Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih


First God of the first cycle of the earth after man's creation

CHAPTER 1 Sethantes





05/1.1. In the beginning of the inhabitation of the earth, the angels of heaven assembled in Hored, a heavenly plateau resting on the earth.

05/1.2. And the archangel Sethantes was the wisest of them all, and he said to them:

05/1.3. Behold, we have come from distant heavens; by the voice of Jehovih we came to partake of the glory of the red star, the earth. Jehovih said to us: Come and enjoy the new world I have created. Partake of all its fruits, except of the tree of knowledge, which is the fountain of life. Do not partake of this, lest you die.

05/1.4. But the voice of the earth spoke to us, saying: Partake, for indeed, mine is the tree of everlasting life.

05/1.5. And many did not obey the voice of the Father, and are now bound by the tie of life, which is in the blood.

05/1.6. And the voice of Jehovih came to me, saying: Sethantes, My son, behold, in My etherean heavens I gave into your charge millions of angels, whom you have brought to the earth, and they have fallen from their high estate. Go, deliver them.

05/1.7. And I said: What shall I do? And Jehovih said: Bring your angel hosts to Hored, for there I will crown you God of these heavens and earth for the redemption of angels and mortals. And it shall be a new heavenly kingdom from this time forward to the end of the world. For it is the time of the arc |118| of Wan, and I will bring from etherea My high‑raised Goddess, Etisyai, chief factor |119| of Harmuts, and she shall crown you in My name: God of heaven and earth.

05/1.8. God said: When I had thus spoken in Hored before the angels of heaven, a great light, like a sun, was seen descending from the firmament above. And I commanded my es'enaurs to chant in praise of the Father and His works.

05/1.9. Meanwhile I had the angels of Hored numbered, and there were twenty seven million six hundred thousand, being the same who were on an excursion in my charge when the voice of Jehovih commanded us to visit the earth.

05/1.10. The light above descended fast toward us; like a ship of fire it came nearer and nearer, till we saw it was far wider than the place of Hored and all my angel hosts.

05/1.11. And when the great light had descended to the plateau of Hored, there came forth out of the light one million archangels, from the arc of Wan in the Hosts of A'ji, in the orbit of Tow'sang in etherea, and they bore regalia |120| and crowns from the Orian chief of Harmuts. Foremost of the archangels was Etisyai, and her brother Ya'tiahaga, commissioners from the etherean heaven.

05/1.12. When they came near me, Etisyai gave the sign of Jehovih's name, greeting, halting, and saying: All hail! In Jehovih's name, and in the love of Harmuts, Orian Chief, we come to greet you, first God of the lower heaven, belonging to the corporeal earth!

05/1.13. I said: All hail, O emissaries of Harmuts, Chief of Orian worlds! Come, O Etisyai, and your brother and all this host! Come, honor my throne, in Great Jehovih's name!

05/1.14. The archangels then came forward, saluting, and Etisyai said: In Your name, O Jehovih, I found |121| here a throne!

05/1.15. And she caused the form and substance of it to rise, and she ascended onto it, and Ya'tiahaga with her. And the other archangels formed a crescent in front of the throne, all of them bearing crowns or diadems, but they stood upright. And now the angels of the host of God took their places, so that they could witness the testimony of Jehovih's commission, but the lights from the columns of fire, brilliant in all colors, shades and tints, baffled many of them from seeing plainly.

05/1.16. When all things were ready, Etisyai, standing erect and brilliant like a star, raised her right hand, saying: JEHOVIH! All‑wise and Powerful! In Your name, this Your Son, God, I crown! From the Orian Chief, Harmuts, raised to the rank of God, and by You, O JEHOVIH, ordained! From this time forward to be known forever in the emancipated heavens as Your Son! PEACE! WISDOM! LOVE! POWER!

05/1.17. And now with her left hand she raised the crown high, so that all could see and bear witness, and upon giving the sign again of Jehovih's name above the crown, a flame of light shot forth brilliantly from it. And then she placed the crown on God's head, saying:

05/1.18. Arise, O My Son, Son of JEHOVIH! Instantly there arose from the millions of souls one universal shout: All hail, O Son of Jehovih! And God rose up, having the crown on his head, and the people cheered him lustily, for he was well beloved.






























118  great etherean light


119  a title and position of responsibility in the etherean worlds




















120  official attire (clothing), insignia, ornamentation














121  establish, create



05/1.19. Etisyai said: Bring forward your five chief Lords so I may crown them also. God then caused the five chief Lords, whom he had previously selected, to sit at the foot of the throne.

05/1.20. Again Etisyai raised her right hand, saying: O JEHOVIH! Almighty! From Whom all glories emanate! In Your name, these Your Sons, I crown, Lords of the earth, and of the waters of the earth! From the Orian chief Harmuts! By my commission I raise them to the rank of Lords For Kingdoms Of Heaven! PEACE! WISDOM! LOVE! POWER!

05/1.21. Then Etisyai took the crowns, which were handed to her by the other archangels, and placed them on the heads of the Lords, saying:

05/1.22. Arise, O my Lords, and be Lords of JEHOVIH for His Glory! And be the Lords of God, having dominion over the earth and the waters of the earth, in LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER, AMEN!

05/1.23. The Lords rose up, having on their heads the crown of Lords, and again the multitude saluted with great cheering. When the applause ceased, Etisyai said:



i001a Circle Twice Cut.

(see image only)

05/1.24. My God and my Lords, give now the sign of Jehovih's name, so that His glory may be fulfilled. (For this was the oath of office.) |122|

05/1.25. And God and the Lords saluted Jehovih before the hosts of heaven. And they stood apart a little distance, and Etisyai said:

05/1.26. Behold the All Light, Jehovih, encompasses me. My voice shall be His voice. By the glory of Faith in Him, I am One with the Father.

05/1.27. And a fleece of golden hue descended from above and encompassed Etisyai, and she was like a central star with rays of light emanating. She was entranced by Jehovih. Through her the Creator spoke, saying:

05/1.28. My Son, now God, I brought you forth out of corpor, quickened into life everlasting. By faith I inspired you to do whatever you have done. Faith I gave to you, as the tree on which all perfection is the fruit. By that faith within man, which nurtures the I Am within himself to perfection, he becomes My Son, |123| doing by virtue of My presence. According to your wisdom and love I have given you strength; and by your strength, raised you up.

05/1.29. Behold, this day I have given you a kingdom in atmospherea, and made you God before all the kingdoms of heaven. This place shall be your place and Mine also. Here you shall dispense wisdom and laws, and appoint officers in My name and by virtue of My power.

05/1.30. And your kingdom shall be like two kingdoms: One here with the hosts of heaven, and one on the earth, over these your Lords. For you are the judgment seat and creator of order over the whole earth, and in the heaven belonging to the earth.

05/1.31. Stretch forth your hand, My Son, and clothe yourself in the golden fleece.

05/1.32. God made the sign, and then raised his hands upward, saying: Jehovih! Jehovih! By Your command I call upon You to array me in Your golden fleece! Behold I am Your Son.

05/1.33. And the archangels tossed up the raiment and regalia they had brought from their etherean arc in a'ji, and, by the faith that was in God, the substance flew to him and encompassed him in raiment of the upper heaven.

05/1.34. Then Jehovih spoke to the Lords, saying: As God has built a kingdom in Hored, and reigns over this heaven, and over you and your helpmates, so shall you build kingdoms on the earth, and you shall rule over mortals in My name, teaching them about Me and My everlasting kingdoms in the firmament above. In testimony of My voice, receive this raiment of silver and gold from My archangels.

05/1.35. The archangels then draped the Lords in shining raiment. And Etisyai came down from the throne, still entranced, saying:

05/1.36. Though My Daughter Etisyai will rise up in the flame of fire, yet I, Jehovih, will abide with you, O God, and with you, My Lords, now and forever! And then Etisyai took God's hand and led him to the center of the throne, saying: Sit on this throne for it is your Father's kingdom in the lower heaven of the earth! |124|

05/1.37. When God sat down, the entrancement departed from Etisyai, and the Light of Jehovih went and settled upon God and the Lords. But Etisyai sat down at the foot of the throne, and immediately all the archangels sat down also.

05/1.38. God said: Behold, she who is greatest makes herself least of all. Arise, O Daughter of Jehovih, and enjoy my kingdom, for it is Jehovih's also. And God came down from the judgment seat and took Etisyai's hand and she rose up, at which point God proclaimed the freedom of the hour. Thus was established the first throne of God in these heavens. And now all of the hosts mingled together, angels and archangels, joyfully.





