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The Potency of Emp'agatu





Oahspe's Saphah shows the Tablet of Emp'agatu (i037 & shown above in color; 35/H.1-5). It ranks tremendously important in man's transition to a Fraternity Social Order. For one thing, the Tablet of Emp'agatu was the base-tablet for the Me-de-ans. It constituted the foundation of the Me-de-an lifestyle and worldview along with their laws (Me-de-ci), rites (and ceremonies) of Anubi and Faithism (25/7.1-2) as well as with the Me-de-an Faithist degrees (25/7.6-12). The Me-de-ans with their teachings and philosophy have resided at the foundation of man's behavior since the arc of Spe-ta even into today's times.



Jehovih through His Gods meant for man to balance corpor with his es. The example of the Me-de-an Faithists (those above the first degree in the Me-de-an degrees, see 25/7.1-12) showed man how to do this. Emp'agatu in particular provided the Me-de-ans with a language and conceptual base from which to accomplish this. That is, the rites and ceremonies, the degrees, and even his laws became interpreted through the lens and use of the Emp'agatu.


The necessity of the Me-de-ans' existence stems from the fact that the full-fledged Faithists, being those who took the rites of Emethachavah, were less concerned if at all about building much in corpor---for their purpose was to build in their soul (see e.g. 25/6.6). Even the Zarathustrians of the previous cycle turned from corpor to build in their spirit; because of them man in Spe-ta could marry and beget children while not losing the voice of God (Son of Jehovih). Or at least by then man had the capacity for it even as Abraham and Brahma demonstrated, and even Po in his iesu marriage symbolically signified this---that man and woman as celibates could live together as husband and wife. Eawahtah, on the other hand, showed that man could be of the earth and its concerns while yet living a fulfilling life of spirit and soul---recall that Jehovih named him Eawahtah meaning spirit and flesh evenly balanced (24/26.15).


Although being Iesu (and celibacy is on the path toward it) was the all-highest rise available to man, yet such could not fulfill the earth (i.e., propagate). For that to happen there had to be a middle way---a way to propagate (i.e., partake of the animal nature) without losing one's es in the process. Yu-tiv in particular demonstrated albeit unwittingly at the time how this could occur, and then with her family as a living example taught the Faithists about bringing forth children with strong awareness of es and functioning es abilities.


Thus Jehovih's angels initially taught the Me-de-an way of life to man in the Faithist nations of Guatama, Vind'yu, Jaffeth, and Arabin'ya (formerly Ham). And especially due to the Hamites, the Me-de-an teachings and lifestyle spread around the world to all places. And along with those teachings came the Emp'agatu.


Some 50 years into the Spe-ta dan'ha the kingdom of Jehovih's God had given Emp'agatu to the Me-de-ans for them to focus their thoughts. Specifically, it showed them how to live in order to sustain their es, and in particular their spirit. Although a person's soul, es mind, and es forms were not neglected, Emp'agatu further showed and shows man the spiritual elements he will encounter here on earth and how to live so that he may remain in spiritual awareness all the time. And that, in turn, allows him to experience through his spirit the corporeal life. The tablet and its teachings also revealed and to this day still reveal to man how to navigate the spiritual landscape in order for him to build his spiritual talents.


As Emp'agatu became rooted in man's soul through the Me-de-an Faithists, so the front half of humanity (in the grades) readily adopted the teachings of Emp'agatu, and the lower grades tended to follow.  The language that evolved from the Hamite Me-de-ans, being mainly centered around Emp'agatu, became the Fonece Language, which was the fifth major branch of man's languages (see The Tree of Language i031).


And through that Abram-Fonece language limb with its subsequent branches, the Me-de-ans circumscribed the globe --- the Hamites carried the root everywhere. On the other hand, when adopting the Me-de-an teachings, the other language limbs on that tree, incorporated the teachings into each their own language. Yet even as Jehovih's kingdom gave Abraham the name of the Creator: Jehovih, to carry around the globe, so His kingdom gave Emp'agatu to the Hamites for that same purpose---to carry its words and meanings around the globe.


