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The Crown and Seal



To better understand this topic it is recommended that the reader study the "Darkness into Light" series published a couple of months ago. But so as to give a lead in and context to the Crown and Seal the following introduction is written:

In developing an objective view of what is happening in the world today, it is wise to have a good general framework. The book and Bible Oahspe provides in mortal language that foundational framework. So that Jehovih's Faithists and aspiring Faithists may more fully comprehend this framework in greater depth and detail, we have previously given information regarding the development of the races of man in relationship to his progress toward attaining Kosmon. That approach pertains chiefly to the development of the corporeal man in general and in specifics, toward preparing man for his spiritual development.

Prior to Kosmon, man's development has a parallel of sorts in the development of Asu. It took 6000 years to develop the perfected Asu, capable of a center of soul light---though Asu could not know it. Such a light sufficiently developed allowed for Asu to be receptive to and nurturing toward, within her womb, a developing soul of light---the I'hin---capable of eternal life.

Likewise, in the time (measure) of Seffas, Jehovih's kingdom labored to develop man's mind, spirit, and soul sufficiently to become ready, able, and desirous of attaining the necessary growth and maturity in his es that would come with the Kosmon era.

But in this time of Kosmon, the angels of Jehovih have instead stepped back from the role of caretaker / parent to that of advisor. No longer shall they descend to man's level till man has sufficiently purified himself, for in Kosmon, man must learn to rise to them in seeking their counsel. And as Jehovih's angels live within Jehovih's kingdom of God, so man cannot rise to them except by the ways provided by Jehovih's kingdom through His God and His Lords.

In Kosmon, man is to take responsibility for his own development. And by his own choice man shall choose Jehovih and the ways of His kingdom, or he shall take inspiration from the beast, led by Satan. Either way, Jehovih has provided in Kosmon for man to develop his mind, spirit, and soul. Chief among those provisions which propagate ways conducive of man rising to the necessities and glories of Kosmon, Jehovih provided His God with a Crown and its corresponding Seal (more on this presently), suitable for man in his time of dan (currently Kosmon's first dan span; the second dan begins in 2049 and spans to 2449 ce).

Yet, not to the detriment of his corporeal development shall man in Kosmon continue to build his corporeal body and corporeal world. But he shall seek to refine his inherited corporeal realm so as to balance with, and best enhance, his es growth both in its periods of rapid growth and in its periods of gentle ripening. To prepare for which, the race of man known as Asu (the pure animal man) had previously developed via a progression of many races. The first 3000 years of Asu had many races / variations which ultimated in the basic prototype ASU. During the second 3000 years, that basic model was refined in its capacity. The second preparation step took place in the Time of Seffas. It likewise came within a framework of many races of man (of the eoptian age) refined to the model called MAN, ready for Kosmon with its emphasis on es growth (37/3.64).

As the first preparation made man suitable for man's receptivity to es per se, so the second made man receptive to developing his es. And now in the Kosmon era the so-called races of man---ethnicities, nations, cultures---shall combine to become the race of Kosmon Man. And these will develop toward maturity in es.

If seffas-man developed in a framework using races that merged toward one Race, and there is to be in Kosmon virtually one race of man (even so, see 05/8.16), what, then, is the framework for man's es development in Kosmon?

To understand that new Framework requires understanding the role of Jehovih's Crown and Seal.


The Crown and Seal

Each God of the Red Star (earth and her heavens) is given a CROWN made of Ethe. More than a symbol or emblem, it contains real power. For, its form and ethic essence has been constructed with properties aligned to the particular work and accomplishments that will be carried out by God and his Hosts during the administration of that God. These properties have to do with the progress of mortals and angels under the auspices of Jehovih's Etherean Chiefs. So the crown, being created of etherean substance, has a direct link to Etherea and represents the highest of all crowns---the Crown of all Crowns, being the All Person. That is to say, the Crown of Crowns and the All Person are ONE. For, the Crown of Crowns is part of the All Person's Body (04/1.3; 14/11.17,24).) A True Crown is thus an ethereal crown and is inseparable from the person wearing it---that is, the Crown and its wearer become as One. (All crowns hereafter refer to True Crowns unless otherwise specified.)

Paired with the Crown, the SEAL is its inseparable counterpart. As the Crown of Crowns denotes the seen Form of Jehovih's Mind, so its Seal denotes the unseen Spirit of Jehovih's Soul. Likewise, a Crown is an instance of the seen Form of Jehovih's Mind, and its Seal denotes the unseen Spirit of Jehovih's Soul for that same occasion (labor) of the crown. The Seal is the reflex or mirror image (lower image) of its accompanying Crown. Visualizing that Crown as inverted (with its points turned downward toward the soul / earth) reveals the unseen form of the Seal. For mortals the Seal is the fulfillment of the Crown into the earth and into the souls of mortals.

