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Holy Kosmon Day


Holy Kosmon Day was named in Oahspe before the matter was revealed. It was to be some time in the future following the Dawn of Kosmon. Many readers of Oahspe wondered what it was about since there were no details accompanying the announcement other than it was a matter that was to be kept secret among the Faithists until a certain time (34/18.1). We shall soon see why the matter was to be kept "under wraps" until the time was ripe for the revelation.



Holy Kosmon Day


Holy Kosmon Day first occurred 153ak31, being July 21, 2001. The light poured down from heaven that day, stunning billions of drujas and evil spirits on the face of the earth and in its hadan atmospherea. For Jehovih's angels came in great strength to remove them. The labor began on the West Coast of America moving eastward around the world. They finished in three years.


In place of the many petty (but powerful) drujan syndicates of evil, Jehovih's Kingdom stood triumphant---the earth stood cleared of drujan interference in the lives of mortals. Nevertheless, mortal followers of the drujan evil, who were born into the spirit realm after Kosmon Day, were not pursued by the angels of Jehovih---and some of these could and would pester mortals. Yet nearly all mortals were left with only the momentum formerly fueled by the evil spirits of old.


The result? Man was now freer than ever to make his choice: choose Jehovih or choose the Beast. This is the primary choice each individual must make. And choose he must. For, the nature of the times makes it increasingly impossible to delay or evade choosing. Shall man continue to live in a culture of death or shall he choose a culture of life? The gap between keeps increasing, and each individual will be forced to choose. The degradation of his environment shall force him as the abyss of no return continues to grow.


The Faithists choose Life, choose Jehovih---always have, always will. Yet choosing signifies not intellectual agreement alone, but actions and practices nurturing the growth. In all this, man is receiving help from Jehovih through the Kosmon Tree. For the season surrounding it is changing from a winter thaw to full Springtime.


The Kosmon Tree is the Tree of Light that came out of the relative darkness at the end of Bon. Having to endure through the wintery blasts of Bon's Hyartien winter, the Tree's light withdrew deep within as the Tree became dormant. Come Kosmon, and sap began running up its trunk then through its barren branches---awakening it to the promise of growth ahead.


Since then and closer to our time, buds had been forming amidst the cold(-hearted) atmospherean spring caused by hadan evil spirits in their billions. Eventually, all the produced good (such as it was) came to an end from the Brotherhood of Ha'k (the collective name for all the evil and drujan spirits so-named because their commonality, association, and self-identity all resided in darkness).



The Cleansing


Thus it was, on July 20, 2001, under inspiration a small group of dedicated Faithists met on the West Coast of America. Near sunset of that day we held sacred ceremony, a healing ceremony, and continuing in sacred circle worshipped, prayed and sang praises to Jehovih. Then sat in silence. In answer Jehovih, blessed: His hosts had surrounded our group and in their ministration they said: Partake of the FIRST LEAVES from the Tree of Kosmon. And with that came the blessing.


It was the first leafing out of the buds since Kosmon began. We did not know it at the time, because we were not told. No mortal nor lower atmospherean angels knew that the very next morning a Column of Intense Etherean Light would descend in Great Power to pierce the earth then instantly radiate the same ethereal light from West to East around the earth, covering it in less than a second.


Two members of the previous night's circle witnessed / experienced the following events. A relatively small group of spirits descended within the column itself who then came out where we stood at the base. It was a team of inspectors, graders and recording angels who were to accompany us for a while.


We went to a nearby Quaker meeting where we saw files of Quaker spirits solemnly dressed in the black garb of yesteryear, including unique extremely-wide brimmed hats, as they silently marched in procession two abreast up the aisles to the meeting hall front. Amidst the spectacle I lost track of the spirit team but saw them again afterward when we went to a Trader Joe's food store. There the angelic team began actively reading people. The inspectors apparently chose particular individual mortals for study. Into these the graders peered very deeply; and the recorders recorded. As my spirit stayed with the graders as they read, I wondered why they needed to peer so deeply. They told me that they were measuring the density of the blackness within and around the souls of mortals. And that this information was necessary to determine future a'ji, ji'ay and dan densities for the earth's roadway.


I wondered how these readings helped? They said that man(kind) had to have enough depth of soul and blackness to continue populating the earth to the end of his allotted time. By blackness they meant sufficient opacity (density of darkness) to provide an adequate womb for man's soul as it deepened in understanding and power. The density (blackness) of the soul substance would provide soul food sufficient for man's animal growth so as to match and balance against both his spiritual growth and his increasingly ethereal aspirations. As importantly, if man's soul developed without enough blackness of adequate heft (density + hardness + strength of cohesion + sufficient rigidity) he would lack the ballast to anchor him, and thus be unable to oppositely ascend to the required heights. Were he to try without adequate ballast, his aspirations would carry him up and away from both the earth and propagation. And in this we can perceive that the overriding priority for the earth is to be a place and nursery where new souls come into being. And so man's depth was being gauged. (Presumably there were other groups of angels likewise measuring in other places, but if so, I was not aware of them.)


