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The 169th year of Kosmon occurs from June Solstice 2017 CE to June Solstice 2018 CE (Kosmon began June solstice 1849 CE) --- the following is an outlook for this year within the context of the upcoming changes in Light and Darkness and the 13 year cycles of Test.



The Tablet of Se'moin


Numbers begin in the top row from left to right. Thus #1 us Ah, #2 is Oh, #3 is Esk, and so on till #11 - Druk; continue on the next row from left to right, #12 - Gan (Man), #13 - Uh'ga, #14 - Uh, etc. For definitions read Oahspe's Book of Saphah text (35/D).



In the Tablet of Se'moin, the #69 is the Hand (of Jehovih) and #1 represents Ah, the foundation. As such, #169 then represents the Hand of Jehovih that comes out of the Foundation; #169 also represents the Sustaining of the Good that comes out of the Living Waters or Faith, since #16 in Se'moin is Yote'a and #9 is Eloih, The Sustaining of the Good.

These conditions will have impact on both es man and beast man during this year. Among other things, they will be ameliorating or exacerbating the context with previous years and their conditions; and forming / modifying the context for the continued flow through to the next yearly cycle. We should keep in mind that the beast man is always behind the es man, and his experience even when objective, will tend to be of corporeal matters only or a preference for such.

Now regarding the condition of Jehovih's Hand, the beast experiences a subjective experience of Jehovih's Hand. It doesn't realize Jehovih's Hand until the next cycle. Although even then, Jehovih's Hand is still too subtle for the beast to perceive - except for the most overt manifestations - and the beast is not likely to attribute that to Jehovih's Hand, but more likely to the Hand of Fate or the Hand of their Idol, i.e., the market forces, the power of the military might, etc.


Because it is the year of the Hand, the beast itself will take credit for the Hand because it sees only itself as the cause. But Jehovih's hand is over all and in all. It moves all. People carry on without realizing Jehovih can change hearts --- open people's hearts, soften or suffer hearts to further harden --- to allow for the greater good to come about. Even those Es who are oriented don't always perceive Jehovih's Hand, but they will move with it through their Faith.


The condition following Jehovih's Hand in Se'moin is #70 which is Cow. Cow being receptivity means that in the cycle following Jehovih's Hand, The Hand of Jehovih will become more apparent to both the es man and the beast man. While the beast man sees via the corporeal aspect, the es man perceives beyond the corporeal through his spirit and soul.

Man's soul and spirit has developed such that he has attained to that elevated condition, because he is in Kosmon now. When we reach 170 Anno Kosmon (A.K.), both the beast man and the es man will become aware of Jehovih's Hand because #70 is the objective view of the work of the Hand, or the Hand in Motion - the Labor of the Hand. Yet this does not mean that the beast man will heed the es aspects of what he perceives, or if he does he will do so to use it to his own self-advantage.


Whose Hand is important? To the corporean and Beast although viewing an objective es reality, is still seen via a corporeal context and the focus will tend to be on things rather than on improving the spiritual or social aspects of people. But for the es man he will see beyond corpor to the movement of spirit and soul. Not that corporeal things will cease to matter, but rather the opposite --- that a fulfilling spiritual life cannot occur without adequate corporeal things such as adequate sustenance and opportunity for all individuals within the social order; an environment clean of pollution and unsustainable practices that harm the social fabric of man; etc.


Year 170 will be mid 2018 --- and this will coincide with man focusing on his beliefs because there is a change from what is being tested. The test of Hope and of Choosing the es-perspective or the beast-perspective will change to:




Man will compare his beliefs with the movement of Jehovih's Hand --- the hand of spirit --- the work of the angels, for those who can perceive on that level. And the es man, because he also has a corporeal body, will be able to see Jehovih's Hand (perhaps as the Hand of Fate, or the Hand of Mother Earth, or the hand of Tae (those favoring the highest benefit for mankind), etc. --- all who are capable of doing with the hand) and man will compare how that affects his core beliefs. And more to the point, the distance or closeness of his own core beliefs to the reality that is going to be perceived by him at that time. And all this will occur when there is an upturn in the increasing light --- which in turn will bring about a return of the feeling of buoyancy over the course of the next spell (some 33 years), despite any attempts by the beast to tamp things down.

