Book of Sue, Son of Jehovih

Being the second cycle after the Flood.






12/1.1. Jehovih spoke in the gardens of Atahavia, precinct of Sue, Orian Chief, in the etherean firmament, saying: Sue, My Son, what of the red star, the far‑off earth? Behold, her harvests are blighted; she has become barren in imparting immortal souls to My unending realms.

12/1.2. Sue heard the voice, and he said: In Your name, O Jehovih, I will summon my Gods of Hoit and Izaracha.

12/1.3. Swift messengers departed; and Sue, quick‑perceiving God of two worlds in the etherean Seamar, foresaw the importance of the coming red star. He said: This, with my Gods of Hoit and Izaracha, who will come in swift speed, shall be the second deliverance. |352|

12/1.4. Then came Le Wing, God of Hoit; and presently, Sivian, Goddess of Izaracha, and they stood before Jehovih's throne. Sue said:

12/1.5. Jehovih has spoken. Behold, the red star no longer brings forth sons and daughters to Jehovih's realms. She is weak, unstrung, and out of tune, and comes this way. And I said:

12/1.6. In Your power and wisdom, O Jehovih, I will visit the red star! Six years I will stand on her soil, and course her heaven; and I will give such potency to her confused Gods and Lords as will make a billion sing for joy. || To accompany me, I have called you. Behold, I have charts and maps of her heaven and her corporeal parts; and a history of her, as yet, young adventures in the field of worlds.

12/1.7. Then spoke Le Wing and Sivian, saying: To do Jehovih's will and yours, behold, we have come to you. Give us to fulfill whatever you will.

12/1.8. Sue said to the swift messengers: You have heard; go proclaim my will throughout my etherean worlds; and summon up from Ithyivius a hundred million skilled volunteers. When the red star crosses the wing of Izaracha, |353| we will go forth in power, and land on her troubled parts in a sea of golden light.

















352  The arc of Noe was the first deliverance.























353  see image i084 (with text)








12/2.1. In the Ariniisca of Portan of the etherean worlds and division of Hoit and Izaracha, flew the call of the Gods for volunteers, of which a more welcome sound is not heard in high heaven than to do Jehovih's will. And with the voice and call there rose up hosts from every quarter, and from every subdivision, till the complement stood ready for the great work. And yet so vast were the fields and arcs of Izaracha that the hundred million chosen were only a small fraction compared to those left uncalled.

12/2.2. Coming near the throne of Sue in Aoit, the hundred million formed in squares and stars, and the chosen God |354| took his place at the head and front, looking to the low horizon, where rose the red star, the sick earth.

12/2.3. And now the builders, who had measured the elements lying in the route to the earth, formed their crescent ship of fire, and equipped it; and with mantles, curtains and banners, created of it a vessel of beauty and ornament as well as service.

12/2.4. Hardly was the ship completed when Jehovih's light encompassed it on all sides, so that what was beautiful before, was now illuminated, sparkling and bright as a sun, and rich in golden colors; for such was the quality of the ethe of the heavens created in this region.

12/2.5. When Sue entered the ship, the voice of Jehovih came, saying: Another cycle has come and gone on the earth and her heaven, but still they fall to barrenness before the succeeding dawn. Go now, O Sue, My Son, and give a wider range to the tetracts of both angels and mortals. Give a greater scope to tyrants, kings and queens on earth, and greater to the self‑Gods and self‑Lords in hada, and more responsibility.

12/2.6. Then all hands entered the etherean ship, singing and rejoicing, observed by countless millions come to wish them a haven of joy on their six years' visit to the corporeal earth.

12/2.7. Sue said: In Your name, O Jehovih, and by virtue of Your power vested in me, my hosts shall go forth at my command. Cut loose, you Gods, and you, O ship, born of heaven, to the red star, the earth, Go! And Sue stretched forth his hands and waved them, and lo, the mighty ship of heaven turned on its axis, cutting loose from the high firmament. And it turned, with its great curtains and banners sailing gracefully and swiftly through the blue ether.

12/2.8. The music of her es'enaurs swelled and rolled along on the spheres of many worlds unseen to mortals, where live countless millions of spectators viewing the marvelous speed, power and brilliant colors of the great ship. Faster and faster she sped on, till nearing Chinvat, which now cut sharp into the fields and forests of Izaracha, over which was potent the name of Sue, the companion God and chiefest friend of Aph, Orian Chief, Son of Jehovih.

12/2.9. When the ship came to the bridge |355| and stopped, to take in the plan of the whirling earth, Sue said: A light! A light! You Gods! And at once, as high as the moon and bright as the sun, the illumined ship stood, to overawe the self‑Gods, warrior kings, and murderers of the earth‑born, whose plentiful souls in chaos polluted heaven.

12/2.10. For three days and nights Sue held his star‑ship to the wonderful task of mastering by the marvelous scene. |356| Then slowly he entered the vortex of the earth, holding his course, but not with the rotation of the earth and her heaven; for he desired that both corporeans and atmosphereans would witness the coming power. So, slowly he came, only fifty thousand miles a day, so that when the ship neared the disorganized Hored, the self‑Gods and self‑Lords fled and left their well‑supplied kingdoms desolate, and down to the earth they rushed in thousands, and with their hosts in millions, to hide or safely stow themselves from Agni's just hate. |357|

12/2.11. But the true God and Lords stood firm in their depleted kingdoms, fearing nothing, but in faith that this etherean ship was Jehovih's answer to their long cry for help from the heavenly spheres. And by their pillars of fire still standing, great Sue knew where to land in the lower heaven for safe anchorage. So to Hored he came, slowly, and toward the throne of God. When he neared the place, his es'enaurs chanted and the trumpeters played; and the sound of this music came to the ears of God and his hosts, and they were the hymns of more than a thousand years ago.

12/2.12. And God and his hosts sent up rockets (fireworks) that displayed the three primary colors, |358| the sign of Jehovih's name; and God's es'enaurs joined in chanting with the hosts above. Presently the ship of fire was at the landing place, and Sue, Jehovih's Son, cast out a ladder and descended, with his hosts, the hundred million angels, led by Gussitivi, marshaless of the throne of Sue, in Izaracha.

