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The March 2020 Turning Point


Jehovih said: I created man blank, as to good and evil, and gave him liberty. And I gave liberty also to him and his brothers and sisters individually and collectively. But the elders among them set themselves up as Gods; and to glorify themselves used mortals in their own way. For they found that mortals could be turned to good or evil, to war or to peace, to virtue or to lust, according to the inspiration and treatment of the governance watching over them. But in this I provided a remedy also, and without abridging liberty, which was, that the elders in contention for mortal souls, would quarrel and ultimately destroy their own systems and orders of governance, from which mortals could escape from bondage. ||


(--Paraphrased from Oahspe's Book of Wars Against Jehovih 25/53.1-2 and which lesson rings true to this day.)



Greetings in Jehovih's name.


In the hour before dawn on Feb 12, 2020 (as best as can be estimated as to time), a clear-voiced spirit came and said only these five words: "Unexpected Change Comes in March". Immediately after the words registered within me, I was lifted in spirit, or more precisely the uzian-dense milieu of darkness in the earth's soul substance began to rapidly dissipate, resulting in a brightening and uplifting atmosphere. [The foregoing experience was shared with a regularly-meeting group of Faithists on Feb 15, 2020.]


Apparently, the loosening of the soul soil allowed the soul light (Ruch) to rise toward the crown light of Shem (the Crystalline Light of the All Highest Wisdom), which lights together naturally caused the atmospherea to manifest in the holiness of Vas (atmospherean light---milieu of the bound heavens also known as the spirit realms).


This one-two sequence of spirit voice followed by upliftment meant that the unexpected change would result in a rise in man's condition---a rise in the light toward a rejoicing in the heart, mind, soul, and world of man. Note that the message did not say that the unexpected change would end in March, however, but the rapid dissolution of the darkness does suggest that the rise into light would be relatively swift. Of course the keyword there is "relatively". From study of cycles, for instance, can be seen a convergence toward a Great Age of Enlightenment. ---Much greater than the European Enlightenment of circa mid-1600s that culminated in the founding of the Republic Social Order and which shall pale in comparison. There are clear signs that the Great Age of Enlightenment is already underway and soon to become transcendent in man's consciousness.






The Death of Seffas

Oahspe, Book of Fragapatti; 20/21.24.


... Here [North Guatama; USA] the light will fall! Here the beginning of the death of Seffas! [in 1849---the Dawn of Kosmon.] Yet Your Hand, O Jehovih, is over all.



Oahspe, Book of Ben; 36/0.9.


Seffas, or, Seffas said. Seffas is equivalent to, the established, or, the enforced; as the laws of the land, or, the religion of the land, as established.


Since Seffas, the Son of Jehovih, is one of the Nine Entities aka Family of the Universe (36/0.10), he cannot die. To understand what must die, notice two definitions: The Established, or The Enforced. Seffas was in ascendancy in man's life (called the Time of Seffas) upon the earth enduring from the time of the Crowning of Sethantes through the end of the Bon cycle. Seffas began as a culture imposed upon man and enforced by Jehovih's kingdom of God. In other words, Seffas began his time as The Enforced, and endured that way until the beginning of the Time of Kosmon which, since Kosmon will endure through an era (12,000 years), is called the Kosmon Era.


Nevertheless, a change in the heavenly practice of Seffas, a transition, came with the cycle of Spe-ta when, save for delivering hells, it became no longer lawful for Jehovih's kingdom to use force upon the drujas of heaven. Instead persuasion only could be used to induce the drujas upward. Since from that time forward, Jehovih's kingdom of God no longer used force, what then was the role of Seffas? That role was one of "Established Practice". In other words, the sheer potency and momentum of the ways and means, system and order, of God's kingdom would provide the light and the weight of tradition and authority that Seffas would carry forth in and manifest.


The Spe-ta decision to cease using force was neither happenstance nor whimsical. Instead, being long foreseen and prepared for, the use of force and enforcement would no longer be used because it had not only become impotent in inducing angels upward, but counterproductive---drujas had grown sufficiently so that the use of force and enforcement tools such as prisons (forced penance) and punishments (forced penalties) would build resentment within these drujas and thus induce them downward.


This change in the role of Seffas was part of the heavenly transition toward the Kosmon era. The heavenly transition would endure 3000 years. Over the course of the next 3000-year duration (cycle), the earthly transition in the role of Seffas would occur. For mortals, too, were growing beyond the need of the old way (enforcing aspect) of Seffas.


Note that the Spe-ta cycle was 2400 years and the Bon cycle was 3400 years. This means that the mortal transition to a change of the role of Seffas would begin 600 years into the cycle of Bon, which was about the time when the Israelite prophet Elijah went forth preaching Jehovih and held a contest with the apostate King Ahab's priests of Baal to prove Jehovih mightier than Baal (35/K.34-42). More importantly for our purposes, 2400 years plus 3400 years equals 5800 years---200 years short of 6000 years! This means the transition period will endure 200 years into Kosmon---to 2049ce.


