Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih


First God of the first cycle of the earth after man's creation

CHAPTER 13 Sethantes





05/13.1. So God enlarged the place of Hored, and built one thousand more pillars of fire, enlarging the circle and otherwise making it a place of splendor. And God called together the recorders from the libraries of heaven, and caused them to select one hundred thousand new members for the house of Moeb (Parliament), choosing them from the highest on the lists. In this matter, God said:

05/13.2. Do not seek for the most learned, or the most prayerful, to be members; but choose those who rank highest in assimilating to Jehovih and to their fellows; for these are the first to become Gods and Goddesses. Jehovih says: A strong man may do more good works than a weak one; and yet the latter may stand fairer in My sight. I open the way to the weak and the strong; to the learned and the unlearned.

05/13.3. God said: In all these matters, whichever man or woman has put away self‑desires for self's sake, serving the Father by laboring for others, is on the road to wisdom. And if the records show a sufficient time for growth in such a man or woman, through which these virtues become organic, |163| then choose that person, for Moeb shall be composed of such.

05/13.4. So the laborers gathered agni |164| from the heavens around them, and remodeled the interior of Moeb, so that its members would be seated according to their rank. On the day it was finished, the recorders brought the new members, who went into the temple to their respective places.

05/13.5. When they were seated, God spoke from the throne, saying: To You, O Jehovih, I have built the house of Moeb in Hored; by Your wisdom I have chosen its members. To You, O Father, I dedicate this house, and it shall be Your house. Give us of Your light, O Jehovih, so that we may not err.

05/13.6. A light descended from the heavens above, and fell upon the members of Moeb, as a symbol of approval by the archangels; and presently the new members stood up of their own accord, but the old members remained seated.

05/13.7. God said: Above your heads I make the sign of Jehovih's name, in a circle of fire, and the cross, and the leaf of life; for by it, you are sworn to the Father's labor.

05/13.8. Hear me, then, O my beloved: From this day forward you are denied individual ministration with individuals, but you are now a unit with many, and your labor, love and wisdom must be in concerted action with these.

05/13.9. From now on you must no longer say: What can I do for this man or that man, or this woman or that woman, or this child or that child? || For this is individual labor; and on the earth such ministration belongs to the ashars; and in atmospherea, it belongs to the asaphs. But you shall minister to organic communities who are composed of individuals. For there are communities for factories, for education, for treatment of the sick, and so on; and such communities exist both on earth and in heaven.

05/13.10. You shall divide yourselves into groups for this purpose, and every group shall be in charge of its special business; and each group shall stand in Moeb as one member of Jehovih's judgment seat. You shall divide according to your talents, and group together, each of you choosing a department in which you have the greatest wisdom and strength. Withdraw now to complete your groups according to the rates my proper officers will assign, and then return again into Moeb, and in Jehovih's name, take the seats allotted to you all.
























163  That is, an integral part of a person; thus, for example, the automatic response (reflex) of such a person would be toward light. Compare this with those whose reflex (first reaction, knee-jerk reaction) is toward self, or darkness, or confusion.

164  Agni is that kind of fire-light which Spiritualists have often seen produced by the spirits. It is often called phosphorus, but not correctly. [Although, it is phosphorescent (luminous), it is of spiritual origin.] Yet spirits can gather it and handle it. --Ed.



CHAPTER 14 Sethantes





05/14.1. On the second day after the house of Moeb was completed, and all the members were in their respective places, Jehovih spoke through God, saying:

05/14.2. Now is the beginning of the second resurrection. Even as the corporean puts off the corporeal body, and is born a spirit, becoming the first resurrection, so are you, in putting away individual self and becoming an organic community, the beginning of the second resurrection.

05/14.3. Because those of the first are for individual self, I have bound them close to the face of the earth; as they survived on the earth on corporeal food, so have I made them to survive in the lowest heaven on atmospherean food. Because Moeb has risen above these conditions, I will exalt the foundations of the house of Moeb higher up from the earth than Hored, and Moeb shall be the lower house of My kingdom. |165|

05/14.4. The voice of Jehovih departed and God saluted Ha'jah in the name of the Father. And a great light enveloped the house of Moeb, and the es'enaurs chanted a hymn of praise. Then God arose and stood in the throne of Jehovih, saying:

05/14.5. Hear me, O all you people of heaven above and heaven below, the house of Moeb in the beginning of the second resurrection is founded in Jehovih's name. Proclaim the words that have gone out of my mouth, to the east and west and north and south, and to the swift messengers of the arcs of the firmament above.

05/14.6. Glory, glory, to Jehovih! Boundless and Almighty Creator, Present, and full of love, wisdom and power, glory to You forever and ever, amen!

05/14.7. The house of Moeb chanted a proclamation. The swift messengers assumed their respective globes of light, and began to ascend in every direction, carrying the word to the exalted spheres.

05/14.8. And God crowned Ha'jah as sub‑God of Hored, |166| and he was proclaimed to all the quarters of heaven and earth. And the history of his name exists to this day as Jah, among mortals.




















165  That is, Moeb, being in atmospherea, is the lower house, compared to the upper house of Jehovih's kingdom, being His kingdoms in etherea.




















166  Sub-Gods are Gods who have heavenly kingdoms of their own, but who are, nonetheless, subsidiary to God.



CHAPTER 15 Sethantes





05/15.1. Ha'jah said: With the exaltation of Moeb, so too shall my places be exalted before Jehovih. Let the enumerators of the communities of heaven send representatives before me, and the communities of manufacturers who produce food and clothes for the es'yans, the communities for hospitals and nurseries, the communities for education, the communities for training messengers, and all other communities.

