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Jehovih and His Eight Sons and Daughters





Jehovih/Om and the Eight Entites in the TREE of LIGHT with man in going forth mode.




God said: These are the nine entities; or according to the ancients, Jehovih and His eight children, His Sons and Daughters. And these are the same which in all ages poets and philosophers have made to speak as, THE FAMLY OF THE UNIVERSE. Through them I speak. Jehovih is the Light, that is, Knowledge. The manifestation of Knowledge in man is Jehovih. The growth of wisdom in man, as the earth grows older, is the TREE OF LIGHT.


Oahspe, God's Book of Ben




THE NINE ENTITIES are the actualities of life, the most basic constituents of life, within which we are all immersed and susceptible to, and from whom there is no escaping, ever, (not that one would want to); for, they are the Family of the Universe. And though they are our universal family, yet, for a season, many mortals and angels may not acknowledge it nor understand it to be so.



Jehovih, or, Jehovih said. And is equivalent to THE ALL HIGHEST LIGHT. The All Knowledge.


TAE, or, Tae said. The word TAE is equivalent to the words, THE HIGHEST GENERAL EXPRESSION OF MANKIND, or, THE UNIVERSAL VOICE WAS.


CORPOR, or, Corpor said. Corpor signifies whatever has length, breadth and thickness.


UZ, or, Uz said. Uz is equivalent to THE VANISHMENT OF THINGS SEEN INTO THINGS UNSEEN. Uz is also equivalent to, WORLDLINESS, or, world’s people.


ESFOMA, or, Esfoma said. Equivalent to THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE WIND; or, AS THINGS SEEM TO INDICATE. Signs of the times.


ES, or, Es said. Equivalent to, THE UNSEEN WORLD, also to, THE SPIRIT WORLD. The testimony of angels. Also spirit.


HA'K, or, Ha'k said. DARKNESS. Ignorance is ha'k. Darkness may be corporeal or spiritual. Dark ages; or, a time of anarchy and false philosophy.


KOSMON, or, Kosmon said. THE PRESENT ERA. All knowledge in possession of man, embracing corporeal and spiritual knowledge sufficiently proven.


SEFFAS, or, Seffas said. Seffas is equivalent to, THE ESTABLISHED, or, THE ENFORCED; as the laws of the land, or, the religion of the land, as established.


Oahspe, God's Book of Ben; 36/0.1 - 9.




These Sons and Daughters, although individual entities, are still part of the All Person Who remains within and beyond all that He creates. So we can say that while these Sons and Daughters are neither man nor angel, yet they have a distinct existence. One may think of enzymes, that perform certain chemical exchanges, they always perform that which they are assigned to do. Yet there is the chemist who knows the qualities of the enzymes, even creates certain enzymes to do certain functions, and so the chemist remains the controller and master of the situation. Helpful though it may be this analogy falls short of the reality with regard to the Eight Sons and Daughters of Jehovih.


The Eight Sons and Daughters are more than automatons, they have intelligence and a certain amount of freedom, each within the parameters of Jehovih's charge as shall shortly be demonstrated. One might possibly think of animals who have intelligence and some freedom to choose but cannot go outside their capabilities. Yet, animals cannot converse understandingly with man, while the Sons and Daughters of Jehovih can, not only converse understandingly with man, but man has the talent to hear them speak, as each can give his or her wisdom specific to the receiving individual mortal or angel in a situation.


One reason the Eight Sons and Daughters, along with Jehovih as Father, are called the Family of the Universe is because they speak each according to his or her individual inspiration to speak as a member of Jehovih's family, talking frankly to a younger brother or sister whether they are mortal or angel. Moreover, they are aware of the grade of man's maturity and all developments, and can speak accordingly. Yet do not expect them to speak in man's words, but they each speak according to what they were given, going to the core of things, and it is up to man to interpret their voice and translate it into whatever language a person is using. Unfortunately all too often man cannot hear them because of his darkness, or upon hearing them, does not perceive who is speaking, or he ignores them or calls them impotent. Yet, aware of man's weaknesses, they do not take offense; being wise, they know man is unripe fruit that will ripen in due time.