One purpose of that second 3000-year cycle is for the bulk of humanity to establish the lessons of Spe-ta. This means that to fulfill and complete the second 3000-year cycle, the first 200 years of Kosmon must and shall bring about the mortal fulfillment of that which was established at the beginning of the Spe-ta cycle both in heaven, and on earth among the Faithists of Po, Abraham, Brahma & Yu-tiv, and Eawahtah.


From Spe-ta until Kosmon began, nonviolence, persuasion, inducements, nonviolent resistance, and the like, would be used by Jehovih's hosts and initially adopted to some extent by the false Gods (otherwise without such modes of attraction, the false Gods would draw few of the upper grades to their kingdoms). These modes of attraction would also be part of man's transition in Bon and increasing in late Bon---despite attempts by the beast to destroy them (e.g., by inquisitions) because the beast was losing out to those attractions offered by Jehovih's kingdom. But with the advent of Kosmon, even these kind of approaches will lose potency and will, although still widely used, begin to diminish and ultimately become impotent and even counterproductive.


Oahspe, Book of Judgment; 32/25.3; 32/21.3; 32/17.21.


Now, behold, I have said to my Lords: The era of dictation is past; man has arrived at kosmon. Declare the light of my heavens to man; but let man judge himself, and labor to save himself, so that by this he may have honor and glory.


And your God does not come now as a dictator, but as your elder brother, with ample experience.


I come as your elder brother, in the name of Jehovih. I show you how you can live without the governments of man. And how you shall live, in order to join in my resurrections.


Oahspe, Book of Knowledge; 37/3.67.


[With Kosmon] The time of preaching and believing is at an end. Man shall know by his own knowledge, and practice that which he knows. In this, My light is being manifested in this day.


Currently we are in the final years before the end of Spe-ta's lesson in 2049. By that time man in sufficient numbers shall have adopted the new way of Seffas. And that new way is man going forth in the ways and means of the heaven of God, Son of Jehovih, desiring to learn from its system and order and wisdom. In other words, a sufficient portion of man shall have attained to comprehend and desire to adhere to the new ways of Seffas, thus opening the way for Jehovih's Daughter, Kosmon, and her labor to rise into ascendancy in man's consciousness. So that in fulfillment of Spe-ta's lesson, by 2049 man will have attained to have put away war and be set firmly on the path of seeking to work and grow and establish all in harmony with Jehovih's creation. And to that end we have now entered---unexpectedly, from the mortal point of view---the final death throe of the old Seffas. (Bear in mind that we speak here of the higher end of humanity. It shall take longer for those toward the rear.)


The Third Step

Oahspe Prologue; 02/1.16.


Behold, the seventh era has begun [1849]. Your Creator commands your change from a carnivorous man of contention, to an herbivorous man of peace. The four heads of the Beast shall be put away; and there shall be no more war on the earth.


Oahspe, Book of Wars; 25/4.19-5.1.


Such, then, were the chief of the Divan laws made in heaven in the cycle of Cpenta-armij, during the first two hundred years....and never since the foundation of this world had there been such prosperity in the resurrections of the inhabitants in heaven. And the harmony of heaven reigned on earth; war ceased among men on all the divisions of the earth. And man began to esteem wisdom, truth, virtue, and industry.


Having already set forth, in part, the inevitability of attaining no more war, let us now consider the three great steps meant to help man toward that same end, as well as toward the achieving of other Es-ends. In later postings we shall further show how the coming times will contribute to accomplish those ends and more. But since much depends upon the three great steps, we will now set them forth.


The first great step came in 1849. The second came in 2001. And Man's Unexpected Change in March 2020, marks the start of the third great step in man's evolution from a Transitional Seffas-based Social Order (Republic) to an Es-based Social Order (Fraternity) modeled upon the higher Seffas of heaven rather than the older lower Seffas of man's past. This third step will necessarily result in the establishing of a Fraternity Social Order.


Here is the context in brief as to the three great steps occurring in the world since 1849.


The first great step began with the advent of Kosmon. At the beginning of Kosmon the Four Heads of the Beast and their heavens had unexpectedly been removed! As important, and part of the first great step, Jehovih's kingdom did not remove the drujas and workers for hell on and within the plateau (hada) resting upon the earth. Jehovih's kingdom purposely left these tetract-beleaguered spirits so as to provide mortals with direct objective experience of the truth that evil thoughts, evil emotions, and evil actions result in evil that adversely affects the mind, spirit, soul, and body of man. Such thoughts, emotions and actions also result in evil spirits coming upon the mortal evil-doer and dwelling with him or dwelling upon him. (see e.g., 32/1.9-32, especially 32/1.19.)


The second great step began with the unexpected removal (Kosmon Day) starting in 2001 of the drujas from the plateau resting on the earth's surface---that removal left man without the drujas' direct influence upon him. Nevertheless, their indirect influence lingered. For, although after being relieved of their accustomed evil guidance from evil haden spirits, many mortal followers of those spirits continued to carry on in self-established evil-oriented momentum and habits.


