Book of Cpenta‑armij, Daughter of Jehovih




CHAPTER 5 Cpenta-armij





23/5.1. When the light fell fully upon Cpenta‑armij, the Voice of Jehovih spoke through her, saying:

23/5.2. I am well pleased with you whom I made God over the earth and her heavens; by My hand you have raised them up; through you I have maintained the Diva even to this day.

23/5.3. You shall have honor in My exalted heavens because you are the first in Spe‑ta; but you shall crown your glory by descending to the earth and walking with mortals for the term of four years, with My Son, Brahma. And when your time is completed, I will come and deliver you and Brahma.

23/5.4. In My name you shall speak and establish Me among men; and I will be with you in Wisdom and Power. Take your attendants and proceed to your labor; whatever you desire of Me, call, and I will answer, for I have messengers who shall labor between us.

23/5.5. God then saluted, and withdrew. Next came Yima, and Jehovih spoke to him, saying:

23/5.6. Being one with God, you shall labor even as he labors; and you shall descend to the earth, to My corporeal Son, Po, who has been prepared in My name, and you shall walk the earth four years with him. And you shall speak in My name, establishing Me among mortals, to the end that My chosen shall be delivered into My kingdoms. For you shall lead them away from the mortal kings, and teach them to know Me as their only King.

23/5.7. Take, then, your attendants and go to your labor, and at the end of four years I will appoint a successor to you, and I will deliver you into My etherean kingdoms.

23/5.8. Yima then saluted and stood aside. Next came Vishnu, renowned for his labor in Vind'yu and her heavens. Jehovih said to him:

23/5.9. Being one with God, you shall fulfill with him the completion of Spe‑ta in My name. For which purpose you shall descend to the corporeal earth, to Arabin'ya, and dwell there for the period of four years with My corporeal Son, Abram. With Abram you shall remain day and night, speaking and laboring in Me as fully as My very Self. And you shall deliver My chosen away from the kings' peoples, teaching them to have no king but Me, their Creator. To Abram you shall reveal My name, Jehovih, and establish it in secret, with due rites and ceremonies. And at the end of four years I will appoint a successor to you; and I will deliver you into My emancipated worlds. Take, then, your attendants and depart to your labor, and I will be with you in wisdom and power. Vishnu then saluted and stood aside.

23/5.10. Next came Os, who had been sent by the etherean regions of Haot‑saiti to deliver the kingdoms of Japan and Heleste and their heavens, but who was now relieved by the Divan successor. To Os Jehovih spoke, saying:

23/5.11. In honor of your volunteering in the days of darkness for the relief of God and his kingdoms, I now create you God of the first Spe‑ta of the red star, and crown you with My Own hand. ||

23/5.12. And lo and behold, even with these spoken words, a light descended in the form of a crown and settled upon his head; at which, Jehovih said: In which I have made you a lawful Div with corporeal power.

23/5.13. And you shall descend to the corporeal earth, to Guatama, and walk with My Son Eawahtah, whom the loo'is have bred for My Voice, staying with him day and night, for the term of four years, gathering together the remnants of My lost tribes, and establishing them in faith of the Great Spirit, in My name, Egoquim, being suitable to the utterance I have created with them.

23/5.14. And at the end of four years I will appoint a successor to you; and after that I will restore you into My etherean worlds. Take, then, your attendants and depart to your labor, and I will be with you in wisdom and power.

23/5.15. Then Os saluted and stood aside, and the Voice departed; then Cpenta‑armij, on her own account, said: Now I dissolve the Diva with honor and glory to them. The kingdoms you ruled over shall be my kingdoms during dawn; in the Father's name I assume them and their affairs. Peace, love, wisdom and power be with you all, amen.

23/5.16. The four inspiring Gods then departed to the outer border of Craoshivi where they each had waiting, a fully equipped otevan, which had been prepared beforehand by their attendants, into which each God with his fifty thousand attendants, now embarked. The musicians then saluted them, even as they moved off, in direct lines for the earth.

23/5.17. Cpenta‑armij then lowered the light a little, and her three visiting companions, Owks, Ha‑o‑ha and See‑wah‑Gon, sat near her on the throne, before her etherean Council of five hundred million.

23/5.18. Cpenta‑armij said: I have visited the earth and her heavens, even the heavens on her very surface. By the power vested in me, I relieve from duty all Lords, Gods, sub‑Gods, and sub‑Lords, on the earth and in the heavens of the earth. My messengers will communicate this to them, commanding them, in my love and wisdom, which are one with the Father, to come at once to Craoshivi, so I may honor them and apportion them for the third resurrection, which will occur in four years.

23/5.19. To the Lord‑dom, Maitraias, founded by Vishnu, I appoint Yugsaesu as Lord and allot him thirty million of my etherean hosts, to be chosen by him. Let Yugsaesu come before me! Yugsaesu then came before Jehovih's throne, and Cpenta‑armij said to him: Go to Maitraias, taking your hosts with you. And when you arrive, possess it in Jehovih's name, and establish it in the order of a Lord‑dom, providing sub‑kingdoms to your place as may be required.

23/5.20. And you shall have dominion over all angels that are already with the plateau of Maitraias, or those who afterward may be sent to you from the other heavenly divisions and from the earth. And you shall provide your kingdom to the service of the Father, in ways chiefly to prevent angels from returning to the earth to obsess and pollute mortals. For you shall find hundreds of millions of them who have no aspiration other than destruction. Many of them were slain in wars on the earth, and are still seeking vengeance, and if they escape to the earth, they obsess mortals to burn cities, to murder, and to all manner of wickedness.

23/5.21. Your labor, O Lord, is not to reform them or teach them, for I shall appoint and allot others to that end; but you shall labor wholly and entirely to prevent the return of Maitraiasans to mortals. And so that you shall be strong before them, you shall draw from all other heavenly kingdoms, which I shall establish, a sufficient guard to enforce my commandments.

23/5.22. For four years you shall labor in this matter, and you shall also raise up one from within your Lord‑dom, to be your successor after you. Take, then, your hosts and go to your labors, and the Father will be with you in wisdom and power.

23/5.23. Yugsaesu then made his selections from Cpenta‑armij's hosts, and they came and passed before Jehovih's throne, saluting, and then withdrew and went into a ship which had been prepared for them by persons whose labor lies in that matter; and, having saluted with music, they departed, Yugsaesu and his hosts, rejoicing.

23/5.24. Cpenta‑armij spoke again, saying: Behold, the time has now come upon the earth when I will divide and allot to each of its great divisions, heavenly kingdoms accordingly.

23/5.25. To Japan, because she is a remnant of the submerged continent, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Suasu.

23/5.26. To Jaffeth, because she has preserved much of the first language, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Hijee‑tse.

23/5.27. To Vind'yu, because she is the most advanced in holiness of all the earth, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Vri‑mij.

23/5.28. To Arabin'ya, because she is the foundation of Jehovih's migratory hosts who shall go forth around the earth, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Paradise.

23/5.29. To Heleste, because she was rescued from darkness by Os in time to meet this arc, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Spe‑ta.

23/5.30. To Uropa, because she was first founded by a woman, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Himmel.

23/5.31. To South Guatama, because she is the least inhabited of all the great divisions of the earth, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Ahden.

23/5.32. To North Guatama, because she is the ground on which the circumscribing of the earth by the different nations shall take place, where the revelations of heaven and earth shall be made to man, |743| I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Kosmon.

23/5.33. To all the South Islands, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Flue.

23/5.34. To all the North Islands, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it shall be called Sin-Yot.

23/5.35. Now the light of Jehovih spread over Cpenta‑armij, and His voice spoke through her, saying: To My ten heavenly kingdoms which I have made through My Daughter, behold, I choose ten Lords, and My ten Lords shall go to the kingdoms I apportion to them. In My name My Lords shall build to Me ten heavenly places of delight, for the spirits of the dead that rise up from the earth.