122  The sign is the circle twice cut. --Ed. [See image i001a.]
















123  or in the case of females: she becomes My Daughter









































124  Thrones in heaven consist of a raised platform with a judgment seat resting near the middle of it; the seat itself can be extended to accommodate many to sit on either side of the reigning God or Lord. At the front of the throne are steps leading up to the platform; the bottom step is called the foot of the throne. Facing the throne, at the foot of the throne, is one or more seats; and these are also considered to be part of the foot of the throne.



CHAPTER 2 Sethantes





05/2.1. When the hour ended, God again ascended the throne, and the marshals raised the signals of order, and the archangels went and stood in a crescent in front of the throne. Etisyai sat at the feet of God, and the splendor of her glory, unadorned, except with white and yellow drapery, shone through all the talents Jehovih had given her---the perfection of purity, wisdom, and love; the like of which only Gods had looked upon!

05/2.2. God said: In Your name, O Jehovih, I now found the session of Your kingdom in the lower heaven. As long as man and woman shall bring forth heirs to You, this kingdom shall not cease to glorify You. Let the Lords approach the throne.

05/2.3. The es'enaurs now sang, and the marshals and escorts conducted the Lords before the throne. When they were in order, the music ceased, and God said:

05/2.4. There are five great divisions of the earth, and I have ordained you the five Lords of them in Jehovih's name. I have placed you according to the number of inhabitants on the earth's divisions, and your relative rank before heaven. When you have seated yourselves in your respective kingdoms, you shall each have twelve messengers, whose duties shall be between you and me. Therefore choose your messengers this hour, so that, before the resurrection of the archangels, they may be confirmed and their registry |125| carried to heaven above.

05/2.5. The Lords chose their messengers, and they were confirmed in the name of Jehovih, and the swift messengers, who ply with the upper heavens, |126| made a record of their names and places. After which God said to them:

05/2.6. You have been chosen according to your talents; according to your excellence you will be promoted to wider fields of labor. May the wisdom, love and power of Jehovih be with you all, amen!

05/2.7. And now Etisyai signaled that her time of departure had arrived.

05/2.8. God came down from the judgment seat, and standing one moment in sorrow, reached out and took Etisyai's hand, saying:

05/2.9. Arise, O Daughter of Jehovih, and go your way!

05/2.10. Etisyai rose up, pointing upward, saying: My house is in the arc of Wan. Jehovih dwells with you and me! My swift messengers shall come to you at times. My love will be with you and your Lords, and the harvest of your resurrection. In Jehovih's name, farewell!

05/2.11. Etisyai then walked to the ship of fire; but before she entered, she turned and took one more look at the hosts of Hored, and then, stripping from the frames, luminous drapery, cast it playfully over the es'enaurs, and quickly disappeared in the light.

05/2.12. The es'enaurs chanted, and the hosts of archangels joined in with them, and in that same moment of time the ship began to rise, and it was as thousands of columns of fire surrounding one majestic column, and the whole circle rising in spiral form, turning and rising, rising and turning. And when it was a little way up it seemed like an ascending sun; and then higher and higher, like a distant star, and then it passed beyond the vision of the angels of Hored.

05/2.13. When order was proclaimed, the All Light began to gather about the throne, covering over God and the Lords. Jehovih, through God, said:

05/2.14. Hear Me, for I reside also with these My Lords of the hosts of heaven.

05/2.15. The Lords said: What shall we do? And Jehovih answered: Summon all the angels to pass before the throne of God, one by one, so that I may judge them. For all those who dwelt on any of My corporeal worlds of the fifth of the second rate |127| shall reside in the kingdom of Hored, and their labor shall be with es'yans only; but all of the full of the first rate shall reside in the kingdoms of My Lords, and their labor shall be with corporeans.

05/2.16. The marshals then arranged the angels and they passed in front of the throne, and so great was God's wisdom that, in looking on the angels as they passed, he perceived the rates of every man and woman. And those destined for labor in atmospherea only, he caused to turn one way, and those for the earth, as ministering spirits with mortals, to turn the other way; and when they had all passed, they were correctly divided according to Jehovih's commandment.

05/2.17. God said: Hear me, O Lords! Take your laborers and proceed to your respective places on the divisions of the earth and the waters of the earth. And you shall be Lords with me, your God, for the glory of Jehovih. Whatever you do on the earth I will ratify in heaven; whomever you deliver from the earth I will receive in heaven. As you shape and build up mortal man, delivering his spirit into my kingdom, so will I receive and award him.

05/2.18. So that your kingdoms may accord with me and mine, I give you sufficient messengers, and they shall pass daily between us: According to their proficiency and power to pass from place to place, so have I chosen them.

05/2.19. Let a record be kept within your own kingdoms, and these records shall be your own, to be carried upward with you in the next resurrection.

05/2.20. And separate from your own record, you shall also keep a record jointly with me, pertaining to your kingdom's relations with mine.

05/2.21. When mortals die and are born in spirit, you shall receive them and enter them in your records as es'yans, signifying newborn in heaven. And for these es'yans, you shall provide temporary dwellings where they shall reside, some for a few days, and some for the space of one year or more. Through the messengers you shall inform me of their numbers and conditions, and I will send ships to bring them to my kingdom.

05/2.22. You shall appoint asaphs, whose office it shall be to receive es'yans from the ashars.

05/2.23. While a mortal is alive on the earth, the ashars shall stay with him, guarding him in the name of the Lord, and in my name. But when he dies the ashar shall deliver the es'yan to the asaph, saying: In Jehovih's name, receive this newborn spirit. He was my protégé; for the good or evil in him, charge it to me. || And the ashar shall deliver up a record of the mortal life of the es'yan, and the record shall be kept within your own kingdoms.

05/2.24. And the asaph shall take the es'yan, saying: In Jehovih's name, I receive this newborn spirit. He shall be my protégé according to the commandments of the Lord my God. || He shall then take the es'yan to the place prepared for it, where it will have nurses and attendants according to its requirements.

05/2.25. When ships come to your kingdoms, the asaphs shall deliver all the es'yans they have received, and my officer shall receive them, and bring them to my place in heaven.

05/2.26. When God had ended the instructions to the Lords, the Lords answered, saying: We will be your Lords, O God, doing your commandments, for the glory of Jehovih, our Father.

05/2.27. God said: To each of you I have given a great division of the earth, and each division shall be named after you, each in its place.

05/2.28. This, then, was the rank assigned: Whaga (Pan); Jud (Asia); Thouri (America); Vohu (Africa); and Dis (Europe). And the lands were called after the names of the Lords and entered as such in the books of heaven in Hored, by command of God in the name of Jehovih. |128|

05/2.29. And the record of the Great Serpent showed the firmament of Tem'yi in the third circuit of c'v'wark'um and dan'ha twenty‑four. |129|

05/2.30. When all was finished the Lords came and sat down at the foot of the throne, and the es'enaurs chanted a hymn of praise to Jehovih, and the entire multitude joined in the singing.

05/2.31. When the hymn ended, God rose up, standing amid a sea of light, and raising up both hands, said: O Jehovih! Almighty and everlasting! Help Your servants in founding this Your Kingdom for Your glory! Peace, Wisdom and Power!

05/2.32. Then making the sign of Jehovih's name with his right hand, he came down to the foot of the throne, and taking the hand of Whaga, Lord of Whaga, he said: Arise, my son, and go your way, and Jehovih will bless you.

05/2.33. Whaga rose up and stood aside, and then in like manner God raised the other four Lords and they stood aside also.

05/2.34. The marshals filed past the throne, saluting, and after them the Lords, saluting also; and then came the asaphs, and lastly the ashars; and the procession was under way, passing between the pillars of fire, with which God's laborers had encircled and ornamented Hored.

05/2.35. This was the beginning of the first kingdom in the lower heaven, and the first of the reign of the Lords on earth.































125  book of official records with their name, office, place, etc., registered in it


126  To ply is to regularly course or traverse. Messengers whose job it is to carry messages back and forth between atmospherea and etherea are called swift messengers. Those who ply only within atmospherea are called messengers.







































127  That is, 2 and 3/5 years old. "The full of the first rate" is infants under 2 and 3/5 years who, maturing in heaven, remember nothing of their corporeal lives. --Ed. [Es'yans are those whose birth into spirit life was recent.]










































































128  see image i017 (image only) (with text)



129  a dan'ha cycle is 3000 years average and a circuit is about 4,700,000 years



CHAPTER 3 Sethantes





05/3.1. And in heaven God appointed angel surveyors, to survey the earth and atmospherea; and astronomers, to note the place of the stars; and enumerators, to number the inhabitants of the earth and atmospherea, to grade them and apportion |130| their places; and nurses and physicians, to receive the es'yans and administer to them; and builders of heavenly mansions; and weavers of fabrics for covering the newborn, the es'yans; and builders of heavenly ships for carrying the inhabitants from place to place. And God appointed officers and teachers, according to their grade, to all of these offices.

