Book of Osiris, Son of Jehovih




CHAPTER 11 Osiris





18/11.1. In Assan, Osire appointed Sha'bon as God over the delivered hosts; and Sha'bon selected officers and teachers, and then divided the people into groups and sections, according to their development, and then erected schools, nurseries and factories, and put the inhabitants to work, feasting them aplenty with rites and ceremonies.

18/11.2. After Assan was duly organized, Osire departed, and went and sojourned in various kingdoms that had been established by his Lords.

18/11.3. And all the heavens of the earth were thus organized anew under Osire, being accomplished in three years; and Osire spent the remainder of dawn in Vibhraj, perfecting it as the central kingdom of atmospherea. And lastly, he decreed the appointment of ten thousand Lords, to dwell on earth. Some at the temples of worship, or at oracles; and some within the cities of the Ghans; and he decreed for his Lords as follows:

18/11.4. You shall not teach mortals of heavenly things, neither by inspiration, nor through the oracles.

18/11.5. You shall not let them commune with the spirits of the dead, not even their own kin.

18/11.6. You shall not permit spirits to come to their mortal kin. And the spirits of those who die in infancy, you shall deliver to the asaphs in Vibhraj.

18/11.7. You shall not permit spirits to inhabit deserted houses; nor permit them to form habitations on the graveyards, on the earth.

18/11.8. You shall not permit spirits to inhabit caves or waterfalls on the earth.

18/11.9. You shall not permit spirits to obsess mortals, nor to speak through them by entrancement, unless they are spirits you appoint, in order to carry out these, my decrees; or unless they are masters of generation (loo'is), whom you shall appoint over mortals for other purposes.

18/11.10. You shall control the selecting and appointing of guardian spirits over newborn mortals.

18/11.11. And all such guardian spirits shall teach their wards nothing of heaven near the earth, but inspire them to believe that it lies far away, and very high, from which none return.

18/11.12. And the guardians shall also inspire their wards to consult God only, or his Lord, and to do this by secret prayer.

18/11.13. And that the Lord and God are all goodness, and all wisdom, and all love, and all power.

18/11.14. And that all evil comes from tetracts, |483| born with man's mortal condition.

18/11.15. And you shall inspire mortals to acquire a knowledge of the sun, moon and stars, giving names to them, together with their places in the firmament.

18/11.16. And give them temples for observation, and tablets for instruction.

18/11.17. For in all things you shall direct man's soul to the acquisition of corporeal knowledge, causing him to look into corporeal things to find a reason for the behavior of all created substance.

18/11.18. And they shall no longer depend, in any sense, on the spirits for knowledge, or truth.

18/11.19. For I am not laying the foundation for spiritual knowledge on earth; that must come after. For as Jehovih first gave man a corporeal life, and then a spiritual life, so am I now laying a foundation for a new race (Ghans with corporeal intelligence and corporeal judgment) on the earth. For from their kin shall spring the heirs of Kosmon, who shall embrace both corporeal and spiritual knowledge.

18/11.20. But these shall rise in corporeal knowledge, and go down in it, suffering death in that which I now rain on the earth.

18/11.21. You shall teach them in truth; but future generations will contort your teachings into corporeal worship, prostrating themselves before the sun, moon and stars, going down in disbelief in not only the spiritual life, but in the Great Spirit, and His Gods and Lords. |484|



















































483  that is, evil disposition --Ed. [see 10/13.9-10; 11/1.68.]




























484  see image i019 Star-Worshippers





i019 Star-Worshippers. Arose during the cycle of Osiris, some 12,000 years before kosmon.

(see image only)



18/11.22. All these things must come to pass on the corporeal world; nor can there be any resurrection in the latter days, unless those of this day go through the fall that I am preparing for them.

18/11.23. For which reason, you shall found |485| corporeal knowledge in the stars, and name them; for these things will be testimony in kosmon, of the fate of the worshippers of corporeal knowledge, in the time of the Osirian cycle.

18/11.24. In this you shall leave nothing undone that can be done, in order to make mortals put aside all spirituality, except to believe in the Great Spirit and a distant heaven; instead make them pursue knowledge wholly corporeal.

18/11.25. For the labor of God and his Lords shall not always be to fetch spirits back to earth, to learn of corpor, for this is not Jehovih's plan.

18/11.26. A heaven of corporeal knowledge shall be built up, which shall have a base in the firmament of heaven, where spirits can be taught in time to come.

18/11.27. Do not fear that man, during this period before us, can become too unbelieving in spiritual things; for Jehovih requires even perfection in unbelief, in certain periods of time. And this is the founding of that era on the earth.

18/11.28. Therefore, attend to these matters with all your wisdom and strength; and may the Light of Jehovih be with you, now and forever.