For what is going on is that in this year of 169 A.K., Jehovih's Hand is setting the foundation for that buoyancy and man is being able to more objectively see movement. He won't necessarily see the rationale or reason behind the hand. But he will be experiencing the changes that come about, and increasingly over the course of the latter half of the spell (the spell that began in February 2016 and goes to 2049), a particular focus of Jehovih's hand will become apparent (if not articulated) as those who are es-oriented move toward establishing a better social order.


Regarding #16 and #9 of 169, which is The Sustaining of the Good that comes out of the Water of Life - it is the coming out of Faith and starting to perceive things objectively. Last year man perceived subjectively the changes in the world, he was not able to step away and view them objectively; the year was 168 A.K. and had to do with The Eye which is #68 in Se'moin. On the lowest level, the Eye is the ego, the I am, the self identity. And in es-man, he can look and see the eye in the Magi --- those who have the light of Jehovih with them aligning to truth, i.e., aligning to Jehovih's light. And in the highest regard, #68 - the eye, refers to the Eye of the Creator, the All One Person. Look up to see His eye in the sky (heaven above); this is from spiritual sight, not with corporeal eyes. The beast-oriented man aligns himself to his own eye. The es-oriented man aligns his light with the Magi or rather, the eye of the Magi --- those whom they consider to be wise. And the highest aspiring mortals align themselves with the eye of the Creator and with the trajectory of its light.


Last year being 168 A.K., reads as: The Eye that comes out of the Foundation. Which foundation? It can mean the foundation you are acclimated to --- and simultaneously it means the foundation that is any foundation. And now that we are in 169 A.K. it is the condition of the objective reality of perceiving that eye. Even as the previous year of 168 A.K. was the subjective experience of that eye. This occurs because any foundation, although it may have outer aspects that can be observed objectively, consists of much that is unseen or subtle in presence. Think for instance of a dock built of wood and bolts that in the winter has a covering of ice and snow; a person tells you that it is a dock and shows you a picture of when it was first built but all that is objectively seen is a blanket of snow slightly elevated above the lake's level of snow--- this is viewing the dock subjectively. Imagine afterward someone comes in spring and seeing the snow melting off, looks closer and sees the ice underneath the snow and then sees underneath the ice the unmistakable signs of wood with its securing bolts. This person has begun to see the deck more objectively.


The significance of the Eye is far reaching --- for man to rise requires communion of spirit and this communion is evidenced through the eyes. When the eyes are in alignment (the es-orientation/direction of the es light in their eyes), the people are in communication. Said another way, People who are in communion of spirit --- second resurrection --- all have their eyes aligned to the light of Jehovih, and because of that alignment, they come into the presence of the communion of the second resurrection toward which man is moving.

Prior to this man is in the organic first resurrection aligning himself with the light of the eye of those who have the highest light amongst them. For, that person is comparatively closer in alignment to the Eye of Jehovih. The organic first resurrection people have not yet attained to communion of spirit, because they are not yet aligned amongst themselves. They are still in the process of aligning with Jehovih, which as they approach, so will they be aligning to each other. More precisely stated, because of their alignment to Jehovih, He will draw them into closer alignment with each other. For that reason, those who are closest to Jehovih act as an automatic aligning rod to which those of the organic first resurrection more readily align. Though they are attracted to the alignment, they are not aligning to those closer to Jehovih per se, but by aligning in the same direction as the alignment rod, so they align closer to Jehovih, even though they might reject His name or deny some of His characteristics. Nevertheless, this alignment allows them to more easily converse understandingly with others aligned in the more or less same direction, and this may include the inner milieu that each carries with them. Such alignments occur mostly on the subtle es level without the conscious awareness of those involved.

And this aligning will occur objectively in this year of 169 A.K. So we could call this: "The Year of Alignment". But there is a catch and that is that these alignments will tend to have affinity toward Core Belief Systems, but the ones that are closer to Jehovih will be toward a cleaner / more pure / clearer alignment toward the central shaft of Jehovih, the I AM. Regardless of orientation of the alignment, all these alignments are toward highest core beliefs; and it is these core beliefs, these highest beliefs that are going to be tested over the course of the next 13 years from 2018 to 2031. Now this doesn't mean everyone is going to be aligned to Jehovih at the end of that period, but it is a further step in the progressive separation of Faithist and Uzians. For, the beast, too, will tend to align each toward some highest belief system at odds with progress toward Jehovih's kingdom.

