Book of Jehovih

 In which is revealed the three great worlds (realms), corpor, atmospherea, and etherea. As in all other Bibles it is revealed that this world was created, so in this Bible, Oahspe, it is revealed how the Creator created it. As other Bibles have proclaimed heavens for the spirits of the dead, behold, this Bible reveals where these heavens are, and the manner, glory and work that the spirits of the dead enjoy; and through which the wisdom, power, love and glory of the Almighty is magnified for the understanding of man.

CHAPTER 1 Jehovih



i001 Symbol of the Creator's Name.

(see image only)

04/1.1. All was. All is. All ever shall be. The All spoke, and Motion was, and is, and ever shall be; and, being positive, was called He and Him. The All Motion was His speech.

04/1.2. He said, I Am! And He comprehended all things, the seen and the unseen. Nor is there anything in all the universe that is not part of Him.

04/1.3. He said, I am the soul of all; and all that is seen is part of My person and My body.

04/1.4. By virtue of My presence, all things are. By virtue of My presence, life is. By virtue of My presence, the living are brought forth into life. I am the Quickener, the Mover, the Creator, the Destroyer. I am First and Last.

04/1.5. I am two apparent entities, nevertheless I am only One. These entities are the Unseen, which is Potent, and the Seen, which is of itself Impotent, and called Corpor.

04/1.6. With these two entities, in likeness of Myself through them, I made all the living; for as the life is the potent part, so the corporeal part is the impotent part.

04/1.7. Chief over all that live on the earth I made Man; male and female I made them. And, so that man could distinguish Me, I commanded him to give Me a name; by virtue of My presence I commanded him. And man did not name Me after anything in heaven or on the earth. In obedience to My will he named Me after the sounds the wind utters, and he said, E---O---Ih! Which is now pronounced Jehovih, and is written thus: |51|































51  Circle, cut twice, which is the true equal length cross, and with the leaf of life in the midst; see image i001.



CHAPTER 2 Jehovih





04/2.1. Jehovih said: By virtue of My presence I created the seen and unseen worlds. And I commanded man to name them; and man called the seen worlds Corpor, and the unseen worlds Es; and the inhabitants of Corpor, man called corporeans. But the inhabitants of Es he sometimes called es'eans and sometimes spirits and sometimes angels.

04/2.2. Jehovih said: I created the earth, and fashioned it, and placed it in the firmament; and by My presence, brought man forth a living being. I gave him a corporeal body so that he could learn corporeal things; and I made death so that he could rise in the firmament and inherit My etherean worlds.

04/2.3. To es I gave dominion over corpor; with es I filled all place in the firmament (even within corpor). But corpor I made into earths, moons, stars and suns; beyond number I made them, and I caused them to float in the places I allotted to them.

04/2.4. Es I divided into two parts, and I commanded man to name them, and he called one etherea and the other atmospherea. These are the three kinds of worlds I created (corporeal, atmospherean, and etherean); but I gave different densities to atmospherean worlds, and different densities to the etherean worlds. |52|

04/2.5. For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the Most Rarefied. |53| Out of ethe I made them. And I made ethe the subtlest of all created things, and gave it power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things, even within the corporeal worlds. And to ethe I gave dominion over both atmospherea and corpor.

04/2.6. In the All Highest places I created the etherean worlds, and I made them of all shapes and sizes, similar to My corporeal worlds. But I made the etherean worlds inhabitable both within and without, |54| with entrances and exits, in arches and curves, thousands of miles high and wide; and in colors, movable chasms and mountains in endless change and brilliancy; and over them I ruled (rule) with All Perfect mechanism. To them I gave motions, orbits and courses of their own; and I made them independent, and above all other worlds in potency and majesty.

04/2.7. Nor did I create one etherean world like another in size, density or in component parts, but every one differing from another, and with a glory matchless each in its own way. |55|




i002 Etherea.   (see image only


52  When a person dies, he lives first as a spirit (angel) in atmospherea. Afterward, in time he rises to etherea to live as an etherean. The dividing line between atmospherea and etherea is called Chinvat, which acts as a sort of bridge between atmospherea and etherea. Etherea is sometimes called Nirvania.

53  see image i002

54  i.e., on the surface; outside










55  see image i003





i003 Snowflakes. Jehovih said: I created the corporeal worlds round in shape, with land and water, and I made them impenetrable, for I bring forth the living on the surface of them. Man should not imagine that My etherean worlds are also round and impenetrable; for, of all I have created, I created no two alike. || Now, it came to pass in the lapse of time, that the atmosphereans so loved the lower heavens, that they did not strive to ascend to the emancipated heavens of Nirvania, never having reached the bridge of Chinvat. But they often returned to the earth and conversed with corporeans, and they lauded the glories of even the lower heavens, so that man looked up in wonder because of the magnificence of the Father's works. Yet these were bound spirits.* Then Jehovih made the snowflake and caused it to fall, so that man could behold the beauty and glory of its formation. And He sent ethereans down from the emancipated heavens, and these taught man that whatever glory he had yet heard of, was as darkness is to light, compared to the beauty and majesty of the etherean worlds. And the ethereans held up snowflakes, saying: In the name of Jehovih we declare to you, that the etherean worlds are larger than the earth, and penetrable---full of roadways of crystals, and arches, and curves, and angles, so that were man to travel a million years on one alone, he could not see half its beauty and glory. And the firmament of heaven has tens of billions of etherean worlds. Look at the snowflakes as though they were microscopic patterns of the worlds in high heaven; and you shall tint them like a rainbow, and people them with countless millions of angels, spotless, pure, holy, and rich in the knowledge of Jehovih and His works, and full of the majesty of His love.

* Atmosphereans reside in the lower heavens, and are called bound spirits because they are bound to atmospherea till they are emancipated.   (see image only)



04/2.8. I also created atmospherean worlds in the firmament, and gave them places, orbits and courses for themselves. But atmospherean worlds I created shapeless and without fixed form, for they are in the process of condensation or dissolution, being intermediate in condition between My etherean and My corporeal worlds. Of three degrees of density I created them, and I commanded man to name them, and one he called Ji'ay, and one A'ji and one Nebulae.

04/2.9. But all of them are composed of the same substances, being like the earth, but rarefied. Nor is there on the earth or in it, one thing, whether iron, lead, gold, water, oil, or stones, that is not also in My atmospherean worlds. As I have given light to the earth so have I given light to many of them; and all these I have commanded man to call comets. And he named them so.

04/2.10. And I also created atmospherea around My corporeal worlds; together I made them. |56|






















56  see image i005



i005 Earth and Atmospherea, (as seen through spiritual eyes). Jehovih has said: Around My corporeal worlds I placed atmospherea; for, as the earth and other corporeal worlds provide a womb for the spirit of man, so have I made the substance of atmospherea to be a womb for the souls of men. And Jehovih made the atmosphere of the earth with a circumference of 1,504,000 miles, with the earth floating in the center of it. || The earth is the black center, and the surrounding swirled gradations of gray, her atmospherea. The rings symbolize plateaus; the outer rim, Chinvat.

(see image only)




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