12/2.13. Sue said: Hail, O God of heaven and earth! In Jehovih's name, I have come in power and wisdom. And God answered: Glory to You, O Jehovih, that Your Son has come so far to bless Your bewildered kingdom! Then they saluted with the signs of the sixth resurrection, after which God said:

12/2.14. In the name of the Great Spirit, come and honor my throne. So Sue went forward, and they greeted by shaking hands; and Sue ascended and sat on the throne, saying: Keep your place, O God, for I have not come to displace you or your hosts of Jehovih, but to build up for His glory. Be seated, therefore, for I feel the light of the Father descending on my head.

12/2.15. Presently the All Light enveloped Sue, and the Father's voice spoke through him, saying: Hear the words of your Creator, My Son, and rejoice because I have not forgotten you and your people. Behold, this is the hour of your redemption from the trials of tetracts, which have run abroad in My dominions.

12/2.16. Was it not worse than this in the ancient days? And I came with My hosts and delivered them. I created man in darkness and gave him no judgment, so that the creation of his own thoughts might be for his own glory, forever. But instead of beautifying his thoughts, he listens to tetracts and clothes himself in clouds. The heaven I build for him, he digs to pieces, and then builds his own, but only to be displeased and turbulent. Nor will he content himself with providing with his own hands, but searches out My most dutiful sons and daughters, making slaves of them for his own exaltation.

12/2.17. Behold, I have previously sent My sons and daughters to search out these traitors and self‑Gods, declaring to them that only by forsaking evil and practicing righteousness could they attain to My exalted kingdoms. Their evil places I have cast down, and rebuilt in honor and glory, so that their own judgment could determine that virtue and good works are the sure foundation for happiness that will endure forever. But when I have raised them up in one cycle and made the lower heaven a paradise, alas, once My ethereans have gone away for just a little while, the tetracts take root, and grow, and turn all things upside down.

12/2.18. But now I will build them up in a new way. Yes, I will appropriate the evil of their inventions, applying this to their benefit in a way they do not dream of. The false Gods and false Lords shall be arrested and brought before this judgment seat, and I will judge them by their own behavior and desires; neither will I torment them nor abridge their happiness. Send, therefore, My Son, your marshals into the hidden places of these Gods and Lords, and say to them: Thus says the hosts of heaven: Come, my Son, and inherit a kingdom in hada, in your own way, for lo, there is room for all; but, so that you are not left behind, come quickly to Hored.

12/2.19. And they will come, hoping to embellish themselves in the old manner. But My Light shall come in due time in My own way.

12/2.20. The voice ceased, but Sue spoke on his own account, saying: What Jehovih has ordered, do so. Accordingly marshals and priests were sent in all directions in atmospherea, to gather in the false Gods and false Lords who had deserted their dominions in fear of the light of Sue's etherean ship. And after many days the false ones were brought to Hored, being seven thousand Lords and Gods.

12/2.21. Now when they were before Sue, Jehovih's Son, and arranged so that all could hear and see, including the whole Council, the Light gathered around the throne, and Sue addressed them, saying:

12/2.22. Hear me, O men and women! I have sent for you, and you are here. In this I am pleased. Know, then, that what I speak shall be in love and tenderness. You have deserted Jehovih's kingdoms, and it must be because it pleased you better than to remain. Is this not true? And you also deserted your own false kingdoms?

12/2.23. For a little while they consulted together, and then answered, saying: No, it did not please us to desert our own kingdoms; but we were afraid.

12/2.24. Sue said: Who do you think I am? They answered: A God from some far‑off world, but where it lies, we do not know. We desire to know who you are?

12/2.25. Sue said: I am only a man; do not fear me. But since you feared, and so, deserted your kingdoms, does it not prove that you are not the All Highest? And do you not perceive that, because you had no All Highest, you were divided and inharmonious?

12/2.26. Hear, then, that which I say, and consider my words: I do not want your kingdoms or anything you have; but, so that harmony may reign in heaven, I will give every one of you more than you had, and increase your power also.

12/2.27. Since you see I have come to Hored, the throne of the ancients, do you not perceive that whoever accords with me is of my power also? Take, then, your kingdoms and be Gods and Goddesses, as you assumed before, and I will anoint you, and make you as part and parcel of one united whole. Again they counseled together, and then answered:

12/2.28. Why shall we take our kingdoms? Our slaves have deserted us; our kingdoms are pillaged of all their value. Indeed, our slaves have become wandering spirits, and have returned to the earth and are making their habitations with mortals, so that the people of earth are aroused because of miracles and wonders occurring on earth.

12/2.29. Sue said: What can you say to these wandering spirits that will induce |359| them to come up away from mortals? To which they answered: If we promise them provender, |360| clothes and plenty of rest, they will come; but when we put them to labor, having tasted of liberty, they will run away.

12/2.30. Sue said: How, then, did you make slaves of them in the first place? To which they answered: The day their mortal bodies died, we took them in, and they never saw or knew any other place in heaven; so we appropriated them to our service and they dutifully obeyed.

12/2.31. Sue said: Know, then, this is my conclusion: First, that you shall all be made as sub‑Gods to one confederacy, and your kingdoms shall be fair to look upon, and well supplied with all things needed.

12/2.32. Behold, there are on earth, with the barbarians, hosts of familiars and fetals; whichever of you will go down to the earth and bring them away to Hored, shall have them for his slaves; and whoever brings the greatest number, I will award him the greatest kingdom. And if you can find emissaries to work for you in bringing fetals and familiars away from the barbarians, then such labor shall be accounted to your credit. And in the corporeal cities you shall station certain angels, whose labor shall be to receive newborn spirits on birth‑blankets and bring them to your kingdoms also, for they shall be your slaves.

12/2.33. In that manner, Sue spoke, and the false Gods and Goddesses were highly pleased, and they divided themselves into certain districts over mortals and for the lower heaven, and were sent off at once to labor in their own way, and they were named sub‑Gods.

12/2.34. Sue said: These sub‑Gods have much weight with the barbarians, because they advise them in war. But, behold, it shall come to pass that when the sub‑Gods have robbed the barbarians of their familiar spirits, the I'hin priests will have a greater weight with them.

