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Four Foods of Man Part 2


Preparing Man for the Four Foods




Man adopting a vegan diet becomes the foundation for accessing the higher foods. So....



How and Why will Man Become Vegan?


 People become vegan for many different reasons in the ongoing Worldwide Vegan Movement. While some grow up vegan and simply take it for granted and others become vegan for health reasons, yet apparently more resolved to stay with veganism and promote it are those who become vegan for principles such as for religious, idealistic, and compassionate reasons. And in this principled group there are many more who become vegan for environmental reasons such as eco-sustainability, who tend to be pushing the movement. These latter types are of course still responding to the Voice of Jehovih within their souls, though indeed they seem to reject His name. In any case they desire to keep the vegan movement non-religious because they feel a vegan diet is not a religious issue but a vital imperative if mankind is to survive.


According to Oahspe there are two types of people through whom progress comes, one is the Faithist -- these CALL man up to a more exalted station, and the other is the Non-believer -- these PUSH man up to the more exalted station. We can also recall from Oahspe that God's armies need not be pious much above the general station of the prevailing social order. Some examples are the miracle workers around the beginning of kosmon, and the money-getters prior to them, who ignored religious and cultural barriers in their quest for trade (see, e.g., Book of Judgment, chapter 32/36). Since religion was irrelevant to the money-getters --- a person could be of any religion and partake --- so the same appears to be the case today in God's Vegan Army.



God's Vegan Army


Does it seem that the strategy of God, Son of Jehovih, puts veganism first, higher spiritual matters second? Clearly, choosing veganism is an action of higher spiritual grade, for choosing righteousness, whether conscious that it is of the Creator or not, is nevertheless choosing the Creator to the extent of that righteousness. Yet, for those who choose to be non-vegans, the higher spiritual matters cannot be much understood without the presence of Jehovih's hosts having to continually pierce the thick blanket of darkness that covers the soul of the carnivore & omnivore alike in order to induce them first to desire and then labor toward a higher condition. The angels must do this for vegans as well, except these are easier to inspire with higher, i.e., Es ideals, and so, more apt to aspire upward and onward. This leads to the Four-foods article, which, while anyone could benefit from reading it, the vegan, being more clear-minded, will be more apt to understand it in its fullness and implications.


In His wisdom Jehovih created a reciprocity and balance between those who descend to lift up, and those who rise to ascend --- for none are slaves in His Kingdom --- all are inspired volunteers. As man experiences an attractive quality of life and light when buoyed by uplifting angels, so he must begin to learn how to attain and sustain this condition by his own efforts. As in the early days of man, the angels of God became weary with their labor of teaching spirits (man: male & female) newborn  in heaven, to walk upright; and in times closer to our own they wearied of teaching newborn spirits about corpor; so in our time, they have grown weary from continually having to pierce man's thick blanket of darkness and still having man arrive in the spirit realm dumb as the beast in the field or even worse, regarding spiritual things. So in the first instance, mortals were taught to walk upright, and in the second example mortals in the time of Osire, Son of Jehovih, were taught corporeal things while still living as corporeans. Now the time is upon man--individually and collectively--to be born in spirit knowing things of es (the spirit realm) and of Es (the highest of the spirit realm) because he / she / they have learned and consciously experienced these things during their mortal lives.



Emergence of Kosmon Man


The Vegan Army of God is one step toward that end, albeit a very significant one. In alignment with that, another simultaneous priority for God's kingdom through all this early Kosmon era is the creation of a new race of man unsuited for warfare; and since veganism produces those capable of that through their aptness toward upward and onward progression (but eating animal substance causes man to violence and degradation), and because Jehovih has commanded man to become vegan (which in Oahspe's words was herbivore, as the concept of the more encompassing term Vegan had not yet developed), so Jehovih's Sons and Daughters are causing man to realize this command. Thus through Corpor, Son of Jehovih, man learns that animal substance is poisoning his physical body. And through Esfoma, Daughter of Jehovih via her Signs of the Times, man sees his planet including all its life-forms dying because of man's animal-substance-eating industries and their resultant industries. So good food becomes harder to find --- not just food for the body but food for his spirit, mind, and soul. In which case vegans could benefit from reading the post on the four foods; and so can anyone benefit, should they so desire.


For through Tae, Son of Jehovih, man is inspired to become vegan, to assist the world in becoming vegan, and to build in ways conducive to veganism. And through Es, Daughter of Jehovih, man is inspired toward that end by receiving thoughts and considerations relating to veganism. For example, man cries out for relief from his pain caused by having animal substance (other than his own) in his body, and Es imparts to man a light showing the way out, which is toward and through a vegan diet. Through Kosmon, Daughter of Jehovih, man learns (such as through written material, oral testimony, past experiences, etc.) about the poisonous effects of animal substance and the effect of the habit upon man's social order including the nefarious practices related to or coming from or initiated by or sustained through meat-eating / placing alien-animal-substance-into-the-body, and including among that industry, the perpetrators, the aiders and abettors, and the fruits of their labor, their dealings and their self-desires.


