Book of Ah'shong, Son of Jehovih


God of the second cycle after man's creation.

CHAPTER 1 Ah'shong





07/1.1. When God and his Lords of heaven and earth had lost their heavenly dominion, the swift messengers, who constantly ply through the atmospherean and etherean worlds, bore the report to Jehovih's kingdoms in etherea.

07/1.2. The earth had passed the ji'ayan eddies at Shrapah, in the etherean roadway Hi‑abalk'yiv, and was heading for the eastern fields of Anakaron, having entered the dan'haian arches of Vehetaivi, where the great kingdoms of the Orian Chief, Hieu Wee, lay with his millions of Gods and Goddesses and high‑raised ethereans.

07/1.3. Into Hieu Wee's presence, the swift messengers came, fresh from the heavens of the earth, with their pitiful tales of woe that had befallen its inhabitants.

07/1.4. Hieu Wee said: I see the red star, the earth, O Jehovih! I have heard the tale of horror. What shall be done, O Father?

07/1.5. Then Jehovih spoke, saying: Call your tributary Chief, Ah'shong. Let him hear the will of Jehovih!

07/1.6. Then Hieu Wee sent for Ah'shong, who had dominion over the fields of Anakaron in etherea, through which the roadway lay where the earth was to travel for three thousand years.

07/1.7. And when Ah'shong came before the Holy Council of Hieu Wee's million Gods and Goddesses, the All Light fell upon the throne like a sun; and the voice of the Creator spoke in the midst of the light, saying:

07/1.8. Hieu Wee, My Son! And Hieu Wee answered: Here I am, Your servant, O Jehovih!

07/1.9. Jehovih said: Behold the red star, the earth; she enters the fields of Anakaron. She is dripping wet and cold in the ji'ayan eddies. Her God and Lords are powerless in the spell of darkness. Send your son, Ah'shong, to deliver the earth and her heavens. For behold, I will bring them to his door.

07/1.10. Then Ah'shong spoke, saying: Your will be done, O Jehovih. Though I have long been honored in etherea, with many etherean worlds to command, I have not as yet redeemed one corporeal world and her heaven from a time of darkness.

07/1.11. Jehovih said: Go then, My Son, to the laboring earth and deliver her; but first appoint a successor for Anakaron.

07/1.12. Then spoke Hieu Wee, who was older than the red star, who had seen many corporeal worlds created; had seen them run their course, and then disappear as such. He said to Ah'shong:

07/1.13. Send to both Wan and Hivigat, in etherea, and get the history of the earth and her heaven; and also obtain an account of her harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih. And you shall call from my realms, as many million etherean angels as your labor may require, and with them proceed to the earth. There you shall establish a line of swift messengers between this place and yours, and, by the power of Jehovih, I will answer your prayers in whatever you may need.

07/1.14. Then Ah'shong went back to Anakaron, his etherean kingdom, and in the presence of his Holy Council, made known Jehovih's will and his. And Ah'shong called for sixty million volunteers, to go with him on his mission; and they came presently: some from Yohan; some from T'seing; some from Araith; some from Gon Loo and from various other places in Anakaron; came in millions; as many as Ah'shong called for.

07/1.15. So Ah'shong raised up a successor to Jehovih's throne in Anakaron, and he was installed and crowned according to the discipline of the etherean heavens.

07/1.16. And Ah'shong sent swift messengers into the former roadway of the earth to obtain its history; its harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms.

07/1.17. Then Ah'shong and his sixty million volunteers gazed toward the red star, and watched her as she coursed along in the arches of Vehetaivi.

07/1.18. Thus Ah'shong, well skilled in the course and behavior of worlds, gathered together his millions of angels, trained in arduous enterprise and furtherance of Jehovih's will. Quickly they framed and equipped an Orian port‑au‑gon, and illuminated it with fire‑lights and bolts. And these sons and daughters of Jehovih embarked and sped forth. A half a million miles, to the outskirts of Anakaron, where they stood close above the earth, so near that the sweeping moon would almost touch the down‑hanging curtains of etherean fire. And here they halted, so that both mortals and angels belonging to the earth might see and fear; for Jehovih made man so that by unusual sights he would become weak and trembling, so as to change him to new purposes. |208|
































































































208  see image i016





i016 Ah'shong and Ethereans Come to the Red Star. A, Atmospherea; B, Ethereans; C, Distance: 20,000 miles; E, Earth.   (see image only)



07/1.19. Jehovih's voice spoke to Ah'shong, saying: For three days and nights you shall stand in the firmament so that man on earth and in atmospherea may perceive the power and majesty of My chosen in heaven.

07/1.20. Ah'shong said: On the fourth day, O Jehovih, I will cross Chinvat; |209| on the fifth, descend toward the earth. Bring me, O Father, Your messengers from the lower heaven. I will converse with them.

07/1.21. Jehovih sent the angels of the earth and lower heaven up to Ah'shong; disheartened they came, to know Jehovih's will:

07/1.22. Ah'shong said to them: The Father's hosts have come from their high estate and glorious ease, to redeem these fallen heavens and man on the earth. It is our labor to come in love to the helpless, and teach them how to sing in Jehovih's praise. Then the swift messengers answered:

07/1.23. In the All Person's boundless love, may you find recompense for your holy words, most honored God. Down in darkness, long and earnestly, the Lords of earth have labored in unison with heaven's God, whose kingdom fell. Alas, our God, who ministered over the lower heaven, is crushed and humiliated. The enemies of high heaven, exulting in their spoil of Jehovih's kingdom and His name, mock us, saying: Where is Jehovih now? Where the Higher Light? O Faithists in an All Person boundless!

07/1.24. But now your high‑shining sun, your ship of etherean fire, makes the sons and daughters of the earth and her heaven look up, fear and tremble. And when your Light appeared we made all haste in hope of succor. |210| Our souls are more than filled with thankfulness; and in Jehovih's name, we will go back and employ a million trumpeters to proclaim around the earth and heaven: Jehovih has come!

07/1.25. After due salutation the swift messengers departed; and Ah'shong made all things ready for his descent at the proper time.