Not surprisingly, when the Emp'agatu first came to the Me-de-ans they could not foresee the course it would set them and future man upon. They only knew that it promised them a way to live a life of spirit while also allowing them to build in the fullness of the physical realm. So, the Hamitic Me-de-ans embraced Emp'agatu with full hearts. It became their sacred tablet and their holy words. And because of that tablet and from their taking its words and concepts to heart, so it happened that those who held to it most dearly---those proud but mindful upward-aspiring Me-de-an Faithists---did not fall to De'yus and his ilk such as Anubi, when those wayward Lords and high ranking officers of the lower heavens became openly false to Jehovih.


For in the dark part of the Spe-ta cycle, the false Gods adapted to their own agendas the Me-de-an teachings and principles including Emp'agatu's teachings. And in Bon the bulk of humanity had not only adopted the teachings of Emp'agatu and the Me-de-ans but took them to extremes, even to the point of placing the "middle ground", the Middle Way, the "common ground", the Majority, above the All Highest. In that way, the higher light was lost as man proclaimed the lower light to be the All Highest. In Kosmon, man began experiencing the playing out of Emp'agatu so as to reclaim the fulfillment of its promise and the reemergence of the All Highest Way, being the ways and means of Jehovih and His kingdoms of light. For only then will man be ready to accept Jehovih's kingdom in its fullness on earth.


The fulfillment of Emp'agatu's promise and reemergence of the All Highest Way as an aim of man's social order shall come through the Fraternity Social Order, the birth of which comes with the 2049 dan when a whole new world opens to man's perception and he as a child within it.

Back at the dawn of Spe-ta Jehovih had said: Behold, to a child, only one lesson a day is given; to a youth, two lessons a day; and to a mature adult, many lessons a day; likewise in the early creation of man, I give few lessons; then in the youthful age of the race, many more lessons; but when the race has attained to full adulthood, behold, I lay My light at their feet, so that they may take My lessons every day. (23/11.13.) ||


Emp'agatu gave man the context and vehicle through which he could understand and apply that light at his feet so he could build a life in corpor without losing his es. For, an important purpose of the Emp'agatu Tablet was and still is to help man take his lessons without failing them. That is, the lessons taught by Emp'agatu help man to recognize either beforehand or early on, a test (or the many tests) of his spirit and what to expect and how to proceed; and even if a lesson is failed, to be protected from great loss or injury, and how to recover.


Accordingly, the Words (i.e., sounds + accompanying concepts) of Emp'agatu helped and even today help guide the spiritually-oriented man toward that end of sustaining his spirit in a world and social order where the beast-in-man rules. How is that possible?


The words of Emp'agatu and through extension the Me-de-ans, now deeply ingrained within man, rest close to the core of what linguists call the Indo-European language. The English, French, German, Russian, Latin, and many other languages are based upon it. Over the centuries as the Emp'agatu Words and their sequence became ingrained, much was forgotten so that in course of time the sequence of the Words, although internalized, was lost as were original meanings of many Words. Yet, although man increasingly failed even into Kosmon, to be able to explain his Emp'agatu-based deeper sentiments, he would mostly still unconsciously act upon them according to the sequence of Emp'agatu Word roots expressed.


Thus, the sequences, concepts and remnants of the original words sealed in the soul of man continue to inform his conscious mind of nuggets of truths contained in any stream of words. And for the most part it must be a stream of words, that is, words strung together in a sequence. In our times, utterance of a single word by itself is with few exceptions difficult for man to discern its precise meaning because the single word lacks context and its standalone meaning (or more usually, meanings) is often quite abstract and devoid of direct spiritual significance. Whereas in the time that Jehovih's kingdom gave Emp'agatu to man, each word in and of itself conveyed a single concept rich with spiritual meaning. That is, the word conveyed something particularly relevant to and significant to the es of man that would either help him from losing his spiritual perception or it would help him uplift and restore both his es-awakened mind and his talent to discern es perceptions and es realities / truth.


