Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles





Being forty‑eight thousand years (i.e., two gadols); |245| covering a period from the creation of man down to the submersion of the continent of Pan, called by the ancients, the flood, or deluge, which was twenty‑four thousand years B.K. (i.e., one gadol Before Kosmon |246|), selected from the records in the libraries of heaven.

CHAPTER 1 Synopsis




245  A gadol averages 24,000 years and is equivalent to one precession of the equinoxes; hence the 48,000 years is a rounded figure.




246  which began about 1849 c.e. (common era, using the common civil calendar); also, again, the 24,000 years is a rounded figure; the actual duration of this third gadol was about 25,000 years



09/1.1. First, the earth travels in a circuit around the sun, which is divided into four arcs called spring, summer, autumn and winter.

09/1.2. Second, the sun, with his family, travels in a large circuit, which is divided into one thousand five hundred arcs, the distance for each arc being about three thousand years, or one cycle. |247|

09/1.3. During a cycle, the earth and her heavens travel through the etherean regions of hundreds of etherean worlds, which are inhabited by Jehovih's high‑raised angels, whose Chiefs are involved in the management of worlds.

09/1.4. During the time of a cycle, the earth is therefore under the control and management of such angels of Jehovih for the resurrection of man of the earth.

09/1.5. At the time of man's creation, |248| the earth was traveling in the arc of Wan, where thousands of Orian Chiefs live, with billions of high‑raised angels.

09/1.6. The Holy Council of Orian Chiefs, through the Wisdom and Voice of Jehovih, appointed one of their number, Sethantes (an archangel), to take charge of the earth, and to people it with immortal beings, during its travel in Wan.

09/1.7. The rank and title of Sethantes, thus raised up by Jehovih, Creator of worlds, became, First God of the earth and her heavens.

09/1.8. And Sethantes had come with millions of angels, who had been previously raised up from other worlds, and he accomplished his work, and was known as God.

09/1.9. Sethantes was, then, the first God of the earth and her heavens, and his place was within the arc of Wan. And during his cycle of three thousand years, he raised up from the earth, one billion five hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.

09/1.10. After Sethantes came Ah'shong, sub‑Chief in the realms of Hieu Wee in the Haian arc of Vehetaivi. And during the cycle of Anakaron, also three thousand years, Ah'shong raised up from the earth, a harvest of seven billion two hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms.

09/1.11. The third cycle was under the dominion of Hoo Le, surveyor of Kakayen'sta in the arc of Gimmel, and his harvest was three billion seven hundred million.

09/1.12. The fourth cycle was under C'pe Aban, Chieftainess of Sulgoweron in the arc of Yan, and her harvest was four billion eight hundred million.

09/1.13. The fifth cycle was under Pathodices, road‑maker in Chitivya in the arc of Yahomitak, and his harvest was six billion four hundred million.

09/1.14. The sixth cycle was under Goemagak, God of Iseg, in the arc of Somgwothga, and his harvest was seven billion nine hundred million.

09/1.15. The seventh cycle was under Goepens, God of Kaim, in the arc of Srivat, and his harvest was nine billion three hundred million.

09/1.16. The eighth cycle was under Hycis, Goddess of Ruts, in the arc of Hohamagollak, and her harvest was nine billion four hundred million.

09/1.17. The ninth cycle was under See'itcicius, inspector of roads in Kammatra, in the arc of Jusyin, and his harvest was ten billion one hundred million.

09/1.18. The tenth cycle was under Miscelitivi, Chieftainess of the arches of Lawzgowbak, in the arc of Nu, and her harvest was ten billion eight hundred million.

09/1.19. And now the earth was full of people; all the continents and islands of the earth were inhabited by man; nor was there any wilderness left where man did not dwell.

09/1.20. But the generation of man had fallen from thirty‑three years down to twelve years. And man and woman were at maturity at seven years old; and not many lived above thirty years; but they were prolific; many of the mothers bringing forth two score (40) sons and daughters, and from two to four babies at a birth.