209  the border (bridge) between atmospherea and etherea; i.e., between the earth's vortex and etherea
























210  assistance, help, relief



CHAPTER 2 Ah'shong





07/2.1. Jehovih spoke to Ah'shong, saying: On the evening of the third day you shall move your etherean ship toward the earth. And when you arrive within an arrafon |211| you shall halt for another three days, so that your magnificence may awe the mortals and angels of earth with the power and glory of My emancipated sons and daughters.

07/2.2. Ah'shong proceeded as commanded, and when he came within an arrafon, halted for three days, and the magnificence of the scene overcame the stubbornness of mortals on earth and angels in atmospherea. Again Jehovih said:

07/2.3. Proceed again, My Son, and when you are within half the breadth of the earth, |212| halt once more and make a plateau in that place, and it shall be your place of residence for the period of dawn, which shall be seven years and sixty days.

07/2.4. And from this time forward, My etherean hosts shall not remain in atmospherea more than eight years in any one cycle. This dawn that I give you shall be like every dawn of dan, some of one year, some of two, three, four or more years, as the time requires.

07/2.5. And you shall dwell in your kingdom seven years and sixty days, and the time shall be called the first dawn of dan, and the next succeeding shall be called the second dawn of dan, and so on, as long as the earth brings forth.

07/2.6. And the time from one dawn of dan to another shall be called one dan'ha; and four dan'ha shall be called one square, because this is the sum of one density, which is twelve thousand of the earth's years. And twelve squares shall be called one cube, which is the first dividend of the third space, in which there is no variation in the vortex of the earth. And four cubes shall be called one sum, because its magnitude embraces one equal of the Great Serpent. |213|

07/2.7. So Ah'shong proceeded again, and moved within four thousand miles of the earth, and the voice of Jehovih commanded Ah'shong to halt there, and found a new kingdom, using all things requisite |214| to that end. Jehovih said:

07/2.8. Your place shall be sufficiently distant from the earth, so that your dominion will not be disturbed by the confusion of fallen angels. Also, the distance of your kingdom will prevent those, whom you shall redeem away from earth and mortal contact, from returning to the earth.

07/2.9. Ah'shong perceived, and he proclaimed what Jehovih had spoken to him. And the hosts cast out fastenings to the plateau, so that the kingdom, together with the etherean sea of fire, could rotate with the earth and its atmosphere. Jehovih said:

07/2.10. Make the foundation of your place strong, and erect ten thousand pillars of fire around it; and in every direction provide roadways and mansions; but in the center you shall build the house of council, where your host of dominion shall sit during dawn. |215|

07/2.11. Ah'shong built the place as commanded by Jehovih, and when it was finished, Jehovih said: You shall call the place Yeshuah. And it was called that because it was a place of salvation. Again Jehovih said:

07/2.12. Now choose your council, My Son, and also your sub‑officers, and when you have completed the list, leave the sub‑officers in Yeshuah while you and your council of one million men and women proceed down to the earth and its heaven to cast your eyes upon its inhabitants, for they are in distress. And when you come to the place of My Lords and My God, deliver them and bring them to Yeshuah, for they need rest. And also bring away with you all I'hins in heaven who are capable, and place them into the care of your people.

07/2.13. Ah'shong did as commanded, first selecting his council and his officers, and then he and his hosts proceeded to the earth as commanded.






211  An arrafon is about 20,000 miles. --Ed. [circa 32,000 kilometers]









212  about 4000 miles (ca. 6400 kilometers), or the distance from Atlanta to Los Angeles and back again





















213  Philosophers have long known that some certain measure of ethereal space must be equal to the density of the planets for a balance of power. --Ed.

214  necessary, essential, indispensable


















215  Dawn here means seven years and sixty days. --Ed.









CHAPTER 3 Ah'shong





07/3.1. Up to this time the ancient names of the division of the lands of the earth had been maintained, and God and his Lords having been driven from the place of Hored, which had gone into dissolution, dwelt part of the time in Whaga and part in Jud and Vohu.

07/3.2. Accordingly God and the Lords had established three kingdoms, one in Whaga, one in Jud, and one in Vohu; and within these kingdoms of heaven there were two hundred million redeemed angels capable of the second resurrection, and one hundred million es'yans and unlearned apprentices. Whaga was chief of the three heavens, and there God, Lords and all chief officers had congregated as soon as the sign of the descending sea of Jehovih's kingdom appeared in the firmament above.

07/3.3. Jehovih spoke to God, saying: Make your places ready, O My Son, and your Lords with you. Behold, I come in a world of fire, and My faithful workers shall find rest and happiness.

07/3.4. Ah'shong will redeem your sons and daughters, for he will girdle the earth with new etherean light and great power.

07/3.5. Call your people together, O God, and have them rejoice and make merry, for the time of deliverance is at hand.

07/3.6. Then God communicated to the Lords, and they again to others, the words of Jehovih; and at seeing the sign in heaven, the faithful began to rejoice and gather together in their respective places. But of the unbelieving angels dwelling on earth, with mortals and in other abodes, |216| of whom there were hundreds of millions, this is what happened:

07/3.7. They were overcome by the sight of the ship of fire in heaven above, and fled, in fear, in all directions. And by their great numbers in the presence of mortals, caused mortals to also fear and flee in search of some secure place. And many of these spirits of darkness came beseechingly |217| to be admitted into the kingdoms of the Lords, where they had been invited for hundreds of years but would not come.

07/3.8. But God and the Lords surrounded their places with walls of light and would not receive the unbelieving. God said: Until Ah'shong arrives let order be maintained within my kingdoms. || But outside, the fear that prevailed for six days and nights on earth and in heaven was greater than anytime since the earth first was.

07/3.9. Meanwhile God and the Lords brought their es'enaurs out, and they sang and danced before Jehovih. And on the approach of Ah'shong with his hosts, God's musicians, heralds, and the great multitude arrayed in shining raiment, were all overcome by the splendor and magnificence, as were even God and his Lords.

07/3.10. These latter sat down on the improvised throne. The etherean marshals approached and divided their ranks, first into single columns, then double, then quadruple, and so on till the fifty thousand marshals had enclosed all sides, except the east, where there was an open space through which Ah'shong came, attended by his chief counselors, of whom there were five thousand. After them came the council of one million, interspersed here and there with groups of thousands of es'enaurs, who were chanting hymns of praise to Jehovih and His kingdoms.

