Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih

|1196| Being a heavenly history of the earth and her heavens, and of etherea, from four hundred years before kosmon, to the dawn of the Kosmon era.










1196  Es is not an actual angel or Goddess, like those mentioned in titles of preceding books; but Es is an entity, signifying the spirit world.


29/1.1. When Jehovih brought the great serpent (solar phalanx) along the road of Vorkum, in etherea, behold, the earth passed into the light of the Arc of Kosmon, rising upward, higher and higher toward dawn.

29/1.2. To his etherean Gods and Goddesses, Jehovih said: As you have founded arcs of light in My etherean heavens, to determine the travel of My corporeal worlds, so shall My God of the earth inspire mortals to build lighthouses for man's ships that travel on the oceans. And those who travel in the ships, and those on the land shall know when a ship nears the port, even as you see My traveling earth approaching the place of Kosmon.

29/1.3. For this shall be an illustration to mortals that I have appointed cycles of times and dawns of times, with Gods and Goddesses to superintend My creations in tenderness and love. (Lest by chance man becomes despondent, saying: Alas, Jehovih did not provide in wisdom commensurate with the magnificence of His creations.)

29/1.4. Behold, the time draws near when the nations of the earth shall course around the whole earth in ships, crossing the seas and oceans, to all the places I created.

29/1.5. And those who have built in one place shall no longer say: This is our country.

29/1.6. For I will not anymore have the nations of the earth locked up to themselves; nor one continent exclusive to one people; nor one ocean, sea, port, nor river, for any nation or tribe of man.

29/1.7. They shall know that the whole earth is Mine, and all the waters of the earth, and the air of the firmament; and that I created them for all My people, to receive and enjoy them for My own glory.

29/1.8. They shall throw open their places, and say to one another: Welcome, my brother. Wherever Jehovih prompts you to dwell, so be it with you, and I will give to you also.

29/1.9. Now it shall come to pass, when the different nations and peoples begin to travel from one country to another, they will scornfully say of each other: You heathen; you outside barbarian!

29/1.10. For they will judge with men's eyes, and with men's understanding; not comprehending the magnificence of the plans of My resurrections, which I provided to them through My Gods and Goddesses.

29/1.11. As in former cycles, I sent to the nations separately; so in kosmon, I shall not send separately, but to the whole world. As in former cycles, I sent leaders and commanding Gods; so in kosmon, I shall not send either earthly leaders or a worshipful God or Lord.

29/1.12. When man was in great darkness, I sent Saviors and deliverers to him. And My Saviors taught man, by certain commandments and by prayers, how he should live, to be saved from sin.

29/1.13. But in kosmon I shall not send a Savior or an archangel, with a loud-sounding trumpet; but I will come to man's understanding through the light of My own wisdom. And man shall interpret My words as I speak to his own soul; and such shall be his sacred words.

29/1.14. Man shall pray to Me, and speak to Me in his own way, and not according to the dictation of any man, priest or sacred book, except the book of My creations.

29/1.15. Nor shall man any longer accept any of the former revelations, and bow down to them; for as I was sufficient for the ancients, in speaking to them things that were good for them, even so will I speak to My chosen of the Kosmon era that which is good for them also.

29/1.16. My heavens shall be revealed to them, as promised by My prophets of old, and man shall be taught how to see and comprehend My heavens with his own judgment, and not according to what any other man says My revelations are.

29/1.17. Behold, in the ancient days I provided Saviors, rab'bahs and priests, to pray for man, and confess him of his sins; but these things I will put away, and no one shall pray for the living, or confess him of his sins, by words, signs or ceremonies.

29/1.18. But every man shall pray for himself, in his own way, and confess his sins to Me for forgiveness.

29/1.19. And instead of praying in words for his brother, saying: Jehovih, help him, he shall go in person, and help him with his own hands.

29/1.20. Nor shall man sit idly and say: O Jehovih, help me; come and save me!

29/1.21. But he shall rise up in the majesty I created him, saying: Behold me, Jehovih! I will save myself! Guide me, O Father!

29/1.22. And he shall walk forth, proudly in My sight, scorning evil and sin, doing with all his might for his own salvation. And I will come to him, for of such shall be My chosen.

29/1.23. In kosmon, I shall not come to make a servant of man to man; nor to make him afraid when the priest speaks. I will make man hold up his head fearlessly before men, in remembrance of his daily covenant to Me, his Creator, in the practice of righteousness.

29/1.24. In that day, the preacher and the priest shall be of little benefit; My standard shall be of good works, and not of words.

29/1.25. Nor shall My hand extend to individuals only, but to nations, kingdoms and empires.

29/1.26. Whatever people embrace Me I will embrace also. And a sign shall be given to them: Their ports, lands and waters shall be thrown open to all other people.

29/1.27. And they shall prosper, and become numerous, thriving in peace and plenty. And My holy angels from My exalted heavens shall minister to them, and they shall grow in wisdom, good works, learning, inventions and discoveries.

29/1.28. But whatever people will not embrace Me, these same I will not embrace. Their ports shall be bound up, and their lands and waters shall not be opened to others. Truly, they shall attempt to be an exclusive people; and I will withdraw My exalted angels away from them, and they shall be encompassed with darkness.

29/1.29. These signs shall be before the world as My living testimony; and My prophets shall use these signs in determining which nations and peoples My hand covers over to protect, and save them.

29/1.30. My prophets shall remember the countries of old that strove against Me and My chosen, and how they went down in darkness.

29/1.31. Whenever My dawn of a cycle comes, I put away the ancient doctrines and the established Gods and Saviors; none have ever stopped My hand. Now, behold, man shall look about in the Kosmon era and see My footprints in the ancient times, how I ministered to the races of men. And he shall apply with judgment the history of former days.

29/1.32. This also I will accomplish: Kingdoms and nations shall judge their own strength by their rigid laws and standing armies.

29/1.33. And they shall look upon My people, and say: Alas, they are weak; they have neither kings nor armies, nor rigid laws!

29/1.34. But My prophets shall remember My chosen of old, who had faith in Me. And My prophets shall say to the kings with mighty armies: Behold, you are the weakest; and those who have no armies are the strongest. And their prophecies shall not fail.

29/1.35. That which applies in My heavens of the earth, shall apply on the earth; that which applies on the earth, shall apply in the heavens of the earth.

29/1.36. The bondage of kings, queens, emperors, rich men, and leaders of men, shall be with them in the heavens of this earth: Until they have undone the tyranny they had over others, their heavens shall be without liberty to them. Those whom they sought to lead on earth, they shall lead in heaven; neither shall there be exalted resurrection for them, until the lowest of their subjects have risen before them.

29/1.37. And those who live isolated and alone on the earth shall be isolated and alone in the heavens of the earth. Man shall learn that affiliation and brotherhood toward others on earth, shall find affiliation and brotherhood in the heavens of the earth.

29/1.38. Whoever opens his soul in love and harmony to others on earth, shall find love and harmony in heaven.

29/1.39. And the same rule shall apply to nations and peoples: According to their love and harmony, and the breadth of their liberality toward other nations and peoples, even so shall be the heavens of the earth, where they shall migrate after death.

29/1.40. All these things of heaven and earth shall be made plain to man in kosmon; with his own eyes he shall behold the justice of his Creator.








29/2.1. To His etherean Gods and Goddesses, Jehovih said: Behold, in twelve generations |1197| My dawn of Kosmon will reach the earth.

29/2.2. Go down to the earth, and provide mortals and angels for the work of My cycle.

29/2.3. In other times, My Gods and Goddesses said to man: You shall, and you shall not. Behold, in kosmon, you shall declare the glory of My works and the plans of My heavens to the nations of the earth. In all My fullness you shall declare the glories of My creations.

29/2.4. But you shall not say to this man or to that man: You shall believe, or, you shall not believe.

29/2.5. Nor shall you say to man: You shall do this, and you shall not do that.

29/2.6. Such were the ancient cycles and the custom of My revelators; but this shall not be the custom of My revelators in this day.

29/2.7. But man, having heard and seen, shall judge what he will do; he shall believe, or not believe; and do, or not do, according to his own judgment.

29/2.8. Because I hold man responsible, even so should he have liberty to choose.

29/2.9. And if he strives to choose Me, by doing righteously, he shall not fail.

29/2.10. Though he accepts none of the ancient doctrines, rites, ceremonies, Gods, Lords, or Saviors, but strives for Me in doing good to others, he shall be My chosen, even though he does not accept My name.

29/2.11. Liberty, first of all, to all people; then discipline and harmony, and then the improvement of all the talents I created with all.

29/2.12. Next to this, to have no leader, nor anyone to think for another; nor to abandon one's own judgment contrary to wisdom and truth.

29/2.13. But not to contend, nor to be stubborn and positive, as to the righteousness of one's own opinion. For, I created no two men to see alike the same thing on earth or in heaven.

29/2.14. As to these matters, the highest wisdom is to allow all men to have full liberty to think on all subjects in their own way.

29/2.15. In ancient times they had inquisitors, to watch as to what another did, or said, or intimated; now, behold, in kosmon, exactly the opposite of this shall be the behavior of My chosen.

29/2.16. Though man sees his neighbor do differently from what he himself would, he shall look the other way; or, if he speaks to him of the matter, it shall be with respect, even as he would to his own mother or father.

29/2.17. And man shall not reprove his neighbor for any shortness of speech, or error, or evil expression, nor find fault with him, more than he would with his own mother, or father, or sister, or brother. Rather he shall strive to not see, or hear, the shortness of any man.

29/2.18. They shall be taught to see the good that is in others; to speak of the delights of all My living creatures.

29/2.19. To reprove with words, to circumspect |1198| the doings of one's neighbors, their opinions and behavior, these I shall put away in kosmon.

29/2.20. Nor shall a man advise another without becoming bound to the one who follows his advice. This, also, man shall be made to understand in kosmon.

29/2.21. In other cycles I sent My loo'is to raise up certain mortals, through whom I could reveal My commandments to others. In kosmon, behold, I shall not raise up any great leader-forth; My light shall fall upon thousands and thousands. My chosen shall be of many varieties of talents in that day.

29/2.22. For which reason, when you have descended to the earth, you shall appoint loo'is to millions of mortals, and they shall raise up numerous offspring to Me.

29/2.23. And it shall be born with them to see and feel, that a new era is at hand; and they shall be born skeptical to the ancient doctrines, Gods, Lords and Saviors.

29/2.24. Nevertheless, they shall be the best of men, and wise and charitable, and most considerate of the opinions of others.

29/2.25. And it shall come to pass, that when the western continent is inhabited across from east to west, all the earth will be circumscribed with men of wisdom and learning.

29/2.26. And the year of the circumscribing shall be the beginning of kosmon.

29/2.27. And the heavens of the earth shall be opened, and its angels shall descend to the earth, and make themselves known to mortals; even through those whom your loo'is shall have born for the work.

29/2.28. And from that time forward, the old order shall decline, to be put away forever; and the new order shall take its place, to triumph over all the earth.

29/2.29. After that, the virtue of preaching shall come to an end; but practice, in fulfilling good works and living up to My commandments, shall be all that will help toward the establishing of My kingdom on earth.

29/2.30. Go forth, My beloved; fulfill the seasons of the earth, so that My people may rejoice in their lives, in peace and love, for the glory of My heavens, which I created for them.




1197  i.e., in 400 years





























































1198  observe with a critical eye, to snoop, to hold under observation, to spy; and especially all the foregoing with the intention or behavior of faultfinding or gossip






29/3.1. Es said: Far up in the vault of the firmament, in the etherean realms of Jehovih, the Voice of the Almighty had spoken. The Orian Chiefs of Huamat and Balis called to the Gods and Goddesses on the plains of Thessalona and Nadab and Vraghaoma; called for ten million volunteers.

29/3.2. Chonling, Son of Jehovih, Chief of Fabi'wotch'osi and Balis, said: Come, O Gods and Goddesses; come with me down to the red star; the earth is near the arc of Kosmon, era of Kosmon. Come and think for mortals; inspire them with holier thoughts; make them comprehend the light of Jehovih.

29/3.3. Then Thetchaya, Chieftainess of Huamat and Dikaddonas, spoke, saying: Come, O Gods and Goddesses, I will lead you there to the rising red star, the little traveling earth. Behold, she comes our way; she will cross the arc of Kosmon in four hundred years.

