Practical Guidebook
to the Spiritual Life

Standard Edition

In Modern American Language





You have a corporeal body and a spiritual body: Hear me, and I will open your understanding. I come to free not only the corporeal man, but the spiritual man.

Yet with your freedom, you also attain to responsibility so that sooner or later, your fidelity to your Creator and to your fellow-man, in righteousness, love and good works, shall become the most sacred study of your life.

Your God does not come in this era as a dictator, but as your elder brother, with ample experience. Nor do I command, saying: You shall believe, because I, your God, have said it, or revealed it in this book.

Nevertheless through Oahspe, light of Jehovih, the Creator, is revealed to man; and man is to judge himself, and labor to save himself, so that by this he may have honor and glory.

For the will of the Creator is not for man to be forever led; but for man to ultimately have the light of practicing good works organically, from infancy up.



















A History of the Dominions of

the Higher and Lower Heavens on the Earth

for the Past Twenty--Five Thousand Years;


Being from the Submersion of the Continent

of Pan in the Pacific Ocean,

Commonly Called the Flood or Deluge,

to the Kosmon Era, the Present Time;


Also a Brief History of the Preceding Years,

from Man's Beginning on Earth

to the Flood;


Together With:







A Synopsis of

the Cosmogony of the Universe;

the Creation of Planets;

the Creation of Man;

the Unseen Worlds;

the Labor and Glory of Gods and Goddesses

in the Heavens of the Earth

and in the Etherean Heavens above them;


With the

New Commandments of Jehovih

to Man of the Present Day,

and Other Revelations

from the Second Resurrection,

formed in Words in the Thirty--Third Year

of the Kosmon Era.


This present edition being placed into

modern American Language;

being an extraction, compilation and

integration of materials


from the First Published Edition




and from the

Second Published Edition

Published in 1891



Copyright 1910 by Justine Ballou


Copyright 1935 by E. Wing Anderson


and from

Extant pre-1882 Oahspe Source Materials


and from

the Heavens of Jehovih.


This new edition being placed

into the public domain in 159 A.K. (Anno

Kosmon) being year 2007 of the common

civil calendar.








Tae's Prayer

Chapter 1 Tae's Prayer





01/1.1. Jehovih, the Creator, said: I blow My breath upon the planet, and man |1| comes forth, inquiring: Who am I, and what is my destiny? ||

01/1.2. So I send an elder brother of man, to teach him, and show him the light.

01/1.3. God said: Behold |2| me, O |3| man, I am an elder brother. I have passed through death and found the glory of the unseen worlds.

01/1.4. Jehovih gave to me, your God, dominion over the earth and her heavens.

01/1.5. Man said: I have found truth in corpor (physicality); I know I live; that trees grow and die. This is true knowledge. || Give me truth regarding the unseen; and a way that I can prove its truth?

01/1.6. And in the stirring up of man's soul, Jehovih spoke through His |4| sons and daughters. His voice came up out of the marsh and down from the heavens above, and the children of men heard and saw, and rose up because of the spirit in them. They responded to Him, Who is Almighty; and their voices were called Tae, because as it is the universal word of all children born, so it represents the universal prayer of man (humankind).

01/1.7. Tae said: Reveal, O Father, give me light! I see the wide earth, the sun, moon and stars. But the great vault of heaven appears to be just an empty sky. Where is the dwelling place |5| of the dead; the place of the souls of men?

01/1.8. In times past, You have quickened seers and prophets, and through them, lifted up Your children and proclaimed other worlds! Am I less worthy than those of past ages? All the while my forefathers, and now I, have abided by |6| Your mighty presence.

01/1.9. By Your own hand You have quickened my consciousness, to be dissatisfied with the old revelations, and made me peer deeper into the cause and place of things, |7| and to desire further light from Your holy place.

01/1.10. By Your power my manhood (womanhood) has been raised up. Only by Your power and wisdom will I be appeased. |8|

01/1.11. When I was a child I believed as a child, because it was told to me; but now that I am grown, I desire to know who Your prophets were, and how they attained their gifts, and wisdom of words.