07/3.11. Above the continent of Whaga and parts of Jud and Vohu, the lower heaven was illuminated by the hosts of Ah'shong, the like of which had never been in atmospherea before. Nor was there any work being done on earth or in heaven, because of the fear and great stirring up.

07/3.12. But now Ah'shong approached before the throne of God and the Lords, saluting with the sign of the second degree of Jehovih, saying: In Jehovih's name, and by His Power, Wisdom and Love, I have come to give you joy.

07/3.13. God said: In Jehovih's name, all hail! Ah'shong, chief of Anakaron, all hail! And God went forward to the foot of the throne and received Ah'shong, at which, the Lords came forward saluting also. The es'enaurs ceased singing, and Ah'shong proceeded to the throne and sat on it, and God took off his own crown and gave it to Ah'shong, and also gave him the triangle, which was called the heirloom of the heavenly kingdoms of earth, bestowed by command of Jehovih.

07/3.14. The All Light was abundant around Ah'shong; and out of the light, the voice of Jehovih spoke, saying: Because these things are done in My name prayerfully, and in faith, so do I dwell with you all. My Son shall wear your crown, O God.

07/3.15. Behold, I come in might and swiftness, for it is the springtime of the earth. My Son, Seffas, is afoot on the earth; he has stirred up the earth‑born. But I will establish My light anew in these heavens.

07/3.16. Have I not said: I brought the seed of everlasting life to the earth? || I gave responsibility to God and his Lords to teach mortals and spirits of My glories in the upper heavens. And I commanded that My God and My Lords in these realms would be from those who came up out of the earth.

07/3.17. You were installed by My hand, and have done a good work. Do not think that I curse because Hored and Moeb are fallen! Did I not know beforehand that these things would be? Behold, I have provided all My works so that man would be forever making new things. If Hored had remained standing, there would have been no heaven to rebuild on earth in this day. How, then, could My newborn Gods learn? Do not think that I come to teach with My own labor; I provide My people so that they shall teach one another.

07/3.18. What is so conceited as man? And yet I bring him into life the dumbest of animals. Man prides himself in his power and wisdom. I send the drought, the rains and winds, the weakest of My members, and they show man he is nothing. So also do My Gods and Lords of the lower heaven become conceited in their power and wisdom; but with the turn of a word, their heavens fall. Billions of souls turn from order and high estate, into confusion and anarchy. Thus I confound men and angels, and in their seeming misery lay the foundation for an everlasting good. The voice ceased.

07/3.19. Ah'shong said: In the name of Jehovih, I announce my presence over earth and the lower heaven.

07/3.20. The marshals said: All hail! Ah'shong, God of heaven and earth! Proclaim him in Jehovih's name.

07/3.21. Hardly had these words gone forth, when the voice of the entire hosts joined in proclaiming: All hail! O God! Son of Jehovih!

07/3.22. Ah'shong, now God, said: Your crown shall be my crown, for under it, Jehovih's power shall triumph; otherwise people would say: Behold there is no virtue in Jehovih's crowns. So he placed it on his head, rose up, and saluted the retired God and Lords, saying to them:

07/3.23. I have a place for you; and it is called Yeshuah. Retire there with my proper officers, and partake of rest and the freedom of the place until I come also. But the retired God and Lords said: Put us to labor, we pray. To which, God (Ah'shong) said:

07/3.24. Jehovih's sons must not be humiliated; how, then, can you labor under me? Were you not Jehovih's God and Lords?

07/3.25. They perceived, and, after due salutations, were provided with an escort of five hundred thousand men and women; and they departed on their way to Yeshuah.

07/3.26. God (Ah'shong) said: Let M'ghi, Bing‑fo and Nest come before me. They shall be my Lords of dawn in Jehovih's name.

07/3.27. The three came and stood before the throne. God said: I announce the presence of Jehovih's Lords of the earth. The marshals said: All hail! O M'ghi, Bing‑fo and Nest, Jehovih's Lords of Earth!

07/3.28. These were also proclaimed by the united voice of the assembled hosts. God said: In Jehovih's name, go your ways, O Lords of earth.

07/3.29. At that, the Lords crowned themselves and departed at once, saluting reverently.

07/3.30. God said: Bring the atmospherean marshals before me. They were brought and stationed in front of the throne. God said: Glory to You, O Jehovih! For I look upon Your sons and daughters who have withstood a great darkness, but retained faith in You. In Your name, and by virtue of Your power, I deliver them now. Let him who is chief, answer me: How many angels are prepared for the second resurrection?

07/3.31. Sawni, chief marshal, said: Two hundred million. God said: Retire, you and your companions, and assemble Jehovih's harvest of souls, and I will send them to Yeshuah.

07/3.32. The atmosphereans were then duly arranged as commanded, and God called a hundred swift messengers and one thousand etherean marshals, and they provided an abattos; |218| and the hosts who had been prepared for the second resurrection departed for Yeshuah, as commanded.

07/3.33. God said: I now have remaining, my etherean hosts and the atmosphereans in darkness. Of the latter, let them remain as they are for three days, for I will travel around the world with my etherean hosts, observing mortals and spirits in their places and habits, so that I may better judge them and provide accordingly.

07/3.34. So God and his etherean angels provided an abattos, and they embarked and started on their journey, traveling imperceptibly to mortals.

































216  dwelling places, quarters, lodgings, locales







217  urgently, imploringly, begging, pleading














































































































































218  a type of spirit ship



CHAPTER 4 Ah'shong





07/4.1. After God and his hosts visited the earth and the lower heaven, they returned to Yeshuah and sat in council on the affairs of mortals and atmosphereans.

07/4.2. The Council of Yeshuah, of which there were one million members, was formed in groups, and these again represented in groups, and these in still other groups. Consequently, a group of one thousand had one speaker, who became the voice of that thousand; of these speakers, one hundred had one voice in council; and of these, ten had one voice before God, and he was the voice of the whole, and Jehovih was his voice. Thus the whole council was represented in all its parts. |219| And this was the manner of proceeding:

07/4.3. God commanded the subject; the council deliberated in thousands, and each speaker became aware of the voice of his group. Then these speakers assembled in groups of one hundred and deliberated, and each of these groups again centered into one voice; and ten of these had one voice before God. Thus it came to pass that the decrees of God were both the wisdom of men and of Jehovih. From this sprang the saying: When God said this, or God commanded that, it was the word of Jehovih expressed by men and angels.