05/15.2. When the representatives came, according to the instructions of the marshals, and were before the throne, Ha'jah said:

05/15.3. The toilers shall not always be toilers; the physicians not always runners after the sick. Whoever is proficient, I will exalt. He who can walk shall no longer crawl.

05/15.4. Many are wise and strong, and some have passed beyond the boundary of self‑desires for self's sake.

05/15.5. A child may not have self‑desires, but then it lacks wisdom and strength. A full-grown man or woman may have wisdom and strength, but lack in the abnegation of self.

05/15.6. I will make every community a double from this time onward, and one shall be called Maga, and the other shall be called Minga. Maga shall be my promoted laborers, who are being prepared for the second resurrection.

05/15.7. And Maga's labor shall be in concert with Moeb, the house of Jehovih. But Minga's labor shall be as before, with individual affairs and the organizing of new places for the delivered es'yans, who are the fruit of the Lords and their kingdoms on the earth.

05/15.8. Let my marshals select judges to carry out these, my decrees, in the name of Jehovih.





CHAPTER 16 Sethantes





05/16.1. From the founding of Hored until the installment of Ha'jah, was one hundred and thirty years, and at that time the lower kingdom of heaven was fully organized according to the decree of Jehovih.

05/16.2. And the kingdoms of the Lords on earth were also fully established. And at that time the earth had passed into Hon'she, in the etherean space, where the Orian Shrevarhs |167| dwell, to whom the swift messengers from God had reported the condition of the earth's surface, with the tablets of Grade and Ingrade of mortals. |168|

05/16.3. The Shrevarhs said: The earth has not attained her fullness. The gases of her low regions must be purified to make more places for mortals.

05/16.4. So it came to pass that fire, brimstone, iron and phosphorus fell upon the earth, by command of the Shrevarhs, by the will of Jehovih, and this shower reached into the five divisions of the earth. But before its fall, God was notified, and he apprised the Lords, and they informed the ashars, and they impressed those mortals who were in rapport with heavenly things, and the chosen marched away from the places of destruction, so that not one perished.

05/16.5. But many of the asu'ans were consumed in the fire.

05/16.6. But God sent extra workmen, and surgeons and physicians, from heaven, down to those spirits who were falling into forgetfulness and dissolution, and commanded that they be engrafted on the surviving asu'ans for pity's sake; and this was accomplished through the Lords of the earth and their servants, the ashars.

05/16.7. At the end of two hundred years God enumerated the people in the lower heaven, and there were, besides the spirits of the fetals (many of whom were doubtful as to everlasting life), two hundred and ninety‑six million souls. Of these more than thirty million, who were the first of the earth's production, had been raised up to the grade of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.

05/16.8. And now the sixth generation of the seed of the fallen angels was delivered, and this was the fullness of earth bondage for them.

05/16.9. God summoned the house of Moeb for the revelations of Jehovih on the first day of the first year of dan of Hon'she. And when they were assembled, and had chanted to Jehovih appropriate anthems for the times past, the All Light came upon God, and he said:

05/16.10. Behold, the time of dan of Hon'she is here. Before three days pass by, the hosts from the etherean heavens will descend to accomplish the resurrection of my hosts to the regions from which they came two hundred years ago.

05/16.11. Summon my Lords of the earth, and my people of heaven; proclaim my words to them.

05/16.12. You who peopled the earth with everlasting life, attend to my words; the harvest of the new year has ripened, it will be gathered into the heavens above. Let my people rejoice, for the glory of deliverance is at hand. |169|

05/16.13. In Orian fields, hosts of angels and archangels wait, full of hope and love, to receive these, the first fruits of the new earth.

05/16.14. Clothe them in quietness with the rays of light. Make ready; for etherean Gods and Goddesses set sail in the regions above to come and deliver us.

05/16.15. Proclaim my words in all places in the name of Jehovih. And add to them, saying: If you desire to ascend, come to Moeb, in the name of the Son of Jehovih!

05/16.16. Messengers went forth, both in heaven and on the earth, and proclaimed that which had been commanded.

05/16.17. And on the third day, ninety million angels assembled in Moeb and Hored, to witness the descending and ascending of Jehovih's chosen. And the archangels of Hon'she sent a hundred thousand Gods and Goddesses to guard Moeb and Hored, to dispel and keep away the clouds and sunshine, so as to add glory to the scene.










167  Hon'she is an Orian field, a place in etherea containing many etherean worlds, and through which corporeal worlds pass. According to the 1891 glossary a Shrevar [or Shrevarh or Shriever] is to a corporeal world as a guardian angel is to a mortal.

168  In general a tablet of Grade and Ingrade contains the grades and rates of mortals, indicating their distribution (how many at each grade) in the population; and their ingrade indicates their future place in heaven. More later in Oahspe on this.












































169  'At hand' means: is upon us, is now underway, is happening, is beginning, is very near the start, is ready to start, almost here, about to happen, thus it refers to the present. It can also mean: easily seen; in one's immediate presence; as in, the marshal of the throne was always at hand whenever the throne was approached. Or, as in: A'ji was at hand.

In contrast, 'near at hand' is not so immediate, but is approaching, and means: in the near future; is soon to happen;  or, is close enough nearby in time, as to be in memory; as in, events near at hand. Near at hand can also mean: close by; or close enough nearby in location as to not be inconvenient to access or contact, as in, God's messengers were always near at hand.



CHAPTER 17 Sethantes





05/17.1. The Loo'is came before God, and having organized themselves into one community so as to make it lawful to speak in Moeb, they appointed Ga'wasa to speak on behalf of the community. Ga'wasa said:

05/17.2. Hear me, O God, in the name of Jehovih! You have ordained me according to the custom of heaven, to be a master of generations with mortals, and yet one generation is incomplete, for which reason I have come before you. Today I have been summoned by Jehovih, through your messengers, saying: If you desire to enter the next resurrection, come, for the time of harvest has come. Thus says God, Son of Jehovih. || Yet, I also desire to dwell another generation on earth.