12/2.35. And the sub‑Gods will desire to find favor in my sight, and so, they will teach their slaves, and this will cause them to emancipate themselves in time to come.















354  That is, Sue, who was chosen by Jehovih to lead the mission. Note that the word God can be used to refer to anyone of that rank or higher; for, once having attained the Godhead, it is never lost or set aside.









































355  i.e., Chinvat (07/1.20)









356  That is, through the spectacle of his enormous illuminated ship, Sue gained the attention of low-grade spirits and mortals in such a way as to make them look up in awe and fill with fear, wonder and caution.






357  Agni means fire, in this case, etherean fire. The etherean fire can illumine all so that if any darkness resides in the soul, it is seen plainly by those around. Thus, thoughts and sentiments of, say, hatred and vile cannot be hidden in the light of etherean agni, and, in turn, those of low grade can readily see their own deficiencies reflected in the light shining down upon them. To them, might the light not seem full of searing hatred, yet with the power of justice underscoring the light?




358  yellow, blue and red






















































































































359  persuade, influence


360  provisions, food and drink, nourishment








12/3.1. Jehovih spoke through Sue, saying: Mine is a strong government, and everlasting. Listen to the wisdom of your Creator, O My sons and daughters. Where have I not given liberty to all people? He who does right, where is he not free? He who does wrong, where does he have liberty? Whoever endeavors to surpass himself, have I not shown him his limit?

12/3.2. I created man at zero, but only for him to add to himself forever. I gave him liberty to add only that which perfects his own soul. For which reason, if he eats poison, it takes from him his body, which I gave. Here I made a boundary, both on earth and in heaven, which is to say, to the extent that man accumulates virtue, wisdom, patience, love, truth and pure words, he is free; because, in doing so, he follows Me in My works. But he who seeks to glorify himself in his possessions, binds himself, because he is unlike Me; for I gave All, and thus made the universe.

12/3.3. I have created two states, therefore, open to all men, both on earth and in atmospherea, which are, liberty and bondage. And I made man to choose that which he will; but, so that he might not err, behold, I send My emancipated angels to explain these things beforehand. |361|

12/3.4. Even so are governments ordained by My holy ones; accordingly, you may judge whether a government is of Me or against Me. For if it gives liberty to all righteous works, and for the promotion of knowledge, providing teachers to the extent of the demand, it is of Me. But if the government makes of itself a self, for which its aggrandizement |362| is at the expense of My children's liberty, then it is against Me.

12/3.5. For I have not created a people to be today as their forefathers were, but provided them with perpetual growth in wisdom and virtue; for which reason, the rising generations shall rebel against that which was well and good for their forefathers. All My governments understand this, whether on earth or in heaven. Whatever government does not accept this rule shall go down to destruction. For, as I have hedged man about with sentinels, such as pestilence, poverty and hunger, in order to awaken him to knowledge and industry, so have I hedged-in all governments under the sun with sentinels, such as rebellion, assassinations, war, and bankruptcy. As pestilence proves man's disobedience to My commandments, so do rebellion and anarchy prove the disobedience of governments to the progressive spirit which I created with man.

12/3.6. The self‑God says: I will make a strong government; by armies and cruel masters I will bind the subjects in my dominions. And he draws up a multitude of laws, and heaps up books to explain the laws, and finds judges to explain the books that explain the laws, and he says: Behold how wise I am! Behold the great wisdom of my judges! Behold the great learning of my books! Behold my most perfect laws! Behold my armies that stand in great power behind all!

12/3.7. But lo, a star appears in heaven, and all his fabric gives way like a spider's web. For instead of choosing his Creator, Who is strong, he erected things that were as nothing.

12/3.8. Hear your Creator, O My God, for through My Son I bequeath a new light to the lower heaven: For, as you have portioned to the self‑Gods to take kingdoms, suffer them to hedge themselves around with a multitude of laws; but you yourself shall have no laws except the rites and ceremonies, which you shall adorn with music and processions.

12/3.9. And it shall come to pass that the dominions of the self‑Gods will prosper for a season; and for the sake of self‑glory, they will deplete the earth people of familiar spirits and fetals. But, afterward, their subjects will tire of the laws of the self‑Gods, and hearing that you have no laws, except rites and ceremonies, they will, of their own accord, come to Hored.

12/3.10. Therefore, you shall convert the nurseries, hospitals, factories and places of education, into places of delight and recreation.

12/3.11. The voice ceased, but Sue said: Behold, a time comes in all the atmospherean heavens when the discipline of former days must give way to something new; and now is such a time in this kingdom. It may be compared to a young child who has been led by the hand for a long time, but now has become strong enough to walk alone.

12/3.12. For this purpose the earth has been brought through the fields of Izaracha, and my hosts have come with music and wisdom. Hear, then, my decree, O God of earth, and you shall be the most blessed of Gods: Send your messengers into all parts of atmospherea, proclaiming a recreation of ten days, of music, dancing and marching, with pageantry and feasting, to be in Hored on the first of the moon of Jaffeth.

12/3.13. The rest leave to the Father, for He will provide us in that time. And while the time is coming, I will go around the earth with my hosts in my etherean ship.

12/3.14. God said: I perceive Your wisdom, O Jehovih; in Your decrees I am raised up with new wisdom and power. O that I could have devised a way for them before they fell so low!

12/3.15. Sue called the Council and his own hosts from labor to recreation for one day, and the people mingled together rejoicing; for there were many ethereans with the hosts of Sue who had been earth‑born, many thousands of years before, and their assurance of the emancipated heavens above had greater weight with the atmosphereans than anything that others could say. Then Sue and his hosts visited the earth and her heavens; and after that returned again to Hored.


























361  Oahspe is such a vehicle.







362  development; accumulation; greatness; increase in extent, power, might, prominence, stature, influence, significance, profit, etc.








12/4.1. When the time of the festival came, more than a billion souls, besides the etherean hosts, had congregated in Hored, to witness and to participate in the ceremonies. Sue said: Here is wisdom and folly; false Gods and their dupes; laziness and industry; swiftness and sloth. Yes, here is a world worthless before Jehovih.