09/1.21. And man dwelt in peace. The earth was tilled, and it brought forth abundantly everything that was good for man to eat and to clothe himself with. In those days, there were great cities of hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, and thousands and thousands of such cities in all the five great divisions of the earth. And man built ships and sailed over the ocean in all directions, around the whole world. By the angels of the Lord, he was taught and guided in all things. And man had books, both written and printed; and in schools, the young were taught knowledge regarding the sun, moon, stars, and all things that are upon the earth and in its waters. This was, therefore, called the first period of civilization on the earth.

09/1.22. Now, for the most part, all the people had become I'hins, small, white and yellow. |249| Nevertheless there were ground people, with long arms, who were large; but they dwelt by themselves, and their food was of all types of flesh, fish and creeping things. The ground people were brown and black, and they lived to be two hundred, and even four hundred years old.

09/1.23. Jehovih said: In the early days I raised up I'huans, and I gave them certain commandments, among which was, not to cohabit with the druks lest they go down in darkness. But they did not obey My words; and lo and behold, they are lost from the face of the earth.

09/1.24. Because the I'hins have become a spiritual people and have prospered in peace and spirit, behold, they have degenerated in the corporeal body. They yield abundant harvests for My etherean realms, but they are like untimely births.

09/1.25. Now I will bring the earth into a'jiyan fields and forests for a long season; for I shall again reproduce the I'huans; and the time of a generation shall be thirty‑three years. For My harvests shall be of fruit that is mature and full of ripeness.

09/1.26. And Jehovih brought the earth into new regions in the etherean worlds, and covered it over with a'ji, east and west and north and south. |250|








247  That is, one dan'ha cycle. There are, of course, cycles of other lengths, but because the dan'ha cycle is the primary etherean administrative cycle for earth and her heavens, it is often simply referred to as a cycle in Oahspe. In fact, the format of Oahspe is structured around man's progress through the dan'ha cycles.




248  i.e., at the time of the birth of the I'hin race













































































249  Again, while I'hins are described as white and yellow, we shall see later in Oahspe that they are also described as being of all colors (red, black, brown, etc.); see 06/2.4<fn-stout>. [Also, with regard to the population becoming mostly I'hins, the I'hins could have prevailed because the other races, aside from commingling with the druks (see next verse 09/1.23), may have died off through warfare, disease, famine, etc. --ed.]
















250  see e.g., image i011


09/1.27. And it came to pass that many of the I'hins lost the generative desire and, so, did not bring forth many heirs. But the brown people burnt with desires, and they laid hold of the I'hin women when they went into the fields, and forced them, and thus brought forth again the I'huan race, the copper‑colored, strong, bright and quick.

09/1.28. Accordingly the eleventh cycle, which was under Gobath, God of Tirongothaga, in the arc of Su'le, brought forth a harvest of six billion seven hundred million.

09/1.29. The twelfth cycle was under F'aiyis, Goddess of Looga, in the arc of Siyan, and her harvest was two billion six hundred million.

09/1.30. The thirteenth cycle was under Zineathaes, keeper of the Cross, in the arc of Oleganaya, and his harvest was one billion two hundred million.

09/1.31. The fourteenth cycle was under Tothsentaga, road‑maker in Hapanogos, in the arc of Manechu, and his harvest was only six hundred million.

09/1.32. The fifteenth cycle was under Nimeas, God of Thosgothamachus, in the arc of Seigga, and his harvest was only forty million.

09/1.33. The sixteenth cycle was under Neph, God of Sogghonnes, in the arc of Arbroohk, but he failed to bring forth any harvest.



i011 The Earth in A'ji. Showing the earth (white spot in center) immersed in a'ji.   (see image only)

CHAPTER 2 Synopsis





09/2.1. God, who was Neph, said: Hear my prayer, O Jehovih! The earth and her heavens have gone down in darkness.

09/2.2. The I'hin has been destroyed in all the divisions of the earth except Whaga.

09/2.3. More than thirty billion angels are gathered on the surface of the earth, and they are too low in grade to be delivered.

09/2.4. What shall Your God do, O Father?

09/2.5. Mortals are descending in breed and blood; they inhabit the earth as diseased vermin.

09/2.6. Their cities are destroyed, and they live in the manner of four‑footed beasts.

09/2.7. The inspiration of Your God and his angels can no longer reach them.

09/2.8. When they die and enter these heavens they are like festering sores on one another, billions of them.

09/2.9. For three thousand years I have labored with them, but the abundance of their darkness outmatches Your God.