To get some idea of the potency of these tests consider the test which began in 2005 and will end in June Solstice 2018 --- its main test being: The Test of Man's Closeness to Jehovih. The result can be seen in the population --- those who stuck closest to Jehovih had been released the freest from the bondage of the beast to the wheel. And there was a continuum to those who are stuck in the best who only at times felt their bonds loosened a bit, but did not rise to the requirements of Jehovih. For more perspective on this you can see the UG'AH - #13 in Se'moin (35/D.13), and more background information following this almanac.

Similarly in the new test that is coming up, those who are closest aligned to Jehovih, the I AM, will find themselves drawn upward and in evermore upright alignment with the Great I AM. While those on the other end of the continuum will have their core beliefs loosened. And in the continuum between these two extremes, man will shed outmoded beliefs --- change his beliefs to higher beliefs that are closer to the central light shaft of Jehovih, the I AM.

So throughout this year of 169 A.K. we may see a transition period from the testing of the wheel (where man's relationship to the Wheel - # 13 came to the forefront of man's attention, in other words, man could not escape noticing the fact that the beast was binding him to the wheel), which tested among other things, whether man's alignment was to Jehovih or to the beast; the period also tested hope. During the transition man will take the results of the tests (such as their highest hopes and orientation to either Jehovih or the beast) and use them as the foundation of their core beliefs, or more precisely, these will have become their highest beliefs since they are tied to their highest hopes. These, core beliefs will then be tested starting in 2018. During this final year of 169 we also have a summation of the past 13 years. For, we are in the 13th year and this is perhaps the most significant year because what has been tested over the past 12 years is the test of man to choose Jehovih and align to Him, which test itself (#13) is culminating in this final year. Thus the 13th year becomes a sort of recap of the past 12 years and a last chance to align before other influences harvest the fruit (such as it is) and move upward and onward with that fruit. Beyond that - this final year of the 13th kosmon test shall manifest more than it has as a fuller affirmation or experience of the release or bondage on the wheel. Those closer to Jehovih's Hand will perceive a release or loosening from the wheel, while those of the beast perceive a greater bondage to the wheel. It is these fruits that will be taken upward and forward into a quickening milieu.

The Bondage remaining with man at the end of this cycle (2005-2018) will help man to perceive what he conceives and subsequently believes to be the cause of the bondage. And whatever he decides that cause is --- is due to be tested in the next following period of 13 years when man's beliefs will be tested.


Because this current year of 169 A.K. signifies The Sustaining of the Good that comes out of Faith, we should expect some improvement in the condition of those who have drawn close to Jehovih. That is, we should expect the Faithists, as well as others aligned to Jehovih, are going to be sustained in such a way as to be in position for the next phase of labor toward Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth. Not that this positioning will necessarily be all sweet smelling roses, but they will be sustained toward the labor that Jehovih has in mind for them. And a significant underpinning of that labor of Faith for the year is --- THE SUSTAINING OF THE GOOD which is #9 in Se'moin. Because the kosmon year 169 also signifies: The Sustaining of the Good that comes out of the Water of Life, this implies that the nourishment given is in answer to man's thirst: his desire to receive relief for his ideals --- which are as parched plants, needing the water of Life that Jehovih can bestow, especially through His workers. And because kosmon year 169 also signifies: The Hand (Jehovih's / Man's) that comes out of the Foundation, so the labor of Jehovih's workers will tend to flow with (be as one with) Jehovih's Hand.



Background Information on the Periodic Tests of Man.


To help better understand the time of TESTING (see 35/D.13), consider its foundation of MAN (see 35/D.12). In the Tablet of Se'moin (Oahspe 35/D), #11 (Druk) immediately precedes man. Druk is thus considered to be the foundation of man, and in that regard represents both the animal nature of man as well as the es nature of man as shall be shortly shown.

By man is meant here the species man including his spiritual inheritance. This we may call archetypal man; or man in his entirety, meaning collective man. Collective man has individual units --- you, me, your sister, your brother, your father, your mother, my father, my mother, my sister, my brother, etc. --- and each unit is part and parcel of the archetype.

As such, man has two inheritances that he partakes of --- that of the beast, meaning the animal creation, and that of Jehovih as a spark of His Light. And hence each individual man whether male or female is a very part and parcel of the All Person (Jehovih) as well as being a very part and parcel of Jehovih's created world as a member of its animal creation (in other words, each individual man--male or female--is a beast).

