Book of Apollo, Son of Jehovih

CHAPTER 4 Apollo





14/4.1. Hear me, O man and angels; from my words learn to be wise and deep perceiving. He who stands in darkness, does not see; no one can comprehend the time of Jehovih. The delight of all men should be delight in the Light. But who practices to his highest knowledge? Before my days, time was no nearer the beginning of the universe than now. There were men who believed that for each and every man, with death came the end of that man's existence; and Jehovih sent angels to prove them in their folly; |389| yet though they saw them, and talked with them face to face, many would not believe that they were spirits of the dead.

14/4.2. And in the lower heaven, they were the same; they would not believe in a higher heaven. And though ethereans came to them to prove them in their folly, and talked with them face to face, yet many would not believe.

14/4.3. I searched the disbelievers, to understand their souls; and found they were begotten |390| in disharmony. They prided themselves in their wisdom; but that which they called wisdom was as a serpent in the soul.

14/4.4. Jehovih spoke to me, saying: Hear your Creator, O My Son. In atmospherea you shall appoint ten thousand Lords, with ten thousand kingdoms; and the earth and its inhabitants shall be divided among them.

14/4.5. And you shall build a new kingdom in heaven, and call it Gau, |391| and it shall be your judgment seat, with a Council of one hundred thousand men and women.

14/4.6. And all your Lords shall be called Apollo! And they shall inspire men to make images of stone and wood. And the images shall have short arms and long legs; and nails instead of claws on the fingers, and well‑formed mouths, with shape to accomodate motion of the cheeks.

14/4.7. And your Lords shall find the loo'is who have been preparing these matters by birth; and the loo'is shall lead the angels in among mortals, finding the most comely‑formed |392| men, women and young children. And when they have chosen them, they shall report the matter to the Lords, and they shall send ethereans to those mortals who are selected, and they shall be quickened by signs and miracles.

14/4.8. And it shall be proven before all the nations of the earth, including their kings, queens and governors, that the comeliness of the forms are pleasant in My sight, for which reason I come to them. And those who are thus selected shall sing and dance by entrancement; so that kings and queens shall be overcome by the achievements. And those that dance shall be made to float in the air, and sail about |393| in the dance.

14/4.9. For I will turn the judgment of man to beautify himself; and, in so doing, he shall learn to perceive beauty and harmony in My works.












389  lack of understanding; absurdity; foolishness; i.e., to prove they were mistaken








390  created, engendered, reproduced, gestated, born, came into existence, originated, conceived









391  Gau here signifies plan of perfection. Gau is also mentioned in the Vedic Scriptures as the home of the God, Sughdha. --Ed.










392  pleasingly-shaped, attractive to the eye that sees harmony and symmetry, pleasant to behold











393  through the air for extended periods; and while on ground, glide about gracefully, nimble and light-footed



CHAPTER 5 Apollo





14/5.1. Do not think, O man, that the Gods always deliver the nations of the earth in a day or by miracles. They go to the foundation of a matter; they make man a servant to help deliver himself. They stir up the nations in rites and ceremonies first; then come after, and appropriate the rites and ceremonies. And the women look on, receiving the spirit of the matter in their souls, the act of which entails |394| on their offspring that which is desired by the Gods.

14/5.2. With the hosts of high heaven, unseen by mortals, the Lords stir up the whole world. In one generation, behold, a new race is born. Man is unfitted for dangerous war, and no longer the delight of drujas hanging around. |395| So the drujas, and the familiars, turn from the peaceful earth (to them stale and unprofitable in bloody entertainments), to find their own petty kingdoms broken down and gone.

14/5.3. Be wise, O man, and angels of earth! Hear the voice of your brother, God of three worlds! I will tell you a great secret: These are the words of your Creator: Man and woman are pro‑creators! Those whom they beget, are theirs, says Jehovih. Not for a day, but forever! Take notice of your offspring, O woman! Take notice, O man! Will you be entailed with druj, to pull you down? Will you choose offspring to glorify Jehovih?

14/5.4. Have your people not boasted, O earth? Have they not said: O the poor ancients! || What of them? Will they turn away from the idols of Apollo, and set up on their own account? Can the people hand down a name and models to live forever?

14/5.5. So I founded Gau in the place Hored had been, extending over Jaffeth, Shem and Ham; and the rest of the atmospherean heaven I divided among my ten thousand Lords and Lordesses, whom I selected and ordained in the manner of the ancients.

14/5.6. And the Lords established themselves in kingdoms, both on earth and in heaven. And they inspired kings and queens to erect images in the temples, and the images were given a name signifying Harmony, Symmetry and Music (Apollo). And the names varied in many countries, because of the languages of the people; but the signification was that these three entities comprised the All Light, the Creator, Jehovih!

14/5.7. And mortals were taught by the inspiration of angels how to make the images, for there were no corporeans sufficiently perfect for models.

14/5.8. According to the perfection of the images, so were they considered to be favored by Jehovih; and the sign of Jehovih's approval was manifested in the time of the sacred dance performed by the selected su'is; and the sign was, if the whirling dance caused many women to fall down by enchantment, then Jehovih was pleased.

14/5.9. Hear me, O man. The enchantment of the women was what the Lords desired, for the impression of the soul of woman shapes the unborn child.

14/5.10. In that regard, they worshipped blindly before the idols, not being sufficiently wise to understand how Jehovih was laying down the foundation for the coming race.

14/5.11. O you of little wisdom, compared with the Lords of heaven! How puffed up you are in judgment, not knowing the race from which you sprang! Jehovih's Gods and Lords mold the inhabitants of the earth as clay is molded in a potter's hand. They set them up, show them the way, and say to them: Go!

