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The Universal Family


The Universal Family



We are all planets within a planet.

We are all kingdoms within a planetary kingdom.

We are taking our course in the plan and way of the Universal Creator, each day,

and each moment we are cultivated into the fabric of our creation.



We are birthed marked, shaped, and molded in the design birth place.

We are forever written upon by our individual journey on earth,

And universal journey that we have together as one body.

As we take each step,

We take a step towards our progression, and advancement or digression and fall.

Our thoughts, speech, actions and behaviors are made by our environment and surroundings.

We become based on where we are born,

And for those who are fortunate enough to expand beyond their borders, become much more.



Regardless, of how lavish or humble our beginnings, we are a part of the Universal Family.



From birth we start our journey unconscious of the journey we begun.

We have many life experiences,

Parental and social influences that sculpt us to become who we will become in life.

We all strive to make a marking onto the life given to us.

Intrinsic to the gift of life is the gift which is so special,

Unbeknown to our very being,

The special gift called our soul,

Provided to us by our Universal Father, the Creator.



As we travel upon our path of human existence,

We are nurtured, fed, and housed by Mother Earth that Jehovih created, called MI.

Our Creator helped us along our journey in life, from birth to death.

As He guides us within our universal human experience,

We travel through darkness and light, the wars and conflicts, through the challenges and storms of life, era after era.

Our Creator leads us the way we need to go and travel, within Mi (Mother Earth).



Although, we come into this world,

By His breath, blown to be scattered, in many fragmented pieces all over the world,

We may lack the understanding of the world and role we have in it.

Given time and maturation we begin to gain some knowledge and understanding.

We eventually grow with strength in wisdom - 

Enough wisdom to see and know of the way and plan of our Creator,

And know the way that all things are designed, and work;

To know that experiences and events of the world will help lead us to the one universal truth - 

That we are one Universal Family.



Although we are made in many various ways, shapes, shades and sizes,

We are still a part of this special Family.

Although we may battle, and fight with one another, over territory, resources and control,

We are still a part of the Universal Family.

We have our times of darkness and times of light.

We have our times of confusion and times of enlightenment.



We come into this world, to learn this Universal truth - 

That, we begin life apart,

Yet if we learn to come together in love, harmony, truth and righteousness,

Then we can see the Ever-presence of Our Creator, and His Everlasting Life,

Our ultimate destination.



We can see that we are all a part of Him, and that we are all loved by Him.

For if we weren't loved, then we would not exist.

We would not exist to have a chance to grow,

Becoming who we need to become in this life and beyond;

We would not have a chance to cultivate the talents and abilities that our Creator instilled in us.

Yes, man, such as our brother or sister may try to stop us through darkness,

from becoming what we need to become in life.

They may try to prevent us from ever learning this truth - 

That we are all unique and special, deserving, worthy and valuable souls,

Regardless of our birth place, regardless of our beginning.

It is up to us to learn that we are all traveling upon this special journey, the universal journey;

The universal journey that is treaded daily.



We are on the march,

We have come a long way,

We come from the time of our infancy - the first created beings (Adam) ;

We marched through our time of discovery - the time of adolescence (Egyptian Dynasties);

We marched through the times of imperialism - 

The conquering of people, lands, and water for religious domination (the time of arrogance);

We have marched through the times of enslavement, bondage, and control.

We are now marching through the time of freedom, equality, and joy of liberation.

We have now arrived at Kosmon, the time of wisdom and truth.

The time for us to know of the Universal Truth, the time of the spiritual man.

It is now time for the wise man to rise.



Jehovih helped us to make it to this day and time.

It was a long journey for us, not long for Him;

However, we have made it.

We made it as one Universal Family.

For we are all a part of the human race,

We are a part of the family.

A family that is greater than any human family,

A family that's beyond the human fabric,

Which includes not just the mortal worlds but the spiritual worlds.



Our Father is speaking to us;

He speaks to us each day, in our own language, to our own understanding,

And He is saying to us that this is our time to learn of where we are in this human journey.

And, He is telling us, this is the time for us to come together - to come together as one,

And to know that we are a part of this Universal Family.

And it is for us to learn that we are a part of His Universal Family.












All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007