Book of Osiris, Son of Jehovih




CHAPTER 9 Osiris





18/9.1. Through Osire, Jehovih said:

18/9.2. I created man with a corporeal life so that he could learn corporeal things. But behold, the I'huans have lost all energy to acquire earthly knowledge, depending on their familiar spirits for information on everything, thus wasting their mortal lives in non‑improvement. So that when they die, and enter heaven, they are easily made slaves of by evil spirits.

18/9.3. It would be better for them if they had no knowledge of spirit life, so that they would put into service, the talents I created within them. See to this matter, O My Sons and Daughters; for their desire for the presence of the spirits of the dead will draw fetals upon themselves, and they will go down in darkness, like the ancients.

18/9.4. The Voice departed, and then Osire said: Hear me, O brothers, O sisters; this is my commandment upon you, and for you to render to your successors after I call you for the resurrection:

18/9.5. Possess the temples and oracles, where the familiar spirits speak; do not allow familiars to come any more to kings, queens, governors, leaders or rulers of men; but take possession of all these places, and answer the corporeans with corporean knowledge only.

18/9.6. And so that you may be as a unit to mortals, you shall all give the same name, even Jehovih, through His Son, Osire. For when you answer at the oracle, or in the altar or temple, they will ask who the spirit is; and you shall say: "Osire, Son of Jehovih;" doing this in my name and the Father's.

18/9.7. And when you speak by entrancement, through the seers and prophets, also assert the same thing. And they will ask: Why has the Son of Jehovih come to us? And you shall say:

18/9.8. Because you are an idolatrous people, worshipping before stone and wood; by which, evil spirits take advantage of you, and rule you to your own detriment.

18/9.9. And they will reason among themselves, saying: How do we know, then, that you are not an evil spirit? And you shall say: It is well that you ask this, for I declare to you, you shall not worship Osire, but only Jehovih, the Creator. This doctrine, only, is safe.

18/9.10. Again they will say: Who is satan and his attendants? You shall answer: Whoever professes any name except the Great Spirit, is of satan, which pertains to self.

18/9.11. Now, while you are thus reasoning with them, certain ones in the temples will be worked by the familiar spirits, writhing and twisting, and you shall say to the next of kin: Behold, I will tell you how to cast out the evil spirit. You shall say: I charge you, in the name of Jehovih, to depart!

18/9.12. It shall come to pass that they will do this, and at the time they use the words: In the name of Jehovih, Depart! || you shall drive away the familiars, thus proving the power of Jehovih greater than all spirits.

18/9.13. But so that this matter may spread rapidly, and be valued highly, impart the name of the Great Spirit, in secret, not permitting them to speak it aloud. Choose, therefore, certain mortals, and ordain them through the king, and their labor shall be to cast out evil spirits.

18/9.14. It will come to pass in many places where you dispossess the false Lords and their confederates, that these evil spirits will inoculate the cattle and beasts of burden with poison, and they will die; and the evil spirits will show themselves to the dogs, and cause them to howl; and the evil spirits will obsess the swine, which are easily influenced, and the swine will appear drunk and foolish. And all these things you shall prophesy to mortals beforehand, thus supplying evidence of the Great Spirit's wisdom.

18/9.15. After these things are accomplished, mortals will further say: Behold, O Son of Jehovih, before you came, Apollo told us when to plant, and when to reap; when to bring the male and female cattle together; but now that we have put him aside, what shall we do? And you shall answer them:

18/9.16. Come into the starlight, and I will give you the signs, so that you may know these things yourselves. || And where you speak in the oracle, or by entrancement, you shall point out to them certain stars, and give them the names of these stars; and certain groups of stars (constellations) with their names also; and you shall show them the travel of the sun, north and south, and give them a tablet of onk (zodiac), divided into twelve groups, with twelve lines coming from the sun. |476|






























































































476  see Onk or Zodiac, image i020






i020 Onk or Zodiac. First revealed to man (other than I'hin) 12,200 years before kosmon. E, Earth; S, Sun.   (see image only)



18/9.17. And you shall raise up priests by inspiration, and by entrancement, and through them illustrate the position of the um |477| in the signs of the zodiac (onk). And the priests shall explain these things to the unlearned, so they may comprehend through their own knowledge.

18/9.18. When these things are accomplished, you shall inspire the I'huans and Ghans to go to the I'hins and ask to be circumcised to Jehovih; and the I'hins, also being under inspiration, will confess them |478| and bestow them with the sign. |479|



477  Um means direction, and in this case the place and direction of movement was illustrated by the priest. Note that there was um not only for the signs, but for individual stars, sun, moon and planets as well. For some symbols of um, see images i033r10g, i033r10i, i033r10j, i033r10k from the Tablet of Se'moin.

