Bon's Book of Praise


Chapter 1 Bon's Praise





30/1.1. These are the words of Bon: |1220| O Jehovih! Who can fashion You with words, or show Your immensity? Where did Your feet stand in the time of Creation, or Your hand rest!

30/1.2. You Present and Afar! You, Who are older than time, O Jehovih! You Dealer in worlds; where can I write the wonder of Your name!

30/1.3. O if I had a standing place to see You! If I could come to an understanding with my Creator! To find wisdom for my song; a dialogue in the words of the Almighty!

30/1.4. Sing to Him, O Yavist, you farthest star, and your boundless firmament! And Neopodis, you brightest shining heavens, which He created. Give the boundary of Jehovih's Person, O you universe!

30/1.5. You Who made me! By Your sweet breath, overspread the world with life and song. How shall I render You praise; in Your glory, make my speech acceptable?

30/1.6. Who has considered the All Light, or found the Cause of the brightness of the sun, Your great symbol? Or the power of Your hand that stood him in the midst of heaven?

30/1.7. Or knows the times of Your labor and the birth of Your worlds? Or counts the stars You have created! Yes, or knows the history of the least of all of them?

30/1.8. O if I could fashion a thought of Your greatness; or conceive the breadth of Your arms! You Whole Compriser! You All Perfect, Jehovih!



1220  This entire Book of Praise contains the parting words at the end of Bon to the incoming Kosmon era.




Chapter 2 Bon's Praise





30/2.1. Sing to the All Giver, Jehovih! Praise Him, O all you people, with great rejoicing. And all you living that dwell on the face of the earth.

30/2.2. And you young that are skipping and playing; and you birds that carol to the Almighty. His seed is sown abroad. His fruit springs from stones that are moldered to dust.

30/2.3. In the waters of the earth, and in the air above the earth, Jehovih has spoken: Come forth and live, O you that swim, and you that fly in the air. The Great Spirit has touched the fountains of the deep.

30/2.4. The air of heaven is peopled with His breath. The song of everything that lives proclaims You, Jehovih. You, the Person of all persons.

30/2.5. O if I could sum up the multitude of their songs and rejoicings. What a world of testimony in Your praise! All my life I would sing them over and over.

30/2.6. You Quickener into life, You All Father. Who has counted Your inventions and the multiplicity of Your living creatures?

30/2.7. Open the way, O earth, for the songs of His beloved; listen and rejoice because of the glee of His household. They shall dance forever before the Almighty.

30/2.8. Stir them up with love and caresses, O Father! Show them the splendor of Your creations, perfect in the glow of Your firelight.






Chapter 3 Bon's Praise





30/3.1. O Jehovih, give me words rich in Your praise; my soul is like a fountain springing up out of the earth.

30/3.2. I would look upon You; into Your face, O my Creator, Who takes away my breath by the awe of Your countenance.

30/3.3. You, Who fashioned the broad earth and the high heavens! O, the works of Your hand, Jehovih!

30/3.4. Where shall I start with my song to You; or find words to laud the Almighty?

30/3.5. Proclaim His Unity, O my beloved; proclaim Him, in one breath, together, O all you people, Jehovih! Jehovih!

30/3.6. O if I could magnify words to Your Omnipotence, or hold up the perfection of Your Person in fine speech!

30/3.7. But I am as one distracted by the overwhelming scene. My words stumble and stop continually before Your surprising creations.

30/3.8. O if only I could find a starting point; or knew a way to make rhymes and meters without rules, like the works of Jehovih!






Chapter 4 Bon's Praise





30/4.1. Almighty! Almighty! Love Abounding! Who gathered up the dust of the earth, like a wind, with judgment and forethought; and sorted the substance of it and shaped it.

30/4.2. None but You, Jehovih, looked on or knew Your proceedings. And to one You said: Be a beast of the field; and to another: Be a serpent; and to another: Be a wild beast of the forest.

30/4.3. And they ran forth at Your command, every one to his place, rejoicing in the work of Your hand. And I looked upon them, O Almighty! What work of perfection in each, even to the flesh and bones.

30/4.4. But You turned my eyes inward, and I saw the wisdom of the serpent and the beast, and the thoughts and desires of their understanding; how perfectly You have made them.

30/4.5. I saw the love You gave each to its own kind; yes, even the serpent gathered up her young, because of her love, to shield them from harm.

30/4.6. O if I could find the first Cause of the judgment of every living thing! To come close to the Almighty; to question Him!

30/4.7. You Who shaped a portion of earth, and said: Be a bird, with feathers! Fly and sing! And it went forth, upward in the air of heaven, rejoicing in Your name, Jehovih!

30/4.8. To another: Be an eagle; in ice and snow do not freeze; above the clouds proclaim the Almighty!






Chapter 5 Bon's Praise





30/5.1. Sing to Jehovih, O all you living! Proclaim His love, which He gave to all! Every one that loves to live on, to not die.

30/5.2. O the weeping and wailing, when your kin goes down in death! Your call to the Almighty to prolong yet a while the time of your love! Or to hear the song of him who is dead!

30/5.3. In Jehovih's praise is the wail of your anguish; your great sorrow, the love of the Almighty; the fountain of song and paradise. Sing on, O earth, Jehovih, forever!

30/5.4. O if I could answer them, Jehovih! If I could show them Your fullness, which encompasses the universe! To show them the testimonies of the thread of Your love!

30/5.5. I will have my discourse with You, You Ever Present! I will immerse my soul in the harmony of Your loves! You, the Fountain and Source of my contemplation.

30/5.6. You, Who are all; my Creator, Who gave me judgment and perception to search into the magnitude of Your creations.

30/5.7. Who shall frame a song, or find words to laud the Almighty! You are the Throne and the Empire. Your footstool is the sun, moon and stars!

30/5.8. O if only I may prolong my vision of You, and pursue the thread of Your creations to the fountainhead. You, without a boundary, where all things utter Your praise forever!






