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Oahspe, Book of the Arc of Bon; 27/16.12, 13; 27/17.18; 27/18.13; 27/18.16, 17.


And Moses appointed the tenth day of the month Abib, when all the people should start [out of Egupt]; and moreover, he said to the Heads: You shall see to it that the night before they start, at the hour of sunset, in the very moment the sun sets, every family shall offer a lamb in sacrifice, and every man, and every woman, and every child that can speak, shall covenant to Jehovih in the blood of the lamb.


When the time of the slaughter is at hand, the family shall stand around, and the lamb shall be in their midst, bound head and foot; and, when the knife is raised for the blow, no one shall speak, for that which is to be, shall be the covenant of the blood of the lamb against Egupt. And when the throat is cut across and the blood flowing, they shall all say: In Egupt the lamb of Jehovih is dead; His God shall go from here with Israel, but Egupt shall be accursed from this night! Accept this, my covenant, with You, O Jehovih (E‑O‑Ih!), for innocent blood has been shed as a testimony before You that, with tomorrow's rising sun, I rise to never again lie down in Egupt!


....Behold, a day is set; a night is marked out when the lamb of peace shall die. And in that night the first‑born of every woman, and the first‑born of every beast in the fields, shall die for all the Eguptians; but in that same night not one of the Israelites shall go down in death. Jehovih says: I will show My power through My people in the time of My covenants.


.......[Moses said:] Again I appeal to you, O king, to permit my people to depart out of Egupt in peace. This is the last time I shall solicit you. And if you do not answer me, then it shall come to pass that on the ninth day and night in the month of Abib, Jehovih will raise His hand over Israel; but as for Egupt, your Lord shall strike her in death. For on that night, in every family of Eguptians, far and near, the first-born shall fall dead; and so that you shall not say the prophecy killed them [by suggestion --ed.], behold, the first-born of every beast shall die also, including goats, sheep, cattle, asses, dogs, cats, and every living creature man uses. For on that night, behold, four million Israelites shall make with Jehovih the covenant of death. And when morning comes, they will rise up to not lie down again in Egupt. And this shall be the testimony of innocent blood against yourself and all your people, for what the Hebrews have suffered.


.....Now on the night of the passover, when the Israelites made the covenant on the blood of the lamb, a hot wind blew upon the face of the earth; and the first‑born of the Eguptians fell dead, both man and beast. And Pharaoh's son died, and his brother's son; and the first‑born of every courtier, and every noble's first‑born, and all other people, their first‑born, so that in every family there lay one dead.


Pharaoh was now stricken, but not to repentance, for evil was in his heart, and he cursed Moses and the Israelites, and swore an oath to destroy Israel, man, woman and child, so that never again would there be one on the earth. And he sent his officers such a commandment, and to mobilize and begin the slaughter.




We may truly shudder at the terrible events that occurred in Egypt just prior to the Exodus of the Hebrews. One may wonder how and why the situation became so extreme. Today with the benefit of hindsight and the lessons of History, we can understand that cause and effect are continually being worked out. At the extremes are the breaking points where change must occur or total destruction is imminent. Thanks to Oahspe, we know that man is not alone, that there is help (and hindrance in the case of drujas and false gods) from above; and a plan for the progress and resurrection of all of mankind.


The Ezra bible often depicts Jehovah with the passions of a man-like ruler sometimes jealous, angry, punitive, etc. Not only are they misconceptions in many cases, i.e., mistaking the inevitable effects of man's folly, but we should remember that Baal and then Looeamong both falsely assumed to be the God of the Israelites with their follies attributed to EOI by the apostates and enemies of Jehovih.


Note that in the above verses, we find that the Egyptians where not struck by the Hand of Jehovih or His angelic servants. It was the Egyptian's Lord (Baal) who struck the death blow on the night of the Passover. Jehovih's Hand came as a protecting hand to the much abused slaves during the worst "Halloween" in history. Evidently, the angelic protecting hosts of mortals withheld their protection from all first born of the Egyptians, without protection, the foulness and poison of the millions of earthbound drujas fastened upon them. Obviously protection was extended over all domesticated animals except for the firstborn. We can find out what unseen events were occurring simultaneously by looking further into what Oahspe reveals were the strategies of the Etherean hosts during the dawn of the arc of Bon.


During the dawn of a cycle the drujas and earthbound spirits are usually removed before the end of that dawn. The timing is significant, as we see in the case of the Arc of Bon, where their removal began in the fourth year of a five year dawn. Moreover, the removal was coordinated with the angelic officers who were ministering to the mortal Leaders Forth and the Faithists. The plagues of Egypt and the Passover must have occurred as part of the removal of drujas as it had been four years and seven months from the beginning of dawn till Moses and the Israelites reached Shakelmarath across the Red Sea.


