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Origin and Perfection of Man Part 2

Representatives of Balanced Man in the four quadrants. Three are Es oriented and one is oriented to the Beast.


 Balancing Corpor and Es


We concluded part one with identifying the first prophets who represented Man balancing Corpor and Es, with his Es-nature in ascendancy, since the I'hins. Thus these, Ka'yu, Sakaya and Joshu were the FIRST FRUIT.

Now what we want to show is how this relates to the Inner Temple of Jehovih and the Positions in the sacred Inner Temple.

·       The first one coming forward was in the first quadrant starting in the North and going East; that was Ka'yu.

·       The second quadrant going from the East to the South was Sakaya.

·       The place of Joshu was in the fourth quadrant going from the West to the North.


Notice that we skipped over the third quadrant from South the West. That is because, rather than being led forth by a great light led by Jehovih, this quadrant represents man of his own volition going forth. And actually there are / were figureheads situated in that third quadrant. But before we see who those were, we need to understand who Ka'yu, Sakaya and Joshu were.

The three leader's forth of the sub-dan period of the cycle of Bon each represented Jehovih-inspired and God's Kingdom-guided holder of the balance between Es-man and Corpor-man from the perspective of the different stations on the Wheel of Life. The third quadrant also represents someone balanced between Es and Corpor.


The ideal for man is for him to choose of his own volition and knowledge, understanding and wisdom --- to choose that balance of his own accord and understanding.

The I'hins were obsessed to do this but without the angelic obsession, they would have fallen to the beast. It is the glory of man to be able to stand on his own in that regard --- to hold the balance --- purposefully --- willfully and in joyous recognition of the wisdom in doing so.


The very first fruit of this type of man, and therefore, the first in that third quadrant was none other than HOG (of Brahma and Yu-tiv), who held the leaven of the Osirian philosophy - the Corporeal philosophy, and then awoke to the reality of the Es life upon the death of his parents, as can be read about in Oahspe. And Hog held this position till the next who replaced him, which was Thothma, the greatest adept who had ever lived, and awake both spiritually and corporeally. And after him came Mohammed. The Faithist may recognize in what has been said so far that there is a connection with the four heads of the beast --- it is this:

The fruit of the Ka'yuan teachings were absorbed by and bent by the False Brahma of China (Ennochissa); the fruits of Sakaya's teachings were absorbed and bent by the False Buddha (Kabalactes) of Vind'yu and its regions; and the fruit and much substance of Joshu's teachings were absorbed and bent by the False Kriste (Looeamong).

Notice that this order is the same order given in the M'hak degree of Emethachavah. As the initiate travels forth, the final beast assaulting him being in the Southwest Corner. The same order is also seen in the Battle of the Beast of the Cycle of Bon (37/7.1), except we find the head of the Mohammedan beast was situated in the center. What is the center but the Left and Right balance --- the balance between Es and Corpor. That is what Mohammed assumed to be --- "You can have your cake and eat it too" --- that is, you can have a rewarding corporeal life and a rewarding spiritual life.

So despite the beastly orientation of those representatives of the third quadrant, these have nevertheless served their purpose, indicating how far man of his own volition has moved toward the Perfected Balanced Man through to the end of the Bon cycle.

And now in transition into the Kosmon Era we approach a Fusion. In greater context, as man stands in the middle between the past and the future --- between Origin and Destiny --- so man must choose his path. So instead of drawing to Asu, as his origin, man shall learn to look to the I'hins who were the first representatives of the balanced man. And then look to a fusion of the other great lights --- Zarathustra, Po, Abram, Brahma, Eawahtah, Thothma, Capilya, Moses, and Chine, who each upheld an approach toward man's destiny and perfection. And finally, to a fusion of Sakaya, Ka'yu and Joshu who stood as archetypal templates for the seed of the Es-guided balanced man. And finally, man shall rise to inherit his position as the Perfected Balanced Man.

In this way, as man moves toward his perfection he need not fear. As is said in Oahspe, man shall be fearless in this day and age (29/1.23), but that does not mean he is no longer capable of foolishness (unfortunately). For which reason, man will ultimately turn to Him Who created man --- Jehovih, and learn to rise as well.


