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The Outward Oriented Me-de-ans and the Inward Oriented Me-de-ans:


One practical outcome of this progression of man was the Triumph of the Outward Oriented Me-de-ans with the founding of the Republic that occurred in 1788.  That which was set forth at the beginning of the Bon cycle by the Faithists pure and true was now set forth by the Me-de-ans (chiefly outward oriented); the event spoken of was: THE MIGRATION OF THE RIGHTEOUS. As the Faithists of Moses migrated from the tyranny of the Pharaoh, so the Me-de-ans migrated from the tyranny of Kings / Monarchy. As the first of the Bon were at or near the top of the pyramid and chiefly concerned with the inner realm (the unseen realms, spirit, soul), so by the end of the Bon cycle the Me-de-ans were the risen guy (partly es-oriented, partly beast-oriented) but more concerned with the outer realm (corporea, material things, the system and order of the corporeal realm, whose sign is looking outward and downward) than with the inner realm (whose sign is looking inward and upward). Speaking of these signs, look to see posed paintings of those Me-da-ans late in the Bon cycle: so many pointing their hand and finger downward (see e.g., Washington or Napoleon) --- compare with Ka'yu, the inward and upward oriented Me-de-an. (Speaking of Ka'yu, notice that although he was a Me-de-an, yet he was considered to be a Faithist as he embraced and amplified the teachings of the prophet Chine who had preceded Ka'yu by 800 years.)


All Me-de-ans are responsive to some degree to the light of Jehovih. As highest of the Me-de-ans, the founders of the Republic had much merit in their es-orientation but would not yield to threats to their corporeal interests. As Moses had to deal with and create laws for the "hangers on" (see 27/20.13) who migrated from Egupt with the Israelites of Moses, so the founders of the Republic had to deal with and create laws for the followers of a false God, Idol or Savior (these in the main followed Money-getting and/or Christ). For, ever since Looeamong (aka Christ) discovered in 1499 God's plan to redeem the world (which redemption would begin in Guatama now known as America), he sent myriads of motley mortals and angels of the worst sort to Guatama to set at variance and overthrow God's plan. God suffered Looeamong to take the southern lands (South & Central Guatama). Meanwhile God developed a new strategy taking into account the new state of affairs. During the next hundred years evidence of God's new plan could be seen. Looeamong could see them too and, like a game of chess, God knew that Looea would see them; and Looea knew that God would know that Looea knew, etc. It was a game of who would outmaneuver whom. Anyway, Looea knew where the greatest threat was: England but he had a difficult time getting a sufficient footing there to stop God's plans. Meanwhile, the time was close ripening; God had been preparing a certain group of English Separatists to depart and settle in North Guatama for consciousness sake. Looeamong perceived and tried to preempt God by inspiring a motley group of low-grade rabble to settle first in North Guatama, but its immediate impact failed. So, in the ship that sailed from England and landed in America at what became Plymouth, he sent along others (chiefly money-getters & warriors) with the Separatists (later called Pilgrims). These Pilgrims numbered only about a third of the total who sailed in that ship. So from the start, Looeamong was sending over the lowest and worst of man that he could inspire to be brought over to Guatama. Jehovih's God was not idle but also inspired Europeans to Guatama, but those of higher grade. Thus North Guatama and especially that which became the United States of America was occupied by both the highest and the lowest of the grades of humanity.


But God, Son of Jehovih, and his Holy Council, being aligned to Jehovih, proved wise and more farseeing than Looeamong. Because of the great variety of lower and higher graded peoples and being of various types of Christianity, it became inevitable that tolerance for religious views would become necessary. This was the genesis of freedom to follow the dictates of one's conscience. Of course, the Guatamans had that beforehand but Looea had made certain since the 1500s that they would become despised. Due to many factors including lack of females, intermarriage became common among the different groups of Europeans, but a European's marriage with Guatamans or the Blacks (slaves from Africa) became outlawed or socially persecuted. Nevertheless some did occur. The result was that the dichotomy of European high and low grades produced offspring with elements of both, but generally not so high and not so low, and this was also commingled with a sprinkling of Guataman and Black ancestry.


God's Loo'is were busy the entire period (since sometime shortly after 1449 CE) in North Guatama and in Europe so that when the time had ripened for the Republic to form, God had his mortal workers chosen and ready to go. Of those there were 1200 of high grade of service (above grade 60 and as high as 80) and above them were seven mortals who were above grade 80 (29/13.2). These mortals were Me-de-ans and would have preferred to have avoided war and the uglier side of life and in fact if not perplexed by Looeamong would have leaned toward Inward / Upward orientation --- but being pragmatists as Me-de-ans tend to be, and because (unbeknownst to them) Looeamong was stirring things and people left and right against the very cause of liberty. So these Me-de-ans looked at the coarseness of man and decided that they must make a government suitable to provide guarantees for the higher things in life (which they believed came through purchase, hence the money system) and law and order. Thus, government was to provide a structure of system and order with rules (laws) for the great mass of people who could acquiesce to being governed by those of a system designed to keep tyrants from stealing the government from the bulk of the Me-de-ans. So it was essentially a government by a type / class of people, since the Me-de-ans were, in the main, the chief property owners, and it was only owners of a certain amount of property or greater who could vote (at least at that time).