05/3.2. And when God had completed his appointments, the people were sent to their places, to begin the work allotted to them. And God called the asaphs, and he said to them:

05/3.3. Go down to the earth, and bring me the first fruit of the first resurrection.

05/3.4. And the asaphs said: Your will is our will, but what do you mean by the first fruit of the first resurrection?

05/3.5. God said: The spirits of the dead. The asaphs said: The spirits of the dead, who are they?

05/3.6. God said: When a corporean comes forth out of his corporeal body, this shall be called death.

05/3.7. The asaphs said: Who then are the spirits of death? And God answered them, saying: O you who died in infancy, how can you learn corporeal things! Go then to my Lord, Whaga, and he will show you.

05/3.8. The asaphs departed and went down to the earth, and the Lord, through the ashars, delivered five hundred es'yans to the asaphs, who brought them to Hored, before the throne of God. And God said to them: Who are these?

05/3.9. The asaphs said: These are the first fruit of the first resurrection. Behold, we know now the beginning and the end of corporeality; the earth body of these es'yans was only a womb from which they are now delivered.

05/3.10. God said: Well done. Take these es'yans and feed and clothe them, for this is your labor.

05/3.11. The asaphs answered: Alas, we have tried to feed them with all types of food on which we ourselves subsist, but they will not eat.

05/3.12. God said: Alas, O you innocents! You feed on ethereal food; these es'yans must have atmospherean food, even as corporeans subsist on corporeal food. Go, then, fulfill this first resurrection; for as much as you deliver them, so will you be delivered in time to come.

05/3.13. The asaphs then departed, taking the es'yans with them. But after a while they returned again to God, saying:

05/3.14. Behold, O God, we have gathered the atmosphere of trees of all kinds, and of seeds and plants that grow on the earth, all most beautiful to our senses, and savory to the smell, and we gave these to the es'yans, but lo, they will not eat. Being alarmed, we again hastened to you for information.

05/3.15. God said: O you of little wisdom, knowing so much of heaven and so little of earth. Go back to the place where you brought these es'yans from, and learn what kind of food they subsisted on.

05/3.16. The asaphs went back with all haste to learn in reference to the food. And in due time they came again before God, saluting, saying:

05/3.17. What shall we do, O God? Behold, these es'yans while in the corporeal form feasted on fish and worms. How can we bring them the atmospherean part of these things?

05/3.18. God said: The last time you were present you said you had gathered the atmospherean part of trees, seeds and plants growing out of the earth. Why, then, can you not gather the atmospherean part of fish and worms?

05/3.19. The asaphs said: Alas, we have observed this difference: The trees, plants and fruits emit delightful atmospheres, most nutritious to the spirit, but that which is emitted from the living fish and living worm is foul‑smelling, being only the sweat and dead substance evaporating. What, then, shall we do?

05/3.20. God said: Go to the place where mortals kill fish and worms; and in the same time that mortals tear these things with their teeth, snatch from their hands and mouths the atmospherean parts of the food, and give it to these es'yans. Remember, also, that little by little you shall teach them to live on other kinds of food.

05/3.21. And as you do with these es'yans, do this also for others afterward, remembering that what men subsist on in corporeal life, is entailed |131| on them in spirit for a space of time after entering atmospherea; and they shall be fed spiritually with like substance. The asaphs then departed.

05/3.22. On the third day after that, the Voice of Jehovih came to God, saying:

05/3.23. My Son, behold what the asaphs have thoughtlessly done in your name! They came to the fishery and did as you directed, gathering food for the es'yans; and the es'yans stood at their side, saying: Why gather food for us? Behold, we are now strong in spirit; allow us to gather for ourselves. And the asaphs said: It seems well; do as you desire.

05/3.24. So the es'yans went to the fishermen and fisherwomen, who were eating raw flesh, and the es'yans laid hold of the atmospherean part, and ate a sufficiency of it. Then the asaphs said to them: You have feasted sufficiently; come away with us now.

05/3.25. But lo, the es'yans engrafted themselves on the fishermen and fisherwomen, and would not depart. The asaphs, not knowing what to do, called on My name. O God, quickly send to them those skilled in deliverance, so that My es'yans are preserved to everlasting life.

05/3.26. And God summoned those skilled in deliverance of engraftment, and dispatched them hastily with messengers to the fisheries.

05/3.27. Jehovih said: From the trees, fruits, flowers, grains, seeds, and roots that grow in the ground, I have created a ceaseless harvest going upward into the atmosphere, which shall be the sustenance of the spirits of men newborn in heaven. But whoever feasts on flesh on earth, shall not find spiritual food in heaven, but he shall return to the butcheries and eating‑houses where flesh is eaten, and before it is rotten he shall feast on its atmospherean part. Place a guard, therefore, over the newborn, lest they engraft themselves on mortals, feasting on their feasts, and so go down to destruction.

05/3.28. After many days the asaphs came before God, saying: The physicians severed those who were bound, and we brought them away. Shall this be our labor, day and night, to lead these es'yans about, finding them clothes and food? For we have observed that the more we do for them, the less they do for themselves.

05/3.29. Jehovih spoke through God, saying: A nurse I provided for the newborn, but when he is grown I command him to provide for himself so that he may be a glory in My kingdoms. By charity alone you cannot raise man up; but be diligent in teaching him to continually try to raise himself, for in this lies the glory of manhood.

05/3.30. The asaphs said: If we leave the es'yans alone they will return again to the fisheries and fasten themselves upon mortals, doing nothing but eating.

05/3.31. God said: Near the fisheries, but in atmospherea, go and fashion a colony, and it shall be your colony in heaven. Take these es'yans there, not showing them the way to the fisheries. In the colony put them to work, weaving, making clothes and otherwise producing; but go yourselves for the food at the fisheries, and bring sufficient every day, giving only to those who labor, or to invalids and helpless ones. By this you shall inspire them to labor, which is the foundation of the growth of the spirit; and eventually they will not only care for themselves, but join you in helping others, which is the beginning of the second resurrection.

05/3.32. This then is the lesson you have learned, that according to the diet and the habit of mortals on earth, so must you provide the same for their spirits when first entered in heaven.

05/3.33. Choose therefore, from your own people, a sufficient number to make all things required for a delightful colony, whether it is food, clothing, nurseries, hospitals, place of worship, or place of dancing, and there receive all the es'yans who are delivered from the earth, raising them up in industry, virtue, wisdom, mirth, love, benevolence and adoration, and this shall be a new heaven to you all.

05/3.34. You are my chosen, and an example colony of all the kingdoms I shall build in my heaven. The time is coming when the whole atmosphere around the earth shall be filled with countless millions of angels born out of the earth.

05/3.35. Be swift in your labor; the people spring up from the earth rapidly into heaven, and every colony you now establish shall, in time to come, be a great kingdom, requiring experienced workmen. Whoever labors most efficiently for Jehovih, I will promote to wider fields.

05/3.36. You are one of the cornerstones of Seffas, |132| and his house shall embrace atmospherea and the whole earth. Words are already taking root in the mouths of mortals; and for tens of thousands of years, war will reign; might against might, darkness against darkness. Hundreds of millions will be slain in wars on the earth, and their souls be thrown into chaos. Even as you saw these spirits fastening onto mortals for food, so will spirits in chaos, millions of them, fasten themselves on the battlefields, still battling; or fasten themselves on mortals, obsessing them to madness and death.







130  determine and assign






















































































131  necessitated, bound





























































































132  established culture; also enforced culture, i.e., imposed and compelled culture




CHAPTER 4 Sethantes





05/4.1. So God established colonies in heaven for the reception of the spirits of mortals; and the colonies embraced the arts of healing, education, industry, drapery, manufacturing, the building of ships, and all things required for the spirit, even as corporeal things are required by mortals.

05/4.2. And great labor came upon the hosts of God who established these things, toiling day and night, receiving the es'yans and providing food and clothing for them. And many of the hosts of God lamented that they had come to the corporeal earth, and they framed songs and anthems of lamentation, and these they chanted even while at labor.