12/4.2. And why? Simply for lack of discipline and harmony. Everyone is for self, and none are producers for the general good. Alas, they are the same as mortals, but stripped of flesh. They are of no value to one another, and consequently of no value to themselves. Now I will show you, O God, that these hapless |363| beings, with no joy in life or hope of resurrection, shall become a great glory to the Father and His Kingdoms.

12/4.3. God said: Pity them, O Father! It is over a thousand years since they have been visited by the higher heaven. Many of them are learned, but doubting if there are other heavens, except the plateaus of the atmospherea of the earth. Millions and millions of them have never seen an etherean. Alas, I fear for them.

12/4.4. Sue said; Fear not, O God. They are like mortar in my hands. Neither shall there be preaching to them, nor praying for them. They are tired of these things. But I will found a new light among them, and it shall speak for us. Hear me, then; with the populace I shall be as one that is unknown. Call, then, your es'enaurs, and your trumpeters and harpists, and all the musicians belonging to your kingdom and to the kingdoms of your Lords, and let the procession begin.

12/4.5. For in all public matters those who are at the front, if wise, can lead on forever. Be politic, |364| therefore, and shape the populace while the self‑Gods |365| are amazed at the immensity of the hosts assembled.

12/4.6. God did as commanded, and the people saw there was a head to the proceedings. Sue said: Send your marshals and decorators to follow close behind the musicians, distributing raiment to all who will follow in the procession. My etherean hosts are advised. They will stand by the way, and, with marvelous swiftness, provide the raiment. All possible extravagant colors and fabrics, hats and ornaments, shall be gratuitously |366| distributed.

12/4.7. My hosts shall be arrayed in plain white; and they shall not march, but be as servants and workmen. And when the atmosphereans have played and sung, over all the boundaries of Hored, then my etherean band shall sing and play, and start the dance.

12/4.8. All these things were done, and from the very start to the termination of the music there was harmony in every place and corner among the billions assembled. Nor was there ever a so extravagantly equipped multitude in the earth's heaven. And so completely captivated were the people, that their enthusiasm was boundless. Then came the etherean dance, which so surpassed the capacity of the atmosphereans that not one could join in. Nor could they take part in the etherean music.

12/4.9. So the atmosphereans looked on, confounded by the excellence of that which was before their eyes.

12/4.10. Thus ended the first day's proceedings, which to describe in full would require a large book. So the people were called to refreshment. And the ethereans, still dressed in white, and as servants and laborers, provided the viands. |367| For, they had previously prepared a supply of material. And so easily and swiftly did they do their work, that now, for the first time, the more learned of atmospherea began to observe them with surprise and wonder.

12/4.11. Presently inquiries were made as to who they were and where they came from. For so Jehovih created man, that when of his own accord, he admires the excellence of his neighbor, he goes to the extreme in praising him.

12/4.12. So God said: Tomorrow a new entertainment shall be given, and new raiment and new viands for the feast. And the hosts shouted with great vigor and praise. Then the people mingled together to converse on all they had witnessed; neither did they comprehend the object, except for pleasure only.

12/4.13. When the next day came, the ethereans had been divided into groups, and the rites of the ancients, and of the hosts of a'ji in Partha, were announced, requiring extravagant preparations |368| and millions of atmosphereans as assistants.

12/4.14. So great was their ambition to take part, that it was only by promises of something in the next rites, that the marshals were able to make selections.

12/4.15. Sue, Jehovih's Son, had previously stationed signal bells at remote distances from one another, but connected them so that the sounds would answer quickly. And in the intervening places, extemporized forests and waterfalls were arranged; and near the middle space, one thousand columns of fire were erected.

12/4.16. So, in the morning of the second day, when all these glorious scenes were completed, with the ethereans still plain and in white stationed here and there, the atmosphereans were more confounded than ever, and more loudly shouting in their praise.

12/4.17. First came the birth‑rites; then marriage‑rites; then death‑rites and the first resurrection; then the rites of harmony. And the play represented a million ethereans who went to a corporeal world and followed it through its life, and to death and resurrection; its darkness, disharmony and terrible suffering in atmospherea; ending with a tableau |369| of a great sun of light descending, to deliver them into everlasting paradise.

12/4.18. So grand was the spectacle and so sublime the music and spoken words, that the hosts of Hored wept, and laughed, and shouted, and prayed, as if their souls would break with joy.

12/4.19. Thus ended the second day, and so complete was the glorious work that every soul had sworn a solemn oath to forsake |370| the earth and lower heaven forever. Then God announced for the third day, the display of etherean power.

12/4.20. And the people were so bewildered already that a child could have led the most stubborn of all. For thus Jehovih created man, who, having become much conceited in himself, turns right around and makes himself a submissive fool.

12/4.21. So, on the third day, the ethereans displayed their power over the elements of the atmosphere; making corporeal substances and dissolving them at pleasure; |371| making light into darkness, and darkness into light; weaving fabrics; making diadems and precious stones; gathering viands from the essence of things evaporated up from the earth; founding plateaus and temples in heaven; making ships and chains and musical instruments. And, lastly, the etherean marshals, with half a million ethereans, turned the winds and sent a heavy shower of rain down to the corporeal earth. |372|

12/4.22. And all that time, the musicians of the hosts of Sue were playing music, the sweetness and grandeur of which so greatly surpassed that of atmosphereans, that any of theirs would be as nothing in comparison.

12/4.23. So, because of the exhibition of great power and wisdom, the third day had changed the fortunes and aspirations of every man and woman in the lower heaven. And they were running here and there, pleading to be taken as apprentices or servants, pledging themselves to do anything required of them. Neither would they be put off, demanding that half of the next day should be given to initiating them as real beginners in the second resurrection.

12/4.24. Then God spoke to them, saying: You do not know what you ask. Behold, I have commanded you for hundreds of years to put away your fine raiment and sparkling gems, and to begin adorning your souls, so as to become Brides and Bridegrooms of the Great Spirit.

12/4.25. But you would not, but strove continually to adorn yourselves, forgetting to labor for those beneath you. Behold, Jehovih's Brides and Bridegrooms now stand before you. What is their worth compared to yours? Are they not plain? And are you not decorated?