485  initiate, establish, lay the base of; thus man would base his corporeal knowledge on the stars; said another way, all corporeal knowledge originates from (can be reduced to, linked to, traced to) the stars; the origin of astrology and astronomy. Note that originally the constellations and stars (including planets) were identified so that man (through correlation) could learn the timing of corporeal events. It was only later that man attributed the cause of these events to the stars or constellations themselves.



CHAPTER 12 Osiris





18/12.1. Osire, through his mathematicians, now furnished the Lords with maps of corporeal stars and the sun-belt (zodiac, onk), and bestowed names of animals upon them. Showed the position of the moon, sun and the earth in it; showed where the region of Cows |486| was; the place of Bulls; the place of Bears; the place of Horses; the place of Fishes; the place of Scorpions; the place of Sheep; the place of Lions; the place of Crabs; the place of Death [Sagittarius --Ed.]; the place of Life [Gemini --Ed.]; the place of Capricornus; and marked the seasons, and made twelve sections to the year, which was the width of the sun‑belt.

18/12.2. And he placed the sun in the center of the belt and made lines from there to the stars, with explanations of the powers of the seasons on all the living. |487|

18/12.3. And he gave the times of Jehovih: the four hundred years of the ancients, and the half times of dan, the base of prophecy; the variations of thirty‑three years; the times of eleven; and the seven and a half times of the vortices of the stars; so that the seasons could be foretold, and famines averted on the earth.

18/12.4. When the tablets were completed and ready to deliver to the Lords, Osire said: Take these and bestow them on mortals, both through the oracles and by inspiration, making them sacred with the prophets, seers, priests, and their kings and queens.

18/12.5. And you shall inspire them to build temples of observation, to study the stars; teaching by the gau, and by the travel of the sun north and south, and by Cnest [north star --Ed.], and by dark chambers, so that they can prove the Fichtus of Haal; |488| for all that can be done or taught, shall be, to prove man's corporeal senses adequate for a perfect corporeal life.

18/12.6. For this rule follows on all corporeal worlds; that with the culture of the corporeal senses, man becomes vigorous, strong, and independent; and with the culture of the spiritual senses in corporeans, they become weak, sensitive and dependent.

18/12.7. In the first case, they ultimately become selfish and wicked; in the second case, they become impotent, and unadapted to corporeal life, and thus become extinct.

18/12.8. On all corporeal worlds, for every race He created, Jehovih has provided these two seasons: a season for the development of the corporeal senses, and a season for the development of the spiritual senses. To find the mean between these is to find Kosmon, which lies far in the future.

18/12.9. Now, therefore, I place the matter into your charge, in the name of Jehovih, that you shall not consider the spiritual nature of the corporeans in any respect, leaving that matter to God and his sub‑Gods, who will receive them at the time of their mortal death.

18/12.10. But you shall teach them to fear no spirit, Lord or God; teaching them that by their own wills they can cast out the tetracts, which assume to be spirits. Indeed, you shall inspire them to be Gods and Goddesses themselves; and by their aspirations they will become large and powerful, and of fearless disposition.








486  The terms cows and horses, or mares and bulls, in the Vedic Scriptures, do not refer to the animals themselves, but to groups of stars, with reference to their power on the male and female; or rather, positive and negative forces. In some of the astrological maps, in Upper Thibet [Tibet], the star groups are still set with animal outlines.

Osiris was sent to the earth to develop corporeal brains in man [mind, corporeal knowledge, corporeal judgment]; and he will stand to the end of time as the God of natural philosophy [science], as that term is understood. The names of many of the stars, and of most of the signs of the zodiac, are today as they were given by this God, Osiris, more than ten thousand years ago. --Ed.

487  see image i020 Onk or Zodiac













488  Fichtus of Haal refers to 24,000 years' periods, as will be seen in another place, when great changes take place on the earth. It also refers to an average position of the north star. And yet again, the same term applies to certain distances from the sun, where planets have orbits. It is by this rule that astronomers, to this day, judge of the place where a planet is likely to be discovered. The ruined temples of India and Eastern Persia suggest that, in the time of their building, the astronomers of those days knew nearly as much of the heavens as we do today. Some five thousand years afterward these things were taught in Egypt, when the first pyramids were built. According to the rules in prophecy, these astronomical desires came to man every eleven thousand, and six and five thousand years. --Ed.



CHAPTER 13 Osiris





18/13.1. When great Osire had thus spoken, and commissioned his God and Lords to the harvesting of earth and heaven for another cycle, then the dawn of dan was finished. Order reigned in heaven and on earth, because a man, a God, had spoken. Men and angels had their eyes turned inward, to know of what capacity Jehovih had made them. And the earth, moon, sun and stars were shown in a new light to the sense of men; not to be shunned and despised, but glories given by the Great Spirit for useful purposes.

18/13.2. Jehovih had said: Some men I created to reason upon events near at hand, others to speculate upon events in remote regions; with thoughts diverse and unalike in procedure. Do not think, O man, that in high heaven such men become all alike; for I did not create them so, but to run in their various extremes forever!

