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The Vision

The Birthing Process Figuratively and Literally




What the birthing process can tell the Faithist about what is coming



The coming social order called Fraternity by Jehovih's God, was in embryo in the early days of Kosmon (33/11.11). With the coming of Kosmon that embryo had come into life from seed fructified by Jehovih into a zygote. In 1882 Oahspe made known to Es-oriented mortals the zygote's developing embryonic form as well as the general form of its birth body and its accompanying environment such as important conditions, signs, and players involved (see e.g., Bk of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth). But Oahspe purposely left much for man to figure out and experience.



The Vision


On March 31, 1990 in the late morning appeared a gently luminous daytime vision filling the entire sky across the Southern horizon up to about 35 degrees elevation. Here lay an enormous figure in human form signifying a pregnant mother earth (Mother Mi). On her back with her head to the East, she had her arms at the side of her big belly, knees raised and feet on the ground pointing West. Her pregnancy was so well-advanced that her water broke, washing over the earth and everyone on it. The commencement of the birthing labor that would be upon mother earth for the next sixty years before the child named Fraternity would come forth fully out of her womb, said Es.



Birth of Fraternity


The birthing metaphor found in Oahspe is very apt. Among pregnant women, birthing pain is a well-known phenomenon. Likewise the world has already been experiencing labor pains in moving toward the birth of the Fraternity social order. Too, besides the actual birth other birthing phenomena of interest exist. For instance, the study of cycles can yield propitious times for all phenomena including birthing-related effects that emerge, rise to ascendancy, fulfill their time, and then disappear.


One phenomenon for example, occurs in woman's birthing process. Contractions near birth quicken in frequency and become more regular. Prior to the water breaking, though, come preparatory contractions (called Braxton-Hicks contractions by obstetricians) that tend to appear irregularly and are mild compared to the final contractions which commence true labor. These preparatory contractions, sometimes called false labor pains, can feel to the uninformed mother as if she is about to give birth. The earth mother has had several of these preparatory contractions.


The 1960s labor was one such preparatory contraction. And it saw, for instance, the removal after a tumultuous period of Jim Crow (anti-black) laws in the USA and the replacing them with non-discrimination laws including a Constitutional Amendment (24th) as well as creating administrative bodies to provide regulations and to oversee enforcement.


Yet, society's preparatory contractions can also contribute something more than a woman's pre-birthing contractions can. The earth mother's preparatory contractions can and usually do produce preparatory births. While these "children" tend to be short-lived affairs, they have a definite purpose---to prepare society's path to the future by opening and establishing a way for that which is truly coming in its fullness as part of man's progress in his es.


Ever since the world has been approaching Kosmon, such prepatory mortal workers of God go forth as pioneers to establish a viable alternative model---a better social order. Although these preparatory births are as early flowers and often outwardly fail or at least weaken in the harsh seasonal blasts, yet in larger context such preparatory paradigm-shifts are neither failures nor useless. For, such ground-breaking attempts provide man with the prototypes necessary for building an improved social order that manifests, at least in part, the ideal manifested by the later actual birth. Unlike the preparatory births, the true birth will not only prove the more enduring of the births but pervasive in its fullness, being destined by Jehovih to form one of the pillars of man's evolving social order.


Still, the birthing of prototypes---those preparatory births---and their crop, the pioneers, further act as exemplars of sorts to those who are light-seekers but as yet unable or unwilling to completely renounce some of the the uzian or older social order ways. As first lights in the darkness though they be weak, they nonetheless provide at least a mottled and dappled twilight sufficient to illume in vague ways a map leading toward the true birth. These preparatory births in introducing something new to man's social order also cause the man of darkness to become aware of and to deal with the new thing.


Further, a preparatory birth can create multiple births, even many more than twins or triplets. The preparatory contraction of the 1960s and into the 1970s, for instance, produced many preparatory births. These included fraternalists, environmentalists, fairness activists, vegans, human rights activists, social fabric menders, and many more. The groundwork giving rise to these preparatory births actually began earlier and in different ways and times, but it took until the 1960s for these to register indelibly upon the social mind.




Distraction of the Beast


Uzian society is never of one mind in its response, save for possible brief periods when Jehovih's light moves their hearts to accept or acquiesce to His progress. Otherwise, uzian society's spirit is never united in its response---though indeed it might force laws toward that end. The beast-man in particular is innately opposed to social change unless he believes he can benefit from that change. Or, and this is important, he can become too distracted to oppose.