29/3.4. Litabakathrava, Orian Chief of Yohamma, of two hundred thousand years, God of Ithwan, forty thousand years, said: Come, O Gods and Goddesses, come to the red star. Behold, my otevan, my fire-ship, goes that way on her cruise of ten thousand years. Come with me, my otevan will carry a billion; I will stop and leave you on the earth with mortals.

29/3.5. Che Sin, Chief of Ahwentaba, of sixty thousand years, called a host of his swift messengers, ten thousand. To them he said: Provide an arrow-ship of great velocity, and go in the former roadway of the earth, in the regions where she has traveled thousands of years; proclaim it in the etherean heavens that another corporeal world, the earth, nears the time of Kosmon.

29/3.6. Mortals on the earth are to be illumed, and, like Gods, made to comprehend the glorious plans of the heavens of the Almighty. In four hundred years, the Father's kingdom is to be founded on the red star.

29/3.7. Bornothetes, Chief of Guaga, called his Holy Council, in the palace of Nu, gardens of Lasanitizi. And they looked far across the firmament, to see the slow rolling earth, where mortals still groped in darkness; whose people could not read the unseen heavens.

29/3.8. Here they deliberated; some to wonder how it was, that the earth, in all the time of her being, had only sent a few hundred billion angels into the etherean heavens; and as to where they dwelt, that they had as yet never been heard of in these fruitful gardens, in etherea. Others surmised the lowness of her grades.

29/3.9. Then spoke Atavia, Goddess of Peronitus. She said: O, I remember the earth! Her side was crushed, and the form of her lands changed by Aph, in the Arc of Noe, twenty-four thousand years ago. Hi'ata, Goddess of the Flying Wing, was there, and I with her, in her airavagna. O, it is a glorious world. I will be one, a volunteer, to go there, for the four hundred years.

29/3.10. Atavia was the first volunteer; but now, the names enrolled like sparks of fire, flashing in the firmament.

29/3.11. Presently the numerators sent up rockets, the signals that the ten million had responded to Jehovih's call.

29/3.12. These, then, were the etherean kingdoms that contributed: Jaison, in the swamps of Loe; Rodus, of the mountains of Kembak; Tisain and Carwa, of the plains of Tassahacha; Amos, the Chosone Resort; and Sagamma, the kingdom of Methiasi, Goddess of Tuesta.

29/3.13. Bornothetes sent swift messengers to these kingdoms; some were half a million miles away, and some lay on crooked lanes, and hidden amid nebulous forests, and yet others lay over and beyond mountains, thousands of miles high and broad. And he called them to assemble in Piatya, the port of Nabrokaxax, under the arches of Geddis, to consult together, and prepare for the journey.

29/3.14. So, when the hosts were assembled in Piatya, Jehovih appointed Thotagawawa as God of the cruise and mission.

29/3.15. And Litabakathrava ordered his fire-ship to be brought to Piatya, where it no sooner arrived than the hosts of the mission, the ten million, went aboard, as guests and companions to Litabakathrava's fifty million traveling visitors to worlds, ten thousand times farther on.

29/3.16. And now began, in songs of praise, the trumpeters and the es'enaurs---the two bands of musicians, a million performers.

29/3.17. Then upward, outward, rose the airavagna, the ship of fire, whose photosphere, as to size, was like a world; rose up higher and higher, heading for the distant red star, that coursed in the serpent's coil, a million and a half miles a day.

29/3.18. Two billion miles away, lay the red star, the earth, seen by the magnifying instruments of the Gods, seen in its little orbit around the sun, of half a billion miles.

29/3.19. Four hundred million miles a day, sped the airavagna through the etherean worlds; like a flash of light shot forth the ship of Litabakathrava, Orian Chief of thousands of years, coursing the etherean heavens of Jehovih! A God who only had to look upon a corporeal world to know the grade of her mortals and angels, even as in his flight he passed on.

29/3.20. Five days and nights the hosts of the emancipated heavens traveled, to reach the earth; traveled through thousands and thousands of etherean worlds, of forests and swamps of ji'ay, and of nebula and a'ji, and regions of light, and mountains, rivers and plains; countless places, inhabited and uninhabited in the great expanse of Jehovih's kingdoms.

29/3.21. Then they came to Chinvat, the bridge of the boundary of the earth's vortex, and there stopped to survey the earth and her unruly heavens, where the four false Gods proclaimed themselves monarchs of the universe! A day they rested, and in that day measured the grade and standing of the earth's mortals and angels, and then they descended, straight to Paradise, the place of God, Jehovih's Son.





The alarm in Haractu, heavenly place of Kabalactes, the false, but reigning Buddha




29/4.1. Kabalactes said: My most high Holy Council, Lords of heaven and earth, listen. Today, my scouts on the borders of Vridat, my suburban kingdom in Tua, saw a light descending, like a world on fire. Consternation came upon my dutiful subjects, fearing some foreign God menaced their liberties. To appease them, Hathav, my Lord in command, dispatched messengers here, to know my will.

29/4.2. But when they arrived, others came also, but from the heavenly plateau, Itussak, my northern kingdom, with the same ominous tale. Then came others, from different kingdoms in my heavenly regions. Some have seen the light only faintly; some have seen it as brilliant as a pillar of fire. While here, within our well-secured heavenly seat, it has been only like a falling meteor.

29/4.3. Speak, my Lords, do you know more of this?

29/4.4. Maithivi, Lordess, said: All Highest of Gods, take into consideration womanly fears, and detract accordingly from my magnified expressions. To me, this descended star is some far-off ally with God, Jehovih's worshipper in Paradise. For by the course of the falling light, it landed there. Is this not some stratagem to re-establish Jehovih, Whom we have chased from earth and heaven?

29/4.5. Fiebowh, Lord, said: It has been less than a year since some other foreign God descended to Paradise. Behold, this last one comes from the same angle beyond Chinvat. Perhaps the former was only a scout sent from some realm, which has now answered with this mighty airavagna?

29/4.6. Sin Loo, Lord, said: It was said of old: When the heavens clear, look out for Jehovih's worshippers, the infidels against the reigning Gods. Now, behold, in the very season when a'ji flies away, and our souls are on the eve of rejoicing, here comes an ominous meddler with our slaves, to do us mischief.

29/4.7. Thus spoke many Lords, alarmed; for a secret sin, like slavery, justified by the master's conscience, being held down, is easily tormented with suspected griefs, |1199| not yet come to pass.

29/4.8. And more than this; in Kabalactes' Holy Council of one million members, were many who had long been promised preferment and higher dominion than to legislate for another's kingdom; and they had received nothing worthy of the name, for more than a thousand years.

29/4.9. And these had a small spark of hope left, that some external disaster to Kabalactes' extensive kingdoms would open the way for rich adventures on their own behalf, with millions of slaves to do them reverence.

29/4.10. So, even while their tongues upheld their monstrous idol, Buddha (the false), their own souls were equally perfidious. |1200|

29/4.11. When many of the Holy Council had spoken, then Kabalactes spoke again: My marshal in chief shall select a host a million strong, and provide them an arrow-boat; to which command, I appoint Teanvettas, general, to go to Paradise in my name, to greet, and to learn the will and pleasure of this adventurous God who comes to the vanquished kingdom of Jehovih's Son; to offer him the freedom of my kingdom for a month's visit. Perhaps he has never seen a city built of gems and precious stones; and the palace and throne of the all highest God. Which, to look on, may abash |1201| him from undertaking some foolish scheme.

29/4.12. Now, accordingly, from the false Buddha's magnificent heavenly kingdom there went out an arrow-boat, the most precious gem ever built in these heavens. And in it, a million hosts arrayed as very Gods and Goddesses in splendor. While Teanvettas, with his shining crown and blazing jewels, bespoke his generalship as from a rich kingdom.

29/4.13. Two hundred thousand slaves worked the boat, and many of these had been Buddhist priests in earth-life, and were now serving their apprenticeship of two hundred years, in order to have the privilege of crawling at a future time on their bellies to see the throne of Buddha (the false), and see their all highest ideal God.

29/4.14. Thus, then, went the arrow-boat, in all its glory, to Paradise, seat of Jehovih's Son.











































1199  woes, miseries, disasters, misfortunes, troubles













1200  disloyal, treacherous, unfaithful, deceitful












1201  deflate, embarrass, frighten, humble, disconcert



The alarm in Eta-shong, heavenly kingdom of Ennochissa, the false but reigning God, Brahma




29/5.1. While Ennochissa and his Holy Council were assembled in the palace of Eta-shong, messengers came there from no less than thirty-six of Ennochissa's sub-kingdoms, alarmed, and with magnified accounts of the fire-ship seen descending to Paradise.

29/5.2. And each and all of these messengers told his tale before the throne; expressing the fear of the sub-kingdoms' Lords, and praying to know Ennochissa's will and pleasure.

29/5.3. Now, here, even as at Haractu, the Lords of the Holy Council spoke expressive of their hopes and fears. And here also, were many Lords who had long been promised exaltation, but never received it. And they pretended heartfelt loyalty to Ennochissa, the false Brahma, even while with secretive hope they prayed some adventurous God might come and break up Ennochissa's kingdom, feeling that in the spoil, they would profit in heavenly kingdoms of their own.

29/5.4. After they had spoken, Ennochissa spoke, saying: In the name of the Holy Ghost, I thank you all. And for your loyalty make myself your humble God to do your wills and pleasure.

29/5.5. First, then, so that our unapproachable kingdom shall always remain the all highest heaven, where you shall rest secure forever, I will prove most alert to learn the designs of this visiting God.

29/5.6. Behold, I will send there an arrow-boat, with a million Lords, arrayed in splendor, and every one crowned; and over them, Kosimathara, Lord in chief.

29/5.7. In my name and in the name of the Holy Ghost, my hosts shall greet this God, and invite him here for a month's visit. Perhaps he has no knowledge as to what the all highest God is.

29/5.8. So an arrow-boat was made, the most magnificent ever seen in Eta-shong; and in it embarked the million Lords with jeweled crowns, commanded by Kosimathara, Lord in chief, and they sped off for Paradise also.





The alarm in Kalla-Hored, the heavenly kingdom of God-Gabriel, alias Thoth; the Mohammedan heaven




29/6.1. When the Lords of the Holy Council of Kalla-Hored, the heaven of the false Mohammed, had expressed their hopes and fears regarding the fire-ship descending to Paradise, Thoth, alias Gabriel, said:

29/6.2. Let those who fear, speak; let those who do not fear, also speak. I will know my Lords and Holy Council.

29/6.3. Behold, I am a warrior God. I do not profess peace yet practice war, like the Triunes. I both profess war, and I practice it.

29/6.4. I made Looeamong. When he chose to have himself established as Kriste, I established him. When he denied me justice, I exposed him in heaven and on the earth as the false Kriste. When he refused me the heavenly kingdom which he promised, I took it, and established myself.

29/6.5. I made you Lords of my Holy Council; I drove away from the earth a thousand false Lords, and broke up the oracle-houses of mortals.

29/6.6. What, then, do I have to fear from a foreign God coming to the heavens of the earth? Behold, these heavens belong to those who are born of the earth. Let the foreign Gods return to worlds where they were native born.

29/6.7. If this God has come to battle me, on behalf of Jehovih's God, let him come. Till he or I shall be cast into hell, let the battle wage.

29/6.8. Did I not send to hell the daring Goddess, Ashtaroth; and the mighty Baal after her? And all the Argos'yan (Greek) Gods and the Gods of Roma, silence and cast into torments?

29/6.9. Now, behold, I will send an arrow-boat, a million strong, to Paradise, and banter this adventurous God to give me battle. Better to try our respective powers, as to who shall go down, than to live in uncertain surmises |1202| as to such a God's business in another God's heavens.

29/6.10. Then let my marshal provide an arrow-boat, armed with shafts of fire and water, and choose a million warriors for this adventure. Over them, my warrior Lord, Justin, shall hold command.

29/6.11. And he shall go to Paradise, greeting, in the name of God-Gabriel, to know of the coming God by what right he has ventured near my holy kingdoms.

29/6.12. So it came to pass that Thoth dispatched a boat to Paradise, as he had commanded.






































1202  conjectures, suppositions, speculations, assumptions



The alarm in Hapsendi, heavenly kingdom of Looeamong, the false Kriste




29/7.1. Even as at the heavenly kingdoms of the other three false Gods, so was the alarm in Hapsendi, capital of the heavenly kingdom of Looeamong, who had falsely assumed to be Kriste.