Man today, in contrast, generally requires the stringing together of modern words to reveal es truths. To do this effectively requires linking the light and es-truths inherent in the strung-together word-roots from past sacred languages (particularly those given in Saphah) while at the same time keeping the outer form of modern language with its rules of logic and grammar. The better one can do this---link the light of the past with the light of now---the clearer and deeper the expressed truth becomes. The closer a person is to Jehovih, the better he can weave from his choice of words a deeply moving and wonder-filled tapestry of communication. (To view such a tapestry in this way, look again at the Emp'agatu tablet accompanying this writing, or Se'moin or Bienei or the Divan Seal; or if those are as yet too abstract, read or recite Bon's Book of Praise starting at 30/1.1 and continuing to, say, 30/9.4; or read, recite or sing the fallen angels' Song of Lamentation, 05/4.8-29).


Such tapestries are possible because the word roots with light are those from any of Saphah's foundation language tablets. The original words are in light because they were composed by Jehovih's high raised angels as part of language tablets to be given man to induce his soul upward toward light. And certainly such concerted angels of Jehovih's kingdom were themselves in light and knew enough to know which sounds, words, forms, meanings to sequence, ready for imparting. Think not that words are nothing, but such words as described go to the foundation of things.


Through Oahspe man is asked: Who but His prophets have the just compounding of words? (37/4.7.) And while that is true, yet toward that end, each and every person who applies himself or herself to becoming one with Jehovih will find his word choices and sequencing improving. And his word-stream will become powerful by virtue of his ever improving ability to speak in light, till at last, at one with Jehovih, such a person attains to speak with His Voice as inspired.


Studying the past language tablets for the concepts taught and their value and necessity for their times and for the future, will not, though, in and of itself give a person the ability to speak truth or truthfully, as this takes choosing the Highest Light and constitutional growth in that Light. Yet such study will align the person's soul toward the desired purposes of the tablets. For, the language tablets given by Jehovih's kingdom were never void of deep purpose. And being in alignment with Jehovih's purposes, the tablets would and still do orient man's soul, spirit, mind and form toward some desired attainment crucial for his future.


How well our forebears learned and applied those lessons both within themselves and in their social orders, have become our heritage. Their es fruits have become our inner and outer realities. Although we are the fruits of their individual and collective labor, particularly within our souls, spirits, minds, and forms, yet where we lack in some degree, we can now in Kosmon begin to bring more fully our inner deficiencies up to grade. That must come first. The times are propitious for such.


Because man is no longer in the Time of Seffas but in the Time of Kosmon, henceforth outer realm attainments cannot form around inner deficiencies and be long sustained nor outer realm deficiencies around true inner realm attainments. Because of the spirit of the times, those who have built their inner realm in light will continue to rise and depart from the realms of the beast. Man under the light and guidance of our Unseen but perceptible Father, namely Jehovih, will, instead of following the beast, increasingly choose to first master and transcend his own inner deficiencies in the ways and means of Jehovih and His kingdom.


Only then can such persons learn to effectively master how in the ways and means of Jehovih's kingdom of God to effectively uplift others. Only then can Jehovih's kingdom manifest in the outer realm in its fullness upon this earth. Without Jehovih leading the way, it cannot happen. With Jehovih, all things are possible. Thus at the forefront of that movement is Jehovih and His Eight Children and in whose wake follow the Faithists of our times---those Faithists of the seventh era (02/1.16-21) after which come those on that path. Such mortals are the fruits of the Faithists of Bon. They came forth from the line of light of the Tree of Light through the Tree of Life, and their numbers and influence are and will continue to be unstoppable.


Despite that reality, as man comes out of the realms of the beast so man's concern will initially focus upon the deficiencies of the outer realm and so seek to remedy those deficiencies. Those who do this are the fruit of the upper aspiring Me-de-ans. The fruit of the lower aspiring Me-de-ans is found in those attempting to force man into a one world beast government or bau'gan order (see i034 Tablet of Bienei & caption) that if successful will show itself to be destructive not only to the es-man but to life itself.


What is a person to do?


As said in Oahspe: The cure is, come out of uz, and be clean. (32/17.23); also, not rely solely on inspiration but to learn also from books. Books also can be considered as records, that is, the recorded expression of people, places, and things. Encompassed within that broad definition are the tablets in Oahspe's Book of Saphah, set forth to help man regain his inner inheritance of light so that he may go forth in the fullness offered him by his loving Father---Jehovih.









All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






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