Oahspe, Book of Lika; 26/20.1, 26/23.1

During the fourth year of dawn, the Voice of Jehovih came to Lika, saying: My Son, you shall provide yourself a sufficient army, and you shall take away from the earth all angels below the first resurrection, except those fetals who are under the dominion of My heavenly rulers....

When At'yesonitus' generals and their hosts went through Vind'yu, Jaffeth and Arabin'ya, they concerted with the Gods who had in their charge the inspiration of Capilya, Moses and Chine. And not only did the angel generals remove the drujas from mortals, but inspired mortal kings and queens in those great divisions of the earth to issue edicts against magicians and priests who consulted with spirits.



Over a period of centuries, the land of Egypt had become plagued with many millions of drujas whose presence was manifested with mortals, much like Sodom and Gomorrah were in Abraham's time (24/9.6-8.). This gathering plague of unclean spirits in Egypt was added to by the doctrines of the false god Osiris, whose "plan for salvation" was to bring back the angels to earth and "re-incarnate" them back into their embalmed bodies (25/44.15-22; 25/50.15). No embalmed bodies were raised, but as a result the land was flooded over with low grade spirits impinging on and living with mortals, vicariously indulging in mortal affairs and vices.

During dawn of a cycle and for a period following, the veils between atmospherea and earth are thinned, and as a result, spirit manifestations and earthly seers and sar'gis are greatly multiplied. This means that not only high raised spirits can more readily manifest to mortals but so can evil and low grade spirits if the mortals are low grade and are not guarded by capable ashars (guardian spirits). Consequently it is evident that the plagues of Egypt were the corporealized manifestions of the unclean spirits of Egypt. Thus we see that not only the Passover, but all the previous plagues of Egypt were the consequences of low grade mortals and spirits and their evil practices.

When mortals degrade into evil practices, the angels of Jehovih may protect them from the full consequences lest man becomes extinct through his own folly, yet man must learn to become responsible and perfect himself, so at times the angels step back and allow him to experience more fully the consequences of his degradation, so that he can learn to make better choices and lift himself up.





Oahspe doesn't specifically explain why the Israelites were directed to sacrifice a lamb other than it was the shedding of innocent blood that accompanied the solemn vow to leave Egypt never to return. Why the blood of the lamb, why not make vows without the sacrifice of the lamb? The reasons need to be found in the context of the times and the grade of not only the Israelites in Egypt at the time, but of all mortals. Note that in Vind'yu at the same time, Capilya was called the LAMB OF HEAVEN and his foster father, the king, was instructed to end the practice of human sacrifice. To signify the end of human sacrifice the blood of a sacrificed lamb was sprinkled over Capilya's head to replace the shedding of human blood as sacrifice. We should keep in mind that following the passover, the flesh of the animals would have been eaten later by many of the people fleeing across the desert in the coming days. Households also prepared their bread without leaven for they were hurried and would not stop to prepare food before they were safely out of reach of Pharaoh and his army.


Since man needs to be uplifted one step at a time, evidently the low grade of the population could not comprehend no sacrifice whatsoever. And wherever there was human sacrifice it was most likely accompanied by cannibalism. It takes time and increments of progression to raise the grade of mortals. Even today we still see the low grade of mortals in our time through war where soldiers and enemies are sacrificed in conflict. And we witness the spiritual indifference of meat eaters unable or unwilling to comprehend not killing and eating animals, even when proof before their eyes exists that vegan living is the best way.


In Moses' time, many of the Faithists were falling into the corrupted ways of the Egyptians and lest they all be lost, they had to be separated and removed away from the influence of evil to an uncontaminated environment. That was the first step, the second step was re-establishing the Emethachavah among those eligible (of sufficient spiritual maturity to comprehend and practice Faith in EOI).


Oahspe, Book of the Arc of Bon; 27/20.12, 13.


And when it was night Moses with the rab'bahs and the Heads went aside, placing sentinels so they would be alone. And when they were thus prepared, the light of Jehovih came upon Moses, and the books of the ancients were opened before him. And he administered Emethachavah upon them; by the voice of Jehovih he re-established it; with all the rites and ceremonies as they are to this day. And after that the Heads were no longer called Heads, but Chief Rab'bahs; for Moses anointed them by command of Jehovih.

And in not many days, Moses wrote the Levitican laws; for the inner temple of Jehovih was in spoken words only; but the outer temple was written. So that it was said: The Hebrews have two laws; one which no other man knows, and one for those who are not eligible by faith, being those who were called Leviticans; but not Leviticans in fact, but hangers on, who had followed the Israelites out of Egupt and who for the most part had no God, little judgment and no learning.