Chapter 6 Bon's Praise





30/6.1. Sing to Him, O you mountains; and send to Him the sound of rippling waters, O you valleys!

30/6.2. And all you singing winds of heaven! You whistling wind, on the high mountains, and you whispering breeze on the plain!

30/6.3. Praise Him, you lightning, and you peal of thunder! Split the air of heaven in Jehovih's praise!

30/6.4. Sing to Him, you surging river, and you moaning sea of waters! He plays, as if on a harp, with the dumb elements.

30/6.5. His strains are mighty! His tunes are the hum and whir of falling waters. Sing to Jehovih, O you great waterfalls!

30/6.6. Chant everlastingly, and write His name in the bow that does not perish, forever.

30/6.7. He, Who tunes the forests to sing in the clouds; Who strings His instrument with hemlock, pine and cedar.

30/6.8. Who makes the forests beat time to His strains. O give Praise to Jehovih, forever and ever!






Chapter 7 Bon's Praise





30/7.1. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O you sea of lands. You boundless prairies, that stretch out to the horizon, to the rising sun, and to the setting sun a sea of fire.

30/7.2. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty. Praise Him, O you towering mountains, you mighty walls of heaven! And you everlasting snow, shining like diamonds in the sun.

30/7.3. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O you colors that overspread the heavens. You clouds of purple, yellow and burning gold, and in flames of fire.

30/7.4. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O you green meadows and you waving fields of wheat and corn. And you ripened harvests that beckon and wave like sheets of gold.

30/7.5. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O you distant Blue Mountains, |1221| and you defiant Black Hills. In somber hue and silent majesty, proclaim Him! Eternity! Eternity!

30/7.6. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O you Rocky Mountains. In the long wall of your mightiness proclaim the power of His hand and great majesty!

30/7.7. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O you Sierra Nevadas. In your everlasting snow and mighty forests. Your fearful hanging rocks, above the clouds!

30/7.8. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O you great rivers, that gallop down from the Alleghenies, the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevadas; that travel so far to the mighty oceans.



















1221  I have used the privilege accorded me, to substitute modern names, for some of the mountains and rivers, instead of the Panic names in the original manuscript. --Ed.




Chapter 8 Bon's Praise





30/8.1. Proclaim Him, O you Andes and Cordilleras, stretching vast and on high, you monuments of the Almighty!

30/8.2. Praise His majesty, O you Himalayas, and you Akai Shine, you footprints of Jehovih!

30/8.3. Praise His greatness, O you Thia Shan, and you Tapa Ling, that feed the Pacific, the Daughter of Jehovih.

30/8.4. Sing to Him, O all you mountains of the earth; proclaim His power, which stood you up by the touch of His hand.






Chapter 9 Bon's Praise





30/9.1. Where is a God like You, Jehovih? Whose kaleidoscope is millions of suns!

30/9.2. Whose breath blew upon you, O Earth! And your voice joined in the songs of the stars!

30/9.3. Whose breath blew upon you, O Earth! And your fire was congealed, and the heat run low!

30/9.4. Praise the All Person, Whose mighty hand stayed the fire! And cooled the flaming earth.






Chapter 10 Bon's Praise





30/10.1. Sing to the Almighty, you heirs of Zarathustra, whose flesh was the food of lions.

30/10.2. Sing to the Creator, Zarathustra's Almighty, the Eolin Who spoke in the wind.

30/10.3. Sing to the followers of the Great Spirit! The Zarathustrians who forfeited their flesh and blood for Him.

30/10.4. Sound His name loud, the E‑O‑Ih of the Zarathustrians, who sang Him on high!






Chapter 11 Bon's Praise





30/11.1. Praise the Almighty for Abraham, Brahma and Po. And for their followers who plodded along in the dark days.

30/11.2. Praise the Supreme Being, you followers of them, you line of the Light of the Great Spirit.

30/11.3. To glorify the Creator in future generations, by the wisdom of His choice, Who raised up great harvests in Vind'yu, Egupt and Chine'ya.

30/11.4. Sing in His praise forever, the Creator, the Almighty. Shout long and loud in the glory of Jehovih, Fashioner of mighty peoples.






Chapter 12 Bon's Praise





30/12.1. O Moses, and, you, Capilya, and Chine; sing to Jehovih! Rejoice in the time of the Almighty! Into separate gardens in the same time the Creator singled you out to His own glory.

30/12.2. He, the Almighty, fashioned three souls magnified for the glory of His work. Sing to the Creator for those who toiled in the days of darkness for the glory of the Almighty!

30/12.3. Praise the Great Spirit, you followers of Moses, Capilya and Chine. Sing a new song to the Almighty! His eye has witnessed the toil and sorrow of His chosen.

30/12.4. And all you followers of the chosen of the Almighty; glorify Him in the highest; sing to the Great Spirit, forever and ever.






Chapter 13 Bon's Praise





30/13.1. In the glory of His creations, the Almighty calls from the boundaries of the firmament down to the sands of the earth.

30/13.2. Proclaim His name with the hands of those who knew no speech. Give them the sign of the Rising Sun, the High Noon and the Shades of Evening.

30/13.3. The Almighty, Whose breath propels millions of worlds in the circuit of the universe! Whose pulse is the flight of countless suns and stars!

30/13.4. Praise the Almighty, Whose triumph encircles the world. Let the races of man proclaim Him forever!






Chapter 14 Bon's Praise





30/14.1. Where are Your singers, Jehovih, who have seen the vastness of the Creator! And the times and the splendor of Your universe.

30/14.2. And the adoration that slumbers only for a season, and then bursts like a world on fire! Whom You appoint from time to time to sing of You.

30/14.3. Sing to the Almighty! He spans the times of millions of years as if it were only a day, in the fashion and splendor of His works.