14/5.12. Mortals go on a little while, like a young child that totters and falls. And again the Lords set them up; and man, ungrateful, forgets and denies his God.

14/5.13. The unseen angels lead man and woman together, and say: Marry! And they wed, and bring forth of the Lord. Then man inquires: What do you mean: Bring forth of the Lord? But his judgment is under a cloud; he flatters himself that Jehovih created him, and then went away; and since then he has been his own master!

14/5.14. O man, what is your folly! How have you found such cunning ways to put off your Creator? What greater profit do you have in putting Him away, than in trying to perceive Him in all things? Why will you sing of man who is in darkness, and of the earth, which is just a fraction of the Great I Am? Do you not hope for wisdom, so that guardian angels may go away and rest?

14/5.15. Why should they stand over you day and night, to keep away familiars, fetals and drujas? Who shall close your mouth against falsehood, and your lips against cursing your Creator? Do you not hope, O man, that a wiser age will follow? When shall man learn harmony, symmetry and music? Who will hire a musician that constantly puts his instrument out of tune? Why should the Gods applaud men or angels who do not live attuned to the All Highest?

14/5.16. Show me one who is as good as his understanding; who lives as wisely as his goodness desires he should. He will understand my words; I can come to him and inspire him with great wisdom. He will comprehend the love a God has over mortals; and the patience of the toiling Lords and angels.

14/5.17. Hear me, O man! I will answer a great matter: The angels of heaven who are good, labor for those beneath them. This is their work, day and night. Do not think that they go away to idleness forever. To the etherean, industry becomes rest; to those who have attained to be Gods there is spontaneous growth forever. Remember this and be wise. To the atmospherean and to mortals, idleness of soul leads downward forever! Remember this also, and be wise.

14/5.18. Behold the rose and the lily; they are perfect in their order. Being one with Jehovih, they did not paint themselves. Let your soul practice with your Creator, and you shall become one with Him, even His Son. Find the symmetry of flesh; the symmetry of the spirit; the harmony of music, |396| and consider wisely your behavior.

14/5.19. The star of Jehovih is within your soul; feed it, O man, and you, O angel of heaven, and it will grow to be a God! Rob it, or starve it, and you shall remain nothing. It is weak and dim in the vain; it is bright and of great power in him who forgets himself in laboring for others.










394  necessitates, causes, inescapably brings about





395  loitering, shady opportunists lurking about, searching for, sometimes only aimlessly alert for, self diversions





































































































396  Music here refers to general expression or action; in other words, gracefulness in all things. The ancient Greeks gave a similar interpretation to the word music. --Ed.



CHAPTER 6 Apollo





14/6.1. Jehovih spoke in the light of the throne of Gau, saying: My Son, you have set the temples of earth wisely, and your ten thousand Lords have the voice of your Creator. But, behold, this dawn of dan has only five years and two hundred days. Five years are already gone. Call together your etherean hosts, and they shall report to you as to who the successors to you and your Lords shall be. I answered, saying: Your will be done, O Father!

14/6.2. So I sent messengers throughout the world repeating what Jehovih had commanded. And I added also: When the time of dan is completed, behold, my hosts shall assemble in Gau, where we shall ascend to our etherean worlds. Let my messengers invite all the people in all the kingdoms of atmospherea to be present. And these things were done.

14/6.3. Now, there were ten thousand kingdoms of the Lords of heaven and earth at that time. Many of them were located within the corporeal temples of worship, having spiritual thrones within them, where the hosts of angels assembled to counsel on the affairs of mortals, and to advise with them through the prophets and seers.

14/6.4. Neither was there in the entire world a temple, used for consulting the spirits and Gods, which escaped being usurped |397| by my etherean hosts. So that when kings or queens came to consult the oracle on matters of war or personal aggrandizement, my hosts answered, not to the consulter's own profit, but with the voice of Jehovih.

14/6.5. So it turned out, |398| that when the chief false Gods and false Lords were driven out of the corporeal temples, they lost interest in mortal affairs. And I classified them |399| and made new kingdoms in the lower heaven for them, forming them into confederacies. And they, too, became earnest workers to establish themselves in harmony, symmetry and music. And at the end of the time of hi'dan |400| there was not one false God or false Lord in atmospherea.




























397  captured, taken over, possessed





398  happened, eventuated, proved to be



399  i.e., sorted them through noting their grades, ranks and rates, so as to most wisely provide for them


400  i.e., at the end of Apollo's five years and 200 days



CHAPTER 7 Apollo





14/7.1. Apollo said: Hear the decrees of Jehovih, O Gods and Lords: |401| I, His Son, God of three worlds, speak! In my speech lies the wisdom of time; the evidence of fifty thousand years. Here is a great matter, O Gods; answer it, O Lords of heaven and earth: A child learns from that which is around about; |402| a man learns from that which is around about; a God and a Lord learn from that which is around about. Neither can they acquire anything more, forever. Jehovih says:

14/7.2. I have decreed the breaking up of old foundations; in new creations I provide food for the souls of Gods and men.

14/7.3. Apollo said: To condense and to expand; to expand and to condense, is this all? Who shall fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether? Or, by standing still, expand his own soul? How long will they be entailed with idle desires, self‑ease, and self‑glory?