12/4.26. But millions of voices rose up, saying: We will do whatever you command, O God. There is no God like you. Then God spoke, saying: Hear me, then, further: To begin the second resurrection requires this; to put away your jewels, diadems, ornaments, and, above all things, to forsake self, and from this time forward to labor for others who are beneath you. If you do this in a brotherhood, you are already beginning the second resurrection. Neither is there any other road to wisdom and power.

12/4.27. Again the multitude cried out: We will do anything; we have faith. And God answered them, saying: Permit, then, a few to be initiated tomorrow; but be patient and of good judgment; slow to resolve, but firm forever.

12/4.28. So on the fourth day, in the morning, behold, more than a hundred million spirits had abandoned their showy raiment and stood arrayed in white, devoid of jewels and diadems, ready to be initiated and take the vows of the second resurrection. Accordingly new music was prepared, and the procession and ceremonies so arranged, that the greatest possible glory would be manifested.

12/4.29. Canopies were stretched overhead, and on the borders of the march, arches and columns were placed, decorated with flowers and vines; and amid these, half concealed, were nestled the response singers, who were to speak for and with the initiates. But concealed from view, and at a distance, were bells and explosives, which were the morning signals.

12/4.30. And the glad and solemn sound of the Immortal Voice came upon the souls of millions impatient to vow themselves to a new life; and God and his hosts welcomed them with great joy. So grand and imposing were the ceremonies, that, before midday, another hundred million came, robed in white, to be initiated also. Nor did the people desire any other entertainment.

12/4.31. And so the initiations were continued on the fifth day; and again, another hundred million applied, also robed in white. And this was continued on the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth days. And, lo and behold, a billion angels had taken the vows of the second resurrection.
















363  unfortunate, tragic, poor, pitiable




















364  be expedient, use to advantage


365  Note that these left shortly after the procession got underway.









366  without charge or obligation, freely























367  delicious prepared foods



















368  including costuming and other accessories, grooming, set design, etc.























369  a portrayal, illustration, scene or representation that is dramatic and striking







370  abandon, leave, desert











371  i.e., effortlessly when and as they desired








372  There are thousands and thousands of Spiritualists who have witnessed these things being done by the spirits, but of course not on so grand a scale. --Ed.








12/5.1. The words of the initiation, led by the etherean hosts, were of this manner:

12/5.2. God on the throne said: O E‑o‑ih (Jehovih)! Almighty! Boundless!

12/5.3. Response: How shall I comprehend You, You Mighty One?

12/5.4. God: You, Higher than All Gods and Lords!

12/5.5. Response: Who moves the universe with power unlimited!

12/5.6. God: Creator and Controller of the corporeal worlds!

12/5.7. Response: In Whose hands the etherean firmament is like a fruitful garden, wider than the boundaries of time!

12/5.8. God: Whose members are All Space!

12/5.9. Response: Whose members are the All that is within place, beyond measure!

12/5.10. God: You, O E‑o‑ih! You Fountain and Terminus |373| of all things!

12/5.11. Response: E‑o‑ih! E‑o‑ih! Of Whom all things are simply parts, attuned to Your will!

12/5.12. God: You All Person, O E‑o‑ih! Incomprehensible!

12/5.13. Response: Who speaks in the Light! Whose voice is the progress of the universe!

12/5.14. God: E‑o‑ih! You All Giver! By giving, Creates!

12/5.15. Response: What are Your secrets, O Mighty One? O E‑o‑ih, Everlasting, and Greater than Magnitude!

12/5.16. God: I see nothing in all the universe but You! All selfs are merely fractions of Yourself, O E‑o‑ih!

12/5.17. Response: Who has not seen You, O E‑o‑ih? Your Person is in the east and west and north and south! Below and above; far and near.

12/5.18. God: Who has not heard Your voice? Who has not found Your hand, that pushes him along?

12/5.19. Response: Without You, O E‑o‑ih, I do not go; I do not move. I set out to do things of myself, and fail utterly.

12/5.20. God: What is man before You, O E‑o‑ih? He sets up a kingdom, and it falls like a house of straw.

12/5.21. Response: O E‑o‑ih, how I have wasted my time! My buildings were lighter than chaff! |374| My virtues were merely bubbles, and they are burst and gone!

12/5.22. God: When will man learn to attune himself to You, O E‑o‑ih?

12/5.23. Response: How can I put away myself, O E‑o‑ih? Have I not said: I cannot put away my own judgment?

12/5.24. God: Man says, I will not put away my judgment! And lo, by that, he does it!

12/5.25. Response: Have I not said: To protect myself is the first law; and to preserve my own, the highest law?

12/5.26. God: Man assumes to protect himself, because he is without faith in You, O E‑o‑ih! And to preserve his own, which, in fact, is not his. ||

12/5.27. And here the Light fell upon the throne, and Jehovih spoke out of the Light, saying:

12/5.28. I have called you, O man, from your youth up! My voice has never ceased in your ear. Who can come into life without Me? Who can measure his own footsteps? Behold, he treads on My ground. Of all that he is made, the substance is Mine.

12/5.29. The kingdoms of the earth and the kingdoms of Gods and Lords in heaven, what more are they than imitations of My works? Where they imitate Me well, I am with them in wisdom, love and power. Shall a man butt his head against a wall to prove he is greater than his Creator? Behold, I came in the ancient days, saying: Strive to become one with Me, and you shall rejoice that I created you. Strive to set up for yourself, and your vanity shall in time pierce you as a two‑edged sword.

12/5.30. Hear the love of your Creator, O man! For, I made you with fondness for your sons and daughters. Of love like My Own, I gave you a part. And as you send communication to your wayward |375| son, beseeching him to return to you, so do I bring My messengers from higher worlds to call you. And, so that you may not mistake their higher place, I give them power and wisdom surpassing yours.

12/5.31. The Voice ceased, and the initiates said:

12/5.32. From this time forward I will serve only You, O E‑o‑ih! No more will I think what shall become of me. For I know You will appropriate me wisely, O E‑o‑ih!

12/5.33. Accordingly, as the stone is hewn and polished, so will You put it in the walls of Your house.