05/4.3. God was troubled that they were lamenting in the presence of es'yans, and he called together the proper officers in order to rebuke them; but lo and behold, the light of Jehovih spoke from the throne, saying:

05/4.4. Do not rebuke them, O My Son. Did I not command them, saying: Behold I have created a new world, the earth; come and enjoy it. And when they had come, did I not say to them: Enjoy all the fruits of the earth, except the fruit of the tree of life, lest you die. But corpor spoke to them and they believed in corpor. Why then shall they not lament? Do they not remember their former homes in etherea, and thus aspire to regain them?

05/4.5. But seek, O My Son, to make their lamentations a glory in the souls of the es'yans, so that they may also aspire to a higher heaven.

05/4.6. The voice departed, and God, perceiving the wisdom of Jehovih, commanded certain officers to collect many of the anthems and deposit them in the library of Hored, in heaven; and it was done.

05/4.7. This, then, is representative of their lamentations:

05/4.8. Where is my home, O Jehovih? When I was happy and my feet wandered.

05/4.9. I dwelt with Your hosts, far above! Far above! Your glory shining.

05/4.10. O the songs in Your upraised kingdoms! When shall I rejoice in the music of my own house?

05/4.11. O those sparkling, running waters! O the pastimes and feasts of love!

05/4.12. Where is it, O Jehovih? It was my home in high heaven!

05/4.13. I fell, I fell in darkness! Wandering soul within me, that led me forth.

05/4.14. The gardens of Jehovih stood on every hand. O senseless feet to take me onward!

05/4.15. Into the darkness I was lured; sweet perfumes arose amid the darkness.

05/4.16. Intricate in Your glory, O Jehovih! I lost the way. I was lost!

05/4.17. The music of Your spheres was shut out. I was enveloped in darkness!

05/4.18. Where is my home, O Jehovih? Why have I forsaken |133| it?

05/4.19. Crystals, and high arches on every side. Full, standing out, shining.

05/4.20. And the songs of my sweet loves! Such was my home and place of revelry!

05/4.21. I bartered them all away, wandering forth. Buried myself in the opaque, in the dark!

05/4.22. O for my home in high heaven! Mirth, song, rest, and love, clear shining.

05/4.23. You, O Jehovih, have given me sons and daughters. Out of this darkness my gems were born!

05/4.24. O I will polish them up. Kin of my kin, I will raise them up!

05/4.25. Your Goddesses in heaven above will come. In ships of fire descending!

05/4.26. My jewels shall enter and rise with me. We shall search for my home; the haven of rest!

05/4.27. I see You, O Jehovih, in the distance. Higher than the highest of heavens!

05/4.28. O hasten, |134| my home, and my rest! O ripen these, my precious diadems!

05/4.29. O take us to ethereal worlds.

05/4.30. But no one could repeat their numerous lamentations, for there were hundreds of thousands of them. And as the ethereans sang them, the es'yans, the newborn, the atmosphereans, listened, longing listened, and looked upward.




























































133  left it, abandoned it, turned my back on it



















134  expedite, quicken progress toward



CHAPTER 5 Sethantes





05/5.1. In the first year of Hored, God's kingdom in heaven received one and a half million es'yans: men, women and children, born of the earth. And left within the different divisions of the earth, with the Lords, there were still three and a quarter million es'yans, being for the most part fetals. |135|

05/5.2. In the first one hundred years there were born from the earth, one hundred and seventy million es'yans. And this was the sum of three generations of I'hins; which is to say, that in those days the number of earth inhabitants (not including the asuans, who were not created to everlasting life) was fifty‑four million. And already each of the Lords' heavenly places had become large kingdoms.

05/5.3. In those days the period of five years was allotted the es'yans as their time of infancy |136| in heaven, requiring nurses and helpers, but some of them required many more years.

05/5.4. After five years the es'yans were taken from the nurseries and, by symbols and objects, were taught the rudiments of education; and drilled in processions, music, dancing and gymnastics; but every day they were required to labor for a brief period, some at weaving, some spinning and some in transportation. |137|

05/5.5. The voice of Jehovih directed God, saying: The structure of My Kingdom in heaven requires you to make all labor an agreeable exercise for the growth of the spirits in your dominions.

05/5.6. And God commanded the officers of the realm of Hored to lengthen the hours of labor, according to the age and strength of the spirits received from the earth, and it was so.

05/5.7. Jehovih again spoke to God, saying: In all labor that you allot to those who have sprung up from the earth, freely allow them to do whatever they desire; but you shall not permit them to return to their earth kindred alone, unattended, lest because of their love they engraft themselves, becoming bound to mortals. But when they have lived fifty years in heaven, you shall not only permit them to return to mortals, but you shall direct them to do so, for, by this time, they shall have no further desire for engraftment.

05/5.8. Again Jehovih said: As fast as you can appropriate the labor of earth-born spirits to help in the resurrection of others, you shall do so in My name.

05/5.9. And God and the Lords under him labored so; and in one hundred years, there were twenty million souls, who had come forth out of the earth, and had been raised up to the second rate. And many of them fully comprehended the manufactories, nurseries, schools and hospitals in heaven, and they were in many things equal to the requirements of their teachers.

05/5.10. The voice of Jehovih came to God, saying: It is well, My Son, to take a rest. Behold, you have toiled a hundred years, day and night, without ceasing. You shall, therefore, appoint other officers, and spread out the kingdom of Hored to cover all the land of Whaga (the continent of Pan). And you shall appoint in My name your most efficient officer to sit on the throne for a short space of time, for you shall travel and visit the five Lords of the earth and their kingdoms.

05/5.11. And you shall take with you a thousand heralds, a thousand messengers, and five thousand musicians. And you shall have a ship sufficient to carry your host, and to be your house wherever you go. See to it, and set all things in order, and depart on a journey of one year.

05/5.12. So God called in the surveyors, who brought maps of earth and heaven showing the best places for extending the kingdom of Hored.

05/5.13. And God appointed fifty governors for the fifty places required, giving each of them five thousand men and women to accompany them. And when they were chosen God addressed them from the throne, saying:

05/5.14. You are chosen according to the commandment of the Father; and by His command I will come to your respective places before long, to bestow you with all that is required for building up colonies in Jehovih's name. As you witnessed the founding of Hored by the archangel Etisyai, so may you understand that I will come to you all and do likewise. Go forth, then, taking your hosts, and lay down the foundations for your cities. As you have learned from me, go forth also doing as I have done; and as you do with a small colony, and a small city, so will I give into your keeping that which is greater when you are prepared for it.

05/5.15. When God ceased, the marshals led the way, and with the hosts following their governors, filed in front of the throne, saluting with the sign of Jehovih's name, which was answered by God's hands upraised. Meanwhile the es'enaurs sang in glory to Jehovih. Presently the hosts passed beyond the pillars of fire.

05/5.16. When all had quieted, God said: Let the builders of ships begin now and build a ship for me and my hosts, for the time draws near. And from my laborers, who have toiled a hundred years, day and night, without ceasing, let the graders choose those who, according to their grade, shall be my companions and hosts on this journey.

05/5.17. And they were chosen so, and notified.

05/5.18. God said: While I am absent, the one who stands highest in the grades shall sit on my throne, being God in my place; your God and my God shall be chosen according to the transcendence |138| of the one who has done the most for the resurrection of the es'yans.

05/5.19. So God commanded the graders to present the records before the throne, so that the Council of Hored could determine the matter.

05/5.20. And Ha'jah, an etherean, was chosen. So God commanded them to send word to Ha'jah, with an escort to conduct him to the capital.

05/5.21. In due time the escort brought Ha'jah into the palace of the kingdom of God, and God was sitting on the throne. With music, they came in and filed in front of the throne, forming a crescent, with Ha'jah between the horns.

05/5.22. God said: By command of Jehovih I have summoned you here, O Ha'jah. For a long time I have known you, even on other worlds. Of all virtues in man which stand highest, which is, never to mention one's self, you excel all others in my kingdom. Your labors for the general upraising of Hored excel all others. For this reason you are preferred; and chosen by Jehovih to be my assistant while I am here, and in my absence to be my very God in the Father's name.

05/5.23. Ha'jah said: This being the will of Jehovih, proceed.

05/5.24. God struck the gavel, and the Holy Council rose to their feet. God said: In Jehovih's name I salute you, Ha'jah, God of Tek, |139| to hold dominion in Hored. Come forward and receive my throne for the Father's sake. The marshals then conducted Ha'jah to the foot of the throne, and God came down and took his hand and led him up. And as they were going forth, a light, as golden fire, came down from the firmament above, sent by the kingdoms high exalted; and God and Ha'jah were covered over and illuminated.