And as the fruit ripens, so the individual learns how to align himself to each of the Eight Sons and Daughters, and indeed, can even learn to speak through them (i.e., join them in their labor).




These Eight Sons and Daughters of Jehovih --- the Eight Entities --- if they are not in the form or figure of a man, are they really entities with individual identities and character, or are they aspects of Jehovih, like Love, Wisdom and Power?


They are more than attributes, Jehovih gave them entity and function, i.e., they are distinct from other things in Creation. To understand this distinction, we can use a tool from Se'moin --- #32, the compass. With the compass a circle can be drawn. The circle defines what is within its perimeter as separate and distinct to that which is outside and around it.


Take for example Esfoma. even if you grant Es is an entity, is Esfoma one too, since Esfoma is the wind that follows Es? Yes because Esfoma has a function and a kind of form. Her form is as the wake (trail) that reveals where Es has travelled.


Those mortals or angels who follow, or seek to destroy the wake of Es to some degree or other, do also themselves create wakes (think of motorboats traversing in myriad of ways the river's main current). Even those who don't follow Esfoma but are not actively opposed nevertheless get caught in her updraft (wake) and so also create wakes (even as the flow around a large stone in a river creates rapids). Esfoma blends and integrates toward a single end all these myriad "wakes" of Es. That is her Function, her labor.


To see how Esfoma synthesizes the wakes, we adjust the metaphor. As the wide end of a funnel catches a wide stream of water, including its various wakes, and concentrates them into a single stream as the water flows through the narrow end, so Esfoma pulls and uplifts, simultaneously weaving together the multitude of various strands into her one wake as she continues along in her trajectory of following Es, who herself is following Eolin Om (more on this shortly). Because of the funnel effect, the more Esfoma moves forward into the future, the more these loose weaves get tighter, denser, more compact, and eventually blend into a smaller unified strand that becomes part of the wake of Esfoma. All this means constant movement and change for man as he lives his life (more shortly on how this works). 

For this labor of condensing / synthesizing / integrating things into a narrowed and increasingly singular focus, Esfoma is known as the Living Mathematics (36/7.3). Living, because the things being integrated are ideas, actions, behaviors, etc., that stem from man as an independent agent --- regardless of whether that agent is for Jehovih or for self. Accordingly, during the process of Esfoma's labor, relationships between the wakes undergo tremendous transformations. In such a way, then, Esfoma is tasked with bringing man to perfection. Mathematics, because relationships are changing; the old formulas cease to work and new formulations take their place. 

These "condensations" and ongoing transformations can then be seen by angels and mortals as the Signs of the Times.


Oahspe, Book of Ben; 36/7.1-3.

Esfoma said: I am the signs of the times.

By my face the prophets foretell what is to be.

I am the living mathematics; the unseen progress of things speaking to the senses of man.


Note the word "progress"! This means that an important labor of Esfoma is to carry man upward and onward. And in truth, her funneling labor does reorient man, for he is forced by circumstances caused by the funneling (Esfoma), to give up certain old ways that no longer serve to uplift man but are absolute hindrances taking him irreversibly downward. As to which decadent ways will no longer be supported by the environment, these are found in the leeway parameters decided upon and set by the All Person (more on this shortly).






The Sons and Daughters on the Wheel of Life


The labor of Esfoma lifting man upward and onward can be seen as well on the Wheel of Life. Esfoma's position on the Wheel is leading up and on to the South Station, the Highest Light, where EoliN OM is, and so Esfoma, as the wind of Es, buoys and lifts those whose aspirations and works are high in virtue, as they strive to attain their lofty ideals. But those who are coarsened by corporeal desires and weighed down by subservience to the beast cannot catch so light and rarefied a wind.  Said another way, those who draw closest to the All Highest Ideal find themselves supported by the Signs of the Times (Esfoma) as man traverses her arena (represented on the wheel). That is, during such times the environment --- outer and inner --- will tend to be supportive of such a person's endeavors.