Yet such people can learn. For it is through Uz, Son of Jehovih, that man learns the meaning of true righteousness. Uz does this by allowing the unrighteous or self-righteous stubborn man to cut himself off from inner protection, and should he persist he falls harder. But as it touches on veganism, true righteousness consists of many actions including not purposely inducing pain in other creatures that breathe the breath of life. Through Ha'k, Daughter of Jehovih, man learns that while he may hide in darkness, yet that darkness always ultimately gives way to dawn and a new life better than before. He further learns that what he did in that darkness affects his happiness in the coming dawn. This pertains to man's children too, that is, what the parents and larger family including the social order did or did not do for the child and which harmed or helped that young developing person. Man will thereby also perceive the damage caused by feeding their child animal-substance both while growing in the womb and even after birth, for the child's soul substance comes forth tainted and the spirit and mind stained and imbued with the impulses of the beast.



The Foundation of Seffas


Finally, there is Seffas, Son of Jehovih. Man will come to see that the labor of Seffas has not ceased---but merely changed in focus and operation. Prior to the coming of the Kosmon era, Seffas focused on building the corporeal man, making man strong, resilient and wise as to worldly things. He also allowed for the growth of man in spirit, soul, and mind, and indeed, Seffas often enforced these matters upon man, for man was considered as a child. Young adulthood for man started at the time of the Great Pyramid, when he began to take responsibility for his condition. Thus, regarding the development of corporeal man, Seffas in fact acted to force development, even as in the beast realm where Seffas inspires beasts to become alphas so that the strong survive. For example, in most cases of the beast realm the weaker are not allowed to propagate or at least not so much so. Corpor, Son of Jehovih, also upholds the ecosystem and order that allows the stronger to feed on weaker members so that in general only the healthy, strong beasts survive. For instance, the beast in man tells him to allow for unrestrained abortions; that way, says the beast, the weaker members of man's social order (weaker, that is, as defined by the beastly system and order), being those who cannot afford to provide for any or more children, will not propagate any more weak members.


Such was the way under Seffas when his focus was upon building corporeal man; and the beast in man took advantage of the Stewardship of Seffas. For, like any parent, Seffas gradually allowed for his children's increasing responsibility, and so, man went forth acting like Seffas, but at times, and then more and more because of his carnivorous habit, listening to the beast and especially to one of its four heads till at last such people lost sight of Jehovih's presence. Following this, while not losing his aspiration for resurrection, those of the carnivorous habit increasingly failed to discern true resurrection from that discipline offered by and controlled by the beast. As a result such a ones also lost, to some degree or other, sight of or even knowledge of food for the mind, food for the spirit and food for the soul.



Man's awakening to His Soul, Spirit and Mind


Man first lost sight of the soul, afterward of the spirit, and then even the mind. This occurs cyclically every dan'ha cycle, man reaching the last condition about a thousand or more years into the dan'ha (see e.g., 38/7.7 --Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy). Then about 600 or so years before the next dan'ha, man's mind begins to be fed and he starts aspiring to, then rising to a higher mental condition, being that which modern man calls intelligence. And increasingly man seeks to first feed and then fulfill the desires of his mind.


After that comes the dawn of dan'ha reawakening man's awareness of, and desire for, experiencing things of spirit. Next comes man's conscious desire to feed the desires of his spirit. Then comes time for man to rise in the desire to fulfill his spirit. The time for man to flourish in the fulfilling is now at hand, as we rise toward the 2049 dan. Bear in mind that we speak here of the bulk of humanity as man reaches toward the tipping point that shall propel him toward true spiritual food till it becomes a constitutional growth within him.


A current army of God, as mentioned, is his Vegan Army. The actual army consists of angels of God, and a few here and there of the mortal wing. But as God's armies are organic in nature, and as most in the mortal wing are not yet organically organized under God, Son of Jehovih, so these latter of the mortal wing are generally called God's workers. But for convenience' sake, with apologies to God, Son of Jehovih, the whole of the mortal wing is herein is also referred as part of God's Vegan Army.


There have always been pioneers who initially cut through the tangled undergrowth of man's darkness. And when the time is ripe, there come forth in great numbers those who perceive the higher way (to whatever extent) and who remain unwilling to bear with man's intransigence. These become willing participants in (or aiders and abettors of) God's army to accomplish the resurrection of man. Since the foundation for man's resurrection is cleanness and the only clean corporeal food comes from a vegan diet, so many in the vegan army's mortal wing shall push man to become vegan. This shall continue till man reaches the tipping point, that is, to the point of no returning to the prior condition (recidivism). Again, think in terms of this happening to a social order, and then ultimately to the entire world.


To see the power of this, consider again a previous army of God, the money-getters. Their chief task was to break down the barriers between nations. Their labor was 100 years, the end of which saw the tipping point. From that time forward, this was to grow to become a constitutional growth. And as must all constitutional growth, it gets tested from time to time. Even though the money-getter social order shall pass away (because it is based on the beast and hence incapable of the second resurrection, see, e.g., 32/4.29-30 --Book of Judgment), yet the concept of and aspiration toward one world, of one family of man, shall not pass away. Similarly, while some elements of the vegan army push man toward acceptance and will continue to do so, yet ultimately the push of Seffas shall give way to the wisdom, ways, and foods of Kosmon.




What are some of the es foods coming from Kosmon? The third part to this series, "Kosmon Food for Mind, Spirit, and Soul" will reveal some specific types of mind, spirit, and soul food coming to man since Kosmon began and that shall feed some of his deepest es longings, and provide a cornucopia of ever refreshing nourishment for man's mind, spirit, soul and body.








All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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