09/2.10. What shall I do with them, O Father! How shall Your God deliver so great a carcass of death?

09/2.11. But Jehovih did not answer the prayer of God; left him to consult with other Gods in the higher heavens.

09/2.12. But in etherea, Jehovih spoke to His Orian Chiefs, saying: As I try mortals, so do I try angels; as I try them, so do I try My Gods. Forever and ever I keep before them the testimony of an All Higher.

09/2.13. || Now on earth, it came about that the time of a generation of mortals had risen from twelve years to eighty years. Many mortals lived to be three hundred years old, and they had become very large, twice the size of men of this day. |251| But they were without judgment and of little sense, |252| and hardly knowing their own species. And they mingled together, |253| relatives as well as others; so that idiocy and disease were the general fate of the tribes of men; but they were large, strong and prolific. ||

09/2.14. The following is the grade of declension in the heavens of the earth; that is, including when Kishalon had changed the period of generation from twelve years into the upper grades, namely:

09/2.15. Abner, seventh cycle, enduring three thousand two hundred years in Hastaf, etherean a'ji seven, Hoe'tan, grade ninety‑nine.

09/2.16. Enseeni, Goddess of Marsef, etherea, dan of Gem, enduring three thousand years, grade ninety‑three.

09/2.17. Boaz, God of Hom, Orian field, dan of Josh, enduring two thousand seven hundred years, grade eighty‑eight.

09/2.18. Da'ivi, Goddess of Wowitski in a'ji thirty‑six, dan of Ruth, enduring two thousand nine hundred years, grade eighty‑two.

09/2.19. Lia'mees, Goddess of War |254| in Broek, dan forty, Orian field, Semsi, enduring three thousand years, grade seventy‑seven.

09/2.20. Divi'yas, God of Hut in Habak, ji'ya twenty‑two, Neth, enduring three thousand one hundred years, grade sixty‑nine.

09/2.21. Roa'yis'yis, Goddess of Tamak, Bent, one of Hud'du'owts, enduring three thousand seven hundred years, grade sixty‑one.

09/2.22. Yij, Chief of Orian field, Lud in Goo, dan seventy‑four, enduring two thousand six hundred years, grade fifty‑eight.

09/2.23. Gul'yaniv, Chieftainess, Orian field, Ob'Low in ji'ya forty, enduring three thousand four hundred years, grade fifty‑one.

09/2.24. From this time onward there was found no grade in the roadway of the solar phalanx (great serpent), sufficiently dense for the angels of the heavens of the earth.





































251  making them about 10 feet tall (3 meters); but may have ranged up to 12 feet (3 2/3 meters)

252  intelligence, astuteness, aptitude, acumen

253  propagated



















254  Note that this has nothing to do with warfare as we on earth (English language) use that term. But in etherea, War is an etherean place, like an etherean world, but within the dominion of the etherean realm or province of Broek.



CHAPTER 3 Synopsis





09/3.1. Jehovih moved upon the etherean worlds in the wide regions where the great serpent traveled. His voice went forth, and among the counselors, the high ruling chieftains of the exalted kingdoms in the firmament, He spoke, saying:

09/3.2. Hear me, O Chieftains! Be farseeing in My traveling worlds, and alert to My words. Behold the red star, the earth, has attained her maturity! As a daughter comes forth in the prime of life, so stands the young earth in her glory. For fifty thousand years she has played her part as an ornament of heaven and a harvester of bright souls for My exalted regions in the firmament.

09/3.3. Gather together, O you Orian Chiefs and you etherean Goddesses, and you who dwell in the roadway of the great serpent. Call a council of My everlasting rulers of worlds; and include those who plant My a'jian gardens and My ji'ay'an fields; and those who whirl My nebulous vortices in the firmament. ||

09/3.4. The voice of Jehovih extended across the wide universe, and those who were high raised in the management of worlds heard and comprehended.

09/3.5. And in the etherean gardens of Senaya, near the roadway of the solar phalanx, there assembled millions of Jehovih's highest; and the place was like a park, larger than a hundred times the size of the earth; and on every side lay the crystalline borders of etherean worlds. And when they were assembled, Jehovih spoke out of the light inherent, saying:

09/3.6. Sixteen times, My etherean hosts have redeemed the earth and her heavens from darkness into light, and yet before the end of a cycle she falls again, and her atmospherea with her. And now her heavens are again filled with billions of spirits who do not know Me and My emancipated worlds. Speak, O Gods and Goddesses.