In the Governance of Man


It is in rising above that we can look down and see objectively. We are presently in such a time, and because of that, man shall increasingly raise the question about the best way of rising. A framework may help answer that, at least in part.

Consider the positions of certain attributes of the Wheel of Life. In the East Station is FEAR and in the West Station is FAITH. So that man starts in Fear and he looks into the West and he has Faith that he can go forward. Said another way, the Primordial man is governed by Fear, whereas the Perfected man is governed by Faith. But to rise requires an inner foundation and so at the North Station is the attribute of EMETH which signifies Union with ELOHIM. And opposite it, in the South Station is GOVERNANCE. This governance of EOLIN in the South is seen as the crown worn by His Gods and Goddesses and seen as well in His Kingdom. The balanced man, that is, the kosmon-man shall, in time, begin to see manifestations of the crown (Jehovih's God) through the Fraternity social order.

Recall that the North Station is also #66, a number of the beast. Those who are unripe but nonetheless in some communion with the light of Elohim, look to the South --- where they see the crown --- but they may see it as a person in the seat of governance who is a mortal, or maybe even believe the crown to be emblematic of some false God or principle. The crown, by the way, has been indicated for instance in the sacred tablets given to the Faithists, for instance, the Tablets of Ancient Egypt and Hi'yi, as well as Emp'agatu.


Because the South Station represents Governance, and the motion on the Wheel of Life is from the South Station through the arena of Seffas and the arena of Es. So man is to learn WISE GOVERNANCE as the balance not only between Left and Right, but as the height and depth, and as to choosing sustainable height and depth --- to move man toward his perfection which is in the West.


When we look at out today into the social orders of man, we see these divisions between Left and Right and also the divisions in determining / choosing the acceptable heights and depths of the social order: Which center point between left and right shall be chosen? And which middle ground between the loft (ideals) of man and the bottom line (depth) of foundation standards will the social order strive to maintain? For those who are oriented toward progress, the question needs to be asked:

Progress Forward or Progress upward? --- the answer is D'Hi --- Upward and Onward!

The D'hi (see Se'moin 35/D.118), the stairs (or ladder) represents going from the depth upward and then onward (forward). which means the d'hi is naturally situated at the East Station, since that is the direction on the Wheel of Life that brings man from the East Station up around the wheel to the South Station, namely, the place of the second quadrant. Since we are currently underway in the second quadrant of two greatly significant cycles (Spell and Great Beast) as previously mentioned, so the significance of the D'hi is magnified. Or perhaps more precisely, its presence is vitalized during this period, that is, it can be considered in ascendancy.


Still, the D'hi is available at the other stations, though conditions are often not as conducive for man to respond to its invitation. The corners will also claim to have a D'hi. The explanation of these positions of the D'hi shall be left to the student who has progressed in his/her studies. For now, let it suffice with the D'hi that one cannot progress forward without first rising upward. And one cannot truly rise upward without Emetha and the unseen foundation (the vertical shaft of the true cross of the circle twice cut).

In conclusion, those on the Political Right often fear the Political Left because they fear they are pulling man away from his perfection. Those on the Left perceive those on the Right as blocking progress towards man's perfection. Both of those perceptions however are from the point of view of the beastly outlook.

The beast may believe themselves to be viewing the situation from a spiritual perspective, as they indeed are, in part. But save man purify his diet and behavior, his es perspective shall be skewed, muddied, confused, distorted, inaccurate and unwholesome to some degree. Pity that. And as to the es-oriented man: as man has progressed in his balanced-man representative from I'hin to the Faithists of Zarathustra, Speta and Bon cycles, and also through four heads of the beast in the corners as well as the beastly representative in the third quadrant,, so the new balance between corpor and Es is going to be struck by the New Race of Kosmon --- KOSMON MAN. And the need for heads of the beast shall slowly dissipate as this new race emerges and leavens the earth.


In Part 3 we look at how the Origin and Perfection of Man are influenced by Jehovih's Son and Daughter Tae and H'ak, as well as symbols from the Tablet of Se'moin (which begins at Origin and closes with 'Upward and Onward').






All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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