07/4.4. God said: Behold, the heavens and earth have become like gardens grown foul and rank, producing nothing. I have come with a pruning knife and a consuming fire.

07/4.5. God said: I withdraw from the druj and the druk the beneficence |220| of Jehovih's chosen; I leave them destitute. Who can approach the beggar with wisdom, or the king with inspiration to be good? A drowning man will try to swim; but the reveler in lust must perish before his soul can learn Jehovih.

07/4.6. It is better to labor with a child from infancy, and then to maturity, to teach it rightly, than to strive with a score |221| of conceited adults and fail to redeem one. Who are the mockers of charity more than they who give to those who can help themselves but will not? Wisdom and uprightness of heart are like bread. Do not preach to unwelcome ears; are sermons of wisdom to be forced into men's souls?

07/4.7. Blessed Jehovih! He made hunger, and so men love bread. Without hunger they would not eat. A wise God drives home to man's understanding his helplessness in spirit when Jehovih is denied.

07/4.8. Pursue the earth, O my beloved; bring away all light. Pursue the lower heaven of the earth also; bring away all light. I will leave the earth and heaven in darkness one whole year. They shall cry out; their conceit in the dumb wind shall fail. |222|

07/4.9. Have the spirits of heaven not despoiled Hored and Moeb? Do evil spirits and evil men not say: Behold, there is enough! Let us divide the spoils. But they produce nothing. They are devourers; living on others' substance. The Great Spirit made man to exert; by exertion he grows in wisdom and strength.

07/4.10. They seek ease and comfort; helpless and more helpless they fall; they are on the road to everlasting destruction. Happy is the God who can arouse them.
















219  That is, the Council consisted of 10 groups, and each group consisted of 100 subgroups and each subgroup had 1000 members. Now, each subgroup selected one speaker. This made a total of 1000 speakers (1 speaker per subgroup x 100 subgroups per group x 10 groups = 1000 speakers).

Of those 1000 speakers, each 100 (i.e., each group) had one voice in council. That is, the one voice of each group had authority to speak before the whole council. As there were 10 groups, this meant there were 10 voices-in-council, who, together, had once voice before God.

Thus all of the one million received a voice: 1000 members per subgroup, 100 subgroups per group, and 10 groups to give one voice before God, i.e.,

1,000,000 = 1000 x 100 x 10 x 1 || or in reducing:

1,000,000 > 1000 > 100 > 10 > 1.


220  presence and the good things arising from it







221  A score is 20, and often used in the same way we use "dozen," indicating approximate amounts. Thus a score of adults would be about 20 adults.











222  That is, their belief in: 'there is only the impersonal elements and nothing else,' shall fail. They shall come to acknowledge a higher power, a presence, even Jehovih.



CHAPTER 5 Ah'shong





07/5.1. God said: Blessed is the surgeon's knife; its burn is the capital of health regained; but yet a fool will cry out: Stop! Stop! Enough! You inflictor of pain!

07/5.2. Who has an eye like Jehovih? His whipping‑posts are on all sides, but there is a clear road between them. Yet man does not follow it.

07/5.3. Withdraw all good men and good angels; and they who remain would not be half made up. |223| A man without an arm or a leg is only part of a man; a man without perception of the All Person is a deformity in soul. He seeks a home for his own ease and glory; but the Son of Jehovih seeks to find the severest |224| labor that will profit |225| his brethren.

07/5.4. Yeshuah shall be my homestead; here I will bring the fruit of heaven from below; here build my training schools. Seven years my service shall be; and they shall learn the ways of etherea. Build me a house of brotherhood and fill it with willing pupils sworn to labor. I will make them Gods and Lords with power and wisdom.

07/5.5. Behold a man makes a factory and turns out fabric for sale. I make a college and turn out sons and daughters of Jehovih, to give away. Bring me that material which will stand |226| in warp and filling; |227| Jehovih's fabric shall endure forever. Search out the seed of I'hin, and house them with care, for they shall redeem the earth‑born after I ascend to the Father's kingdom. And there were brought from earth to Yeshuah one hundred million spirits. And these were divided into first and second best.










223  That is, those who remain would be less than half complete, meaning not able to grow and progress independently, but fall further from spiritual maturation by regressing toward the animal nature, fetalism and even unconsciousness (extinction).

224  That is, in accordance with your bent (temperament and preferred field of labor) seek to find the most challenging and stimulating labor; or said another way, that which will stretch your mind, spirit, soul and talent to the limit of these abilities, and result in the highest best good in service to Jehovih. For such is key to reaching the highest grades; forever quickening; and a key to eternal joy, delight and happiness.

225  benefit, be useful to, bless, help, do good to, be advantageous for, prosper, add to the well-being of

226  be strong enough, persist, last, withstand

227  In a woven fabric, warp consists of the vertical or lengthwise threads, and filling is the woof or horizontal threads.



CHAPTER 6 Ah'shong





07/6.1. All the first best angels of atmospherea, who were brought away from the earth and housed in Yeshuah, were placed at school and in factories newly made in heaven. These were I'hins.

07/6.2. And the second best spirits were placed in hospitals and nurseries.

07/6.3. Of those who had advanced to receive the second resurrection, |228| God said: Build an etherean ship and take them to Theistivi, in etherea.

07/6.4. So it came to pass there were two hundred million raised to the second resurrection, of grade thirty‑five. Theistivi lies between etherea and Seven A'ji, which is the lowest of the etherean heavens next to an atmospherean abode. |229|

07/6.5. God said: Two qualities remain in Yeshuah, first and second. These shall be the new kingdom after I am ascended. From these I will raise up a God and Lords, and they shall rule over the lower heaven and the earth; and they shall bequeath others after them to rule in like manner.

