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Worshippers of the Great Spirit in Guatama




Guatama, particularly, North Guatama (North America) has been ordained from the very beginning of man's inhabitation of the earth to be the place where Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth would be established, even though it has taken more than 72,000 years to reach the time when this would occur. Those who will populate Jehovih's Kingdoms will be spiritually prepared for living in harmony with His heavenly kingdoms.


Oahspe, Book of Sethantes; 05/11.3-12.


And [Thouri] was the land that the angels later called North Guatama, signifying the meeting of nations and the dawn of Kosmon.


God (Sethantes) came down out of the ship and stood on the land, and a light of etherean flame descended upon him, and Jehovih spoke out of the light, saying: Hear Me, O My Son! I have brought you here to this land, which is the last of the circle, even as Whaga is the first. Behold, when the earth is circumscribed with those who choose Me, I will come here with a great awakening light to the souls of men.


On this land I will finish the dominion of the Gods and Lords on earth, even as begun on Whaga;* through you and your Lords I will now lay the foundation for My kingdoms. On this land I will raise up a people who shall be the fulfilling of that which the I'hins of Whaga profess; for My chosen shall come out boldly against all dominion except Mine, Jehovih's. Look over this land, My Son, and provide for the time of Kosmon.


My prophets will foretell you what shall happen; and afterward you shall look upon the mountains and strong standing rocks, and the thought of your soul will pierce them, and its impression will be as a written book before the races of men in that day. Nor will they know the cause, but they shall come forth in tens of thousands, for My sake, putting away all Gods, Lords, and ancient tyranny. Your soul shall be My talisman, deeply engraved in the land, water and mountains.


On this land alone, no Lord or God shall be established by the sword, for it is My land, which I planned for the deliverance of the nations of the earth. ||


The hosts of both the ships came and joined in gleesome reunion after a hundred years' absence; then they traveled over the land and waters of the great west continent.


And all the places that the Lord had searched out, to the east and west and north and south (i.e., in all directions), even to the farthest boundary, were revealed and recorded in the books of heaven.


God said: And you, my Lord, shall mark out the place of the dominion of Jehovih in the founding of His kingdom on earth. And a record of your labors shall descend through the Lords and Gods that come after you, even down to the time of the coming light of Kosmon.


And the people, who shall dwell here till that day, shall never be worshippers of any Lord or God, such as other people shall worship.**


Let my seal be put upon this land, in the name of Jehovih, and to Him I consecrate it forever! ||


[*Thus the beginning of the end of mortals worshipping Gods and Lords is to start in North America, even as on the continent of Whaga (Pan) the worship of the Lord and the God was begun (see 05/6.11,17). This verse does not mean the end of Jehovih's God and Lords.


**All the Algonquin tribes worshipped the Great Spirit, Jehovih, only. It was characteristic of them never to accept any God or Lord. And the American race, coming after them, are fast raising to the same exalted conception of the Great Spirit.]





So if the land of North Guatama was ordained to be the beginning of Jehovih's Kingdom on earth what then of the inhabitants of the land --- how would they reflect this and what would their role be, if any, in preparation for Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth (JKOE)?


The ancient indigenous inhabitants of North Guatama --- variously called Native Americans, First Nation, Amerindians and Guatamans --- have often been given short shrift by man's government since the discovery of the Americas by the Europeans. Such governments have often treated them as inferior and insignificant, which is unfortunate, because Native Guatamans have characteristics that demonstrate that they do indeed have an important part to play in the foundation of Jehovih's Kingdom.


       First and foremost, for the most part, they have been worshippers of the Great Spirit for many thousands of years. Their culture, although close to the earth, is imbued and powered by spirit and acknowledged to be of the Great Spirit.


       Their social and tribal ways value freedom and the individual as an integral part of family and community, which was also evident in the quality of their Fathers and Chiefs among whom there were no tyrants or dictators.


       Their nurturing and raising of children, with the ability to absorb orphans and lost children into their families and tribes preview the enlightened upbringing of children in Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth.


       The Union of Nations established by Eawahtah (still evident in the Iroquois Confederacy at the time of European colonization) provided a model for the United States Constitution, Ben Franklin citing it as an example to be modeled upon.


Regarding the last point, Oahspe reveals that the model of the Great Spirit Culture, including the Great Confederation of Peace of the Ihuan Guatamans, would come through the Spirit/s of the Guatamans. Proof of which is witnessed today in the international admiration and adoption of the best of the Guataman culture among seekers of Peace, Truth and Harmony with All Life.