But the opposite is the case for those who hold fast to self --- the farther these are from Jehovih, so the less they will find from their milieu support for their projects during the time of Esfoma. And these types will also find such support continuing to diminish over the course of Esfoma as man travels through her arena --- this being especially so when clinging obstinately to that which has been deemed by Jehovih as no longer useful.

In brief, the time of Esfoma is a time of change when the outmoded ceases to receive support from both the unseen as well as to some extent from that which is seen. Man, lagging behind the changes, follows suit to some degree, depending upon his individual and collective grade. The beast in man, however, can be tenacious against change. So, man in his stubbornness tends to refuse, more or less, to let go of that which is pulling him downward. 

Regardless of that though, Esfoma continues to tighten the parameters (leeway) for man's behavior. Esfoma can appear at times to be loosening some parameters, but that is really only man's illusion of perspective caused by the weaving of the Living Mathematics (Esfoma). For, as she synthesizes she also prioritizes strands as she tightens, allowing some to lie slack or perhaps to bend under the pressure or to stretch, while cutting short still others. Esfoma prioritizes all directly in response to Eolin Om and indirectly in response to both the movement of Es as well as the movement of man. Showing, again, she is the Living Mathematics. Said another way, Esfoma as Daughter of Jehovih, is given some independent judgment as to accomplishing her labor. So in answer to the question is she alive? YES! is the emphatic answer. And so are each of the other seven Sons and Daughters, and so too is Jehovih, The I Am. (For, only the living can create the living, the intelligence, the mind.)


Such then, in brief, is Esfoma, Daughter of Jehovih. The other seven Sons and Daughters likewise are entities having both specific charges (responsibilities) that they receive and have labors (functions) that they fulfill with some amount of freedom to accomplish their tasks.



The Nine Entities includes Jehovih, and as we know He is the Master, the Creator of all entities, and by virtue of His Presence He moves all things.




The All Person, Creator is at all the directions, North South East and West. In each of these stations He has one of four sacred names along with His spouse. In the South He is EOLIN OM and in the North He is ELOHIM REA.


Eolin Om is the Master of the Seen Realm, and Elohim Rea is the Master of the Unseen Realm. Eolin Om is All Perfection in the Seen realm. The Seen Realms are outward manifestations of the Unseen Realms.


Elohim Rea is at the conception of All Life, but we don't (directly) see the conceived with outer eyes (think of corporeal eyes) until that which was conceived reaches the East Station (where it is birthed). The East station is on the horizon, where the Unseen Realm becomes the Seen Realm. This is the station of Jehovih Mi.





One of the labors of Jehovih Mi is to bring entity from darkness into light, and then to send the entity forth to make its way in the world, where the entity to some extent or other emulates Jehovih. This emulation is stimulated by the example of Tae, Son of Jehovih, through whose arena the entity journeys. Those who align themselves with Tae also serve through example to inspire this emulation in others, thus enhancing the manifested power of Tae.

Through the arena of Tae, man is empowered by his memory of Jehovih Mi, and he moves farther as it seems from Jehovih's home at the East station. The entity's (man's, in our example) farthest distance from that sense of wholeness felt at the East station occurs as he reaches the South East corner. There Tae yields to Esfoma, and man ceases to move away from something and begins to move toward a perfection. Esfoma, Daughter of Jehovih, then helps bring man toward his perfection.

That perfection is found in and upheld by Eolin Om. And although Esfoma has the labor of bringing man (entity) toward his (its) perfection, yet man will necessarily take a part (voluntary or otherwise) in this movement. Thus, the first half of the wheel, takes the conception to its ideal, its perfection. The degree of perfection attained will depend greatly upon the choices of man through this journey to fulfill the conception.

The conception itself, conceived at the North station, initially manifested as far down into the thickness as man or angel can perceive and most likely farther. For the looker has limitations depending upon the looker's grade of perception. Accordingly, perceiving the conceived before its birth depends upon whether or not or how clearly man can perceive the conception or its subsequent pre-birth stages. This perception also depends in part upon the environment such as the density of the etheic fluid, the social milieu, and other like considerations.

