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Everyone individual is born with two aspects to their person: Their Spirit/Soul heritage and their Animal/Beast heritage.



Two things chiefly inspire the beast in man and these are the lowest of the impulses of man:


1.              Appetite for stomach's sake

2.              Impulse for Sex


Beyond that is the desire to have things his way; when this fails, his beastly inspiration is to destroy that which is stopping / excelling him.


Offsetting the inspirations of the beast, Jehovih through His kingdom inspires the es in man to rise above man's beastly nature.


Oahspe, Book of Thor; 16/3.6


The first passion of man is to eat; the second, the sexual desire; the third, to make others serve him. And if he accomplishes the latter, then he is indeed the prince of evil. For he then holds dominion to the hurt of others.


Oahspe, Book of Discipline; 33/7.3 - 9.


The All Highest in your neighbor, which he manifests—perceive and discourse upon that; all else in him, do not see or mention. The All Highest subject---that discourse upon; all else pass by.


The first lowest thoughts pertain to eating and drinking; and on these the man of darkness delights to discourse.


The second lowest thoughts pertain to sexual matters; and on these the man of darkness delights to discourse.


The third lowest thoughts pertain to man's selfishness, as to bodily comforts and luxuries, ease and riches, and as to what he hopes and desires for himself; and on these the man of darkness delights to discourse.


The fourth lowest thoughts pertain to criticizing others, as to doctrine, religion, philosophy, behavior and so on, continually pulling all things to pieces; and the man of darkness delights in such discourse.


To abandon such discourse, and, in preference, to discourse on the highest subjects such as teaching, imparting knowledge, suggesting remedies for the unfortunate and unlearned, for improving the homes of others, the agriculture, mechanics and such like; the man of light delights to apply himself to these, both in word and practice, forever building up.





The corporeal man hears the voice of Corpor. He feels hunger in the stomach which is the voice of Corpor inspiring him to eat something. The first concern of man is survival and to that end the voice of Corpor tells him to eat something as well as to get warmth and shelter.


These four inspirations of the beast manifest through the lower chakras of man. Among other qualities, the chakras act as radiators of and receptors to vortexya (vortexian currents). Man has seven main chakras and the four lowest deal with lower functions and the four highest deal with higher functions. The highest of the lower set of four and the lowest of the higher set of four intersect in the heart of man, as shown in diagram later.


The first lowest impulses and thoughts correspond to the base chakra. The second category of lowest thoughts corresponds to the second chakra. The third lowest thoughts are about one's own physical comfort and these correspond to the third chakra. The fourth lowest thoughts, as exampled in the quote above, are the highest that the Beast man can attain to; and these correspond to the fourth chakra, which, as intimated, is also the highest chakra of the Beast man, the fourth chakra being also the lowest chakra of the Es man. More on the Chakras and their correspondences shortly.


Regarding the fourth lowest thoughts of criticism and tearing down of others: What is the beastly motive there? Corporeal man, that is, his animal nature (his beast), has the drive to be the alpha. Alpha is about establishing one's ideal / order. Having it "MY WAY" and establishing the same, rather than another's way; this entails getting into a position of advantage over others; having others serve you; etc. If another seeks to establish or is already established, the beast in man desires to prevent or destroy that which is risen above or rising above his own station.


What then is the underlying theme and what is Jehovih achieving through those who crave to be the alpha? It is a movement toward self improvement because the beast won't move himself to up-rise. And it is not just the beast in man, but the system and order of the Alpha as found throughout the animal creation: Without an Alpha and the desire to be the Alpha, a beast will not otherwise improve, and neither will the beast-man of his own accord improve beyond that necessary for his survival. But the pecking order of the alpha keeps the established order and harmony. It forces those beneath to perfect themselves within that structure imposed upon them by the alphas. So people criticize others, especially aiming their arrows at those who are their closest rivals in the hierarchy / pecking order. But upon being foiled they can easily vent their frustrations on those beneath them --- or even on those above them, particularly if the beast feels he can safely do so without risking loss.


To the beast man, the desire to be the alpha is perceived as the fulfillment of one's desires. And if the beast-man is not the top alpha, even the possibility of being higher up in the pecking order feeds that desire for fulfillment, for satisfaction. The attaining of his desires will bring him peace and contentment, or so the beast-man believes. Of course being Alpha is far from peaceful since one is now obliged to fight off all contenders if one is to stay in that position.


Yet it can be difficult for the beast to rise, for the two lowest kinds of thoughts are always close at hand if not directly on the Corporeal man's mind. One could say the beast is attentive to any such stirrings whether coarse or subtle. Nonetheless, the beast of man is still moved by higher thoughts, but only to the fourth level which involves having one's own desires fulfilled and being in control (satan).


