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Fulfilling the Purpose of Oahspe




And now, O Jehovih, so that this, Your kingdom on earth, may be known and distinguished from the habitations of the Uzians, we make this our solemn oath to You:


We will not now, nor forever, make war, nor engage in war, nor take any part in war, nor for any God, Lord, Savior, country, king or other ruler on earth; nor will we aid or abet war in any way whatsoever.


Neither will we now, nor forever, eat fish or flesh of any creature You created alive.


And we swear to You, Jehovih, in regard to these, our babies, which You have given into our keeping, to found Your kingdom on earth, that we will raise them up to renounce war, like this our oath to You, and to avoid the carnivorous habit belonging to the Uzians.


Neither will we use, nor permit to be used, in Shalam, any intoxicating drink, weed, root, gum or any other drug, for the contamination of human flesh by intoxication or for stimulation unnaturally. 

Make us strong and wise, O Jehovih, in this our covenant and oath to You, for the honor and glory of all things are Yours, time without end. Amen. || Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth: 39/5.41- 46





According to Oahspe and validation by our own experience, for Kosmon the level of Faithist Community is PEACEFULL.  We use the term in its full meaning which goes to the heart and soul rather than the lesser term "passive" whose connotations are more about the physical manifestation of a state of inaction).  A true state of peace requires all members to sustain an herbivorous diet (Oahspe Prologue: Herbivorous men and women of peace), which today is known as a Vegan diet. This translates to: No animal protein whatsoever -- eggs are the incomplete flesh of unborn birds and milk is the food of fetals which are in fact infants who require suckle. Thus milk is not only equivalent to flesh, in its animal origin but it is the sustenance of those who are below the grades. In the first several months of life, infants can only live off the actual corporeal substance of their mother or "wet nurse" or a substitute of lesser quality such as infant formula. Lesser substitutes such as milk from another species or synthesized formula, compromises the health and vitality of fetalling infants. While the infant is corporeal fed by milk, it also absorbs subtle substance from its mother, especially during feeding and during physical contact.


In Oahspe's model of Jehoih's Kingdom on Earth is a description of the time when Kosmon man* will find plant substitutes for all the products that ghan man* has been taking from animals. A balanced herbivorous diet where-in the wholeness of foods is maintained, supplants the need that uzian living has for noxious, intoxicating, or stimulating substances (including natural and synthetic drugs). Such noxious substances include the toxins of immunization, which, as a direct attack upon the organism, is used to STIMULATE aggressively an immune response from the body by the same principle as caffeine stimulating an adrenaline response from the body. Herbivorous food in its natural state contains not only essential nutrients and enzymes, but also retains its es (spirit) part, i.e., it is live food. It not only nourishes the corporeal body, but the spirit is nourished by the es part. Thus living vegetable food is an essential part of building and maintaining good health.


*Ghan man is the man that came into being from Apollo's time, with some variations of more or less I'hin and Druk combinations. Kosmon man is the man that is coming into being from the beginning of Kosmon.  


The Purpose:


Guiding the Faithists aspirations to attain to the second resurrection of Jehovih's Kingdoms, we have been shown the way in the very beginning of Oahspe i.e., to strive for that condition that Oahspe has stated as its purpose:



|| Not immaculate is this book, Oahspe; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator’s voice, and to see His heavens, in full consciousness, while still living on the earth; and to know, in truth, the place and condition waiting for them after death.*


*That is, the purpose of writing Oahspe was not to produce the perfect book, but to show mortals how to attain to the Creator’s Voice, see His Heavens, etc. [thus the Oahspe authors are implying that Oahspe is "perfect enough" or clear enough, or sufficient to fulfill its purpose. Since we are yet incomplete and still have a ways to go in our perfection as a race, a species; even if Oahspe were perfect in every way, our own insufficiency in maturity would likely obscure our perception of its perfection.] || Oahspe Prologue (with Standard Edition Footnote): 02/1.24.



Unless we make continuous efforts to move toward attaining to the Creator's Voice who is All Truth, we may yet flounder long in the illusions of the shadow of the beast. Let us in fellowship and praise to the Almighty stand up and be courageous in leaving the traps and trappings of Uz behind, so that:


|| Your glory is to fulfill the all highest yourself. When all who can, will do this, then, on that (as a foundation) rest your faith that the quickening power and wisdom of Jehovih will sustain His kingdom through His holy angels. || Book of Discipline: 33/7.36.




What does it mean by "to see His heavens in full consciousness"?


Does it mean one will be able to imagine how His heavens work and look? Or does it mean one will be able to objectively go in spirit form to see His heavens?


It could be both conditions. The first is a subjective perception and the second is objective. You can focus on the heavens and get a sense or feel of the tone and what may be proceeding. That would be mostly subjective but nonetheless more than what some consider to be merely imagination. It could be likened to observing a city in the distance and sensing the vibrations/mood/grade of the location and its people. 


The mortal and heavenly places do exist, but our ability to sense the more subtle unseen things depends upon clarifying the es senses through the Faithist discipline such as, physical and spiritual purification and service to Jehovih, as well as aspirations for resurrection.


What we can perceive in es also depends upon our own grade. So to experience the higher graded heavens would be not only difficult but probably uncomfortable (unless under the supervision and protection of ashars who may consider it beneficial to our maturity to take us on a brief visit), as we can gather from Oahspe's descriptions of lower grade spirits needing to be protected from being burnt by the brighter lights of the higher heavens.




All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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