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Cleanliness Purity Clarity


Clean se'mu (protoplasm, sar'gis substance and soul substance) means healthy body.

Clean blood means healthy spirit.

Clean environment means healthy mind.


Polluted or malnourished se'mu leads to corporeal and emotional disease (emotional instability).

Polluted or malnourished blood leads to spiritual disease.

Polluted or malnourished environment leads to irrationality and mental disease.


Clear mind leads to coherent and cogent thoughts.

Clear heart (unburdened conscience) leads to coherent and open spirit.

Clear soul (receptivity to light both within and without) leads to coherent and cogent attentiveness.


To attain to clarity, first both purity and cleanliness must be attained.

To attain to purity, first cleanliness must be attained.

To attain to cleanliness one must cease to consume any animal substance whatsoever; wash with water the entire body including hair each day from crown of head to soul of feet; and with hygienic habits keep a clean milieu including living in a clean environment.



Eating animal substance ties one's spirit to the earth and the animal nature and its passions. This results in an earthbound spirit, unable to rise of one's own accord; for, consuming animal substance pollutes the blood and makes it smell rank and sickens the spirit.


While the presence of angels (of Jehovih) can temporarily help the mortal transcend such earthbound condition to a certain extent, yet in any case such angels as impart the higher understandings, are limited in how close they can approach the understanding of such mortals. Because proximate things tend to equalize, the high-raised clean, pure angels cannot long endure in the presence of such mortals; and the mortal, to advance, must rise to heaven rather than waiting for heaven to descend to man.


Moreover, a clean healthy environment is more conducive to man being able to perceive the higher thoughts.


Cleanliness tends away from pollution. Nevertheless, a person can pollute their se'mu through various means such as ingesting poisons (e.g., alcohol, tobacco, drugs, animal substance, etc.), killing things which breathe the breath of life, indulging in the self-habit, and abortion. These latter two particularly result in a stench in the se'mu and sar'gis substance that is not easily restored to wholesomeness. For, to clean the outer and the inner body, while necessary, is not sufficient to restore that person to wholesomeness. But it requires a conscious decision to develop in purity.


Said another way, you may have a clean-looking, clean-feeling, clean-tasting fruit, say a watermelon, but it is not necessarily a pure watermelon because it may have unseen foreign substance included in its body such as an apple gene that gives the watermelon a crispness with the texture and crunch of an apple. Likewise, a person may bathe daily, lead a vegan lifestyle, and live in a clean environment, and yet still have internal elements that allow for impure feelings, regretful actions, nasty words and murky thoughts to come forth in response to stimuli.


To effectively cure pollution, one must first become clean, after which pollution becomes easier to restore to wholesomeness. Trying to cure pollution without first cleansing, will only lead to temporary and partial success, at best. But as the practice (discipline) of cleanliness becomes a constitutional growth, so does it become increasingly easier to attain, sustain, and maintain purity. And, as we learned from Oahspe, as darkness goes, so does the light come. So that when such a person goes forth, he begins to build his goodness of heart upon a firm and unswayable foundation.


As a person develops in compassion and acts of compassion, so does his goodness of heart build to the point where he responds with love and compassion whenever his heart is tugged downward. And when such a person directs his response outward, he can more effectively send it forth in a spirit of goodwill.


Further, trying to clear the body, soul, heart and mind without first attending to one's cleanliness then purity afterwards, is to try and push away clouds with the hands --- the clouds will merely slip past and through the fingers, and at best, in the brief partial parting of a cloud, a temporary and partial clarity can be attained, but not long sustained because the fog refills the space quickly.


But if a clean and pure person with goodness of heart has attained to wholesomeness, so s/he can then effectively learn the ways and means of true virtue. True virtue refers to the upward-tugged heart; and learning and practicing true virtue brings a person to peace. When this peace is attained, so one gains entrance into the beatific state. It is through the beatific state that one can effectively move toward true clarity and its accompanying celestial state.


So, to gain clarity it requires steps of attainment just as the attainment of cleanliness, purity, goodness of heart, wholesomeness, some mastery of light and darkness. Or, like ascension in atmospherea which runs the range between nearly corpor and nearly ethe --- that is to say, little by little, step by step, degree by degree --- so is true clarity attained.


What uncleanness and impurity do, in essence, is to bind the consciousness and conscience by narrowing and darkening the field of perception. This holds especially true in the case of perceiving the subtle and the unseen. But even corporeal perceptions are also limited, though perhaps not admitted to by the mortal; for in these kosmon times, s/he typically sees herself as intelligent, and s/he may be incapable of admitting a greater light, especially if the aven tetract (vanity) is active. Lack of goodness of heart as well as unwholesomeness tend to keep at bay any efforts to unbind and expand the consciousness and conscience.








The accompanying figure is a mirror image of man. Note, then, that your purity is displayed in your left hand. The purity of your vessel (your substance and form) is affected chiefly by two things, first, your inherited substance and form, and second, what purity you have brought to your inherited vessel through your own diligence (intent and actions) in seeking purity. Needless to say, indulging in impurities and uncleanness will detract from inherited purity.


Similarly with wholesomeness in your right hand, except here goodness of heart goes a long way in helping a person toward wholesomeness. Neither is it possible to attain an adequate level of wholesomeness without goodness of heart.






As to reading these attributes in others, cleanness is best read in the Ruch, although a modicum of perception can be attained in reading cleanness in its evermore outward manifestations, such as auras, chakhras, sar'gis, se'mu (the condition of one's protoplasm), and even into the physical---usually visible through the character of the skin. Purity, goodness of heart, wholesomeness, and virtue are best read in the vas light while observing from the beatific state. Clarity is best perceived (there are levels of clarity) in the Shem light while observing from the celestial state.


Upward and Onward, O man! Revelations from the Tree of Light are man's birthright. From that tree, man shall seek his spiritual inheritance and the glory awaiting him in this Kosmon era.


Jehovih first, Jehovih last, Jehovih forever!

May peace and love be forever yours.






All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007






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