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The Perfection of Man



From the West to the East Stations


When Man looks from the West to the East what he sees is to help people move from Darkness into Light. Man is, in Kosmon and throughout the Eoptian Age, and through all Eternity, in a continual process of moving collective man from darkness into light.

So when looking from the West to the East, on the left side is Darkness and on the right side is into the Light -- the future -- the going forth. Jehovih put H'ak, Daughter of Jehovih on the left and Tae, Son of Jehovih, on the right.

In the Tablet of Hi'yi, the EYE is on the left. This is because mortal man spends a lot of time facing East in the Eoptian Age. Because he is always faced with the question: How do we make sense of it -- what is going on here in the outer realm? So man accordingly desires to SEE; thus the eye, which is senses light --- and of course it takes light to see.


Man is given the name of the Creator in the East Station --- JEHOVIH. For one reason, because that is His Station and He is the Master of helping all move from Darkness into Light. That is why Jehovih is the key to the resurrections. That is why Jehovih, the I AM, is the password to the higher heavens.

Password is not a get out of jail free card. Instead, it is an acknowledgement of He Who can bring you from Darkness into Light -- and what is resurrection after all but the movement of where one is into a place of greater light, of greater glory, and greater comprehensiveness of understanding.

For this reason as well, the D'hi (staircase) is naturally stationed here at the East Station --- Upward and onward, Upward and Onward, Upward and Onward....Forever.

So what is the primal message in the East? What do you say to your child? How do you help your child make sense of things? Those concerns of parent for child are a living analogy that Jehovih has created for man to learn in empathy, regarding the East station. And the analogy of "a mortal parent to a child," is as "Jehovih, the parent of all -- is parent of all children." In brief, we are all children of Jehovih. All the living are brothers and sisters -- are relatives (as the Guatamans say) in this day and age.

Man was created with a capacity beyond his brothers and sisters of the animal realm, and the plant realm, because he has the cognizance to be aware of his Creator, Jehovih. And this inheritance requires stewardship over the living. So the question becomes: How do you provide for WISE stewardship? And what is your relationship to your brothers and sisters? That is to say: What is your relationship to your fellow man? These are questions for man to learn the answer to. Some have suggested, for instance, to teach man to be good and to do good. But these beg the question: What is doing good and what is being good?

Zarathustra, the first great Prophet / Leaderforth of man struggled with these questions. And that was 9,000 years ago. Today in Kosmon we can read in Oahspe about what he discovered. Yet before Zarathustra, man was not left on his own. But he had the I'hins for his role model. These were his elder brothers and sisters. From where did the I'hins gain such prestige? The answer is that they were taught to discern and follow the light of Tae, Son of Jehovih. Tae being one of the eight fundamental children of Jehovih.


The voice of Tae can be measured in his emblem which is his soul signature. There is the downward tugged heart, which is a tug from below. This can be felt for instance by one's children tugging at the heart-strings. But it is not love alone that defines Tae's behavior, but also the boundary of his actions signify that he will stay within the bounds of Righteousness but give preference to the spirit - the soul - the unseen within. We see this in Tae's glyph where the vertical sides are lengthier than the horizontal or outer realm bounds. These limits are manifested as the upright rectangle surrounding and bounding the downward tugged heart.




Tae, Son of Jehovih, thus becomes an exemplar to man for him to model his behavior around; or more precisely, man emulates Tae, and he does so because Tae touches the hearts of all men, male and female. And because Tae is rising and moving in light, and for the most part, moving gently in light --- that part within man that is of Jehovih is stimulated --- inspired to share in the glories revealed by Tae. And for the beast in man, because the beast likes the feeling / vibrations that he gets from Tae, the beast will demure to Tae and will, itself, tend also toward this lofty labor of Tae. For these reasons, when the time and season for Tae is upon man, man will go forth in an attempt to align with and share in the vibrations of Tae.

We are in the start of such a season and it shall continue to build and manifest quite strongly to the year, 2049. And the Season of Tae will endure until 2182. After which comes an even greater glory --- the Season of Esfoma, Daughter of Jehovih, within which the fruits of Tae's labor will come forth, even as in springtime from the blossoms spring forth the fruit upon the tree --- being in this instance, on the Tree of Light.

In our times now, so that man might not err, he has been given the Oahspe as explanation and guidebook. So what we shall see as man goes forth from the time of this writing, is man attempting to do good and be good --- to be a better person. But man must learn, what it means to be truly good, do good and to be a better person --- the answer --- man shall attain to.

And when man learns the answer to the question in the East of: How to move from Darkness into Light, only then will he begin to fully understand the requirements of the West Station. For the West station is for the Perfection of Man --- of Man's Social Order.

The Faithists know this Perfection to be Jehovih's Kingdom. And as exemplified by God, Son of Jehovih and His heavenly kingdom with all its sub-kingdoms:




So the question becomes for man upon this Earth --- What is the best social order for man? Whereas man in times past built in his understanding of the beast --- Now in kosmon, man is to build in his understanding of the unseen realm --- to be Es governed.


Man is currently in transition from the ascendancy of his animal nature to the ascendancy of his spiritual - soul - es nature. For which reason, this shall bring about within man to understand and desire the ascendancy of his Es nature. And in progress toward this, man shall seek to find and build a better social order, closer to Jehovih's kingdom than man at present has. To live as brothers and sisters --- how to attain to such ends that his spirit and soul and corporeal life may grow in harmony and light.

The pioneers of Tae shall discover and put into practice these higher ways of living. The present turmoil of the time of this writing caused by the turmoil of the beast shall fade from memory and be no more upon this earth. But it is a long slow process, perhaps as mortals will surmise. But from a heavenly standpoint, from an Es standpoint, things will begin to move more and more rapidly. Man desires instant change, but the reality is different and great changes come through the generations (33 years) and the odes (11 years) of man. Jehovih's progress is as a tree grows, not by forced means, but through invitation.


May the Love and Righteousness of Tae and the Light of Jehovih's kingdom be our draw.






All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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