12/5.34. My labor is to hew, polish and perfect my own soul forever!

12/5.35. My soul shall become as a shining star.

12/5.36. My love like Your etherean angels.

12/5.37. And plain my raiment, and clean, forever! |376|

12/5.38. Never more will I boast, nor speak untruth, forever!

12/5.39. Nor sloth attain me.

12/5.40. Nor vanity, nor self; nor will I talk of myself.

12/5.41. Nor criticize my brethren, nor my neighbors, for they are Yours, O E‑o‑ih!

12/5.42. To do righteous works and lift up my fellows shall be my labor from this time forward, forever!

12/5.43. Make me strong in You, O E‑o‑ih!

12/5.44. And wise to do Your will forever. Amen!





















373  boundary, limit, end


























374  the flakey, light covering of unprocessed grain



































375  disobedient, insubordinate, contempt for authority, delinquent, willful, headstrong, unruly, self-indulgent















376  i.e., And plain shall be my raiment, and clean, forever.








12/6.1. So great were the words and music of the ceremonies that the people were entranced beyond measure; the old and divided kingdoms, which were without unity and discipline, were now replaced by extreme sanctity and decorum. |377|

12/6.2. Sue said: Hear me, O God, I will counsel you further: Know, then, that the false Gods and false Lords have gone off to build up kingdoms of their own; nor do they know what has happened in Hored. Allow them to proceed until they have purified the corporeans from familiars and fetals; but when they have finished, call another festival of all these people, and also send word to the false Gods and false Lords who deny Jehovih, the All Person, and they will come adorned in extravagant raiment and jewelry, and bringing their slaves. For they will expect, by their pageantry, to triumph over all other Gods and men, hoping to carry back millions of subjects with them.

12/6.3. God said: I perceive, O Sue, Son of Jehovih. So God did as commanded, and sure enough, eventually the false Gods and false Lords stripped the mortal barbarians of their familiars and fetals, making slaves in heaven of these spirits. And it came to pass that God gave another festival, and it was greater than the first; and more than three billion angels were present, who had become enlisted in righteous works.

12/6.4. This was the beginning of the third year of Sue; and his wisdom and power were now manifested all around the world, on earth and in heaven.

12/6.5. And this is what happened in reference to the false Gods and false Lords. They came to the festival equipped in chariots and ships, with banners and flags, crowns and diadems, and with many other wonderful extravagances; and nothing like it had been in heaven since the flood. And each and every false God and false Lord endeavored to outdo the others in show and parade.

12/6.6. As might be expected, the first day of the festival neither won their applause nor censure. The second day they ceased to attract attention; for the thrift, purity and wisdom manifested in the countless millions of the second resurrection caused even children to receive more praise than the Gods and Lords with all their glitter and show.

12/6.7. On the third day one‑half of the false Gods and false Lords cast aside their adornments and appeared in plain white, pleading to be initiated into the mysteries of the second resurrection. And on the day following, the rest of them came, seeking admission also.

12/6.8. At that, the Light of Jehovih spoke through God on the throne, saying:

12/6.9. Think, O Gods and Lords! What are you doing? It was barely yesterday that you asked for kingdoms, desiring to be leaders and great workers, over and above your fellows.

12/6.10. And you obtained your desires, becoming Gods and Lords over millions. And these became your dutiful subjects, and you adorned your thrones and your persons in great splendor.

12/6.11. Behold, I gave a festival, and you came as living witnesses of what self‑made Gods and Lords could accomplish. And your dutiful subjects came with you to attest their loyalty and good faith in your wisdom and power.

12/6.12. Now you have cast aside your crowns and high estate, praying to become workers among the host of men and women! Are you not mad? And are you not making yourselves the destroyers of your own subjects? For, see, because of your abjuration |378| of self‑pomp and self‑glory, all your subjects are cast aside in ignorance and misery.

12/6.13. With one voice the self‑Gods and self‑Lords answered, saying: Alas, O God! What shall we do? Our crowns we can give away; our raiment and jewels, our thrones and kingdoms. But, O God, we cannot give away our subjects; they will not go. We have bound them to us; and we are bound to them because we accepted them. What shall we do, O God? The burden is more than we can bear!

12/6.14. God said: Do not be disconsolate, |379| O Gods and Lords! You have done a great work. You have rescued millions and millions of familiars and fetals. And even before you applied for the resurrection, behold, most of your subjects had already deserted you!

12/6.15. Hear the judgment of your Creator, which is that when all your subjects and fetals are risen in wisdom, virtue and good works, so as to take the second resurrection, then on that same day you shall be promoted. Only then can you have freedom of soul.

12/6.16. The voice ceased, and the self‑Gods and self‑Lords answered: You are just, O Jehovih. We will go to work among our poor and ignorant subjects, and make them comprehend Your wisdom, power and justice.

12/6.17. For ten days the festival lasted, and then it ended. And thus were rites and ceremonies first established in the lower heaven as a power to work wisdom and virtue. And from that time forward, music, marching and dancing were included in all ceremonies by the Gods and Lords of heaven.







377  sanctity = holiness, saintliness, piety; decorum = polite behavior, deportment, manners, etiquette, conventions, propriety, formality































































378  rejection, repudiation, recanting, renouncing, cessation, discontinuance










379  dejected, despondent, disheartened








12/7.1. In the fifth year of Sue, he dispatched swift messengers to Opnetevoc, in etherea, saying: Thus says Sue, God of two etherean worlds: Behold, I am sojourning on the earth, and, with the God of heaven and his Lords, have prepared one billion Brides and Bridegrooms for Jehovih's etherean harvest. Greeting to Nista, of Ho and Tow'en, Goddess; in the name of Jehovih, send an airavagna and complete the resurrection of the Father's Brides and Bridegrooms!

12/7.2. So it came to pass in etherea that the Goddess Nista provided an airavagna, an etherean ship, resolving to come as commander in chief. Sue advised God, saying: Make of this matter a great testimony in your heaven. Send, therefore, your messengers into all parts, and to your Lords on the earth, inviting all people to be present to witness the ascent of Jehovih's Brides and Bridegrooms.