And despite Looeamong's great efforts, the Republic was established. The Outward and Downward Oriented Me-de-ans had emerged victorious, though enmeshed in the rotten and disturbed milieu created by Looeamong and his followers. (Not long afterward the heavenly followers of Looeamong cast him into hell.) The mop up would come next --- and its multi-hundred year labor; we are still in mop up mode only we are now in the beginnings of that phase where man shall more actively join in the mopping up. And by doing so, man will also simultaneously be laying down the ways of the new edifice. With the Republic founded, which was a cornerstone mark, God now turned the focus to his new workers: the money-getters. These, for the sake of the almighty dollar, would disregard the religion and philosophy of any nation or peoples so that monetary profit could be made. And since comity relations and reciprocity relationships garner even greater monetary profits, so these attitudes and practices were not only adopted but enforced upon their workers by the Employers. And ultimately conditions conducive to monetary profit were further created and enforced through Republic laws and trade agreements. The monarchies and dictatorships in the world were giving way to Republics of various sorts.


One rule of the Money-getters was that to make Money you have to spend money, that is, money begets money. A prosperous man has more money to spend (invest) than a poor man. Prosperous nations had more money to spend than poor nations. A disparity arose between the haves and the have nots. It kept increasing. This began to create philosophical problems for the money-getter apologists. The beast tried to force its way past the problem by denying or downplaying it. The light of Jehovih came upon man and the Inward / Upward Me-de-ans took it upon themselves to find an enduring remedy to the problem.


Now the time is at hand for the Inward / Upward Oriented Me-de-ans to begin to come forth in greater numbers. The Triumph of the Inward / Upward Oriented Me-de-ans will culminate in the Fraternities. The Fraternity is the perception of living within the reality of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Mankind.



Yet in this regard we have to bear in mind that Fraternity, although necessary, is not sufficient. For, the Fraternity social order is not the Father's Kingdom; rather it is a higher foundation for man to rise to. Its situation is depicted on the Seal of the United States (found on the back of the one dollar bill) with the truncated pyramid and the eye above.





Artists receive inspiration on various levels, and oftentimes are unaware of the deeper meanings of their productions. Such is this image. The higher inspiration that can be traced in the symbolism of the Seal of the US is about that which is at hand. The lower, visible part of the Pyramid represents the Republic. The upper, more rarefied part (the capstone) depicts the All-Seeing Eye of Providence. It represents the Fraternities because they form in consciousness of the Power of His Presence (see e.g., 21/22.9). Though indeed they may argue about His name or His attributes, and some may even cast Him out, preferring instead Ethical Principles. For, thinking Him too closely linked to religion (which the 4 heads of the beast had sullied and so, made reprehensible), they cast Him out. But this was as throwing out the loom because you don't like the fabric. Nonetheless, all these types shall be among the best of men, doing for the sake of a better social order.






The lower part provides the foundation of the Upper Pyramid --- the capstone. The upper cannot exist without the foundation of the lower. The top of the lower truncated part is the limit of height that the outwardly - materially oriented me-de-ans can rise. The foundation of the Capstone shall be set by the Inwardly and Upwardly Oriented Me-de-ans. Just as the Fraternity is the next stage after the lower foundation is built, so the Fraternity is the foundation or structure upon which the crowning glory, Jehovih's Kingdom, sits. The sense of KINSHIP OF ALL is essential for the next stage of man's development (meaning the Fraternity Social Order).


It took stages of development and gadols of time for man to reach this maturity in Kosmon, for when man began on earth he was an animal. He was then brought together to live as community --- by living within a family, he was taught to understand what family was, not only as a biological relationship fulfilling corporeal needs, but also FAMILY AS A SPIRITUAL UNIT. Out of this man could understand other families as the same kind of units and relationships as his own --- and groups of families forming units that also serve as a Spiritual Community partaking in a Communion of Spirit --- eventually developing the understanding that WE ARE ALL ONE FAMILY UNDER ONE CREATOR / FATHER / MOTHER, WHOSE EYE IS EVER UPON MAN.


Consider now the four sides of the pyramid and the nations of Faithists from the time of Spe-ta. Recall from Oahspe that there were four great Leadersforth during the Arc of Spe-ta (6000 years before 2049 CE), namely Po of the region centered in China; Abram Abraham of the Middle East and surrounding regions (Africa, Europe and Heleste (from Greece and the Balkans eastward to Persia); Brahma (the first and true) with his wife Yu-tiv and their seven sons for the regions centered around India (Vind'yu); and Eawahtah for Guatama. The charge for the Faithists of Po and Brahma was to redeem the Barbarians within or who came within their borders. The charge for the Faithists of Eawahtah was to stay forever wedded to the Great Spirit and not worship any idol or man-God (God in the form and figure of a man). The charge for the followers of Abraham (these were called Hamites, that is, the children of Ham), was to journey forth out of their homeland into other regions and redeem the barbarians there; this movement generally entailed a westward movement, though the Hamites went into all regions and nations.


Through these Faithists, that is through the four Great Leadersforth and their followers, man was led to both perceive and relate to the All Person Great Spirit in a particular way, that is, through a particular perspective.



In Part 3 we find that the Me-de-ans, having fulfilled their part in progress toward Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth, make way for those who will live in the fullness of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth.







All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007






Legacy of the Me--de-ans Part 3 - The Fullfillment of the Essenes