05/5.25. God said: By Your Wisdom, Love and Power, O Jehovih, I receive Your Son on Your throne. Be with him in Wisdom and Strength for Your glory forever! Amen!

05/5.26. God raised up a rod, waving it, and rain came down from heaven. Ha'jah said: In Your name, O Jehovih! At which point God stretched up his hand to Jehovih, saying: Give me a crown for Your son, God of Tek, O Jehovih!

05/5.27. And there descended, like a small star streaming downward, |140| a light of gold and silver, and it settled on God's hand, and he fashioned it into a crown, and emblazoned it with the sign God of Tek, and placed it on Ha'jah's head, saying: In Jehovih's name, I crown you, to sit on the throne in Hored during my absence.

05/5.28. Ha'jah said: Your Son [Ha'jah], O Jehovih, shall fulfill Your commandments in wisdom and love. May the Father, Creator of worlds, give this, Your Son [Sethantes] rest and comfort for the glories he has wrought |141| in Your name! Amen!

05/5.29. The Council said: Amen! The es'enaurs chanted an anthem of praise to Jehovih. And God led Ha'jah forward and seated him on the throne, saying: You are God in my name and Jehovih's also. And since I now go down to the earth to sojourn (visit) for a season, you shall be known as God of both earth and heaven.

05/5.30. So God departed out of Hored and embarked on a ship, taking seven thousand men and women for his escort, plus a thousand es'enaurs and the crew of three thousand to work the ship.








135  These are spirits wholly dependent upon another, feeding on another. Notice too that a fetus, when taken from the womb, continues to live on in spirit.







136  As a mortal infant requires time and stages in which to learn and adapt to the corporeal life, so does an es'yan (whether he died as an infant or adult) require time in which to learn and adapt himself to the spiritual life in atmospherea.





137  Residents of the spirit worlds work with spiritual methods, spiritual equipment and spiritual materials, as in creating or transporting spiritual things.


















































































138  excellence; the one who stands above the rest


























139  Tek means two, so God of Tek probably means something like: Second God (of the earth and her heavens), or Second in Command, or, as we might say today, vice-God.















140  i.e., like a falling star, a streamer or ribbon of light









141  brought about, created, established



CHAPTER 6 Sethantes





05/6.1. God went to the provinces of the governors of heaven, whom he had previously appointed and sent forth to dwell near the earth; and as he himself had been commissioned by Jehovih in Hored, so did he install the governors on their seats.

05/6.2. Now, the governors were situated at remote distances within Whaga (Pan), but God sent messengers to them, notifying them of the time he would appear.

05/6.3. And the Lord Whaga, being apprised |142| of God's journey, established a protectorate in the Lord's kingdom in the city of Ul'oo, on earth, and went and joined the ship of God, and traveled with him throughout Whaga, being present at the inauguration of the governors in these heavens.

05/6.4. To each and all the governors, God said: Remember that the responsibility given my governors pertains to things in heaven; for the Lord's matters |143| pertain to earthly things and to angels who labor with the corporeans. But you are to attend to the es'yans, receiving them in heaven, providing them with places to live in, and in their helplessness supply them with food, clothes and the rudiments of learning.

05/6.5. God said: Keep in mind also, the time will come when each of these governorships shall develop into an independent kingdom; and instead of being governors you shall be raised as sub‑Gods.

05/6.6. After God established the governors, the Lord persuaded God to visit his place in Ul'oo, and from there, travel about over the earth and see the mortals with whom the Lord had to deal. And God consented, and the Lord sent messengers before him, so that the house of the Lord, which mortals had built, would be replenished and cleansed.

05/6.7. And the protectorate notified the ashars, and the ashars impressed mortals to go clean and purify the house of the Lord. And so mortals went to work cleaning the place, and they burned incense of sweet myrrh and hepatan, not knowing they were fulfilling the command of the Lord.

05/6.8. When the ship of the hosts of God came to the city of Ul'oo, mortals saw it high up in the air, and they feared and quickly ran to consult the prophet of the Lord. And the prophet said: Behold, God appears in a sea of fire in the firmament of heaven.

05/6.9. And God caused the ship to be made unseen, so that fear would subside on earth, and he descended with his hosts into the house of the Lord, and they went and touched the things mortals had built so that they could perceive corporeally.

05/6.10. Then the Lord gave a banquet, and the angels of God stayed four days, exchanging fellowship with the ashars, who ministered to mortals. And the ashars took the angels of God among mortals, both while mortals were asleep and awake, showing the angels all things.

05/6.11. And because of the presence of the hosts of God, mortals were roused up with new vigor to worship the Lord, rising early and going to the house of worship, and continuing all day; and not one of them knew the cause of it.

05/6.12. On the evening of the fourth day, God commanded his hosts to prepare to renew the journey, and the ship was again illumed and readied for its course.

05/6.13. God said: O Jehovih, Who creates all, look down and bless Your Lord! From his high estate in etherea he has descended to these poor mortals to lift them up. Already he has toiled with them a hundred years. Three generations have risen up out of the earth, and they begin to glorify You in Your kingdoms above the earth. Who but You, O Jehovih, can honor Your Lord or know his sore trials! Behold, man grows up out of the earth, saying: There is no Lord and no God. But his feet and his hands are guided every hour of the day. And when he enters the unseen worlds, these realms become seen; but he is helpless in a strange place. And Your Lord provides for him and teaches him Your kingdoms. Your Lord goes from place to place on the earth; he finds a corner and says: I will build a city here. He sends forth his angels and they inspire man on the earth to come and build a city. Yet when the city is built, man says: Behold, there is no God and no Lord.

05/6.14. Your Lord brings the corporeans together and guards them day and night; but man turns away in strife and destruction. Then Your Lord withdraws his angels from the city because of its wickedness; and lo, the city falls in ruins. But man does not know the cause. Yet Your Lord toils on, day and night, watching, guarding, and striving to lift man out of darkness. O Jehovih, Father, bless Your Lord and his hosts! Bring quickly, the time when man shall comprehend the foundations of Your kingdoms!

05/6.15. The Lord said: O Jehovih, Ever Present! Hear the words of Your God, he who comprehends the whole earth and the heaven of the earth, knowing no day or night. He deals with millions; his judgment is sufficient for all.

05/6.16. Glorify him, Your Son, of heaven and earth. He fashions the homes of Your Lords and Your little ones in great wisdom. His love is the glory of all men; his strength fashioned after Your foundations. Give swiftness and rest, and joy in Your quickening of him, Your God! ||

05/6.17. The mortals of the city of Ul'oo had gathered together to worship, and they were singing and dancing to the Lord, and the angels joined in the singing also. And God went and sat on the altar and illuminated it, so the mortals could see him. Then the chief prophet came near the place of the Lord, and the Lord placed his hand on the forehead of the prophet, so he could speak in the name of God.

05/6.18. The prophet said: Behold me, I am the God of heaven and earth, and my words come out of the mouth of this my prophet. Keep holy the four days of the moon, for they are the Lord's days. Do no evil, but strive for wisdom and to do good. And when you are dead, behold, you shall live, for I have places prepared for you in my heaven. Rejoice and be merry, for the Lord lives and reigns.

05/6.19. When the prophet ceased, God rose up from the altar, and his traveling host also, and saluting the Lord in the name of Jehovih, disappeared in heaven above.












142  notified, filled in on the details









143  affairs, business, concerns, activities



CHAPTER 7 Sethantes





05/7.1. As mortals sail corporeal ships across the corporeal ocean, so sailed the ship of God in the atmospherean ocean. As a man having five sons, sends four away to distant countries and keeps one at home, so did God do likewise with the five Lords bequeathed |144| him by Great Jehovih.

05/7.2. So God had departed from the foundation of Hored, in a ship, in heaven, to visit his four faraway sons, the Lords of the other four great divisions of the earth, whose labor was with both mortals and the spirits of the dead, for the glory of Jehovih.

05/7.3. First to Jud, Lord of Jud (Asia), he headed his ship, running close to the earth, bounding forth, and sapping up fuel from the tall forests to feed the phosphorescent flame, running easy till the wild coast on the west of Whaga was reached. Here he halted his ship, first God of the first Lords of earth, till his navigators determined the distance of the wide sea ahead; then gathering fuel and substance from the rich growing lands, he and his traveling host stowed the ship to the full.

05/7.4. And God went in, commanding: Go forth, go forth! Forth into the sea of heaven! And onward plunged the ship of God in the blue winds of the firmament, high soaring, above the black clouds sprung from the corporeal ocean. And the music of his thousand es'enaurs leaped forth in time and tune to the waves, plenteous and most defiant.