14/7.4. Jehovih says: When the lower heaven turns into itself, it soon turns downward, also. And its cast molds the earth‑born. |403| See to it, O My sons and daughters, that you preserve the high estate of heaven. Apollo said:

14/7.5. To be a God is not all; to be a Lord is not all; you shall forever invent new stratagems |404| in Jehovih's kingdoms. Your people shall be endlessly infatuated with continual surprises, or your kingdoms in heaven will go down.

14/7.6. Jehovih says: Behold, I created man, and if he rests constantly, disease shall seize on his life parts. The kingdoms of men on earth that lack aspiration for the people shall bring destruction; |405| similarly in the kingdoms in the lower heaven, the lack of invented, new glories, shall breed up false Gods and false Lords.

14/7.7. Apollo said: To be a weak man, is nothing; to be a weak king, is nothing; to be a weak God, is nothing; but to be strong with Jehovih, furnishes food for the kingdoms of men and angels. Do not think, you Gods and Lords, that to be a good God is easy, or to be a good Lord is easy, or to be a good corporeal king is easy. He who rules in heavenly kingdoms, must constantly furnish food for the souls of angels and men.

14/7.8. I, Apollo, Son of Jehovih, will give you a parable suitable for Gods and kings: A multitude go into a forest; one man goes a little ahead of the rest, and he calls: Here! Here! Then he goes a little farther, and he calls: Here! Here! And the multitude follow. Concerning which, you reason well if you say: If the leader goes too fast for the multitude, they will not follow; and if he does not go fast enough, they cannot follow. Anarchy ensues in this latter condition, and new leaders are chosen.

14/7.9. And these conditions follow all peoples on earth, and in the lower heavens. But the glory of the emancipated heavens, in etherea, lies in the development of every soul into ripeness and bloom, with none too fast or too slow, but all as one, and one with Jehovih.

14/7.10. Is this not the testimony of the All Person: A ruler of a city; a ruler of a state; a ruler of a kingdom? Without a head to lead, and to govern, what people have been found? Without a God and Lords, and kingdoms in heaven, what angels are found: strollers, beggars, drujas and vampires. He who sets himself up against the king, what is he? He who sets himself up against the All Person, what is he? Where is the fruit he has brought to market?

14/7.11. His speech is cunning in denial; his arguments for liberty, the bait of hada. He cries out, in justification of his mutiny: Liberty! Liberty! But he leads to disharmony and darkness. After that, he rushes to the front, crying out: Follow me! Follow me! I will lead to truth and light. And he himself becomes a God, but in falsehood, even as by falsehood he denied the true God.

14/7.12. I declare to you a great fact, O Gods and Lords: A line lies between the man who has too much opinion of his own, and he who has no opinion at all. One is to be pitied, the other censured. So, which of these two do the Gods pity, and which do they censure? |406|

14/7.13. None could answer Apollo. So he spoke further, saying: Pity him who has too much opinion of his own; for of all men he stands the farthest from Jehovih. But the wise man and wise angel follow the median line between the two. In this lies the harmony of a man's soul.




401  referring to those who had been the false Gods and false Lords




402  in one's milieu, surroundings, environment















403  That is, as heaven is, so does earth become. Also, see to it = labor in such a way, make sure, make certain


404  pursuits, goals, amusements, gambits, strategies and the like






405  This seems to mean that a successful social order not only must provide ideas, vision, opportunities, means and impetus such as will give the people aims and ends to aspire toward, but also must provide for the fulfillment of people's individual, grassroots, or novel aspirations (assuming they are virtuous). Accordingly, too, for the social order, unifying themes must exist by which these aspirations can be seen to tie into a larger wholesome context.









































406  rebuke, strongly disapprove, reprimand



CHAPTER 8 Apollo





14/8.1. Apollo, Son of Jehovih, said: In Jehovih's name I, Apollo, God of etherea, speak. Hear me, O Gods and Lords; the power of the Father rests in my soul; my words are of All Wisdom. Think of this great matter: The growth of love! As a man loves his city and his country---what, do you think Apollo has forgotten? Have I not told it in etherea? I sprang from the red star, the earth!

14/8.2. For what reason shall I not take pride before Jehovih? And hold up my head in etherea, where I have neighbors that sprang from other stars. Shall a man forget his love because he is a God? No, truly. When I was mortal, I loved my neighbors; when I entered the second resurrection, in atmospherea, I loved all the people of the earth; and when I rose to etherea, my love expanded to a thousand worlds. But, of all places, how can I make the earth and her heaven second in the love of my soul?

14/8.3. As a mother invents diversions and employment for her children, shall I not gather fruit from Jehovih's repositories |407| to feed the atmospherean heavens? I came, and found you in a dark forest, with briars and thorns; but behold now, O Gods and Lords! The lower heaven has become a paradise.

14/8.4. Let me recall the philosophies I have overthrown: The false Gods and false Lords said: It is well that there is some war and destruction in heaven; otherwise, it would soon be too full! For they did not see the higher heavens; their arguments were framed in a dark corner. And, because of their evil inspiration, they gave mortals the same philosophy, saying: War is justifiable, lest the earth become too full. For these dark angels shut out from mortals, the higher light of Faith in Jehovih; justifying themselves in war, and the slaying of those whom Jehovih had created alive; by their behavior, thrusting condemnation in Jehovih's face for what Jehovih had done!

14/8.5. Neither did these mortal philosophers know that they were under the inspiration of spirits of darkness; nor would they wait till the earth was full of people, to prove whether their philosophy was true or false.

14/8.6. For, as you of heaven were addicted to deeds of darkness, your kingdoms reacted on earth, making druks out of men and women. Now all these heavens have turned from evil ways and become stars of glory in Jehovih's universe.