The Crown itself signifies loft and vision (or the elements of Air and Fire; or heaven). Similarly, but differently, the Seal signifies depth and unification (or the elements of Water and Form; or earth). The difference is that the Crown creates that which moves toward the heights, while the Seal moves toward the depths.

All men and angels are influenced by the light and inducement of the Crown. Likewise all men and angels are influenced by the heft (depth) and unity of the Seal. During any given dan, man must voluntarily rise toward its crown. Yet during that same dan and its Crown, man will labor to fulfill its Seal, knowingly or otherwise. Thus all men participate in the sealing of the crown into the depths of the soul. Man participates either voluntarily through the Ruch (soul light, 19/1.9), that is, in accordance with the Crown (Jehovih's God and Hosts), or that participation is through the darkness of self---Satan.

Each dan cycle (and consequently each God of the Earth) has a particular Crown which is to be fulfilled by the end of the dan. Part of that fulfillment is the sealing in the earth, i.e., in the soul of mortals, the lessons and attainments to be learned from the Crown. Those who fulfill the seal through adhering to Jehovih and the Light of His God's kingdom, will fulfill the seal with no suffering or loss---although the fulfilling may be difficult. Those who do not follow the inspiration of Jehovih directly or through the Light of His Kingdom, are impelled (more or less voluntarily) or compelled (forced) by the beast / satan to fulfill the seal through suffering and pain. Whichever way the Seal is fulfilled, both the lessons learned and the required soul development are achieved and sealed in the souls of man.

Because most mortals are neither iesu (sinless) nor totally sinful, being unripe fruit they fluctuate between man and beast (38/8.7). Life for them is generally filled with periods of lesser or greater suffering (from beast-prompted stings resulting from disobedience to Jehovih), interspersed with some moments and plateaus of happiness.

Non-ethereal Crowns / lesser crowns are merely symbols of the ethereal Crowns. Nevertheless, these lesser crowns can carry power given them by their followers. Yet while a lesser crown is impotent in and of itself, not so is the responsibility that comes with a crown. For, anyone who leads another is responsible to Jehovih for fulfilling that which that particular crown promises.

Internally man has his own makings of an inner crown and seal. While many mortals or their ancestors have been lifted to believe that a person is his own king or queen (see 21/6.5 as an example that led to this), the fact remains each adult has responsibility (their personal crown which rests upon their heads) over their own behavior. So they also reap their fruits from their personal seal which is seated in the soul. This internal crown and seal always begins as undeveloped.

Because of the initial undeveloped nature of the personal crown, it is said to be a potential crown. A person having a potential crown is not aware of having a crown. After a Faithist joins Jehovih's Inner Temple, the time comes when the initiate awakens to his inner crown and knowingly begins to develop toward this true inner crown. Here the potential crown becomes the formative crown. (Jehovih's Inner Temple is a space wherein man is taught of the soul realm and to develop the soul. More on this in later writings.)

Till the attainment of one's true inner crown, Jehovih through His hosts provides inspiration to that person's true inner crown which the person then interprets through his or her own undeveloped crown. The closer the person draws to Jehovih in his behavior as well as aspiration, the closer the potential and formative crown becomes in attributes to the person's true inner crown.

Each individual's inner crown is unique in some way to that individual. Labor through the Inner Temple of Jehovih helps man become aware of his inner crown and how to change it from a potential crown to an actual inner crown. This true inner crown is man's "first crown" in a manner of speaking. It is meant for man to rule over himself (or herself). For it is only long, long, long after a person develops his crown via Inner Temple labor through the degrees that the individual will be ready to receive a crown of office from Jehovih's kingdom.

Nonetheless, Jehovih allows (suffers) man to lead others in certain situations. For instance, parents have responsibility over their children. Yet from man's early days he had to be taught this responsibility, even forced to it by decree, until it became a constitutional part of his soul (a habit) that he voluntarily upheld till it became an integral part of his soul. Similarly, from the early days Jehovih's Lords created mortal kings to be responsible over others. This endured till near the end of Bon, when time was ripe for man to cast out the Divine Right of Kings, and instead attempt to govern himself sufficiently wisely so as to sustain a Republic social order to prepare man for Kosmon. Through group pressure, governmental actions, and through other incentives or deterrents, man would be induced or coerced into each governing his own behavior.