Obviously, then, to inspire man with the higher, the Es knowledge and wisdom, man must learn to rise beyond the dictates of his beast (animal nature).

Mastering the Impulses of the Beast


As we progresses into Kosmon, we want to balance things of Corpor and Es. Our physical body is the beast realm, so the lowest four things will always be there --- their influence continues to impact upon man. But during the long eras of man developing his corporeal self, Jehovih's angels have instructed and taught man how to deal with these lowest four chakras according to Jehovih's way.


Since the beast springs out of corporeal existence, it may seem almost as the voice of Corpor. But is it actually the voice of Corpor, Jehovih's Son? How would that explain the beast's continued existence in the lowest heavens? --- Certainly the false Gods, for instance as Anuhasaj once was, lived well above and beyond the earth and had no direct contact with it nor with mortals. How then would the voice of Corpor be considered strong upon the psyche of such false Gods? After all, proximate things tend to equalize, while far distant things are as vaporous voices, insignificant and impotent. The answer is that the voice of the beast is not the voice of Corpor, but rather it is the voice of the Beast itself. Who or what, then, is the beast?


First, Jehovih created the beast and for the reasons given (there are others). We can perhaps best think of the beast as being in many ways the opposite of Jehovih. In short we might consider the beast to be that entity which proves to man why it is wise to choose Jehovih and His ways rather than to choose the self. And all the while Jehovih gives man free choice. --- This is no joke, Jehovih lets anyone try their hand at setting up some other system and order. What gets them in the end is that they run up against the system and order of Jehovih's universe and sooner or later they (the beasts / self-Gods / false Gods) crumble against the weight of its Seffas (established system and order. One might think of the so-called laws of physics as one example of Jehovih's established system and order). Essentially it boils down to evil destroying itself; the stubbornness in man --- his beast, his self --- will not listen to Jehovih and His pleas, but plunges headlong into unforeseen disaster or into a disaster previously dismissed by the beast as impotent. And when the man casts out the beast and comes out of his darkness he puts away his self (self-abnegation) and embraces Jehovih. Why?


The redeemed man will come to understand that while Jehovih is All Power and All Righteousness, the beast is the opposite --- the beast is for self-power and self-righteousness. The beast is for the individual self and Jehovih is for the whole. The beast builds from the individual self, or at least attempts to. But the Faithist in Jehovih builds from Jehovih as He is both the Core and the Foundation as well as the Summit of attainment. Such a person has not only Jehovih to emulate but the whole of Jehovih's kingdom --- a living entity (collective whole) comprising uncountable hosts of elder brothers and sisters, Godlike.


By contrast, consider the corporeal creation as it is among the animal kingdom (or even the plants). The forms or entities are forced toward perfection by coming through environmental stresses, the elements of the environment, the weather, the geography and of course, the rivals and the predators. The individual entities are expendable and are forced to sacrifice to keep the whole going. Such is the way of the Corporeal Creation. On the other hand, Jehovih's way to and for the es-man, is not by force. And so it is in the kingdoms of Jehovih in the Es realms; there the way is all voluntary; Jehovih's kingdom does not do triage, but accommodates all souls.


Now the great beast will always find exceptions arguing: "that world got uziated (destroyed), so that was force"; and the beast-man utters that doubt. Yet he does not perceive that a greater accomplishment was underway --- for by that act the souls of those whose mortal lives were cut short were saved and nurtured. On the other hand, if the world was not uziated, a few souls might have been saved, but billions would have been lost. The story of the submergence of Pan in Oahspe's Book of Aph illustrates just that.


From that same book we also learn that mastering the elements of one's surroundings does not mean conquering --- mastery is being able to use the elements for the greatest good, or rather as Jehovih deems the greatest good to be. If not perceiving the highest way, one may ask Jehovih for wisdom in such a matter. From the Book of Osiris we learned that even Orians (high ranking etherean angels) are not above asking Jehovih for the all highest way to proceed. Man on earth must learn to do the same --- learn to commune / talk with Jehovih! For example, when man comes to taking control of the weather, man must consider the whole earth and all the life on it. This is following the Voice and Wisdom of Jehovih.




Given the reality of the foregoing, how would man tend to his corporeal needs without succumbing to the tetracts (beast) that spring from his corporeal existence?


The lowest thoughts have to do with food, clothing and shelter which are essential necessities for corporeal survival. To the mortals whose Es is transcendent these can be attained through sustainable compassionate means, without killing and through industry and innovation and by laboring in harmony with Jehovih's creation rather than going against its grain. So that man's needs need not destroy the environment, nor cause others to go without. When man strives to live in harmony with Jehovih and His Creation, he partakes of the abundance in which Jehovih creates.