14/8.7. Do not think that only great thunders and terrible stratagems can govern heaven and earth righteously; for, as one man in an army may cause a panic, or one brave man's upraised hand lead a nation on to victory, so can you, O Gods and Lords, by wisdom, in the smallest of Jehovih's plans, rule over heaven and earth for the glory of His everlasting kingdoms.

14/8.8. That which I declare to you, go and declare throughout heaven; for the fruit of your teaching shall enrich the earth people, through their guardian spirits; and they shall, likewise, go about preaching among themselves.























407  treasuries, stores, reservoirs, supplies



CHAPTER 9 Apollo





14/9.1. When Apollo, Jehovih's Son, had finished his labor in the dawn of dan, God foresaw that his own resurrection, and his people with him, had come. So he sent his proper officers to the libraries of atmospherea, to learn who of all the etherean hosts should be selected to remain as God, and who as Lords, for the next four hundred years.

14/9.2. In twenty days the examiners returned and came before the throne of God and the Council of Gau. Za'dukawaski, chief speaker, said: By the grace of Jehovih, Creator, we stand before you, God of heaven and earth. We find by the ancient precepts, |408| which are adjudged wise in the foundation of atmospherea, one Gur, highest and most proficient of all the hosts of heaven, to be anointed God for the next four hundred years.

14/9.3. God said: I remember Gur, from Magel, in Sooftus, in etherea, God of Ra'yatuf and a'ji, seventy‑two. Let the marshals go to him and acquaint him with Jehovih's decrees, in the name of God. And they shall provide suitable conveyance for Gur to come to Gau, according to his rate.

14/9.4. So the marshals, ten thousand in number, besides ten thousand musicians, went and brought Gur before the throne of God, coming in an otevan prepared for the purpose and adorned with one thousand pillars of light.

14/9.5. God said: I salute you, O Gur, in the name of Jehovih, Creator. Behold Apollo!

14/9.6. Apollo stretched forth his hand, and Gur came and shook hands with him, standing by the throne. Gur said: That I have lived to see this day, O Jehovih, I am blessed indeed! Your will, O God, and Jehovih's, be done!

14/9.7. God said: Behold, within thirty days the dawn of dan is to end, and all who choose, and are prepared for the third resurrection, shall be taken up to etherea. Besides yourself, O Gur, there are two hundred thousand ethereans who have volunteered to remain another four hundred years in these atmospherean heavens, and on the earth. From them you shall select ten thousand Lords, and bestow them with kingdoms over mortals. I will raise two billion angels up with me to etherea.

14/9.8. To you, O Gur, I bequeath two billion atmosphereans who have been initiated into the second resurrection. And of the first resurrection, two hundred and fifty million; and of fetals three hundred million; and besides these, the inhabitants of the earth (men, women and children) seven hundred million.

14/9.9. God ceased speaking, and Gur said: Your will be done, O Jehovih! Then the es'enaurs sang, and the trumpeters played the March of Apollo, Jehovih's Son. Presently, the marshals and messengers filed before the throne; and a light of golden fire came down from etherea, cast out by the Gods of Helmatia, Orian arc of Tanaya, and it fell upon the throne of God, and many could not look upon it because of the brilliancy.

14/9.10. God raised up, as did Apollo by his side. God said: I stretch forth my hand to You, O Jehovih! Behold Your Son, Gur, God of Ra'yatuf, in etherea, an earth‑born, forty thousand years inhabitant of Your emancipated realms. By Your power, and in Your name, O Jehovih, I proclaim him God of heaven and earth, to bestow You and Your kingdoms on angels and men! Be with him, O Father, Creator, that he may add to Your glory forever! Amen!

14/9.11. God took off the triangle, and hung it on Gur's (God's) neck, saying: I now bestow you with the heirloom of the Gods of the red star, the triangle of the ancients. And so that you may be still further honored, behold, one higher than I, even Apollo, shall weave a crown for your head.

14/9.12. Apollo walked to the left hand side, and raised his hand upward, and from unseen space a flame of yellow light came to rest on his hand, and he turned it just half around, and lo, a crown with sparkling gems stood upon his fingers' ends. Apollo had said:

14/9.13. Incomprehensible All Light! Weave me a crown for Your Son, God of heaven and earth! And even while he spoke, it was done, and he placed it on God's (Gur's) head. And God went and sat in the middle of the throne, saying: Throne of Your throne, O Jehovih! All things are Yours! For this shall be my resting‑place, to do Your will.

14/9.14. During the ceremonies, the music was timed accordingly; and when the new God was crowned, the multitude of a billion applauded with great joy.

14/9.15. When all was quiet, God rose up from the throne, saying to Apollo and to him who had been God: In Jehovih's name, come and honor my throne! Accordingly, they both sat down at the right hand side of God.

14/9.16. God said: In thirty days, the dawn of dan will end. Let the marshals, through the messengers, proclaim the resurrection of two billion to the etherean heavens on that day. Proclaim it in all the heavens of the earth; inviting all to come who can; for it shall be a day of the feast of glory; but do not tell any of these that there has been a change of Gods, nor that great Apollo will rise also, lest sorrow come upon the people. The marshals then selected messengers, a great number, and sent them throughout the heavens of the earth, proclaiming the commandments of God.

14/9.17. God spoke further, saying: For thirty days the Council shall deliberate on my ten thousand Lords, selecting and allotting them; and I will crown them in the name of the Father.

14/9.18. Apollo then said: Now I will clothe myself in strange colors, so no one shall recognize me, and during the thirty days I yet remain, I will go about over the earth, so that I may again look upon the star of my birth.

