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The 170th year of Kosmon occurs from June Solstice 2018 CE to June Solstice 2019 CE (Kosmon began June solstice 1849 CE) --- the following is an outlook for this year within the context of the upcoming changes in Light and Darkness and the 13 year cycles of Test.



The Tablet of Se'moin


Numbers begin in the top row from left to right. Thus #1 us Ah, #2 is Oh, #3 is Esk, and so on till #11 - Druk; continue on the next row from left to right, #12 - Gan (Man), #13 - Uh'ga, #14 - Uh, etc. For definitions read Oahspe's Book of Saphah text (35/D).




This year of 170 Anno Kosmon, is a most auspicious time as it emphasizes the start of the rise of light and the lifting of the clouds of ji'ay so long upon man. The fog that had settled in the mind of man will start to dissipate as the earth and her heavens enter into brighter regions in the etherean fields.



The Chart of Light and Darkness shows the lumens of the fields through which the earth and her atmospherean Heavens have been travelling and will continue to travel from the start of Kosmon 1849 to the first dan at 2049.





Aside from that increase in atmospherean milieu light, with the Solstice the light will have reached the start of its 170th pulse. This signifies the soul that comes forth from the light, as well as indicating a blossoming receptivity to the Foundation, which as Faithists, we know that foundation to be none other than Jehovih, Whom we also know as the Great Spirit.


Coinciding with this new year of 170 AK, is another change of momentous import to man's focus. Creation regularly undergoes systemic and systematic periods of integration. The ending season dealt with integrating man's objective perception especially regarding the various interconnections between the inner and outer realms (realities). The result was that man became tested as to his ability to discern an objective reality from a subjective reality --- in other words to distinguish the real from the fantasy. As such, the period was often perceived as a testing of man's Hope, since he all too often confused or denied the Reality, instead favoring his self desire (his fancy/vision/teaching, etc.) which he presumed, hoped, or assumed to be a reality.


While some can be in denial or doubt over what is real and what is illusion in life, their conclusion, so far, is a comparatively subjective one. The next period, the one we are about to enter, begins the process of objectively experiencing that reality so that it becomes increasingly difficult to deny the Reality. How man reacts to the new condition depends on his closeness or distance from Jehovih (or, if you prefer, man's closeness or distance from the ways of Jehovih). While all people during this period (for the next 13 years), will have their beliefs thus tested, those more distant, relatively speaking, will tend to find their beliefs will have bound them to the Wheel of Fate (see i033 Se'moin for a depiction, & 35/D.13 for a brief description). In contrast, those closer to Jehovih will find themselves freed from being beleaguered by many false beliefs.


Again, the labor is the integration of the various ways the inner and outer realms come together and affect each other, and how Reality fits into all this, only whereas we are now finishing the subjective integration phase -- which we may call the introductory phase, we are now entering the objective integration phase. Yet this phase is more like objectively experiencing reality rather than objectively going forth in it. As for the phase of going forth, insofar as the seasons of integrating the experiences in inner and outer realm is concerned, with man setting forth in Reality, putting it forth to practical effect, the propitious season for that shall come about in the next after this one, occurring 2031-2044.



To know how to build requires learning the tools and the methods. As important for man to know 'what will work' (to be effective), is for man to know 'what will not work'. Man first mostly learns what not to do before he can progress much in learning what to do. Let's call them seasons or phases. These two phases, insofar as integrating the set of inner and outer realm experiences is concerned, consist of the two seasons of Testing of Hope (now ending), and testing of Belief (about to start).


To build Realistically requires knowledge and experience. The subjective and objective phases deliver much in the way of building blocks--rudimentary knowledge and rudimentary experience. To build WISELY, on the other hand, requires both much 'going-forth experience' and 'retrospective'. The third phase thus builds proficiency and breadth; then the fourth phase builds by methods of retrospective such as learning by summation.





In summary, here are the dates for the 4 phases as to integrating the sets of inner and outer realm realities (all run from June Solstice to June Solstice): 2005-2018 ce, 2018-2031, 2031-2044, 2044-2057. Bear in mind that regardless of other cycles which will also each be doing their own labors, the labor of these 'testing' seasons as set forth in this writing, will still be occurring. To the redounding glory of the Creation and of the Creator Who created it, these are only 'one' ongoing element among the countless within the milieu we call Creation. The student may note that this cycle is not listed among the primary prophecy cycles listed in Oahspe, yet it is a significant cycle.


Just because it is not listed does not mean it is not relevant, for we have an example in the following, and this too is a lesson, to wit. The founding of the Republic was placed in the hands of 7 men (listed in Oahspe, see 29/13.4-5) namely, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, John Hancock, and George Washington. These all had grade above 80 and were the primary actors. But there were 1200 secondary actors, all above grade 60, even up to grade 80 which some had attained to (see 29/13.3). Now, for instance, James Madison was not a primary player but next to them in grade; for which reason we may call him a secondary player. Yet who among mortal historians would deny the tremendous influence that Madison had upon the formation of the Republic of the United States of America?


For which reason, know that amid all the tugs of the various workings out of Creation, all of these tugs write upon the soul of man. To read these tugs and perceive their weight and value is the work of the prophet of Jehovih ---- an eternity of delightful labor for those so inclined. For those who are inspired to other fields of labor, such details may matter little, and others might deny any reality to these cycles --- or indeed to the reality and potency of the Most Holy Sabbath with its sacred cleansing at its sunset. Yet whether one believes or not believes, or has perceived the experience or not perceived it, still, man's degree of ripeness neither aids nor abets, nor stops the progression and labors of Jehovih's Creation.


May Jehovih's Kingdom continue to dawn upon the race of man that abundance in all good things may bless the earth and man rise in the wisdom, power and love of Jehovih.







All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






A Faithist Almanac for 171 Anno Kosmon