30/14.4. He opens His heavens as a book is opened. The prophet of the Creator reads of the magnitude of the works of Jehovih!






Chapter 15 Bon's Praise





30/15.1. Now I will sing to You, O Jehovih, a song of soberness.

30/15.2. When first You stood me on my feet, and I saw You, Jehovih.

30/15.3. And Your hand, O my Creator, showed me the two roads, Life and Death.

30/15.4. And the people divided, some to You, and some to Death and idolatry.

30/15.5. Because of the magnitude of Your Person, they set up Gods, Lords and Saviors.

30/15.6. In Your name, I called out to them, but they did not hear, and they fell down in Death.

30/15.7. And Your Voice of sorrow split the earth! Your Faithists sang in the mournful lays of death.

30/15.8. In gloom I will sing for my brother who went down in Death.






Chapter 16 Bon's Praise





30/16.1. Hear the voice of the Faithist, O Father: I cry out to You since thousands of years. In the time of my great afflictions I have remembered my Creator.

30/16.2. And my brother who went after Death stoned me; with curses he struck the chosen of Jehovih. In the time of sore pain I called out: Jehovih, Jehovih!

30/16.3. I said: O if only this had not been! O if only the Great Spirit would enlighten him! But You shaped him to fetch him in the last day.

30/16.4. And the cloud blew away; the sun of righteousness shone across the heavens of the earth. In the time of my sorrow I saw Your wisdom in this.

30/16.5. By my pains You delivered my brother; I now look back in Your praise to the time of my pains in the throes of Death.

30/16.6. Glory be to You, Jehovih! You Everlasting Present, Who finds a way in the spoil of Your enemies to magnify the glory of Your places for the Almighty.

30/16.7. What was my pain before You! Or my affliction more than a mother for the glory of her first‑born! Into my cup of bitterness You have poured nectar and sweet crystals.

30/16.8. Never more shall I complain, Jehovih! Or consider Your enemy other than to deliver him to You. My cup of nectar I will hold to his profane lips, so that he may taste of Your glory!






Chapter 17 Bon's Praise





30/17.1. Jehovih, first and last: Forever Jehovih, O my beloved!

30/17.2. Write Him in stone and iron, copper, silver and gold.

30/17.3. Whose Person is the All and Whole: Creator of the boundless universe!

30/17.4. Teach Him to the child; magnify the soul of man to see Jehovih!

30/17.5. Welcome, pains and afflictions: Behind all rises a greater glory.

30/17.6. He knows my wanderings; for the feet of the faithful, Jehovih provides a place.

30/17.7. He understands beforehand; the Creator comes upon me in a way I did not see.

30/17.8. None shall stand before the Almighty in the songs and praise of the righteous.






Chapter 18 Bon's Praise





30/18.1. |1222| Praise Jehovih, you angels of heaven. In the countless places of the journeys of the world: Send forth a song to the Everlasting!

30/18.2. Praise Jehovih, O Uklo and Gibrath! In the plains and High Arches of Etisia, in the etherean worlds: Sing loud and clear the song of Omaza.

30/18.3. Praise Jehovih, you angels of Wanwan: In the circuit of Hissa and the plains of Oat: Render to the Creator, O Waukawauk!

30/18.4. Praise Jehovih, you angels of Howt: In the etherean heavens of Noe and Kaba‑Se‑o-nita: Sing praises, and shout to the Almighty!

30/18.5. Praise Jehovih, you etherean hosts of Rax: In the heavenly Caverns of Wass and Bliathon: Sing in Hise and Nor to the Creator's praise.

30/18.6. Praise Jehovih, you angels of Mor: In the Seam of Wia‑wis, in the labor of Pan: Sing a song of praise to the All One, Jehovih!

30/18.7. Praise Jehovih, you angels of Noe: In the arc of the journey of an uplifted world: Render Him praise for the labors of Aph, His Orian Son.



1222  The places listed in this section labeled Roth refer to etherean realms/places in and near the roadway of the solar phalanx where Aph was in charge of the dan'ha cycle; see image i084 (with text).




Chapter 19 Bon's Praise





30/19.1. |1223| Sing to Jehovih, O you heavenly places in the Orian fields of Yuniv and H'monken; and you Soughts and Mentabraw, and of the arc of Ole and Leigga.

30/19.2. O you heavenly places in the Nirvanian Mountains of Itis and Vairiyonirom; and in the crystal fountains of Ittiyivius, the great summer visiting place of millions of Gods; in the high Clefts and Arches of Yasinosa!

30/19.3. O you heavenly places in the etherean plains of Aoit, Fas, Foe and Raim, and of the Mantles of Light in Thessagon, home of the forty billion.

30/19.4. O you seas of Nista and Hoit, in the Nirvanian heavens, where course a billion ships of the congregations of the Almighty. Sing to Him, you sea of etherean fire, Poyisativi, home of billions!

30/19.5. O you fields of Norse and you Marshes of Ho in the Orian Chain of Avasta and Songastos. Sing to the Creator, you etherean swamps and plains and mountains, Habak and Yadis, home of a hundred billion.

30/19.6. O you etherean farms of Izaracha and Towen, by the road of Oya. Sing to the Creator, O Wuts, you old headquarters of the Gods and Goddesses, Foetisya, Yagahectus and Sortaba, in the Holy Council of the roads.

30/19.7. O you etherean worlds, Sue'kan, Yabaxax and Sud, where the ten thousand fleets of the ships of Navagatta, Plowkom and Iodoyo came in the Council of Habiyi, to make the vortex of Novian to Jehovih.

30/19.8. O all you millions of heavenly worlds created by the Creator for His countless millions of high‑raised angels, since millions of years; proclaim Him in the matchless wonders of His creations, the Almighty, the All One, Jehovih.



1223  The places listed in this section labeled Lais refer to etherean realms/places in and near the roadway of the solar phalanx where Sue was in charge of the dan'ha cycle; see image i084 (with text).