After that we went to a park and there we saw a series of seven es'sean tour boats ferry across the sky. As soon as the seventh one was done, all disappeared as to atmospherean sight. And at that very moment the vibes in (spirit of) the region suddenly changed completely from light, love and peace, to darkness, threat and fear. We glanced at each other with a look of "what just happened?" From the corner an earthly black helicopter shot upward menacingly, the fiercely evil thuk, thuk, thuk of its blades sending forth waves of its terror-inducing decree: We're the Alpha here!!! Piercing the atmosphere from off-center a large black balloon quickly ascended, ballasted with unknown technology swaying in the wind. Everywhere, evil came out of its collective shock with a vengeance. Presently finding nothing to strike against, they stalked about---discomfited and restless without knowing why.


By the following day, Jehovih's angels of great power were seen stationed about the city. For days I kept watch on what was going on, even though my eyes were burning from constantly watching the bright ethe light. But I was not about to miss this event. Eventually my eyes scalded to such a degree that I could no longer get relief from closing them. So Jehovih's kingdom applied an atmospherean healing balm, giving instantaneous relief. Because my eyes were too sensitive it took a few weeks before I could watch again, save for glimpses of the continued action by the Jehovih's angelic hosts. Yet because the light was necessarily lowered (since the grade of the drujas the hosts were dealing with was very low), I watched a large group (an army?) of what I can only describe as spiritual imbeciles happily marching en masse onto a spirit ship to carry them away---music provided by Jehovih's es'enaurs. Yet these marchers were clueless as to what was going on. Their level of incompetency seemed only slightly above those undeveloped souls near Spe-ta's end who kept bowing and mindlessly repeating "I want to go to Anubi." "I want to go to Anubi."


And on and on it went, the wave of removal moving eastward around the globe.



The Kosmon Tree of Light


The removal was necessary in part because from Kosmon dawn to Kosmon Day the Kosmon Tree of Light was barren save for interior life and light and rising sap, quickly followed by barely noticeable budding. The foulness of the drujan and evil spirits made the atmosphere too poison for Tree leaves to live. Come Kosmon Day and the time was ready for them to be removed so the tree leaves could and would come forth. Yet after the drujas and evil spirits were removed, man experienced a season of declining light. This helped anchor him not only by making him own the darkness in his soul, but by grounding him for that which was to come. Nevertheless, the fall of light, like a late Spring cold snap, slowed down the opening of the leaves. But with the returning light now upon us climbing to the 2049 Dan, we can expect the leaves to come forth in the light and warmth, more and more each year. Flowering comes after that First Dan harvest point.



The symbolic sequence in Se'moin is: Sa'fome (evil wind; 35/D.77) of the spirit realm removed with Kosmon Day; and the downward trajectory of man began shortly afterward so that he could take responsibility for his own Sa'fome. Now is the time for the evil winds of mortal man to commence ceasing from their long crescendo. The spirit world achieved the bulk of that cessation on Holy Kosmon Day. By 2049 sufficient numbers of mortal man shall adequately attain to that condition so as to establish the Fraternity social order in a solidarity never before sustainable with such numbers. That is, the Spring (Se'moin 35/D.78) for man occurred with Holy Kosmon Day, but the bulk of humanity were too densely stirred from the preceding Brotherhood of Ha'k's Sa'fome milieu. By the first dan harvest point (circa 2049---remember, dawns endure a few years), adequate numbers will catch the weather of the season (spring) to open their leaves toward the Sun that is Jehovih.



Note that the removal of the drujas and evil spirits had to wait until the time was right. Lest they prepare and thwart it, they knew nothing of their pending removal. For that reason, the theme for Holy Kosmon Day could not be revealed beforehand, not even to mortal Faithists, lest it slip out. But the high-raised Faithists in God's kingdom did know about it, and they kept it secret (34/18.1).


Holy Kosmon Day marks the beginning of man's voluntary and conscious rise in the Tree of Light---the Kosmon Tree of Light, from which he will draw his es sustenance (see series starting with: Four Foods of Man). After learning the early lessons of spirit, the time ripened to Holy Kosmon Day, where man began to grow in his desire to develop his es without the press of drujas bogging him down. From 2049 on, man begins to turn increasingly toward developing his es. The leaves of the Kosmon Tree will initially feed man. Leaves are bitter, but not as bitter as buds. Fruits (post-2049), though initially bitter then sour become sweet over time, and nutritious to the soul of man. The fruits of the Kosmon Tree are destined to feed the world. May we all contribute.




These things are being revealed to the Faithists now because it is year 171 of the first cycle of the Kosmon Era where the foundation is set from the light (see e.g., Almanac for 171ak - June 2019 to June 2020). The inspiration to impart this information came with the first full moon of this foundation year. And now also because of the increasing light since the corner has turned upward toward the dan.






All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007






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