Thus man collectively and individually inherited two perspectives: that of the spirit and that of the beast. The destiny of man is first to develop in his corporeal life so that he may learn to understand and master the corporeal and vortexian elements of his surroundings and hence ultimately take a position of wise stewardship over the created world. To attain to that wisdom man develops in his spiritual life, that is, in his es. It is through his es that man has access to his heavenly inheritance.

Man's development comes through the wise assistance of Jehovih's kingdom and its heavenly hosts. But it is up to man collectively and individually to choose whether to flow with Jehovih's wisdom or to struggle against it.

One purpose of man being brought forth as part and parcel of the created world is to allow man to perceive the value of his es inheritance and its perspective, and ultimately to gain by realizing the value and wisdom of Jehovih the Creator and how His decisions are generated from Love.


Between Es and Beast

Accordingly, then, man has two perspectives ever impressing upon him: the es perspective and the beast perspective. And man chooses one or the other to be the preferred source of his inspiration. That is, man orients himself so as to place one of the two perspectives in ascendancy within his own soul. The ideal in the Kosmon era is for man to balance the two perspectives. But because the majority of mankind are oriented more toward the beast, a preliminary step to correct balance is for man to set his balance with a slight edge toward the es perspective.

The slight edge is necessary lest the beast destroy the es. For, the es-man perceives his responsibility to both es and corpor (the animal man, the created world), whereas the beast-man perceives his responsibility to be solely to himself. Said another way, the beast in man responds to his own self only, his own self-interests. And this is because Jehovih created man a blank slate in that regard so that he, man, will learn to choose wisely, that is, choose after consulting his es perspective and heeding it. But no other creature except man is created to go to that extreme of the beast --- witness, for examples, the carnivore tenderly nursing its young or an herbivore sacrificing itself for survival of its offspring.

One way to visualize the slight edge to the es perspective is to consider a balance scale resting on a horizon (which signifies outer foundation; see, e.g., Ah, 35/D.1; Esk, 35/D.3; or Esak, 35/D.4) with es on one side of the balance arm, say the left (or east) side, and corpor on the other side (west). The slight edge to es will add weight (heft, signifying potency) to the left side thus tipping the trajectory of the arms slightly upward so that as man proceeds into the future from east to west, he on average rises in resurrection.

Another visualization of the "slight edge" concept considers the vertical (which signifies inner foundation). Rotate clockwise the previously mentioned outer foundation line till it is vertical. From this upright position (see, e.g., Eayo, 35/D.5) the es is now situated above the corporeal / beast / animal nature. In this position, notice that the es and corpor can be fully balanced without the necessity of giving adding heft to es. This is the true meaning of balancing es with corpor, that is, the balance comes through man attaining his inner foundation and its development, so that by his choice he chooses to attain and maintain that vertical balance.

Nonetheless, in dealing with mortals and low grade spirits, the heft of their animal nature / beastly perspective ever tugs the vertical line downward into the depth of darkness. And so, sustaining the vertical balance requires of man's social order (collective man), greater es wisdom whenever man dips toward the dark. Analogy-wise man at those times requires more or greater sized helium-filled balloons to keep the vertical -- the inner foundation -- from sinking into the mire.

The past cycles, being of Seffas (a time to develop the corporeal man), required that the angels of Jehovih, under the direction of God, Son of Jehovih and his Lords, perform the bulk of the lifting. But now that man has entered into the Time of Kosmon, Daughter of Jehovih, so man collectively must learn to do his own lifting. And through the example of the collective man, the individual members will come to appreciate the social order that provides for everyone's resurrection. And the youth will emulate those in charge of the social order, starting from the parents and elder brothers and sisters and ultimately extending up to the holy council and chiefs of the social order (be they male or female, for as is said, good works is good works).

In our visualization if we combine the horizontal with the vertical (i.e., outer foundation with the inner foundation) we end up initially with the true cross of Hoi (see 35/D.6). This form represents the ideal, signifying the flow of all that is --- being the music (voice, movement) of all things seen and unseen --- in pure perfected balance in all ways. Of course man ever falls short by various degrees from attaining that ideal, hence the statement in Oahspe: the create and the uz, with regard to this condition (Hoi); for one is either in the flow or out of the flow. Moreover, the beast perspective in man has one idea of what is ideal, while the es perspective in man has a different idea of what is ideal.