01/1.12. The cosmogony You taught in ancient times was sufficient for that day; but now I am raised up by You to receive comprehensive knowledge of the sun, and the stars of other worlds, and of their travel in Your great firmament. |9|

01/1.13. And now I cry out to You, where is the promised heaven? Where is the proof of immortal life? By You I was quickened into life and made conscious that I am. To You I come in the majesty You made me, You my Father! By You I was made determined to sift all things to the bottom. In You I know there is capacity to encompass all my holy desires, and answer me.

01/1.14. Give me of Your Light, O Father. When I was a child I called to You as a child; now, I call out in the manhood (womanhood) You have bestowed upon me! I will know Your Lords, Gods, Saviors, and Your promised heaven.

01/1.15. I have scaled the mountain; the countless corporeal worlds traveling in the eternal sea of space speak of Your handiwork! I have perceived that all the stars in heaven would not fill the hollow of Your hand; that truly Your breath moves the universe! The glory of Your works has inspired me with fervor |10| to come to Your Mighty Home!

01/1.16. Speak, O Jehovih! You alone can satisfy this soaring spirit that sprang from You, inspired. Give me light! O Father!

01/1.17. I have encompassed the earth and bridged its nations with assimilative words. |11| My geography is finished. O, give me a book of heaven! I have burrowed deep in corporeal knowledge, and have seen the drift of all on the earth. Where is the spirit world, and land of the dead? O give me light!




1  When Oahspe uses the word, man, as here, it refers to the human personage, whether male or female, and can also refer to the race of humankind. This generic meaning of 'man' is occasionally reinforced by the use of parentheses as in "Your son (Your daughter)." In those instances where Oahspe uses 'man, he, him, his' to mean 'male human only' the context makes it clear.

2  perceive, look at, observe, discern

3  The word "O" as in || O man, or O Jehovih || is a simplified construction of the word "Oh" and is used extensively throughout Oahspe.



4  The Creator has had many names and is also feminine, as will be explained later in Oahspe.










5  home, residence, domicile






6  successfully lived with, endured, remained with, conformed to, undergone, borne up under, withstood


7  the why and where of things




8  satisfied, brought to peace and calm









9  the world of space between the stars and planets. --1891 glossary. [sky, heaven, etc.]


















10  intense desire, enthusiasm, zeal, vitality






11  words of amity and goodwill that help bring about harmony, fellowship, peace and unity, being welcoming and congenial



Chapter 2 Tae's Prayer





01/2.1. Jehovih heard Tae's prayer, and answered him. He said: Let the angels of heaven go down to the earth. My blessed son calls to Me in wisdom and truth. || And the angels of heaven descended to the earth, for it was in the early days of dan'ha (a time of great spiritual light) in the firmament of heaven, and the angels manifested and proved the immortal life of man. |12|

01/2.2. Jehovih said: Let this day be the beginning of the reign of Kosmon (the new era now upon us); for it is the beginning of the wisdom of earth joined with the wisdom of heaven, |13| in My name.

01/2.3. Tae said: Yet not even half is answered, O my Father in heaven. Since You have proved the immortal life, You have stirred me to my soul's foundation. Where do these inhabitants of the unseen world come from? Where lies this heavenly footstool of Your majesty?

01/2.4. If when I am dead I shall see the place, is the germ of that sight not already in me? How am I made that I see, but do not see this? Hear, but do not hear this? If I am now dead to |14| that which is to be, will I not then be dead to what is here now? Give me light, O Father!

01/2.5. Jehovih said: I gave a corporeal body to man so that he could learn corporeal things; but I made death so that he could rise in spirit, as an angel, and inhabit My etherean worlds. |15|

01/2.6. Tae said: You made both the seen and the unseen. Are they at war, or in harmony? My corporeal body is made of earth (flesh), and stone (minerals, bone) and water. Is the spiritual body, then, not made of air (oxygen, hydrogen) and imperceptible |16| dust?

01/2.7. The angels You have sent have feet and legs! Why? Do they walk on the air, or wade through it? They have no wings, |17| they cannot fly; they say they have not seen the illustrious angels who have long been dead. Must I also go into the es world (spirit world, heaven) simply to meet my neighbors, and never salute the wise of ancient days? Give me light, O Jehovih!