18/13.3. Of the first, Osire, My Son, enthroned to give reason practice, did not come at a random period, but just when I had designed to sow the seed of unbelief and broadcast it over earth and heaven. ||

18/13.4. For such seasons appear in all peoples under the sun; a season of belief; a season of unbelief. And with the believing is the practice of truth and love; and with the unbelieving is the practice of great research and learning, with cruelty and disputation.

18/13.5. Osire said: Send for my resurrection, O Jehovih; I have uprooted the evil of idol worship, the extreme that follows too much belief. I have opened man's eyes to Your corporeal worlds, and set a mark on man's souls, so that no more shall man come from earth to heaven, saying: Alas, I have no corporeal knowledge!

18/13.6. Jehovih said: To further man's ultimate glory, I have decreed the earth to ji'ay'an fields for three thousand years, in which your fruit shall have its full growth.

18/13.7. Osire foresaw the times and places in the future road of earth and heaven, and that from his decrees would spring corporeal philosophy, the first of earth, to which man would look back in future ages, saying: From there sprang the Osirian system; from there, the Asyrian |489| races. Yet he looked further on, when men would become idolaters in disbelief of spiritual things, doing worship to the sun, moon and stars; and in very corpor profess to find the cause and foundation of all.

18/13.8. Jehovih said: Man shall search all things in order to find Me; but I gave this labor not to one generation of men, nor to those of a hundred or a thousand years, but to cycles. |490| For when I come in kosmon to found My kingdom on earth, man shall have the testimony of all speculations and philosophies before him, together with their fruits. And he shall judge that which is good by the evidence of past practices. ||

18/13.9. High in the arc of Se'ing rose Osire's call, where millions waited, knowing the dawn of dan on the red star was near its end. Swift messengers told the story of Jehovih's work, through His Son, Osire; and, measuring the width of his harvest, laid the scheme at the feet of the reigning Goddess, Antwa. And she gave the word, Go, to her legions in waiting, who had moored an obegia, a float, a fire‑ship, ready to proceed for the hosts redeemed by Great Osire.

18/13.10. And amid music and dancing, they cut her loose, the obegia, with five million souls aboard, commanded by Eticene, Goddess of Antwa's Garden---an etherean plain, where ten billion souls dwelt; a place of rest, for Gods and Goddesses to regale |491| themselves with stories of redemptions of mortals on the countless stars floating in Jehovih's etherean veins. |492|













































489  The sound, "Ah," substituted for "Oh," makes a word earthly that was heavenly. Asyrian, and Aysyrian, and Aysirian, and Assyrian, are synonymous terms. --Ed.





490  i.e., dan'ha cycles



















491  delight each other, tell stories, entertain



492  i.e., through the roadways; see image i098





i098 Etherean Worlds and Roadways for Sun-phalanxes. S = Sun; E = Earth.

(see image only)   (see close-up image only)



18/13.11. The obegia, the pride of Eticene, steered off to the red star, the earth, for the marriage festival of seven billion Brides and Bridegrooms, the yield of Osire's harvest for the upper kingdoms.

18/13.12. Meanwhile, Osire and his hosts, prepared in the usual way, waited for the signal, the coming of Jehovih's light within the earth's vortex. For strange as it may seem to Gods and men, everything in the firmament is upward; those who leave a star (a planet), rise upward; those who leave an etherean world for the stars, also rise upward, but call it downward, to suit the understanding of mortals. In that way, then, the obegia, with the hosts of Eticene, pierced the vortex of atmospherea. |493| The Brides and Bridegrooms shouted with joy.

18/13.13. And the millions of guests, assembled to witness the awe‑inspiring ceremonies, joined in applause.

18/13.14. Then down came the ship of fire, broad as a sea, with all her appurtenances |494| in trim; and, adorned in majesty, descended to the floors of Vibhraj. And from the mantles of light came Eticene, to salute great Osire, in the name of the Great Spirit, and receive his contribution to the unchangeable worlds!

18/13.15. Osire, with his attendants, the archangels of Lowtsin, received Eticene under the Sign of Ormadz, Master Creator of Power, and then presented his delivered sons and daughters, seven billion.

18/13.16. Due ceremonies were proclaimed, and upon completion, the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih entered the obegia. Osire saluted God, who was ordained to be ruler of heaven and earth for the next two hundred years, and, with sorrow in his soul, Osire departed, going into the obegia, the fire‑ship, for a higher heaven, where waited millions of loves, calling to him to come home.

18/13.17. Then upward rose the mighty ship, commanded by the slender Eticene, the young Goddess of Antwa's Garden; her little hands stretched upward to Jehovih, by her mighty faith, Commander of the elements.

















493  Thus, Eticene and her hosts were still traveling upward when it pierced the atmospherea of earth. But then, perhaps as they reorient the ship, they must seem to themselves to be traveling downward, for their orientation must change at some point.

494  equipment and accessories




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