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The Flowers of Man's Social Orders




By necessity Oahspe simplified most things to their essence. As such, these are as springtime buds upon a tree. For, Oahspe holds within it buds to a flowering tree of great beauty. Over 133 years now, Man has had Oahspe and the time has come for blossoms to appear in great abundance. As blossoms on a limb of that tree man's social orders come forth. And as Oahspe says, man has three social orders: Monarchy, Republic, and Fraternity. Two types of great blooms had already flowered---Monarchy and Republic social orders. The third types of grand flowers began with many early weak blooms, and now new Fraternity blooms begin to bulge forth which shall before long become increasingly evident as Jehovih prepares these for flowering.


Although three main flowers exist on that limb, symbolically being Monarchy--Republic--Fraternity, yet as it turns out there are also two other flowers / buds, and each looks a lot like one of the other flowers. These two intermediate flowers signify two transitional orders between man's main social orders. Each transitional flower partakes of traits from one or the other social order on each end of the limb. Thus five social orders can be recognized:


1.     Foundation Social Order, followed by the

2.     Transition Social Order 1, built upon Foundation order; followed by the

3.     Republic Social Order; followed by the

4.     Transition Social Order 2, building toward the highest social order, followed by the

5.     Highest Social Order.


Why five? Because man spends considerable time going through each of the two transitional forms, and these must be provided for even as the Me-de-ans (Me-de-an Faithists) at the time of Spe-ta needed to be provided for. As it was, that transitional order---Me-de-an---took on traits of both the upper order: the 'Steadfast' Faithists (being the followers of Po, Abraham, Brahma, and Eawahtah); and the lower order: kings' people / world's people. In other words their ranked social orders looked like this:


1.     the Steadfast Faithist Order

2.     the Transitional Social  Order, being the Me-de-an Social Order

3.     the Kings' people Social Order.


Accordingly, man progresses upward through five major Social Orders consisting of three main orders and two transitional orders, Fraternity Social Order ranks as a Transition order between Republic and Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth. Between Monarchy and Republic orders stands the Pluracracy Social Order modified from and built upon the Monarchy Social Order).



Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth

Jehovih's kingdom on earth (through God's kingdom as ordained by Jehovih) stands as the largest encompassing form of governance for man. Man by necessity commingled with yearning shall establish in our generations' time the Fraternity level social order. And this order shall endure for mortals all the way through the first dan'ha of Kosmon. The importance of this cannot be overstated as fraternity is the foundation level for His kingdom. (Organic First Resurrection, recall, is under the aegis of the Fraternity and its second resurrection.) And after the second resurrection has been organically established on earth through the Fraternity social order, then out of that comes the establishing of the third resurrection. (In later posts we shall look at when---and likely how---that shall occur.)


The membership unit in the third resurrection is the fraternity but its organizational style has been expanded to include the third resurrection. Accordingly, Oahspe has more or less used the terms Fraternity and Jehovih's kingdom as synonyms, although more precisely Fraternity is the foundational form or unit for the Father's kingdom. Such synonym usage is, however, not capricious. For in fact, a large part God's kingdom and for the most part the kingdoms of his Lords consist of the second resurrection, which is the Fraternity level (see upper triangle of i029 Tablet of Grade and Ingrade; and see 37/5.25).


The Flowering of Fraternity

In the previous post, Fraternity and Beyond, plus the upcoming propitious seasons among the many different types of cycles, indicate that for mortal fraternities, at least in the early decades of the Fraternity social order, man will mostly eagerly learn the stroke of the organic first resurrection, ideally through rites and ceremonies but also through example. And afterward in the Fraternity social order, man shall learn the ways and means of heaven so as to become organic with their fellows.