14/9.19. And he who had given up the throne said: Your joy shall be my joy also. I, too, will again visit the star of my birth.

14/9.20. Accordingly, God said: Joy to you both, in Jehovih's name! Behold, I will throw a thick blanket over the throne, and you shall change your attire, and when I withdraw it, you shall walk forth unknown.

14/9.21. And this was done.














408  teachings, commandments, laws, rules or principles regarding a course of action



CHAPTER 10 Apollo





14/10.1. So Apollo visited all the divisions of the earth, and the islands in the ocean; and his traveling attendants, companions and officers, made a record of all the things they saw, especially those relating to the corporeans; their manners, sizes, color, habits, education and procreative capacities; and the records were taken with them, to be carried finally to etherea in the coming ascent.

14/10.2. And Apollo and his companions then visited atmospherea, making similar observations of the people in the first and second resurrections, recording the number and kind of nurseries, hospitals, factories, schools and colleges, together with the asaphs, teachers, physicians, nurses, and so on. And this record was also prepared so as to form a brief history of the earth's heaven.

14/10.3. On the twenty‑eighth day Apollo and his hosts returned to Gau, the place of the throne of God in the lower heaven. In the meantime, the word of God, commanding the assembly for the ascent of two billion of Jehovih's Brides and Bridegrooms, had aroused the people of the lower heaven beyond measure---millions of them having never witnessed an ascent, nor, in fact, had seen an etherean adavaysit, a ship of fire.

14/10.4. In the evening of the twenty‑ninth day, a light was seen high up in the firmament, to the northwest, brilliant, like a star of the first magnitude. Presently it grew larger and brighter, and shot across toward the southwest firmament, and then began to descend toward the earth, growing larger and brighter as it came.

14/10.5. The people of the lower heaven knew it was the adavaysit of the third resurrection, and they rejoiced before Jehovih, singing and praying. Now the marshals and proper persons for the purpose, commenced bringing into form the groups of Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. And the groups were arrayed in stars, crescents, squares, circles and ovals, being classified according to their rates in these forms; and the groups had banners and signals of colored lights, according to their rank in love, or intelligence, or good works, or other characteristic virtues.

14/10.6. And these groups were arranged into combinations, every combination representing the work done by a sub‑Lord or sub‑God. And these combinations were further formed into four divisions, representing the four great divisions of the earth, and the four Lords, Jehovih's sons. So that when the whole two billion spirits were in due form, they characterized Harmony, Symmetry and Music, being the symbol of Apollo, Son of Jehovih, God of three etherean worlds, brevet |409| Orian Chief.

14/10.7. At midnight, the sea of fire, the adavaysit, which was twice the moon's diameter, reached Chinvat, the border of the earth's vortex, just beyond the orbit of the moon. Here the ship halted for four hours, and then began to descend, and rapidly, fearful to behold, becoming more scarlet within the vortex, but growing larger and definite in shape.

14/10.8. And, lo and behold, when the adavaysit drew near, it was in the form and configuration of the groups of Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. It had fifty thousand curtains, and one hundred thousand banners, and of the hosts within the ship, seven million souls, each bore a streamer of phosphorescent light, which, together, were of all colors, shades and tints, and arrayed in symbols of the name, Apollo.

14/10.9. Unlike all other etherean ships of fire that had, as yet, visited the earth's heavens, it was provided with openings in the bottom, five hundred thousand of them, which were the places of entrance and exit. And the openings were studded with crystals of ceaseless fire of all conceivable colors, shades, tints, sizes, and shapes: curves, circles, angles, crescents, and so on. And up within the openings, were the crystal and opaque chambers, provided for the heirs of the third resurrection. And yet, within these chambers, were the reports of the guardian angels, of the lives and good work previously done by every man and woman of all the two billion who were to ascend to Jehovih's higher heavens. But in all the records there was not recorded one evil thing, or dark deed, or selfish thought; for of these things, the ascending hosts had long since purged themselves, till they were gems of the pure light of the Father of all. High up within the ship were the beams and network of timber, ropes and arches; and around the whole ship was the photosphere of its power, so that the whole adavaysit was like a crystal ship within a globe of phosphorescent light; and yet, in fact, the ship was the true light, and the angels the light of that light, while the photosphere was really the shell of darkness made reflective.

14/10.10. This, then, was the size of the adavaysit: of the photosphere, the diameters east and west, and north and south, were two thousand miles; and it was seven thousand miles high. And the ship within it was one hundred miles east and west and north and south, in diameters; and it was two hundred miles high.

14/10.11. As the earth is opaque, with a transparent vortex around it, so the opposite is the case regarding the structure of an etherean adavaysit, being light and habitable within as well as without, like the etherean worlds in the firmament. As Jehovih makes worlds, and sends them forth in the places of His firmament, so, in imitation of Him, His etherean Gods and Goddesses make adavaysits to traverse space from star to star, and from one etherean region to another. Great in wisdom and power are Jehovih's etherean Gods and Goddesses! Yet they, too, were once only men and women with corporeal bodies.

14/10.12. Jehovih said: I have given power to spirits of the newly dead to clothe themselves from the atmosphere with corporeal semblances of flesh and blood; and, to My exalted atmospherean angels, I have given power to clothe themselves from ethe in forms of light. But, to My exalted etherean angels, I have given power to clothe their hosts with ships of fire, and otevans, and adavaysits.






















































409  honorary, nominal, vicarious, acting



CHAPTER 11 Apollo





14/11.1. Cventi, marshalless for the hosts of Apollo, with ten thousand marshals and fifty thousand respondents of ceremonies, made preparations to receive the hosts of the adavaysit, commanded by Cim'iad, Goddess of Du'e'ghi, in etherea, Goddess of Noad and Rak, in Ji'ya, thirty‑eight, well known to Apollo, and to Phaeja, |410| God of Norse, longtime residents of Um, in etherea.

