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Representation of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Resurrections and the Line of Light





Consider the following statement:


The Most Important Focus is upon Jehovih through His Kingdom.



Some might say the Most Important Focus for man is JEHOVIH, period. And yet while that is true, such a statement gives neither context nor perspective as to understanding Jehovih. Thus the need for Oahspe as a foundation for gaining context and perspective. For instance, in the Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth's "History of Shalam" in the Holy Covenant, we find this declaration:


"You, O Jehovih! As You have declared Yourself in the Book of Jehovih!" (39/5.4)



This means that in order to be a participating member in Jehovih's kingdom on earth, man must understand Jehovih sufficiently and thus place Him first, that is, at the Head of His kingdom. And so before a person can truly place Jehovih First, he must read Oahspe First so that he can understand Who Jehovih is and the method of His system and order for creation including His kingdom which consists of the angelic hosts and any mortals able to join as a member. (Although all mortals live within the domain of Jehovih's kingdom and are therefore under the kingdom's care, provision, and responsibility, yet it is also possible for mortals to join in the kingdom as members, provided they can fulfill the requirements.)


But Oahspe imparts much more than an understanding of Jehovih --- it also provides guidance as to how to attain to understand Jehovih.  In fact, Oahspe states that its purpose is to teach man how to attain to Hear the Creator's Voice and to see His heavens while yet mortal (Oahspe Prologue 02/1.24). To get to that condition of attaining, we are taught (among other things such as cultivating cleanness and purity) to look within, as in the Book of Aph which says that Jehovih's Voice comes quickly to the soul from all sides; (10/1.8) and then in the Book of Judgment (32/21.26) which says to "look into your soul" to judge yourself. Elsewhere in Oahspe we learn that we judge ourselves by the Light of Jehovih.


To begin to fulfill this destiny, initially man looks to reform himself. And Oahspe provides the framework for helping him do that by clearing away the confusion caused by the world's darkness, and setting him upon the right path. An important revelation regarding that is that our growth in spiritual comprehension is based upon resurrections.



The Resurrections


First comes the first resurrection and it comes in two varieties --- initially the inorganic first resurrection which looks to self-growth and self-improvement; and afterward the organic first resurrection which adds personal enlightenment to the former aspirations, plus voluntary movement toward improving social conditions, and becoming organic (organized toward the second resurrection). The organic first resurrection is also where man first looks to Jehovih as a child does to a Father. And progressively a person attempts to fulfill his desire of becoming one with Jehovih --- that is, his most important focus is upon Jehovih. In regard to that desire, sooner or later such a person attains to a type of permanent connection; and the attainment of that is the fullness of the first resurrection.


Looked at another way, as the relationship between a father and child is by its very nature personal and exclusive --- one to one, as it were --- so is the nature of the relationship between Jehovih and each person. This relationship is never lost in time. As a person moves toward the fullness of the first resurrection, he finds himself increasingly looking to Jehovih for the highest light and wisdom, while in all matters, he is more and more considering Jehovih First.


Such, then, is a view of our Heavenly Father (in contrast to our earthly father). As a child adores his or her father, so we also grow to adore our Heavenly Father ever more. Even so, as a child matures into adolescent to adult, he also develops a different relationship with his father, being more comprehensive and knowing. Now the father is understood as and fully accepted as the head of the family, and, although the adolescent still has a personal one-to-one relationship with his father, he now also perceives himself as one of the family members, which now also defines for him his relationship with his father. In other words, aside from the personal one-to-one relationship, the father is perceived as holding the office/position/function of head of the family. And so as a young person matures he begins to identify himself with his family.


The relationship described in the preceding paragraph is the equivalent of the second resurrection in which a person initially perceives at least by the later stages of the organic first resurrection, and then in the second resurrection identifies with, an organic body (of angels initially) under the guidance of the Heavenly Father, Jehovih. For such a mortal to identify with an organic body of mortals in addition to an organic body of angels, is to labor in Jehovih's kingdom. Still, such a one is not necessarily yet a member of Jehovih's kingdom, which requires, among other things, vows. Nonetheless, such persons are on the right path and so long as they remain in ascension they will continue to draw closer to understanding the requirements for admission.


To labor in an organized group of mortals to do good in the world is to receive light from an organic heaven of Jehovih's kingdom. Such is the organic first resurrection, that is, learning the stroke of the second resurrection as well as learning to recognize higher light. And so long as such a group remains in ascension, so are they attended to by Jehovih's kingdom through His second resurrection, being a group (or groups) of angels of the organic light.



Progression toward the Resurrections


Initially Jehovih's kingdom created such groups of angels. Then, also in past cycles, the beast (self-oriented angels) organized in emulation, thus creating such groups under self-appointed leaders. But all such persons and groups being followers of and eventually worshippers of the beast, could not advance much in the practice of the second resurrection, and falling from ascension, these would eventually erode into groups organized for evil. Such was the outcome of the dark period of the cycle of Bon.