In any event, man's first labor is to Rise from Elohim Rea at the North Station up through Uz and Ha'k then up through Tae and Esfoma, after which he arrives at the South station and place of Eolin Om. Man does this climb initially through gaining some modicum of true Inner Righteousness (gained in the arena of Uz) and in building Faith (gained in the arena of Ha'k) --- only when he masters these two traits can a man find a better way to rise. That is, by staying within the parameters of Uz (true righteousness) and holding the faith that you will get through the darkness (Ha'k) into a time of light.

Even so, at conception Elohim Rea grants to the entity of conception, parameters for leeway within which the conception may develop. Worlds are created in the same way, starting with the conception --- an idea --- in the minds of the Oe'tans. When the inner conditions are fulfilled and the outer conditions propitious, the germ is set forth on its course through the whirlwinds of heaven where it draws to itself corporeal substance (from the surrounding etheic solution) which it uses to clothe itself in the garb of corpor. But this embryonic world itself has parameters only within which, it can develop to ultimately become a nursery for new souls, that is, to be "born" a corporeal world with the potential capability of sustaining human life. Likewise man is himself a conception from Jehovih, and special not only because Jehovih gave to man freedom of choice in all things, but because man is born as a blank slate ready to be written upon by the speech (movement) of all things.

Journey through the unseen realm tends to emphasize an inner and subjective experience. But once the East station is reached and birth into a viable form is attained, the experience tends to emphasize an outer and objective experience. Said another way, when traversing the unseen realm, man tends to be subjected to the milieu, whereas in traversing the seen realm man tends toward gaining mastery over the milieu. That being so, when reaching the arena of Tae which begins at the East station, man sets forth to bring his conception toward the ideal in the outer realm, which point of aim and perfection on the wheel of life is the South station, where resides Eolin Om.


Thus, as man reaches the East station --- Home of Jehovih Mi and place of outer realm birth (of the conception) into form --- it is from there that man can then rise up by aligning himself with Tae, Son of Jehovih. This is followed by aligning himself to Esfoma as she calls man upward toward the perfection of his ideal. The rise in both arenas (Tae and Esfoma) depend upon two chief factors: the closeness of man's alignment sequentially to Tae and Esfoma (which alignment itself depends upon a person's alignment to Jehovih and His kingdom), and the parameters of leeway (slack of the line).




The Seen and Unseen Realms


To the observer of the seen realm, the activity of Esfoma may appear to be a continuous "triage" i.e., choosing one of several things and apparently allowing the rest to dissipate or stand or fall of their own accord. This is the outcome of the integration function of Esfoma. For the beast in man may refuse the inducements of Esfoma, and thus sit as an outlier from the main stream of progress. As a heavy stone gets caught up in a passing strong current (Esfoma's labor) and so gets carried a bit then falls to the streambed as the surge moves forward and the (environmental) current slackens, so stands the situation with the beast. Hence he cannot easily rise to fulfill his conception of the ideal; for the beast has warped the ideal within the mind of man, angulated man's risible form to make it less responsive to the finer currents of Esfoma, and darkened man's vision. Nevertheless, all the choices ripe or unripe and their results, are seen as the Signs of the Times and are in her keeping.

Although it might not seem like it at the time, all the various and diverse outcomes over the course of Esfoma, rather than being chaotic unrelated events are actually moving toward and into a field, a unified field, in fact. Those that are closest to Esfoma get supported by the milieu and will be better suited to the conditions of the new field. But those distant from Esfoma will be less so, some from their own weight and discord even disintegrating by some amount. Said another way, their sail cannot catch the wind (and partial disintegration will lighten the load), or, if making it to the field, these deformed entities will prove impotent to some degree. Analogy-wise, think of seeds (see Sed in Se'moin #50) being carried by a wind and cast upon the soil (soul) of a new field. Those seeds which have been organically prepared for the conditions of the new field will fare better than those adapted to the older, passing field. Although, as in genetic engineering, fruits, can be "adjusted" after the fact, and even made to appear ripe or better, yet they shall prove over the course of time to be inferior to the work of Jehovih's hand.

