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Origin and Perfection of Man Part 1


Ka'yu, Sakaya and Joshu, the three prophets of the sub-cycle dan in the Bon Cycle. The first balanced man representatives of man after the I'hins.


The Function of Shame and Fear


Why do some people feel uncomfortable relaxing among strangers? Why do things cause us to feel shame? What is this shame and where does it come from? Does it have a useful function?


Man wants to feel--needs to feel--connected and whole. As a consequence of that, if the social order becomes too regimented, man seeks to return to origin, that is, to his original nature, what some call the animal nature and others call a oneness with the universe or "All That Is". He wants to feel like a natural person in touch with feelings and with the natural world --- animals, mountains, trees, etc.

So they are looking to get back to origin. But as we shall see, it makes a difference whether a person considers the origin to be corpor or es or both.

If things get too regimented and corporeally-oriented man goes all the way to the extreme --- all the way to origin, this leads ultimately to anarchy --- a state of man just roaming about like a beast in the forest or field, amoral, naked and unashamed. In contrast, the es-oriented person also seeks origin, but to rejuvenate and seek a better way forward.


Origin is depicted on the Wheel of Life and in the Lodge Temple of the Faithists as the EAST station, or as movement toward the East Station. The Lodge is laid out so that one is facing SOUTH, to the left is the EAST Station and to the right is the WEST Station, and behind one is the NORTH Station (which is Bak, #66 in Se'moin, and 66 is the beast). So when facing South the beast is at your back (bak), a place of cold and outer realm darkness; and to the Front, and Left and Right are the places of great light --- The Sunrise, the High Noon and the Setting Sun.




So when we are going toward origin --- toward animal man/natural man --- that is a response to looking at the sunrise --- toward what man believes is his source, which is his origin. In general, there is a sense of freedom, or conversely, its lack becomes more apparent, when moving toward the East, toward Origin.

Opposite from the Left/East/Origin with its sense of wholeness, inward connection, and freedom, is the West station. Movement toward the Right/West leads a person toward, among other things, a sense of Wholesomeness, outer connections, Responsibility, Destiny, and a Perfection of humanity that includes one's own person.

This Left-Right dichotomy plays out in all situations (inner and outer), including the day-to-day life of both Faithists and those of the world's people. For instance, in politics, as you look to the Left, that is the Political Left and if you look to the Right, the West Station, that represents the Political Right. When man moves toward the West Station he is moving toward MASTERY. When he is moving toward the East Station it is toward ORIGIN.

Two emotions come into play regarding these two stations: SHAME plays a part in moving the es in man toward Origin; but when man is moving toward Mastery, then FEAR is the chief or core sensibility in moving the animal in man toward Mastery.

When man is deciding whether to go Left or Right, he is symbolically in the CENTER Station of the Inner Temple. In grading his place, though, his center position (being the position in which he chooses to go left or right) is the actual position that he has attained to through his own labor (movement) somewhere on the continuum between Origin and Mastery.


With this knowledge we have another framework by which to gauge, in part, what is happening generally in kosmon and at this day and age in particular. For instance, currently we are at the East Station in a couple of important cycles -- the Spell cycle of 33 years and the Great Beast cycle of 666 years. Accordingly, we should expect to see social movement toward greater communion and freedom while at the same time or shortly afterward, a going forth from a better, higher perspective.

And Shame shall play a big role in this. But where did the idea of Shame come from? What is its purpose?


When man goes Left and he is moving toward origin, his animal origins are ASU. So when moving in that direction toward his source, he will be connecting with his Asu heritage, but were man to have only his Asu heritage to connect to he would devolve into a beast of the forest or field as previously mentioned. But the spiritual / es-oriented man will look to the Left and know that there is something more than the animal (corporea) as his source / origin. And when he comes into contact with this higher source, it is actually coming into contact with a greater light; and he will compare himself to this greater light. He will perceive of his own accord what he has done to lose through his own stupid blunders that communion with---that sense of---higher Origin. And it is this realization in the presence of this Higher Light that causes man to feel Shame. In doing so, man aligns himself, that is, draws close to that light of Origin. And this station, East, is therefore the place of primordial man, that is to say, PURE MAN --- Man Without Sin.


Even as a move East is a move toward the past, so, conversely, moving toward the West is a move to the future. And as East is the station for the Primordial Man so the West is the station for Perfected Man (not only Singular but Collective Man as well). If man will not of his own accord move toward his Perfection --- into the unknown, then something or someone more powerful than he is, will push him in this direction. It is FEAR that paralyses him, but it is the push that makes him face his fear before he can reach the West Station where Perfection resides. And yet again, it is FEAR stemming from anticipated dire consequences that also inspires the animal man forward. Fear is stationed at the East station and is connected to the animal nature / Asu or beast nature.

But it is not the Perfection in the West that pushes the corporeally-oriented man to overcome his Fear. Instead, the spiritual attributes from the West (that are also an integral part of it --- including a feeling of Peace, Rest and Well-being) call to the es in man to advance to Mastery and Perfection of his race (the Race of Man).


So the question becomes, does man go Left or Right. And the answer is that he does BOTH. And to find the balance between the two is KOSMON. The key toward solving this riddle resides in ORIGIN.

If man goes to Origin as Animal Man, as we have stated, he becomes a beast. In the early stages of the earth man was just that: pure animal man, and he was called ASU. But Asu could feel no shame. Because some angels of Jehovih co-habited with Asu, I'hins were born, which infused the offspring with the Light of Understanding --- Es. It is this Es light that causes man to feel shame or rather it is man's capacity to perceive the Es --- the Higher Way --- The Higher Light that he can feel the Shame.


What does this Shame do? It realigns man with his Es ancestry. But such a mortal Es-man cannot propagate the earth. Propagating the earth requires the animal nature, and so we find that the I'hins were the first of those among mankind to balance Corpor and Es. But they were not a perfected race, because in order to maintain that balance among all the downward pressures and tugs, the I'hins were obsessed to keep their Es orientation in ascendancy over their corporeal animal nature.

And so from the time of Sethantes to the time of Zarathustra, I'hins stood in the world as the balance between Corpor and Es. Through Zarathustra, man began to directly inherit the Es teaching of the I'hin race; i.e., more precisely, the balanced teachings of the I'hin of how to live a balanced life of Corpor and Es --- keeping Es in ascendancy over their corporeal-animal nature. And this capacity / responsibility was transferred to the race of man beginning with Zarathustra.

The I'hins were man's guides in this maintenance and remained so through to the time of Abram, Brahma, Po and Eahwatha and then to Bon. With Moses, Capilya and Chine, the I'hins completely passed the charge over to them and their followers. And the I'hins remained for the first 400 years of that cycle to ensure the seal, after which their race perished upon this earth

The followers of Capilya, Moses, and Chine kept the light and balance alive through the first 800 to 1200 years of Bon. At which time, Ka'yu, Sakaya and Joshu came forth as the epitome of the man balanced between Es and Corpor and with their Es-nature in ascendancy. And so, these last three prophets / leaders forth represented man in that capacity without the I'hins for the first time. These were the FIRST FRUIT.


Part 2 shows how this relates to the Inner Temple of Jehovih and the Positions in the sacred Inner Temple. The positions these three prophets occupy still leaves one quadrant available - Who is the fourth representative man? We pick up with this interesting question in the next part.



All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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