05/7.5. Jehovih looked down from the highest of all the heavens, His everlasting throne of thrones, saying: Onward! Onward! Tame the elements, O God! O man! The earth is yours; the air above is yours. Stretch forth your arm and tame the elements I have made.

05/7.6. Onward sped the ship of God, by the force of wills matured; and, by its hallowed light, displaying its purpose before other traveling Gods and men, those in other ships cruising on adventurous paths in Jehovih's wide oceans of splendor.

05/7.7. Merrily sang the crew, and danced, and viewed the wide expanse, premising about the scattered ships coursing here and there, in strange colors and marvelous swiftness.

05/7.8. On one side the rising moon, the setting sun on the other; beneath lay the black clouds and great corporeal ocean; and yet high above twinkled the stars and the planets of the Great Serpent on his long journey.

05/7.9. God came forth and surveyed the scene; and the power of Jehovih moved upon him. Then his seven thousand loves and traveling companions gathered around him. God said:

05/7.10. All Your places are new, Great Jehovih! For thousands of years I have gazed on Your matchless splendors, seen and unseen; but Your glory grows richer day by day. When Your voice came to me, more than a hundred years ago, saying: Go, My son, I have a new garden planted; take some workmen and till the soil; I foresaw the long labor of the generations that would spring up out of the earth. I feared and trembled. I said:

05/7.11. How shall it be, O Jehovih? Shall the new earth be peopled over, and mortals run their course like on other worlds before? First, in wholesome love, worship and due reverence to the Gods, and then for ages and ages bury themselves in bloody wars? O lead me forth, Father! Jehovih! I will take Your garden for a season, and fence it around with Lords, and wise kingdoms. And with Your potent spirit, hedge mortals on every side so that the earth shall bloom as a paradise for angels and men.

05/7.12. And Your sons and daughters came with me, and engrafted Your immortal kingdom.

05/7.13. How is it now? How does my labor compare with that of other Gods on other worlds?

05/7.14. O you archangels, Gods, and Goddesses! Look down on the great earth! Jehovih has filled my arms with a great load! I tremble on the immortal scales!

05/7.15. And God, transfixed, looked up into the swift‑passing sky, for his voice reached to the thrones of etherean worlds on which the Orian regents reigned in all power. And down from amid the stars shot a single ray of light, embossed with the adorable words: Jehovih's Son, all hail! Hail, God of Earth, Jehovih's Son! Glory! Glory to Great Jehovih, for all that you have done!

05/7.16. Then upward furled the shining light till it faded amid the distant stars. Anew the trumpeters and singers sent forth a strain of sweet music, spirited and sounding full of soul. And as the music glided forth across the waters, lo, other music, strange and welcome, came from the west lands to the borders of the ocean.

05/7.17. For the ship was across the sea, and the hosts of the Lord Jud had come to meet the God of earth and heaven. And now, saluting loud and long, the two ships drew to close anchorage. Presently the messengers interchanged, and in Jehovih's name greeted God and his hosts, who were old‑time friends to the Lord and his hosts.

05/7.18. God said: By Your will, O Jehovih, let us take course for the Lord's kingdom and place of labor. And presently the two ships sped forth, close to the earth, unified in the music of anthems of olden times.

05/7.19. Far up into the heart of the country, where fertile lands, mountains and waters were close companioned to the asuan race, |145| the ships sped on till one pillar of fire, standing on a mountainside, proclaimed the place of the Lord, and here they halted and made fast |146| the vessels, unseen by mortals.








144  given, granted, bestowed, assigned





































































































145  i.e., the asuans populated these fertile regions where food was readily available


146  secured, fastened, anchored



CHAPTER 8 Sethantes





05/8.1. These chieftains had long been friends on other worlds, and pledged to join in an adventure on some new corporeal world, to raise sons and daughters up to Jehovih. Now it was being fulfilled in the Lord and God, remotely situated, and this visit much looked forward to.

05/8.2. And so God and the Lord came forth, saying: In Jehovih's name! Met at last! And they embraced and reassured each other that it was really true, that which they had talked of a thousand years before.

05/8.3. And then all the hosts of God and the hosts of the Lord came forward, and knowing one another, saluted and embraced also. After that they proceeded to the house of the Lord, which mortals had been inspired to build of wood and clay. And when they were within, they joined in prayer and thanks to Jehovih, and they sang and danced, and rejoiced to their souls' content.

05/8.4. At sunrise the next morning the mortal priests and priestesses, led by a prophet, went into the house of the Lord, to pray, sing and dance as they had been taught by inspiration from the Lord, but many people lingered outside, saying to one another:

05/8.5. Ta hop! Ta hop! (I fear! I fear!) For last night I saw lights in the house of the Lord, and I heard sounds like singing and dancing before the altar of God!

05/8.6. Nevertheless their companions persuaded them, and they went in and sang and danced also.

05/8.7. After a time of rejoicing, followed by quiet, the Lord said: Behold, O God, the follies of judgment, and the vain calculations of even Lords and Gods! We look upon the mature man, saying: Alas, he is stubborn in his own way; we cannot convert him. Then we desire the immature, saying: Him I will raise up in my own way, and he shall not depart from my judgment. But we tire of his immaturity and slow growth.

05/8.8. God said: On that hangs the highest testimony of the Person of Great Jehovih. He created man the nearest blank of all the living, purposely unlike all the rest and devoid of sense. Whereas, according to the order in the others of the animal world, a newborn babe should be already wise.

05/8.9. Jehovih says: I have provided all the living with certain paths to travel in; but man alone I created new out of all things dead and dissolved, and he shall grow forever. To the beast I gave an already created sense (so-called instinct); to man I allotted angels. And even these angels I have provided with others above them; and yet others above them, forever and ever. Thus the first of man, the newborn baby, I created a blank in sense and judgment, so that he may be a witness that even he himself was fashioned and created anew by My hand. Nor did I create him imperfectly, that he should re‑enter a womb and be born over again. That which I do is well done. ||

05/8.10. The Lord said: You are wise, O God. The opposites prove Jehovih. Water runs downhill, but man walks up the hillside; the tree grows up out of the ground while it lives, but after death it falls. Man stands on the earth, but the earth rests on that which is lighter than the earth. Jehovih says: The life of the tree is of Me; the unseen that holds the corporeal earth in its place, is of Me. ||

05/8.11. And yet, O God, who can attain to know Jehovih? The mortal says: When I am dead and risen in heaven I shall see the Great Spirit; but he fails, still being helpless, yes, as helpless in his place as he was helpless on the earth. Then he says: When I am strong and wise, like Lords and Gods, and can traverse |147| the wide firmament, then I will see Jehovih. But when he rises and can course his vessel through the whirlwinds of the vortices of heaven, and he is called Lord or God, lo, he finds the arcs and the ethea |148| standing before him still. More and more he is appalled at the thought of the Great I Am Who lives still beyond.

05/8.12. He hurries down to the corporeal earth, to teach mortals and spirits of Jehovih and His endless worlds and exalted heavens. But lo, the darkness of men! They say: I do not see Him; I do not hear Him; I do not believe in Him. He is merely like the wind, going without sense; as water goes down the hill, so is He; He is dead. He is nothing.

05/8.13. And the Lord invents ways and means; yes, he teaches man to pray and sing to Jehovih, so that the sounds may lead his soul upward. The Lord tells him to wear clothes and hide his nakedness from the Lord; and the Lord sends angels to reward him for his good deeds. And the angels of the Lord lay plots and stratagems in man's pathway to stir him up. Yes, Jehovih gave man sleep, so that his corporeal‑bound spirit could see and hear heavenly things. But man loads his stomach, and debauches on intoxicating smoke and drink till his soul is buried in darkness.

05/8.14. And the Lord cries out in despair: How weak I am, O Jehovih, before You! I took it upon myself to be Lord over men on the earth, to learn my lesson in the government of worlds. But O Jehovih, I know I fail in Your sight. What will Your God say when he sees my little good? What pity do the archangels have for Your struggling Lord of earth?

05/8.15. God perceived the sorrow of his friend, and he said: O Jehovih, You Who are Almighty, how keener You have made our sense of our own weakness, than those who look upon us! Your Lord is my God in the glories he has wrought out of such crude substance, and I sing to his praise and love. Lo I have looked upon the naked men and women of this great land, crawling on hands and feet, with no thought but to eat, and I have seen them raised up by Your Lord and his ashars, to walk upright and use words of speech, and to wear clothes and skins to hide their nakedness. Yes, O Father, I have cried out with great joy, and I called aloud to You, O Jehovih, saying: Who knows the labor of the Lord! Will man ever forget to sing praises to the Lord God?