29/7.2. After Looeamong's hundreds of messengers, from his various sub-kingdoms, had made their reports on the appearance of the great light that had descended to Paradise, and of the consternation of the sub-Lords, then the Holy Council spoke before the throne of Looeamong. Some magnified the omen as a menace; some suggested doubling the number of the standing armies of Looeamong's heavenly kingdoms, and yet others suggested numerous other things.

29/7.3. After thousands of them had spoken, then Looeamong spoke, saying:

29/7.4. Wise and Holy Lords and Gods of the all highest heavenly kingdom, great have been your wisdom and suggestions. Now, therefore, by the light of the Holy Ghost, hear my decrees:

29/7.5. I will send a fire-boat, a million strong, to this stranger God who has come to Paradise, and everyone shall go crowned and arrayed with jewels and diadems, and weapons of warfare; and they shall have shields and figureheads of tau (bull) and aries (lamb), as symbols of my attributes.

29/7.6. Behold, I send to him as a lamb of peace, but I send also the spear and sword.

29/7.7. In command of the fire-boat and its hosts I appoint Ajudus, whom I will crown with the miter and the triangle and the cut ring.

29/7.8. And this shall be my message to the stranger God: In the name of the Holy Ghost and of the Son, greeting and love. Behold, the kingdom of Hapsendi, the all highest holy heaven, is open, and free to you. The all highest God and ruler of the greatest heavenly kingdom would know your will and pleasure. And if it is your purpose to engage in a good and holy work, behold, I have employment for you, for your profit, honor and glory. And for whatever you can accomplish for the resurrection of my people, you shall receive a just reward from my hand. ||

29/7.9. Accordingly, a fire-boat of excellent workmanship was provided, and equipped in gorgeous splendor. And into it the million hosts, crowned as Lords, and commanded by Ajudus, embarked, and set sail for Paradise, the heavenly place of God, Jehovih's Son.

29/7.10. To work the fire-boat there were four hundred thousand slaves, composed of the spirits of those who on earth had been popes, archbishops, bishops, cardinals, priests, and others who were serving their bondage of two hundred years (as they truly believed in purgatory), for the privilege of ultimately crawling on their bellies through the arena of the palace, and to approach near enough to look upon Looeamong, their supposed all highest God and Savior.

29/7.11. Such, then, was the magnificence and the object of the fire-boat sent to Paradise.





Of God in Paradise




29/8.1. Es said: After the Light of Jehovih came to God, saying: Go, provide mortals to cross the ocean, to build up the western continent, || God ceased striving to redeem the four heavenly kingdoms of the four false Gods, but directed his energies toward regaining a broader earth-anchorage, for the sake of Jehovih's kingdom.

29/8.2. So God sent down from Paradise, one Melkazad, crowned as Lord, with ten thousand angels in his command to inspire migration to Guatama, and to make the country known to the eastern peoples.

29/8.3. And Melkazad, with his hosts, came and ascertained the grade and choice of mortals for this purpose. And Melkazad and his hosts raised up one Columbo (Columbus), a mortal from Genoa, together with crews, sufficient in number, whom they inspired to go with ships to the west, across the ocean, in search of the lay and plan of the world.

29/8.4. And it came to pass that Columbo, thus inspired of God, through his holy angels, did discover the western continent, not knowing he was under inspiration.

29/8.5. It was shortly after this, that the angel hosts from etherea came down to the throne of God in Paradise, to labor with him in providing for the approach of the Kosmon era.

29/8.6. Now, while God and his angels in the heavenly kingdom of Paradise were rejoicing because of the success of Columbo, which had been reported by Melkazad to God, behold, it was in that same time that the etherean ship of Litabakathrava arrived.

29/8.7. And God received the ethereans with great rejoicing; and after due ceremonies, God declared a recreation of three days, so that the angels of Paradise could rejoice before Jehovih, because the a'ji of so many hundreds of years was breaking away, and because of Columbo's success, and because of the coming of the ethereans.

29/8.8. Great, indeed, were the rejoicings, the praise, the music and glee of the billion angels of Paradise.

29/8.9. At the end of three days, the trumpet called the Holy Council of God, to resume labor before the throne. Then the marshals from various places in God's kingdoms, called their students and laborers, and withdrew to their own departments. The Holy Council resumed their places before God, and God ascended the throne, and order was.

29/8.10. Then God called the ethereans, Chonling, Thetchaya, Che Sin, Bornothetes, Atavia and Thotagawawa to come and honor the throne. So these visiting Gods did as commanded.

29/8.11. Then God spoke, saying: What tribute, O Jehovih, can I pay to Your Son, Litabakathrava? Provide to me and my Holy Council for the light and glory of his presence.

29/8.12. And at once, all the Holy Council, one million, rose to their feet, and then all the Gods rose up also. God said: Come, honor my throne.

29/8.13. Litabakathrava walked up, and sat on the throne of God. When he was seated, God commanded all the rest to be seated. Then Litabakathrava rose up, and said:

29/8.14. You have given me great honor, O God of the earth and her heavens. May the light of the Person of Jehovih dawn upon all the kingdoms of heaven and earth.

29/8.15. Yet, O God, do not be puffed up with the hope of sudden success. I have seen many corporeal worlds arrive at the Kosmon era. But it is like a new birth, brought forth in pain, and with much labor.

29/8.16. You have several generations of mortals yet to be born before kosmon comes. The four dark corners of the lodge will bound upon you, to destroy the work of your hand and Jehovih's.

29/8.17. The four false Gods will fight you to the death; only after they go down in hell, can Jehovih's kingdom come.

29/8.18. On all the planetary worlds it is always the same; certain four false Gods rise up to possess the corporeal worlds and her heavens.

29/8.19. They will profess truth, but practice falsehood; profess peace, but practice war. They will incite mortals and angels to all manner of evil for the sake of thwarting Jehovih's Person and proceedings. Yes, they will even yet assume that they themselves are Jehovih, the veritable Creator. And they will inspire mortals, to consider them as such.

29/8.20. And when your people profess Jehovih and not them, behold, they will inspire others to fall upon your people to destroy them or to torture them with great suffering.

29/8.21. Nevertheless, it shall come to pass with you, that Jehovih shall triumph over all the earth and in the heavens of the earth. Men and angels shall be free, and no one shall make them afraid.

29/8.22. Litabakathrava ceased, and sat down, and suddenly a great shining light gathered above his head, and a Voice spoke out of the light, saying:

29/8.23. All the earth is Mine, and the waters, and the air above the earth. These are members of My body and Person. Man I created not to possess them, but to dwell on them and in them. To all men alike I gave these inheritances; nor to any man a part, nor to any nation or people a part.

29/8.24. But with liberty and privilege |1203| to these, I gave man the right to draw sustenance and support.

29/8.25. All men are My children; into conscious being I created them alike, privileged to all the earth, and the waters of the earth, and the air in the firmament above the earth.

29/8.26. Brothers and sisters I created them; of various tribes, races, colors and sizes, but nevertheless, in My own way I created them, every one for a glory in the way I made him.

29/8.27. In the early days, behold, I kept man on certain continents and places, so that I could unfold him in the glory for which I designed him.

29/8.28. But in kosmon, I open the gates of the oceans, seas and rivers, and I say to all My people: Come forth, behold your brethren; go into this country, and into that, and learn wisdom from that which I have proved in the family of My house. Be profitable to one another, in the experience and practice of My hand upon all peoples.

29/8.29. In one, tallness; in another, shortness; in one, sound teeth and bones, and well-formed limbs; in another, sagacity; in one, a dense population and well-tilled lands; in another, plain food and long life; for in kosmon, man shall go abroad into all countries, one nation with another; and they shall profit by wisdom, to bring forth a new race with all the glories selected from the whole.

29/8.30. Neither shall man be bound any more by the doctrines of this God or that God, or by this Savior or that Savior, nor by any of the ancient books, nor by inspirations of past times. But he shall know how to obtain inspirations from My Gods and My heavens, for his own good, and for his own wisdom.

29/8.31. Neither shall one nation judge another, and cry out, heathen; nor one people judge another, and cry out, pagan.

29/8.32. Behold, I alone shall judge; My mark is upon all those that engage in war, or who keep warriors; or who keep forts and arsenals, and use weapons of death; and upon all who kill, and eat the flesh of anything I created alive; for all such are pagan and heathen in My sight.

29/8.33. Nor shall they go from nation to nation to find evil, but to find goodness, wisdom and virtue.

29/8.34. My Gods shall minister to all nations and peoples to these ends, to bring them together in peace and harmony, to open the ports of those who have been secluded nations and peoples, to persuade them to put away war and the glory of destruction, to make nations and peoples acceptable to one another. ||

29/8.35. The Voice of the Light ceased, and all about the throne of God was like a sea of golden fire.

29/8.36. The time for the departure of Litabakathrava and his hosts had arrived. Accordingly he went down and sat at the foot of the throne, and then God descended and took his hand, saying: Arise, Orian Chief, Jehovih's Son, and go your way. The Father calls you and your people.

29/8.37. So Litabakathrava passed down into the arena, and saluted on the sign, Dawn of Kosmon, and God answered in the sign, Fortified in Jehovih's Name!

29/8.38. Litabakathrava and his hosts then went into the otevan, the enormous ship, with its photosphere, large as a continent. And presently, while the es'enaurs and the trumpeters chanted Praise to the Almighty, the vessel started from its foundation, and rose slowly upward, applauded by the billions assembled in Paradise.











































































































1203  permission; access; a claim






29/9.1. Es said: Now, behold, just as the ship of Litabakathrava had risen upward, starting forth in its departure, the fire-boats of the four false Gods arrived in Paradise.

29/9.2. And the hosts in the boats were discomfited, and angry too, because their boasted audacity was thwarted from having an interview with the Orian Chief and his hosts.

29/9.3. And those in the fire-boats saw one another, and were incensed and jealous, and puzzled to know what to do. Nor would any of them confer with God, Jehovih's Son, for they had been thus commanded by their respective false Gods.

29/9.4. Now, therefore, after the fire-boats had cruised about a while, displaying their splendor, three of them departed, leaving only the fire-boat of Looeamong's hosts remaining.

29/9.5. The captain of this boat had said: It is not sufficient that I come here, and find the foreign God departed. I will ascertain what has been said and done, and what these Jehovih worshippers are up to.

29/9.6. So he turned aside and landed his boat, and he and his hosts, arrayed in splendor, went and talked with the inhabitants of Paradise, inquiring, among other things, why the cause of such great rejoicing among the people.

29/9.7. And one of the people, being unguarded, |1204| said: Behold, it is well with us that we rejoice; God, Jehovih's Son, has inspired a new mortal anchorage. He has taken Columbo across the ocean, and showed him a new country, where only the Great Spirit, Jehovih, is worshipped.

29/9.8. The captain of the fire-boat thus discovered one of the plans of God for redeeming the world; but the captain did not disclose his joy, but presently he and his hosts went aboard and departed, making all haste to Hapsendi, the heaven of Looeamong, the false Kriste.

29/9.9. On the day after Looeamong learned this matter, he sent a warship with seven million warring angels to stir up a mutiny among mortals in countries from which Columbo had sailed.

29/9.10. And by inspiration, Looeamong's warrior angels set the rulers of Spain against Columbo, and had him cast into prison, thus breaking the chain of inspiration between Columbo and the throne of God.

29/9.11. In the meantime, Looeamong's angels made all haste to have mortal ships and shipmasters of their own kind cross the ocean to the countries Columbo had discovered.

29/9.12. Thus did Looeamong's mortal worshippers cross over to Guatama, and with them, Looeamong landed and stationed in Guatama one billion angel warriors, sworn laborers to the false Kriste, to establish him in these great lands.

29/9.13. When God saw how evil had already taken root in these countries, behold, he was doubly resolved to obey Jehovih's commandment, in regard to the inquisitions. In which Jehovih had said:

29/9.14. Let Looeamong carry out the inquisitions, to put to death whomever he will. For it shall come to pass that the spirits of those he slays in Roma, Venice, Napla (Naples) and in all other cities and countries, will remain in their places with vengeance on their souls. And the time will come when you shall withdraw your protecting angel hosts from these cities; and, behold, these angels of vengeance will come forth and visit their wrath upon this false God and his kingdoms. ||

29/9.15. So God was strong in resolution to let evil take its course; and so, in all countries where the false Kriste had been afflicting mortals, God withdrew his protecting hosts, leaving those countries and those heavens to take their course.