05/17.3. God said: The places of heaven are open to all. If you want to ascend now, do so. If you want to wait one generation, then you shall wait two hundred years, for that is the period of the next harvest.

05/17.4. Ga'wasa said: In Jehovih's name, let my brethren pass before you in judgment.

05/17.5. God said: Jehovih's will be done.

05/17.6. Ga'wasa withdrew and went and told his brethren what was said; and presently they came in and passed in judgment before God.

05/17.7. God said: You have said, let me pass in judgment before you! Hear me, then, for this is my judgment: If you ascend with your work incomplete, you will be the unhappiest of men. Remain, therefore, for a greater glory is within your reach.

05/17.8. The Loo'is passed to the left, signifying their determination to stay another two hundred years with mortals.

05/17.9. After the Loo'is, others came desiring to be adjudged by God, and to all who had incomplete work, God said: Remain! And they remained.

05/17.10. Besides these, there were seventy thousand ethereans eligible to ascend, who volunteered to remain with mortals another two hundred years. Among these were the five Lords and Ha'jah, and four hundred messengers belonging to Hored, and seven hundred women in fetal, |170| in the western division of Hored under the Lord of Whaga.








































170  As a corporeal woman provides a corporeal womb for a fetus, and breasts for milk for the newborn, so are there angels capable of providing fetal to aborted fetuses, miscarriages, still births, etc.



CHAPTER 18 Sethantes





05/18.1. Jehovih spoke in the arc of O'wasti, in the Orian field of Hon'she, in the etherean heaven. Jehovih said: Earth's time is at hand; the deliverance of her first‑born will fall at your doors. Come forth, O My sons and daughters, and receive them from My hand.

05/18.2. Onesyi, high aspiring Goddess of Hon'she, along with a thousand counselors, |171| gathered in a host of five million souls, emancipated, and to them the dignified Onesyi spoke, saying:

05/18.3. Unlike all harvests previously delivered to us from other corporeal worlds, Jehovih sends us the first‑born of the earth. Let us rejoice and glorify Him, O my beloved. Send out to the boundaries of Hon'she and proclaim there the upraised hosts of earth. You, who volunteer to go to the earth to receive them, come quickly. And you, who remain at home, provide them with mansions and quarters.

05/18.4. Onesyi said: Swift messengers have just come to me from the arc of Wan; Etisyai will be there. She was the one who bestowed Jehovih's crown on the first God of the corporeal earth. Her hosts, a million strong, go by the way of Tiviyus, and ask that we meet them in O'wea. And you, Wistaw, shall sit on my throne. I will go to the earth, to receive the thirty million newborn, the glorious gift of Jehovih.

05/18.5. Onesyi said: The young virgin earth has given birth. O the joy of the firstborn! I will take with me a host of singers, a million strong. Their voices shall have power and sweetness to win the love and adoration of all thirty million. The glory of Jehovih's works shall shine so brilliantly upon them that all past trials shall be forgotten. Hasten, O Gods and Goddesses! Let down the curtains of fire! Here begins the play of Jehovih in the management of a new world!

05/18.6. Now men and women gathered together, being those long raised up in the emancipated heavens, whose wills were potent over a'ji and nebulae, and swift in appropriating what Jehovih had fashioned in the firmament. And they built a ship, the size of which was equal to the width of Hored, and filled it within with angels of the rank of Gods and Goddesses, many of whom had been brought forth into life before the earth was created, and whose native corporeal worlds had gone out of existence. And they let down curtains from the ship, and the curtains were like flames of fire, and they reached downward, equal to the breadth of the earth.

05/18.7. These Gods and Goddesses were like a unit in will; being potent and swift workmen, the ship was soon laden and on her course through the vault of heaven. Past the a'jian fields of Che'wang, she rode swiftly. Soon the hosts of the much‑loved Etisyai were seen in a smaller craft, highly polished and swift, making way for O'wea.

05/18.8. Up goes a shout of joy from millions of throats, then a song of delight; heaven is joyful in Jehovih's boundless dominions. And now the two approach O'wea; and they slacken speed and draw near each other, nearer and nearer, till the ships touch and are joined by skilled workmen.

05/18.9. Forth leap the two Goddesses, Etisyai and Onesyi, and in no stateliness or ceremony, but like children in whom love is transcendent, they fly to each other's arms, amid the outburst of joy from the countless throng. Yet onward moves the etherean ship, majestic and meteor‑like, steadily taking course to the new earth.









171  advisors, consultants, confidants, luminaries; in other words, the governing body, being her cabinet for the work at hand



CHAPTER 19 Sethantes





05/19.1. And now the evening of the third day had come, and God and his hosts in Moeb were hastening all things, to be ready for the great light that was to descend from high heaven.

05/19.2. The ninety million angels looked upward, watching for the dawning of the light, waiting and watching. And many who remembered Etisyai, of two hundred years ago, wondered if she would return in glory, like when she came and crowned God by Jehovih's command. Some were robing themselves in white, and hastening nervously, like a bride about to wed; some were half inclined to sorrow for leaving the earth and lower heaven, where they had toiled so long; and some were stately and by their presence said: Your will be done, O Jehovih!

05/19.3. God ascended the throne, and Ha'jah came up and sat at his right hand; and the light of Jehovih shone upon them so that many newborn, especially of the es'yan spectators, could not look upon them.

05/19.4. God said: One dan has come and gone; this harvest is only thirty million.