07/6.6. And so the second light of Jehovih was founded on the fruit of the earth. God's etherean hosts became a training school to raise up a God, Lords, marshals, es'enaurs, and all other officers, men and women, for a lower heaven. God said: Yeshuah shall not approach nearer the earth; nor shall it be like Hored, where spirits of darkness could easily approach.

07/6.7. Now, the one hundred million spirits, whom God, his Lords and fellow‑laborers had brought from the earth to Yeshuah, were placed in a brotherhood where they were assigned to the places suited to their talents. And God divided the time of study, recreation, music, discipline, marching, and so on, suited to all the people; and it was a place of order and glory.

07/6.8. For without discipline there is nothing; and discipline cannot be without ceremony; nor ceremony without rites, forms and established words. Is it not a foolish soldier who says: Behold, I am wise! I need no discipline, no manual of arms. |230| What more is he than one of an untutored mob?

07/6.9. God said: As I drill them in heaven to make them a unit, so shall you also give rites and ceremonies to mortals, so that, coming into heaven, they do not go back to their old haunts and fall in darkness. Whatever tends to harmonize the behavior of individuals is of the Father; the opposite tends to evil. It is better that men march to the sound of one monotonous word, than not march at all; the value lies not in the word, but in bringing into unison that which was void. A fool says: I do not need to pray, there is no virtue in words. But his soul grows up at variance with Jehovih. Nor is there more virtue in prayer or words, than in marching |231| before Jehovih; for whatever tends to unite men in one expression of soul in harmony, is Jehovih's.

07/6.10. Sacred dances as well as rites and ceremonies were established in Yeshuah in the name of Jehovih; and the new heaven became a place of delight.

07/6.11. God said: Teach my chosen to labor hard and wisely; and to dance with energy, and to sing with strength and fullness of soul. For what more is there in any man or woman than to learn to put forth? And what more pitiful thing is there in heaven than a man or woman who has but dragged along?










228  These would be those two hundred million who were with God when Ah'shong first arrived in earth's heaven (07/3.30-31), and these were separate from those of the seed of I'hin brought up from the earth and divided into first and second best.


229  Of these delivered, note two things. Being only grade 35, they were not emancipated because they were only ready to receive the second resurrection. Second, being only second resurrection and less than grade 50, which is the lowest grade required for survival in etherea only, they were not capable of surviving outside of atmospherea at their level; see 05/23.12. Accordingly Theistivi must have some characteristics similar to atmospherea and some characteristics similar to etherea.
















230  a drill in which soldiers practice in a specified way the use of their hand weapons; e.g., the sharp arm, hand and rifle movements done simultaneously by all members of the company











231  This encompasses all movement in tune with Jehovih, such as sacred dance, marching in ceremony; and especially when in unison with others.



CHAPTER 7 Ah'shong





07/7.1. When all the best spirits of the lower heaven, and those who dwelt with mortals, were taken away and domiciled in Yeshuah, there were only druj (spirits of darkness) |232| left on the face of the earth. For one whole year, God left the earth void of Jehovih's light.

07/7.2. Mortals loved to commune more with the spirits of their kindred, who knew little of heaven, than they did with ethereans who were wise and holy.

07/7.3. God said: What man or woman have you found who says: Come angels of Jehovih, tell me where I can do more good works, for I thirst, and am hungry to serve Jehovih with all my wisdom and strength in doing good to my fellows?

07/7.4. Rather, they turn away from such angels, and drink in the tales of the strolling druj, and so wrap themselves up in darkness. For this reason they shall find darkness in heaven and earth; and they shall become like one who is sick and broken down in conceit.

07/7.5. When the year of darkness ended, God sent two million pruners around the earth and in the lower heaven of the earth, saying to them: Find all the evil spirits dwelling with mortals, whether they are fetals or familiars, and gather them into one place. Then find the spirits and fairies who have taken caves and waterfalls as their abode on earth, and bring them to the same place. Then find the idiotic and chaotic spirits who dwell on battlefields, and bring them to the same place. Then find the lusters, who dwell in old castles and ruined cities, and in houses of evil, and when they are going out for raids on mortals, seize them and bring them to the same place.

07/7.6. The ethereans went and collected all the evil spirits and the spirits of darkness belonging to the earth, and brought them to a place in atmospherea, and there were nine hundred million of them.

07/7.7. God said: Prepare a suitable ship to transport them to Hudaow, in Ji'ya, |233| and there provide them a kingdom to themselves, giving them a God, Lords and proper officers, to discipline and educate them for Jehovih's Kingdoms.

07/7.8. They were removed accordingly, and the earth and its lower heaven were purified from evil spirits by the decree of God in Yeshuah, in the second year of the first dawn of dan.






232  Elsewhere in Oahspe we learn that the plural of druj is drujas. However, the word druj is sometimes used in Oahspe to indicate the collective of drujas (drujas in general), or a group of drujas. It is similar to the way we use the word buffalo. We can say: Here is one buffalo. We saw five buffalo grazing. There go seven buffaloes. Likewise we can say: Here is one druj. We saw five druj repenting. There go seven drujas.



























233  Hudaow, in Ji'ya, is a place in the firmament like an atmosphere without a corporeal world. That is, an atmospherean vortex rotating and traveling in the firmament amid the etherean worlds. --Ed.



CHAPTER 8 Ah'shong





07/8.1. In the second year of Yeshuah, God (Ah'shong) caused to be established in his heaven, all required places of learning and industry, where es'yans could be educated to good works, and to a general knowledge of Jehovih's kingdoms. And sufficient ethereans volunteered as teachers and practitioners for all that was required.

07/8.2. God said: Now that the earth and heaven are purified from evil, my Lords shall deliver the es'yans to the asaphs, who shall deliver them to Yeshuah, which I have established a short distance from the earth as a barrier against their returning to mortals. Jehovih says: Do not permit the blind to lead the blind.

07/8.3. And it was so; at the time mortals died, their spirits were taken by the asaphs to Yeshuah; and to make this acceptable to the es'yans, God said: Tell my Lords of the earth to teach mortals by inspiration and otherwise about my kingdom of Yeshuah.