01/2.8. Something within me makes me anticipate the light and glory of what I have not seen; but I must have it tangible and demonstrable---the pure truth!

01/2.9. Have You not given me an inquiring spirit, so that I must prove all things to my own satisfaction? How and when, then, O Jehovih, shall I find growth for my own members, |18| so that I can know the es worlds and its inhabitants? I will not be appeased by merely seeing the spirits of the dead, or by their testimony. They may call themselves God, Christ, Buddha, Brahma, Allah, Confucius or Jesus, yet I will not rest on them or their word. I will put forward my plea to You only, O Jehovih. I am Your son (Your daughter).

01/2.10. You have quickened me to know things by my own knowledge; and though it is told me: Thus said the Lord of your God, yet I will raise my voice ever above them. And though a spirit says: I am your Jehovih, believe me, I will deny him.

01/2.11. For, You have quickened me to rise up above the tales of the ancients, and to demand knowledge from Your throne. By You, my soul is moved to this magnificence, and only Your magnificence can satisfy Your son (Your daughter).

01/2.12. As to the spirits of the dead, I desire to know their dwelling places, how they live, how they travel, their manner of growth, their food and clothes, and how they spend their time---whether they labor or live idly; and above all, to what extent, and in what way, their corporeal lives affected their spiritual happiness in heaven.

01/2.13. I desire to know, too, how it was with the ancients? Make clear, O Jehovih, the heavens and ways of my forefathers, for I would apply Your lessons wisely! The wisdom of today I would weigh against the crucible of the past, and set my star to the future, well prepared.

01/2.14. What then, O Father, is Your judgment upon the world today? For I desire to know how to live, so that tomorrow may prove an everlasting glory. Make plain the ways of heaven and earth, O my Creator! I would know Your creation, so that my just place in Your wide universe may become known to me.

01/2.15. Give me light, O Father! Not by word of mouth. I will have my members quickened so that I can comprehend within myself.

01/2.16. Then Jehovih, the Creator, spoke, saying: To all men and women I gave two senses, corpor and es. In the time of Seffas |19| (now finished) I allotted time for man to mature corpor (materiality). But now the time of Kosmon has come (the new era), and man shall mature es (spirituality).

01/2.17. It is well that you be believing toward men and angels; but it is better to develop yourself. You have desired to know the mysteries of My unseen worlds, and the past histories of the earth. Behold, I will give you a new sense, which will fulfill your soul's desire. And with it, you shall read the books in the libraries of heaven!

01/2.18. In the past, have I not said: All things shall be revealed! || Do not think that a loud-speaking messenger will come, for man would not believe; but I quickened the righteous with My own hand, and they will comprehend without belief. |20|

01/2.19. The time of preaching and believing is at an end. |21| Man shall know by his own knowledge, and practice that which he knows. |22| In this, My light is being manifested in this day. ||

01/2.20. And again Jehovih spoke in heaven, in answer to Tae's prayer; and Oahspe came forth, being one of the first fruits, for this, the Kosmon era.










12  This was the spiritualism movement, which flourished from about 1849 to 1882, being capped by the publication of Oahspe.


13  physical awareness united with spiritual awareness









14  unconscious of






15  Etherean worlds are heavenly worlds existing in the highest heaven. To the corporeal eye peering up into the vastness of interstellar space, it looks mostly empty, but to the spiritual eye, it is filled with innumerable worlds---wondrous, awe-inspiring, full of beauty and joy.

16  intangible, not perceived, subtle


17  The depiction of angels having wings was an artistic device meant to symbolize the ability of an angel to rise to the higher heavenly realms, and, so, inspire mortals to understand that the soul was meant to rise beyond the earth.








18  for example, spiritual senses such as spiritual ears and spiritual eyes; also soul, discernment and judgment







































19  Enforced culture









20  That is, within themselves they shall perceive the truth or gist of the matter---and thus perceive beyond that which is accepted as true (believed to be true) merely because of tradition, guesswork, unsubstantiated testimony, manipulation of logic or emotion, etc.