478  That is, will acknowledge them to be worshippers of the Great Spirit, and so bestow them with the circumcision---most likely this came with a rite and ceremony; perhaps also a sacred name of the Creator was imparted, to be kept in secret.

479  being the circumcision, which signified the person had seed capable of eternal life



From left to right: (1) i033r10g Um, direction or place; (2) i033r10i Git'um, for moon; (3) i033r10j Git'ow'um, for sun; (4) i033r10k V'work'um, for vortex || from the tablet Se’moin.   (see um image only | see git'um image only | see git'ow'um image only | see v'work'um image only)


CHAPTER 10 Osiris





18/10.1. When Osire had completed his instructions to his hosts, he sent messengers to Vibhraj, saluting, in the name of Jehovih, calling for one million more ethereans, who came presently; and Osire divided them into ten thousand groups, giving each group one or more of his attendants, to whom he had previously given instructions. When all of them were ready for the work, Osire said:

18/10.2. Experience has proven that to dispossess familiar spirits in one place, is only to drive them to another. It is wise, therefore, that in the same day that you make the attack in one city or temple, you do so in the principal places all over the earth, giving the familiars no place to fasten upon. Therefore, let the beginning of sunrise tomorrow in each and every place be the sign of attack; and you shall possess all the temples, places of the oracles, cities, kings, queens, rulers, and leaders of men, driving away, by stratagem or by force, all the false Lords, and all spirits professing the name of Apollo, or any representative |480| spirit in the name of Apollo or Thor.

18/10.3. And immediately mortals will recognize that some change is going on in the unseen world; and they will go to the places of spirit communion, asking for Apollo to explain; and you shall answer: Apollo is cast out! Hear the wisdom of the Great Spirit, Jehovih!

18/10.4. And then you shall instruct them as I have commanded.

18/10.5. So it came to pass as Osire had decreed; the ethereans drove out the false Lords of the earth and they banished the familiars of all the kings, queens and leaders of men. And the ethereans taught in the temples and oracles, and by entrancement, and by inspiration, as commanded by Jehovih, through His Son, Osire.

18/10.6. But in all places the Great Spirit's name was made a secret; and it was commanded of mortals that His name only be spoken in whisper, or low breath, because Jehovih speaks to the soul of man silently. And these things were established; and this was the first universal teaching of the Great Spirit given to mortals other than the sacred people, the I'hins.

18/10.7. And Osire decreed: You shall give one Lord to every city and oracle; but every Lord shall profess Jehovih, and to being His Son.

18/10.8. And this was also accomplished; and when the people consulted the oracles as to who the spirit was, the answer was: Jehovih, through His Son, Lord of earth (or God of earth). But it was made lawful to use the names, Lord and God, with audible voice; and they were thus used, and spoken of by mortals as the substitutive words, permissible in public, in place of the name, Jehovih. After this, the names Lord and God were worshipful.

18/10.9. Osire said: It is an easy matter to rule over the kings, queens, prophets, and all learned people; but not so easy to rule over the ignorant. They, having been accustomed to worship Apollo through the idols, will continue to do so for a long time; therefore, you shall cause the kings to issue edicts prohibiting familiar spirits, and forbidding soothsayers |481| and workers of magic; for you shall teach mortals that these things come from satan (the evil disposition of men).

18/10.10. This was also done, according to the commandments; and now there was no place left for familiar spirits to obsess mortals. And these spirits distributed themselves like the spirits of ancient times; some going into swine, and living with them; concerning which, Osire commanded his hosts to inspire the kings and queens to pass laws prohibiting the eating of swine's flesh, lest mortals become bound with fetals. Accordingly, this law was established on the earth. Some of the dispossessed spirits went into the forests to dwell, and some to the fountains and mists in waterfalls; others, who were depraved, dwelt in the fisheries and slaughter‑houses; and still others, in the kennels, with dogs and cats. Nevertheless, there were many mortals who were dealers in magic and witchery, and these had an abundance of familiars. And when such mortals would die, the familiars would go to their sons or daughters; consequently it was said of them, they inherited the gift of magic.

18/10.11. Osire, having overcome the evil spirits, now called a council at We‑ont‑ka‑woh; and five hundred thousand angels came.

18/10.12. Osire said: In Jehovih's name, I will now deliver those |482| I have cast out; and you shall labor in conjunction with the Gods of atmospherea to accomplish this end. Behold, I have had the familiars enumerated, and there are more than six billion of them on earth. You shall go, therefore, to all the divisions of the earth that they inhabit, and proclaim a great festival, to be held in We‑ont‑ka‑woh, inviting them here. And you shall provide them with conveyance, bringing them across the seas in suitable vessels. For, when I have congregated them here, I will destroy the ships so they cannot return.