Chapter 20 Bon's Praise





30/20.1. |1224| Find great words of praise to the All Light, Jehovih; you etherean worlds. And you, O arc of Rupta, proclaim the Almighty.

30/20.2. Render great praise to the place of Shapeliness, the fountains of Apollo; you etherean place of beauty, where the Great Spirit fashioned song in mortals!

30/20.3. G'treb and Zadukawaski, and you mountains of Magal and Rak, you contributors of the etherean hosts, thousands and millions for remodeling mortals.

30/20.4. Sing to the Almighty for the perfection of the beauty and the shape of mortals, O you Gods and Goddesses who labored with Apollo for the glory of the Great Spirit.

30/20.5. Let Um rejoice and Proeking send forth a song of gladness; the thanks of mortals to the All Light for shapeliness, beauty and song.

30/20.6. Rejoice, O you billions of high‑raised angels in the etherean heavens, Rositij, Matthai and Horatanad, rejoice in Jehovih's name.

30/20.7. P'timus, Betatis, Tah and Tanaya, O you Orian angels of heaven, join in the song of mortals, and let Mamts, Buru and Waak, proclaim to the Almighty.

30/20.8. Find sweet words of praise to the All Highest Creator, O you billions of etherean angels. Mortals are risen to know the Almighty!



1224  The places listed in this section labeled Loo refer to etherean realms/places in and near the roadway of the solar phalanx where Apollo was in charge of the dan'ha cycle; see image i085 (with text).




Chapter 21 Bon's Praise





30/21.1. |1225| Yisain, mighty sheds of Lo, you towering strength in etherea, sing to the Almighty. And you, C'taran and Hituna, you, Stalacti, visiting place for the congregations born of other planets.

30/21.2. Shout loud and long to the Ever Present, O you plains of Palla and forests of Sethawan, you golden triumphs fashioned in the Arches of Hiatusa and Nor.

30/21.3. Remember Him in praise, O you swamps of Ludz and place of toil of the Orian Chief, Hazu, with his four billion etherean hosts, making the Roads of Semetatosa.

30/21.4. Sing to the Person of the Almighty, O Orub, you habitation of twelve million cities of Gods and Goddesses. Sing in praise and rejoicing for the red star, the young earth.

30/21.5. And you, O Seeing, you paradise of Goddesses of ten million cities, sing to the Person of the universe, Jehovih; sing Him an anthem, Whose Voice rests on the young earth.

30/21.6. Sing, O Yisain and Wartz, the etherean worlds of the seven crossroads of the seven traveling sun‑worlds with their millions of stars floating in the breath of the Almighty!

30/21.7. Proclaim the Creator forever, O Hoesonya and Saffer, and you great etherean light, Mos, and you mountains of Galeb; and you, Yonetz, you place of the million lakes!

30/21.8. Sing in praise of Jehovih, O you toilers with Thor, Son of the Almighty! Praise Him, O all you etherean angels of Ogonavesta; send forth the glad song, forever and ever!



1225  The places listed in this section labeled Suat refer to etherean realms/places in and near the roadway of the solar phalanx where Thor was in charge of the dan'ha cycle; see image i085 (with text).




Chapter 22 Bon's Praise





30/22.1. |1226| O Dae, you arc of Osiris, and you, Hetta. Come let us rejoice together in the Almighty. Let us remember the beginning of learning among mortals. The time of mortals beginning to teach one another of Jehovih!

30/22.2. In praise of the Person of all, let us hold up our heads and rejoice, O Hennasshalonkya, with your ten thousand valleys in the congregations of your forty billion angels! The time of knowledge was sown on earth.

30/22.3. Praise Jehovih, O Dows, with your thousands of mountains and high arches, and you, O Schlienuk, and you, O M'dor, you pride of the etherean road Tussakaya; and you, Thassa, you doorway of Hemmet'dor.

30/22.4. Let us join together in anthem to Jehovih, O Vupper and Nedaya; the measure of the Almighty is overflowing, the Nessaj is attuned in seven thousand etherean cities; the traveling place of the ships of Osiris' mighty hosts.

30/22.5. And you Orian kingdoms, Sowinita, Antwa, Lubbak and Oltbak, the places of the cataracts of the Segean oceans; the home of the thirty billion shipbuilders for the vortices of Anakonga and Higohadsumad.

30/22.6. And you volunteer heavens, Se'ing and Lowtsin, and Nool and Hoessis; with your thirty million High arches and seven million miles of Holy Mountains, you crystal heavens of the Hapsendi, Sons and Daughters of Jehovih!

30/22.7. Proclaim the Creator, O, Loogab, you etherean heaven with the sea of Aginodi, the sea of fire! The running sea of four million miles, the fountain of thirty million rainbows!

30/22.8. Jehovih the Almighty, the Matchless and Ever Extended! O You Greatest, of all that is great! You Surpasser, Who has fashioned wider and more glorious than even Gods can imagine, glory be to You, forever and ever.



1226  The places listed in this section labeled Yat refer to etherean realms/places in and near the roadway of the solar phalanx where Osiris was in charge of the dan'ha cycle; see image i086 (with text).




Chapter 23 Bon's Praise





30/23.1. |1227| Praise the Great Spirit, O Petris and Obsod, you heavenly kingdoms of the etherean heavens of Fragapatti, you place of the roads of Rogga, with ninety million miles of I'yuan plains!

30/23.2. And Sitta, Goomatchala and South'eng, you heavenly plains hanging on the mountain line of the Lunitzzi, with the twenty million arches over the Holy Lakes and seas of Onatoosa!

30/23.3. Let your ninety billion etherean angels rejoice in the glory of the Almighty; the footstool of His kingdom has quickened on the red star; the shout goes up to Jehovih forever!