09/3.7. Sut'Loo spoke first, saying: O Jehovih, I have heard; I have seen. Too prolific is the earth, the young daughter of heaven. Too prolific is the red star of the firmament.

09/3.8. Next spoke Ka'waha, saying: You have spoken, O Jehovih! The rich earth is too prolific, O Father. Her mortals are overpowered by her atmospherean hosts. Her people build up cities and nations for a season after dawn, but soon they are flooded over by fetals and drujas, and the mortals devour one another like beasts of prey.

09/3.9. Chi'jong said: Her people have tilled all the soil of the earth and covered it over with cities; but where are they? Her people have been learned in the matters of heaven and earth, but their knowledge is dissipated by the dread hand of war.

09/3.10. Dhu'itta said: Her people become wise in a day, but on the next, they are fools. One generation becomes skilled in books, and in knowledge of the sun, moon and stars, and in the mathematics of corporeal things; but a generation follows, and lo, her people are cannibals again.

09/3.11. Gaw'zin said: I have heard, O Jehovih! I have witnessed, O Father! The red star is too prolific. She is like a garden too rich! Her products are overgrown, and they fall down and doubly enrich the soil again, to reproduce an imperfect giant stalk that is barren. So are her sons and daughters; they all run to earthly substances.

09/3.12. Loo'wan said: Great Spirit, I have heard, I have seen. We gather the earth's harvests for You, O Jehovih, but they are small. We gather the earth's harvests of dark spirits, O Jehovih, and they are ten times larger. Behold, there is no balance between them.

09/3.13. Thus spoke the Gods and Goddesses, till thousands of them had spoken. After that the voice of Jehovih spoke, saying:

09/3.14. You are blessed, My Sons and Daughters. How can you bequeath the administration of the earth and her heaven to the earth‑born, till she is made suitable as a gift from My hand? Now hear Me, O My Sons and Daughters: I made five great divisions of the earth, and they have all been fully inhabited and tilled by mortals. Yes, on all the divisions of the earth there have been great cities and nations, and men and women of great learning.

09/3.15. And as often as they are raised up in light, so are they again cast down in darkness because of the great desire of the spirits of the dead to return back to the earth. These druj return to mortals and fasten upon them as fetals or as familiars, and inspire them to evil. Go now to the earth, O My beloved, and find the division of the earth where most of these druj congregate, for I will uproot their stronghold; I will break them from their haunts and they shall no longer carry My people down to destruction.

09/3.16. And now the council deliberated, and after a while, caused the records of the earth and her atmospherea to be examined, and they discovered that the heaven of the land of Whaga (Pan) was beyond redemption because of the great numbers of the spirits of the cannibals and the multitude of fetals. The condition of Whaga and her heaven was as if a disease in the flesh healed over externally, leaving the root of the disease within; accordingly, the redemption of the cycles did not remain with her, but evil broke out continually in a new way.

09/3.17. So Jehovih said: Now I will prune the earth and her heaven. Behold, the division of Whaga shall be hewn off and cast beneath the waters of the ocean. Her heaven shall no longer be tenable |255| by the spirits of destruction, for I will rend |256| its foundation and scatter them in the winds of heaven.

09/3.18. Go, therefore, down to the earth and provide nets and vanchas |257| for receiving the spirits of darkness, and for receiving the spirits of mortals who shall perish in the waters. Also provide a place in My exalted heavens suitable for them; and you shall put walls around them in heaven so they cannot escape, but can be weaned from evil.