29/9.16. And it came to pass that the angels of vengeance came forth for battle: to battle other angels, and to obsess mortals to battle also, and all against the false Kriste.

29/9.17. Thus was opened the door for the split in Looeamong's doctrines, which was to ultimate in the entire overthrow of the Trinity, and of the Holy Ghost, and of Looeamong also, under his false name.

29/9.18. And so war began again on earth, and in Looeamong's heavens, concerning himself and his doctrines.

29/9.19. To make matters worse for himself, he established angel emissaries in his earthly kingdom, in Roma, to inspire the popes to cause mortals to be scourged, imprisoned and put to death, for heresy, and these things were done in the name of Kriste and the Holy Ghost.

29/9.20. And it came to pass that no man could express a word or thought, reflecting upon Looeamong's earthly doctrines or government, without falling victim to mortal and angel emissaries of this false Kriste. Truly, many of these mortal cities were obsessed by angels of darkness and evil.

29/9.21. In course of time, behold, mortals, inspired by vengeance-loving spirits, rose up against Looeamong's popes and cardinals, and protested against the abnegation of man's right to think for himself; and these people called themselves protestants, professing that there were two Kristes, a true one and a false one, and, moreover, that they themselves were worshippers of the true Kriste.

29/9.22. Nevertheless, they were also under the inspiration of evil angels, for they fell to work burning and flaying their opponents also.

29/9.23. And God foresaw that now was the time to inspire the western nations of Uropa to great learning, and to science and to philosophy, and to western migration.

29/9.24. So God sent angels to teach man once more the telescope and the art of printing; and to inspire man to question the spiritual powers of kings.

29/9.25. Thus was Looeamong's power in great measure locked up in managing his disrupted kingdoms, while God's holy angels pursued the road of righteous development for the coming era of Kosmon.






























1204  unwary, unwatchful, unthinking, incautious






29/10.1. Es said: When God saw that Looeamong's warrior angels had come upon the earth regions discovered by Columbo, God withdrew, saying:

29/10.2. Behold, I will use this as a testimony to Jehovih and against this false Kriste, in time to come. For I will withdraw my angel hosts and give up, for a season, the central lands of Guatama.

29/10.3. And it shall come to pass, that mortals in these lands shall not prosper in peace, nor righteousness, nor in learning, nor in science, nor in inventions, nor in anything good under the sun. For Looeamong's warrior angels shall obsess them, and they shall build up, and then destroy, and the people of Aliattes [Mexico --Ed.], the Yodopans [the Montezumas --Ed.], shall be destroyed, and the I'tuans and their cities shall be ruined. |1205|

29/10.4. || Now it came to pass, as spoken by God, the central lands of Guatama, from sea to sea, fell under the dominion of the warrior angels of Looeamong, the false Kriste, and they became warriors and destroyers; neither did they rise in peace nor wisdom, nor in anything good under the sun. But they lived as pilferers, debauchees, warriors, murderers and idolaters of the false Kriste. ||

29/10.5. God had said: I will go northward, to the western coast of Uropa, and my angel hosts shall inspire another people to migrate to Guatama for conscience' sake (Jehovih's sake).

29/10.6. And it shall be proved, in time to come, that those whom I shall take across the ocean, shall inherit Guatama; and they shall prosper in peace, virtue, wisdom, learning and inventions. And man, in after time, shall witness the difference between the people of Looeamong's possessions as compared with my own in the northern regions.

29/10.7. And so, God sent his angel hosts among the factions of western Uropa, and inspired mortals to rise up, and depart out of that country for conscience' sake. And those who were inspired of God crossed over the ocean, and landed in Guatama, and they named the place of their landing Plymouth Rock, saying: For God's sake and for liberty, help us, O, our Creator. |1206|

29/10.8. But they did not say: For Kriste's sake, or for the sake of the Holy Ghost.

29/10.9. Nevertheless, Looeamong's angel warriors had accompanied them across the ocean; and when they saw what mortals had done, they departed by means of the mortal ships returning to Uropa; for these angels were too low in grade to cross the ocean without the presence of mortals.

29/10.10. And when they had come to the other side, they reported to Looeamong's angel generals what had been done by mortals in Guatama, and these angel generals sent a dispatch to Hapsendi, Looeamong's heavenly kingdom, to learn his will and pleasure.

29/10.11. Looeamong sent back word as follows: Lest the country fall into Jehovih's hands, send a sufficient inspiring host to obsess all mortals who have thus possessed Guatama. Do not spare them; |1207| possess all, or ruin all, in the name of Kriste and the Holy Ghost.

29/10.12. And thus it came to pass, as regards this false Kriste and his affairs with God, namely:

29/10.13. The latter had inspired, for sake of Jehovih, certain other people in northwestern Uropa, who were Faithists in heart, but not practicers of the rites and ceremonies, who called themselves Quakers, to migrate to Guatama, to shape the destiny of the inhabitants to peace, virtue and wisdom; and these Quakers were covenanted to Jehovih, to never engage in war, nor to quarrel, nor to contend with any man for opinion's sake.

29/10.14. So Looeamong's obsessing angels fell upon the colonies of settlers in Guatama, and obsessed them to flay and to burn and to exterminate the Quakers, for Kriste's sake, as mortals said.

29/10.15. And the angels of Looeamong inspired mortals to lie in wait for any other Faithists who might migrate to Guatama.

29/10.16. God had said: Permit these hardships to my people to be recorded, |1208| for in kosmon, they shall be testimony of the power of heaven on mortals.

29/10.17. So that these things would become historical, God suffered Looeamong's angels to raise up, and obsess one Cotton Mather, who devoted his time and labor to the establishing of this false God.

29/10.18. And the said Cotton Mather not only accomplished these wicked deeds, but he put himself on record as a worshiper of Kriste. That which follows, were his words:

"September, 1682.

"To ye aged and beloved John Higginson:

"There be now at sea a shippe (for our friend Esias Holdcraft, of London, did advise me by the last packet that it would sail sometime in August), called ye 'Welcome,' R. Greenwas, master, which has aboard a hundred or more of ye heretics and malignants called Quakers, with W. Penn, who is ye scamp at ye head of them. Ye General Court has accordingly given secret orders to Master Malachi Huxtett, of ye brig 'Porpoise,' to waylaye ye said 'Welcome,' as near ye coast of Codd, as may be, and make captives of ye Penn and his ungodly crew, so that ye Lord may be glorified and not mocked on ye soil of this new country with ye heathen worshipers of these people. Much spoil can be made by selling ye whole lot to Barbadoes, where slaves fetch good prices in rumme and sugar; and we shall not only do ye Lord great service by punishing ye wicked, but shall make gayne for his ministers and people. Yours, in ye bowels of Christ,


29/10.19. Such, then, were the trials of God in establishing Jehovih in Guatama. And yet, the bitterest struggle had not begun.


















1205  The Yodopans, being in Mexico, clearly refers to the Aztecs, as its last ruler was named Montezuma. The I'tuans possibly refers to the Incas.
























1206  A ship called the Mayflower, carrying religious pilgrims from England, landed in 1620 at Plymouth Rock in America, an area that became part of New England.
















1207  i.e., show them no mercy





















1208  The student can readily read about such atrocities in the corporeal records; for example, the witchcraft trials, the religious intolerance displayed by some of the early colonists, and the persecution of Quakers.


1209  In more modern American, this would read as:

"September, 1682.

"To the venerable and beloved John Higginson:

"There is now at sea a ship (for our friend Esias Holdcraft, of London, advised me by the last packet that it would sail sometime in August), called the 'Welcome;' R. Greenwas, master; which has aboard a hundred or more of the heretics and malignants called Quakers, with W. Penn, who is the scamp [scoundrel] at the head of them. The General Court has accordingly given secret orders to Master Malachi Huxtett, of the brig [ship] 'Porpoise,' to waylay [ambush] the 'Welcome,' when it passes near the coast of Cape Cod, and make captives of Penn and his ungodly crew, so that the Lord may be glorified and not mocked on the soil of this new country with the heathen worshipers of these people. Much spoil [profit] can be made by selling the whole lot to Barbados, where slaves fetch good prices in rum and sugar; and we shall not only do the Lord great service by punishing the wicked, but shall make gain for his ministers and people. Yours, in the bowels of Christ,

Cotton Mather."






29/11.1. Es said: Hear, O earth, and you, heavens of the earth, of the ways of Jehovih, through His God, in this, His kingdom. Understand how all things are accomplished for the ultimate triumph of righteousness.

29/11.2. Now after the etherean angels came to Paradise, in answer to God's prayer for help, God divided his hosts to minister to all of the earth and its heavens, not for sudden triumph by violent means, but to the end that man would, in after years, comprehend the wisdom and glory of Jehovih.

29/11.3. So God made eleven divisions of his hosts, four divisions for the earth, and seven for the heavens of the earth.

29/11.4. And as chiefs of the four divisions for the earth, he appointed Eezen, Khan, Ah Cho and Lakash, to go to hada, the heavenly kingdoms of the four false Gods, to establish a guard, from there to the earth.

29/11.5. And God gave each of them one billion hosts to labor with them. And when these were all selected, and had come before the throne of God, he said to them:

29/11.6. Because the four false Gods have accomplished all the good they can accomplish, and are now only leading mortals and angels down into darkness, I shall presently cut them and their supplies off from the earth. In that day and hour there will be danger in heaven.

29/11.7. For there are more than three hundred million spirits in the hadan heavens, who were put to untimely deaths, in order to establish the false Brahma, the false Buddha, the false Kriste, and the false God-Gabriel.

29/11.8. Go, then, to your places, and provide yourselves in wisdom and strength. Guard well these spirits, for once they congregate for vengeance' sake, they will cast their Gods in hell.

29/11.9. They answered with one voice: Jehovih's will and yours be done! And they saluted and departed.

29/11.10. God then called up the other seven of the Holy Eleven, namely: Yopes Leo, Likar, Vadhuan, Ardolfus, Yutemis, Zahawee and Zedna, together with their seven billion hosts, and he said to them:

29/11.11. Behold, the eleven kingdoms that have been preparing for more than two thousand years shall now be opened up and established, with roadways to the kingdoms of the four false Gods. For the time is near at hand when I shall cast them out, and remove them and their kingdoms away from the earth, and forever.

29/11.12. So that a revolt may be prevented, you shall provide places and vessels for the removal of their drujas, of which there are more than twenty billion. Go, then, to your respective places, and be ready by the time of my command.

29/11.13. They answered unanimously: Jehovih's will and yours be done! And they saluted, and departed also.

29/11.14. After this, God appointed twelve of the etherean Gods and Goddesses as a Severing Host, and he allotted to them six billion angels to work with them, when the time came.

29/11.15. To these twelve Gods and Goddesses, God said: When the time is at hand, behold, you shall take your six billion hosts, and cut off all the earth supplies on which the four false Gods and their kingdoms subsist.

29/11.16. And their kingdoms shall fall in anarchy and ruin. Their drujas shall be liberated; none shall stop them; and they shall all fall upon their Gods' kingdoms, and despoil them utterly, and cast their false Gods into hell (anarchy and torments).

29/11.17. Go, therefore, to the places I have provided, as my messengers will show you, and make all things ready for the time and signal of my hand.

29/11.18. So these twelve Gods and Goddesses saluted and departed for their labor.

29/11.19. Now, as yet, none but the Holy Council and the Gods and Goddesses knew the plans of God, Jehovih's Son, nor the object and labor provided for the hosts thus sent forth to all parts of the earth and the hadan (lowest) heavens.

29/11.20. Nevertheless, God had commanded the officers to maintain lines of light with his throne in Paradise, so that concert of action would manifest all around the earth, in the same moment of time.

29/11.21. Now, therefore, let be it known, that of the fire-boats and crews sent by the false Gods to Paradise, only one, Looeamong's, returned to tell the tale of chagrin and disappointment in not meeting the etherean God, Litabakathrava.

29/11.22. As for the other three, fitted out so extravagantly, with a million hosts crowned and adorned in such magnificence, they concluded to go away, each into a different heavenly region, and establish three independent kingdoms of their own.

29/11.23. Many of these angel hosts had been promised, for hundreds of years, that they would have sub-kingdoms, with millions of slaves, but had always been put off, until they were discouraged.

29/11.24. Accordingly, they resolved to appropriate their outfits in founding thrones and capitals.