Oahspe, First Book of God; 24/27.47-49:


The Creator saw the great work of Eawahtah; saw the people gathered together in tens of thousands of places. Then the Creator spoke to Eawahtah, saying:

You shall found forty mighty nations, O My Son; and every nation shall be an independent nation; but all the nations shall be united into a brotherhood of nations, as ONE mighty people, and that one shall be called O-pah-E-go-quim, signifying ONE. For when I come in kosmon, My people shall have many states, like yours, and their combination shall be called UNION, signifying ONE. Build a model for them, O Eawahtah. For, although when they come they will overthrow your people on the earth, the angels of your holy ones (Native American spirits firm in adherence and obedience to the Great Spirit Jehovih) shall come and purge them of their Savior, and make them clean in My sight.

Then Eawahtah made the nations; united them into one mighty people, and called them the nations of Opahegoquim. And they planted the country over with cornfields, and dwelt in peace.



There is much more that the Great Spirit Culture of the Guatamans contributes to the formation of Kosmon man which can also be read about in Oahspe. We shall later pick just one example, the Hopi nation, as indicative of the roots of the Guatamans as being Faithist, and carried forth from that time.


But first, our question is this:


Since the I'hins and the Ghan Faithists of Ham, Shem and Jaffeth were commanded to not kill and therefore were non-resistant and herbivorous what then of the Faithists of Guatama the Native Americans --- although being worshippers of the Great Spirit, they continued to eat the flesh of animals and many tribes did not practice non-resistance?


We should remember that although they were worshippers of the Great Spirit, many of them hunted and killed animals for food, clothing and shelter, and today many continue to eat meat, as their ancestors did. Recall that the I'hins were those who were capable of heeding Jehovih's angels and they were the example to the I'huan/Ghans right up until some 3,000 years ago. But the I'huan/Ghan, being of lower grade than the I'hins, and being more distant from Jehovih were mostly flesh eaters.


This is not to say they did not have a wonderful variety of vegetable foods which they collected and cultivated, with many tribes foregoing the hunt relying on their vegetable, fruit, grain staples. Those I'huan/Ghans who followed the teachings and practices of the I'hin, and who strived to maintain a vegetarian/vegan diet, did exist. And we know this because Oahspe reveals it, but also we have evidence in the variety, quality and quantity of vegetable foods that is the heritage of the Guatamans, as well as some of the ceremonies of existing Guatamans, such as the corn ceremonies.


We should also keep in mind, that in pre-Columbian times, and before the influence of Looeamong's emissary angels, whose goal was to convert or destroy the Guatamans --- the tribal cultures among the Guatamans were not as narrow as many modern depictions would portray. The Guatamans revered their peacemakers --- Eawahtah was remembered among them as the Great Peacemaker from thousands of years before. And the common sign languages and great network of trade evident by the far and wide dispersion of trade goods bespeaks a long history of order and peace among the many tribes and nations.


But because flesh eaters are subject to the nature of the carnivorous beast, they are stirred by passions that inspire a warrior perspective and culture. At this point such mortals are easy prey to lower grade angels, such as Looeamong's trouble makers who were set loose for evil's sake among the unsuspecting Guatamans.


Not only did Looeamong's malevolent angels conspire to inspire discord and hatred among the worshippers of the Great Spirit, but they also carried microbial diseases to the vulnerable Guatamans to wipe them out. Readers of Oahspe know about such strategies that warring angels of the false Gods of the Old World had been carrying on with for thousands of years. For instance, Baal and Ashtaroth destroyed in this way, the great medean cities, including Troy, prior to the rise of the Middle Kingdom in Egypt. Like the Guatamans, these civilizations were also worshippers of the Great Spirit, but were not scrupulous in keeping Jehovih's commandments, being flesh eaters and warriors also.


God's Priority


The need to maintain Guatama free of false God, Lord or Savior worship, took precedence over other aspects of resurrection for the inhabitants of Guatama. That was priority because it was designated and ordained to be the place where Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth would begin in the Kosmon Era --- where people would be allowed to worship as their conscience dictates; and so the freedom of religion that is a part of the constitution of the Republic.


The freedom to follow one's conscience and belief was enshrined in the constitution of the Republic even though Christianity worked hard to stamp out and suppress the indigenous people's religions. Because Looeamong tried to take Guatama to himself after the time of Columbus, for example, by inspiring the Spanish conquistadors to colonize and exploit the bountiful easily had lands, so, God focused his efforts on North Guatama, inspiring the Faithists of Europe to that region, and all its aftermath; but Looeamong, upon learning this, also inspired mortal followers of his to emigrate to North Guatama.