21  This may seem, by some, to contradict 01/2.17, which says, being believing is on the right road---but the verse also recommends developing beyond belief; and in 01/2.19 we learn it is because mere belief is insufficient to attain to Kosmon.

22  That is, what knowledge man has, he will have acquired through his own understanding, and so put into practice that which he knows.








02/1.1. After the creation of man, the Creator, Jehovih, said to him: So that you shall know you are the work of My hand, I have given you capacity for knowledge, power and dominion. This was the first era.

02/1.2. But man was helpless; neither did he stand upright, nor understand the voice of the Almighty. And Jehovih called His angels, who were older than the earth, and He said to them: Go, raise man upright, and teach him to understand.

02/1.3. So the angels of heaven descended to the earth and raised man upright. And man wandered about on the earth. This was the second era.

02/1.4. Jehovih said to the angels who were with man: Behold, man has multiplied on the earth. Bring them together; teach them to dwell in cities and nations.

02/1.5. So the angels of Jehovih taught the peoples of the earth to dwell together in cities and nations. This was the third era.

02/1.6. Now in that same time the Beast (self) |23| rose up before |24| man, and spoke to him, saying: Possess whatever you will, for all things are yours, and are good for you.

02/1.7. Man obeyed the Beast; and war came into the world. This was the fourth era.

02/1.8. And man became sick at heart, and he called out to the Beast, saying: You said: Possess all things for yourself, for they are good for you. Now, behold, war and death have encompassed me on all sides. I pray, therefore, teach me peace!

02/1.9. But the Beast said: Do not think I come to send peace on the earth; I come not to send peace, but a sword. I come to set man at variance against his father; and a daughter against her mother. Whatever you find to eat, whether fish or flesh, eat it, taking no thought of tomorrow.

02/1.10. So man ate fish and flesh, becoming carnivorous, and darkness came upon him, and he no longer heard the voice of Jehovih or believed in Him. This was the fifth era.

02/1.11. And the Beast divided itself into four great heads, and possessed the earth; and man fell down and worshipped them.

02/1.12. The names of the heads of the Beast were, Brahmin, Buddhist, Christian, and Mohammedan. And they divided the earth, and apportioned it between themselves, choosing soldiers and standing armies for the maintenance of their earthly aggrandizement. |25|

02/1.13. And the Brahmins had seven million soldiers; the Buddhists twenty million; the Christians seven million; and the Mohammedans two million; whose trade was killing man. And man, in service of the Beast, gave one‑sixth of his life and his labor to war and standing armies; and one‑third to dissipation and drunkenness. This was the sixth era.

02/1.14. Jehovih called out to man to desist from evil; but man did not hear Him. For, the cunning of the Beast had changed man's flesh, so that his soul was hidden as if in a cloud, and he loved sin.

02/1.15. Jehovih called to His angels in heaven, saying: Go down to the earth once more, to man, whom I created to inhabit the earth and enjoy it, and say to him: Thus says Jehovih:

02/1.16. Behold, the seventh era has begun. Your Creator commands your change from a carnivorous man of contention, to an herbivorous man of peace. The four heads of the Beast shall be put away; and there shall be no more war on the earth.

02/1.17. Your armies shall be disbanded. And, from this time forward, whoever desires to not war, you shall not impress (draft, conscript); |26| for it is the commandment of your Creator.

02/1.18. Neither shall you have any God, Lord or Savior, but only your Creator, Jehovih! And you shall worship none other, from this time forward forever. I am sufficient for My own creations.

02/1.19. And to all who separate themselves from the dominion of the Beast, making these covenants to Me, I have given the foundation of My kingdom on earth.

02/1.20. And all such people shall be My chosen; by their covenants and their works they shall be known on the earth from this time forward as Mine, and shall be called Faithists.

02/1.21. But to those who will not make these covenants, I have given the numbers of the Beast, and they shall be called Uzians, signifying destroyers. And from this time forward, these shall be the two kinds of people on earth, Faithists and Uzians.