30/23.4. And you angels of the vast Orian kingdoms, Yan, Wawauk, Zi, Alawa, Aili, Ref and Zuth, you foundations of the highway of the Yoogan Hissawa, you swamps and plains of See'niyivi.

30/23.5. Proclaim the fruit of Loo, the arc of the organizer of mortal kingdoms on the earth. The Omnipotent has spoken in the high heaven of Kosmon, spoken out of the fruit of Loo.

30/23.6. Call up Rappaya and Hanosta, the etherean kingdoms with the angels of the Yimyim arches, and the High bridge of Lips, over the etherean sea of the burning waters of Vestakad.

30/23.7. Sing to the Almighty, you heavens that sent volunteers in the army of Fragapatti; the fruit of your labor rises on high. Kus and Zittayyabaugh, you, the voice of the Almighty.

30/23.8. He speaks in the labor of high‑raised Sons and Daughters. His Voice is in the echo of thanksgiving that rises up from the red star in songs of praise to the Almighty.



1227  The places listed in this section labeled Sias refer to etherean realms/places in and near the roadway of the solar phalanx where Fragapatti was in charge of the dan'ha cycle; see image i086 (with text).




Chapter 24 Bon's Praise





30/24.1. |1228| O if I could sing worthily to You, in praise of the Arc of Speta. For Your Mightiness, O if only I could find mortal words to magnify Your vast kingdoms.

30/24.2. In Your great Goddess, Cpenta‑armij, and her mighty etherean legions that came down to earth, O what a glory in Your praise. Who can forget Your heaven, Terashish, You Almighty.

30/24.3. And Haot‑Saiti, Hodws, Lugga, Bonassah, Tule and Speta‑arc, with their ten million seas and their hundred million crystal rivers in the arches of Woo.

30/24.4. With their eighty billion high‑raised Gods and Goddesses. With their one hundred and sixty billion miles of etherean roadways and capitals!

30/24.5. And you, Solastus Plains, with your twelve million arches in the waters of Waltad; with seventy million shipbuilders, the workers and handlers of Your immortal fire.

30/24.6. And the etherean kingdoms of Hards, Iwalt, Hollenpoitaben, Embrahk, Loogan, Aftguy, Riv and Lurnzan, with their two hundred billion miles of arches built to You.

30/24.7. Let them rejoice in Your name, and in the fruit of the garden of Your Daughter, Cpenta-armij, for the harvest is ripened to You.

30/24.8. Your Sons and Daughters answer to the echo on the mortal earth: There is only one Almighty! Let us sing to the Boundless, the Everlasting Creator.



1228  The places listed in this section labeled Jaus refer to etherean realms/places in and near the roadway of the solar phalanx where Cpenta-armij was in charge of the dan'ha cycle; see image i087 (with text).




Chapter 25 Bon's Praise





30/25.1. |1229| Holy, Holy, Holy, O Bon! You arc of the fountain of preserved records. Your labor is done! The earth is surrounded by the Faithists of Jehovih. The shout of gladness rises up from mortals for the glory of the Almighty.

30/25.2. The harvest of your labor, Esdras, Wedojain and Mieute, you etherean kingdoms in the high heavens of the Great Spirit. With your ninety billion angels in the songs of the Most High! Proclaim it in your seas of fire, Jehovih has won!

30/25.3. O you heavenly kingdoms, Takuspe, Kenna, Vetta'puissa and Looloowonga, sing glory to the All One, the Great Spirit! His hand has encircled the earth, His name is written and sung in the souls of mortals; there is only one Great Spirit, Jehovih!

30/25.4. Proclaim the joy of the earth, O you etherean heavens, Lotissiv, Aptlong, Wiskloo and Hotab, with your millions of etherean seas, and your tens of millions of etherean plains and high mountains.

30/25.5. Rejoice for the joy of mortals, O you etherean heavens, Hennassit, Hoxora, Lon, Oriyi, Sing and Avolassak, with your holy mountains, Yetungwas and seventy billion miles of plains.

30/25.6. You contributors to mortals, O you high angels of the etherean heavens, you volunteers to Lika, Son of Jehovih! Proclaim the great joy in the everlasting heavens of the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

30/25.7. Sing an endless song to the Almighty, the Creator of hundreds of billions of etherean heavens! The red star, the earth, is risen! The kingdom of Jehovih rests on the solid earth!

30/25.8. Glorify Him in the highest, the All One, Who is farther than all the universe, the Almighty, Jehovih; your labors on earth, O you angels of the etherean heavens, harvesting to the Almighty!



1229  The places listed in this section labeled Niv refer to etherean realms/places in and near the roadway of the solar phalanx where Lika was in charge of the dan'ha cycle; see image i087 (with text).




Chapter 26 Bon's Praise





30/26.1. Let us sing to the Maker, Jehovih, O my beloved!

30/26.2. Him Who is Mighty in thought, Jehovih! O my beloved!

30/26.3. He but conceives, |1230| and, lo, a creation is done, O my beloved!

30/26.4. Jehovih, the Creator, Almighty, O my beloved, sing to Him, forever!







1230  that is, He only needs to think it, and it is done




Chapter 27 Bon's Praise





30/27.1. All men know Him; none deny Him, the Creator!

30/27.2. Who quickened into life all the living, out of the Almighty!

30/27.3. Whose knowledge knows all, the coming and the going, Jehovih!

30/27.4. Before Whom even Gods cry out: All is in You, O Jehovih!






Chapter 28 Bon's Praise





30/28.1. About what under the sun can men not differ? Only Your Mightiness, Jehovih!

30/28.2. Where in the heavens have the angels found Your boundaries? Or come to the termination?

30/28.3. About Whose magnitude and existence they cannot differ; only in You, You Almighty!

30/28.4. You alone are the Soul and the Substance, the Only All, the Keynote of Harmony, Jehovih!






Chapter 29 Bon's Praise





30/29.1. Since thousands of years Your enemies have raised up hundreds of Gods, Lords, and Saviors; and they cry out: O come, believe in my God! Believe in my Redeemer!