18/10.13. This was accomplished, and more than five billion spirits came to the festival, where food was provided for them, and also clothes of fantastic colors, to please the eye of the ignorant; and after they were provided in decency, they were entertained with music and dancing, and taught to take part also. For seventy days the festival lasted, and every day varied from another; and the multitude became so intoxicated with delight, and also, so broken off from their old habits and associations, that they forgot all about the ships and conveyances.

18/10.14. Osire spoke to his Council privately, saying: Provide an airiata large enough for all these people. I will show you what shall happen! So, while the festival was going on, the proper workmen built the vessel, and its capacity was sufficient to carry all the multitude of spirits, besides a sufficiency of regimen for them on a long journey.

18/10.15. Now after the festival had lasted seventy days, Osire proclaimed order so that he could speak to them. He said:

18/10.16. Brothers and sisters, in the name of the Great Spirit, greeting to you all. I am about to depart to a higher world. So that you could hear my voice, I proclaimed order. So that you may rejoice in my words, I speak in love and tenderness. My home is in a world far away. Where there is no suffering; no sorrow. And the spirit of my people is radiant with light. I would tell you of the beauty and glory of my home, but it would not be fair to you. You would no longer be content to remain here. So I seal up my mouth.

18/10.17. Because you suffered, and my soul was full of pity, I made this festival. The Great Spirit taught me how to make food and clothes, and to travel far, and not be afraid. All the people where I live can hear the voice of the Great Spirit. They learn all things by first learning to hear Him. His Wisdom supplies every want.

18/10.18. It will be a long time before I come again; my heart of love will come back to you. The time of the festival is ended; your time has come to return to your old places. These Lords of yours, whom you have had so long, should provide for you.

18/10.19. Almost at once, when Osire began to speak, the people desired to go where he would decree; and when he suggested for them to return to their former Lords, who were also present, they answered with a universal shout: No, never more with them!

18/10.20. Osire said: I perceive you desire to go with me and my hosts. I have learned to understand the souls of people. But do you understand me? I mentioned the great glories in my heavens; but I did not tell you we worked to make them. Yes, we work every day. The Great Spirit made the tree to get its food and clothes without labor; but, behold, it has no power to travel. Some things in the world do not labor; but man, who has neither feathers nor hair to cover his body, is provided with talents. Talents are the greatest of all gifts. The air and the ground provide the substance of fruit and foliage to the tree; but the spirit who has talent can find the substance of fruit and foliage in the air, and gather it. ||

18/10.21. Lights of various colors were now being set up by the ethereans, and the place enriched with the most enticing perfumes.

18/10.22. Osire proceeded: By the cultivation of talent, all things are possible to all men and women. With a sufficiency of talent, you need no Lords or oppressive rulers. I mentioned the great beauties in my etherean home. You go to the spray of fountains, and amuse yourselves in rainbows; but you are in a small corner, at best, and the substances of your joys are in perpetual failure. Behold the sprays and bows made by my hosts! Hear the music played in the elements of their handiwork!

18/10.23. At that, the hosts overcast the entire multitude with the vapor of the air, converted into millions of kaleidoscopic pictures, and filled the place with the music of wind currents trained to tunes.

18/10.24. The hosts were overjoyed beyond measure. Again Osire said: Hear me yet further; the festival must cease. You forget, I told you I must go. My marshals will now conduct me and my hosts to my fire‑ship. As for you, my heart is broken. I know the toil and hardships put upon you. But if you desire these things, they are yours.

18/10.25. The universal shout was: We will go with you! Take us in your fire‑ship. Teach us how to improve our talents!

18/10.26. Osire said: What will the Lords do? Shall they remain without subjects? But the false Lords answered quickly: We will also go with you, and be servants to do your bidding!

18/10.27. Osire said: When I am on the ship I will answer. So he departed, and went into the airiata, to the side of which his own fire‑ship was made fast; and presently he commanded all who chose, to come aboard; and lo and behold, all of them, more than five billion, went in. At which point, Osire commanded immediate ascent; and he thus delivered them high up in atmospherea, where his proper officers had already provided a plateau of habitation for them; and the name of the plateau was Assan, signifying, no escape, for here Osire decreed to have them educated, and purged from evil; nor was it possible for them to return to the earth by their own power and learning.























480  agent, deputy, delegate, functionary








































481  those who profess to foretell events concerning self; fortune tellers


























482  the false Lords and familiars




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