02/1.22. So the angels of heaven descended to the earth, to man, and appeared before him, face to face, hundreds of thousands of them, speaking as man speaks, writing as man writes, and teaching these things about Jehovih and His works. |27|

02/1.23. And in the thirty‑third year of the angels' descent, the Ambassadors of the angel hosts of heaven, in the name of Jehovih revealed to man His heavenly kingdoms, through this Oahspe, making known the plan of His delightful creations, for the resurrection of the peoples of the earth.

02/1.24. Not immaculate |28| is this book, Oahspe; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator's voice, and to see His heavens, in full consciousness, while still living on the earth; and to know, in truth, the place and condition waiting for them after death. |29|

02/1.25. Neither are, nor were, the revelations in this Oahspe wholly new to mortals. The same things have been revealed at the same time to many, who live at remote distances from one another, but who were not in correspondence till afterward.

02/1.26. Because this light is comprehensive, embracing corporeal and spiritual things, it is called the beginning of the Kosmon Era. And because it relates to earth, sky and spirit, it is called Oahspe. |30|






















23  This is the animal part of man; the negative or shadow of the light; the identity or sense of being separate from others; egocentricity; possessiveness; self-concerns.

The beast or self, begins in the corporeal man and continues with him till he learns to transcend it. Whether that happens on earth or in the lower heavens, it must be done before rising to inherit the higher spirit worlds.

24  into the perception of, in the presence of, in front of; that is, the beast rose to ascendancy in the thoughts and attention of man of that era


















25  expansion of: power, profit, status, reputation, honor (so-called), influence, hegemony, etc.





















26  i.e., shall not force into military service























27  Again, this was the spiritualism movement.







28  perfect, flawless, infallible





29  That is, the purpose of writing Oahspe was not to produce the perfect book, but to show mortals how to attain to the Creator's Voice, see His Heavens, etc.




30  From the Panic language (first language of the earth): O = sky, or heaven, Ah = earth, and Spe = spirit.



The Voice of Man





03/1.1. O Jehovih, what am I that I should supplicate You? Do I know my own weakness, or do I understand the way of my thoughts? You have placed before me most wonderful creations. They impress me, and my senses rise up in remembrance of the Almighty. Where have I invented one thought other than by looking upon Your works? How can I do otherwise than remember my Creator, and out of Your creations, O Jehovih, find rich food for meditation all the days of my life?

03/1.2. And yet, though I have appropriated the earth to myself, I am neither happy nor perfect. Misery, crime and selfishness are upon my people.

03/1.3. What is my weakness that I cannot overcome it? Or, what is my strength that I give in to the desires of the earth? I build up my belief and courage in You; but before I know the way of my weakness, I stumble and fall. Am I made that I shall be forever a disappointment to myself, and a censure |31| to my own behavior?

03/1.4. How can I say to anyone: Be pure and holy, O man! || Are my flesh and blood not proof that man cannot be without sin? O this corruptible self, this tendency to fall from the right way! You, O my Creator, have proven to my senses, every day of my life, that You alone are mighty in purity and truth.

03/1.5. If only I had a starting point from which to estimate Your wonderful decrees, or could find a road in which I would never stumble! But yet, O Jehovih, I will not complain because of the way of Your works. You have invented a limit to my understanding, by which I am reminded of You, to call upon Your name. I perceive my own vanity; that were all knowledge mine, I would become less beholden |32| to You!

03/1.6. What am I, O Jehovih, without You; or how am I to find the glory of Your creations, other than by the light of Your countenance? You raised me up out of sin and darkness, and clothed me in light. I perceive the smallness of myself in Your great works. You have bound me to travel on the earth, to sojourn |33| with beasts and all types of creeping things; nor have You given me one attribute |34| in which I can boast over them, except in the power of destruction. The high firmament You have placed above me; the stars, moon and sun! I know You have been there, but I am bound down in a little corner of Your works! Neither do I have power to rise up to Your distant places, nor to know Your extended heavens.