29/11.25. So the fire-boat sent out by Ennochissa, returned to his heavenly regions, but not to Ennochissa. And that of Kabalactes went to his regions, but not to Kabalactes. And that of Gabriel (Thoth) returned to his regions, but not to him.

29/11.26. And they all proceeded in much the same manner, which was, after having founded a place, to go about in the fire-boat, enticing subjects to come to their places.

29/11.27. And it came to pass, before their respective masters were aware of it, they had heavenly kingdoms, with hundreds of millions of slaves.

29/11.28. When the three false Gods, Ennochissa, Kabalactes and Gabriel-God, heard of the proceedings of their traitorous subjects, they each, separately, declared war against the pretenders.

29/11.29. In not many years, therefore, from this small beginning, great wars engrossed these three false Gods' kingdoms on every side, but wholly interior to each one's kingdom.

29/11.30. Which enabled God, Jehovih's Son, to pursue the two great plans for the redemption of mortals and angels. These plans were, to provide protection to the Ka'yuans (Confucians) of Chine'ya, the worshippers of Jehovih, and to found the country of Guatama free from the grasp of Looeamong.

29/11.31. So, as soon as God had provided a sufficient protecting host of angels for the Ka'yuans, he devoted his energies to Guatama and her heavens.








29/12.1. While the heavens of the earth were thus stirred up with war and with anticipated misfortunes and strange doctrines, there came to Paradise, before the throne of God, a host of seven thousand angels, who had been victims of the inquisitions under the inspiration of the false Kriste, Looeamong, asking for an audience with God.

29/12.2. Accordingly, after the chief marshal had announced this before the throne and Holy Council, God commanded them to approach, and speak.

29/12.3. And those who were leaders then came, and spoke. These were: Rochus, Estella, Coceicas, Martin, Ajedio, Burton, Gardener, Oguier, Isagades, Thornton, Wincelaus, Hepburn, Autonus, Hague, Bothna, Hijas, Sedasius, Prague, Septullus, Thilinae, Portia, Fuessa, Barm, Donia, Sarekka, Solomon, Jolif, Gallilleo, Sega, Spinola, Sutton, Jinuthes, Sirach, Obenaes, Pelachon, Berttimo, Feirdonas, Puberttas, Quidonatus, Paglia, Suzarathga, Wotchganheim, Givier, Dospastonitus, Leiberanz, Jasman, Orolf, Meyer, Litz, Herman, Dolche, Mogan, Ruchtevolt, Yokamsteimer, Bolch, Calas, Radby, Yan'tos, Le'chaim, Fetch, Bliney, Catherine (queen), Lambert, Holt, Renn, Savicht, John, Barnes, Sanwalt, Biers, Drumfoldt, Nekairo, Hemsted, Wight, Thuce, Kerby, Askew, Wolfe, Bartholf, Brown, Wishartd, Mille, Sadarak, Gaepon, Hutton, Somerset, Railif, Bedford, Wehlen, Gaison, Darcy, Wallace, Tudon, Taylor, Farrar, Jones, White, Myers, Henry, Atino, Percy, Alies, Flower, Joseph, Milne, Warne, Simpson, Latimer, Ridley, Cranmer, Lang, Pesth, Bradbridge, Walstein, Allin, Jesse, Ormes, Staveson and Donald. |1210| And this is the substance of what they said:

29/12.4. Most Holy God, Jehovih's Son, greeting in love, in pity, and in anger!

29/12.5. We are not Gods, nor pure, nor holy. Therefore pity us.

29/12.6. We are not happy, and feel that in our struggles to find truth we have been unfairly used. Therefore, pity us.

29/12.7. We were born in mud-holes, and have soiled garments. Therefore, have compassion upon us.

29/12.8. We are in search of clean water, so that we may go wash ourselves. Therefore, guide us.

29/12.9. We have such strength as a mad wolf would be proud of. Therefore, use us.

29/12.10. We have not such mercy and forgiveness as becomes Gods. Therefore, give us rough work to do.

29/12.11. Such work, in fact, that would require no one to split a hair to discern right or wrong.

29/12.12. Not that we desire to glut ourselves in vengeance against the false Kriste. One step higher, O God.

29/12.13. In such a matter where, if an innocent lamb were pursued by a wolf, give us to rush in, and save the lamb.

29/12.14. Now, behold, the rumor has come to us, that you will establish Guatama free from the dominion of Gods and Saviors.

29/12.15. And it comes to this: We are so far on the road to purification, that we can no longer catch the false Kriste's angels, and hurl them into hell.

29/12.16. Nevertheless, we are not so fastidiously pure that we would not seize his evil-working angels, and hold them by the throats till you had your great country founded safely for Jehovih's kingdom.

29/12.17. If, therefore, you can appropriate seven thousand angels in some loose and unscrupulous corner, to do you good service against the tyrant and remorseless Looeamong, behold, we stand before Jehovih and you, to do your will as you may command.

29/12.18. God said to them: My brothers and sisters, in the name of Jehovih, I welcome you.

29/12.19. What you can do, that you shall do; nor shall any but yourselves judge yourselves.

29/12.20. To the extent that you have the light of the Father, so shall you serve Him.

29/12.21. You are responsible to Him only; for His triumph shall be the redemption of heaven and earth.

29/12.22. Behold, Looeamong will surely inspire a war, both in Guatama, with mortals, and in its heavens, with the angels.

29/12.23. My angel hosts shall inspire the mortals of Guatama to found a government free from the dominion of Gods and Saviors.

29/12.24. War will follow. Now, behold, I have appointed Yotahiza, as my Lord for those regions. Go there with my messengers who know the way, and Yotahiza will receive you in my name, and give you work in justice, truth and wisdom.

29/12.25. The army of the inquisition then saluted, and departed, and they came to Yotahiza's heavenly station with the colonists in Guatama.


































1210  The above names will be found in "Fox's Book of Martyrs," and "Justin's Book of Christian Victims." --Ed.



The Republic established




29/13.1. Es said: For three hundred years, God's loo'is had been providing the generations of men for the coming work of God.

29/13.2. And through these, God, Jehovih's Son, had raised up one thousand two hundred men, to be directly under the inspiration of the second resurrection, for establishing an emancipated government for mortals.

29/13.3. And these one thousand two hundred men were raised to grades above sixty, and some of them to eighty.

29/13.4. Chief of these men raised up by God, to establish the foundation of Jehovih's kingdom with mortals, were the following, all of whom stood above grade eighty, namely:

29/13.5. Paine, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Carroll, Hancock and Washington.

29/13.6. Jehovih, through God, His Son, placed the leadership of the mortal hosts into the hands of these seven men; and they were under the guidance of Jehovih's Lord, Yotahiza.

29/13.7. And the Lord caused Paine to proclaim the new doctrines, which were against Looeamong and the sacred books on which the inquisitions had been carried out.

29/13.8. These, then, were the doctrines of Paine, inspired by the Lord, Jehovih's Son, namely:

29/13.9. One, the Creator, Who is Almighty, matchless in wisdom, truth, power and unity of purpose; the author of all things on the earth and on all other worlds, seen and unseen.

29/13.10. That the soul of man is immortal and everlasting, and shall ultimately attain to peace and joy in the heavens of the Almighty.

29/13.11. That, according to man's good or evil deeds, words, thoughts and actions, while on earth, even so shall he inherit in heaven, light or darkness, joy or unhappiness.

29/13.12. That all the world is my country, and the same right alike to all men.

29/13.13. To do good, with all of one's wisdom and strength, is the highest religion.

29/13.14. That man has a natural right, above all kings, priests and sacred writings, to serve his Creator in his own way.

29/13.15. That this is an age of reason, in which all men should be inspired to read, think, and judge with their own judgment, and not through any priest or church or Savior.

29/13.16. That the doctrine of a Savior is unjust; that no honest man should accept another's dying for him.

29/13.17. That the so-called sacred books are not the writings of the Creator; that their multiplicity of defects prove them to have been manufactured by corruptible authors.

29/13.18. That, in practice, the said sacred books have been used by unprincipled priests to promote wars, inquisitions, tyranny and destruction.

29/13.19. That man should rise up in his might to embrace his Creator, by the practice of good works, and by promoting brotherly love toward all men; and by charity and independence, elicit the protection, pride, and glory of the Almighty. |1211| ||

29/13.20. Paine proclaimed publicly the doctrines of God; and they were printed, and circulated among the inhabitants of Guatama.

29/13.21. And it came to pass, that they fell into the hands of those men and women who had been previously prepared by God to receive them. And these people applauded the new doctrines to so great an extent that the colonies repudiated the Divine right of kings to govern without the consent of the governed.

29/13.22. Looeamong, the false Kriste, perceived the design of God, Jehovih's Son, and immediately sent down to the earth, to Guatama, two thousand angel warriors, to overthrow Paine's doctrines, and to precipitate the colonies into war against the home government in western Uropa. |1212|

29/13.23. So war in Guatama, on earth and in its heavens, set in, mortals against mortals and angels against angels.

29/13.24. The Lord, Yotahiza, now assigned the army of the inquisition, the seven thousand angels sent by God, to be the protecting hosts to the seven leaders of the Guatama revolt.

29/13.25. Besides these angels, who were generals and captains of the hosts, there were of noncommissioned angel officers, two thousand seven hundred and eighty-four, who had also been martyred as to earth-life, by scourging, and by the rack, and by being pulled in quarters, and by being burnt, who were distributed among the mortal armies of soldiers. And these angel officers had angel armies and companies, disciplined and quartered in the camps of the mortals with the soldiers.

29/13.26. Such, then, were the inspiring hosts, varying in number from six million to twelve million, who remained with the soldiers of the republic during the war, day and night, inspiring them to fortitude, and manipulating them to give them health, strength and endurance.

29/13.27. God spoke to the angel commander of these hosts, saying: Though your hosts inspire these mortals to liberty as to earthly things, yet you shall also take advantage of this opportunity to sow the seed of higher spiritual light among them. Remember, then, the sermon of the All High: There is only one Great Spirit, Jehovih. And this, your hosts shall continually inspire mortals with. ||

29/13.28. For seven years the war lasted, and during all that time, the earthly commander, Washington, was under the guardianship of the commander of the angel hosts. And there were detailed to guard Washington, day and night, one thousand angels. And though he was shot at, and in many ways sought after to be destroyed, these angels saved him, even catching in their hands, the bullets that were fired at him.

29/13.29. And in the same manner many other mortal leaders and privates in the war were protected and saved from harm by the angels.

29/13.30. And yet all this while the angels of Looeamong fought on the other side, endeavoring to pull away the guardian angels, and so make the mortal leaders vulnerable.

29/13.31. But these angels were lower in grade and less potent, and also not so enthusiastic, for they had not suffered martyrdom.

29/13.32. || Jehovih has said: Rather let a man glory in martyrdom for righteousness' sake; for by this he takes high resolves against evil; which resolves are a great power to the soul when it enters heaven. ||

29/13.33. And it came to pass that the republic was established.

29/13.34. And God caused the commander of the angels who had accomplished this work, to call his hosts together, so that they could hear the Voice of Jehovih. And eighteen million three hundred and forty thousand thus assembled, in an extemporized heaven above the Haguan mountains, where the chiefs of Paradise had already prepared an altar to Jehovih for the occasion.

29/13.35. Of the higher grades from other plateaus, seventy million angels had assembled here in the sacred circle, to promote the Voice. Of which matters God had previously sent word to Aroqu, so that a chain of light could be made to the upper heavens.

29/13.36. Now, when the angels of the inquisition were thus assembled before God, and duly placed by the marshals, God caused the light to be lowered, so that they would rejoice rather than suffer because of its brilliancy.

29/13.37. And when God sat on the throne, and the es'enaurs had chanted glory to Jehovih for having founded the republic of mortals, a ray of light was seen descending from the upper realms, and it extended down to the throne of God, where now, on all sides, the illumination was in splendor. Presently, just above the throne, a single star of light was formed, and out of this came the Voice of Jehovih, saying:

29/13.38. Peace, My beloved. The way is open: Liberty to the conscience of mortals is founded on earth. You have lifted them above the bondage of Gods.

29/13.39. Because you were cut down before you had finished your labor on earth, I allowed you to come back to mortals to complete your own aspirations.

29/13.40. Because you united with one another in companies and phalanxes for a good work, instead of working single-handed, you are now admitted into the second resurrection of My kingdoms.

29/13.41. By the light of My throne you are this day absolved from the bondage of earth and first resurrection.

