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Frameworks under which Science Exists


Encompassed within the All Person Elohim-Rea are two basic Frameworks. The higher framework deals with man in his Es nature. The lower framework deals with man in his animal nature as well as with the corporeal realm. Man must choose which of the two frameworks stands higher. Jehovih's Kingdom stands as the exemplar for the higher framework. As to the lower framework, man has been given two exemplars: the corporeal realm and the soul realm.


The corporeal realm informs the animal-man and the soul realm informs the es-man. Complications arise because the Beast within man considers itself the es head and leader of the lower realm; while in reality the soul stands in primacy beyond the powers of the beast to comprehend.


Those of man who refuse to rise to the higher exemplar must fall to the rules of the lower exemplar. These rules include survival of the fittest as well as confrontation as the means to settle who is the highest best (the Alpha). By refusing to rise, man falls prey to the beast-realm. By blinding himself to the soul and the soul realm, man readily descends into the clutches of the Beast.


A clean herbivorous (vegan) diet is necessary to attain the higher but it is insufficient, being only the first half of the equation (see, e.g., 32/14.12). Yet it is necessary because a vegan diet allows for a man to become receptive to spiritual things. On the other hand, it is insufficient in and of itself to impart a desire for the higher Framework.


For the second half of the equation, man must come out from under the Framework of the Beast. Of his own accord, man will not do this UNLESS he desires the upper Framework. And with the Beast in man being perfected as it is in Kosmon, it is not possible for the unclean man to remove himself from the Framework of the Beast.


Yet in prior times it was possible because the angels of Jehovih would do most of the heavy lifting in helping man to rise sufficiently beyond the Beast framework to perceive and constitutionally desire the higher framework.


Thus from the time of the Spe-ta dan'ha which began some 6000 years ago, it was necessary to reverse the order so that man would aspire for the upper Framework. For example, in the Anubi rites, of which Oahspe shows an early version somewhat twisted by Anuhasaj (aka De'yus), but included since it set the tone for man and widely spread it, the deep level effect of which lingered even into some 200 years of Kosmon.





In that ceremony---as depicted in the image above (i051 Tablet of Anubis)---man can be seen first casting off his beastly practices, signified by the loss of the tail. Next man needed to cast off his animal-mind, signified by the animal heads. Only then could his es within be ready to perceive spiritual truths. Of course, the false Gods, presumed to provide those spiritual truths, and like all false Gods, mixed spiritual truths with purposely vague and sometimes audacious falsehoods. And man, being immature at the time, fell for those lies.


In Kosmon, though, man has attained to comprehensive judgment (32/21.2). For that reason, the order might seem to have reverted to its natural position of cleanliness coming first, followed by enduring upliftment that is also higher and truer. Yet in Kosmon, the angels of Jehovih are only going to uplift those who desire upliftment and have been earnestly and diligently putting into practice the commandments of Jehovih (as best as can). In short, we must rise to the higher framework rather than it descend to us.


Because man is coming out away from the old paradigm of desiring the higher framework before becoming clean, so God has said: The cure is come out of uz and be clean (32/17.23). In other words, deep in his soul man already desires something higher---so he will begin by trying to establish this in uz. But God also says the Father's kingdom cannot come in uz. In other words, the cure is to BOTH become clean AND come out of the uzian framework. Man must practice them both!


By doing both, man will learn the rules of the lower framework (corporeal realm and animal nature). As a way to discern the rules of the lower framework, man has two means in front of him: the Inner Temple of Jehovih for the soul realm; and Rules of Light for the corporeal realm. As to the first, the angels of Jehovih can impart to man spirit truths and soul truths, but these must be accompanied by facts and substantial proof (33/8.10).


Oahspe, Book of Discipline 33/8.11.


These, then, are rules of light: That which is self-evident: That which is axiomatic: That which is substantiated by facts: That which has a parallel in known things: Things that lead to peace, order, and the uplifting of your neighbor and yourself.



Of great significance is that Science as constructed by man in early Kosmon, does NOT include that last rule in the above Oahspe verse. While an individual Scientist may or may not have such a rule for himself, yet Science has NO REQUIREMENT to that end. At best it may have a board of Ethics, but which, in any event to this time, can only suggest---for only governmental LAWS can legally enforce Ethics. And the governments of the world under the thrall (obligation, spell, & control) of special interests, find it difficult to unite in a cause higher than profit.


Recall in that regard the Tiger dreams of Dr. John Newbrough (See Religion and the Tiger of Science). And if the problem is that Science is amoral, i.e., supposedly morally neutral or maybe professing to be on the side of ethics, then what is the solution to a moral Science? What are some clues in Oahspe? (Feel free to comment.) Stay tuned....







All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






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