12/7.3. God did as commanded, and on the day of the appearance of Nista, daughter of Jehovih, in her sun‑ship, in the firmament, there were assembled in Hored countless millions of souls inspired of Jehovih.

12/7.4. Great was the rejoicing and the manifestations of delight when the sun‑ship came into full view, descending, like a world on fire. And when she passed Chinvat and was fully within the earth's vortex, the enthusiasm of the people knew no bounds.

12/7.5. They sang, prayed, danced and clapped their hands, as if mad with delight. Meanwhile, the Brides and Bridegrooms had been arrayed in etherean white, and were now saluting those whom they were soon to leave.

12/7.6. Quietly the etherean hosts fulfilled their part in the great play of the immortal resurrection; very Gods and Goddesses in demeanor.

12/7.7. Nearer and nearer came Nista in her sun‑ship, slowly turning and descending, with ten thousand curtains suspended and waving; and ten times ten thousand banners and flags waving above and around.

12/7.8. And then slowly down, lower and lower, till the airavagna rested on the plateau of Hored, to the south of the Temple of Jehovih.

12/7.9. Gussitivi, marshaless to the throne of Sue, in Izaracha, with ten thousand deputies, went forward, and with open arms received Nista, Goddess descended, saluting with the sign of the star and square, having been warm friends two hundred thousand years in the plains of Oayad, in the etherean es'tu |380| of Hi'dan, the spiritual center of the orbit of the great serpent when in Zagagowthaka.

12/7.10. The es'enaurs of both hosts were chanting, and the angels of the airavagna were coming forth in hundreds of thousands, to be saluted by the previously trained Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih and by the hosts of Sue, the etherean laborers.

12/7.11. And when Nista came up to the throne, God and great Sue rose up amid the light, now gathering fast as a mantle of brilliant fire over the place of council.

12/7.12. Sue said: All hail, O Nista, Jehovih's Daughter! God said: In Jehovih's name, welcome, O Nista. To which Nista answered, saying: By the Wisdom and Power of Jehovih, O my beloved!

12/7.13. And Sue and God parted, and Nista ascended and sat in the middle of the throne. After the ceremonies of salutation, Nista said: Let the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih approach the throne of God.

12/7.14. The marshals then ushered the billion of them to their places, and the swift messengers bound them on all sides, so that the responses would be uniform and spoken as if by one person. Then Nista spoke from the throne, and the Brides and Bridegrooms responded in the usual form of Gods and Goddesses, and after that, took the necessary vows and renunciations of the earth and lower heaven, according to Jehovih's commandments.

12/7.15. When the ceremonies were finished, God proclaimed one day of recreation, which was participated in joyously by more than four billion souls.

12/7.16. So, on the next day, Nista and her hosts, with the billion Brides and Bridegrooms, entered the airavagna amid the cheers and weeping of millions of atmosphereans, who had never witnessed so grand a spectacle.

12/7.17. And then Nista, by the power of the Great Spirit, set her ship in motion; raised it up from the lower heaven; moved it upward by her command, saying: Arise! Arise! Airavagna! By my will, arise! Embrace the realms of Great Jehovih! Arise!

12/7.18. The es'enaurs and trumpeters were singing and playing; and those ascending threw down flowers and perfumes, and all sorts of pleasant keepsakes, to the countless millions below.

12/7.19. In a little while the airavagna disappeared in high heaven.

12/7.20. This, then, is what followed of Sue's ministration: When six years expired, thus marking the end of dawn, he delivered God and his Lords and another billion Brides and Bridegrooms, taking them into the extreme borders of Izaracha, to which was assigned the a'ji'an field of Rus'tsoo with twelve etherean worlds.

12/7.21. And Sue left T‑hi, as the anointed God of the lower heaven for the next four hundred years. And God (T‑hi) anointed Lords for the divisions of the earth, the same divisions as before. And the earth and heaven prospered, so that in the dan following there were raised up two billion Brides and Bridegrooms.

12/7.22. After that there was a decrease in the etherean harvests for two thousand years, after which great darkness came on the earth and heaven belonging to it; and self‑Gods filled all atmospherea. And, as for Lords, there rose up in every nation on the earth, thousands and thousands, so that men and angels did not know if there were a true God or true Lord in all the universe.

12/7.23. Thus ended the cycle of Sue, being three thousand and two hundred years.




















































380  spiritual center. --1891 glossary



The Lords' Second Book

Being contemporaneous with the Book of Sue, Son of Jehovih. As the latter is chiefly about the angels of heaven, so is the Lords' Book about man on the earth.

CHAPTER 1 Lords' Second





13/1.1. God said: I, the Lord, for my predecessors and successors and for myself, declare these things to mortals:

13/1.2. The chosen of God, called I'hins, because they were the fruit of both heaven and earth, were taken, under the protection of God, his Lords and angels, to all the divisions of the earth for the fulfillment of man on the earth for the glory of the Almighty.

13/1.3. And I, the Lord, a one‑time mortal, with my holy angels, who had sprung from the earth in former times, walked with man to keep him upright in the way he should go.

13/1.4. By command of God, the angels watched over man, teaching him often unknowingly to himself, in all good works and industry. By constant changes of watch the angels relieved one another daily, weekly and monthly.

13/1.5. And at no time did the angels leave the I'hins alone, and without the light of heaven.

13/1.6. But wherever the I'hins went, the angels went also, often taking on sar'gis and being seen by man, even daily; and man talked with them face to face.

13/1.7. And the angels told man what was good for him; showing him the way of righteousness.

13/1.8. And man depended on the Lord and his angels for all things helpful to his understanding.

13/1.9. Now when the earth was inhabited in many places, and there were thousands of cities and villages, the Lord said to man:

13/1.10. Behold, you have made the earth the joy of the Lord; and now I give it into your keeping. What do you say?

13/1.11. And man answered: It is well; I can keep the earth, and I shall rejoice on it because it is the gift of God.

13/1.12. The Lord said: If I stay with you, day and night forever, you will not put forth your own power and judgment.

13/1.13. Man said: Go your way, O Lord.

13/1.14. Then the Lord withdrew awhile, taking his angels with him.

13/1.15. Now in those days, there were ground people dwelling in the wilderness who did not have the light of heaven in them, nor could they be made to understand.

