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The Git's'ang (#40 in Se'moin) represents Perfect Dominion. There are many M'Git's'angs which represents Imperfect Dominion, the Faithist and es-man strive to attain the former. LOVE - WISDOM - POWER are the three attributes of the Great Spirit which manifest as Corporeal, Atmospherean and Etherean. They can be placed on the Sacred Triangle which points upward, and in turn this triangle is complemented with the downward pointing triangle which represents: HARMONY - SYMMETRY - MUSIC




Rising in Love - Love is the central cause. All men move by Love only (35/E.17.)

Wisdom is Descending - Wisdom is being called on to make a decision, so you are going to implement Power. True Wise-Dominion is based upon Love, the love that is in the person who is expressing the wisdom. The greater the Love the greater the capacity for Wisdom.

Power is horizontal, at the base - True Power is based upon Wisdom - the greater the Wisdom, the greater the capacity for Power because True Power is an act of building. It is building a foundation from which Love can grow. Said another way:


Love is the key to Wisdom's door and Wisdom is the key to Power's door and Power is the key to Love's door.


That is all in going-forth (clockwise). Going counter-clockwise will show you The Test.


·      If one goes forth in Power - one's Wisdom will be tested by the reaction to the expressed power.

·      If one goes forth in Wisdom - one's Love will be tested by the reaction to the expressed wisdom.

·      If one goes forth in Love - one's Power will be tested by the reaction to the expressed love.


Love is the first KEY, the Primal Key. In this, the Faithist learns the Higher Love - the love of Spirit, Mind and Soul - love of the unseen, Love of the Great Spirit - the Etherean Love (called such, because the Ethereans have attained to the rise in this higher love beyond the machinations of the beast).


So when a person goes forth in Love, the test there is the degree to which you can hold the Higher Power (Jehovih's kingdom, the light of Jehovih's kingdom) in ascendancy within your own being. For example, if a bully assaults or threatens someone, that is a test of the response of the person being attacked (even though it may be just a threat, nevertheless a threat is still an attack on the spirit). The beast response to that threat is Fight, Flight or submission. And submission for the beast does not come except from losing a fight. Further, a quick and decisive victory by an alpha will keep the defeated beast subordinate to the alpha for a season. But always bear in mind that a defeated beast, though submissive to an alpha, will do what it will when away from the presence of the alpha, and always will take the first opportunity to aggress against the alpha. And if that is so for the animal realm, what then of the beast within man?

First, man is ever fluctuating between man and beast -- that is, between the es-man and the beast-man; between the es within man and the beast within man; between the Es influence and Self/Animal influence. For convenience sake we say those mainly or mostly oriented to Es are es-man, and call beast-man those mainly or mostly oriented to the self / animal nature. So if the beast-man appears to submit without a fight, it is not a sign that he is subdued, but only biding his time for his opportunity. And as in the animal realm, this is also true for those who put up a fight and were subdued. The subjugation is appearance only, they are still awaiting another opportunity to Fight or Flee. And this applies even to those who are in the beast collective as the alpha's agents.

Contrasted to this is the ideal of the es-man response, which is to commune with the All Highest while under attack, i.e., threat. And from that foundation of Love is felt Pity for the aggressor and then comes forth gentle words and expressions in tenderness. Why? Because this touches Jehovih's Presence within the beast. When this response has become an organic growth within the person --- that is, the natural response to aggression --- then one will have attained to a condition of spontaneous protecting-shield such as, for instance, Zarathustra through God's hosts manifested to mortals.

And so, for example, in the 3rd degree of Emethachava, when the initiate goes forth in his LOVE, he is assaulted in turn by the dark corners of the lodge and the ceremonial response is indicative of the rise of LOVE toward WISE-DOMINION, as the initiates successfully navigate through the shoals of the beast. Note however, that the initiate has not yet reached the ability to avoid verbal remonstration with the beast, in other words, he was forced by the beast to spend time and energy on it. The God's for instance have transcended the ability of the beast to directly encounter them in such threatening manner.



Thus far we have made a closed circuit of a triangle of LOVE WISDOM and POWER. And this is a reality. But simultaneously creation is not only cyclical but an infinite and endless flow of combinations.

Accordingly as LOVE is the key to WISDOM's door and WISDOM is the key to POWER's door and POWER is the key to LOVE's door, so also POWER is the key to HARMONY's door, which is to say that the next condition of the triangle is its opposite --- The Inverted Triangle:

And together, the triangle and its inversion, form the Git's'ang (#40 in Se'moin, and also depicted at the start of this article) --- which interpreted is PERFECT DOMINION.