05/19.5. Ha'jah said: Your son, O Jehovih, has shaped the destiny of a world. Great is his glory.

05/19.6. A light of golden hue gathered above the throne, and took the form of a triangle; and there was a graven image at every corner, which together read, I‑O‑D; and it was in the character of Whaga, |172| bestowed by the Lord on the altars in the houses of worship on earth, and its value was thirty‑three million, which was the exact number prepared for the emancipated heaven in etherea; and the thirty‑three was the years of a generation of mortals.

05/19.7. God said: Jehovih is one; the living is one; inanimate corpor is one; and these three are the entirety. To teach mortals this, O Ha'jah, is to give wisdom to the earth. Take this triangle, O Son of the Most High. And as long as Seffas endures on the earth it shall be the bequeathed |173| heirloom of heaven, descending from God to God who occupies the throne.

05/19.8. Then God stretched forth his hands, and the triangle became fixed and solid, and God hung it on Ha'jah's neck, adding: In the name of Jehovih, receive this jewel (the triangle), as my parting testimonial. Remember, that when mortals are raised up to understand this symbol of three in one, then Kosmon will begin to dawn on the earth.

05/19.9. Ha'jah said: O God, symbol of the three attributes, love, wisdom and power! You left your stately home, where you had Gods and Goddesses for companions, and came to the far-off earth, which was young and curtained around with poisonous gases, to guard the young and imperfect angels of other worlds in their wanderings forth, with your wisdom, love and power concealed. You gave them liberty and yet redeemed them. You stretched forth your hand over the earth and made it yield souls to glorify the Creator. And yet all the while you have never quoted yourself. O that this could be taught to angels and men! What person will not trip or mention himself, or make himself a manifested self?

05/19.10. This day I am to be crowned, to fill the place you have built up; but I falter and tremble like a child. Ha'jah burst into tears, and after a little while he added: O Jehovih, why have You laid Ha'jah's tears so close? You have created love in my soul, and it has grown to be a mountain. God, Your Son, who has been my tutor for a thousand years, and on many worlds, corpor and es, is now thrusting Your glory upon me.

05/19.11. God said: Heed |174| the earth and her heavens, for they are to be yours for one dan. And remember also, that though I ascend with my hosts to etherea, yet I have charge of this world until the completion of this cycle, two thousand eight hundred years; after I ascend, my archangels shall answer to your prayers to Jehovih.

05/19.12. Suddenly a light came down from the firmament, like a new star, twinkling, with a halo extending wide on every side. All eyes were turned up, full of expectancy. Hushed and still, the ninety million stood.

05/19.13. Presently the star assumed a brighter phase and spread its halo outward, with horns descending, like a crescent, like that formed in sacred worship when a God stands in the midst. Larger and brighter the light grew, tremulous |175| and waving like sheets of fire.

05/19.14. Then, three rays of light shot down toward Hored and Moeb, piercing, and in advance of the central orb. And the three rays were red, blue and yellow; but the crescent beyond was white, and it shone abroad over the heavens, so that the corporeal sun and stars in the firmament were invisible. |176|




























172  i.e., in the Panic language, the first language of the earth; Pan = earth; Panic language = earthly language. More on this later in Oahspe.









173  given as an inheritance, bestowed, handed down, passed on































174  Be mindful of, pay attention to
















175  quivering, fluttering, vibrating






176  see image i015


05/19.15. Upon seeing the majesty and grandeur of Jehovih's host descending, millions of es'yans and clouded souls in the lower heaven broke and fled; some ran and hid to avoid the threatening light. For such is the magnifying power of the etherean flame, that all dark thoughts and hidden evil lurking in the soul are magnified, and made so plain that even the dumb can read them through.

05/19.16. Millions of the ethereans on God's staff had seen such scenes before, and now stood in glee, firmly riveted by the joy within them. To them, a hundred to one, clung the newly raised from earth, who had never known any other heaven, except the atmospherean heaven that travels with the earth around the sun every year. From these there arose millions of whispers, saying: It is like a new death; like a new birth. Behold a man dies on earth, and his spirit flies off to another world. And now yet again it flies off to still another world.

05/19.17. Quickly, now, projecting foremost came the three great rays; and these were the orders of marshals from the a'jian fields of O'wea and Hon'she; the red lights represented A'ji, the blue lights represented O'wea, and the yellow, Hon'she. Of these marshals, there were one million, and they cast curtains to cover around all of Hored, the great kingdom.

05/19.18. Chief of the marshals was Ah'jeng; and next to him were five sub‑chiefs; and next to them one thousand tributary chiefs, who were masters of the ceremonies; and they came in the center of the descending three great rays of light, came swiftly and direct toward the throne of God. And the substance of the rays of light was like curtains of cloth, |177| one end of which reached up to the now near approaching crescent sea of fire.

05/19.19. When the light was nearly touching the pillars of fire surrounding Moeb, it slackened a little, and then gently slowed. The chieftains leaped from the etherean flames and stood at the foot of God's throne, saluting in Jehovih's name.



i015 The First Harvest. Earth and lower heaven, with the fire-ship of Etisyai and Onesyi and their etherean hosts descending, for the deliverance of the first harvest of heavenly souls raised up from the earth.

05/19.20. God and Ha'jah stood up and answered the sign, then descended and went to the left and right of Ah'jeng, and all three ascended; then Ah'jeng sat upon the throne, and the voice of Jehovih spoke through him, saying:

05/19.21. Hold up your heads and rejoice, O My sons and daughters! Behold, I come in a flame of fire! I am here, there, and throughout the place of heaven, boundless. I gather together and I put asunder |178| the loves of mortals and angels. For they shall go abroad in My firmament and behold My glorious works.