13/1.16. As one may discourse to an ox, and it does not comprehend; so was speech to the people of darkness.

13/1.17. Nevertheless, in winter, when food was scarce, the ground people (druks) came to the cities of the I'hins, begging for food. And the I'hins, remembering the commandments of God, went out to them, treating them to everything good to eat.

13/1.18. Now, behold, the chosen were tempted by the people of darkness. And it came to pass that a new race was born on the earth, and they were called I'huans, after the ancient warriors that destroyed the chosen, before the flood.

13/1.19. These I'huans were copper colored and were capable of speech.

13/1.20. When God saw what had happened, he called to the I'hins, saying: O you that could dispense with the Lord! Did I not give to you the mark of the circumcision as a limit to the line of my chosen?

13/1.21. Hear me now in my prophecy: The I'huan shall be taught the name of Jehovih, the Great Spirit, and the plans of heaven and earth. And he shall one day inhabit the whole earth, holding dominion over everything on it and in its waters.

13/1.22. And ultimately the I'hin race shall disappear from the earth; their kind shall not be found on this my footstool.

13/1.23. The I'hins inquired of the Lord as to when these things would come to pass. The Lord said: In twenty thousand years.

13/1.24. The Lord said: From this time forward, the I'hins shall not mingle with any other people on the face of the earth. This is my commandment. And whoever violates my word shall be cast out of my cities, and go dwell with the barbarians.

13/1.25. Because the I'huans are your heirs, and are capable of everlasting life, you shall be the light of my kingdoms to them; teaching them peace, righteousness and mercy; but you shall in no case permit them to enter or reside in your cities.

13/1.26. Neither shall you raise a hand to do them harm. But if they come upon you in multitudes to take your stores, then you shall depart out of that city, leaving the I'huans to take the goods and food for themselves.

13/1.27. For you shall be an example of non‑resistance for the sake of establishing the love of God in them.





CHAPTER 2 Lords' Second





13/2.1. God foresaw that the I'huans should be separated from the druks, otherwise Yaks would again be born into the world.

13/2.2. And he said to the I'hins: Behold, the I'huans cannot hear the voice of the Lord, therefore go to them, saying: Thus says the Lord: If you mingle with the druks, your seed shall not inherit everlasting life, but go down in darkness.

13/2.3. And the I'hins went and told the I'huans the words of God. Nevertheless many of the I'huans broke the commandment. And, indeed, Yaks were again born into the world.

13/2.4. The I'hins said to one another: Are these not like those of the legends of old, who were made eunuchs and servants?

13/2.5. The I'huans inquired the meaning; and when they were told, they made a law for themselves, making eunuchs and servants of both Yaks and the ground people wherever they came upon them.

13/2.6. The I'hins feared the judgments of God in this matter, and they called out to him for a remedy.

13/2.7. But God answered them, saying: Because of the enmity between these two races, behold, they will not marry. Suffer the I'huans to do in their own way. For of what profit is it to bring forth heirs that cannot inherit my exalted heavens? Because the tribes of darkness cannot be made to understand, behold, their souls go out of being as a lamp that is burned out.

13/2.8. So it came to pass that the I'huans made eunuchs of the tribes of darkness; from both sexes they made them, and made slaves of them also.

13/2.9. The Lord said: The I'huans shall have laws of their own. Let my chosen go to them and make laws for them, saying: Thus says the Lord:

13/2.10. The I'huans shall be guardians over the I'hins, the sacred people; and through the I'hins I will bless the I'huans, and make them mighty.

13/2.11. Since it is unlawful for the I'hins to kill any beast, bird or serpent, behold, their cities and mounds are invaded by all types of evil beasts and serpents.

13/2.12. The I'huans shall slay all such evil beasts and serpents.

13/2.13. And they shall guard the cities and mounds where my chosen reside.

13/2.14. The ground people and the Yaks shall be servants to the I'huans. And the latter shall cast |381| their servants, so they shall not multiply on the earth.

13/2.15. Hear, then, the law of God between the I'huans, one with another:

13/2.16. Whoever does an injury to his neighbor or to a stranger, the same shall be done to him.

13/2.17. Whoever takes from another, he shall restore a twofold equivalent.

13/2.18. Whoever kills a man, woman or child, shall be put to death.

13/2.19. Whoever marries his sister or mother, or his half‑sister or half‑mother, they shall all suffer death together.

13/2.20. Whoever oppresses another shall be cast out of the tribe of his people.

13/2.21. He who blasphemes the Great Spirit shall be put to death.

13/2.22. He who does not respect the time of woman shall be put to death.

13/2.23. The fields I have given to the I'hins, but the forests and wildernesses I, the Lord, have given to the I'huans.

13/2.24. And it was so; the I'huans began to be carnivorous. But both the I'hins and the tribes of darkness ate neither flesh nor fish.
















































381  de-sex, neuter, spay or castrate, make eunuchs of them



CHAPTER 3 Lords' Second





13/3.1. In all the great divisions of the earth, these things were; nor did one division of the earth have much preference over another. But in the warm regions, where the earth brought forth abundantly, the I'huans and ground people dwelt most numerously.

13/3.2. In contrast, the I'hins dwelt in both the warm and the cold countries. For they clothed themselves; and built habitations. But the I'huans wore only a covering about the loins; neither did they build any habitations. And they roved about far and near.

13/3.3. But the ground people did not travel; and they mingled with their own kin, bringing forth heirs of darkness.

13/3.4. The I'huans learned the laws and obeyed them; and they looked upon the I'hins as a sacred people, doing them no harm.

13/3.5. And it came to pass that the I'huans became a very prolific people; four times more prolific than the I'hins, or the ground people.

13/3.6. And they spread rapidly over the earth, in all the regions where the earth brought forth fruit, roots, flesh and fish, that were good to eat.

13/3.7. For two thousand years the I'huans prospered; and they became mighty in many countries.

13/3.8. But in course of time they began to war upon one another.

13/3.9. And for hundreds of years they descended lower and lower in darkness.

13/3.10. And they no longer obeyed the commandments of God, but mingled with the ground people, bringing forth heirs of darkness.







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