A telling tract in Oahspe regarding the priorities of the way Guatama would be preserved from false Gods, Lords and Saviors is cited:


Oahspe, Book of Fragapatti; 20/20.1-11:


|| The Voice of Jehovih came to Yaton'te, saying: Behold, O My Sons and Daughters, this heaven and this land shall not be like any other place; for here shall rise in time after, those who shall begin the founding of My kingdom among mortals. For in the lands of the East, and the heavens of the East, I have given them Lords and Gods before whom they fall down and worship. But in this heaven, and this land beneath it, there shall not be given any Lord, or God, or any person born of woman for their resurrection.


To this end I have created this subjective heaven and her plateaus, and they shall endure till the dawn of kosmon, and the overthrow of war and mortal kingdoms. From this throne I will come in that day, through My Chiefs, and reveal the histories of My kingdoms. And I will radiate outward, around about from this heaven, until My kingdoms encircle the whole earth, and until the earth's heavens are Mine also.


And whether the I'huans are mortals or spirits, you shall not teach them to worship anyone, except the Great Spirit.


For a question will rise among mortals in the beginning of kosmon, as to whether mortals are ruled by the angels of heaven. And I will prove it before them that in this land, all Gods, Lords and Saviors shall be cast out, and mortals shall become worshippers of the Great Spirit, being ruled to that end by the inspiration that shall descend from this heaven, through the spirits of the I'huan race.* And they shall know that I, Jehovih, alone rule over all, and within all My works.


[*These are the Guatamans, Native Americans]


Be wise, My Sons and Daughters, for as you now find little aspiration among the hosts of wandering spirits, so the same lack of aspiration will be manifested among mortals in the beginning of kosmon. The Voice ceased.


Yaton'te called Et'seing, his assistant God, saying: Come and sit on the throne. I will now go for forty days with Fragapatti and show him all my works. Then I will go with him to Hapacha, God of Ipseogee, after which I will return here.


Et'seing, having been anointed and crowned previously, came and sat on the throne, duly saluting. Then Fragapatti rose up to speak, perceiving that the great multitude desired to hear him. He said:


In what they have done I am well pleased, O Jehovih. Through Your voice I selected them, and being Your servants, they deserve neither praise nor censure. You have wisely chosen them, for in this dawn I perceive the foundation of that which will reach mortals in the third dan'ha** that comes after. And because You have chosen this place, O Father, great is the responsibility of these, Your Lords, and Your Lord God.


[**This would be the present dan'ha cycle and which launched the Kosmon era.]


Because they [Your Lords and Your Lord God] have supplicated You, You have guided them, and they cannot err. Because their work has been slow, they have great honor in patience and persistence. May Your Wisdom, Power and Love continue with them, for Your glory, now and forever. Amen! Fragapatti ceased, but the light became brilliant above his head; and the Voice came out of the Light, saying:


They shall concern themselves more in a righteous foundation of My kingdom, than in a multitude of conversions and resurrections. For the standard of their Lords and Gods, and their successors, is of more value than tens of thousands of redeemed who are of little wisdom and strength. For these latter will be raised up afterward. ||





The parts highlighted with bold font are significant to understanding why the I'huan/Ghans of Guatama, being worshippers of the Great Spirit, were still hunters and warriors.


It is clear that, like all the other peoples of Kosmon, the Guatamans also needed to be a part of the Kosmon Era amalgamation of nations and races to reach the higher potential of Kosmon Man.


And with this new era comes new responsibility and its requirements that the Great Spirit has laid out for man so that he might attain to ultimate happiness and be a glory to himself and to his God, who understands the challenges. Accordingly, what is required of mankind in the time of Kosmon, with no exceptions, is set out in the very beginning of Oahspe:



Oahspe Prologue; 02/1.16-23.


|| Behold, the seventh era has begun. Your Creator commands your change from a carnivorous man of contention, to an herbivorous man of peace. The four heads of the Beast shall be put away; and there shall be no more war on the earth.


Your armies shall be disbanded. And, from this time forward, whoever desires to not war, you shall not impress (draft, conscript);* for it is the commandment of your Creator.


Neither shall you have any God, Lord or Savior, but only your Creator, Jehovih! And you shall worship none other, from this time forward forever. I am sufficient for My own creations.