05/19.22. Down to the corporeal world I descend and carry away the loved, for they are Mine. I will make all people look up to My kingdoms. Down to the lower heaven I come in ships of light, curtained about with etherean mantles, |179| and gather in My harvest of new births to higher worlds, more radiant. My hosts below shall look up and glorify My everlasting splendors.

05/19.23. I give the tear of grief, sorrow and pity; but, in its flowing forth, I come with holier light and power to stir up the souls of My people. For they shall learn to speak to their Father, Who hears, and is attentive and full of love.

05/19.24. My joy is in the birth and growing up of souls, and in the joy of their joys, and in the proclaiming of their adoration for My boundless universe.

05/19.25. I call to them in darkness, and they come forth; but they halt in the darkness, and I call again, and I send My higher, upraised angels to them, and they call also. Yes, I fill the sky with the splendor of My worlds, es and corpor, so that I may stir man up to rise and enjoy the things I have made.

05/19.26. The voice departed, and Ah'jeng said: Behold the glory of the heavens, O my beloved, and the reward of the diligent in heart. Jehovih lives and reigns, the Highest and never to be reached, the Forever Beyond, and yet Ever Present.

05/19.27. O You Light of Light and Life of Life, how wonderful is the substance of Your creation! You have given me light to see Your splendors, which are forever new. O Jehovih, You Past, Present and Future of one time, which is and was and ever shall be. Jehovih, You Seen and Unseen, and Potent, Who have from Your very Self imparted a part to all the living! Who have raised up these of Hored! Glory be to You forever and ever!

05/19.28. And now, by certain signs and signals, Ah'jeng directed the officers of his hosts to take possession of Moeb and Hored. And the marshals extended out around the place, and by their presence added new light to the pillars of fire.

05/19.29. The marshals were decorated with colored raiment and signs and symbols, denoting the places from which they came, and their rank as Gods, and the experience they had passed through.

05/19.30. When Ah'jeng ceased speaking, the music of the chosen band of descending angels broke upon the place; first, faintly and far away. The work of the marshals was in keeping with the time of the music; and as the music drew nearer and stronger, so also more and more of the marshals descended and filed off to their respective places.

05/19.31. Presently the advance of the horns of the crescent, and the cold wave of the falling sea of fire, swept over the lower heaven fearfully and with unquestionable power. By a signal from God, the Brides and Bridegrooms joined in the music of the archangels, and great was its glory.

05/19.32. Between the horns of the crescent was a star of wonderful beauty; and it came toward God's throne, reflecting countless rays of light, brilliantly and awe‑inspiring. And as the star drew near, it opened on the advance side, as a shell is opened, and there, with arms entwined, sat Etisyai and Onesyi, Goddesses. |180|



(see image only)


177  Spirit light can be formed into shapes, and into sheets by weaving. Other descriptions in Oahspe tell of how Crowns are woven into shape from the light.



178  separate, set apart, disunite







179  a mantle is a cloak, here of light



























































180  Etisyai and Onesyi have been preserved in the tablet of the Zodiac under the name of Gemini. --Ed.



CHAPTER 20 Sethantes





05/20.1. Ah'jeng stepped down and stood at the foot of the throne. Masters of the inner temple gathered about the star, and unrolled a carpet reaching across the threshold, and the two Goddesses stepped forth from the crystalled cushion within the star, and glided, as if on a ray of light, up to the judgment seat of Jehovih. Meanwhile the musicians, a million voices, chanted: Glory, glory to Jehovih, Creator of worlds! Whose place is magnificence, and counterpart to endless time. The All, Whose Great Existence surpasses the grandest thoughts of men and Gods! Whose worlds in splendor are the scrolls, on which His hands write with the souls of mortals, His Almighty Will and Boundless Love!

05/20.2. And now the wheels of the great ship of fire, spread out and around; and all the millions of descended hosts formed a mighty amphitheater in which Moeb occupied the arena with its thirty‑three million Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih arrayed in white, but differently from the Redeeming Hosts from the etherean worlds.

05/20.3. Moving in unison as one person, in time to the music, without a word of command, the hosts proceeded; each as a shining crystal in the place allotted, and void in nothing; and all so perfect, as if Jehovih had made each a special work of wonder to inspire men with reverence for the talents He had created.

05/20.4. The hosts, forming in place according to the music, were so perfectly timed that when the music ceased, all was still. The throne stood in the east, facing the west; the hosts of Moeb, who were the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, occupied the lower plane, and the ethereans surrounded them on all sides, rising higher and higher in the distance. |181|

05/20.5. God and Ha'jah met the Goddesses at the foot of the throne. God knew Onesyi hundreds of years before in other worlds, and he remembered Etisyai, who had crowned him two hundred years ago. Likewise Ha'jah also knew Etisyai and Onesyi. When they met they all saluted by touching the right hands; and immediately the Goddesses ascended to the center of the throne, and God went on the right and Ha'jah on the left.

05/20.6. Etisyai and Onesyi looked hopefully on the Brides and Bridegrooms, but were passive. Presently the voice of Jehovih spoke out of the light of the throne, saying:

05/20.7. Soul of My soul, substance of My substance, I created man. Out of My corporeal Self I clothed him with flesh, blood and bones. Man's spirit I gave from out of My own spirit, ever present; and I quickened him to move on the face of the earth.

05/20.8. God and the Brides and Bridegrooms responded, being quickened by the All Light: Out of corpor I came, quickened by Jehovih's Ever Presence. By virtue of His Wisdom, Power and Love I came into the world; to Jehovih all glory is due forever!

05/20.9. Again Jehovih spoke, saying: I allotted man a time to grow, to attain wisdom, power and love; a time to rejoice, and a time of sorrow; a time to beget offspring and know a father's love and care. In likeness of Me, I gave him attributes of My attributes, so that man could know Me and My Love.