The second lowest thoughts pertain to sex which springs from the impulse to procreate. These impulses have been taken care of by marriage and the taboo against incest and choosing one's spouse by inspiration of the loo'is who bring mortals together by accentuating virtues and beauty. As man progresses, he will come to understand that the root of all evil comes from sex during pregnancy. When this occurs the fetus suffers and the developing person is deeply harmed. How? The new embryo is in its formative stage and very vulnerable to "incoming" impressions. The sexual act is the intrusion of the beast onto that coalescing human whose corporeal body is being formed. What that intrusion does --- because the developing fetus is Omish (receptive) --- its Na (outflow) harmonizes and integrates all the incoming vortexya into its makeup both corporeal and es. There is an ambiance the unborn child is immersed in and this becomes a part of his / her makeup / structure. This ambience for the most part is a closeness to Jehovih, a very strong closeness. It has now been intruded upon and this intrusion gets blended into the makeup of that child. For the child itself, the chief feeling is still that of closeness to Jehovih. And so the pollution (the sexual intrusion) also becomes a part of that feeling of closeness to Jehovih.


So after that child is born and grows to adulthood, in that person's attempt to draw closer to Jehovih, that sexual pollution will feel to be a necessary part of drawing to Jehovih. When one finds out it is of the beast and not of Jehovih, that knowledge does not neutralize the potency of the pollution --- cleansing and purification is necessary.


Evil comes from not flowing with Jehovih. So how is this pollution the root of evil in man? Evil comes out of the beast in man and man can start to identify with that polluted part of himself and not see the spark of light that may have become so obscured because of the beast. Man's choice in the matter is like he is in a deep valley and sees no way out. He perceives only that he is distant from Jehovih's attendant feeling of wholeness. Such a person desires, indeed longs for, a feeling of being at peace with himself. But being mortal, he cannot escape the deep imprint of those pre-birth years. Nor does death itself bring relief.


Only by turning from the beast and laboring for the All Highest can any form of relief come to either mortals or spirits. And for mortals this relief in large part comes from the presence or rather closeness (to the mortal's soul) of Jehovih's kingdom through His hosts, especially the ashars (guardian angels). On the other hand, those also who do not question the beast's validity, and accept and seek the ways of the beast are answered by those in darkness and little relief is found; but the beast distracts by indicating opportunities to bring beastly satisfactions. --- And so the beastly hierarchy and pecking order forces such to resurrection by forcing them to do things their own darkness would avoid --- corralling and distracting, providing belief systems to prevent them become complete savages., etc. False Gods don't want their subjects to fall in the grades, that is why they go to such lengths to make them fearful and tow the line.


God, Son of Jehovih speaks of resurrection upward and onward. He demonstrates how man can have dominion over his beast. That is God's job because he is calling man upward and onward to resurrections ultimately to be free of the beast which is emancipation in the Third Resurrection.


Now take heed: Say a person is born free of the sex-in-pregnancy intrusion of the beast, the question then is: Will there be a sexual urge, will they be good for propagating the earth with more human souls? A qualified Yes, but they may or may not have the desire to wed and that impulse is influenced by their forbears (back 6 generations, mostly strongly the previous 4) and their contribution.


So what this means is that over the course of many hundreds of years when people without that intrusion are born, then Iesus begin to be born. These Iesu are thus born "sinless" they don't have that pollution going back generations - but they are incapable of propagating the race. And those born close to or near the borders of Iesu are less inclined to marry. So as we find out in Oahspe, those who are concerned with such matters in Etherea will send Ji'ay and especially A'ji in the pathway of the earth to help magnify the beastly urges in man, and thus making him more prolific in propagating. One example in Oahspe is the proliferation of celibacy in the cycle of Fragapatti during the two hundred years of light following the dawn of dan'ha, and much of mankind had ceased to propogate. The earth soon entered a period of heavy a'ji and mortals gave up celibacy in multitudes.


Some might say: "That being the case, I am doing Jehovih's work by procreating." So God suffers such to go their own way, but those who are oriented upward need not fear the dying out of the human race because there will always be those who will ignore the upward calling inspiration and instead follow the urges of the beast.