In any event, in the wheel of life the new field is the arena of Seffas. There man attempts to establish not only his ideal among the populace of the new field, but to establish the fullness of that ideal. But because man(kind) is a social order of various grades and rates, so all these variations must be provided for in that ideal (such as it is) that gets established. Failure to so provide will result in social instability. Accordingly, that which does get established tends to partake of both the Es-oriented man and the corporeal (or self) oriented man. But especially depending upon the success or failure of man in his choices through the arena of Esfoma, so the resulting newly established (Seffas) change in the ideal of man will be either closer to the higher ideal or closer to the ideal embraced by the lower or beastly considerations; yet in any case that which is established in the arena of Seffas will contain some progress gained through the preceding arena of Esfoma.

Some of the jobs of Seffas besides establishing something, are to uphold the established and to ensure system and order. Another important point is that Seffas labors in the outer realm; keep in mind, though, that etherea is an outer realm to the ethereans and atmospherea is an outer realm to atmosphereans, even as to mortals the corporeal creation is an outer realm. Accordingly, Seffas labors in all three realms. For which reason, since the unseen rules over that which is seen, so Seffas does not disobey the higher realms of atmospherea and above that, etherea. Said another way, Seffas will not ensure stability in a system and order that defies the ways of atmospherea's kingdom of God, Son of Jehovih, or of the established ways of etherea. Which is to say, Seffas also labors within the confines of parameters set for him. Es, Daughter of Jehovih, is as the sunshine to ripen that which has been growing in the new field. Corpor represents a harvest time, and his (Corpor, Son of Jehovih) example is that of not only abundance but interdependency. On that let man consider his own fruits of labor that he brings to the milieu of humanity. All fruits of labor come forth at the West station where resides Eloih Du'e Whose glance allows all to perceive the worth and true merit of each fruit and its producer. As man cannot fool Eloih Du'e, Who is All Justice, so a dishonest man also falls short of convincing those who have through their labor drawn close to Eloih Du'e.

All things write upon soul and Kosmon, Daughter of Jehovih, is the record of it. Any and all of such writing --- meaning any motion whatsoever including man's thoughts, sentiments, emotions, and activities --- are fruits of the mover; and Kosmon serves as the repository for all fruits (seen and unseen). Even as at times during a dan'ha the beast in man destroys libraries and granaries, so man in his darkness can turn for a season from Kosmon, Daughter of Jehovih. But the time comes when all look in their souls to read the book of their own life not only as it was, but as it is in the present; and in that focus the trajectory of each man's future becomes clear to him for at least a moment. At that point comes a new conception from Elohim Rea at the North station, and the journey around the wheel continues --- forever repeating its sequencing --- only the man himself, the places and conditions where man is, and the cycles, change. Eventually, man grows to sufficient mastery (rises in mind, spirit and soul) so as to avoid getting caught by the beast in the dark corners of the wheel (see Se'moin #13; 3rd degree of Emethachavah -- M'hak 35/AA). And he is able at last to rise above the bondage of the earth, and later of the bondage of the atmospherean heaven.




Till a person learns to rise the higher way (Uz through Ha'k through Tae through Esfoma), it profits him little at best and can easily make it worse for himself and others through the second half of the wheel by self-servingly applying his knowledge of the Sons and Daughters and the Wheel. Suffice it to say that those who would use knowledge of the system and order for their own advantage and for the disadvantage or even detriment of man(kind) shall still in the end pay full price --- plus interest. Interest comes from the abundance of reaping that ever follows the sowing: if you sow good you reap manifold good, if you sow for self you reap overwhelming burdens. For, the second half of the wheel is as a sustained coasting down a very long slope, and that half is meant for the betterment of humanity, that is, for collective man. And those who find that better way to climb the first half shall of their own accord perceive the rules of the roadway through the second half, or, lacking in certain areas, are more likely to receive wise counsel.