14/11.2. Cim'iad was a small woman, dark, and of deep love, most jovial of Goddesses; and had long looked forward with joy to her pleasure of bringing so large a ship to deliver two billion of Jehovih's Brides and Bridegrooms into etherean worlds. And so, when the adavaysit was about to land in Gau, Cim'iad looked out from the clusters of central stars, the ornaments of the throne within the ship, to see the hosts who were assembled beneath, and joyously clapped her hands with delight, at which she was saluted by Apollo and Phaeja, and by God and his Lords.

14/11.3. Presently, the mighty vessel landed and anchored fast; and the ship of Apollo was moved up alongside and made fast to the adavaysit. Meanwhile, Cim'iad came forth out of the ship, and was received in the arms of Cventi, marshalless of Apollo, and then proceeded to the throne of God.

14/11.4. All the while, the musicians had been playing and singing; and the music of the lower heaven was thus united with the music of the upper heaven.

14/11.5. God said: Welcome, O Daughter of Jehovih! Come and honor my throne, in His name!

14/11.6. Cim'iad said: By the grace and love of Jehovih, I have come, O God! And to you, O Apollo, most wonderful of earth‑born Gods, how can I express my boundless love! And to you, O Phaeja, long‑enduring Son of Jehovih, my soul is as a twin, for the glory of our Everlasting Creator!

14/11.7. Behold, I have come in Jehovih's name to wed these two billion Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih!

14/11.8. Phaeja said: Your will and Jehovih's be done! And now they shook hands, as is the custom of Gods and Goddesses, and Cim'iad went and sat on the throne, saluting all the assemblage by making the sign of Jehovih's name with her right hand, which was answered by three billion spirits. And now the musicians played and sang the Stars of Jehovih! Meanwhile, the All Light began to descend thick and fast on Cim'iad's head, so brilliant that many could not look upon it.

14/11.9. And Jehovih spoke through Cim'iad, saying: I blow My breath upon a corporeal world, and man springs forth into life, the highest of My created lights. In the womb of Mi, |411| I fashion his spirit. When he is shapely and white, |412| I deliver him. I open the heaven of suns, and warm his soul. Brighter than diamonds he comes forth; male and female they come; as stars for My everlasting worlds. Dressed as Brides and Bridegrooms for My chambers of Light and Love. In My arms they shall be blessed forever; in My mansions rejoice forever.

14/11.10. The respondents said (being led by the etherean hosts): I am Your bride (or bridegroom), O Jehovih! My soul finds love in You only, forever!

14/11.11. O Jehovih, my Father! I come to You to abide forever!

14/11.12. From Mi, my mother, the earth, who conceived me, I now rise up and go, forever. |413|

14/11.13. All praise to You, O Jehovih! And to you, O God of earth and heaven! And to you, O Lords of the earth, praise forever!

14/11.14. Your Lords, O Jehovih, raised me up. How can I render them joy for my stubbornness of heart! And Your God, for my second resurrection.

14/11.15. O how You have made us brothers and sisters, O Jehovih! And given me a higher world to abide in, forever!

14/11.16. O, Joy of my soul! To You I am beholden, O Father, everlasting Creator!

14/11.17. Jehovih said: Behold Me, O Brides and Bridegrooms! I am the All that is within all and over all. Members of My body are all things under the sun, seen and unseen, boundless, forever! I give them to you for your inheritance, forever!

14/11.18. Response: Who can give as You do, O Jehovih! Not only did You give myself to me, but You sent Your Gods and Lords to me to teach me how to live to enjoy Your Fullness, forever.

14/11.19. I will rise to Your immortal kingdoms, and learn the mysteries of Your glory and wisdom, O Jehovih! And when I am strong, I will go forth to those who are beneath me, and raise them up, to rejoice, forever!

14/11.20. Jehovih said: Laborers with Me; helpmates and companions, forever! With you I wed, from everlasting to everlasting.

14/11.21. Response: With You we wed, helpmates, forever! In the glory of Your worlds, without end!

14/11.22. Jehovih said: Mine are All Harmony; All Symmetry; All Love; and will endure forever!

14/11.23. Response: When I was in darkness, I fed on hate, anger, war, and lust. But You have taught me harmony, symmetry, and love, and I shall indulge in them forever!

14/11.24. Jehovih said: Receive My mantles |414| and My crowns, O My beloved! The darkness has come and gone; the rain has dried up, and My flowers are blooming for you, My beloved!

14/11.25. Response: Glory to You, My Creator and Preserver! All hail to Your Wondrous Works, O Jehovih! In all my giving I cannot attain to You, forever! Your Crown shall shine in my behavior, world without end! Amen! Amen! Amen!

14/11.26. Jehovih, You are mine, forever! Amen!

14/11.27. I am Yours, O Jehovih, forever! Amen! Amen!









410  Apparently Phaeja was the predecessor to Gur as God of heaven and earth.














































411  Mi here refers to mother earth; it is another term along with Om that is used for the feminine attributes of Jehovih. --cns ed. [cns ed. refers to consulting editor for the present Oahspe edition.]

