Oahspe Study and Faithism


A Faithist Almanac for 171 Anno Kosmon




June 21 2019 to June 21 2020



This writing was inspired and written on the first Holy Sabbath Day of the Faithist new year (04/07/19).Auspiciously, the first new moon of this year began at High Noon over the United States of America on Holy Compact Day (at 3:16 pm EDT, 12:16 pm PDT, 171ak12; July 02, 2019). Holy Compact Day, of course, observes the beginning of Man's Liberty with the founding of the Republic social order based in part upon Liberty and the establishing of the inorganic first resurrection---both of which are the basic foundation of Jehovih's resurrections and established by God, Son of Jehovih.


Last year, we in the world and its heavens experienced year 170 of Kosmon, which signified the soul that results from Light --- and that Light was quite brilliant! Unfortunately, some people were as King Yokovrana was, having a conscience stuck in a misguided framework of darkness (see e.g., 27/10.17-19; shown at end of this writing). Recall from Oahspe that the Voice of Jehovih is what the man of darkness calls Conscience. And that the Voice of Jehovih is heard in the Soul (see e.g., 24/27.21; 39/21.15-24, shown at end of this writing). Recall as well that Jehovih is the Highest Light, the All Light, the Master Light, the Master of Light. The interpretation then is that in the year of 170 Kosmon, Jehovih--the All Light--has made His Voice clear in the Soul of Man.


Said another way---all have clearly heard His Voice. But some, having a framework of darkness in ascendancy in their soul, seek to use their "insights" for the benefit of self and in the ways of self, some even bending the message of Jehovih to corporeal ends only. In essence, then, year 170 experienced the Voice of Jehovih manifesting through the light to illume the soul of man. Many looked to Jehovih and longed for His kingdom, while yet others have placed traditions and practices of darkness above Jehovih's rules, commands and commandments. And where such traditions have been dominant in the social order of man, so in year 170 they have weighed heavily upon the souls of man.


In short, the foundation of the inner life was illumed for man, and many are in despair for its barrenness and weakness in the social order of man. How is man to proceed?


Enter year 171. It signifies the Foundation that comes out of the Light. Each person from his own standpoint will seek to fulfill according to his conscience. But remember the lesson of Yokovrana---save the soul orient to Jehovih and His kingdom, placing Him above self, placing His kingdom above the beast realm, covenanting with Him to follow His Light and Voice---save man does that, then alas man will heed the dark frameworks that had been informing him.


Yet it is not so dire as it may seem. Consider the following verse.


Oahspe, Bon's Book of Praise; 30/39.5.


But your corporeal eyes and ears, and your corporeal judgment, I give into your own hands. Remember, My Son, learn corporeal knowledge through your soul, for it is of Me, and you shall not err. But shut out the way of My voice, and follow your corporeal senses only, and you shall go down in darkness for a long season.



The key to interpretation for our time resides in these words: "But shut out the way of My Voice". In the year 170ak, man literally could not shut out Jehovih's Voice!!! Could not snuff the Light of his soul!!! This was a great time for man, even though there may have been outer turmoil.


From that light, the year 171 will see man seeking to set forth an outer realm foundation. Many will seek to set the foundation for self (i.e., they will give in to the insistence of their dark framework); others of higher grade will seek to set the foundation according to their individual idea of the collective good; others according to their group's (faction's) idea of the common good; others will seek to set the foundation for the common ground for the common good; others few purely for the glory of Jehovih and His kingdom. Here the types are numbered:


1.     Foundation for self.

2.     Foundation for individual idea of the collective good.

3.     Foundation for faction's idea of the common good.

4.     Foundation for the common ground for the common good.

5.     Foundation for the highest good.


Those last, the fifth group, will be the ones most clearly manifesting another element of 171, namely Sed---gentleness---those who emanate forth the higher light of heaven. From their example will arise, in time, the Bah-ghans who will initiate and set forth to establish the Fraternity social order among mankind. These Bah-ghans are actually the highest portion of the third type (those seeking to found a faction's idea of the common good). As to the lower portions of that third type, their faction's idea of the common good will be more tainted with darker frameworks; and we can look for these to seek to reform, at least initially, the Republic social order.


Nevertheless, the fourth type, that group shown in bold type, will seek to integrate that third group into a common ground as well as borrowing much from the fifth group. Those of the fourth group are in bold type because they will near surely see the greatest growth in numbers, since it is compatible with the move toward Jehovih and the Fraternity social order. And in time, they will constitute the supportive foundation body of the Fraternity Social Order. Their aim will be: The common ground--suitable for all; The common good---best for all.