05/20.10. Response: By the bondage of my love to my descendants, I know my Father lives and reigns, and will watch over me forever!

05/20.11. Again the voice of Jehovih said: I gave man a time in the corporeal form, so that he could learn corporeal things, and to learn where the tree of life springs from. I made man from no self‑existence of his own, but from Myself; and in the place I quickened him into life, I bound him for a season. But when man has fulfilled his corporeal life I provide death to deliver him into a new world.

05/20.12. Response: Beautiful is Your Wisdom, O Jehovih, and far reaching. I was bound in the flesh even as a beast; like the attributes of a beast was my judgment, struggling for things of the corporeal world. With horror I looked upon death; as a sore calamity I judged Your cutting me off. But You delivered me into another world, preserving my judgment whole, bringing me to the heavens of my forefathers.

05/20.13. Then Jehovih said: At no time did I bring man, newborn into the world, without a mother and a nurse, and rich nourishment to feed him. Yes, I gave him angels to inspire him and lift him up; and I provided a Lord of the earth to manage his kingdoms and nations, and a God in heaven with a throne and judgment seat, so that man in the angel world would be provided and wisely instructed in soul, to comprehend the glory and harmony of My worlds.

05/20.14. Response: Bountiful, O my Father Above! From nothing that I knew of, You brought me into conscious being, and in my helpless days fed me with rich nourishment. You gave me rulers and examples of government on the earth to discipline my soul to the order of men. And when I was born in heaven, I found God on his throne and a well‑ordered haven of rest, with willing angels to clothe, feed and teach me the ways of Your kingdoms in the firmament.

05/20.15. Again Jehovih said: When man has fulfilled his time in the lower heaven, I prepare him by ample teachers for a higher resurrection. As Brides and Bridegrooms My hosts adorn them, and I come in a sea of fire. First man was wedded to the earth, by Me solemnized, |182| and without man's knowledge. Then to the lower heaven, he was wed, laboring with spirits and mortals.

05/20.16. The voice departed, and now Onesyi spoke, saying: Behold the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih! When they were young they were wed first to the earth and then to the lower heaven, without their wills. Now they stand before the throne of God. In Your name, O Jehovih, I command them to speak their wills.

05/20.17. Response: I put away myself for You, O Jehovih! Make me one with You! I put away the earth for Your kingdom's sake, O Jehovih! Make me one with You! I put away Your Lord and Your God, O Jehovih, for sake of You! Your Lord and Your God raised me up and made me strong, but lo, the small spark of Yourself within my soul has grown to be a giant, bowing to none but You, O Jehovih! O make me Your Bride (Bridegroom), O Jehovih!

05/20.18. Onesyi said: The lame and the weak shall have a crutch, but the glory of the Father is to see His Brides and Bridegrooms walk alone. Whoever is wed to Jehovih shall never again, for self's sake, say to any man, woman, Lord, God, person or thing: Help!

05/20.19. Response: God and the Lord were my Saviors; without them I would never have known of Your exalted heavens, O Jehovih. Your Spirit calls me forever upward. Your Lord and Your God taught me to look upward; yes, they prayed for me. Now I am strong before You, O Jehovih! From now on, I will pray to You only; but never for my own benefit, nor for glory, ease, rest or exaltation; but that I may be quick, strong and wise to do Your will forever!

05/20.20. Onesyi said: Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, All hail! All hail!

05/20.21. Response: Voice of Jehovih, All hail! All hail!

05/20.22. Onesyi said: To Jehovih and His everlasting kingdoms you are wed forever!

05/20.23. Response: To You, O Jehovih, I am wed forever!

05/20.24. Onesyi said: To be one with Him forever!

05/20.25. Response: To be one with Jehovih forever!

05/20.26. The voice of Jehovih said: They shall judge from My judgment seat; in them My Wisdom shall shine; for they are Mine forever!

05/20.27. Response: To consider You first, in all things, O Jehovih, this I shall do now and forever!

05/20.28. The Voice said: Behold, I have woven a crown for them; adorn them for My sake.

05/20.29. Response: I will have no crown, except that woven by You, O Jehovih! For Your sake, I will wear Your crown forever!

05/20.30. The Voice said: Behold, these who were My sons and daughters have become My Brides and Bridegrooms; they are Mine forever!

05/20.31. Response: I am Jehovih's forever!

05/20.32. Onesyi said: Pass before the throne, O my beloved. The testimony of Jehovih awaits His redeemed. |183| You shall dwell in the emancipated kingdoms forever!

05/20.33. And now the hosts of Brides and Bridegrooms passed singly before the throne of God; the whole thirty‑three million passed. And during this time the es'enaurs chanted a hymn of glory, and mists of yellow, blue and red fell from the firmament above; and the mists descended into the archangels' hands as they stood about the throne, and by them were converted into crowns, which were placed on the heads of the Brides and Bridegrooms. And on the crowns were the words: In Wan brought forth; delivered in Hon'she.

05/20.34. As the hosts passed in front of the throne, Onesyi said: That which springs out of the earth feeds and clothes the atmospherean; but the etherean draws from the etherean worlds. Behold the crowns of the earth and of the lower heaven are only symbols of power, wisdom and love; but that which I bring from Jehovih's kingdom contains real virtue.

05/20.35. And lo and behold, the Brides and Bridegrooms became as archangels by virtue of the crowns from Jehovih's hand.





