30/29.2. They draw the sword and spear, and cry out: Fall down, you heathen! Worship my God and Savior, or die! Behold the mighty armies of the Lord! Down, you heathen, or die!

30/29.3. You alone, Jehovih, stand Indestructible and Almighty! You alone Acceptable and All Pleasant! You Brilliant, You Home of Delight! Who never deceives or commands to war or death.

30/29.4. About You there can be no dispute, You Fountain of all. As You taught in the ancient days: There is only one Great Spirit, Jehovih! So is Your utterance today: There is only One, even the All One!

30/29.5. What is Osiris, the Savior, or the Osirian principle, that man should turn from the Almighty to consider? Or Apollo, or the Apollo principle, that man should turn from the Creator to consider?

30/29.6. What is Thor, or Thammus, or Yima, or principles of any of these, or what is their plan of salvation, compared to Jehovih's? You only, O Father, are All Sufficient for all.






Chapter 30 Bon's Praise





30/30.1. You, my Creator, and of great glory, Who fashioned atmospherea full of heavens; adorned the intermediate world with Your mighty hand, resplendent with holiness in Your praise.

30/30.2. Praise to You, You Highest, in Whom the worlds shine with the light of the Almighty! Your three great worlds, the corporeal, the atmospherean and the etherean, bright and full of holiness in Your praise.

30/30.3. Praise Jehovih, you atmosphereans, you es'yan fruit of the Almighty. Sing to Him in your plateaus of millions of cities; in praise of the Creator, proclaim the multitude of your places.

30/30.4. Let Hatawah, Drom and Yokanad, sound the trumpets of Jehovih in their ten thousand cities, and their hundreds of thousands of colleges and wide farms. The Almighty forever!

30/30.5. And the plateaus, Habur and Nafghad, with their twelve thousand shining rivers and their seventy thousand cities of the factories of heaven, founded in the fair fields of Jehovih's heavens!

30/30.6. Sing in praise of the Great Spirit, you heavens that travel with the earth in the vortex Avonitivi; you atmospherean heavens, Gonza and Speantogotha, with your billion angels.

30/30.7. You plateaus, Gobria, Sagaghizan and Loowanogo, with your seven million colleges and factories, your heavenly delights for perfecting the spirits of mortals in the ways of the Almighty.






Chapter 31 Bon's Praise





30/31.1. Then sang the bound heavens, the atmosphereans. First, Ghiovagna, with her two million cities, in the plateau Wahaputosivi.

30/31.2. Almighty Creator, hear Your Daughter in the Hemsan‑way, sweet cliffs in the colleges of Tuan, with her thirty million students, swift uprising. Marching onward in praise of You, my Creator.

30/31.3. With ample material, O You Boundless, for Your sixty million hosts in jubilee. Striving onward in Your praise, buoyant with love and rejoicing in the lessons of the Omnipotent.

30/31.4. With seven million factories to train the untutored es'yan the purpose of the talents You created with all, to be most shining lights in building the house of the Almighty in rapturous industry.

30/31.5. With her two million nurseries for the spirits of infants, full of delight and songs to Jehovih! With fragrance and delightful plains and forests and shining waters, created by You, You All Perfect.

30/31.6. With my four million miles of roadways and atmospherean oceans, in which Your high‑raised angels teach the es'yans how to master the elements You created, swift and mighty, proclaiming Your power.

30/31.7. O the songs and praises of Your Daughter, Ghiovagna, the heaven of four hundred million angels, swift in learning, pure in love, with a choir a million strong to sing and chant to You on the waters of heaven.

30/31.8. O the songs of gladness, the shining robes of Your loved ones, Jehovih. The lessons of wisdom, the growth of talent, the dance and merry‑making, the learning to master Your elements, O You Almighty!






Chapter 32 Bon's Praise





30/32.1. Then Farja sang: Your Daughter, O Jehovih! Your Schliegashawaka, uplifted to You, You Almighty! I am Your heaven, O Father, with six million cities in the plateau Shia Chong, far in the grades.

30/32.2. With three million places of learning for the es'yans newly risen from the earth; the colleges of Sitiviyanpegonska on the very high heavenly mountain, Hoit'su'gonderoga.

30/32.3. With four million factories and eight hundred million angels, high in the grades, joyous, full of wisdom and song, masterly in Your elements, created by You, You Almighty Creator!

30/32.4. Well weaned from the earth and corporeal desires, heavenly aspiring! With their heads turned upward and their souls in the way of Jehovih! Most righteous; and in unison, striving in the way of Jehovih!

30/32.5. O if only I could find corporeal words for the love of my heaven! For the joy of my eight hundred millions! And display to mortals the glorious creations of heavenly things created by the All Light, Jehovih!






Chapter 33 Bon's Praise





30/33.1. Quick springing in, and loud came the song of the heaven, Vrihaden, with her billion angels, high in the grades:

30/33.2. Worshipful, O Almighty! Speak, O my shining rivers of heaven, Hyad‑hiago, Fuen and Owagonshe, a million miles of water.

30/33.3. Flowing past my heavenly cities, Effalt and Sugathagow, and Friabes, Yanad and Hucfomakalasakola, lying under the high mountain, Soidon, with four thousand high arches reared by the Almighty!

30/33.4. My billion rejoicing in Jehovih, You Creator of millions of heavens, stretching far. O if only I could find comparisons for mortals, to tell them of the glory of my heavens!

30/33.5. My places of learning and factories, and shipbuilding, shaping vessels for coursing the firmament of the Almighty! Of the rules and philosophies of my delightful heavens.

30/33.6. O if I could show them the discipline of my billion; my army of Jehovih! Their high wisdom and their power over the elements created by the Almighty!

30/33.7. O if only mortals could see my high arches and my heavenly forests and mountains! O if only mortals understood to inhabit a world within as well as without.