Now #6 in Se'moin, Hoi (its glyph and meaning), signifies the reality of the 6th pulse of the foundation. And when two ideals clash--6 with 6, i.e., 66 -- its result / manifestation reveals one of the conditions to which Hoi (the ideal condition) has been brought by man. For instance, because 11 signifies the lower image of the foundation, and the lower image among mortals tends to end in the darkness of the animal man (druk), so it is that 6 consecutive "lower images of the foundation" show the manifestation of the ideal --- such as it is --- whether for good or for ill, of what man has determined to be the lower image of the foundation. The ideal of the lower image of man's foundation is thus revealed in 66 (in the 66th pulse of any cycle). Thus, 11 multiplied 6 times = 66, which thus shows the result of the interaction of ideals. For which reason, 66 always manifests as a modified ideal that falls short and toward the beastly, and 66 is one of the numbers of the beast.

It is in the clash of ideals both among the beast natures of man, as well as between the beast nature of man pitted against the es nature of man, that the angels of Jehovih use to advantage by sowing an improved ideal toward which the beast will (ideally) willingly move in an effort to salvage his own ideal.

But the 11th pulse of any cycle need not always bring about an ugly lower image of the foundation, but can, in fact, manifest in a deep mirror image of the foundation. Think of a calm lake mirroring the sky and its clouds. Such represents, in a way. the ideal condition of the 11th pulse, except that depth of image is required. To appreciate what depth of image is, consider a piece of white cloth dipped into deep indigo dye. At first its color is very light -- a tint. Upon further dipping a deeper cast, a moderate blue of sorts, becomes apparent in the cloth as the fabric further saturates with dye. Further dipping deepens the color. All through this process the cloth is still the same cloth, only now its cast is a deeper image of the foundation white cloth.

Consider man's es inheritance to be the white cloth and the dye to be man's beast inheritance. Consider now that the white cloth is not only a symbol for the white light of Jehovih's es inheritance, but that mortals and angels can develop in one's es inheritance so that the white light of their soul becomes pure and clean. All this is done degree by degree. (Eventually, in the higher grades, that light becomes ever more clear, starting with translucence and culminating in crystalline clarity; higher degrees may take tens of thousands of years in etherea or longer.)

All angels of Jehovih as members of His kingdom learn to sustain this light when the angel descends into a denser substrate (in atmospherea at first). Later the descent can be into the density of corpor. This is a type of fulfilling of the lower image of the foundation, that is, of that signified by #11, the druk. Namely, even as Jehovih provides light for those in darkness, so those angels emulating Him become a lower image of Him through His creation and so, provide light for those in darkness so that these can align themselves with the light (of Jehovih, for, all light comes from Jehovih no matter how far it descends; see e.g., 20/23.14; 35/Z.18 --Emethachavah's Hi'dang Ceremony).

Moreover, it being the Time of Kosmon, man of his own accord will learn to take on this role of #11 as his natural inheritance. Such then is the foundation of Man (collective man, man as a social order). This comes about in part to the role of 11 in the formation of 33 -- see Inqua, 35/D.33 and being also the number of man (see, e.g., 38/7.17). This role shall not be discussed here except to note that 11 is not only the lower image of man's beast inheritance (and 11 is also one of the numbers of the beast), but the lower image of man's es inheritance, which birthright when developed becomes his es perspective. Said another way, man remains unaware of his es inheritance till he develops his es (which man does thanks to Jehovih's hosts); but first man had to become aware of his corporeal / beast inheritance lest his seed perish upon the earth before its time, and also so that he could understand the fullness of the beast (the corporeal life). It is this fullness of the corporeal life that man in kosmon will seek to balance with his es inheritance.

Now, the Tablet of Se'moin is the first comprehensive and foundational explanation of reality that Jehovih's kingdom gave man. As such it reveals the sequence and patterning of the conditions that come upon man. Accordingly, the foundation of any condition (as revealed in Se'moin), is simply the previous condition. For, the results of that previous condition sets the milieu for the coming condition. Thus, the condition of #11 (Druk) is the foundation for #12 which is the condition called MAN. Man itself then becomes the foundation for the next condition, and that condition is #13 which in the Panic tongue is called Uh'ga, which is the Wheel of Life and upon which man is bound.