07/8.4. And so it came to pass, through the Lords and the ashars, that is, the guardian spirits with mortals, that the name, Yeshuah, was established on the earth. God said: In the time of kosmon, men shall say: Where did the name of heavenly things come from? But the origin of Yeshuah shall lie hidden away, and Jehovih will stretch forth His hand in that day and disclose all.

07/8.5. But mortals were thick in tongue, and could not say Yeshuah, and they said I. E. Su; from which came the name of many men, Iesu, |234| signifying, without evil, which is the ultimate salvation of the soul.

07/8.6. Jehovih spoke through God, saying: When the end of dawn comes, My emancipated sons and daughters shall return to their places, taking the resurrected with them. But, so that the earth and lower heaven may not be left in darkness, you shall provide a God, Lords, marshals, messengers and all other officers, to rule and teach in My name.

07/8.7. And you shall make them from those born of earth, and they shall hold office for two hundred years, four hundred years, and six hundred years, according to the atmospherean cycles.

07/8.8. Do not permit My etherean hosts to remain longer than dawn, either on the earth or within atmospherea, for I shall take the earth into dark regions in order to build it up to a higher state for the time that comes after.

07/8.9. The voice departed. God said: Let the voice of the council deliberate on this matter, and speak before the Father. For I will provide a heaven in the ancient place of Hored, and it shall be called Bispah, for it shall be a place of reception for the spirits of the dead preparatory to their being brought to Yeshuah.

07/8.10. In due course many of the earth‑born were raised up, and God selected and appointed them to fill the places; and he founded Bispah, and officered it according to the command of Jehovih. After God established in Yeshuah, rites and ceremonies, processions and dances, with sacred words, he commanded his Lords to give the same things to mortals, and so they fulfilled all that was designed from the beginning.

07/8.11. In the seventh year of dawn, God commanded his council to select another God and Lords, and other officers. So the council proceeded according to the method of the ancients, selecting the most learned, purest and holiest, choosing them according to their rank in Godliness. And a record was made of these matters and deposited in the library of Yeshuah.

07/8.12. Then God called in his own Lords of the earth, and he set apart the first day of the new moon as the day on which he would consecrate the God and Lords, his successors; and he called the day Mas, which name endures to this day of kosmon. And further, God established the moon's day (mas) on the earth as a time of consecration. (And this is the origin of saying mass).

07/8.13. When the chosen were in place before the throne, God said: By command of Jehovih you are brought before me, His Son; in His name I will consecrate you to the places commanded by Him.

07/8.14. The marshals then conducted the one who ranked highest, up to the seat of the throne. God said:

07/8.15. In the name of Jehovih, and by His Power, Wisdom and Love, I ordain you God of heaven and earth. He who receives from my hand receives from my Father, Who raised me up.

07/8.16. The initiate said: All power comes from the Father. All wisdom comes from the Father. All love comes from the Father. In His name and by virtue of His commandments through His Son, I receive all that is put upon me, for His glory, forever!

07/8.17. God then said: Give me a crown, O Father, for Your Son! || A scarlet light descended from above, and God reached forth his hands and wove it into a crown and placed it on the initiate's head, saying: I crown you God of heaven and earth. And now you shall also receive the Sacred Triangle, which is the heirloom of the Gods of earth. And he hung it around his neck, adding: And since there can be only one God on earth or in this heaven, I uncrown myself in Jehovih's name, and salute you, O God, God of earth and heaven!

07/8.18. Ah'shong now stood to the right, and God, who was ordained, went and sat on the throne, and red and blue lights descended from above, enveloping him completely, and he was quickened.

07/8.19. He said: Let the initiates for Lords of earth approach the throne of the Most High Jehovih!

07/8.20. The five Lords came forward. God said: Join hands and receive from the Father. By virtue of the Power, Wisdom and Love of Jehovih, vested in me, I receive you as the highest chosen; and I proclaim you Lord of earth, |235| in Jehovih's name! Accept this crown from heaven above, the like of which cannot be woven from earthly things; by its power, you shall remain in accord with Yeshuah and the kingdoms above.

07/8.21. God fashioned the crowns and then crowned them Lords of the five divisions of the earth. God said: Retire aside and choose your messengers and officers, and after ordaining them, depart to the kingdom prepared for you. The Lords said:

07/8.22. In Your name, O Jehovih, I accept that which You have put upon me. With all my wisdom, strength and love I will serve You, O my Father, Jehovih!

07/8.23. The Lords retired; and the es'enaurs sang, more than a million voices in concert!































234  The original of iesus, or jesu, or jesus. --Ed.






















































































235  Where hands are joined the persons are addressed as one person. --Ed.



CHAPTER 9 Ah'shong





07/9.1. Now the time had come for the end of the first dawn of dan after the creation of man. And this was known in the etherean heavens, where countless millions of Jehovih's emancipated sons and daughters lived. And, as might be expected, they decided to descend, which they did from all sides, to witness the labors of Ah'shong, and to receive his works as a profitable lesson for their own future on other new worlds. |236|

07/9.2. Consequently, distant stars began to appear in the firmament, approaching; and these were the etherean ships from remote places, where the name of Ah'shong had been known for thousands of years. From all sides they came, growing ever brighter and larger.

07/9.3. Ah'shong spoke to his companions, saying: Make ready, O my beloved. My friends and your friends are coming. Put our ship in order. Light the pillars of fire and spread out the sails, shining, so that they may be glorified in Jehovih's name.

07/9.4. The proper persons accomplished these things. Now, the etherean ship of Ah'shong was anchored east of Yeshuah; and so great was its size that there was room not only for the ethereans of Anakaron, but for more than three hundred million of the redeemed of earth to ascend with them.

07/9.5. Ah'shong said: When our friends arrive, we shall join them and make an excursion around the earth, discovering its rank and glorious promises; but as to the nine hundred million drujas which I sent off to Hudaow, in Ji'ya, we shall pass there on our way to Anakaron.

07/9.6. Brighter and brighter grew the descending stars, the etherean ships from faraway worlds; and larger and larger, till in majesty they neared Yeshuah. Ah'shong then came down and sat at the foot of the throne, according to the custom of Gods. God came down and took him by the hand, saying: Son of Jehovih, you who make yourself the least of men, arise, and take your hosts, and embark in Jehovih's ship, going wherever you will. Ah'shong rose up. The es'enaurs and trumpeters played and sang. Then Ah'shong said:

07/9.7. One more love I have in the world, O Jehovih. I go from Yeshuah, but my love remains. To you, O God, I will look back in hope and love, for you were raised by me. And to your Lords what less could I say? Yes, and to all the hosts I leave within these realms.