And to all who separate themselves from the dominion of the Beast, making these covenants to Me, I have given the foundation of My kingdom on earth.


And all such people shall be My chosen; by their covenants and their works they shall be known on the earth from this time forward as Mine, and shall be called Faithists.


But to those who will not make these covenants, I have given the numbers of the Beast, and they shall be called Uzians, signifying destroyers. And from this time forward, these shall be the two kinds of people on earth, Faithists and Uzians. ||


[* i.e., shall not force into military service]




Today, In Kosmon, all peoples are required to fulfill Jehovih's commandments, and in the establishment of Jehovih's Kingdom, this will come about, through Jehovih's will.



Prophecies of the Hopis


It is not only in Oahspe that prophecies regarding Guatama's significance is foretold, but the Guatamans themselves hold in reverence numerous prophecies given them through their own seers and prophets. The Hopi Prophecies are probably the best known among them. Below is a link to a website which has a list of prophecies which relate to the "Rainbow" people --- people of peace who had been prophesied to appear in the future. The Hopis also identify themselves as peaceful and respectful of the Great Spirit. "Hopi", while translating as "little people" also means humble and peaceful.


In the 1960's, the Hippies appeared, the rainbow was their banner and the peace sign was their password. One Hopi elder said:


"It's not by accident that the words 'Hopi' and 'hippie' should be alike. We are all people of peace, we are all working for the same Great Spirit. You cannot rely on the banks, or the corporations or the government. They will never respect you unless you hold territory. You must take back the Earth, peacefully, one piece at a time. Plant seeds, and water them, and make the Earth beautiful again."



It appears that the time of purification in the Hopi prophecies relates to what is happening in the world today. While there are events and forces moved by the hand of Jehovih and beyond our personal control, which move mankind forward toward JKOE, the individual has the opportunity to voluntarily partake in the purification. Oahspe lays out the requirements for mankind to live in peace and harmony with each other and the earth --- they must become herbivorous men and women of peace. This means to not only aspire to peace and purity but to actually purify the corporeal entity with pure diet, bathing, hygienic habits, and clean environment, and purifying the spiritual entity by purifying the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, so that these mortals may truly be a part of a purified and harmonious world.



We can see movement in the direction of JKOE not only in events and the conditions of peoples in Northern Guatama, but in other parts of the earth too. The sign of the nations of Kosmon who are moving toward JKOE are the amalgamated nations. We have seen from the time Oahspe was written, that nations that were closed and isolated have and are becoming more open and accepting of other peoples and cultures. This demonstrates that the whole earth is in the process of movement toward Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth, in more or less degrees.









The Four Nations of Faithists


There are also parallels between the connection of the Four Brothers of the Hopi Prophecies and the Four nations of Faithists, i.e., the Faithists of Shem, Ham, Jaffeth and Guatama. The Guataman prophecies have been handed down by word of mouth for many generations, so while they have lost some of their original meanings, the essence of their prophecies can yet be recognized. But in Oahspe there is a reference to the meaning of the name Guatama in the footnote to the following verse:


Oahspe, The Lord's First Book; (11/1.53 and footnote.)


The fleet named Guatama was carried eastward, and the country where it landed was also called Guatama.* The Lord said: From this place my chosen shall spread out north and south. But they shall not inhabit the lands to the east or west as far as the sea; for they shall be testimony in time to come, of this landing place from the continent of Pan. ||



*The meaning of this word [Guatama] is: Four Tribes United in One. The word Guatamala or Guatemala, would therefore mean: The Earth Place of Four Tribes of Men United in One. See maps of Central America. ---Ed (Newbrough).



The Hopis believe they originate from the south, and Guatemala (where the I'hins of Pan landed 25,000 years ago) is south (rather than the mistaken belief by today's academics that all people in Guatama originated from the Bering Strait land connection to Asia). It appears that the Hopis remained connected, at least in many aspects of their culture, to an I'hin ancestry --- for instance their name, Hopi with the meaning of little people, their signs and symbols carved onto rocks, the sacredness of corn (their vegetable staple), and their dedication to peace.


Also remember that certain words from the time of the flood were to be kept with the various nations of the earth. It may well be that these names will help humanity to realize their common Faithist/I'hin ancestry.



Eawahtah (also known as Hiawatha). 
The great prophet of the Great Spirit for
America. Contemporary with Abraham.






All Oahspe references are from the Oahspe Standard Edition 2007





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