29/13.42. The Voice ceased; but God spoke to his marshals, saying: Provide an avalanza sufficient for the ascension of these my beloved angels, and take them to the fields and forests of Attusasabak, in the Ortheon plateau, where I have already provided them ample residences.

29/13.43. And after they are delivered, grade them, and give them suitable instructors and companions, so that in due time they may become Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, and ascend to the emancipated kingdoms in the etherean worlds.

29/13.44. Let them now pass before the throne, so that they may receive badges from the Most High! For these will be to them a connection with the exalted kingdoms. ||

29/13.45. The marshals then filed them past the throne, and there fell, from the heavens above, upon them, badges of immortal light, unchangeable.

29/13.46. And the builders in Yutis brought them an avalanza, which they entered to the sound of three million voices singing in Jehovih's praise. And when they were within, God spoke to them again, saying:

29/13.47. You go now far away from the earth. But as you freed this land to itself, and now go away, behold, I will call you back again before another hundred years, to free the people from the doctrines and creeds of the ancients. No God, Lord or Savior shall be enforced in this land! Till then, Jehovih be with you all, and give you joy and happiness! ||

29/13.48. Then the officers of the avalanza set it in motion, rising upward. And the musicians, those who remained and those who ascended, sang and trumpeted until the fire-ship ascended out of sight.


































































1211  The above were Tom Paine's doctrines. --Ed.















1212  This was Great Britain versus America; being the American Revolution (war of independence), 1775-1783 c.e. Note that the fighting actually stopped in 1781 but it took two years till the treaty of Paris was signed and the United States was officially acknowledged to be a nation-state.






29/14.1. For three hundred years prior to the above transactions, the four false Gods had been in war to a limited extent in their heavens, and for certain earth possessions also.

29/14.2. In Chine'ya, the Ka'yuans (Confucians) had made great progress, to the injury of the false Brahma, Ennochissa. But the latter had pushed his people into Vind'yu and Par'si'e.

29/14.3. On the part of Kabalactes, the false Buddha, he had pushed his people into Chine'ya and Par'si'e also. And in many parts of Vind'yu, these Buddhists had treated the Brahmins with great slaughter.

29/14.4. But neither of the above false Gods was a match for Thoth, alias God-Gabriel. Under the name and doctrines of Mohammed, he had made great inroads upon the possessions of the other two false Gods, both as to the earth and the heavens above them.

29/14.5. And yet, on the other hand, Looeamong, the false Kriste, had taken advantage of all the other three false Gods. He had found mortal emissaries in Britain whom he had inspired under the name, East India Company. To these he had said: Come, I will lead you where there is great wealth and most luxurious enjoyment. Behold, you shall possess the place, and overcome the heathen of a rich country.

29/14.6. So Looeamong led them, and they took with them missionaries, bibles, swords, cannons and warships. And when they arrived at Vind'yu, Looeamong, through his angel hosts, said to them: Tell these heathen, you are worshippers of the Lamb of Peace; that you have come in love and for righteousness' sake. And, behold, they will receive you. But once you are within, you shall fall upon them, and destroy them by the million, men, women and children. And you shall also fall upon their aqueducts, which irrigate the lands, and you shall destroy them; and, behold, millions of these heathen shall starve every year, because of the famines that shall surely come upon them.

29/14.7. Now all these things came to pass; the idolaters of Looeamong fell upon the Buddhists' earthly possessions, and possessed the land of Vind'yu, and, in the name of Kriste and the Holy Ghost, killed seven million men, women and children.

29/14.8. And they also destroyed the aqueducts, which resulted in famines coming upon the Vind'yuans, so that in course of time, thirty million more perished from starvation.

29/14.9. Now, although Kabalactes thus lost in great measure his earthly possessions, he still maintained the heavens of Vind'yu; so that after all his destructions, Looeamong really gained only a few souls in heaven.

29/14.10. Looeamong had also led his mortal emissaries into Chine'ya, in the hope of possessing that country also. He had said to them: Go there, and enforce upon them the opium trade. And it shall come to pass that they will become a drugged and worthless people; and you shall fall upon them and overcome them, and possess all their country, in which there are stored great riches.

29/14.11. And the idolaters of the false Kriste fell upon the Chine'yans (Chinese) and enforced the opium trade, and also made many of them a drugged and worthless people. And after they were thus drugged, the idolaters of the false Kriste raised the cry: Behold, the drugged heathen! The indulgers in opium!

29/14.12. Nevertheless, the Ka'yuans of Chine'ya were a mighty power, and they baffled Looeamong's emissaries in all further encroachments.

29/14.13. Now, although Looeamong had been beaten by the wisdom of God, in possessing the colonies of Guatama, nevertheless Looeamong still hoped to regain the country to himself. And to carry out his designs, he sent two billion angel warriors to accomplish the destruction of the Algonquin tribes that inhabited the country.

29/14.14. And this also came to pass, the idolaters of Looeamong fell upon the Algonquins, and caused three million of them to be put to death, men, women and children. |1213|






































































1213  The number of Indians killed outright by the Christians was not much more than half this number; but, still, the three and a half million Indians that once inhabited this country have died out, because of their treatment by the Christians. --Ed.

[The editor's figures may be underestimated; firstly in the number of Native Americans (Algonquins) who populated North Guatama before the Christians came, and subsequently in the extent of the slaughter. It is often found, in the accounting of events by historians, witnesses, reporters, etc., in the times they happen, that they are more or less biased, and must, by their nature, be incomplete. So here, Oahspe may be correcting estimates taken as historical facts. --cns ed.]



God, Jehovih's Son, casts out the four false Gods




29/15.1. When the right time came, Jehovih spoke to God, Saying: My Son, behold, the Kosmon era is near, and the light of the arc of su'is enters the fields of Paradise. Stretch forth your hand over the nations of the earth and over the heavens of them, and sweep your kingdoms clean for My everlasting light.

29/15.2. The four false Gods, the perpetuators of the beast, will call out in agony, but you shall not heed them in My judgments. ||

29/15.3. Then God sent forth his disciplined hosts, twelve billion, to cut off the supplies of the earth. Even as a mortal general cuts off the supplies of a wicked city to subdue it, so was the accumulated power of the All Light upon the four kingdoms of the four false Gods, they who had proclaimed themselves the Saviors of mortals and angels.

29/15.4. And the angels of God spread around the whole earth! In armies of millions and tens of millions, well disciplined, they gathered together in the mortal cities, and in the country places, among all nations, tribes and peoples.

29/15.5. And these angel armies were officered and drilled to work in concert, with lines of light extending to the throne of God.

29/15.6. And God spoke in Paradise, by means of the lines of light, and his voice went into all the mighty armies of his hosts, the twelve billion, saying:

29/15.7. Cut off the earth supplies of the four beasts of the earth! They and their countless legions of followers have become profitless in the resurrection of mortals and angels.

29/15.8. Their names have become a stench upon the earth. Their mortal followers are grovelers in all manner of uncleanness. Their spirits have become as vagabonds on the earth and in its lowest heavens.

29/15.9. My hosts have tried to persuade them, but they will not hear; the light of the upper kingdoms, they will not receive.

29/15.10. But I will make them look up. Like beasts that are untamed, they shall cry out for sustenance, but they shall not find it in the places of their old haunts. ||

29/15.11. Then, the hosts of God marched in between the drujas, who were the worshippers of the four false Gods, and their mortal harvests.

29/15.12. And the drujas turned to their respective Gods, the false Brahma, the false Buddha and Gabriel of Kalla, and the false Kriste, crying out: Behold, our supplies are cut off! Is the earth not your kingdom, and the place of your footstool? Did you not say that you were the Almighty? How, then, has another God come between? If you are, indeed, our Savior, now save us! But if you have been deceiving us all this time, then hell shall be your portion!

29/15.13. The four false Gods heard the cry of anger and suspicion in their mighty kingdoms; heard the wailings of the sixty billion! And they feared, and trembled.

29/15.14. Most of all in fear was the false Kriste, because, for sake of aggrandizing his own kingdom, he had gotten it proclaimed on the earth that: Whoever believes in me, shall be saved; but whoever does not believe in me, shall be in danger of hell-fire!

29/15.15. And countless millions of mortals had taken no thought as to self-resurrection, but taken him at his word; and so had lived and died and become his slaves for hundreds of years. Millions of these angels had heavenly banners made, with the promises of this false Lord inscribed on them, and with these they went in processions in heaven, crying out: Bread or blood! Bread or blood! We come not to bring peace in heaven; we come to bring a sword! We come to set angel against angel! Give to us, O, our God, or hell shall be your portion!

29/15.16. Thus it came to pass, as had been foretold by God; for he had said: Anarchy shall encompass your heavenly kingdoms, and you shall yet confess that you are false before Jehovih.

29/15.17. And the four false Gods, fearing the fires of hell, went about, crying out: I am not the true Brahma! I am not the true Buddha! I am not the true God [Allah --ed.]! I am not the true Kriste (Christ)!

29/15.18. For by this they hoped to save themselves. But alas for them. Their billions fell upon their heavenly cities, palaces and thrones, and robbed them.

29/15.19. And when their fury was thus started, behold, the vast multitudes rushed for the false Gods, and fell upon them, beat them, suffocated them with foul smells, covered them up with suffocating gases, and walled them in with sulfurous fires.

29/15.20. And they brought the officers, priests, monks and high officers, and cast them into hells also, millions and millions of high-ruling angels of the false Gods.

29/15.21. Thus were these four false Gods hemmed in, even within their own dissolute kingdoms, and every day and every hour grew more terrible. It was the infuriated madness of sixty billion deceived angels, broken loose from slavery, turned upon them.

29/15.22. Then Jehovih's God, from Paradise, went forth in a ship of fire, brilliant, past the endurance of drujas; went forth with ten million high in the grades; ten million against sixty billion. God brought these from the realms of Aroqu and Harivya, well disciplined for the purpose.

29/15.23. And on the ship, and on its banners, were inscribed these words: There is only one Great Spirit, Jehovih. To assimilate with Him, is the salvation of mortals and angels.

29/15.24. He cries out: Come to Me; My kingdoms are ample for all the living. Be strong in resurrection, for I come now to deliver. ||

29/15.25. And God gathered in, from the highest grades of the disrupted heavenly kingdoms, thirteen billion homeless angels, who had been worshippers of the four false Gods. And God had them sent to Luana, on the plateau, Hivestos, where he officered them in colonies, with places for education and labor.

29/15.26. God said to them: You hoped to ascend to Jehovih's highest kingdom by prayers and confessions to false Gods. Behold, I say to you, there is no resurrection other than by developing the talents Jehovih created with all men. Go to work, therefore, and to places of education, so that you may become fit companions to Jehovih's exalted angels.





God delivers the four false Gods out of the four hells




29/16.1. Es said: Now God, Jehovih's Son, was master of the whole earth and her heavens.

29/16.2. And, behold, the era of Kosmon was at hand.

29/16.3. The light of the arc had fallen on the throne of God. Jehovih's Orian Chiefs from the emancipated heavens had come!

29/16.4. Paradise was like a new kingdom. A billion ethereans had arrived to labor with God, in clearing away the hells of the lower heavens, and in providing for opening the gates of the heavens for the angels to appear to mortals.

29/16.5. Metahazi, Goddess of Alefad, in the roads of Loo, in etherea, had brought back the armies of the inquisitions. Hativi, Goddess of the Lutian swamps, in Wessatow plains, in etherea, was there with those who massacred for Baugh-gan-ghad. Monetzian, Goddess of Tuissa, was there with the persecutors of Zarathustra. Norwothchissa, Goddess of the forest of Nidea, in etherea, was there with the persecutors of Brahma (the pure and true) and the persecutors of Moses and Capilya.

29/16.6. Besides these, there were forty-six other Goddesses, each with a host of angels who had, in the ancient times, striven against Jehovih in favor of some false God.

29/16.7. But now, in the coming of Kosmon, behold, they returned as pure and exalted Gods and Goddesses.

29/16.8. And God, Jehovih's Son, called forth all these one-time persecutors, and he said to them:

29/16.9. Behold, there are four great hells, six smaller hells, and fourteen still smaller hells, still existing in these lower heavens.

29/16.10. Since you were once cast into hells, and afterward delivered by the angels of Jehovih, go now, and deliver the hells of these heavens. And bring the chief false Gods before me. My marshal will allot you the respective places, I have appointed to you. ||

29/16.11. Then the Gods and Goddesses, as appointed by God, went forth to deliver the twenty-four hells of the heavens of the earth. And they took with them for this labor, six billion angel laborers well skilled in such matters.