09/3.19. And when you have come to the earth and its heavens, acquaint My God and his Lords with My decree. And say to them: Thus says Jehovih: Behold, behold, I will sink the land of Whaga beneath the waters of the ocean, and her heaven I will carry away to a place in My firmament, where she shall no longer engulf My people in darkness. And Jehovih says: Go, O God of heaven, and you, O Lord of Whaga, down to My chosen, the I'hins, and say to them: Thus says the Great Spirit: Behold, behold, I will sink the lands of the earth beneath the ocean, because of the evil of the spirits of darkness. Hear Me, O My chosen, and heed My commandments: Begin now, all hands, and build ships in all places, even in the valleys and on the mountains, and let My faithful gather together within the ships, for My hand is surely stretched over the earth. ||

09/3.20. And you shall also proclaim to the earth and her heaven that from the first, even in the ancient days, I proclaimed My three worlds to all people, which are: My corporeal world, the lower heavens belonging to it, and My etherean heavens, which are in the firmament above. And I said: The first glory is of the earth, on which is paradise when man obeys My commandments; and the second glory, which is greater than the first, I created for the spirits of the dead, but I bound the lower heaven to the earth so it would travel with it, so that the communion of the dead with the living could add a glory to both. But the upper heaven, I made the highest of all glories, and I filled the etherean firmament with countless etherean worlds for the dwelling places of those who rose in the third resurrection.

09/3.21. And I sent down from the exalted heavens to the lower heavens and earth, My holy angels, over whom I appointed Gods and Lords in the majesty of My dominions. And they came proclaiming these things in My name, teaching both mortals and spirits how to live so they could rise and inherit My illuminated worlds.

09/3.22. And because man was without knowledge, My Gods and Lords appointed certain masters of generations (loo'is), who were ethereans of great wisdom, to remain with mortals and inspire marriages that would best promote spiritual growth from the start. And there came forth among all people, certain ones capable of sar'gis and su'is, |258| and they obeyed the commandments of My Gods and Lords, forsaking |259| evil and striving to serve the spirit, choosing Me above all things. For which reason, I chose them also, and called them I'hins.

09/3.23. For as much as they commenced |260| putting away self and serving Me while they were yet in corpor, so were they not born in the spirit world before their full time. And yet there are others not of full birth |261| who have not, in the corporeal form, begun to triumph in spirit over their own flesh. ||

09/3.24. Jehovih said: Go forth, O My sons and daughters, and prune My vineyard.

09/3.25. Ask My God of the earth and his Lords with him, to gather together all the angels of the earth, from east to west and from north to south; and bring them to the land of Whaga.

09/3.26. My etherean ships of fire shall surround Whaga on every side. And I will cut loose the foundations of the earth, at the borders of the ocean and the mountains of Gan; neither shall any prop nor cornerstone stop My hand. And I will send rains, winds and thundering; and the waters of the great deep shall come upon the lands; and the great cities shall go down and be swallowed in the sea.

09/3.27. And the rich valleys of Mai, with her thousand cities, shall be pierced with the madness of men and women fleeing before the waters of the ocean. And women and children shall fall by the wayside and be drowned; and men shall go down in the water and not rise.

09/3.28. And the wide plains of Og, with her thousand cities and the great capital of Penj, and the temples of Khu, Bart, Gan and Saing, shall sink to rise no more. And in the deluge, the air of heaven shall be filled with the screaming and wailing of millions of mortals going down to destruction.

09/3.29. I will rescue them from darkness; I will carry them to a'jian regions, which I previously created for spirits of darkness; and I will appoint over them, Gods and Goddesses, to teach them of Me and My kingdoms.

09/3.30. And the earth and her heavens shall take a new start among My habitable worlds. ||

09/3.31. In all these ways, then, I have provided labor for My high-raised angels in the places I created, says Jehovih.















































































































255  held, secured, maintained, defensible, livable

256  tear, split, sever, pull apart, break up


257  possibly a temporary holding cell prior to transport; or a combination medical-and-detention transport ship suitable for chaotic spirits


















































258  Sar'gis is the ability of a corporean to have the substance from either his body or his surroundings, be used by an angel to take on a corporeal appearance, or, in its unformed stages, to produce spirit raps from surroundings (sounding like a bang, thunderclap, popping sound, a snapping or a crack). Also a corporean or angel who can produce the semblance of a corporeal thing can be said to have the power of sar'gis.

Su'is, in general, is the ability to perceive spiritually, and sometimes used more narrowly, is the ability to perceive and/or see and/or hear angels (spirits) in their natural condition.

259  giving up, stop doing, renouncing

260  began, started, initiated

261  i.e., those who are born into spirit life (corporeally die) before their full time in corpor is completed




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