's. I am at your service, to go wherever you may desire. So Fragapatti spoke, saying:

20/21.22. I desire to descend to the earth's surface, and survey the plains, rivers and lakes, in the regions where the Father's kingdom will be founded. Let my mathematicians calculate the time when these things shall be, and also record this in the etherean libraries, for the benefit of the angels of that day.

20/21.23. The mathematicians calculated the time, and then Yo'tse'putu, the chief, said: In eight thousand nine hundred years, the foundation! So Fragapatti caused the avalanza to be lowered down to the earth's surface, and he coursed over the land to the east, west, north and south, and when he saw it was a fair country as to land and water, he said:

20/21.24. Behold the Wisdom of Jehovih in the foundation and plans for inhabiting and subduing the earth. And yet, eight thousand nine hundred years! O what innumerable millions on the earth will go down in darkness before that day! Here the light will fall! Here the beginning of the death of Seffas! Yet Your Hand, O Jehovih, is over all.

































































































571  this includes birds


572  atmospherean body





















573  There are spiritualist books describing the spirit world as having animals, and spirits who have animals as pets, including exotic animals such as a leopard. Through reading these accounts, one can learn subjectively about the spirit realm at that level.




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