30/33.8. To know the solutions of Jehovih's worlds, and the orderly arrangement of the unseen! Praise to You, Jehovih! You Provider of the heaven, Vrihaden, with her billion.






Chapter 34 Bon's Praise





30/34.1. Next sang Steinhover, the heaven of the beautiful plateau, Owgawahha, surrounded by the heavenly seas, Hiajom, Praj, Sumakaqa and Yadzad: Glory to You, Jehovih, in Whom my delightful billions of angels rejoice with great joy.

30/34.2. My four million places of learning, and my innumerable factories sprung up for the glory of the Almighty. O if only I could find earth‑words for the understanding of mortals! To show them the wonders of Jehovih!

30/34.3. O if they could sail in the ships of Steinhover, and witness the high arches and delightful forests on the shores of Sumakaqa and Yadzad! And understand the teaching of angels, to rise in mastery of the elements created by the Omnipotent!

30/34.4. To know the power of union; the secret of the thrift of the delightful heaven, Steinhover, on the beautiful plateau Owgawahha. Sing to the Great Spirit, the Fountain of All; the All Fullness of Glory forever!

30/34.5. After her came the songs of Naphatat, Gur and Suth, the three heavenly places on the plateau, Chin‑jah, high‑raised over the earth divisions, Uropa and Asia, wider than the earth.

30/34.6. With their five billion angels in their forty million cities, heavenly, full of delight and great wisdom, high in the grades. Singing gleefully of their two thousand rivers and a million high arches.

30/34.7. Next came the songs of the heavens, Aden and Magapor, with four billion angels, high in the grades. Lauding their seventy million schools and colleges, and their sea Scinthius, with its waters of silver and gold, and three million crystal stalagmites.

30/34.8. With her loud song: Jehovih be praised! You Great Spirit, Who provides to us Your unspeakable delights. All hail, You Almighty! Hear the great joy of Aden and Magapor, with their four billion angels rejoicing in Your name, Jehovih!






Chapter 35 Bon's Praise





30/35.1. So-to-ramus sang next and of her great plateau, Chik‑ka-hoo‑sa, over the regions of Guatama, wide as the earth, high‑raised in the grades, with three billion angels, rejoicing in the heavenly mountains, Hosanattabah, O‑de‑chi-che, and Hakabda, with seventy thousand high arches, and the delightful heavenly ocean, Sociotes, with three million shipbuilders, well trained in the elements created by the Creator.

30/35.2. Wailing in her song, O Jehovih! O if only I had earth‑words for the glories of heaven! O if I could show my delightful places to mortals! O if only I could make comparison for the knowledge of mortals! How can I make them comprehend the heavenly ocean, Sociotes, habitable within and without; with sparkling waters, colored like a rainbow, for the ships of angels.

30/35.3. How can I make them comprehend the wonderful mountain, O‑de‑chi‑che, habitable within and without; with her thirty thousand high arches, spanning shining rivers! O if only mortals could comprehend! O if only mortals could see!

30/35.4. With sixteen million miles of heavenly roadways, and the great lake, Anapasivi, with its two million boats, teaching newborn angels how to master the elements, far-reaching in the firmament of heaven.

30/35.5. With otevans to carry millions coursing along in the gardens of heaven, created by You, Jehovih, full of delight, strong, powerful! My most orderly heaven, teaching with song and high reverence to the Almighty!

30/35.6. O if only I could reveal the glories of Farja, Your Schliegashawaka, O Jehovih! And the great delight of her eight hundred million, gleeful, rapturous in Your praise; glorified by the love of the Almighty!

30/35.7. O the forests of my heavens, Sotoramus, created by the Almighty, delightful, awe‑inspiring! O the fields of Tobosin, Suthagar and Chaimus, the creations of the Great Spirit.

30/35.8. After her, sang the heaven, Chook‑a-so‑win, in the voice of three billion angels, in her two million cities, high in the grades, and well disciplined. Singing of her great cascades and whirlpools, dangerous places in heaven for inexperienced angels. And lauding tunefully her great rivers and her colleges and factories.

30/35.9. Next sang Fiatonadis, a heaven with seventy divisions on the plateau Noyohertimus, with two billion angels, high in the grades; lauding highly her factories and colleges and her es'enaurs, a million musicians.

30/35.10. Next sang Heoparsi, a heaven with one million cities, high in the grades; with eight hundred thousand miles of roadways; with eight hundred million angels of delight, rejoicing in their lives and glorifying the Almighty.

30/35.11. After that sang these great heavens: Hiawasse, Ho Chong, Hriden, Sago Loo, Maison and Witcha‑chaw‑nowksin; lauding their billions of angels; their millions of cities and places of delight; their mountains and rivers; their lakes and valleys; their colleges and factories, where angels are taught to master the elements created by the Great Spirit, for the joy of His mighty heavens!






Chapter 36 Bon's Praise





30/36.1. O if only I could sing the songs of Your heavens. Your sweet places of delight, Hanoshea, O‑chi‑ma, Riviokim, Pethsiades and Yenades; to find earth‑words descriptive of their delightful holiness and rejoicing in the Almighty!

30/36.2. O if I could display their mountains and valleys, and their wide plains! Their shining waters and their forests, and their stalactites and innumerable high arches. Their billions of angels full of joy and loveliness! Their wonderful music, poured forth in Your praise, Jehovih.

30/36.3. Their dancing, millions in a dance; their boating and swift excursions, like thoughts in unison flying forth, mighty in power, gleeful and full of romance! High in the grades, spotless, pure, every one a flower, a star, a diadem in the kingdom of the Almighty!

30/36.4. O if I could sing of the order of Your heavens! And of the wonderful roadways from one to another! How You have planted elements in Your kingdoms, ever trying the skill and knowledge of Your angels! Where genius and wisdom always lead in Your ways, Jehovih.