412  This refers to the color of the purified soul, not body color. Note that Cim'iad herself had dark skin color (see 14/11.2).








413  This doesn't necessarily mean they will never return as ethereans to raise other earthborn in the future. But they are resurrecting and leaving their earth mother, just as children grow up and leave home to live with their spouse.

































414  a loose, sleeveless covering like a cloak, here made of etherean light



CHAPTER 12 Apollo





14/12.1. The rites of the resurrection were completed, all of which would fill a book, were the words written down; and as for the music, for which there were five hundred thousand singers and players, a conception of it can scarcely be given to mortals. And when the light of the throne of God broke away a little, God announced six hours' recreation; and all the angels of Gau and of the etherean heavens, mingled together joyfully.

14/12.2. After this (for, behold, the end of the dawn of dan had come), Apollo, mightiest of all, rose up, and waved his hand in the sign, In Jehovih's Name, and stood aside from the throne of God. After Apollo, Cim'iad rose up, and gave the same sign; followed by Phaeja. And when these three, high raised, stood aside on the floor of the throne, so that all the assembled millions could see them, so hushed were all things, it was as if time had come to an end.

14/12.3. Then the ten thousand Lords and Lordesses filed in front, they who had once been false Gods and false Lords, and in the past, arrayed in such gorgeous attire; now robed in plain white, and without ornaments.

14/12.4. The marshals opened the arches of the adavaysit, but yet not a soul moved from his or her place.

14/12.5. Then great Apollo, Cim'iad and Phaeja came down and sat at the foot of the throne, more loved than all the Gods who had as yet visited the earth and her heavens.

14/12.6. God came down from the throne and took Apollo's hand, saying: Arise, O Son of Jehovih, and go your way. Apollo rose up, in tears, and stood aside. Now God took the hand of Cim'iad, saying: Arise, O Daughter of Jehovih, and go your way. Next he raised up the long‑tried Phaeja, when lo, both burst into tears, and fell in each other's arms! Phaeja, of few words at most, was last to slack the fond embrace; and then he and great Apollo, and Cim'iad, light of heaven, broke loose and marched forward to the etherean ship of fire. God resumed the throne, blinded by his tears.

14/12.7. Now fell the mantles of Jehovih, and His crowns, on the two billion Brides and Bridegrooms. The awakening LIGHT of the etherean firmament bespoke |415| Jehovih's Awe-Inspiring Presence! The hosts moved with one accord, and presently entered into the adavaysit, amid a shower of etherean flowers.

14/12.8. The marshals signaled, for the dawn was ended. The bright Cim'iad stretched forth her slender hand and arm to Jehovih, saying: By Your Power, O Father, I command! Arise! Arise! Ad‑av‑ay‑sit! Arise!

14/12.9. And the mighty vessel, with the vessel of Apollo adjoined, rose from Gau, rocking, rising, and moving to the music of a million trumpeters and singers, who were joined by the es'enaurs of the lower heavens. Higher and higher rose the etherean fire‑ships, turning and rising, passing beyond the vortex of the earth, beyond Chinvat, out into the firmament of etherea, higher and higher, till all was lost to sight in the distance.















































415  gave evidence of, indicated, attested to, foretold of




CHAPTER 13 Apollo





14/13.1. Jehovih spoke in the light of the throne of God, saying: To the Council of Gau, heaven of My Heaven! Hear the words of your Creator, O My beloved: Sing songs to Apollo and his Lords; let my people rejoice; for the Glory of my Son is upon them.

14/13.2. From My kingdom comes the Light and the Life; out of My Wisdom Apollo has come. Sing to him, O you Lords of heaven; let My angels rejoice in his name, for he shall abide forever.

14/13.3. I created him for the glory of angels and men; in his idols and images My people shall perceive the harmony of My beloved. With My own hands, I molded the ankles and feet, and well‑rounded thighs. Behold the arms of My Son, no longer than to the thighs, and with dimples, and small wrists.

14/13.4. His neck is straight and slender, and smooth and round, like the higin on an altar; and his shoulders like hewn stone, polished and tapering, like a woman's, who does not go to war.

14/13.5. His instep is high; he can spring like a deer, swift as the wind. He does not sit on his haunches all day, with his hands down, like a druk that is tired, waiting for food. He flees to the plain and the forest on his swift feet.

14/13.6. Proclaim Apollo in heaven and on earth. He is risen! Higher than the sun is the Holy Begotten of Jehovih! Out of the Virgin Mi he has come, Holy; in symmetry and music, there is none like Apollo.

14/13.7. She was My betrothed from the foundation of the world; Spouse of your Creator, O God! Her name was Mi, Mother of My Holy Begotten Son.

14/13.8. They were without shapeliness before Me; they lolled |416| about on earth; they lolled in heaven; on their haunches they waited hungrily.

14/13.9. The Virgin bowed down; for her first‑born was the Redeemer of the world. In stone, wood, copper, gold, and silver, he is stronger than ten cities; and wiser than ten thousand men.

14/13.10. He comes to the young mother's dream, and shapes her unborn, with limbs like a racer, and with long hair on the head. He stands in the idol, |417| and knows the mother's prayer every day. Whoever calls on the name, Apollo, calls on the Father, Creator of all things.

14/13.11. Blessed are the Lords of Apollo; blessed are the sons and daughters of Apollo; blessed are they who bring forth in shapeliness to look like My Son, Apollo.

14/13.12. This mark of shapeliness I have put up before all women under the sun; the young women prior to marriage; and also before the young men prior to marriage.

14/13.13. Choose a spouse from those who look like Apollo; and your heirs shall glorify your Creator.