To counter that, Jehovih through His God (of the Red Star) caused His kingdom to inspire man to a Republic Social Order guaranteeing at least two things: first, giving man a say in his own governance, and second, a person's right to follow the dictates of his or her and/or their own conscience.


Accordingly, while the heavenly groups who had organized for evil had their counterparts on earth, so Jehovih's kingdom, through His God, inspired man in the ensuing Republic Social Orders to clamor for and otherwise create organizations dedicated to doing good in the world. And although the Four Heads of the Beast were removed at the beginning of kosmon (1849), yet the momentum of the beast was suffered to be carried forward for a season in the organizations of man so that man could not only learn to deal with evil in the ways of Jehovih. But, in doing so, must also learn the difficulty, diligence and responsibility required to head an organization at all levels up to and including his government, all the while trying to keep the beast out of governance.


This learning how to govern wisely was and is still necessary so that man could learn what it means when we are told to "follow your highest light" and "govern by your highest light" and "choose those of the highest light to govern." Prior to the Republic Social Order man had limited practice in the way of discerning what light was necessary for wise governance. Mainly the father as head of the family did get some lessons as did the mother as vice-head. But as they were not elected to their post, so they lacked an in-depth understanding of what was meant by choosing someone with the highest light to be the head. And they lacked experience because the beast-organized groups were led not by someone elected by group-members but were led by those who were either self-assigned or selected by superiors.


Such is the scene as we proceed in early kosmon.



Consider now the following:


Book of Cpenta-armij: 23/11.14.


In one age I [Jehovih] send the angels of the dead to lead man up to a knowledge of Me and My places; but when man has attained to think for himself, I set up My arc of Spe-ta; and it is as a candle in the firmament of heaven, from which My Light falls upon the soul of My people, without any interpreter, except My Own Voice.



Book of Judgment: 32/24.2.


Whoever manifests serving himself chiefly, has little light from my organic kingdoms; but whoever serves Jehovih by laboring for others, with all his wisdom and strength, is attended by the light of my organic kingdoms.



Thus, someone in the organic first resurrection can be attended to by the organic hosts of Jehovih. The dan'ha cycle of Spe-ta was therefore the beginning experience of the organic first resurrection for man in general. And especially for the angels of heaven, it was the time for each to volunteer to adhere to the rules and the discipline of the system and order of governance, rather than have that imposed upon him. In short, it was the time for the angels of heaven to have a greater measure of freedom---even to choosing whether or not to follow any particular rule or discipline.


Now, one important point to note regarding heavenly dan'ha lessons is that during the early days of dan'ha, the heavens of the earth start with the ideal brought by Jehovih's etherean hosts then sink to its opposite by the end of the dan'ha so that the lesson is deeply sunk within the soul of atmospherean angels and there sealed. It is then in the following dan'ha cycle that this particular lesson is set forth in the bulk of mortal humanity as the ideal, which by the end of the dan'ha, man for the most part falls into its opposite. Thus the Bon cycle began with volunteer followers of Moses, Capilya and Chine and ended with four false Gods ever shortening the scope of freedom. This latter was countered by the founding of the Republic Social Order.


Finally, it is in the third dan'ha (which in our example is the present cycle the Kosmon Era), that the ideal is finally embraced by the tail-end of humanity (for the most part). In other words, by the end of the first dan of kosmon (circa 2049 ce), the bulk of the tail-end of humanity will finally "get it" regarding the wisdom of the lesson on the self-defeating use of force/coercion. It might be argued that most of humanity seems at the present time to be in the tail end of humanity, but that is merely a temporary condition caused in part by the milieu light of the ethe'ic solution and the stepping back of Jehovih's kingdom. Given such a situation, it is actually a good sign that man for the most part has not fallen into the abyss of war and anarchy.


Book of Judgment: 32/25.4.


And I [God, Son of Jehovih] further said to my Lords: Man has prayed, saying: Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Now I give this to you, that, where men abnegate self, and affiliate into a communal brotherhood, after the manner of my heavenly kingdoms, you shall then affiliate my organic angels with such mortals, and make them one with my second resurrections.




First Fraternity


Because man has been praying for Jehovih's kingdom on earth, so we need to understand that as a prerequisite we must first form spiritual families which Oahspe calls Fraternities or Brotherhoods. Fraternities are the next big social order coming upon man. In the time of light, from now forward for at least a spell, budding Fraternities shall come forth --- some spontaneously forming and some by design. These shall be organized for sake of doing good in the world, but whose heads shall be chosen by the group members, and many shall have rules for rotation in office. The developed capacity to discern who has the highest light and what is wise governance, having been honed in man during the earlier times in kosmon.