Another trait of Se'moin is that most of its definitions given in Oahspe refer to the lower or lowest manifestation of the condition indicated by its position and its glyph. This focus on lower manifestations is due to many reasons but mostly had to do both with man's ability to mentally grasp the concept being presented, and with the description of the concept being the most likely or common manifestation of the condition by mortal man. (Recall that Se'moin was given at the beginning of the Eoptian age, when man became capable of eternal life.) Because the concepts of Se'moin were given in simplistic terms and in simple, generally stylized glyphs so that early man could recognize the condition being referred to, so the es-man in kosmon will come to learn the higher manifestations of the conditions.

Accordingly, the 13th condition, Uh'ga (the Panic word for the condition that follows the generic entity MAN), signifies Test in the English language. This is its lower manifestation. Lower does not mean lesser or less potent but in general refers to the typical manifestation resulting from a higher degree of beast perspective connected with a lesser degree of es perspective. But neither does the term "lower manifestation" necessarily signify that those whose es perspective and practice being in ascendency are free from the lower manifestation. Thus, reality begins with a foundation -- #1 (in Panic: Ah; its glyph a horizontal line). Man learned this foundation as the earth that he stands upon, the terra firma; but note that the first completion of any cycle is also a foundation, so is the first pulse of a sequence of pulses. The 13th pulse of the foundation (#1, Ah is the foundation) is called Uh'ga in the Panic language, and is #13 in Se'moin.


What are the meanings of the 13th pulse and the glyph of man bound to the corners of a wheel?

We desire to know because #13 directly follows #12 which itself is "man as a concept and entity". And so surely man is not to be forever shackled outstretched to the corners of a wheel? Is he? If so, what hope does he have? And besides, how could the Creator of All---our Loving Father of All---condemn man to such a life? What is going on here?

In the case of the 13th pulse / cycle / condition, the Wheel of Life comes into play. The Wheel of Life was first introduced as the Cosmos (see 35/D.4). And as the unseen Cosmos continues forever, so not so the Cosmos that is seen, which, though countless eons old, will one day cease its existence as a new cosmos takes its place. For example all the stars and planets that exist today will, someday after many eons, have been extinguished and new ones taken their place, just as, little more than one hundred years from now all the people alive on the earth will no longer have a corporeal existence. In view of that, man can understand that the Wheel of Life will continue forever, although particular manifestations of it will have a set time, place and duration. For that reason, in and at those set times, man can and will be released from bondage to that particular manifestation of the wheel.

"Released" is the operative word here. For man is eternally bound to the Wheel of Life. And from that wheel there is no escape---ever! This may strike some as particularly cold-hearted, and inane if not inaccurate, but it is true nonetheless, although the assertion offers nothing in the way of explanation or proof. Still, a little contemplation would beg the question why would anyone desire to depart from the wheel of life? Those whose es perspective is buried deep in darkness while their beast / animal perspective stands in ascendancy, maybe believe that death cuts them off from the wheel of life. But death does not, it merely releases one from the corporeal life and the atmospherean life of the spirit becomes the new milieu in which that individual will sooner or later notice that the wheel continues to function.


Contemplation on the wheel itself begs many other questions, but for purposes of this writing, the question arises: If man goes forth, why must the first thing he encounters be the wheel that somehow seeks to bind him or is somehow enabled to bind him?

Part of the answer is that man cannot escape from being bound --- ever! For es binds all things, man included. Accordingly, the es perspective in man first seeks to bind himself to the movement in es toward a pinnacle of the Es perspective (this is called rising in the resurrections), and when he discovers that pinnacle and draws closer to it, he binds his person to that peak of attainment, to that all highest: And that pinnacle is none other than Jehovih, the I AM, Whose Living Presence becomes man's fulfillment. And as taught in Oahspe as well as by Faithists since the beginning, and as gained through experience: binding one's person to Jehovih is to free one's person in Jehovih. To be free in Jehovih is to be free from the bondage of self --- is to be free from the bondage imposed by the beast in the corners! Thus man gains emancipation from lower conditions: mortality, the beast of the 1st and 2nd resurrections, atmospherea, and so on, as his resurrections continue in the emancipated heavens of etherea and beyond.

(When not starting a sentence, a capitalized Es refers to the highest expression of the es realm, i.e., of the high-raised angels; but a lower case es refers to the spirit or unseen or light of spirit and its orientation toward Es; in other words, it is spirit in the process of becoming as one with Es, and that spirit is also likely immersed in a milieu conducive to the beast (the mortal milieu, being corporeal, is conducive to the beast, so is the corporeal body conducive to the beast.)