23/5.36. And in My kingdoms, My Lords shall establish places of learning, places of labor, and places for the sick and helpless angels that rise up from the earth. And My Lords shall raise them up to know Me and the glory of the worlds I have created for them; inspiring them to perfect themselves in wisdom, purity and power, so that they may arise and inherit My etherean heavens.

23/5.37. And My Lords shall appoint ashars to mortals at the time of their corporeal birth; and these ashars shall be appointed to shifts of watch, so they may relieve one another, having a time of labor and a time of rest. And My Lords shall appoint My ashars so that each and every ashar shall have a hundred changes of labor with a hundred different mortals, in order to learn all the varieties of men and women I have created. And the number of ashars shall be equal to the number of mortals dwelling on the earth.

23/5.38. And My Lords shall appoint asaphs to reside in heaven, sufficient in number to receive the spirits of all who die on the earth, which they shall receive from the ashars in My name. And the asaphs shall take these angels, thus received, and place them in the regions My Lords shall have prepared for them, where there shall be sufficient teachers, nurses and physicians in My heavenly places to administer to them.

23/5.39. And My Lords shall provide discipline to the spirits thus received, who shall be trained according to the Divan law that I established through My Gods, and this discipline shall extend beyond the es'yan even to the thirtieth grade.

23/5.40. Then My Lords shall provide for those who have attained to the thirtieth grade by sending them in suitable ships to this place, Craoshivi, and so, deliver them to My Daughter, Cpenta‑armij, and to her successor God or Goddess, who shall have dominion over the whole earth and her heavens.

23/5.41. For behold, it is the nature of man on the earth to go after earthly things instead of heavenly; and it is the nature of the es'yan to strive for the earth instead of My higher heavens. Be careful, therefore, to lay a foundation to prevent angels and mortals from going downward; to provide inspiration to make them desire to ascend to My holy regions.

23/5.42. The Voice now departed, and Cpenta‑armij spoke on her own account in Jehovih's name, saying:

23/5.43. Let whomever I call, come before Jehovih's throne, for they shall be the Lords whom I shall anoint for the heavenly kingdoms I have established:

23/5.44. Le‑tzoo, Lord of Suasu, a heavenly place over Japan.

23/5.45. Oe‑wah, Lord of Hi‑jee‑tse, a heavenly place over Jaffeth.

23/5.46. Loo‑gam, Lord of Vri‑mij, a heavenly place over Vind'yu.

23/5.47. Ha‑kappa, Lord of Paradise, a heavenly place over Arabin'ya.

23/5.48. Jes‑Sie, Lordess of Spe‑ta, a heavenly place over Heleste.

23/5.49. Yo‑han, Lord of Himmel, a heavenly place over Uropa.

23/5.50. Hinot‑tse, Lordess of Ahden, a heavenly place over South Guatama.

23/5.51. Ami, Lordess of Kosmon, a heavenly place over North Guatama.

23/5.52. Horam, Lord of Flue, a heavenly place over the Southern Islands.

23/5.53. Puetse, Lordess of Sin‑Yot, a heavenly place over the Northern Islands.

23/5.54. All these angels came before Cpenta‑armij when called, and they now stood abreast Jehovih's throne, at which point the All Light overspread the place, and the Father's Voice spoke through Cpenta‑armij, saying:

23/5.55. You are My Lords and Lordesses, by Me raised up and allotted your places. You shall labor for four years, even to the end of this dawn; and you shall provide successors to take your places after you. And in this lies your greatest glory and Mine. For they who succeed you shall hold dominion two hundred years. And they in turn shall provide successors after them, and so on; for these successions shall continue till the arc of Bon.

23/5.56. With My own hand I weave crowns, and crown you for My kingdoms!

23/5.57. When these words were spoken, the light that was now gathering quickly in a variety of colors, took the shape of ten separate crowns, and descended on the heads of the Lords and Lordesses. The Voice ceased, but Cpenta‑armij spoke on her own account, in Jehovih's name, saying:

23/5.58. My Lords and Lordesses, go to your labors in the love, wisdom and power of the Father, and He will be with you; and you shall be a glory in His kingdoms. Therefore, each of you shall choose ten million of my hosts, who shall go with you to your places, to be exchanged or divided later, as I may direct. So that you may choose in order, he who was first appointed shall choose first; the second next, and so on until you have your chosen.

23/5.59. All these Lords and Lordesses were of the Higher Light, and knew beforehand, and had already chosen their attendants in that manner, so that at a given signal the chosen multitudes rose up and came before the throne, forming ten groups of ten million each. And they at once formed in line and passed before Jehovih's throne, saluting in the sign, Birth of Spe‑ta on the earth, and Cpenta‑armij answered in the sign, Jehovih and the lower heavens.

23/5.60. Cpenta‑armij said: For the glory of this scene, I bequeath a day of rest, so that my hosts may witness the departure of the fleets of Jehovih's Lords and Lordesses. || At once the hosts joined in a mighty chorus of thanksgiving and praise; and they went out and saw the ships laden with the joyous crews; saw them set their great fleet in motion; sang and shouted to them in Jehovih's love, for the glory of His high heavens.






















































































































































































743† Oahspe is one such revelation.



CHAPTER 6 Cpenta-armij





23/6.1. In the beginning of the second year of Cpenta‑armij in Craoshivi, messengers came before Jehovih's throne, saluting, and greeting from Ctusk, who now lived under the name, Ahura, and submitted the following communication:

23/6.2. Ctusk, who has become Ahura, a servant of Jehovih, and is now God of Ailkin by just judgment of Jehovih, desires audience with the Most High‑Raised Cpenta‑armij, Daughter of the Great Spirit.

23/6.3. To this Cpenta‑armij answered: Greeting, in love to my brother, Ahura. By the Grace and Power of Jehovih, come and see me, bringing your attendants. || Now, after the lapse of a few days, Ahura came to Craoshivi, attended by one million, escorted by music, and proclaimed according to the discipline of the higher heavens, with heralds and trumpeters. And Cpenta‑armij's hosts received Ahura and conducted him and his hosts within the capital chamber; and Ahura went before Jehovih's throne, saluting on the sign, Second Plateau and Cpenta‑armij answered in Nirvanian Road, Salkwatka. She said:

23/6.4. In the name of the Great Spirit, Whose Daughter I am, I welcome you in love and high esteem. I know all your past record, and look upon you as the foundation of one of Jehovih's brightest suns. I have long desired that you should petition to come to see me; and I much desired to see you and greet you in the Father's name.

23/6.5. Ahura said: O Most High Chieftainess, of hundreds of thousands of years, how can I stand before you? I know you have seen many truants in your day, and watched their course thousands of years. You can see before me all that awaits me and mine; the past and the future are as an open book before you. That I have stood before you and looked upon you, I am blessed above all things since the day of my birth.

23/6.6. Behold, the hand of the Great Spirit has appeared before me; I comprehend the only road that leads to everlasting resurrections; I know that the One All Person must always stand as the Keynote for angels and mortals. Without Him, a man is like a ship without a rudder; the seas around him drive him to ruin in the end. Blessed is he who has had the experience of this in an early day of his life. Nervous and full of fear is he who has been tried two thousand years!

23/6.7. Then Cpenta‑armij spoke, saying: I perceive your desires, O Ahura! I understand why you are before me. Your wisdom is great indeed. You perceive that your plateau is in the second removal from the earth. You fear that some of your hosts will forsake Jehovih, and usurp kingdoms of their own, even as you did in the past. You desire me to raise your plateau farther away from the corporeal earth.

23/6.8. Ahura said: If it is Jehovih's will; for this is the very reason I have come before you!

23/6.9. Now a great light came, bright, like a sun, and settled over the throne, enveloping the Goddess Cpenta‑armij, and Jehovih's Voice spoke out of the light to Ahura, saying:

23/6.10. My Son, My Son, why have you so little faith! Behold, I am with you even as I am with this, My Daughter. All you lack is faith. Go back to your plateau and raise it yourself. My Daughter shall come to you, and show you how, and you shall not fail. To have faith in Me is to be one with Me; to lack faith in Me is to be far removed from Me.