181  This arrangement of angels is reflected in corporeal theaters and sport stadiums where the seats rise as they recede farther from the central stage or arena. It not only allows for full view for everyone but also places the angels in orderly formations of grade and rank.



































































182  made so, made binding, deep sealed, sanctified



























































183  In other words, not just His words, but His actions (e.g., the crowns and crowning, resurrection into etherea) will confirm and be evidence of His declarations to the redeemed; the redeemed refers to the Brides and Bridegrooms because they had been saved or delivered from the animal mind, darkness and evil, and reclaimed and restored to goodness, purity, light, wholeness, etc.



CHAPTER 21 Sethantes





05/21.1. When the ceremonies were ended, Onesyi said: Soon now in the name of the Father, we will rise and go on a long journey; and so that you may be apprised and consorted in love, I proclaim the freedom of the hour in Jehovih's name.

05/21.2. And the people went and mingled with each other, rejoicing and saluting. And Ha'jah, God and Etisyai greeted one another, and the Lords came forward and were greeted also; and then came the marshals, followed by the es'enaurs, and next came all long‑serving laborers. And lastly, all who had redeemed any man or woman from darkness to light, came forward, and were saluted and duly honored.

05/21.3. And for the space of one hour all the angels indulged in revelry, reunion and fullness of heart; but no book could relate the thousandth part of the questions asked and love assurances expressed.

05/21.4. When the hour was ended, Onesyi signaled the proper officer, and he sounded the gavel thrice, |184| at which all was hushed and still. Onesyi said:

05/21.5. As Jehovih bestows a newborn child, and then takes the father and the mother away to the es world; so, likewise, Jehovih sent Etisyai, my sister, to establish the lower heaven, and now I come by His command to bear away this harvest to His everlasting kingdom. As a child bewails the loss of its father and mother, so will you who remain, bewail the loss of this rich harvest of archangels.

05/21.6. It is Jehovih's will that you drink deep of the sorrow of parting, for by this bondage you will be again reunited in the heavens still above. The progress of the soul of man is forever onward and in steps and plateaus; and the glory of the resurrection of the one who goes before is equally as great as is the sorrow of the one who remains behind. But the love that binds together is as a chain stretched out across the universe; neither time nor distance shall prevail against its inventions.

05/21.7. Swift messengers, well trained to course the vault of heaven, will pass between you, carrying the tidings of your soul's delight. And as Jehovih gives summer to follow winter, and the winter the summer, so also shall the time come again and again, forever, in which you shall mingle and part; again labor together, but in broader fields, and again part for a season.

05/21.8. Behold the wisdom of Jehovih in placing far apart the places of the souls of men; for all things abiding near each other equalize themselves. Even as there is glory in a new birth, so is there glory in death; as there is sorrow in death, so is there joy in resurrection. The time has now come when these whom you see, you shall not see for a long season; but you shall rejoice in this hour of parting, for they rise as Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.

05/21.9. The es'enaurs sang an anthem of praise in which all the hosts united, and great was its glory. And now Onesyi arose, saying:

05/21.10. Jehovih, Almighty and Everlasting! Holy, Holy Creator, Ruler and Giver Forth! Look upon this Your Son, Ha'jah! O Father, in Your Name and by virtue of Your Power vested in me, i perpetuate and crown him God of Heaven and Earth!

05/21.11. Ha'jah, now God, said: Your will be done, O Jehovih! Then Onesyi turned to the five chief Lords of the five divisions of the earth, and bestowed them in like manner.

05/21.12. And Onesyi stretched forth her hand, saying: Give me a crown, O Jehovih, for Your Son, God of heaven and earth! And etherean substance descended into her hand, and she raised it up, and lo, it became a crown of great beauty, and she put it on God's (Ha'jah's) head. Then, in like manner, she crowned the Lords of the earth.

05/21.13. And Etisyai and Onesyi came down and sat at the foot of the throne.

05/21.14. God (Ha'jah) came down from the throne with Whaga and Jud, and extending their hands, they said to Etisyai, Onesyi, and Sethantes, the retiring God:Arise, O Goddess,Arise, O Goddess,Arise O God;and go your way!

05/21.15. And they rose up and marched forth. The proper officers had already prepared the ship for its etherean journey; and soon as Etisyai and Onesyi had entered the central star, all the people who were to ascend went into the places assigned them.

05/21.16. God (Ha'jah) and the Lords returned, in tears, to the throne, and now the plateau of everlasting light began to ascend. Music sprang from every side, glorifying Jehovih and the magnificence of His bountiful worlds.

05/21.17. And those of the lower heaven echoed the music above; and the light of the ascending ship of fire made all else seem a shadow. But higher and higher it rose, in the form of a crescent, slowly turning on its upright axis, turning and rising, higher and higher, and the music faded away in the distance.

05/21.18. In a little while the meteor‑like ascending ship of heaven looked like a star, till farther and farther off it disappeared in the distance.

05/21.19. And that was how the first harvest of angels born of the earth, ascended to the emancipated heavens in etherea.






















184  three raps with the gavel



CHAPTER 22 Sethantes





05/22.1. God said: Arise, O Lords of my realm, and go to the kingdoms of earth, which you received from Jehovih's hand; and may His wisdom, love and power be with you all!

05/22.2. And the Lords departed with their attendants, and went to their kingdoms over mortals.

05/22.3. And this was the beginning of the second dispensation of the first cycle of the Eoptian |185| age of the earth. And the lower heaven was well established in habitations, |186| angels, officers, and in all the requisites |187| for the upraised souls of mortals.

05/22.4. And God dispensed laws and government like his predecessor, enlarging all the places according to the increase in the number of spirits rising up from the earth.

05/22.5. And the voice of Jehovih was with God; and as the first kingdom had been called Hored, so the second was called Hored, signifying the place of God.

05/22.6. And as it had been with the Lords of the earth in their places, so it continued with the new Lords, and they enlarged their places also, even according to the increase in the number of inhabitants of the earth.