The es-perspective man binds to the enduring, the protected, and the impeccable. The beast believes it is binding itself to those very same qualities as well, whereas in truth, the beast perspective tends to ignore or exploit for self-purposes the binding nature of es, instead believing that he or she (the beast) can bind others to himself. This is because the beast perspective views SELF as the height of attainment. And what better self than myself, the man of beast perspective says to himself. And so he binds to that which is transient, vulnerable, and peccable ("peckable" by wittingly or otherwise, entering the pecking order of the beast).

Thus the man who panders to his beast cannot escape being bound to the beast; and the beast is concentrated at the corners of the wheel (see e.g., Emethachavah's M'hak degree ceremony 35/AA). The reason for the concentration is simple in one sense: the corner is the greatest distance from the light of the four sacred stations at the north, south, east and west, where the Light of Jehovih shines forth brightly as beacons of the Good, meaning that which leads most directly to Jehovih. And for the truly righteous, when they reach the corners, their protecting shield, which is their very spirit tempered in light, becomes attuned to that which is unassailable (see e.g., 34/11.8; i073 Tow'sang caption; 35/AA.112). As man moves upward and onward in his es perspective, he draws closer to Jehovih and consequently closer to the high-raised hosts of Jehovih. In ancient times, this closeness allowed for the angels to literally release a prophet of Jehovih from a corporeal wheel (see 35/D.13).


Aside from those considerations there is more to the 13th condition of any sequence. For instance, the corners represent the fullness of the ideal. Which is to say, as the Hoi (the ideal) rotates as all wheels do (clockwise when going forth), so the ideal is brought to toward its fullness (#7 Druh), which fullness is represented by the corner because after that point movement rotates toward a different perspective (the upcoming station of light). Thus, as man goes forth, the beast in him tries to hold on to the corners and not continue to rotate away from that fullness (such as it may be). This grasping and intransigence by the beast is indicated in the Uh'ga glyph by the tied hands and feet to the corners of the wheel.

The Test (a meaning of the 13th pulse) can now be understood in context. The Test is a test of man's es-oriented ability to avoid the grasping of that which has passed or is passing him by and to turn toward that which Jehovih indicates as the wisest move forward to sustain the upward and onward momentum. It is also therefore a test of his beast.

Some upper or higher perceptions of the 13th pulse has to do with man going forth as to his destiny and what he aspires toward. To the man who has cleansed and purified sufficiently constitutionally, he is kept free by Jehovih's shield to choose his labor. But for those not so yet risen in cleanliness and purity, the beast tends to choose for that person his labor. And that person trudges along with his heart not in the labor. This is also being bound by the beast in the corner/s. His system and order is on the downward course. But the higher man, being more free, rejoices in the work of his own choosing. It fulfills him and Jehovih's kingdom benefits; this man is content. But the man higher still seeks ever new challenges in his field of choice, expanding his experience and expertise to embrace larger fields (see e.g., 07/5.3). Heaven becomes for such a person an ever overflowing cornucopia of delights, filled with surprises and esteemed companions of impeccable quality whose richness of personality, charm, wisdom, laughter and love make all else pale by comparison. Ah...what a foundation awaits man!

And that foundation starts even here in corpor life with man choosing in his going forth to hold his es-perspective in ascendancy over his beast-perspective with regard to that labor which is before him. And that labor is set before man as a series of progressions, or tests if you will, of what man must develop so as to fulfill the requirements necessary for progression through this Eoptian Age.

Such then is some necessary background for understanding to some depth the position that man is presently in during his journey through this early Kosmon era. The significance and importance of the present conditions in which man finds himself, as outlined in this writing, will greatly determine the degree but not the framework of that which is to come. At the time of this writing in June 2017 CE, man is about to finish a test of whether he has chosen Jehovih or he has picked self. This choice is the distillation of man choosing the es perspective or the beast perspective. For how man goes forward and what shall come about shall depend / depended greatly upon man's choice during that thirteen-year test period from June solstice 2005 to June solstice 2018 CE, when man was tested as to his alignment. The results will accordingly show the closeness or distance of individuals, nation states, and peoples to Jehovih.







All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






A Faithist Almanac for 170 Anno Kosmon