For those who would so rise, remember, UZ, Son of Jehovih, is next to Elohim Rea, moving from North to East. This Son of Jehovih has the function of upholding the parameters of inner righteousness. His symbol, being the square (righteousness) with the corners open (the unseen), represents Inner Righteousness. But outer righteousness is in the hands of Seffas, Son of Jehovih.

Next to Uz is HA'K, Daughter of Jehovih. She provides the womb for the individual entity that came from conception (every entity is a conception of sorts). The womb provides nourishment and protection so that this entity can develop sufficiently to be viable in the outer realm. Likewise, Kosmon, Daughter of Jehovih, provides an outer womb of nourishment and protection for the collective entity. (Those under the influence of the beast seek to grasp for themselves.)

In the case of Ha'k, Daughter of Jehovih, because the initial build-up toward viability is interior, these interior structures are hidden to the outer realm eye. We can understand why such structures often remain hidden since their function (interior) determines their form (exterior) and it is the latter which is first perceived. Thus, form builds around interior function which remains hidden. As an analogy, consider interior structures like man's skeleton: it is all under all the flesh (form). For the most part we are aware of the skeleton only indirectly through its effects and its function; similarly man is (all too often only) aware of the unseen through its more obvious effects, e.g., the wind cooling wet skin on hot day; or spirits of the dead manifesting to mortals through raps.

At the same time, each human form is unique and individual not only because Jehovih created them each with individual spirit but because of the variations that occur due to differences in nourishment and milieu, as well as reactions and counter-reactions that ensue.

Next to Ha'k is Tae, Son of Jehovih. Among other things, Tae provides man with higher aspirations that fulfill man's upward striving soul. Corpor, Son of Jehovih, on the other hand, provides man with inspirations to fulfill his desire for corporeal fulfillments.

After Tae comes Esfoma, Daughter of Jehovih. She lifts man toward his outer realm perfection. Oppositely, on the wheel, Kosmon, Daughter of Jehovih, pulls man (collectively and individually) down into the unity of all soul, toward inner realm perfection. Esfoma is living mathematics. Why? Man has choice. If we choose Jehovih we flow in the ways that bring us nourishment from the environment --- the milieu --- especially the outer. And that is one of the functions of Esfoma: To sustain in the outer realm that which came from the North station of Elohim Rea where it was conceived. The amount of leeway Esfoma has, has already been determined --- the parameters have been set for how much man can deviate, having been set by Elohim Rea. And the choices that man singly and collectively makes within those given parameters can enhance or further degrade the man-made milieu conditions. The grade of man can thus be read through man's behavior in Esfoma.




As Uz and Ha'k help man bring a conception (inner realm, unseen realm) into form, and Tae and Esfoma help man bring that form toward its initial perfection (such as it is) in the outer realm (the realm that is seen by looking outward), so let us look to Jehovih for guidance. JEHOVIH OM is the Master of bringing from Darkness into Light. He is at the East station which is known in the Faithist Degrees as the Dawn Degree.


Where are you O man in your progression? It rests in your hands through your choices. Jehovih has said, all one must do is choose. May we all choose wisely!


We have focused considerably on Esfoma in this posting because at the time of this writing, in two otherwise important and at this time highly significant prophecy cycles, man is standing at the East Station setting forth on his journey through the arena of Tae and afterwards of Esfoma toward the South station Zenith of Eolin Om. May we all rise to the All Highest!


The Time


Take heed O man
for your foot is rising
to take a large step toward
the long-hoped-for land
of beauty and delight!

In heavenly airs commingled
with the cool shades of the earth,
it shall encompass man till he cries:
All is in Thee, O Jehovih! My Love!

Upon which Jehovih shall lower
His kingdom to embrace the earth.
All is at peace.
All is at rest.
All is with man to do his true best.


Then all that is, and all of eternity,
as one, yet individually,
shall touch the heart --- it sings ---
and worship rises to Him Who made
the earth to be a paradise!









All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007






Rising Beyond the Beast