That being the case, what then is Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth and how is it attained if there will always be those following the urges of the beast? In light of the previous considerations, the conclusion is that the Father's Kingdom consists of sufficient numbers of those oriented upward, so as to allow for the Father's Kingdom to manifest. In that regard, the Father's Kingdom must provide for the resurrection of all those within its domain --- i.e., everyone! Not just the Faithists. Because of this reality, the Faithists should not expect that the entire world will become Faithists on earth, at least not for any great duration (see e.g., 38/7.7-8), but that sufficient numbers are upward oriented to sustain it so as to not allow the beast to undermine or usurp it. Which is to say that there will be those who labor in "the grey area". Today such examples are: God's Vegan Army and those working to better social conditions for the less fortunate and for the wellbeing of the earth itself. Those in the "grey area" are therefore not necessarily Faithist oriented, but at the same time are likely not anti-Faithist.


The Chakras


Being artifacts of the Es body in the physical body. Originating out of the spinal cord and shaped like a trumpet opening up toward the front of the body. Since the time of the ancients these have been described as petalled flowers.



The Crown Chakra is called the Thousand Petalled Lotus and corresponds to the grade of 99 and above.


The Third Eye or Brow Chakra corresponds with the Sed.


The Throat Chakra sorts the more subtle or heavenly vibes with words as tools.


The Heart Chakra is the lowest of the Es Man and corresponds with the upward tugged heart. It is also the highest of the Beast Man and corresponds with the downward tugged heart. Together the two hearts form the Git's'ang, signifying perfect dominion, a balance of heaven and earth.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is the power center of the beast.


The Sacral or Lower Abdomen Chakra, sorts the lower or earthly vibes.


The Root Chakra has to do with ensuring the basic survival needs of the corporeal man.





Correspondences and Properties



While the first or Base Chakra concerns itself with integrating and harmonizing for the survival of the animal man, so the Heart Chakra has the same function for the Es-man.


The second Chakra is the soul region. In the female the womb occupies this place and receives incoming vibes from the environment. When sexual indulgence occurs the chakra drops down to the gonads. For the child whose mother had sex in pregnancy, the material between the two lower chakras is weakened and allows the second chakra to easily fall.


One of the functions of the second Chakra is to sort the incoming vibes (gut feelings). The corresponding Chakra in the Es man is the Throat Chakra in a Na way (going forth way). So words are like vibe sorters to help the Es man to perceive what is going on --- that is, through Explanation or Exclamation. For example STOP / GO at a crossing walk can be by symbols or hand signs: hands up or waving hands. These are all a type of speech. In fact if you notice the arms begin at the same level of the throat at the shoulders.


The third or Solar Plexus Chakra is concerned with self-desires. It is the power centre of the beast driven by emotion and passions. The power center of the Es man is the Brow Chakra displaying such characteristics as resoluteness and self-discipline. The Beast man's power center (the Solar Plexus Chakra) may appear more potent, especially in corporeal matters and going forth in the corporeal world, but the higher Brow Chakra is more potent in the spirit --- and the will of the spirit prevails.



The Brow Chakra has to do with the aspirations toward the All Highest - As shown, the symbol of Sed embodies a miniature of the alignment of the Chakras.


The star on the forehead is the highest and the base of the nose is the lowest.





The fourth Chakra, which is the Heart Chakra has to do with contentedness and peace, the height that the corporeal man can reach. The Beast man strives to attain this by becoming the alpha, and so this Chakra corresponds with the fourth lowest thoughts, that of criticizing and pulling down others in order to occupy the alpha position. The Heart Chakra for the Es man is his lowest Chakra, it is symbolized by the upward tugged heart, while the Beast man's height is symbolized by the downward tugged heart. Not that the downward tugged heart is beastly in itself or that it has no influence on those risen in Es. Even the high raised Etherean Chiefs feel the tug of the downward oriented heart as they go forth in pity and compassion to corporeal worlds and their heavens, to relieve the suffering of mortals and atmosphereans. As observed in the Chakra Chart above, the two hearts also correspond with the Git's'ang which symbolizes Perfect Dominion. As the Heart Chakra is the highest of the Beast man, so the Crown Chakra is the highest of the Es man Grade ninety nine. It corresponds with the heights of spiritual attainment, the ultimate of which is Union with Jehovih.


Bear in mind that Union with Jehovih implies Union with Jehovih's Kingdom (because Jehovih is one with His Kingdom). You can read in Oahspe about the glories that await as we approach union with Jehovih. And in regard to glories, the Crown Chakra is called the Thousand Petalled Lotus that corresponds to the millage of the Thousand Grades as read about, for instance, in the Prophecy section of Oahspe. For once man reaches grade ninety nine, there are a thousand grades that follow in higher levels of spiritual attainment.



In conclusion we can consider man to be on an individual and collective journey rising from his/her basest "instincts" dwelling in the lowest of the chakras to his attaining the "Crown" --- living and perceiving according to His Highest Light which leads to Unity with Jehovih where he organically acts upon his Highest Aspirations.








All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007






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