As to those mortals who practiced evil and died after the cleanup, Jehovih's kingdom dealt with these in the usual way provided for their resurrection. Such spirits could and can be around to plague man; although there are not so many of them, thus leaving an honest person to be more open to guidance from Jehovih and His kingdom. Nonetheless, the rule still applies that like attracts like, so that, for instance, a person of carnivorous habit will attract the same types of spirits and fetals upon himself. And that result leads to contentions, evil crafts, lying, passion, anger, tattling, conflict, war, jealousy, love of vengeance, bitterness of heart, etc. (see, e.g., 34/12.12). But: To those who choose Me (the Great Spirit), practicing their all highest light, I am a shield and fortification against all darkness, and against all evil and contention. || (34/11.8)


But the uzians, by cutting themselves off from Jehovih, sooner or later devolve into war. And as can be understood from Oahspe and man's experience, war is hell and it takes a higher kingdom to deliver a fallen kingdom from hell (see, e.g., 32/10.16). Proof of that came in Kosmon's hi'dan in the removal from their power the Four Heads of the Beast and their heavenly kingdoms. Another proof occurred in the unexpected removal, starting in 2001, of the haden drujas by Jehovih's kingdom.


As Jehovih's kingdom had removed those evil spirits and their many hells, so the time has come for Jehovih's kingdom of God through his mortal followers to begin the irreversible delivery of man from his evil-oriented systems and orders and from war itself. This delivery is now underway.


Because of the rise in light as we are nearing the end of Kosmon's first dan, quickening conditions are upon man. That change, which he has put off for so long, has now become due. The time is now upon man to finally realize in sufficient fullness of numbers that the Death of Seffas is upon uz (system and order, ways and means, of the beast). And man will be brought to choose between the way of Jehovih and Life, or the way of self and Death! Only through the realization by man of true righteousness can this change come about.


Battle of the Beast in the Time of Kosmon

The light of Jehovih touched on the earth, and the heavens above were stirred to the foundation. Things past were moved forward. His voice was from the depth of darkness to the summit of All Light. The nations that had not known Him, now knew Him. Acceptable, and with loud rejoicings, they shouted, Jehovih! Jehovih! Almighty and Everlasting! Glory be to You on High! Creator, Father! All praise to You forever! And Jehovih went swiftly far and near, quickening with a new power, both the living and the dead. And the peoples rose up, and from every corner heard His voice, calling: Come forth! Come forth! O My beloved! And it was not like any sound under the sun, for it reached deep into the souls of men.


And in the stirring up of things long past, it was as if a cloud of dust and darkness, foul and poisonous, overspreading heaven and earth, was to be cleared away to make room for the immortal kingdom.


High above the clouds and deep down in all the blackness, the All Light of Great Jehovih shone as the everlasting sun. The faith of men and angels rose up in increasing assurance to the Most High, that He alone, in His matchless majesty, would rise triumphant over all. (Oahspe, Book of Knowledge; 37/6.25-29.)


The time has now come unexpectedly upon man when his self-made dense clouds of darkness have given way sufficiently for the Light of Jehovih's Inner Sun to shine through! This results in no more fence sitting---Man must choose to live with Jehovih or surely he shall die with the Seffas of old.


Man must choose, but he is not alone. Jehovih's kingdom stands by to help those who follow the light of Jehovih. And His Kingdom of God is again that kingdom which shall deliver away from hell the nations (kingdoms) of man. Through His own Presence He shall deliver them. He shall raise His hand above their heads to bless them and, by directing His mortal workers as an orchestra conductor might, He will bring about that which no evil mortal or nation(s) can stop. And His mortal emissaries and followers of His Light shall thus join in to accomplish the task---for Jehovih's sake---though His name might not yet be known or accepted by many of them. But His Light and Wisdom will be accepted.


Yet be cautioned O man---these events do not happen suddenly, not even as the change in man's es greatly accelerates toward them. Man's sudden increase in es light accelerates because the SUN of Jehovih's Spirit has, with man's assistance. dissolved the cloud from man's soul soil sufficiently to shine through to the very DEPTHS! ---To where those practicing evil have resided. Their hiding and dwelling places in the deeply black soul substance are now sublimating---rapidly dissolving irreversibly amidst the solvent of un-obscurable ethe light!


The hiding places are dissolving quickly. And as man observes the formerly hidden evils, so he will be moved by his own soul in responding to Jehovih's light, to desire a better way of living, and a social order capable of sustaining it. And yet this present time is only the beginning of that process. Yet now is the time when the hand of evil is being exposed, so that even the denser among man can begin to perceive it---though indeed many stuck in stubbornness will deny it or doubt the potency and duration of the exposure.


What will take place and when remain to be seen in greater clarity and nuance, but the larger picture is clear enough, and revealed not only by man's quickening es, but borne out by the cycles within Jehovih's creation. We shall present some of these in upcoming postings to give the Faithist an idea of the scope and majesty of Jehovih's wisdom and how all things are provided for. And to provide a more detailed look at what is unfolding, why it is unfolding as it is, and the steps that man will take on his way to the 2049 dan and the Birth of the Fraternity Social Order---and beyond!


Next time: The Soul Cycle and The Yearly Cycle










All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






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