07/9.8. Ah'shong touched God's right hand, and then saluting, with the third sign of emeth |237| to Jehovih, departed, and the marshals conducted him off to the ship.

07/9.9. Ah'shong and his etherean hosts rose up in curtains of light; and presently the ship was loosened from its anchorage and floated upward, and all the angels entered it; and the sails were spread out, and the mantles suspended on every side, till the whole vessel, with its thousands of masts and arcs, looked like a world on fire. The inhabitants of Yeshuah feared and trembled at the mighty works of the Gods and Goddesses; and yet, as the es'enaurs on the departing ship chanted, more than a million voices, the Yeshuans sang with them, amid their tears, with souls overflowing, with awe, love and admiration.

07/9.10. In that same time the descending stars of other Gods and Goddesses, the etherean ships from faraway worlds, were drawing nearer and nearer; and, on every side, the firmament was alive with worlds on fire.

07/9.11. Presently they came, first one and then another of the ethereans, and they made fast to Ah'shong's ship, until more than five hundred ships were united into one mighty vessel, and yet so near to Yeshuah that all could be seen.

07/9.12. And when they had united there were countless millions of angels in close proximity, many who had known one another for thousands of years; and some who were older than the earth, and knew its history. And these had companions as old as themselves; and they were ripe in experience with corporeal earths, stars and suns in other regions of Jehovih's kingdoms.

07/9.13. So great was the wisdom of these Gods and Goddesses, that to come within the earth's atmosphere was sufficient to enable them to read all the souls and prayers of mortals, and all the thoughts and desires of the spirits of the lower heaven belonging to the earth. To each and all of them, the voice of Jehovih was ever present, and their power was equal to their wisdom.

07/9.14. Jehovih has said: To the corporean I have given power to hear one or two things at the same time; but My Gods can intelligently hear tens of thousands of people speaking at the same time. Yes, they can find a way to answer them also.

07/9.15. When the ships were ready for departure, Ah'shong said: Let us pass low over Yeshuah, and you shall hear and see those I have founded in a new heaven. His companions said: Jehovih's will be done. So they proceeded; and after they had visited Yeshuah they descended to the earth, and throughout the places of the Lords; and when they had seen all, and heard the explanation from those with Ah'shong, regarding the state of the earth and its heavens, they rose higher and higher, and sailed toward Anakaron, where Ah'shong had invited them for repast |238| and social intercourse.

07/9.16. Thus the ethereans departed from the earth and atmospherea. This, then, was the beginning of the cycles of dan; and the first dawn was closed and past.

07/9.17. And the earth Gods, that is, the Lords, who were now called Adonya, were of those brought forth out of the earth. And God, who had dominion in the atmospherea of the earth, was also an earth‑born; and so were all the angels in atmospherea the product of the earth.

07/9.18. And in Jehovih's name the Lords and God were appointed and crowned to rule in their respective places, and by this means they became the instruments of Jehovih for His glory.

07/9.19. Jehovih said: Whoever serves Me, in My name, is My son, or My daughter. The Light of My Judgment falls upon them sufficient for the time and place. To the extent that you honor them, you honor Me also. Through the flowers of the field I express Myself in color and perfume; through the lion and mastodon I express Myself with power and voraciousness; through the lamb and the dove I express Myself in meekness and docility. Through man I express Myself in words and actions; and all men, the wise and the ignorant, are channels of My expression. Some have thick tongues and poor speech, nevertheless they are My babes, My sons and daughters.

07/9.20. Jehovih said: After the Se'muan age, I gave to the earth from My etherean heavens sons and daughters, and they abode with mortals for three thousand years. And My ethereans established loo'is on the lands of the earth; and they commanded the loo'is, saying to them: Your office |239| is to lead mortals by inspiration to dwell together, man and woman, as husband and wife; and in such adaptation that their offspring shall rise higher in wisdom, love and power, than the father and mother.

07/9.21. Jehovih said: I will confound the wise man in the latter days; for he will not discover why man and woman did not live indiscriminately, like the beasts. Yes, I will show him that those who profess Me are led by Me; and those who deny Me go down to indiscriminate communion. Out of My works, the lessons of the early days of the earth shall show the presence of My hand from the beginning. By My loo'is, man and woman were inspired to raise up sons and daughters who would glorify Me and My works; by My loo'is, I have maintained My foothold among mortals.

07/9.22. Those who could comprehend Me, having faith that My presence in Person would ultimately triumph for the highest and best, I commanded to be called Faithists. Since the beginning, I have kept a thread of this line inhabiting the earth and her heavens. ||

07/9.23. The first harvest, then, was two hundred years, and the number of Brides and Bridegrooms was six hundred million, of grade ninety‑two.

07/9.24. The second harvest was two hundred years, and was eight hundred million angels, of grade eighty‑nine.

07/9.25. The third harvest was six hundred years, and was two billion angels, of grade eighty‑three.

07/9.26. The fourth harvest was five hundred years, and was two billion three hundred million angels, of grade seventy‑four.

07/9.27. The fifth harvest was three hundred years, and was six hundred million angels, of grade sixty‑two.

07/9.28. The sixth harvest was four hundred years, and nine hundred million angels, of grade fifty‑one.

07/9.29. And this was the last harvest; for none after that were of sufficient grade to live in the etherean heavens.

07/9.30. And now wars began in atmospherea, thousands of angels against thousands, and millions against millions.

07/9.31. For the possession of sections of the earth, and its mortal inhabitants, these millions of warring angels went forth. And it came to pass that mortals also fell to war; and, by the obsessing angels, were made to destroy their own cities and kingdoms.

07/9.32. And the attractions of this great wickedness caused other angels of heaven to desert their schools and factories, and descend down to mortals.

07/9.33. Thus again, the kingdoms of God and his Lords were reduced to impotence; the harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms had long since ceased to be.