14/13.14. Apollo is My judge; he sits at My right hand; swifter than an arrow is his judgment on a woman's first-born.



































416  loitered, loafed, lazily lounged, idled








417  In those times, idol worship was the way of raising the standard of human form. Mankind was raised from idol worship, to belief in a spirit in the sky, and now in Kosmon, to The Great Spirit that is in and over all. The sense of beauty of form remains an ideal and is applicable to these Kosmon times. --cns ed.



CHAPTER 14 Apollo





14/14.1. Jehovih spoke from the light of the throne of God, saying: Hear the words of your Creator, O you Counselors of heaven.

14/14.2. They spin, weave and make clothes; they learn in the places of learning; neither do I condemn them.

14/14.3. But My physicians are tired; My nurses are tired; My teachers are tired. Be wise, O My Sons and Daughters. Who has reformed a beggar by giving to him? What physician prevents sickness by healing?

14/14.4. They bring forth in deformity on the earth, and you must cure them in heaven. They squat on their haunches on earth, and they squat the same way in heaven, and you must cure them.

14/14.5. Go to the root of the matter, O My beloved. Send word down to the kingdoms of My Lords, and say to them: Thus says Jehovih: Follow them, O My Lords! Double the number of ashars, double the loo'is; leave no young man alone; leave no young woman alone. Keep watch over them day and night; give them visions and dreams of Apollo. For, I am concerted |418| in heaven and on earth to remold the forms of the earth‑born.

14/14.6. Jehovih said: Hear your Creator, O Gau! Make seven more plateaus for the second resurrection. Out of the idolatry of My Son, Apollo, I will beautify the inhabitants of the earth. And the cast and mold of men and women shall become a great power.

14/14.7. Jealousies will overspread the earth; jealousies will rise in the first resurrection. Make seven more plateaus in the second resurrection, and sort the es'yans in the hour of birth.

14/14.8. God and the Council perceived; and so God appointed workmen, and fulfilled the commandments of Jehovih. And he established seven hundred tributary kingdoms of the second resurrection belonging to Gau.

14/14.9. These sub‑kingdoms were provided with sub‑Gods, second in rank below the Lords, of whom there were ten thousand who had direct supervision over mortals; and all the Lords had a sufficiency of guardian angels (ashars), and loo'is (masters of generations), so that they could direct any required number to particular mortals as they chose.

14/14.10. The Lords mostly established their heavenly kingdoms in the temples where mortals came to worship; and they inspired mortals to establish spirit chambers near the altars, where the prophets sat to learn the decrees of the Lord. The loo'is also came here (to the Lord's place) to receive their appointments over mortals, for the purpose of bringing about marriages acceptable before Jehovih.

14/14.11. On the other hand, the affairs of the sub‑Gods were wholly with matters in heaven, except when commanded by the Lords for special work.

14/14.12. And it came to pass, that mortals and their affairs were directed and governed by the decrees of the lower heavens, and these again by the etherean heavens, which were of Jehovih direct.

14/14.13. So Jehovih changed the forms of the earth‑born; but they became worshippers of Apollo, accrediting to one another Jehovih's perfection in them according to the form and figure |419| of the flesh. And because of the idolatry of the women for Apollo, their children were born of good flesh, and shapely; so that, in four hundred years, the hair on their heads grew long and straight, and men began to have beards. Neither did any young man consider any virtue in a young woman so important as her form; nor did young women value any virtue in man so great as a well‑molded form.

14/14.14. And when mortals died and their spirits entered the first resurrection, half the labor of the asaphs, the receiving angels, was accomplished.

14/14.15. So God changed the es'yan period to three years, except for the heirs of cousins, uncles and aunts, which was left at five years.























418  united, organized and moving in coordinated manner; concerted like a symphony, thus organic in harmony, symmetry and music








































419  shapeliness; aesthetic appeal, symmetry, beauty of proportions, wholesomeness, etc.



CHAPTER 15 Apollo





14/15.1. So perfect was the way of heaven, that, at the end of four hundred years, God, his Lords, and his sub‑Gods, had eight and a half billion souls of grade eighty‑eight ready for the third resurrection as Jehovih's harvest.

14/15.2. So Apollo sent Adova, division Goddess of Reth, in Coak, in etherea, down to the lower heaven, to deliver God and his hosts. And they were thus raised up to etherea in a sea of fire, and made one with Jehovih.

14/15.3. The next government in the lower heaven and on the earth was in like manner, and the next deliverance in dan was ten billion souls, of grade sixty‑five.

14/15.4. Similarly was the next administration in the lower heaven and on the earth; and the deliverance was ten billion, of grade fifty.

14/15.5. Likewise was the next administration on the earth and in the lower heaven, and the deliverance was ten billion, of grade thirty‑eight. So Apollo commanded these to be delivered in the a'ji'an fields of Oth, in Sanak and Orant, for they were unsuited for etherea.

14/15.6. The next administration in the lower heaven and on the earth continued in similar manner to those previous, and the deliverance was sixteen billion; but they were of grade twenty‑four. So Apollo commanded them to be delivered in the nebulous straits of Koppawotchiakka, for further development.

14/15.7. The next administration in the lower heaven was as those previous, but not so on the earth. For the kings and queens carried the idolatry too far, and mortals began destroying ill‑formed children and cripples, thus casting the ills of mortality into heaven. So there was no deliverance for the last dan of Apollo's cycle; and Jehovih received no harvest.

14/15.8. Thus ended the cycle of Apollo, being two thousand eight hundred years.







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