23/6.11. Ahura said: O Jehovih, teach me how to begin to have faith. To find the beginning, there is my stumbling block!

23/6.12. Jehovih said: By trying Me, there is the beginning. By learning to know your own power in Me; and to know My power in you; this is the sum of all power and wisdom. By the lack of faith in Me, man sets up himself; by the lack of faith in Me, the self‑assuming Gods build kingdoms for themselves.

23/6.13. The failure of man is proof of My power; the failure of all kingdoms is proof of the lack of faith in Me, which proves My power is manifested over them. First, after the abjuring |744| of self, comes the constant manifestation of power through faith, the example of which holds the multitude to Me and My works.

23/6.14. Because you have allowed fear in your soul for a relapse of your kingdom, you have opened the door for disaster. Have I not proved this on earth, in which the faith of a captain leads his soldiers on to victory, and his lack of faith breaks them down in weakness and defeat? Do not think, O Ahura, that My examples are any less applicable to My Gods.

23/6.15. If, therefore, My Daughter should come to your kingdom and raise it up, behold, she would lessen your hosts' faith in you. For which reason you shall return to Ailkin, and proclaim to your people that you will raise your plateau. And though millions of them will consider it vanity, and beyond your power, behold, I will provide for you so that you shall not fail.

23/6.16. Ahura said: I perceive Your Wisdom, O Jehovih! That which You have put upon me, I know I shall accomplish through You. || The Voice departed, and Cpenta‑armij spoke on her own account, saying: You shall proclaim a day for this great work; and you shall send invitations to me and my hosts, and to my Gods and Lords, Goddesses and Lordesses. Send, therefore, your surveyors and inspectors, and determine where you would raise your plateau, and you shall be provided from my hosts whatever assistance you may need.

23/6.17. Ahura then saluted, and he and his hosts departed from the capital chamber, and rested awhile in recreation with the etherean hosts; after which they entered their ship, departed and returned to Ailkin. There Ahura appointed the day for the resurrection, and sent messengers throughout atmospherea, proclaiming what he would do, inviting Gods and Lords, with their attendants, to come and spend the day with him.

23/6.18. Jehovih spoke to Cpenta‑armij, saying: Send your mathematicians to estimate the grade of Ahura's plateau; and send your surveyors to the place he has chosen, so that your hosts may know the power required; and you shall provide from your own hosts, privately, suitable stationers so that Ahura shall not fail. For, in time to come, Ahura shall be one of My greatest Gods.


















































































744† abnegating, turning away from, renouncing



CHAPTER 7 Cpenta-armij





23/7.1. So on his return to his kingdom, Ahura immediately set about accomplishing this great labor.

23/7.2. Now there were many with Ahura who had been sub‑Gods, captains and generals under him while he was in rebellion against Jehovih and His kingdoms; and when they heard of the proclamation they said within their souls: What, is it possible Ahura is at his old games? For they did not know of his concert with the kingdoms above, and so did not believe in his power.

23/7.3. Jehovih moved upon Ahura, and induced him to send numerators and graders throughout his kingdom, to take the measure of those who had faith, and of those who had no faith, and of those who had neither faith nor non‑faith. And Ahura graded and numbered these, so when the time came he would know where to place them. Then he numbered the unlearned and dumb; and then the enthusiastic; and he graded them and arranged them also.

23/7.4. When he had this much accomplished, there came to him one Anuhasaj, a former sub‑God, and he said to Ahura, privately: I love you, Ahura, and for that reason I have come to you. You shall meet only failure and disaster in your undertaking. How many times, in your mighty kingdom of Ctusk, did the All High fail to come to you?

23/7.5. Ahura said: Because of your love I rejoice in you; but because of your lack of faith I deplore you. How long will it be before angels and mortals understand the Father and His kingdoms? Behold, in the days of Ctusk I did not labor for Jehovih, but for myself and my exaltation, and for the exaltation of my kingdom for my own ends. Consequently the All High did not come to answer my prayers. Now in this matter, I am doing that which is not for me, nor for my kingdom for my own sake, but for the Father's sake only. And I know He will not fail me.

23/7.6. Anuhasaj said: Has it not been from the time of the ancients till now, that certain ones say that by prayer and faith all things are possible, assuring us, moreover, that by these, all things are accomplished on earth and in heaven? And yet, who has not witnessed more failure than success? I do not desire to discourage you, O Ahura, but well I know the lack of faith on the part of all men, and that to get one's self weaned away from self is the weakest talent in the soul. And, for which reason, too, it is ultimately the greatest glory. But it would seem to me to be expedient to have Cpenta‑armij and her hosts do this resurrection for you.

23/7.7. Ahura said: Even your every thought I have already fulfilled. And through the Chieftainess came the Father's Voice, commanding me to do this resurrection on my own account.

23/7.8. Anuhasaj made no reply to this, but in his soul he was not free from the tetracts, being jealous that by obtaining the Father's commands Ahura had advanced beyond him. But Ahura did not perceive it, and he said to Anuhasaj: The hosts of Ailkin have been counted, and there are four billion five hundred million. And within the grades above es'yan there are one hundred and seventy thousand schools, two hundred and thirty thousand colleges, four hundred thousand factories, and two hundred thousand hospitals.

23/7.9. Behold, on the day of resurrection I shall have the Han‑od‑wotcha recreation for my hosts. Let this, then, be your labor, to have the matter proclaimed throughout Ailkin. Anuhasaj said: By Jehovih's leave and yours, I am satisfied.

23/7.10. Thus ended the matter; but Ahura remembered later that Anuhasaj had not answered positive acceptance, and so Ahura feared that Anuhasaj might not fulfill the task, and so to make doubly sure, he called Evasan, and committed the same charge to him.

23/7.11. Now when the time came, lo and behold, Anuhasaj did not fulfill his part, but Evasan did; and Evasan, moreover, came to Ahura, bringing answers from all the departments.

23/7.12. In the morning of the day of the resurrection, Ahura sent for Anuhasaj and inquired concerning the matter. Anuhasaj said: No, I did not issue your proclamation or your invitation, for I reasoned on the matter, saying to myself: If the resurrection is a failure, then it would indeed be better that the ignorant do not know of it.

23/7.13. Ahura said: To do one's own part well, is this not the highest? Anuhasaj said. It is the highest. And I did so; for I have done that which seemed the highest in my own sight.

23/7.14. Ahura said: The resurrection was not for you or me, but for the hosts. For you had previously admitted that the resurrection of this plateau was the highest, best thing to be done. Even though it seemed impracticable in your sight, you were not justified in withholding your hand. You should have striven to accomplish that which was for the universal good, not even whispering your distrust to anyone. Then if it had failed, your own soul would have been clear. For which reason Jehovih came to me, and I was admonished for my oversight, and so, assigned Evasan in your place, and he has fulfilled my commands.

23/7.15. Anuhasaj made no reply, but went away in displeasure, and for the present the matter was dismissed.

23/7.16. Ahura had sent invitations to the Lords of all the divisions of the earth, asking them to come, bringing their attendants with them. Of these the following came, namely: Oe‑wah, Lord of Hi‑jee‑tse; Ha‑kappa, Lord of Paradise; Loo‑gam, Lord of Vri‑mij; Jes‑Sie, Lordess of Spe‑ta; Ami, Lordess of Kosmon; Horam, Lord of Flue; and Puetse, Lordess of Sin‑Yot, each bringing one million attendants, besides hundreds of thousands of visitors of lower grade.

23/7.17. Cpenta‑armij, with her visitors, Owks, See‑wah‑Gon and Ha‑o‑ha, along with five million attendants and thirty-five million visitors, came from Craoshivi in an avalanza made for the purpose.