The covenants of the Emethachavah were mostly lost to the falling Israelites by the time of the Exodus. Even so, once the Emethachavah was re-established, because of the lower grade of the population, vegetarian diet was only mandatory for the rabbis and trance subjects. Although there were many who chose to convert to vegetarianism, not so many continued till it became a constitutional and organic growth, as we note in the story of Koetha's people (who ate of the wild birds in the desert and many died 35/K.19, 20.). Those who continued in the Faithist teachings became the followers of the rab'bahs and prophets, and later became the Essenes living by the oral teachings handed down from Moses. The rest of those who went out of Egypt and their descendents depended upon the written levitican laws which were much added to, degraded and enforced by the flesh eating priests of the Temple. They also intermarried with the inhabitants of Canaan who were worshippers of false gods who also demanded human sacrifices and other abominations.


Today, meat eaters simply buy flesh as just another commodity in a store. They pay others to summarily kill animals for food, clothing etc., without a thought to the sanctity of life or the suffering of their victims. Yet among various ancient tribes, and today the American Indians still remember it within their religion---Life was understood to be sacred belonging to the Creator, and those who would eat flesh would acknowledge in prayer and ritual the taking of life / shedding blood, to sustain their own. Even the Halal and Kosher slaughter of animals was intended as amelioration to unspeakable cruelties upon live animals, as well to reduce vampirism among mortals and low grade angels, as in the drinking of blood of live and freshly killed animals. Such restrictions, as well as the designation of unclean animals unfit to eat, were also introduced to reduce the diseases endemic among flesh eaters. All of these dietary laws for flesh-eaters never excused the practice of killing, rather it was a means by which the lower grades could become conscious of the sanctity of life and learn to eventually accept the example of the non-flesh eating tribes. Since the re-emergence of the I'huans after the Flood, the herbivorous I'hins taught the I'huan / Ghans commandments, rites and rituals according to their capacity to accept and strive to accomplish.



Oahspe, Book of Saphah; 35/K.19, 20.


The secret ceremonies commanded vegetable diet for fathers (rab'bahs), prophets, seers, and wanonas (trance subjects), and many of Koetha's people followed their example. After some years of experience, those who fasted from flesh, murmured, saying: What have we gained for our sacrifice?

So they broke their fasts by hundreds and thousands; and countless birds came by their camps, and they caught, killed and ate them freely; but, being unaccustomed to such diet, they became fevered and died, more than sixty thousand of them, men, women and children, and the place was called Kibrath Hattaavah, the place of lusters.




We also know that at the time of Abraham, animal sacrifice was known of, but not practiced among the Faithists (24/9.11-19.). After he went to Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham was approached by a druj masquerading as God who instructed Abraham to re-introduce the ancient practice of burnt sacrifice. Once the druj demanded Isaac as a human sacrifice, Abraham challenged the druj to prove who he was because Abraham knew the higher law not to kill. This scenario demonstrates that human sacrifice was practiced among the low grade mortals in that area at that time; and the following events where the ram was caught and killed, demonstrates that animal sacrifice was also practiced. Note that it was not Abraham who sacrificed the ram (as the Ezra Bible incorrectly relates), but those of the people who had been with him to Sodom and Gomorrah did it. The ram would not have been killed or consumed by those who practiced the commandments of the Faithists. Neither should we assume that Abraham ordered his people to sacrifice the ram. Yet since Abraham was a Leader-Forth, he understood the responsibility a leader has for his followers. Being that his role was to guide and uplift those who came to him, he also had to incrementally bring them up to higher standards.


Now, today in our time of Kosmon, meat-eating is poison to ALL of mankind, not just the Faithists or the I'hins (34/12.21.). The Faithists are the replacement of the I'hins, yet it also took time to raise the Ghan Faithists to be strong enough to hold the light through the dark periods from the time of Zarathustra to this day. The Tree of Light continued to die off by the end of each cycle right up until the Arc of Bon. And so we can understand that the general grade of the past Faithists attracted to the Leaders-Forth had lost sufficient light during the dark period of the cycle to keep the Tree of Light alive.



Oahspe, God's Book of Ben; 36/1.1-5.


God said: Before the arc of Bon the earth was rank.

The seed of the tree of light had been planted many times, but the rankness destroyed it.

In the time of the arc of Bon, the earth reached maturity.

Jehovih said: I gave to the inhabitants of the earth Capilya, Moses and Chine.

Through them the tree of light was made everlasting on the earth.




We have only to ask ourselves what condition we ourselves were in before the light of knowledge touched our spirits; and do we practice to the fullness of our conscience; and how far the majority of people have yet to advance before they spurn the flesh eating habit?







All Oahspe references are from the Oahspe Standard Edition 2007