The importance of distraction stems from its common occurrence. It is common because almost always it is the quickest and surest way to bypass the beast-man. For, the beast in man is collectively always strongest in the lower grades among man. Not only proportionally are the lower grades more susceptible to the beast than are those of the higher grades, but it is more difficult to inspire the lower grades toward Jehovih and His plans. And they are more readily swayed by appeal to their beastly emotions than the higher grades.


That same pattern occurs with all other preparatory births except some fail early and others rise but not sufficiently to attract the attention of society's mind. This can sometimes be a good thing.


Preparatory births have been many since Kosmon era's advent. And they come forth during or shortly after times of preparatory contractions. Newbrough's Shalam was the first one based on Oahspe, being an attempt at Faithist Fraternity, and its rise into society's mind was fleeting and with mixed reviews. The grand-scale preparatory birth of the 1960s and 1970s on the other hand, gave rise to prototypes of man's Fraternity Social Order. And not just a few children came forth during that preparatory birth, but thousands, to fulfill Jehovih's inspiration upon them. Thus all preparatory births since Kosmon era began became training times for Fraternity Social Order's birth. But more analogous to a woman's actual pregnancy, these preparatory times can be considered to be like growth of the fetus perfecting in its form before birth, and perhaps kicking the wall of the womb.



True Labor


The onset of final contractions in a social order giving birth can be called true labor in contradistinction to the "false" labors that gave rise to the preparatory births. The true labor for fraternity's birth began with pregnant mother earth's water breaking in 1990 as revealed in the vision. Eleven years---one Ode---later came the first great contraction with its pain brought on by man himself reacting to Kosmon Day. The distraction of man-caused event of September 11---Jehovih's kingdom knew it was coming---loosed the grip of untold billions of drujas clinging to mortals and thus could be removed from the earth's plateau. (Regarding that, in future posting(s) if time allows we shall set forth some pre-2001 prophecies that announced it, and set forth heavenly events that prepared the way for the removal.)


Nineteen and three-quarter years after that, when again man brought the pain on himself with the next great contraction, being the Unexpected Change of March 2020, began the time of short-spaced contractions, most likely linked at least to recurring pandemics (more about this later). In any event, the birth of the Fraternity Social Order is just around the corner (circa 2049 according to the cycles and other prophecies). Accordingly, as birthing pangs of labor contractions the social convulsions will become more frequent and painful for many. What does this mean for Faithists? Even as birthing contractions differ from mother to mother and even from one birth to the next, yet most feel birthing pains and at the very least experience some discomfort. And yet for a very few the birthing contraction is relatively painless. Analogous to these latter are those who remain steadfastly with Jehovih and His Light during this time of Social Transition.


It may be that also some of those in the alpha-beast position might feel unaffected, indeed, perhaps for a season riding high during the transition period rejoicing in their exalted positions and in their quickly opening opportunities for spoil, and in their exploitations, But these dark glorifications will prove to be illusory and short-lived. The hand of Jehovih cannot be stopped! (Think of Moses and the column of light by night and cloud pillar by day.)




The Birth


Man's part in the changeover from Republic Social Order to Fraternity Social Order can be considered somewhat analogous to a mother giving her third birth (from Anarchy to Monarchy social order; from Monarchy to Republic, from Republic to Fraternity). While she now knows what to expect in general, she also knows complications can arise---that the birthing pangs could be painful or simply uncomfortable or hopefully even joyous. (We will look at these earlier births in another writing.)


As the experienced midwife with decades of experience looks at as many indications as possible regarding a pregnancy so as to foretell (prognosticate) the birth, so the student of prophecy, the prophecy student, the budding prophet, as well as the prophet of Jehovih, look at the indications to foretell (prophesy) regarding his or her area of interest. Future postings shall set forth many of these indicators, seasons, and possibilities. Nearly all of the main indicators and signs point to seasons propitious for the birth of a healthy baby Fraternity.


Already in the previous writing called "The March 2020 Turning Point", we touched upon a sequence of Three Steps. The first two steps (1849 & 2001) were preparatory steps. We might now think of them as preparatory births that brought forth fraternity pioneers. The third step---begun in 2020---signaled the arrival of quickening labor pains preceding Fraternity's 2049 full birth. But what comes between now and then? And what comes afterward? What is the timing of those events? And what does the past reveal in that regard? And finally, what do the prophecies, progressions, odes, spells, sweeps (100-year cycles), and many prophetic indicators reveal especially as to the ends for which they are propitious? We can look at these in upcoming posts.










All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






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