23/7.18. The place of relocation that Ahura had decided to inherit was in the second belt below meteoris, known in atmospherea at that time as Vara‑pishanaha, a heavenly place, uninhabited, which lay between the land of Vind'yu and the star‑region known as the Horse and Cow and Calf Pastures. To travel from Ailkin to Vara‑pishanaha would take fourteen hours in grade twenty‑five, which was the average of Ahura's hosts; but its enlargement in the upper belt would be as fifteen to nine.

23/7.19. Cpenta‑armij and her hosts were the first to arrive in Ahura's dominion, for she was determined that nothing would lead to failure in Ahura's enterprise. Following her advice Ahura stationed water‑bearers along the entire distance of travel, lest, in the excitement, the drujas might run into knots or riot. For such is the nature of darkness, both on earth and in the lower heavens: The low delight to dwell in a city, or near a place of filth, for companionship, rather than go to a place of isolation where improvement is possible.

23/7.20. Jehovih had said to Ahura: Do not permit your drujas to know you will be moving them so far from the earth; confide only in the wise regarding your destination. Cpenta‑armij had said to Ahura: Provide a parade holiday for your drujas, with rites and ceremonies. And Ahura perceived how the matter had to be, so he apportioned eighty million of his hosts to provide parades, rites and ceremonies for the drujas among his hosts. Of these drujas, there were one billion two hundred million ranking below grade five, being angels who did not know the left hand from the right, nor could they remember how to count to five from one day to the next. And yet the next billion, rating below grade twelve, knew only a little more, and were scarcely wiser than beasts in the field.

23/7.21. Cpenta‑armij, seeing these, exclaimed: O Jehovih, how long must Ahura labor with these in order to raise them to grade ninety‑nine! O if only they who set themselves up as Gods knew what lay before them! O if leaders of men knew! O if only mortal kings and queens knew the bondage that they lay down for themselves! What a work in the lower heavens for them before they can ascend! And yet, O Jehovih, You are just. Someone must labor with these unfortunates. It is well that man aspires to be king, and Lord and God.





CHAPTER 8 Cpenta-armij





23/8.1. When all the billions of angels were assembled for the resurrection, Cpenta‑armij went and stood at the right hand of Ahura, and next to her stood Owks; and at the left hand of Ahura stood See‑wah‑Gon and Ha‑o‑ha, and the Voice of Jehovih fell upon Ahura, saying: Extend My lines to the four corners of the world; give the highest grades into My labor.

23/8.2. Accordingly the marshals drew the line on the plateau, and the hosts of etherea stood equally toward every corner, arranged in phalanxes of ten million each, each having the form of a quarter of a circle; leaving spaces where the lines of power ran from center to circumference, and the distance was equal to the width of Vind'yu on the corporeal earth. And the center of the plateau was high raised, so that Ahura stood on the highest place, which lay near the Capital of the Council.

23/8.3. Now it so happened that the jealous Anuhasaj stood twelfth on the east line, being the thirteenth from Ahura's left hand. Cpenta‑armij said to Ahura: Behold, the line is shattered. Ahura said: I feel nothing; what do you mean, the line is shattered? She answered him, saying: He who does Jehovih's work must deal as Jehovih deals. Only those who are in concert with you must labor with you. Otherwise your best endeavors will be thwarted. Ahura said:

23/8.4. O far‑perceiving Goddess! In my much love and sympathy I admitted Anuhasaj to the lines. He has been my best friend. Cpenta‑armij said: You shall know only One Friend, Jehovih.

23/8.5. Ahura perceived, and he now felt the shattered place, and he sent his chief marshal to Anuhasaj to bring him from the rank. And when Anuhasaj was before Ahura, the latter said to him: Because you serve yourself, you shall not stand in line; behold, there is only One to serve, even Jehovih. Anuhasaj said: A joy upon you and your scheme. Because you are powerless, you have singled me out as an excuse before these Gods and Goddesses!

23/8.6. Ahura made no answer, but spoke before Jehovih, saying: Give me strength for Your Children's sake, O Father! Behold, I have cut loose the foundations of Ailkin; with high‑extending cords I have bound her to Vara‑pishanaha. By virtue of Your power in me I will raise her up. In Your name, let my hosts in will command: Arise! Upward! Onward! O Ailkin! Arise, upward, onward, O Ailkin! Arise, upward, onward O Ailkin!

23/8.7. With the third enunciation, which came from the billions in concert, behold, the plateau moved from her foundation; turned a little, then slowly rose upward. Loud shouts and cheers erupted from the inhabitants of that heaven; for, along with their own universal will, the Great Spirit had stretched forth His hand and raised up the heavenly continent. Even as with His hand He touches a corporeal continent and sends it beneath the ocean, so also does He raise His heavenly places toward His emancipated worlds. Yes, because of His Spirit upon His people, they desire it risen; with them and Him, All is One.

23/8.8. And now the Gods, with unbroken will, held their places through what was daylight for the corporeal earth, |745| and not a God or Goddess strayed a moment of time from the single purpose in thought, nor did any distracting thought intervene; for such is the will and mastery of Gods over their own thoughts. Nevertheless, to keep up the concerted force joyously, those who had the drujas in charge set the games and tournaments going, with racing and music, so that there was not one idle moment for all the hosts of Ailkin, nearly five billion.

23/8.9. Upward and onward rose the great plateau, making straight course for Vara‑pishanaha. Ahura stood in the eyes of the unlearned populace as the greatest and most masterly of all the Gods. One alone, even Anuhasaj, stood awhile transfixed with disappointment and chagrin, |746| even hoping some mishap to Jehovih's proceedings. And, finally, he went wandering about, sore and out of sorts with all righteousness.

23/8.10. Thus was raised the heavenly place, and no longer called Ailkin, but Vara‑pishanaha, home of Ahura and his hosts. And now, when they were securely established in the new place, and the Gods and Goddesses broke from their line, they all came greeting Ahura. And, even in that same moment of time, a messenger came from God, who was with Brahma on the corporeal earth, bringing to Cpenta‑armij the following commandment, by proxy, namely:

23/8.11. In Jehovih's name, give a throne and crown to Ahura for me, and in my name. I promised him thus!

23/8.12. The light came upon Cpenta‑armij, and Jehovih spoke through her, saying: Behold the work of My hand, O Ahura, My Son! From the substance of heaven I fashion you a throne and high‑raised capital. And with My own hands weave you a crown. From this time forth you shall be My God, and I will abide with you.

23/8.13. While the words were being spoken, the throne rose up before Cpenta‑armij's hand, and a high‑raised capital came and stood over the throne extending beyond it. And there descended from the heavens above bows of light and color, which in Cpenta‑armij's fingers were shaped and woven into a crown, which alighted on Ahura's head. And there went up from the hosts a universal shout of praise and thanksgiving. Then seven million trumpeters broke in, and after they played a while, the es'enaurs chanted: The Concerted Hosts of Jehovih!

23/8.14. Thus was founded Jehovih's heavenly kingdom, Vara‑pishanaha, in which Ahura established his dominions where rebellion and secession were cut off forever. And Cpenta‑armij gave to Ahura a thousand messengers, and opened a roadway to Craoshivi. Ahura ascended his throne, and the Gods and Goddesses saluted him, God of Vara‑pishanaha, and they and their attendants departed to their various places.


































































745† i.e., likely from sunrise to sunset, near summer solstice; recall it was a 14-hour journey (23/7.18)












746† wounded pride, humiliation, resentment



CHAPTER 9 Cpenta-armij





23/9.1. In the third year of dawn Jehovih spoke to Cpenta‑armij, saying: Gather together the officers of your traveling hosts, and take your companions with you, and go and visit all the Lords and Lordesses of the earth, whom you appointed. And let your recorders make their accounts of the affairs of the earth and her heavenly kingdoms, so that they may be taken to, and entered in, the libraries of the Nirvanian kingdoms.

