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Sunrise of Man's Celestial Springtime 






Greetings in the name of the All Holy!


In the seasons of man, Jehovih our heavenly Father has given times for darkness in which the self grows, and times for light in which the es within man grows. Now is the time for the latter.


As it has been said, when the signs are down, be ye patient. On February 18, 2016, the tide of that direction has changed. For those attuned, one could sense the light approach the horizon. In truth, the sun has peeked above the horizon in the convergence of many prophetic cycles as given in Oahspe.


The dark night of the soul that had come upon man 66 years ago, is now emerging into day in the prophecy context wheel of the spells (33 years). And at this time we rejoice because we are now in the 6th spell of Kosmon's era. And spells, as in other elements of Jehovih's creation, are orderly, and systematically sequenced. Accordingly, after 66 years of being in the earth and water elements in the Wheel of Life, as in the ar'bag'ebul (i040; 35/I.5.4) and the yot'ang'd'ang (35/D.47; i033), we now resurface into the air and later, we enter the fire elements.


Ar'bag'ebul - The Seasons of the Wheel of Life

Yot'ang'd'ang - Water, Earth, Air, Fire




According to the ar'bag'ebul it can be said that as of February 18, 2016, we entered the Tree quadrant,which, on the Prophecy Wheel of Life, is in the second quadrant (upper left), and moving toward the ideal.


Indeed, not only are we now in the 6th spell of kosmon (beginning 1849), but the 4th generation of kosmon (those born between 1949 and 1982), who have been steadily building in its power since 1999 CE), has now peaked and from here forward will wane in influence as the 5th generation (born between 1982 and 2016) grows into positions of social power and responsibility. While those of the beast in the 4th generation have been control oriented (e.g., control freaks; tyrants; helicopter parents because they hover over their child, smothering; those of petty concerns, etc.), and those born of the spirit in the 4th generation have preserved the best of the past, so those of the 5th generation have comparatively little concern about the outer foundation since their focus is upon getting right the inner wealth/health of man --- that is, his inner foundation.


Because we are now in the 6th spell, the emphasis will be upon balancing the outer and inner foundations toward their ideal. Although those in power will still be oriented toward their proclivities of, control and preserving the outer foundation (4th generation) and establishing the inner foundation (5th generation), the sum of their foci will tend toward a balancing of the two. Till 2032, those of the outer foundation will tend to be in ascendancy, but continually losing ground to those born in the 5th generation. After 2032, the balance of power will tip to the 5th generation who shall increase in power till, at the 2049 dan, they will have reached their peak of power. After that, they will wane in power as the 6th generation starts coming into positions of social power and responsibility. Also occurring at the 2049 dan is the start of the 7th spell and the birthing of the 7th generation of kosmon.


It is the 6th generation that, after the 2049 dan, will begin to establish the social order toward a balance between outer and inner realms; and shall, in fact, move man toward the fullness of that ideal. Meanwhile, the 5th generation will make certain that the inner foundation is not under-represented in this balance; and who will, if anything, tend to favor the es or spiritual over the corporeal life and its outer forms. At 2066, the tipping point will be reached and the 6th generation will take over the ascendancy in positions of power in the social order.


And so it goes....


The spells and the generations they give birth to, will sequence through the wheel of life, even as seasons of the year continually follow each other without exception --- though, indeed, the particulars of any season of any year will vary from other years of that same season. And all the while, the years themselves endlessly repeat and complete their allotted seasons. Same it is, then, with the seasons and times of man. To read them and understand them, is kosmon. To apply himself wisely to the seasons is man's destiny. Opportunity and joy awaits him who labors in Jehovih!


Lest this be too long, we close with a brief mention of a few other cycles' significant converging on February 18, 2016, or soon thereafter. The Great Beast cycle of 666 years has now entered its springtime (a time when the Es-man makes great strides in progress). The 16th ode of kosmon is now upon man; whereupon an increase of faith shall manifest. The tidings of the Uranus cycle is due to shortly come upon man once again with its season of unexpected treasures (bear in mind that treasure is in the eye of the beholder, and that the treasure we speak of is one that moves man toward the fullness of Jehovih's kingdom on earth).



Rejoice O Faithists! The Father lives and reigns! Thank Him for the Springtime; and Praise Him for His great Wisdom in the management of His worlds.





All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007






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