29/16.12. And in thirty-four days, the hells were delivered, broken up and gone. And from these hells, more than seventy billion angels were delivered; who were carried to the plateaus prepared for them by God, Jehovih's Son.

29/16.13. And for their new heavenly places, divisions and sub-divisions, God had also provided them with generals, captains, overseers and other officers, necessary to prevent them running into knots and hells again.

29/16.14. Of the false Gods and Goddesses thus delivered and brought before God, in Paradise, for judgment, the chiefs of them were: Ashtaroth, Dagon, Ashdod, Yotemas, Sathias, Goluth, Plutoya, Itis, Hamgad, Moak, Hoar, Baal, Ennochissa, Kabalactes, Gabriel, and Looeamong. Besides these, seventy other false Gods and Goddesses were delivered, but who were not brought before the throne of God, being instead sent to hospitals, because they were in chaos.

29/16.15. God had previously provided Paradise, through his Holy Council, for the occasion of the judgment of the false Gods, who were brought before him.

29/16.16. Accordingly the Holy Councils were formed in crescent, so that the throne of God lay between the horns of the crescent, in order to promote the Voice.

29/16.17. The marshals, then, brought the false Gods and Goddesses into the arena of circle where the light would fall upon them.





Jehovih judges the false Gods and Goddesses




29/17.1. Es said: The Voice spoke out of the light over the throne of God, saying:

29/17.2. Because I admonished both earth and heaven, saying: Whoever sets up more than the I Am, shall be bound: And whoever listens to them, and runs after them, shall be bound to them; || and they did not obey My commandments, but made Gods other than Me worshipful, so now they shall reap the harvest they have sown.

29/17.3. Because they drew the sword to establish themselves, they were bound by the sword.

29/17.4. Because they took upon themselves heavenly kingdoms, I bound them to their kingdoms.

29/17.5. Because they professed salvation in the names of false Gods, I let them run their course; and, lo and behold, they have shown no salvation in heaven or earth.

29/17.6. They have built up kingdom against kingdom, standing army against standing army. Truly, they have brought judgment upon themselves.

29/17.7. Hear the words of Jehovih, O false Gods and Goddesses, you who set up heavenly kingdoms against Me.

29/17.8. You who slew hundreds of millions of mortals, in order to make names other than Mine worshipful on earth and in its lower heavens.

29/17.9. You, who cried out falsely: Behold me; I am the light and the life; through me is the way of salvation.

29/17.10. You, who have used your names to lead mortals and angels away from the Creator; saying of yourselves: Behold me, I am the Lord; I am God; my heavenly place is the all highest. ||

29/17.11. Behold, I had spoken in the ancient times; I had said:

29/17.12. Whoever aspires to be a king of the earth, or queen, or emperor, or ruler over a nation or people, and I give him his desire, he shall be bound with the people of his administration. Neither shall he rise to My emancipated heavens, till he has carried up with him, every soul over whom he had dominion. But he shall be bound to that people in the first and second resurrection, until even the lowest of them are raised in wisdom, virtue and good works, sufficient for the grade of Brides and Bridegrooms to My etherean realms.

29/17.13. And if a king stretches forth his arm to subdue and annex other countries to his own, allow him to do so, for he is magnifying his bondage for the resurrection of the low.

29/17.14. And you shall apply these rules to all earthly rulers, whether they are kings, queens, emperors, presidents, governors, legislators, judges, popes, priests, preachers, or whoever presumes to rule over, lead, or exact servitude from others. And the term of the bondage to them in the lower heavens shall be in proportion to the magnitude of their dominions.

29/17.15. But, to whomever attains dominion by the sword, or extends dominion by the sword, and by blood and death, his bondage shall be a hundred-fold.

29/17.16. And whoever maintains his dominion by standing armies, you shall compute their number; and to him and his high officers, the bondage in the lowest heaven shall be equal to ten times the number of their soldiers, and ten times the number of years of the servitude of the multitude of his armies.

29/17.17. For, whoever takes from My people for his own glory or dominion, shall render to Me the just value.

29/17.18. Whoever engages in war, or leads in war, or is a captain, or a general, and causes the death of any whom I created alive, he shall not rise to inherit My emancipated heavens as long as there remains war upon the earth. But he shall toil in the lowest heavens of the earth to educate and raise up its drujas, which shall be his labor.

29/17.19. And whoever has great riches, and many servants, his resurrection shall be no faster than the resurrection of those who serve him.

29/17.20. And whoever has great riches and yet no servants, but lives for himself, you shall apportion his place in the first resurrection even according to the good he might have done, had he obeyed My commandments; and he shall do in heaven, what he neglected to do on earth. And he shall not rise to My emancipated heavens, until he has appropriated according to that which I gave him into his keeping. ||

29/17.21. God said: The words that come out of man's mouth, even though they profess prayers and repentance, are of little help before Jehovih. But the words that come out of good works done to others, to raise them up, are like the sound of a trumpet that reaches beyond the stars.

29/17.22. For in all ages of the world, there have been deceivers and hypocrites, with temples and churches to worship in, professing to serve the Creator, but, in fact, serving an idol.

29/17.23. And their priests and preachers speak good doctrines, but they do not practice them, except a little, as a blind to lead the multitude astray.

29/17.24. And they live in fine houses, and fare sumptuously every day; and are skilled in oratory and in doctrinal precepts; but they will not go and serve the poor, teaching them how to live. Again the Voice spoke, saying:

29/17.25. My judgments are upon those who profess Me, dealing out their pittance to the poor, while they themselves live above want. When such men die and enter the first resurrection, they shall be handed over to those who are in darkness, and their bondage shall be a hundred-fold. For they preached words of righteousness with the mouth, but in their behavior, they laid their foundation for the kingdom of hypocrisy. Truly, I give to them the harvest that comes of their own sowing.

29/17.26. These, then, have been My doctrines for thousands of years, and known to you before you deserted My kingdoms.

29/17.27. If such, then, are My judgments upon mortals who serve false Gods, how much greater, then, must be the penalty upon the false Gods who set themselves up to establish these iniquities?

29/17.28. Hear, then, the judgment of Jehovih: Whoever has established the name of any God but the Creator, and made it worshipful on earth or in heaven, shall be bound in the first resurrection till that name is no longer worshipful on earth or in heaven.

29/17.29. And whatever God or Goddess has said: Come to me, you who are heavily laden, and I will give you rest, for I am the way of salvation, light and everlasting life, then, that God or Goddess shall be bound in the first resurrection as long as mortals or angels go to him or her.

29/17.30. Behold, as such a God called, and they answered to him, so do I give to both, the God who calls, and the subject who runs to him. (For I give liberty even to My enemies.)

29/17.31. But when a subject goes to a God, and says: Behold, you have said: Where I go, I will call all men to me, and I believed in you || then that God shall not put him away.

29/17.32. While Osiris was worshipped, I gave to Osiris (the false).

29/17.33. While Ashtaroth was worshipped, I gave to her.

29/17.34. While Baal was worshipped, I gave to Baal.

29/17.35. But, when any of these Gods were no longer worshipped, behold, I gave them no more subjects.

29/17.36. As long as Brahma is worshipped, I will give to him, who is before Me.

29/17.37. As long as Buddha is worshipped, I will give to him, who is before Me.

29/17.38. As long as Kriste is worshipped, I will give to him, who is before Me.

29/17.39. As long as Mohammedans are upheld on the earth, I will give to him, who built up Mohammed.

29/17.40. And when all of you have purified and raised up all those who idolize you, that is when I will raise you up to higher heavens also. ||

29/17.41. Es said: And now, when the Voice ceased, and all was still, the false Gods and Goddesses raised up their heads, and they spoke with one voice, saying:

29/17.42. You are just, O Jehovih. To You I now covenant that I will serve You forever. Neither will I aspire to rise to higher heavens till I have raised up all whom I have led astray.

29/17.43. Make me strong, O Jehovih, in this my everlasting covenant!

29/17.44. Teach me, O Father, the labor I should do, so that You shall be glorified forever!

29/17.45. Thus ended the judgment. God's marshals removed them to the places allotted for them, and they went to work.








29/18.1. Es said: Such, then, was the fate of the chief false Gods in the lower heavens.

29/18.2. But during the preceding three or four hundred years, many of the officers of these false Gods had seceded from them, and had set up small heavenly kingdoms of their own. And their mortal followers were called sects.

29/18.3. These little heavens were, for the most part, situated on the earth, and usually these small Gods inhabited the churches where mortals came to worship.

29/18.4. And the preachers within these churches fell under the inspiration of these itinerant Gods and their gangs of wandering spirits.

29/18.5. In Guatama, these inspirations were carried to such an extent by these drujan Gods, that the mortals of one sect were made hostile, one sect against another.

29/18.6. An enmity, therefore, existed between protestants and catholics, and between protestants themselves, and between all of these and the Jews. And not only on earth, between mortals, did these things take place, but these petty Gods had small kingdoms of their own; as a presbyterian heaven; a methodist heaven; a baptist heaven, and so on. And when a mortal member died, his spirit fell into his heaven, where he had lived, becoming a servant to these drujas. And when he cried out: I want to go to Jesus, I want to go to Kriste, he was shown the drujan God, and told: That is he! Which he would believe to be true. For what is bound on earth, is bound in heaven.

29/18.7. A drujan God, Piad, established a sect and named it, Mormon. He located his kingdom on earth with his mortal followers, and he became master over the spirits of his mortal followers in the same way, calling himself, the True Kriste.

29/18.8. Piad taught that all good Mormons would ultimately attain to rule over some planet and her heavens. But he never permitted the angels of his kingdom to go out of his reach. He also taught mortals that the more numerous progeny a man begot, the greater his heavenly kingdom would be, in time to come. For this was Piad's scheme to make his own heavenly kingdom large and powerful.

29/18.9. Another drujan God, Lowgannus, established a kingdom on earth and named it, Shaker Heaven, pretending he was the True Kriste. And his place became a heavenly bondage to himself.

29/18.10. Another drujan God, Sayawan, established a heavenly kingdom on earth and called it, The All Highest Heaven.

29/18.11. This Lord called himself, The Lord. He raised up a mortal, Swedenborg, whom he took in spirit, subjectively, into many of the lowest heavens and hells, saying to him:

29/18.12. Behold those who do not serve The Lord! How hard it is with them! And he further said: This place of darkness is the Brahmin heaven; that place of darkness is the Buddhist heaven! But this place of light is my heaven, I, The Lord.

29/18.13. And in that way, this drujan God established a Swedenborg heaven, and mortals looked upon him as the true Kriste; and after death, their souls went there.

29/18.14. So it came to pass, as had been prophesied of old: Lo, Kriste, here! Lo, Kriste, there!

29/18.15. And, as it was with Looeamong's heavenly kingdoms, thus split into hundreds of remnants, it was even so with the heavenly kingdoms of the other false Gods, Brahma, the false, and Buddha, the false; so that on the earth, there were thousands of petty Gods' heavenly kingdoms of darkness and misery.

29/18.16. Now all of these drujan Gods, whether of Chine'ya, Vind'yu, Arabin'ya, Uropa or Guatama, rejected Jehovih, but took the name of one of the four false Gods, and protested that he, himself, was the real and true God and Savior.

29/18.17. And mortal sects that followed them, did the same thing. The presbyterian professed the true Kriste, but denounced all others as false; the methodist professed the true Kriste, but denounced all others as false; the Mormon professed the true Kriste, but denounced all others; the Roman catholics also professed the true Kriste, but denounced all others as false. And it was the same with all of them, and none of them practiced righteousness and good works, but were warriors and money-getters, for self's sake.

29/18.18. God had said: Behold, I give a new testimony to the nations of the earth: In the time I overcame, and cast out the four heads of the beast, the acrimony existing between different sects began, suddenly, to die out, and they spoke friendly to one another. ||

29/18.19. And it was so.





The Dawn of Kosmon




29/19.1. Es said: Now, while the Holy Council were still sitting in Paradise, a light, like a star, came and stood above the throne of God. And the Voice came out of the light, saying:

29/19.2. Behold, the false Gods are cast out, and sent to their places.

29/19.3. Never more shall there be any other false God, Lord, or Savior, to lead My people away.