05/8.16. But Jehovih says: I will keep some of the tribes of men in darkness till the last days; for man in his conceit shall be confounded; for he shall perceive that the tribes of darkness cannot put away their own darkness. Yes, man shall bow down in reverence to My Lords in the early days of the earth. ||

05/8.17. In this way God and his Lord conversed, as they went forth to see the work of the Lord, and to find the mortals who had given up the places of asu and came to live in villages and cities. Over the continent of Jud they traveled for many days and nights. And when God had seen all the work of the Lord, he said:

05/8.18. Behold it is good. Your toil and seclusion away from the Lords of the upper heavens are severe, but you are fashioning the love of millions, who shall bless you.

05/8.19. Now while God sojourned here, his hosts regaled |149| themselves with the company of the ashars and asaphs in the kingdom of the Lord, and great was the love and rejoicing among them.










































































147  trek about, travel throughout, course along




148  the whole of ethe everywhere, the etherean firmament




























































149  exchanged stories, nourished, feasted, delighted



CHAPTER 9 Sethantes





05/9.1. When God's visit was ended, and the hosts notified, the Lord gave a banquet lasting two days and nights, during which the angels sang, danced and trumpeted before God. After that, God and his hosts embarked on the ship, ready to proceed on the journey; and the Lord went up to the ship to say goodbye, and his host went with him.

05/9.2. God said: When dan approaches we shall meet again. May Jehovih prosper your harvests till then!

05/9.3. The Lord said: That is another hundred years! O God, I live almost in a wilderness. I have not ten million souls, mortals and spirits!

05/9.4. God said: Your kingdom shall be mighty when I come again. May it glorify Jehovih!

05/9.5. They embraced and separated! Each gave the sign of Jehovih's name. Upward rose the ship of God, with banners outstretched, and newly ornamented by the Lord's angels. And now, resuming its westward course, sped on above the mountaintops, like a meteor hurled from heaven. Meanwhile the trumpeters gave forth the gladly solemn sound of the march of God.

05/9.6. But before the ship had made half its journey, an approaching light emerged from the far west, radiant and laden with hosts from the Lord of Dis (Europe), and the Lord was also aboard.

05/9.7. When the ships drew near and halted, God called with a loud voice, saying: In Jehovih's name, all hail! I know my Lord comes.

05/9.8. And the Lord answered: Hail to you, O God, Son of Jehovih! || And they turned the Lord's ship and lashed the two together even as they sped on.

05/9.9. Now after they had all exchanged welcome and good wishes, the Lord said: Before we go to my central throne, let us survey the continent over which your servant is Lord of land and water.

05/9.10. And God answered: Your will be done, O Lord. And so they journeyed for many days, often descending to the earth in places where the Lord's angels had begun colonies with mortals, impressing man with words of speech, and to live in villages.

05/9.11. And God said that all he saw was good and well done. So they came to the throne of the Lord and halted and sojourned for sixty days.

05/9.12. And God and his hosts, and the Lord and his ashars and asaphs, were together in general reunion, praying, singing and dancing, and reasoning on the endless works of Jehovih. But one book could not contain all that was said and done, of the excursions made, and the visits over the plains and mountains where in thousands of years from then, man would live and build cities, and go to war and destroy them.

05/9.13. The mathematicians foretold the great cities and nations that would rise up; how this one and that one would move to battle; how their great cities would fall in ruins and be covered up by falling nebulae, and by denuding mountains |150| washing down upon them, so that even the memory of them would be lost. And yet, further on, the mathematicians foretold the coming of Kosmon when the ruined cities would be discovered and their histories deciphered by the su'is |151| of man in Great Jehovih's hand.

05/9.14. And now when all these things had been estimated, the prophets and mathematicians went before God, Son of Jehovih, according to the commandments of the Lord, and spoke, telling all these wonders.

05/9.15. When they had finished, God said: What is our service on the earth, O Lord? A few centuries at most and we will have risen up from the earth, taking our hosts with us to dwell in higher realms. But there shall be other Gods and Lords after us, to deal with mortals and newly born spirits. After awhile there shall be great warriors, and great cities and nations, and they shall have Gods and Lords of their times who will dwell many weary years, even centuries, in the darkness with man. After that, even the Gods and Lords will be forgotten. And man will turn against Great Jehovih, putting to death His adherents, preferring idols of stone and metal, and spirits born of woman.

05/9.16. The Lord said: And yet further on a brighter light adorns the way: Great Jehovih's hand sends the traveling worlds into the light of Kosmon, and new prophets arise, gathering up the histories lost and the glorious plan of the Great Spirit over all. Yes, even your labor and my ships will be seen by mortals of that day.

05/9.17. Thus they discoursed, reading the past and the future, and weighing the present; while angels less informed, gathered around to learn how worlds are peopled, and nations and cities destroyed; the far distant, and the near at hand, being as nothing |152| in Jehovih's vast universe.

05/9.18. But the time came for God's departure, and he and his traveling host embarked, and the Lord and his angels drew around to receive God's prayer before he left. And so after they had embraced and parted, God said:

05/9.19. Though I go away, my love abides with you all. And now, O Jehovih, bless these my fellow‑laborers, and make them strong to endure their great trials. Yours is the power and glory, O Father! Amen!

05/9.20. The ship rose up and the trumpeters gave forth: Glory to You, O Jehovih, forever and ever!





























































150  from mudslides, glacial activity, erosion, etc.





151  spiritual comprehension































152  'Near at hand' here means that which is happening around the present time. || In viewing distant past and far future events, it is like one event happening---a short ribbon of time---the time between the endpoints seeming like nothing.



CHAPTER 10 Sethantes





05/10.1. Jehovih spoke to God, saying: Steer your ship to the southland, My Son, and visit your Lord, who is God of Vohu (Africa). And God went as commanded, to the south, running close to the earth, over deserts and mountains.

05/10.2. But when they were a short way on the journey they were met by the Lord, who had been apprised of God's coming. And the ship of the Lord came alongside, and made fast to the vessel of God, and all the angels saluted and intermingled, having known one another hundreds of years, and some for more than a thousand years.

05/10.3. The Lord said: On our journey, let us run our ship through the valleys and along the banks of rivers, for it is here that both asu and men dwell. And so they journeyed, surveying the earth as they sailed above. The country was mostly barren, supporting neither man nor beast.

05/10.4. But man dwelt by the riversides, burrowing in the ground to avoid the heat by day and the cold by night. And they came to places where the angels of the Lord were dwelling with mortals, having inspired them to make villages and to hide their nakedness.

05/10.5. The Lord said: Behold, O God, only the unseen is potent over man. If the beasts or the stones or the forest could tell man to hide his nakedness, he would not; nor will he heed |153| his brother's voice. Without experience, man cannot be advised profitably regarding himself, for Jehovih has made him that way. Because man cannot discern angel presence, the angels alone can teach man and inspire him to new life. For they talk to him in his sleep, and show him what is for his own good. And when he wakes in the morning, he supposes it was himself talking, and he is ambitious to obey himself. Patient and of long endurance are the angels of the Lord.

05/10.6. God said: Will man ever know he has been raised up? Will he be believing? Or will he, too, need to go to some new world and raise up its first fruits and toil his hundreds of years with naked mortals? O Jehovih, how wisely You have shaped the labors of the believing and the unbelieving!

05/10.7. Lo, man comes forth out of the earth, boasting of his unbelief, saying: Unless I see with my own eyes, and feel with my own hands, I will not believe. But You, O Jehovih, have fitted a labor for his eyes and for his hands, to his heart's content.

05/10.8. And yet another man comes forth out of the earth, being believing, and quickly he mounts to the thrones of Your exalted heavens. Great is the work of Your Lord, O Father.

05/10.9. The Lord said: Who knows Your wisdom, O Jehovih! Who cannot perceive You in the foundations of Your everlasting worlds? You have provided nurses for the new earth; and out of this, Your footstool, You will bring forth many, who will, in the far future, be laboring as Your Lord and his angels labor here. Of what expanse is Your wisdom, O Jehovih!

05/10.10. In this manner they conversed and journeyed onward, till they reached the throne and place of the Lord. And here they made fast their ships, and they descended, down to the city of Ong'oo, in upper middle of the continent of Vohu (Africa).

05/10.11. And the Lord now sent messengers to all the ashars in his dominions, appointing ten days of rest, and time for feasting, music, dancing, and worshipping Jehovih.

05/10.12. And so it came to pass that the angels of the Lord and those of God held a reunion, being the first one in over a hundred years.