03/1.7. No, I do not even have power to shape my own size and stature; but all things take form and dimension whether I will it or not. In Your own way the walls of the world are built; by their magnitude |35| I am confounded; by the majesty of Your hand, appalled. |36| Why have I vainly set myself up as the highest of Your works? My failures are worse than any other living creature under the sun. I cannot build my house in perfection as a bird does; my ingenuity cannot fashion a spider's net; I cannot sail up in the air like a bird, nor live in the water like the fish, nor dwell in harmony like the bee. Half of my offspring die in infancy; and the multitude of my household are quarrelers, fighters, drunkards and beggars; the best of my sons and daughters are less faithful than a dog! I go forth to war, to slay my brother, even while Your wide earth has room for all. Yes, I plague the earth with starvation, sin and untimely death. O, if only I could school myself to not boast of my greatness; instead I should be forever ashamed in Your sight, Jehovih!

03/1.8. But I will acknowledge my iniquities; |37| I can hide nothing from the eye of my Creator. Hear me then, O Father!

03/1.9. I took up arms |38| against my brother. With great armies I encompassed him, to despoil |39| him.

03/1.10. By the stroke of my sword I multiplied his widows and orphans; the cry of anguish that came out of their mouths I answered by the destruction of my brother's harvests.

03/1.11. To my captains and generals who showed great skill in killing, I built monuments in stone and iron. Yes, I inscribed them from top to bottom with their bloody victories.

03/1.12. And in my vanity I called out to the young, saying: Behold the glory of these great men! To honor them, I have built these great monuments!

03/1.13. And the youth of my household were whetted |40| with ambition for spoil. The example of my hand made them train themselves for warfare.

03/1.14. To my colonels and generals I gave badges of gold. I called to the young women, saying: Come, a great honor I give you; you shall dance with the officers of death!

03/1.15. And they fluttered up on tip‑toe, elated by the honey of my words! O Jehovih, how gaping |41| my wickedness; how utterly I have failed, except in making the flow of my brother's blood the relish of satan! |42|

03/1.16. To my destroying hosts I have given great honor and glory. In the pretense of enforcing peace I hewed |43| my way in flesh and blood.

03/1.17. I made an illusion, a kingdom. I called out to my people, saying: We must have a kingdom! I showed them no reason for it; but I pressed them to take up arms and follow me for patriotism's sake. And yet what was patriotism? Behold, I made it as something greater than You and Your commandment: You shall not kill.

03/1.18. Yes, by the cunning of my words, I taught them my brother was my enemy; that to fall upon and destroy him and his people was great patriotism.

03/1.19. And they ran at the sound of my voice, for my glory in the greatness of my kingdom; and they committed great havoc.

03/1.20. Yes, I built colleges for training my young men in warfare. I drew boundaries, making borders here and there, saying: This is my kingdom! All others are my enemies!

03/1.21. I patted my young men on the head, saying: You dogs of war! |44| Great shall be your glory!

03/1.22. And their judgment was turned away from peace; I made them think that righteousness was to stand up for me and my country, and to destroy my brother and his people.

03/1.23. Yes, they built me forts, castles and arsenals, without number. |45| I called to my people, saying: Come, behold the glory of my defenses which I built for you!

03/1.24. And they gave me money, garrisons, |46| ships of war |47| and torpedoes, |48| shouting: Hurrah for our kingdom! We have faith in these things, but not in You, our Creator!

03/1.25. Thus I led them away from You. Their eyes I turned to look down, in the way of death. By the might of my armies, I put away righteousness.

03/1.26. Yes, I covered the earth over with drunkards, widows and orphans; to beggary I reduced them; but I whetted their pride by saying: Look what great standing armies we have!

03/1.27. To the man who said: There shall come a time of peace, when war shall be no more forever, I mocked and said: You fool! ||

03/1.28. I know the counts against me, |49| O Father. I cannot hide my iniquity from Your sight. I have said war was a necessary evil to prevent a too populous world! I turned my back on the wide, unsettled regions of the earth. With this falsehood in my mouth I stood up before You! Yes, I cried out as if for the righteous, saying: I war for righteousness, and for the protection of the weak! In the destruction of my brothers and sisters I stood as a murderer, pleading this excuse. Stubbornly I persisted in not seeing justice on the other side, while I cut down those whom You had created alive. Above the works of Your hand I raised myself up as a pruning knife in Your vineyard.