23/9.2. Also you shall set your collectors of Brides and Bridegrooms to work in Craoshivi; and give otevans to your collectors, so that they may also visit your Lords' kingdoms and collect all the angels prepared for the next resurrection, and bring them to Craoshivi, where they shall be classified. For in the coming resurrection you shall provide twelve avalanzas for those who are to be raised to the etherean heavens; therefore, you shall cause them to be divided according to their grade and rate, in order to have them delivered after the marriage ceremony to etherean regions suitable to their advancement. ||

23/9.3. Prior to this, the Lords had contributed abundantly to Craoshivi, and already there were more than twenty billion angels capable of taking the third resurrection; and these were also classified accordingly. Now, the departure of Cpenta‑armij on her impending visit was important, for it involved the selection of the next succeeding God of earth and heaven, who would sit on the throne during her absence. At this time, the reigning God was with Brahma on the earth, so Cpenta‑armij sent messengers to him, acquainting him with the commandments of Jehovih.

23/9.4. God answered through his messengers, saying: Greeting, in the name of Jehovih, to Cpenta‑armij, His Daughter, Chieftainess! The reigning God deputizes you, O Goddess, to make the selection instead, to be crowned at the termination of dawn. || And now, accordingly, Cpenta‑armij sent forth her examiners, to search for the highest, best, most learned of all that had been raised up from the earth, capable of the God‑head. For sixty days her examiners were at work, and in the evening of the sixtieth day, they had completed the search. And it fell upon Thale of Peola, whose corporeal birth had been five thousand years before.

23/9.5. Thale, a tiller of the soil in corpor, born in spirit in Yueson, ninety years; five years in es'yan; thirty years in factories; in the nurseries, ninety years; in the colleges, one hundred and eighty years; projector, seventy years; surveyor, sixty‑five years; measurer, two hundred years; entered an etherean airavagna, and traveled seven hundred years; returned to the lower heavens of the earth and for twelve hundred years was Lord in six successions for each of the chief earth divisions; was called by Onavissa, Goddess of Ni‑yi‑ag‑ag‑ha to clear the roads of Chenshaya, beyond Chinvat, where he labored six hundred years. Returned again to the earth and her heavens, and served as captain and general for four hundred years; served as marshal seven hundred years under four different Gods and Lords; and the balance of the time traveled as messenger and swift messenger. Of the rates in a thousand, he was nine hundred and ninety‑nine. And he knew the whole earth and her capabilities; could read a billion voices at the same time, and interpret them and answer them, and had even created plateaus. He knew the atmospherean heavens, habitable and uninhabitable; the roadways; the oceans and nebulous regions; knew the ascending and descending ethe; knew the power in the different rings of the earth's vortex; knew the c‑vork‑um, |747| and its times and places.

23/9.6. Cpenta‑armij sent a delegation of one million angels to wait on Thale and bring him before the throne at Craoshivi, sending them in her private otevan, and under the guardianship of her chief marshal, with this commandment:

23/9.7. Thale, of Peola, greeting to you, in the name of Jehovih, Who commands your immediate presence at the throne in Craoshivi. Of all the honored in these heavens, you stand first on the list, and are appointed by our Father to be the next succeeding God, through His Daughter, Chieftainess of Haot‑saiti. You shall sit on the throne in my place while I complete my labor in dawn; after which you shall be crowned Jehovih's God of the earth and her heavens!

23/9.8. Cpenta‑armij knew Thale, for he had sojourned three hundred years in Otaias, in etherea, where she had been Surveyor ten thousand years. So when he came before Jehovih's throne, Cpenta‑armij was rejoiced to meet him in person; nevertheless, she first saluted in rank, saying:

23/9.9. My brother, welcome in the Father's name, and joy to you. Jehovih has called you to this throne; you shall be one of the pillars of His everlasting temples. What I put upon you in the Father's name, you shall consider from Him.

23/9.10. Thale said: Before You, O Jehovih, I bow to Your decrees, which come through Your High‑Raised Daughter, Chieftainess of Haot‑saiti. I accept whatever is given me to do, that will raise up man to rejoice in his creation. By virtue of Your power in me, O Jehovih, I know I shall not fail. May Your Light be upon me!

23/9.11. Cpenta‑armij now raised the light to the highest atmospherean grade, and said to Thale: Approach Jehovih's throne, O my brother, and hold up your hands toward High Noon, as the symbol of the highest light, for as the sun is to the earth and atmospherea, so is Jehovih to the soul of man and to the etherean worlds.

23/9.12. Thale stepped onto the foot of the throne, and the marshal stood at his side. The whole Council was seated, and sweet music rose from the es'enaurs, which added to the solemn scene. Thale then faced the place of High Noon in the temple and held up his hands, saying: I am in Your Will, O Father!

23/9.13. Jehovih spoke in the light over Cpenta‑armij's head, saying: Thale, My Son, you are My God, and you shall have dominion over the earth and her heavens for two hundred years. Whatever you shall do shall be of Me and My doing. Your word shall be My word; your labor My labor. And you shall have Lords and kingdoms, and all manner of heavenly places; and all of them shall be My places through you.

23/9.14. And at the expiration of your service, you shall raise up a successor to you, who shall be worthy of you and Me. And he shall likewise have dominion in Me and in My places; and likewise raise up a successor to come after him, and so on until the next dawn of dan. Be joyful in dominion; My worlds are places of delight, mirth, peace, love, righteousness, and good works.

23/9.15. The Voice ceased, and then Cpenta‑armij spoke on her own account, saying: He who will crown you will come at the end of dawn; till then you shall hold dominion in the red hat, in memory of the Feast of Lions. Approach the Judgment Seat, my brother, and I will give you dominion in Jehovih's name. || Then Cpenta‑armij gathered from the colored rays of light, a substance light as ethe, and made a red hat and put it on Thale's head, saying: Sit on the throne in memory of the Feast of Lions, so that I may be honored because of you, and rejoice before my hosts.

23/9.16. Thale then sat down on the throne, and the Council proclaimed in the sign, Lion's Death! Thale answered in the sign, Dominion of the Lamb! And Cpenta‑armij spoke, saying: Council of Jehovih, hear my voice. I have raised up a new God to my labor. And you, O God, hear my voice. I have given a new dominion into your keeping.

23/9.17. For one year I shall now visit my Lords and Lordesses in the first plateaus of the earth, for it is a part of my labor for the Father. And when I have finished with them, I shall return to my present reigning God of the earth, who is with Brahma, and I will deliver him and Brahma, and return again to this kingdom, where the etherean resurrection will take place.

23/9.18. Provide accordingly in all things, even as I would if I were here; and count the Brides and Bridegrooms one hundred and sixty days in advance, and send swift messengers to etherea, to the Nirvanian fields and forests in Chan‑us‑hoag, and then through Salkwatka to Haot‑saiti, in the etherean Abarom, finding six regions, suitable for grades from sixty to ninety. And you shall send greeting to my sister, Chue‑in‑ista, Goddess of Oambuyu, asking her to deliver us.

23/9.19. Having said that, Cpenta‑armij withdrew along with Owks, See‑wah‑Gon and Ha‑o‑ha, and in their own proper way departed out of Craoshivi, and in the airavagna descended to the lowest plateau, and so, visited the Lords of the lower kingdoms.











































































747† the path of the solar vortex



CHAPTER 10 Cpenta-armij





23/10.1. The work of the Lords and Lordesses did not require much labor from Cpenta‑armij; for they had long been high‑raised Gods and Goddesses in other worlds, and knew their parts well. But Cpenta‑armij sent her heralds in advance to each heavenly place, and the Lords and Lordesses in turn sent receiving escorts to meet the airavagna. And when the Chieftainess arrived, she was asked in the usual manner to honor the throne, and she thus sat on all the thrones, ruling in actual person, and in her presence the Voice of Jehovih spoke in the Light before the assembled Council of the Hosts, and it was thus fulfilled in the Arc of Spe‑ta that the Voice had circumscribed the whole earth.