Come Kosmon, man shall remove such training wheels so as to stand alone upright before Jehovih, answering first and foremost to Him for all he has done. Guiding himself by the light of his conscience, he shall form voluntary Fraternities---a higher form of Social Order---to become more of what Jehovih created that person to be. For in Kosmon, man shall have sufficiently developed his inner potential crown so as to stand apart from the system and order of the beast to ultimately depend entirely upon Jehovih and His kingdom.

To accomplish that end, the Framework which man shall voluntarily follow develops out of the Crown and Seal. Through the use of Crown and Seal, man will rise out of Sabea (i082 Arc of Kosmon). Sabea has been defined in previous writings, suffice it here that sabea signifies the beast in man that he must learn to deal with by using the ways and means of Jehovih's kingdom (heaven). That way of dealing with sabea is found via a sufficiently developed inner Crown, which when fully attained will be made of ethe, that is to say, of Shem (etherean light).

The seeming opposition to that growth toward man's true inner crown comes from Satan laboring to fulfill the Seal of God's Crown, either from man being led directly by Satan, or by being forced to it by one's surroundings. The beast-man is not aware that he is fulfilling the seal---rather his intention is to labor for self (purposes); despite that, unbeknownst to the beast-man, Satan is still directing him toward fulfilling the Seal of Jehovih's Crown.

Be aware that Satan is not an individual person per se, but the collective voice and unseen spirit of the Seal when the Seal is not being fulfilled by man in ruch (soul light). Said another way, the instructions for Satan are determined by the seal, but Satan only appears when needed (i.e., when man turns from ruch). For Jehovih has assigned Satan the task of ensuring that the Seal of the Crown is fulfilled. (For an early teaching touching on this, see 21/9.7-12.)

An example of Satan fulfilling a seal is if man will not voluntarily form fraternities because he has been heeding the beast (the tetracts), so satan (self) will inspire or prod man to force fraternity upon mortals. Neither does it matter whether or not the bulk of the beast-men desire fraternity or not. What matters is that Satan has a job to do---to see to it that the Seal is fulfilled to a certain degree by a certain time. The same with war---if man will not voluntarily cease warring, then the beast will arise to outlaw war (even though the measures of the beast may cause as much if not more destruction than war itself). But this must wait till Jehovih deems the time right to raise His hand above the beast (see 34/12.30). And that is not likely to happen until the beast-man becomes sufficiently impotent to outmaneuver those desiring to see war ended, that is, till there are sufficient money-getters who find more profit in a war-free world than in a war-torn world.

In that post-war period, the peaceful herbivorous (vegan) brothers and sisters of peace---those who follow the light of God's Crown---can be expected to come forth under a freer hand. Until then, for those who are under the influence of the tetracts (being led by Satan, 10/13.10), inspiration is of the beast, who works through the Seal. For them the Seal is thus fulfilled with much pain and suffering.

Yet the light of the Crown also works through the Seal. And laboring in the ways and means of Jehovih's kingdom through His God and Lords helps the potential or formative crown to draw closer to the individual's true inner crown. This, in turn, induces by various means the potential crown in the beast-man to also draw somewhat closer to his true inner crown. This is chiefly accomplished through the process of proximate things tending to equalize. Depending upon the condition of the surroundings, however, the equalizing flow can go the other way which can cause those with more developed crowns to lose potency amidst the surroundings of the beast. What will keep that from happening after Jehovih lifts His hand above the carnivorant's head is the change in ethe'ic conditions (see e.g., 04/4.20).

Man is currently (2020 ce) in the midst of a transition to a great change in seasons. With the 2049 dan comes the season propitious for man to change from a corporeal orientation to an es orientation. Fraternities will form a new social order of man. And regarding that, keep in mind that nothing, including Fraternities, come out of a void, but everything that is, has precursors that led to it and presented the raw materials / elements from which something built upon them could emerge. As you cannot have a planet form without a vortex providing substance gathered from Jehovih's heavenly stores, so a Fraternity Social Order cannot form without Fraternities or the makings of them already existing. Neither can these come about without man developing toward his inner crown.

In context to this writing, as the developing and maturing of Kosmon man's es depends upon him transcending the beast, and as the beast is found in the Seal, so man must learn how to voluntarily fulfill the Seal under the Guidance of Jehovih and the Light of His kingdom. The Fraternity Social Order shall provide man the necessary space for that to occur. Nestled within the Fraternity Social Order amid the myriads of fraternities will be the Faithist Fraternities. And these more than the others will be successful at rising to their true inner crown and thereafter causing the Tree of Light to yield its secrets and its bounty.










All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






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