03/1.29. Even more than this, I persuaded my sons and daughters that to war for me was to war for our Father in heaven. By my blasphemy I led them into ruin. And when the battle was over for a day, I cried out: Behold the glory of those who were slain for the honor of their country! || Thus I have added crime to crime before You, Jehovih; and so, destroyed Your beautiful creation. Truly, I have not one word in justification of my deeds before You!

03/1.30. O, if only I had remained faithful with You, Jehovih! But I invented Gods to the glory of the evil one. In one place I called out to my sons and daughters, saying: Be Brahmins; Brahma saves whoever professes his name. In another place I said: Be Buddhists; Buddha saves whoever calls on his name. In another place I said: Be Christians; Christ saves whoever calls on his name. In another place I said: Be Mohammedans; whoever says: "There is only one God and Mohammed is his prophet!" shall have indulgence without sin. ||

03/1.31. Thus I have divided the earth, O Jehovih! Into four great idolatries I have established them, and into their hands put all manner of weapons of destruction; and they have become more terrible against one another than the beasts of the forest. O, if only I could put away these great iniquities which I raised up as everlasting torments to the earth. Truly, there is no salvation in any of these.

03/1.32. Their people are continually destroying one another. They quarrel and kill for their respective religions; setting aside Your commandment: You shall not kill. They love their own nation and hate all others. They set aside Your commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself.

03/1.33. They preach and pray in sufficient truth; but not one of these people practices peace, love and virtue, in any degree equal to their understanding. These religions have not saved from sin any nation or city on the whole earth.

03/1.34. In vain I have searched for a plan of redemption; a plan that would make the earth a paradise, and the life of man a glory to You our Creator, and a joy to himself. But alas, the two extremes, riches and poverty, have made the prospect of a millennium |50| a thing of mockery.

03/1.35. For one rich man there are a thousand poor, and their interests ceaselessly conflict with one another. Labor cries out in pain; but capital strikes him with a heartless blow.

03/1.36. Nation is against nation; king against king; merchant against merchant; consumer against producer; yes, man against man, in all things upon the earth.

03/1.37. Because the state is rotten, the politician feeds on it; because society is rotten, the lawyer and court have riches and sumptuous feasts; because the flesh of my people is rotten, the physician finds a harvest of comfort.

03/1.38. Now, O Jehovih, I come to You! You hold the secret of peace, harmony and goodwill among mortals. Give me of Your light, O Father! Show me the way to proceed so that war, crime and poverty, may come to an end. Open the way of peace, love, virtue and truth, so that Your children may rejoice in their lives, and glorify You and Your works forever.

03/1.39. Such is the voice of man, O Jehovih! In all the nations of the earth this voice rises up to You! As You spoke to Zarathustra, Abraham and Moses, leading them forth out of darkness, O speak, Jehovih!

03/1.40. Man has faith in You only; You alone were sufficient for the past: Today, You alone are sufficient for Your own creation. Speak, O Jehovih!





















31  reproof, critical eye















32  appreciative, indebted, obliged, grateful, thankful, worshipful, prayerful





33  to temporarily exist with


34  characteristic, trait, quality










35  great size and extent


36  dumbstruck, overawed, sapped of audacity, paled, held in check, made fearful, overwhelmed, humbled













37  sins, wickedness, immorality, evildoings



38  weapons, instruments of war

39  ruin, pillage, take by force, ravage, desecrate













40  sharpened, stimulated, inspired







41  open, obvious and extensive


42  those who love evil and its practice; selfishness per se; self; the supposed opposite of Jehovih; the evil voice within man; the captain of the selfish passions; the captain of evil

43  cut, hacked, slashed


















44  i.e., you warriors






45  too many to be counted, endless numbers of them, innumerable


46  fortifications, military posts and outposts

47  war machinery

48  weapons of destruction












49  i.e., know the charges, indictments, accusations, particulars, specifics, etc.
























































50  an enduring time of peace, virtue, happiness and prosperity




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