29/19.4. I am sufficient for My own creations.

29/19.5. Let this, therefore, be the beginning of the Kosmon era.

29/19.6. My people have settled the whole earth around, from east to west; the lands on the western borders of Guatama have become inhabited.

29/19.7. Go, then, My God, My Son, open the gates of heaven to mortals.

29/19.8. Let My angels meet them, and talk with them, face to face.

29/19.9. Behold, My etherean ambassadress, Che'sivi'anathaotes, comes in a sea of fire! ||

29/19.10. The ship of the etherean Goddess was seen descending from the higher heavens, coming as an open ring, to embrace the whole earth.

29/19.11. Again, the Voice spoke out of the light, saying:

29/19.12. I know no distinctions of men, of races, or sects, or doctrines, or past revelations. All people are My people!

29/19.13. Open the gates of heaven; let My angels speak to mortals!

29/19.14. Swifter and swifter came the etherean archangels, till all the heavens of Paradise were encircled in the love of the Almighty.

29/19.15. Then God called out the legions that had the matter in charge, where mortals had been born for the work of Jehovih's kingdom. And God said:

29/19.16. Open the gates of heaven; let the angels of Jehovih speak with mortals; the time of the Father's kingdom is at hand!

29/19.17. Open the gates of heaven! Let the angels come forth in power!

29/19.18. And in Rochester, in Guatama, |1214| on the earth, the angels opened the door in Jehovih's name, not to be closed again ever, forever!










































1214  The walls of Rochester were first knocked at on the evening of November 14, 1849 c.e., when the Fox sisters gave their first public demonstration of spirit rapping at a hall in Rochester, New York; more later in Oahspe.



Jehovih overthrows slavery in Guatama




29/20.1. Es said: In the ancient times, and in the eastern countries, Jehovih began His revelations. The western continent He left for the finishing of that.

29/20.2. Now when God looked abroad over Guatama, he saw four million people in bondage, as slaves; and he saw that they must be liberated. So God inquired of the chief mathematician in the Holy Council, one Arak, saying: Who, of all the kings of earth, has had the greatest number of slaves?

29/20.3. And Arak said: Xerxes, who dwells in Yope'gah, in atmospherea.

29/20.4. God said: Send a heavenly ship for him, and for a billion of his angels. And send also for the Argos'yan, Leonidas, and for a billion of his angels. And when they are brought here, they shall descend to the earth, to these barbarians, and liberate their slaves.

29/20.5. Arak saluted and departed, giving his instructions to the heavenly marshals, who at once sent ships and messengers as directed.

29/20.6. God then said: I will now recall the ashars who hold guard over these mortals; and for a season they shall dwell in drujan darkness.

29/20.7. And this was accomplished, and immediately a war ensued between the owners of the slaves and the neighboring states.

29/20.8. Then came the Gods and angels, high in the grades, to witness the play of mortal death, and to determine how best to win to liberty and to Jehovih, the inhabitants of this great land. |1215|

29/20.9. God had said: It is an easy matter to win in war; but to make mortals see the triumph of righteousness, is not so easy. Therefore, be discreet in appropriating testimony to Jehovih.

29/20.10. And two million men rose up in arms, pushing on in war on every side, coursing the rich soil in mortal blood. And yet, neither side had defined its principles, or taken a stand for righteousness' sake. But went on in fearful destruction, laying in death tens of thousands, and tens of thousands!

29/20.11. Jehovih said: Send your Par'si'e'an and Argos'yan angels down to these mortals, and by inspiration, dreams and visions, your angels shall say to them: Whoever professes the earth, shall battle in vain; but whoever professes righteousness in My name, shall win. || And millions of angels descended, and tried to persuade them.

29/20.12. But mortals would not hear. Even the chief general on liberty's side, closed his soul against Jehovih. Yes, himself, enforced slavery with his mighty army.

29/20.13. And years went on, and all the people began to perceive that, without righteousness, there would be no end to the war.

29/20.14. Jehovih said: Only death can reach these people, or make them behold My hand. Yet you shall send your angel hosts over all the north regions and inspire them to call out for liberty.

29/20.15. Then Xerxes and Leonidas went forth, with their two billion angels, to overspread the north, to inspire mortals to a more heavenly stand, to make them see justice and liberty.

29/20.16. And for a hundred days these angels dwelt with mortals; but many mortals were too gross in the earth to comprehend. Then Xerxes came to New York and took away the guardian angels, those of holiness, and he left the city in the hands of drujas. And at once the city was plunged in hell [riots, anarchy --Ed.], and the people were like a crazy people, wild and fearful.

29/20.17. Again Jehovih spoke in the Holy Council in heaven, saying: Let My angels go once more, and inspire mortals to rise to the light of My will.

29/20.18. Again the angels overran the land, inspiring mortals day and night to demand freedom for the slaves. And the Ambassadress of Jehovih said to her inspiring hosts of angels: Number the mortals, north and south, as to their majority voice for freedom.

29/20.19. Now, when the Gods counted the mortals and graded them, they discovered the majority had turned to freedom's side.

29/20.20. Jehovih said to His Ambassadress: Take your own inspiring host, and go down to the earth, to Washington (D.C., the capital city), to Lincoln, the president, and hold this matter up to him, so that he may understand Me. For he is not bound in doctrines. For which reason My angels made him president, and for this purpose which I have in hand.

29/20.21. And it shall come to pass that Lincoln will hear you, and he shall resolve in his own mind to freedom for the slaves. But he will seek for some external sign, fearing he may have mistaken the angels who minister to him. But I will provide a way for this end also.

29/20.22. And the angels of Jehovih went to Lincoln in a vision, like a dream, and they said to him: Lincoln! Lincoln! And he answered and said: Who are you?

29/20.23. And the angels said: Those who come in Jehovih's name for freedom's sake. Behold, millions of His angels look down from heaven, and would come to your armies, if you would only proclaim freedom to the slaves. Jehovih's hand is in this matter.

29/20.24. Lincoln awoke, and was troubled with his dream.

29/20.25. The next night the angels came again, and retold their words, but added to them: The great majority of the country is ripe for this matter. You fear this is only a foolish dream. Behold, we will give you proof tomorrow.

29/20.26. Lincoln awoke more troubled than before, but remembered that the angels said: We will give you proof tomorrow.

29/20.27. Jehovih said: I will make this matter a testimony to this nation, so that no man may deny it. And I will show also how My angels work singly and in mighty legions. ||

29/20.28. Now at that time, living in Washington was a seeress, Nettie Mainard, through whom spirits spoke in her entrancement. And on the day mentioned, the angels spoke through her, saying to one Kase: |1216| Go, and fetch the president into the presence of this woman.

29/20.29. And Kase went to Lincoln, and told him what was said. And when Lincoln was before the seeress, the angel of Jehovih entranced her, and said to him: We said we would give you proof tomorrow. Behold, we repeat to you, Jehovih is in this matter. Unless you proclaim the freedom of the slaves you shall not succeed. Do this, though, and the enemy's armies shall melt away like snow in the sun.

29/20.30. Lincoln's eyes were opened, and he immediately went and proclaimed freedom to the whole four million slaves.

29/20.31. Xerxes said to Leonidas: You great conqueror, you shall conquer me again. Take your billion angels, and go with the armies of the north, and inspire them on to victory. Give them such strength and courage as they have not before manifested. And as for myself and my hosts, we shall go to the armies of the south, and we will inspire them to believe they are conquered, and so make them flee before your soldiers.

29/20.32. Thus these great angel warriors allotted themselves to the work. And, lo and behold, the northern armies ran forth over the enemy's country as if war were only play; and the southern armies vanished, disarming themselves, and returning to their homes.

29/20.33. The slaves were free!

29/20.34. Jehovih said: Let this be a testimony, that this land is the place of the beginning of the Kosmon era. There shall be no caste among My people.

29/20.35. Behold, I went to the Israelites, and in that day, I said: Keep yourselves as a separate people! || For I had work for them; which was to travel westward, and establish Me, the All One. And they came westward, and fulfilled My commandments. For which I have blessed them.

29/20.36. And I went to Chine'ya, and I said: Let the followers of Chine keep themselves as an exclusive people; for I have a work for them; which was to establish Me, the All One, and to demonstrate the most numerous people in all the world united as one people, peacefully. And they have accomplished their work. And I blessed them. And I went to Vind'yu also, and established a mighty people with a multiplicity of Gods and languages. For I had a work for them to do, which was to preserve My revelations of some of the divisions in My heavens above; and to prove, in aftertime, things which I had revealed to the ancients. They have accomplished their work also, and I have blessed them.

29/20.37. But in this era, I do not come to an exclusive people, but to the combination of all peoples commingled together as one people. Hence, I have called this, the Kosmon Era.

29/20.38. From this time forward, My chosen shall be of the amalgamated races, who choose Me. And these shall become the best, most perfect of all peoples on the earth.

29/20.39. And they shall not consider race or color, but health and nobleness as to the mortal part; and as to spirit: peace, love, wisdom and good works, and one Great Spirit only. ||

29/20.40. Leonidas said to Xerxes: It will be revealed before long |1217| that we have been here with our angel hosts. As a testimony of this, let us allot a number of our angels to remain a season with mortals. And they shall inspire them to athletic sports peculiar to the Argos'yans and Par'si'e'ans. |1218|

29/20.41. To this, Xerxes consented, and they asked for six hundred thousand angel volunteers; and they received them, and officered them, and distributed them in such a way that their inspiration would develop mortals in health, strength and endurance, by means of athletic games.

29/20.42. And it came to pass that the angels of heaven established athletic games among this people, far and near. |1219| Jehovih said: Even in this, man shall behold the Cause of causes, which lies behind all things done on the earth.

29/20.43. And man searched as to the Cause of these things, and tried to persuade himself of any cause but the true one!

29/20.44. Jehovih said: I will show these people, that the chief causes of great affairs among mortals come from the angels of My heavens.

29/20.45. I come in kosmon to free not only the corporeal man, but the spiritual man. I raised My hand against a God being founded in their constitution; neither will I have them fight battles for Me. The past is past; angels and mortals shall be free!
































1215  Note that unlike the false angels who incite mortals to war, here God simply withdrew his angels of light and left the mortals to carry on in their own conceit; and the US Civil War resulted (1861-65).

























































































1216  Parties desiring a full report of the mortal side of this history are referred to Col. Kase, 1601 North 15th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. --Ed. [Remember the --Ed. refers to the 1882 editor, meaning Col. Kase has long since passed on into the spirit realm, i.e., he died.]




























































1217  i.e., via Oahspe




1218  This would be, among other things, the Olympic games.








1219  Sports have blossomed in the United States and elsewhere since the late 1800s and continue on to this day, and with numerous varieties of athletic sports, and more invented every generation.



Ascent of the etherean hosts




29/21.1. Es said: God, Jehovih's Son, was relieved of his arduous toils over the earth and her heavens; and his successor and the Lords were duly crowned.

29/21.2. Then the Chieftainesses and high Gods and Goddesses, from the etherean heavens, prepared for the marriage of Jehovih's Brides and Bridegrooms.

29/21.3. And God, his Lords and high officers, called in all heavenly grades prepared for the third resurrection; and there were, in all, twenty-seven billion Brides and Bridegrooms.

29/21.4. Beside these, there were more than thirty billion angels of lower grades, in Paradise, to witness the ceremonies.

29/21.5. So, accordingly, the ceremonies were accomplished in the usual form; and the Brides and Bridegrooms were conducted into the avalanzas, of which there were eleven in number. Then the etherean hosts went in, those who had brought forth the birth of Kosmon. And after them, God and his Lords and high officers embarked.

29/21.6. And while all were boarding, two billion es'enaurs and trumpeters chanted and played before the hosts, in glory to Jehovih.

29/21.7. After that, the Chieftainess gave the signal for the ascent, and, with one voice, the mighty hosts said: Arise! To You, Jehovih! Nearer, nearer to You, You Almighty.

29/21.8. And the fire-ships started upward, turning and rising. With more than forty billion angels aboard, the avalanzas rose above the pillars of fire, above the throne of God, higher and higher the ships of the hosts of Jehovih turned and rose.

29/21.9. And the angels rising, and the angels below, clapped their hands and shouted in glee and exalted glory, because of the overwhelming scene.

29/21.10. Thus rose up, and departed to the higher heavens, those billions of worshippers of the Creator, who had witnessed the birth of the Kosmon era, for the angels and mortals of this world.






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