07/9.34. At the end of the second cycle there were six billion angels in atmospherea, who, for the most part, were in darkness; not knowing who they were, or where they dwelt; neither knowing nor caring whether or not there were other heavens.












236  Being the first dawn of dan upon the planet, it attracted many ethereans who were not directly involved in receiving the newly resurrected. This can be likened to a coming out party when a family brings out their first newborn baby for the first time into public (see 07/1.10), and friends and relatives come to view and remark about the child. And the family takes the visitors in to see the nursery.



































237  emeth means faith
























































238  food, refreshments and festivity; a banquet


































239  responsibility, duty, labor, charge



Second Book of Lords

Of the second cycle, being contemporaneous with the Book of Ah'shong, Son of Jehovih.

CHAPTER 1 Second Lords





08/1.1. In the beginning man was naked and not ashamed; but the Lord raised him up and told him to hide his nakedness, and man obeyed, and was clothed.

08/1.2. And the Lord walked beside man for a long season, showing him the way of resurrection; and man was obedient, depending on the Lord for all things.

08/1.3. And the Lord said to man: Behold, I have walked with you, and taught you; but because of my indulgence, you have neglected to put forth your own energy.

08/1.4. Now I am going away from you for a season, so that you may learn to develop yourself.

08/1.5. But lest you stumble and fall, I leave certain commandments with you, and they shall be a guide to you and your heirs forever.

08/1.6. Hear, then, the commandments of the Lord your God.

08/1.7. You shall love your Creator with all your mind, heart and soul, all the days of your life.

08/1.8. And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

08/1.9. Because you were born into the world without covering, you shall clothe yourself.

08/1.10. Then man inquired of the Lord: Behold, you have shown the ass |240| what is good for him to eat, and the fish, the serpent and the lion; you have shown every living creature except man. What then shall I eat?

08/1.11. The Lord said: I give you everything that grows up out of the ground that is good to eat, and they shall be food for you.

08/1.12. But you shall not eat anything of flesh and blood, in which life is.

08/1.13. For you shall not kill.

08/1.14. Man inquired of the Lord: You have shown the males and females of all the living, the times and periods to come together; but man and woman you have not shown.

08/1.15. The Lord said: You shall learn from the beasts, birds and fishes that the female during gestation is in the keeping of her Creator.

08/1.16. Therefore you shall also respect the times of woman. |241|

08/1.17. Man inquired of the Lord: You have shown the bird how to build her nest, the carnivore how to scent the subtle track of his prey, and the spider to weave his net; but as to the design of man's house, or the herbs that are good, or poisonous, you have not shown man.

08/1.18. The Lord said: All the instinct that is in the bird, beast, fish, insect, or creeping thing, was created with them, but man was created blank; and yet man shall attain to more subtle senses than any other living creature.

08/1.19. Man inquired: How shall man attain to these?

08/1.20. The Lord answered: Serve your Creator by doing good to others with all your wisdom and strength, and by being true to your own highest light, and all knowledge will come to you.

08/1.21. So the Lord left man to himself for a season; and man so loved the earth and whatever ministered to his ease and flesh desires, that he fell from his high estate. And great darkness came upon the earth. And man cast aside his clothes, went naked, and became carnal |242| in his desires.



























240  donkey or burro---usually a beast of burden


















241  This injunction against sexual indulgence during pregnancy has been taught to Faithists in every cycle even to the Kosmon era, where it now stands as one of the standards that plays a crucial role in changing the generations born of the beast into those born of the spirit.

















242  flesh oriented; engrossed in fulfilling physical appetites, especially sexual; animalistic



CHAPTER 2 Second Lords





08/2.1. The Lord went abroad over the earth, calling: Come to me, O man! Behold your Lord has returned!

08/2.2. But man did not hear the voice of the Lord; for, by man's indulgence, the spirit of man was covered up in his own flesh. |243|

08/2.3. To the I'hins, the Lord sent his loo'is and they raised up heirs to the Lord; by controlling the parentage of the unborn, they brought into the world a new race of men, of the same seed and blood as of old, and these heard the voice of the Lord.

08/2.4. And the Lord said to man: Because you did not keep my commandments, you have brought affliction upon yourself and your people, to the farthest ends of the world.

08/2.5. Now I will raise you up once more, and deliver the tribes of men from darkness into light.

08/2.6. And the Lord delivered man into wisdom, peace and virtue; and the earth became like a garden of sweet‑smelling flowers and luxurious fruit.

08/2.7. The Lord said: What do you say, O man? Shall you still require a keeper?

08/2.8. And man said: Behold, I am strong and wise. You can go away from the earth. I understand your commandments.

08/2.9. The Lord inquired: Do you know the meaning of: Love your Creator? And man said: Yes, Lord; and to love my neighbor as myself; and to do good to others with all my wisdom and strength. Yes, I have the All Highest Light. I am wiser than the ancients. Behold, I want no Lord, no God; I am the highest product of all the universe.

08/2.10. The Lord said: I will try you, O man; I will go away for a season.

08/2.11. So the Lord departed once more. And man had nothing to look up to, so he looked at himself and became vainglorious. And the tribes of men aspired to overcome one another; war and destruction followed.

08/2.12. Man forgot his Creator; he said: No Eye sees me, no Ear hears me. And he neglected to guard himself against the serpent (corporeality; self); and the serpent said to him: Partake of all things, for they are yours.

08/2.13. And man heeded, and, lo and behold, the race of man descended into utter darkness. And man did not distinguish his sister or mother; and woman did not distinguish her brother or father. |244|

08/2.14. And God saw the wickedness of man, and he called out, saying: Hear my voice, O man! Hear the voice of the Lord!

08/2.15. But because of man's darkness he could not hear the voice of God, his Lord.

08/2.16. And the Lord sent his angels down to man, so they could appeal to man's understanding.

08/2.17. But the angels also loved darkness, and did not strive to lift man out of darkness. And the Lord had no more influence among mortals, and he departed away from the earth. And on the earth, man became like a harvest that is blighted and rotten because of its rankness.









243  Once the spirit was obscured, lost to perception, buried amid darkness, then man became unaware of his spirit; being little attended to, it was overlooked then forgotten about.






































244  resulting in incest




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