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Four Foods of Man




There are 4 things which everyone needs to feed in order to feel fulfilled: their soul, their spirit, their mind, and their body. While each of those 4 things can get fed on their own, yet till all four are sated, so a person cannot feel wholly fulfilled.



The Corporeal Body


The corporeal body is fed through corporeal food, the best being that which also feeds the spirit and mind; this best food consists of, at a minimum, clean air, sunshine, clean water and vegan / herbivorous fare, and at the very best, as raw (fruits, greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds). Corporeal food can be gotten directly and as a rule involves corporeal labor to access it.



The Spirit


As well as the above, food for the spirit requires aspiration and proximity for access or immersion; in other words, the type of spirit food one receives or imparts depends upon one's behavior --- for like attracts like. So, for example, whether you go to a place of serenity and beauty, or to a raucous rally, so your spirit is fed accordingly. For which reason, as has been said since ancient days, the way to the Father's kingdom is to: Come out of uz and be clean (32/17.23 -- Book of Judgment; 39/4.23 -- Book of JKOE). Recall that uz in this context refers to the system and order of the world's people, those who set themselves up in self-righteousness and militancy, the destroyers. Yet while the uzians destroy, the Faithists build toward the fullness of Jehovih's kingdom on earth (02/1.19-21 -- Oahspe Prologue). The spirit is fed through atmospherean food --- the atmosphere of a place and its people, Vas light, and the attaining of mastery (see e.g., 32/13.34-36 -- Book of Judgment).



The Mind


Food for the mind depends closely and profoundly upon the spirit and body of a person. For higher thought cannot much penetrate a debauched spirit, nor be perceived through an unclean body, especially one built upon the substance of other animals (their flesh and their products such as dairy, eggs, honey). Whereas in contrast, if your spirit is high aspiring and your own flesh is clean outer and inner, then the higher thoughts and other higher aspects of the mind can the more easily penetrate and be perceived without clouds or other distractions getting in the way. Too, perceiving the very highest requires a peaceful, calm atmosphere, for the higher Vas light is delicate and easily destroyed (that is, the delicate forms can be annihilated as the higher vas light becomes obscured or inundated by courser vibrations). For which reason if a person were, as well, to attain to the talent of ethe, then the crystalline light could manifest through, being adamantine (think of a diamond, brilliant yet difficult to penetrate).


The mind is fed through fresh ideas, thoughts, visions, concepts, discovery, and that which is seen / perceived, and especially fed by Shem light (crystalline light) and ethe. The paradox is that food for the mind is the easiest to get and the hardest to get. It is easiest since simply by living a person is constantly in contact with and at times impregnated with changes in sounds, colors, touches, emotions, forms, tastes, smells, etc. Because any and all incoming vortexya, from the subtlest to the coarsest, will strike your person and thus cause a reaction---whether detected or not. See, too, the Book of Inspiration (book 34/). Food for the mind can also be the hardest to get, and that is chiefly because either a person is too unripe (coarse-grained) in his body, mind, and / or spirit, or else his immediate environment is too coarse. For these reasons a mathematician, for example, cannot perceive a certain mathematical relationship, or it may take 25 years to grasp it. In the same way, many Faithists aspire to read the books in heaven, but as yet are too undeveloped in their constitutional growth to attain that labor.



The Soul


Food for the soul is somewhat different from all the others because you cannot so directly access the food. It is not food on demand. Instead food for the soul comes to you depending entirely upon your actions toward others and the purity of your motivation as well as your consistency, wholesomeness and degree of virtue of your attempts. In other words, the summation of your person and such unity as you have built, defines how readily you receive and can perceive soul inspiration.


All things write upon the soul (34/2.3), and whether or not the mind of man perceives it, the record is indelible. In any event, that which comes to the soul of man becomes, in a sense, his soul food. More precisely, the writing acts somewhat as a filter through which soul food comes to the soul -- think of a light pouring through a lens covered with various marks (writings) so that some are opaque, others translucent, others nearly transparent, etc. Accordingly, the quality of the soul food will depend upon the quality of the soul, or rather upon its degree of cleanness.


The soul is fed by soul substance and especially by the Ruch (soul realm light, 19/1.9 -- Lord's Fifth Book) within that soul substance; and most important of all, the soul is fed by the Voice of Jehovih speaking to the soul.



Direct Inspiration --- the Essential and Highest Food


Although Jehovih speaks to everyone, those who are meat-eaters tend to be in so much darkness / coarseness / unripeness that they cannot much perceive His voice; and when they do, they consider it to be nothing more than a feeling or tinge of conscience, and it is all too often perceived as afar off or separate from themselves. Others even more unripe, might perceive His voice only vaguely if at all, or because of the nature of that written on their soul, the light gets discolored, darkened and twisted, and the person might feel it as a gut-feeling, or otherwise turn it toward (put it to use for) the benefit of and purposes of the beast within him / her.


On the other end are the Faithists. Others, in between, desiring to ascend up away from the unsuitability of the beastly system and order, are directed by God to follow their highest light. But the Faithists of Jehovih not only continually strive to fulfill their highest light, but also make covenants to Jehovih to rise beyond the dominion of the beast, and to obey His commandments and commands (see, e.g., 02/1.14-21 -- Oahspe Prologue). And though they may fall --- whether often or rarely --- they pick themselves up, re-covenant to Jehovih, then again go forth upward and onward. They know that by laboring for Him, they help further His kingdom to come in its fullness upon this red star the earth.



May we all join in the Light of His expression as He brings about a better social order upon and for the people of this planet. So that from the abundance that is the natural order of things, enhanced under the labor and wise stewardship of enlightened kosmon man, all may have sufficient food for each body, soul, spirit, and mind, as well as for all man collectively.




All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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