05/22.7. And as it had been in the past, that messengers plied constantly between Hored and the Lords' places, so it continued. By this means, through God and his Lords, all the affairs of the lower heaven were kept in harmony.

05/22.8. And God ruled in Hored four hundred years, and Hored spread over all the lands of the earth.










185  From the time man comes into being on the earth with potential for eternal life, until his race becomes extinct, is the eoptian age of the earth.

186  dwellings, residences, houses, buildings

187  requirements, essentials, indispensables, necessities



CHAPTER 23 Sethantes





05/23.1. When the time of God and his hosts was fulfilled, Jehovih brought the earth into dan of Eyon, in the arc Lais, whose angels descended in a ship of fire, and delivered God, his Lords, and all the hosts under them who were prepared for the etherean resurrection. At this time there were six hundred and twenty‑five million inhabitants in atmospherea. And the number of the second harvest was two hundred and eighty million.

05/23.2. The ascent of the second harvest was like the ascent of the first harvest. And the place of the landing of the second harvest in the firmament of heaven was in Lais, and Bin, and the grade of the harvest was seventy‑eight, being two less than the grade of the first harvest.

05/23.3. So the heavens of the earth passed into the care of the succeeding God and Lords, who had been raised up and prepared for those commissions. And for the present there were no more ethereans dwelling in these regions.

05/23.4. Jehovih had said: Those who come out of the earth shall be sufficient to themselves. As a mother provides for her child, so do I provide for the spirit generations of a corporeal world; but when they are mature in wisdom, strength and love, I command them to take the offices of Lords and God in the management of My kingdoms.

05/23.5. So it came to pass after the ascent of the ethereans, that the whole earth and its lower heavens were under the dominion of those who had sprung up out of the earth. And it became a saying: The first was etherean rule; the second was atmospherean rule. For the earth had Lords who had been on no other world, and a God who had never been on other worlds.

05/23.6. And it likewise came to pass that the atmospherean rulers were more lenient in their government, and less tyrannical |188| than the ethereans had been. For as the ethereans had forbidden the es'yans, the newly dead, to return to their mortal kindred, until their fiftieth year in spirit life, it was not so with the present Lords and God, for they indulged hundreds of thousands of es'yans for sympathy's sake to return to their mortal kindred. And these es'yans did not become workers in heaven, either for others, or for their own resurrection to higher regions; but they became idlers and vagabonds in the lower heaven, often living with their mortal kindred till their mortal kindred died, and then, in turn, persuading these es'yans to do even as they did.

05/23.7. And God perceived, when it was too late, that his leniency had laid the foundation for disorganizing the kingdom of heaven; for the strolling idlers, knowing no other heaven, sowed the spirit of disbelief throughout the places of learning and industry in the lower heaven, persuading others that they were toiling to no good purpose.

05/23.8. They said: Behold, it was told us on earth there was a Jehovih! But we are in heaven, and yet we do not find Him. Now we know, in truth, there is no All Person. Come, then, let us seek ease and the rich viands that rise up out of the earth. A man lives on the earth and dies, and his spirit floats about, and then there is no more of him. Why will you serve the Lord? Why will you serve God? Be free and live for yourselves instead of for others.

05/23.9. Thus it came to pass that little by little the lower heaven began to fall from its high estate.

05/23.10. The third dan was six hundred years, and God and his Lords, having provided successors, ascended with their harvest to etherea. And its number was four hundred and eight million Brides and Bridegrooms, and their grade was sixty‑six.

05/23.11. The fourth dan was five hundred years, and the harvest was six hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms; and their grade was fifty‑eight.

05/23.12. The fifth dan was three hundred years; and the harvest was two hundred million; and their grade was fifty, which was the lowest grade capable of emancipation, or capable of surviving in etherea. |189|

05/23.13. And now darkness set in and covered all the earth. And from this time until the end of the cycle, which was three thousand years from the birth of man on earth, |190| there were no more resurrections to the emancipated heavens.

05/23.14. The Kingdom of Hored was broken up and dissolved. The spirits did not love to labor or learn according to Jehovih's plan, but returned to the earth‑attractions; and they were called drujas, |191| because they did not desire resurrection.

05/23.15. And God, Lords, officers and teachers were without subjects and pupils. And mortals were overwhelmed by thousands and millions of drujas, so much so, |192| that the ashars were powerless to accomplish good inspiration.

05/23.16. At this time there were more than three billion |193| angels in atmospherea, and for the most part, they dwelt on earth.

05/23.17. Thus ended the first cycle of the first heaven of the earth.








































188  In this case the meaning of the word tyrannical means directing and exacting rather than brutally despotic and unjust. For the Ethereans were strict, but for the sake of resurrection; not harsh for selfish reasons, as we today are accustomed to understand the context of the word tyranny.





































189  Below grade fifty the person is pulled more toward the earth then away; fifty and above and the person is drawn more toward light (etherea) than corpor.

190  i.e., from the birth of the I'hins

191  The ancients called the lost spirits by different names in all countries; in India, Druj; in China, Won-yeang; in the Algonquin tribes, O'spee; the Hebrews, Girapha (i.e., to be feared). Then we have the terms, ghosts, fairies, wraiths, etc., for modern terms. Under the name of familiar spirits the ancient Hebrews were well informed of these drujas. Druj is a Vedic name. The ancient Chinese called them M'spe. The Germans called them "The double" [doppelgänger] because when they take on forms they look like the mortal to whom they are engrafted. The term, familiar spirits, as now used, has a wider range. --Ed.

192  so much so = to such an extent

193  Billion means 1,000,000,000; thus three billion equals 3,000,000,000.




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