According to the prophecies and cycles---many of which shall be set forth in later postings---by 2049 or thereabouts the Fraternity Social Order form shall emerge and become established within man's milieu. And within that newborn order the Faithists shall establish a second resurrection. Yet be judicious of expecting much in the early days, for it is a birth and a newborn cannot do much at first. Moreover, for a very long period the Fraternity Social Order shall mostly function for the bulk of humanity as a way to learn the stroke of the organic first resurrection. Nevertheless, the order shall provide a viable model for uzians to see and experience. Yet further, the Fraternity Social Order shall function as the vehicle for movement toward the fullness of Jehovih's kingdom on earth. For which reason ALL PRAISE TO THE GREAT SPIRIT---Great Jehovih, the I Am!


As can be perceived, a fraternity can grow to provide for many ranks within it, and, as well, for many levels of attainment within its framework. No surprise here, as God's kingdom also encompasses many ranks and levels of attainment---notably, the inorganic first resurrection, the organic first resurrection, the second resurrection, and the third resurrection and including any above it; plus those otherwise not in the resurrections---all under the aegis of God and his Holy Council.


Since heavenly fraternities inspire earthly fraternities, let the Faithist look closer at what is required for a fraternity to attain to the rank of an organic fraternity (sustaining the second resurrection), and what does it mean to be a member of a kingdom of heavens? To attain to an organic fraternity requires for that fraternity to have become as a brother-sister to all the various fraternities in Jehovih's heavens. And there are lots of them in heaven (see, e.g., 18/7.1). Getting to that exalted state, however, begins when a mortal fraternity labors as a group (fraternity) with the other fraternities of heaven. In such circumstances, such a mortal fraternity is said to have begun the practice of the third resurrection---community level labor---although the mortal fraternity is at first like a child within that community. Further steps to become a full-fledged brother-sister fraternity shall not be enumerated here. Suffice it that such a fraternity labors under the direction of Jehovih's ordained God through his kingdom and the Lords' under him. (Hence the phrase: kingdom of Jehovih in 33/12.1.)


Eventually mortal organic fraternities practicing the third resurrection shall attain to the fullness of the third resurrection which first requires the attaining of mortal organic communities capable of manifesting the crystalline light, which is the Shem that comes from Jehovih's red star Gods and Lords and their thrones.


When such fraternities become as one with each other in communion and action, in the inner and outer realms, then through the Community, they collectively receive and (in time) shall attain to this crystalline light. Yet further, to sustain that crystalline light and to labor in it is to attain to the fullness of the third resurrection. The crystalline light shall be seated in the C'chief of the community and through his council. Through these the light can manifest through as many of the community as have attained to the fullness of the third resurrection grade. And all these can further manifest the crystalline light to all those capable of receiving it and perceiving it.


These are the possibilities created by Jehovih for mortals of this time.


Along those lines, two paths for ascension are open to fraternities. On the first path, as the fraternity becomes one with the fraternities in heaven (and these latter are under the Crystalline light of God, his Holy Council, and His Lords), so by proxy of the heavenly fraternities they can experience the Crystalline Light though they cannot yet sustain it. This comes about by the mortal fraternity working with heavenly fraternities, so the mortal fraternity becomes by proxy a member of a Community of heaven. And because the heavenly fraternities have access to the crystalline light, so by coming in contact with them the Shem light passes to the soul of the collective mortal fraternity even as energizing sunlight would stream through the window of a house lighting all inside; or in the case of that mortal fraternity---enlightening all inside.


The second path comes once the mortal fraternities have joined into a mortal community of Faithist fraternities. Here as the community becomes as one with its fraternities, so the crystalline light reaches the fraternities through the Community. It also happens that new fraternities sometimes form within an already existing crystalline light community. In which case, the crystalline light is already available to the fledgling fraternity.


In Bon the emergent mandate for man was "Migration of the Righteous". In the next post, called "The Essence of the Five Social Orders" we touch upon a new mandate for man in Kosmon. Till then, peace be with you (and afterward as well).


PART 5 of Prophesying with Cycles for the Coming of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth

(The posting titled "The March 2020 turning point" was part 1 of this series.)











All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition







The Essences of Five Social Order