23/10.2. And when Cpenta‑armij was about to depart from each heavenly place, she always descended to the foot of the throne of the Lord, and sat there; and the Lord went down and took her hand, saying: Arise, O Goddess, and go your way; the Father calls you! And then she would arise and depart to another Lord or Lordess, to proceed in like manner.

23/10.3. Now for this entire trip, Cpenta‑armij had taken with her three thousand angel scribes and recorders, three thousand angel artists, three thousand angel geologists and mineralogists, besides many others, all of whose trade was to make reports of the lands and waters of the earth, and the air above the earth; and they were to include pictures.

23/10.4. For Jehovih had said to Cpenta‑armij: You shall make reports of the land, water and air of the earth, and of all the living, and include pictures of these things. Two copies you shall make; and when the end of dawn comes, you shall take the two copies with you in your ascension to My etherean worlds. One copy you shall put on record in the library of Haot‑saiti, and the other copy you shall send to the Hyperiis Council of the United Chiefs and Chieftainesses, for their own deliberations.

23/10.5. For the Hyperiis Council shall determine from your report, what is good for the earth; as to whether she shall be changed in her course, or broken up and divided; or whether she needs a'ji or dan; and they shall send out road‑makers to that end, or send vortices against her vortex, to break it or rule over it, according to My light upon them. ||

23/10.6. Besides these, Cpenta‑armij had a thousand recorders, whose business it was to prepare reports of the Lords' kingdoms, and of the factories, colleges, nurseries, hospitals, the hells, if any, and knots, if any; to record the grade and number of spirits in each heavenly place; to record the earthly kingdoms, and kings and queens and their subjects, their occupations and grades, and their rate of corporeal life age. Also they were to record the percentage of familiar spirits with mortals; the fetals, the drujas; as well as the ashars and asaphs; and the temples and oracles in use by mortals; the altars and places of worship. And to record the number of I'hins still inhabiting the earth; the number of pure I'huans, who worshipped only one Great Spirit; and the druk order, who always have idols or saviors, and are given to war.

23/10.7. Cpenta‑armij remained with each one of the Lords of the earth for one full moon of four quarters; and then she departed, going to all the habitable places on the earth, and into the heavens that rested on the earth. In ten moons she had completed her labor with the Lords of the first resurrection; had witnessed the manner in which the Lords sent away the upraised to Craoshivi, to enter the second resurrection. And her scribes and recorders had completed their labor also.

23/10.8. And now the Chieftainess sent her airavagna back to Craoshivi, with her visitors, Owks, See‑wah‑Gon and Ha‑o‑ha. But for herself, she had a piedmazr built; and taking ten thousand attendants, besides the workers of the boat, she descended onto the very earth, to visit the four Gods, in the four great divisions of the earth; who were with Wah-tah, |748| Brahma, Abram, and Po. With each of these she spent twelve days, and then she departed and went to the heavenly place Maitraias, the only Lord‑dom of the earth, where Yugsaesu ruled, with thirty million. Here she remained twelve days also; and the inhabitants gave a tournament and festival.

23/10.9. After this Cpenta‑armij departed for Craoshivi, for the end of dawn was near at hand.

















































































748† i.e., Eawahtah



CHAPTER 11 Cpenta-armij





23/11.1. In the Council of Craoshivi the Voice of Jehovih came to Cpenta‑armij, saying: Behold, the time of your sun and stars rises in the Road of Salkwatka. The red star approaches the fields of Abarom; Great Oteson has filled the sinks and slues of Yosawakak; billions of My Sons and Daughters behold the Feast of Spe‑ta.

23/11.2. Hear your Creator, O Cpenta‑armij! For you shall spread broad the table of My hosts; to an extent never before seen in Haot‑saiti. And you shall send for Obed, God of Oise; Gavaini, Goddess of Ipthor; Ab, Shriever of Riv‑Sing; Raisi, Goddess of Esdras; Wish‑tse, God of Zuth; Harava, God of Yon‑yon; Vraga‑piet, Goddess of Zoe; and Loo‑chung, God of Ata‑bonaswitchahaha. And you shall send for the Gods and Goddesses of the Plains of Cnoe‑Chang; and for the Gods and Goddesses of the Chi‑ha‑wogo Roads; and for all the Gods and Goddesses in their own Nirvanian fields; and for the Great Chief, Shoo‑lo, of the Roads of Jini‑hassij, and for all the Gods and Goddesses in his dominions in My etherean worlds.

23/11.3. And from your own memory also, you shall remember many Gods and Goddesses; and you shall charge your companions, Owks, See‑wah‑Gon, and Ha‑o‑ha, to sit in Council with you, so that you may remember any Chiefs and Chieftainesses, Shrievers, and Gods and Goddesses, who may be delightful:

23/11.4. And you shall command them in My name to meet in the Feast of Spe‑ta, for it is the first in this, My new world. Make way for them; make place for them, O My Daughter! Make wide the roadways in My lower heaven; make My Holy Feast glorious.

23/11.5. Cpenta‑armij said: Too wide are the dans of earth; too far apart and cumbersome, O Father! More than twenty‑four billion will be my harvest to You, O Jehovih! Great is Your wisdom in Spe‑ta; the time for the beginning of quarter ascensions, fifty years.

23/11.6. Your Gods and Goddesses, O Jehovih, and Your Chiefs and Chieftainesses, will bind up these loose heavens into wholesome discipline. I will send my swift messengers into Your far‑off etherean worlds, and bring Your Sons and Daughters to Your Feast. ||

23/11.7. Cpenta‑armij sent invitations into the wide heavens, high beyond the earth heavens, to tens of thousands of high‑raised Sons and Daughters of the Great Spirit. Then she called her surveyors and table‑makers before Jehovih's throne, and said to them:

23/11.8. The end of dawn is near at hand; I will give a feast, a very great feast. Go and survey the ground from Craoshivi to the Lakes of Oochi‑loo, in etherea, and for the length of it, make a width in the form of Fete; |749| and the road of the Fete shall be sufficient for the passage of twelve avalanzas abreast; and the depth of the Fete shall be as from the surface of the earth to Chinvat. You shall carry the border flames to within twelve sios of Abarom, and of the height of the circuit of Bilothowitchieun; and the flames shall be of double currents, going and coming, so that the food of the feast may be brought from any region suited to the high‑raised grades.

23/11.9. And the arc of the feast shall encompass the whole earth, and extend outward to the belt of Craoshivi, and then downward in two lines, east and west; and the downward lines shall be like the feet of a compass, one stationary and the other movable. And the light that extends from the arc down the movable line shall rest on the delivered hosts of Abram, and it shall bear upon his people, so that, after this, they can draw Light direct from the Father's throne in Craoshivi; and it shall move westward and be as an inheritance of Jehovih's light upon His corporeal sons and daughters.

23/11.10. But the line that stands in the east shall be a base line and center, where the Father's light shall descend upon the delivered sons and daughters of the hosts of Brahma and Po. And because of the arc of Spe‑ta upon them, they shall remain in their own divisions of the earth.

23/11.11. And for the deliverance of the harvests of the quarter, the high‑raised horns of the arc shall stand to the four quarters, east, west, north and south.

23/11.12. Jehovih then spoke through Cpenta‑armij, saying: For I will illume the horns of the arc, and My new world, the earth and her heavens, shall rest in the light of My Roads forever. So that no man, having My examples before him, can misunderstand Me.

23/11.13. Behold, to a child, only one lesson a day is given; to a youth, two lessons a day; and to a mature adult, many lessons a day; likewise in the early creation of man, I give few lessons; then in the youthful age of the race, many more lessons; but when the race has attained to full adulthood, behold, I lay My light at their feet, so that they may take My lessons every day.

23/11.14. In one age I send the angels of the dead to lead man up to a knowledge of Me and My places; but when man has attained to think for himself, I set up My arc of Spe‑ta; and it is like a candle in the firmament of heaven, from which My Light falls upon the soul of My people, without any interpreter, except My Own Voice.