Lest man get over excited, these things take time. There is no hurrying the birth. Due date for Fraternity being around the time of the first dan harvest point, circa 2049. In fact, with Anno Kosmon (year of Kosmon) 171 , aka June Solstice 2019 to June Solstice 2020, we will only experience the Sure Foundation of the move toward Fraternity. That which is set by these foundations, individually and collectively, will continue to grow and mature, and for the most part manifest mostly inwardly, and interiorly to the social order, till 180ak (Jun sols. 2028 to Jun sols. 2029). After which, the expression should begin to manifest strongly outward as part of the larger social order. Wonderfully, this timing accords not only with the yearly cycles, but with many other cycles including the ever potent Spell cycle, the Uranus cycle, and the Great Beast cycle.


From another perspective, the time beginning 170ak to 180ak can be considered as a person. At 11 years, a child ceases to identify with childhood. He has received a vision of adulthood, and desires to fulfill it. But being only 11 he can do little about it. Yet as he matures, given proper nourishment (thank you Jehovih and His kingdom of light), he grows in knowledge, experience and confidence. He feels enthused about fulfilling his vision. After 10 years, he has turned 21 years old and in his physical prime---confident, willing to take risks, but as yet somewhat short (naive) in accurately gauging the forces in the social order. Such then, will be the flowering of the foundation set in 171ak from the soul light vision of 170ak.


Assisting in this opening of opportunity for the move toward and into adulthood, is another cycle mentioned in other writing. Since 170ak (2018) lasting to 183ak (2031), mankind is undergoing a test of Beliefs.But it is much, much more. For man's beliefs fall are part of his Frameworks. And man will have his Frameworks tested. And all Frameworks sooner or later will fall toward a center---toward the Common Ground--- toward the Central Shaft---toward Jehovih the I AM. That time of shaking down of man's beliefs is that which is upon us. These Frameworks and their Beliefs are depicted in the Se'moin symbol of Uh (see 35/D.14, i033) shown below with additional markings to indicate concepts.







With that shaking down of beliefs / Frameworks in mind, 171ak has another field which manifests through it. Aside from the Foundation that comes out of Light, the 171st-pulse-of-anything signifies the Su'tau (71, 35/D.71) that comes out of The Foundation (Ah, 35/D.1). Su'tau signifies Assertion without Proof. Bear in mind in that regard that Assertion without Proof does not of itself signify whether the assertion is true or false or some mixture of the two. But people may believe their Su'tau (Asert. w/o proof) to be true, and even strongly or confidently assert it, Thus they will heavily imply that the assertion is true. Of course, people have long since learned that lies thickly asserted as truth, are more apt to be believed than a weak assertion. Unfortunately, instead of requiring proof, many tend to opt for sincerity of assertion as the test of its trueness. For that reason, the selfs of low-grade spirits as well as low-grade mortals can and do assert LIES, and often, but not always, blend them with TRUTH.


This means that the time of testing Uh will also include testing people's assertions and that testing assertions will be part of the shaking down. For, man must learn to turn to the rules of light in regard to outer things and inward to his soul to judge inner things such as his beliefs, Frameworks, and assertions. Collective man marshals his power through sharing common Beliefs and common Frameworks. In 171ak, we should experience much in the way of assertions, but since this is a foundation year for the light of the soul, that means these assertions might not be tested right away, but could flower and maybe bear fruit. But tested they will be during the course of Uh's testing time (2018-2031). As a tree is shaken and the weaker or diseased or rotting fruit and flowers fall off, so do the cycles indicate such a time for man's frameworks and beliefs.


The Tablet of Se'moin was initially given to the earliest of eoptian man; so as to interpretation he was given what he could understand---the lower or corporeal interpretation. But proof in Su'tau does not necessarily mean corporeal proof---it can denote spiritual proof! (Even as previously alluded to.) Nor does Su'tau mean no proof is available---it only means it is being asserted without offering proof. The corporeal mind requires corporeal proof; the spiritual mind requires spiritual truth. In Kosmon, man is to find / produce both, according to appropriateness.


Oahspe, Book of Knowledge; 37/6.1.


[Therefore, to him who would improve his place in heaven while still mortal,] the light of the following truths will be manifest to him (who would know). Let him, on the other hand, shut himself up in denial, saying: I defy you to prove the matter, || and he shall not be enlightened.



Defiance and contention will not determine the truth or falsehoods of Es assertions. The beauty of Su'tau is that in its higher interpretation, it signifies the unseen light or the formative light or the transparent light or the clear light---all being set forth. Consider those who use only their corporeal mind, or those who place their corporeal mind in ascendancy over their spiritual mind (judgment), or their dark frameworks are in ascendancy within them. For them, Spiritual Truths are considered pure Su'tau (assertion without proof). Neither are they subject to interrogation techniques nor other destructive measures for discerning truth, such as the methodology of Science uses for assertions regarding the corporeal creation. Therefore, to those whose corpor is in the ascendant, so anything set forth by Es will as a rule be rejected by them as Su'tau, or opinion only, or simply non-provable philosophy. For that reason, Oahspe can be viewed by them as Su'tau, even as the Book of God's Word (the Zarathustrian Bible) was considered as Su'tau by Asha.