POWER is the key to HARMONY and HARMONY is the key to SYMMETRY and SYMMETRY is the key to MUSIC.

And MUSIC is the key to Harmony's door, thus making the inverted triangle self-sustaining. Yet MUSIC is also a key to Love's door, thus lifting from the inverted triangle to the upward-oriented triangle. And in that regard, consider the capacity of music to not only uplift a person's spirit, but to evoke moods such as gentleness, and to create forms so delicate as to bring forth wet eyes from the beauty, and music's power to bring a person into reverie. For, because music is built upon symmetry which is built upon harmony, which is built upon power, which is built upon wisdom, which is built upon love, so music is so potent that even ethereal fire-ships can be powered by music alone, even as spoken of in Oahspe. This general potency of Music is also because it is the reflex of Power


HARMONY - SYMMETRY - MUSIC is as the reflex or response to LOVE - WISDOM - POWER

HARMONY is the reflex or result of LOVE

SYMMETRY is the reflex or result of WISDOM

MUSIC (Patterned Flow) is the reflex or result of POWER


This being the case, for instance, as mentioned, POWER is the key not only to LOVE's door but to HARMONY's door. So when there is disharmony, POWER is the key to re-establishing HARMONY.


The entire hierarchy of the beast is based upon this reality. So that the alpha's charge is to keep his/her group in Harmony by keeping all subordinates in their place by the use of Power. And we also see this within the beast-man. But the es-man uses Power for the resurrection (the path up and away from disharmony) of those who are in disarray / disharmony. But in corpor or corporeal government, for instance, with mortal man's governments, the further one is from WISE-DOMINION, the more painful the reflex is. That is, the SYMMETRY will seem asymmetrical (unfair) even as the opposite of WISDOM is Foolishness.

Also keep in mind that the orders of light in heaven are not for self but for Jehovih and under His commission (Commissioned Gods and Lords). But man influenced by the beast, divides imperfectly with self in ascendancy, thus leading to asymmetry (unequal/disproportionate distribution of social resources, fruits, opportunities, etc., in short, unfairness and declension in the social fabric which ultimately leads to attempts to reform the old social order or even destroy or replace it). But there is a remedy available before such extremes are reached.




Oahspe tells us Love is: "The central cause; All men move by love only...". For which reason, there is no need to fear division, exclusiveness, isolation, etc. when lines are drawn - when categories are made for these are all types of Symmetry. And types of Symmetry in and of themselves are neutral, because their formation depends upon intent and grades of those involved. The beast is always with mortal man, so indeed WISE-DOMINION is a challenge, and that is why we strive to grow in WISDOM throughout Eternity. We see an example of such division in the cycle of Fragapatti:


Oahspe, Book of Divinity; 22/2.20, 21.

Jehovih said: I do not blame My God and My Lords for their love favoring more those mortals who became Zarathustrians, than those who rejected God and his Lords. Nor do I censure God and his Lords for favoring their chosen in building cities, nations and empires, and leaving other mortals that were enemies to perish in their cities, kingdoms and nations.

God said: You who are one with the Divine law, are free from the law; but they who reject me and my kingdom are bound by the law.


It is true that we are all of one light and equal because we are all sparks of the One Great Spirit --- His children eternally. And yet at the same time, there is differentiation, and always will be as far as talents, attainment, grades, rank and rates. So if a person makes accusations of unfair categorization , so the accused must have an answer --- So we look to Jehovih --- What is Jehovih's example, and more directly: What does Jehovih directly prefer the answer to be? "How shall I respond Jehovih, show me the highest best way to respond?" Also we can look within to see what signs were missed so that next time a better response can come forth, rather than eliciting an accusation.

Keep in mind, as Oahspe says "Like Attracts Like"

Oahspe, Book of Knowledge; 37/5.2.

Jehovih said. Separate all the people into four groups, and you shall determine the kingdoms of atmospherea. And you shall divide them according to My judgment upon them. Remember, O man, that in all My kingdoms like attracts like. According to their talents so do I prosper them.


And so there will always be divisions according to the nature of things. The beast-man must stay in the world or else man will cease to propagate, but we can escape the evil in the corners as in the 3rd degree of Emethachavah. And, as man places his es in ascendancy over his corporeal part, so he will gain in Wisdom so as to manifest Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth in its fullness.





All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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