Although these fraternities shall be the best of men (male and female), yet for the most part, they will only be in the organic first resurrection learning the stroke of the second resurrection. Nonetheless they shall be attended by the organic level of Jehovih's kingdom. Still, it must be borne in mind that those under the influence of old notions which have no further capacity for resurrection nor power in resurrection, shall also attempt to set up fraternities. And unless these stay in ascension toward Jehovih's light, the attendance of the organic bodies (angelic hosts) of Jehovih's kingdom, shall abandon them to their own devices.


On the other hand, among the many coming forth shall be a third group: those who have read Oahspe and who live the discipline revealed. In regard to them, consider the following. As individuals are members of a fraternity, so organic Fraternities (organic organizations) are the unit-members of Jehovih's kingdom. Yet Fraternities of themselves are not the fullness of Jehovih's kingdom on earth which requires the third resurrection (crystalline organization) and Community-level identification.  Third resurrection Community consists of groups of Fraternities organized under the crystalline light, and with provision for providing for the lower resurrections as well as for those not in the resurrections.


As the Fraternity Social order had been in embryo at the start of kosmon, so the time of transition to the birth of that Fraternity Social Order is upon man. Fraternity Social Order is given man so that he can learn of Jehovih and as to why His kingdom is the best organizational style for man. Among other things, this means that to attain to Fraternity in its fullness is to Focus upon Jehovih through His kingdom. ---Because, that is what Jehovih's kingdom on earth means! How so? ---Because, focusing upon Jehovih through His kingdom is what the second resurrection hosts of Jehovih do in heaven. They labor for Jehovih through HIS Kingdom. Like a mortal king's kingdom but opposite because instead of governance by self, it is governance in All Light. Jehovih's Kingdom is called a kingdom because that term is the closest mortal man can conceive of Jehovih's system and order through His organized and crystallized heavens, where Jehovih Himself is in charge --- and everyone in the organic 2nd and crystalline 3rd resurrection and in all resurrections above, not only knowingly rejoices in it, but would have it no other way. Nonetheless, they each perceive Jehovih through their resurrection level.


The Fullness of Fraternity and Jehovih's Kingdom


Moreover, the angel hosts (groups) of the second resurrection are each as a family and at one in communion of spirit with both Jehovih and His kingdom through His God. The Fraternity Social Order of man shall open the path for man to advance to that through man exercising his wisdom for keeping in the light and lifting others into light. For which reason, since the second resurrection shall sooner or later be our home, whether on earth or in heaven, let those of the organic first resurrection learn to focus upon Jehovih through His kingdom. For in doing that, we align our person not only with Jehovih but with His kingdom. And as a result Jehovih aligns us with each other, as brothers and sisters all. Such a focus requires spiritual communion.


Spirit communion is of a receptive nature, perceiving a presence and learning to stay with it without injecting self. Focusing upon Jehovih through His kingdom will help align your spirit to your place among those of the second resurrection, so that you may increasingly feel (be awake to) their presence as you align with Jehovih.


The fullness of the second resurrection is found in group-communion-of-spirit as one with Jehovih. This is also one of the meanings of "Jehovih through His Kingdom", as in the statement: The Most Important Focus is upon Jehovih through His kingdom. Yet in this statement, the organic first resurrection is also provided for.


The Lord's First Book: 11/1.16-17.


I [Lord] declare freedom to all men in Jehovih’s name, but with freedom I also give the experience of the Lords of earth....

In this is wisdom; for those who strive for the light of my dominion shall receive my angels in my name; and by the words they find to express my commandments, they shall be known to be of me....



Book of Ah'shong: 07/9.18-19.


And in Jehovih’s name the Lords and God were appointed and crowned to rule in their respective places, and by this means they became the instruments of Jehovih for His glory.

Jehovih said: Whoever serves Me, in My name, is My son, or My daughter. The Light of My Judgment falls upon them sufficient for the time and place. To the extent that you honor them [Jehovih's God and Lords], you honor Me also.




The emphasis in the past was upon emphasizing and honoring and obeying the God and his Lords. In Kosmon's times now upon us, we extend that honor and aspiring obedience to Jehovih's Kingdom, that at the very least is an organic unit (an organic body). Only when that is accomplished in later times, can man comprehend that unit as part of the crystalline form of Jehovih's kingdom.


Book of Judgment: 32/25.3.


Now, behold, I [God] have said to my Lords: The era of dictation is past; man has arrived at kosmon. Declare the light of my heavens to man; but let man judge himself, and labor to save himself, so that by this he may have honor and glory.







The orientation of each of the prophets can be seen in their visage. Note that the gaze of each is upward, indicating a focus on that which is above them, i.e., Jehovih and His Heavenly Kingdoms.










All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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