Oahspe, Book of God's Word; 21/12.17.


Then the king took the book and read it; and the next day Zarathustra came again before the king. The king said: Your book says thus and so, but it proves little. Your God asserts he has done thus and so, and that he created thus and so. First of all, then, I do not know if there is a God; second, if there is a God, I do not know that he comes to you; and, third, if he comes to you, and he is a just God, why does he not come to me?...



The time of the foundation setting forth as it comes out of light (171), being also the time of Su'tau coming out of The Foundation (Ah), signifies that man will be beset by Su'tau of all sorts. The challenge for man is to learn to glean the spiritual Truth speakers from amid an array of spiritual falsifiers. For that, man must learn to listen to his soul---that very soul which the previous year Jehovih had illumed with His Voice to prepare man for this year. Of great importance is the fact that this year of 171ak is the year in which a Foundation will be set that will bear its fruit in succeeding years. In other words, all years from this time forth to180ak (2028-2029) will be built upon this foundation.


Because man is currently in a time of testing his Framework AND now in a time of expressing Su'tau, we can expect there to be much set forth that is bogus as well as much set forth that is higher truth. And of course there will be those who use the signs of the times for self-purposes, including money-getters of all sorts, politicians, rogues and scoundrels. For instance the USA currently has a president that calls anything that he doesn't like: bogus (Su'tau, here meaning Lies asserted without proof), while he himself spews forth a continual litany of Su'tau that he pretends is Truth. Yet, this is all part of Jehovih's allowing for man to discern that Jehovih is the Central Shaft of Belief and His Kingdom the Framework. This is the object of the Shakedown---to move man closer to the Central Shaft---to E-O-Ih!


Whether or not man's social order makes it to the Central shaft during this 13-year period of testing (till 2031), matters little in the sense that sufficient numbers (people) will have come to realize the Truth of Jehovih or His (heavenly) Kingdom---regardless of the name they use to identify Him and His Kingdom. And those sufficient numbers shall push man toward the Fraternity social order. As to the Faithists of Jehovih, they shall continue, as they have been, to call man ever upward toward greater glories. This occurs whether or not the Faithists accomplish this through Su'tau or through example or both. Sharing in this upward calling will be many of the Bah-ghans. Thus in the move toward the Fraternity social order, the Bah-ghans will use Su-tau, as well as otherwise induce man upward, toward a better social order.


Such is the promise of the Times. Those of corporeal outlook look upon the Signs of the Times and see the obvious, that is, the low-hanging fruit, beneath the leaf line. The Faithist of Jehovih and His prophets look also to see the past and future, for although they also see the low-hanging fruit, they also see the higher, sweeter, more abundant fruit above. And they look for the signs that show man moving in that direction. And when they see them, they rejoice in their souls. At times they may have felt a lack of hope, but even as a turbulent storm must give way to calmer weather, so they had faith in Jehovih's wisdom and in the wisdom and power of His God through the united hosts of heaven. Thus, as Su-tau looks back to the past, so during those same turbulent times the corporeal man looks back to a supposed golden age, but the spiritual man---the es-man---the Faithist---looks to the origins of his Faith in his Creator---the Creator of All that is, Jehovih! And in perceiving, he goes forward refreshed in Faith with a restored vision of the future.



Emphasis added in the following Oahspe verses.


Oahspe, Book of the Arc of Bon; 27/10.17-19.


[King Yokovrana] ... I regret that I did not slay more of them [evil (unripe) men]; my conscience pricks me for this.


Capilya said: Since man’s conscience [soul] is only part of the man, might it not err? Is the conscience not dependent on other things for wisdom? And after all, if we have done that which seemed the highest, best thing at the time, have we not fulfilled the law?


The king said: It would seem so. Conscience must depend for its errors or its justice on the education it has received.



Oahspe, First Book of God; 24/27.21.


... [Jehovih's speaking:] [And on Sabbath] sit in silence to hear My words, which I speak into the souls of men, women and children.



Oahspe, Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth; 39/21.15-24:


Whoever indulges in anger, vengeance, or wrongdoing, casts a veil up between Me and himself; he shuts out My Voice.


It is a talent to hear Me; I bestowed it upon all the living; it is seated in the soul. By cultivation, it grows; yes it becomes mighty, above all other talents. By its culture, man attains to all possibilities, for so I created him.


When My Voice is weak, because of the darkness of man, he calls Me conscience, or sets Me aside as a faint impression. But with culture, behold, My Voice comes to man with words and with power. And he knows Me, and is mighty in good works and wisdom. And he becomes a proof before the world, that My Voice is with him.


Jehovih says: Whoever has not heard Me, is in darkness indeed. He has not yet turned his thoughts inward to purify himself and seek wisdom. Whoever has heard Me, knows it, and all the world cannot convince him to the contrary.










All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






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