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The Life and Times of a World





A created world like ours is always under the guidance of the Family of the Universe (see 36/0.1-10). As to the Family of the Universe, there is the Father, Jehovih, Who is also Mother (see, e.g., 35/R.7); then there are the Eight Children, four males and four females; Sons: Seffas, Tae, Corpor, Uz; Daughters: Esfoma, Es, Ha'k, Kosmon.



As can be gleaned from Oahspe, each of these Nine Entities is at one time or another in 'dominion ascendancy' as to our world and its place in the universe, and especially as to its function as a birthing place and nursery for the souls of man.



In this writing we learn a bit about the sequence and function of each of the Nine Entities. It may help to consider them in their functions as primary constituents of the universe. Each can be thought of as a central feature of life that, as its turn comes, rises into an ascendant position toward which all things within the domain move, including man. And while they all can and do speak to man whenever the occasion calls for it (inspiration is a form of speech), they nevertheless sequentially rotate to their turn (ascendancy) as chief in office for a season*.


*There are other functions with different sequencing of the Nine Entities, for instance on the Wheel of Life they have specific domains related to the four sacred directions and the corners, and in the Tree of Life, they also have specific sequences.



Oahspe reveals stages of a world such as ours --- as with the examples of how our own lives and the living things around us unfold, a world also goes through the stages of conception birth, youth, maturity, old age and death (04/4.13-17).



The Beginning


A created world begins with conception, in the eternal boundlessness of Jehovih, Who is the Father and Source of All. As the Great Spirit, He is boundless as to place and time, being ever within all and yet ever beyond all. As a wise and loving Father, He provides for His children that they may share in the Creation. In His likeness Jehovih has created Man, male and female. To help man fulfill the promise of his destiny as initially conceived by Jehovih, each of His Eight Sons and Daughters of the Universe receives a charge from Jehovih to assist to that end.




Setting Out


Accordingly, now that the new world has been conceived by Jehovih and begun its existence, it is now placed within the dominion of Jehovih's Daughter, Esfoma (Es-Wind). It begins as a whirlwind unseen --- a young vortex, millions of miles in length carried along in the currents of a greater vortex i.e., its c'vortex / master vortex (see i063 image and caption).




V'Work - The Making of a Corporeal World


In time, as the action of the young vortex condenses sublimated corpor out of the etheic solution within which it travels. Corpor begins to coalesce along its elongated center like a thin wispy needle. In turn this coalesced corpor creates a drag upon the fast spinning vortex, slowing it incrementally, and consequently the vortex also begins to shorten its length, and its sides begin to bulge at its outer end forming the cone shape of the second stage (see i064 and its caption). The vortex has matured sufficiently to graduate from "comet" to a celestial body with its own orbit within the master vortex --- The vortex is now within the dominion of Corpor, Son of Jehovih (see 04/4.15).




Preparation for the Living


Once the corporeal mass has accreted sufficient corpor as solid, liquid and gas, and has cooled sufficiently (as the vortex continued to slow and its girth expanded at the same time that its axis become shorter), so it comes within the dominion of H'ak (Darkness), Daughter of Jehovih, in preparation for and the bringing forth of living things. It is at the very end of this stage that the animal man comes into being.


When animal man, such as our Asu walks upon the earth, the world is now ready for the final product (toward which end the world was created) to begin development: MAN --- capable of eternal life. (This final stage is where man with eternal soul propagates upon the earth and is called the "Eoptian Age" of a corporeal world.)



Cultivating the Eoptian Age Man


The process of development towards man's perfection begins under the administration of Etherean caretakers and will continue throughout the course of man's existence. Thus the Eoptian Age began with the infusion of spirit into Asu through procreation with naive Ethereans such as those brought by Sethantes. This created the beginning of the half-angel half-animal man hybrids---the I'hins and the various races of man that came after. This marks the beginning of the dominion of Seffas, Son of Jehovih which in the case of our earth lasted 24 dan'ha cycles (72,000 years). In this time man's spirit and corpor are being developed, however, his corpor is ahead of his spiritual development, for man must have sufficient corporeal vigor and sufficient darkness to continue to propagate on the earth, Accordingly man's full spiritual development must wait until the next stage --- Kosmon.



Reaching Perfection


The Era of Kosmon, which our earth and mortals have so recently entered (1850 ce), is under the dominion of Kosmon, Daughter of Jehovih. It is the time when man reaches his perfection; where his corpor and spirit are in balance; where man learns to master the elements of his surroundings and brings the corporeal world into the service of Es.



Fulfillment of Destiny


There are still two Son's and one Daughter of Jehovih left to complete the Eoptian Age. First is Tae, Son of Jehovih, wherein man goes forth making the earth the paradise he was destined to do in harmony with His Creator and for the benefit and joy of all. Then comes the time of Es, Daughter of Jehovih, where man's concerns rise to the es'ean realms and corporeal life loses its attraction compared to the glories of Es. During this time procreation slows and tapers off until man ceases to propagate. Then finally, her work complete, Uz, Son of Jehovih finishes off the worn out world. And the circle is complete; her vortex broken and her corpor dissipated, the created world returns to the eternity of Jehovih.





 All Oahspe references are from the Oahspe Standard Edition 2007











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