05/10.13. And then God toured over all the continent of Vohu, inspecting the work the Lord had done, and he pronounced it good before Jehovih.

05/10.14. When God had rested the full time, he and his hosts entered the ship of God, and taking leave of the Lord and his hosts, departed on the journey, saluting the Lord with a thousand trumpeters in the name of Jehovih.





























153  listen to, pay attention to, consider, obey



CHAPTER 11 Sethantes





05/11.1. And now the long journey across the ocean was about to begin. God said: Great is Your wisdom, O Jehovih, in the division of waters! Your barriers protect nations from nations. You have made a refuge beyond the waters, where the evil man cannot pursue. Yet greater still are Your spirit oceans, O Father. The spirits of darkness cannot cross over, and the spirits of newborn peoples are not contaminated. O You Far‑seeing; You Bestower of thrift |154| into the hands of Your Gods and Lords.

05/11.2. The master of the ship provided well for the journey; and presently the vessel of fire sped over the water, high above the clouds that cover the ocean. Onward to the west, bleak and desolate, through the spirit sea, unseen by mortals. On the distant borders, where the lands come to the water's edge, the Lord of the land of Thouri (America) stood, stationed in a ship, to welcome God to the great west lands.

05/11.3. And this was the land that the angels later called North Guatama, signifying the meeting of nations and the dawn of Kosmon.

05/11.4. God came down out of the ship and stood on the land, and a light of etherean flame descended upon him, and Jehovih spoke out of the light, saying: Hear Me, O My Son! I have brought you here to this land, which is the last of the circle, even as Whaga is the first. Behold, when the earth is circumscribed |155| with those who choose Me, I will come here with a great awakening light to the souls of men.

05/11.5. On this land I will finish the dominion of the Gods and Lords on earth, even as begun on Whaga; |156| through you and your Lords I will now lay the foundation for My kingdoms. On this land I will raise up a people who shall be the fulfilling of that which the I'hins of Whaga profess; for My chosen shall come out boldly against all dominion except Mine, Jehovih's. Look over this land, My Son, and provide for the time of Kosmon.

05/11.6. My prophets will foretell |157| you what shall happen; and afterward you shall look upon the mountains and strong standing rocks, and the thought of your soul will pierce them, and its impression will be as a written book before the races of men in that day. Nor will they know the cause, but they shall come forth in tens of thousands, for My sake, putting away all Gods, Lords, and ancient tyranny. Your soul shall be My talisman, deeply engraved in the land, water and mountains.

05/11.7. On this land alone, no Lord or God shall be established by the sword, for it is My land, which I planned for the deliverance of the nations of the earth. ||

05/11.8. The hosts of both the ships came and joined in gleesome reunion after a hundred years' absence; then they traveled over the land and waters of the great west continent.

05/11.9. And all the places that the Lord had searched out, to the east and west and north and south (i.e., in all directions), even to the farthest boundary, were revealed and recorded in the books of heaven.

05/11.10. God said: And you, my Lord, shall mark out the place of the dominion of Jehovih in the founding of His kingdom on earth. And a record of your labors shall descend through the Lords and Gods that come after you, even down to the time of the coming light of Kosmon.

05/11.11. And the people, who shall dwell here till that day, shall never be worshippers of any Lord or God, such as other people shall worship. |158|

05/11.12. Let my seal be put upon this land, in the name of Jehovih, and to Him I consecrate it forever!

05/11.13. When all that was accomplished, God and the Lord rested from their labors. And the Lord prepared a feast and reunion for all the angels in his dominions.

05/11.14. So they assembled; and they sang, prayed, danced, and conversed on things long past and things of the future, reassuring one another of their love and high esteem, even like mortals of this day do.

05/11.15. When the banquet had ended, God and his traveling host, in due ceremony and order, took their leave. And so God departed. And when the ship of God was raised up and under way, the voice of Jehovih came to God, saying:

05/11.16. Steer your ship, My Son, over all the other lands, islands and waters of the earth. Go low down to the earth so that your recording angels can witness the affairs of men, and all the places I created on the earth, and the waters of the earth.

05/11.17. So God visited all places on land and water, where man lived and where man did not live, and the angels made a record of them in the books of heaven.

05/11.18. And the time of God's journey since he left Hored was one year and seven days; and his rest was completed. So he sent messengers to Hored, his heavenly kingdom, announcing the time of his coming. And for there he set sail. |159|











154  wise provision


















155  encircled, surrounded, encompassed





156  Thus the beginning of the end of mortals worshipping Gods and Lords is to start in North America, even as on the continent of Whaga (Pan) the worship of the Lord and the God was begun (see 05/6.11,17). This verse does not mean the end of Jehovih's God and Lords.


157  prophesy, predict, reveal beforehand































158  All the Algonquin tribes worshipped the Great Spirit, Jehovih, only. It was characteristic of them never to accept any God or Lord. And the American race, coming after them, are fast raising to the same exalted conception of the Great Spirit. --Ed.
























159  Messengers generally use smaller, fast moving ships. Therefore, they could arrive in Hored well before God in his excursion ship.



CHAPTER 12 Sethantes





05/12.1. When it was known in Hored that God was about to return, Ha'jah prepared for God's reception.

05/12.2. And there volunteered ten thousand musicians, five thousand bearers of banners, one thousand marshals and officers of the throne, and one hundred thousand receivers, to go part way and meet God and his companions.

05/12.3. And Ha'jah granted their prayers and they started at once, |160| being the most majestic host that had as yet gone forth in the lower heaven.

05/12.4. And when they were a little way off, behold, God and his ship of fire approached in heavenly splendor. And the marshals met him and laid hold of the ship's han'iv, |161| at which, all the hosts did the same, except the musicians, who sang and played.

05/12.5. When they drew near and entered Hored, Ha'jah broke down from his high estate, and left the throne, running to meet God as a child would run to its father. And when the multitude saw this, they also broke loose from decorous behavior and gave full vent to their outbursting love for God and his hosts. And all the people became as a tumult |162| in rivalry of rejoicing.

05/12.6. In a little while God and Ha'jah turned and walked to the throne and ascended it; Ha'jah took his place, and God sat to his right, and order reigned.

05/12.7. Ha'jah said: In Your name, O Jehovih, I welcome back Your First Son of earth, to the kingdom You have bestowed upon him and Your sons and daughters. Because he has glorified You, by his labor, wisdom and love, we honor him in Your name and for Your glory!

05/12.8. God said: In Your name, O Jehovih, I return to these, my loves! That I am returned I glorify You, O my Father. That You have made them rejoice, is the glory of my life.

05/12.9. And now a great light gathered up around the throne, so bright that many could not look upon it, and presently the power of Jehovih came upon Ha'jah, and the voice of Jehovih spoke through him, saying to God:

05/12.10. This is again your throne, O My Son! You shall finish that which I have put upon you. Your people shall learn the manner of My kingdoms, and know that even as I make all, so do I rule over all.

05/12.11. Hang up your traveling garb, My Son; dismiss your traveling hosts and resume your seat on the throne, for I gave it to you. The voice departed; Ha'jah rose up and stood aside, and the light fell upon God, and he resumed the throne and was hailed by the multitude in Jehovih's name.

05/12.12. God said to Ha'jah: Because you have prospered my kingdom during one whole year, you shall be my companion and assistant, with power and wisdom to superintend all matters not directly under my Lords.

05/12.13. Behold, I have set this day apart as a new day in heaven and earth; because on this day the sun takes its course from the north line; and from this time forward it shall be called the new year's day. So shall it be, from this time forward, the day of the relief watch in Hored.

05/12.14. Hear my voice, O Ha'jah, and members of the Council of the throne of heaven! That which I commanded, you shall proclaim throughout heaven and earth to all who serve me.

05/12.15. Because of the increase of the kingdom of Hored, I will have the place enlarged; and the Council shall no longer be called a Council, but Moeb, for it shall be an assembly over all councils below it.

05/12.16. And Moeb shall no longer deal with the affairs of individuals, even if they are Lords; but it shall have dominion with the cities and kingdoms of heaven, and with judgments and decrees.

05/12.17. But in all matters of less degree, this, my son Ha'jah, shall have dominion. And you, O Ha'jah, shall build a house in Hored, near this throne, and it shall be your residence and the place of your business.











160  immediately, right away, without delay





161  the prow of a vessel. --1891 glossary. A prow is the front end of the body (hull) of the ship; bow.







162  a jumble of commotion; here, they were passionately exhilarated, noisy, loud and exuberant in their uproar of love and joy




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