23/11.15. For which reason, when one of My worlds has attained to Spe‑ta, I come to deliver them from kings, queens, priests and angels, and it is like the maturity of a son in his father's house, when he invites his neighbors and spreads a feast.

23/11.16. Open wide your places, O Cpenta‑armij! A great joy is upon My etherean worlds; My high‑raised Sons and Daughters shall have great glory in the earth and her heavens. Behold, I have proclaimed Myself in the words of mortals; four high‑raised sons have learned to know their Father in heaven. |750|



























































749† see image i033r07a (with text)





























































750† That is, Brahma, Abram, Po and Eawahtah. --Ed.


CHAPTER 12 Cpenta-armij





23/12.1. Cpenta‑armij said: Who can understand Your models, O Jehovih! Who cannot understand Your models, O Jehovih! You have shown to mortals the food of the flesh, and the source of the substance of the blood. |751| You have created Your corporean members as a symbol before them of Your es'sean worlds and Your es'sean peoples; to receive and to impart, but this is not all. You created poison, to show man that whatever does not receive, and does not impart, is death.

23/12.2. Most wisely, O Father, You have provided the degrees of subsistence to all Your creations: To the corporean, corporeal food; to the atmospherean, atmospheric food; to the etherean, ethe'ic food. Wide I will spread my tables, O Jehovih. Your Gods and Goddesses, and Your high‑raised Chieftains, shall sit at the Feast of Spe‑ta.

23/12.3. The Chieftainess sent five hundred thousand swift messengers into the regions of etherean worlds, near the Roadway of the Great Serpent. Down to the atmospherean regions she sent ten thousand messengers to the Gods and Lords, her laborers. To her invited guests she privileged each to bring one million attendants.

23/12.4. Next Cpenta‑armij sent a message to fifty thousand arrow‑ship makers in the regions of Cvent‑agma, in the etherean Itis, to prepare ceremonial salvers and connecting rods, so that all the billions, being united, could hear the Voice of Jehovih from her mobile throne, in her airavagna. Twelve counterparts to these she sent down to the lowest heavenly regions, so the All Light could pierce the corporeal earth.

23/12.5. And now, when her well‑skilled workmen, of tens of thousands of years' experience, had saluted and gone off to their respective labors, the Chieftainess spoke before the Council, saying: Because of my arc upon the earth and her heavens, the Light of our Father will forever remain with mortals and in the hadan fields. But, behold, even as a young man, coming to maturity, goes away on his own account, in great hope and self‑conceit of his powers, to meet many misfortunes and great darkness, so will it be with the earth and her heavens after Spe‑ta. Because I plant my arc in these heavens, and say to its Gods, "You are free!" behold, there shall arise numerous false Gods of great power. And as a young man going forth is puffed up with conceit, so will the atmospherean Gods believe they know all things, and so, bring great darkness and misery upon their kingdoms and upon themselves.

23/12.6. But the Light of my arc shall stand; shall grow like a small seed planted; and in time to come, both angels and mortals shall understand that there is only One All Light, a very center, to Whom all Gods are only like small diadems. As a young man of the earth must have experience of his own to realize his own shortness, so must even the Gods of these lower heavens be left to run with a loose rein, for the glory of Jehovih, and for themselves in final deliverance. For which reason, starting now, the bondage of the discipline of the God and his Lords shall be as nothing. |752| From this day forward they shall use fire and water (as a method of enforcement) only for casting out hells and knots; they shall hold dominion in their respective places only by persuasion, and the example of practice.

23/12.7. As in the early days, a king rules with a rod and with tyrannous |753| laws; and as, in a riper age, the king and his armies give way to a power vested in the people, so shall my arc be the giving of the lower heavens, and the earth beneath, into the keeping of themselves. But my arc, which is the foundation of the Father's upper kingdoms within the lower heavens, shall stand forever.

23/12.8. I go now on my journey down to the earth, in my airavagna, to receive and deliver my four Gods, Os, Vishnu, Yima, and Ela‑elia, God in Chief.

23/12.9. Thus saying, Cpenta‑armij descended to the foot of Jehovih's throne, and the light fell upon Thale, and he rose up from the throne and descended, taking her hand, saying: Arise, O Goddess, and hear the Voice of your Father, Creator and Ruler! Behold, your labor on the earth and her heavens is near the end; and because of your steadfastness, I am honored in you, My Daughter.

23/12.10. While you are delivering My Gods, behold, I will be with you, and whatever you desire of Me I will give to you. My Sons and Daughters shall receive the visiting hosts from the high heavens, and allot them places in the feast; and My Sons and Daughters shall receive and adorn My Brides and Bridegrooms; and My trumpeters shall proclaim Me in My works, from the surface of the earth to the farthest places in Salkwatka. Yes, My Light‑makers shall plant the staff of My holy fire in the throne of Craoshivi, and the foot of the staff shall pierce the earth in the land of Vind'yu, to receive and deliver My earth Son, Brahma.

23/12.11. Go, O Chieftainess, Holy One, of Great Wisdom and Power; it is the Voice of your Father!

23/12.12. Cpenta‑armij stood aside, and then said: To you, my loved companions, Owks, See‑wah‑Gon, Ha‑o‑ha, when the staff of the Father's light has descended to the earth, come quickly to me then in my arrow‑ship of fire, for it shall be a signal between us that in that hour I will raise up my Gods from the corporeal earth; and I will open the earth and bring forth the bodies of my son, Brahma, and his wife, Yu‑tiv, whose youngest son holds the leaven of the Osirian law. And I will have the hosts of my ten Lords assembled there, and I will deliver into their hands, for their successors, the fulfillment of the Divan laws.

23/12.13. Her companions responded: In Jehovih's wisdom and power, we will be there.







751† Presumably this is a reference to the type of food a mortal eats---vegetable foods keeping the blood clean, pure and cool, and good for the spirit in keeping peaceful and content as seen by the models of herbivore animals; while making a food of animals and other flesh keeps the blood unclean, impure and hot, making the spirit contentious, impatient, predatory, etc., as seen by the models of carnivore animals.


















































752† That is, the discipline of God and his Lords shall not be forced.





753† stern, exacting, rigorous, dictatorial, strict



CHAPTER 13 Cpenta-armij





23/13.1. The Light of Jehovih now spread over Haot‑saiti and lined the Road of Salkwatka, in etherea, extending from the Orian Banks of Loo‑che‑wan to the Oixanian Spars of Ochesu. The Cross Roads, Chi‑ea‑wha‑chong, and the plains of Sha‑tumatz, were like seas and worlds of crystal fire. And in the piercing light, the old‑time Gods, of millions of years ago, sped forth in awesome majesty, in answer to the prayers of Cpenta‑armij.

23/13.2. And over the earth and her heavens, farther than Chinvat, rose a trident arc, broad as a world; of shimmering light from the countless rays of ethe, like mortals see the glimmering air on a summer's day; but the ethe was of every color, hue and tint, reflective and brilliant, the clear soul of things separate, the very breath of Jehovih. It was the beginning of the form of the arc of Spe‑ta, the deliverance of the earth and her heavens into a new condition; to give, to bestow it upon itself, ratified by the ceremony of a festival for the Gods and Goddesses within the neighborhood of hundreds of millions of miles around!

23/13.3. Meanwhile, their high‑raised companion, Cpenta‑armij, known and loved in hundreds of etherean worlds, was down on the low earth, laying the cornerstone for Jehovih's everlasting kingdom, on which would fall, presently, from out the arc of Spe‑ta, a shaft of fire, the feast for the purified Chieftainess, who had for four years subsisted on the coarse provender of the lower heavens!

23/13.4. And touched by the hand of Immortal Light, was Brahma, long trained to look toward Jehovih; for his angel wife rose upward, leading his vision toward a realm among the Gods and Goddesses, whom he saw in countless numbers receiving her most royally. Thus gazing on the glorious scene, the great man in soul came forth, leaving his corporeal part stretched on the ground. And Cpenta‑armij and God took him; received the soul of Brahma, and held, in obedience to the sacred purpose, his place in the sacred circle with mortals three days.

23/13.5. Then, on the fourth, the Chieftainess signaled her swift messengers; and they touched the currents along, till they ran high beyond the earth's vortex, where the stationed Gods of etherea fastened on the ethe'ic wave, extending to the great arc over all.

23/13.6. It was the signal for the shaft of light; of which mortals have a weak and coarse symbol in the electric currents which tear things meaninglessly and without judgment; but the ethe'ic current is not so small and purposeless, but mighty, being a tool from Jehovih's fountain of All Power, and learnedly directed with skill by high‑raised angels who have had millions of years of experience, and who know well what prayers deserve an answer from the Immortal spheres.

23/13.7. And Cpenta‑armij's name, and word, and wisdom, had long been in fellowship with mighty works on many worlds; and her well‑trained thought, so tuned to the Creator's purpose, kept ever in concert both with the ethe'ic foundation of each place and with the administration of thousands of Gods and Goddesses.

23/13.8. And when the signal shot upward, and from beyond Chinvat the shaft of light began to pierce the earth's vortex, making way for Craoshivi, it was also the signal for Owks, See‑wah‑Gon and Ha‑o‑ha, to fly instantly for their arrow‑ship and make full speed for Cpenta‑armij; which they did now, even as a flash of light darts forth, being guides and directors of Jehovih's flame to the grave of Brahma and Yu‑tiv.

23/13.9. As Cpenta‑armij, standing by her ship, saw the shaft descending, she flew forth to the center of the circle; her hand pointing to the graves, she said: There, O Jehovih! Come forth, O earth! Earth, in Jehovih's name! It is I who commands!

23/13.10. And down fell the bolt of light, piercing the newly disturbed ground, made rich with mortal tears, and thus made powerful to the soul current; and as a breath of wind would move a heap of feathers, so did the light, by the wave of Cpenta‑armij's hand, blow the earth away, and lift up the buried forms of two dead lovers, Brahma and Yu‑tiv, and marched them in their unspoiled and newly animated bodies before the mortal audience, together, lovingly, hand in hand, triumphant over death.

23/13.11. Then spoke Hog, the youngest mortal son, an Osirian in belief, seeing the resurrected forms, saying: It is, it is! The very Brahma! And Yu‑tiv! My father and mother!

23/13.12. The great Brahma, now quickened in Cpenta‑armij's arms, and in God's, spoke a few words from Jehovih's throne, to the loving sons and mortal concourse, |754| then took final leave. Cpenta‑armij seized the folds of the shaft of light, as a mortal would the ropes and canvas of a toy ship, and wrapping it securely around the earthly part of Brahma and Yu‑tiv, then wheeled in line her own ship and raked in the etherean current from high heavens.

23/13.13. Tossing up her hand, the prearranged signal to the great workers in the trident arc above, the exchanging currents of the traveling flame began, and raised up all the etherean hosts along with the bodies of Brahma and Yu‑tiv, which had not raised a mile before they were etherealized, scattered and gone; and the souls of the two sweet loves rested in cognizance and fellowship with the millions of Jehovih's Sons and Daughters, now swiftly making way for Craoshivi.

23/13.14. Cpenta‑armij's work was done. In the arc of light and companionship of her compeers, |755| the feast was open, and the billions in rapport |756| sat along the series of tables, hundreds of millions of miles, to relish soul food brought from more than a thousand worlds.

23/13.15. Meanwhile, God, to finish his labors, resumed his throne in Craoshivi just in time to receive the twelve avalanzas, sent from Yuckowts' factories, in Abarom, in etherea, which were to receive in Jehovih's name the twenty-four billion Brides and Bridegrooms, who were to take the degree of third resurrection and be raised beyond the earth's vortex and emancipated in the etherean realms of Haot‑saiti.

23/13.16. Chue‑in‑ista, Goddess of Oambuyu, chief commandress of the fleet, having been apprised of the number of initiates, had prepared twelve thousand rings, a thousand for each avalanza; and the fleet, in turn, was in a ring, and the ring extended sufficiently wide to encircle the holy capital and throne in Craoshivi, so that when it had descended to its place, God and his officers, and the Holy Council of heaven and earth, now thirty million members, were in the center of the audience. On every side, far as the eye could see, stood the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, arrayed in spotless white, fearless before the Light and ceremonies.

23/13.17. When the fleet landed, Chue‑in‑ista, the commandress, came forth from the east, facing God on the throne. She said: Your voice, O God, has called the name of Jehovih. Behold, I am His Daughter, sent by Him to know your will and Holy Desires?

23/13.18. God said: Behold, I am His Son! You are my Sister! Hear me, then, in our Father's name. I have here a harvest of twenty-four billion angels, pure and holy, brought up out of the earth for Jehovih's emancipated kingdoms.

23/13.19. Chue‑in‑ista said: Let them answer before me in His name, so I may witness their wisdom and power as being sufficient to dwell in All Purity. My Father and I are one; my hosts have crossed the Nirvanian pastures; they no longer feed on substance rising from below, but on the Light emanating from etherean realms above.

23/13.20. God said: I know You have provided for me, O Jehovih!

23/13.21. Then the hosts of Brides and Bridegrooms responded, saying: By Faith I know I am safe in Your kingdoms, O Jehovih. Take me to Your emancipated worlds; give me scope and power and wisdom, for greater works.

23/13.22. Then the full ceremony followed in the usual way of the third resurrection; and was witnessed by Cpenta‑armij and other Chieftainesses and Chiefs above, who were at the feast of the arc of Spe‑ta; and when it was completed and God had said: O Jehovih, give me crowns for Your Sons and Daughters, Brides and Bridegrooms for Your etherean worlds! || There were cast down by Cpenta‑armij and her hosts, twenty-four billion crowns; and they alighted on the heads of Jehovih's Brides and Bridegrooms. ||

23/13.23. And now God turned to Thale, who was to be his successor for the next two hundred years. God said: In Jehovih's name, I bestow to you the crown of earth and her heavens. And I also bequeath to you the triangle, symbol of these regions, and the inqua, |757| and the trident, the latter being new in these worlds, and symbolical of the arc of Spe‑ta; and the interpretation of the trident shall be the Three Lights: Jehovih; His Son, God; and the Star in the mortal soul, emblem of resurrection.

23/13.24. Thale said: In Your name, O Jehovih, I will be God of earth and her heavens till the next rise of dan! Be with me, O Father!

23/13.25. So he who had been God laid the crown and jewels on Thale, saying: Hail, O God of earth and heaven!

23/13.26. Thus ended the ceremonies. He who had been God descended to the foot of the throne and sat down; and then God (Thale), came down and took his hand, saying: Arise, O God, and go your way! || And he rose up and prepared to depart, for the ceremonies had now lasted one full day.

23/13.27. Cpenta‑armij, seeing it was finished, signaled the hosts for the close of the festival, and with her airavagna passed over and above the fleet, and gave Chue‑in‑ista, the commandress, the sign, at which the ascent began. The tens of billions of angels entered their respective places. The music of the es'enaurs and of the trumpeters sounded and resounded, to the distance of a hundred worlds.

23/13.28. Upward rose the fleets; downward fell the showers of flowers and perfumes to those left behind. Higher and higher rose the great world of lights; higher and higher, till soon they passed beyond the earth's vortex, the boundary Chinvat. |758|


































































































754† gathering, assemblage
















755† peers, colleagues, associates

756† consonance, fellowship, harmony, friendship































































757† This would be the inqua gitísíang, see 20/43.21-22.




























758† see image i097






i097 Anoad. C'vork'um; and A'hiss'a-Corpor [Great Serpent], embracing nine phalanxes. First of Spe-ta period. Earth, 3 = 765,744. Gitche, 86. Hem, 11. Entrance to Hyrim, 6,000 years.†† (see image only)





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