30/36.5. Who but You, O Father, could create these never‑ending varieties of heavens! These wonderful plateaus, suitable habitations for the spirits of the dead! Ever providing the higher to lift up the lower! In system and good discipline displaying the wonders of the Almighty!

30/36.6. O if only I could sing in words to the understanding of mortals!

30/36.7. And to those who had been called sinners and most wicked, who had become in time like diadems in Your crown, Jehovih, sparkling, bright with perfect holiness!






Chapter 37 Bon's Praise





30/37.1. Then answered Jehovih to the songs of praise that rose up from His hundreds of billions, to the sum of His mighty creations.

30/37.2. Peace, My beloved! And great joy! I have heard your voice of praise! I answer you with millions of new creations! Farther than the farthest, boundless! Billions of years are the works of My hand! I do not go about turning water into wine, like a magician, or professing to raise the dead!

30/37.3. But yet I raise the dead, the souls of the dead, into worlds shining, brilliant, full of loveliness! I do not take them backward to toil and sorrow; but upward, onward, to heavens of delight, that never perish.

30/37.4. Mine is the Tree of Life, forever growing and rich in blossoms and sweet perfumes. The dead are Mine, the spirits of the dead are My young blossoms full of promise, speaking soul‑words for the glory of My heavens.

30/37.5. Those whom I quickened into life are Mine, and I watch over them Fatherly and in great wisdom. Nor do I let them go out of being, forever. And I provide My heavenly places broad, boundless, so that the soul of man can never reach to their boundary.

30/37.6. Though they stray away for a season, yet I have provided for them to return to Me in the end. And I make them a banquet, and provide them a feast, a home of love, with music and dancing even on the threshold of wisdom.

30/37.7. Do not weep for the dead, O My beloved! I have places of delight for the righteous, full of rejoicing and wonderful! And the soul of the dead enters into these, as one that emerges from a veil, to shout with great joy for the provisions I created, plentiful and brilliant.

30/37.8. I have created heaven after heaven as a new surprise of great happiness to My Sons and Daughters, in the way of My resurrections. Rejoice and be merry in holiness! Open your eyes, My beloved, and behold the works of My hands which I provided to be yours forever!






Chapter 38 Bon's Praise





30/38.1. Then answered Jehovih to those who wept for the dead:

30/38.2. What I have taken away was Mine, |1231| and I return it to the place it belongs; but the soul, which I also gave, I carry into a new region of delight. The spirit of the dead is in My hand, and I raise it up to the delightful places I created for it. Yes, it shall find its love, and rejoice in My arms, because of the glory of My heavens.

30/38.3. In the times of My seasons the soul of the dead shall stand by the living and testify to the endless creations which I provided, to never perish! Like a cord that lifts a weight, so shall the soul of the dead be to those who are stricken in sorrow.

30/38.4. And I will uncover My heavens for those; and My angels shall come down from My exalted kingdoms by the light of the line of their love; and they shall rejoice in the way of My dominions, and glorify Me and My works.

30/38.5. Each day at the setting of the sun, for three days, you shall assemble and sing for the soul of the dead, remembering his virtues in great praise. Then you shall deliver his spirit to My asaphs for the mansion I have built. And I will render to him the delights of My kingdoms according to the light of his understanding.

30/38.6. And you shall put away all mourning and all signs of mourning; and learn to understand the way of My resurrection. Do not rebuke Me, O My beloved, by draping yourselves in black cloth and veils of crape. |1232| What I have done, I have done.

30/38.7. For the time shall come to My beloveds when they shall look back and say: It was well! And in the time of Jehovih it happened well, when it so happened! Though we did not see then, we now behold, as Gods and Goddesses, the way of the Almighty! ||

30/38.8. To sing and to rejoice in Me, O My beloved; and to attain to great knowledge; these are the roads I created, shining, diversified, and broader than the imagination of man. By death I provide the resurrection of the souls of the dead. Do not mourn for My proceedings, O My beloved! But be wise and rejoice with discretion in the glory of My creations.





1231  i.e., the physical body




























1232  a black, thin, lightweight crinkled fabric




Chapter 39 Bon's Praise





30/39.1. Then answered Jehovih to those who had an infant born:

30/39.2. What I have quickened into life, behold, it is My gift. It is a flower of sunshine molded by a touch of My hand. Provide for it, O My beloved. Fence My garden around, so that serpents cannot enter. The time shall come when this living soul shall be as a God in My heavens. His light shall be brighter than a sun!

30/39.3. Then spoke Jehovih to the infant: Light of My light, O My Son! To you I give the earth and the heavens, to be yours forever! And the waters of the earth and the air of the firmament, to be yours forever! And the forests and mountains and valleys, to be your paradise forever. And the oceans and seas, to be yours forever. And lastly, O My Son, what I gave to no other animal on earth or in its waters, or in the air of heaven, I give to you; behold, I give yourself to you.

30/39.4. And I give you guardian angels to walk by you and show you My great delights and the way of My resurrections! They shall speak to your soul to keep you in the right way. Hear them and follow in the way of your Creator, and you shall rejoice all the days of your life.

30/39.5. But your corporeal eyes and ears, and your corporeal judgment, I give into your own hands. Remember, My Son, learn corporeal knowledge through your soul, for it is of Me, and you shall not err. But shut out the way of My voice, and follow your corporeal senses only, and you shall go down in darkness for a long season.

30/39.6. Remember your Creator at all times and seasons, and you shall rejoice because you are this day brought forth an heir of everlasting life. ||

30/39.7. Then spoke Jehovih to the ashars, the guardian angels: Into your keeping, O My beloved, I give this My Son, quickened by My very breath to live forever. In your regular turns, watch and watch, |1233| guard him from this time forward, for he is the fruit I bequeath to you. And in due time you shall render his soul to My asaphs in heaven, being glorified in the fruit.

30/39.8. Nor shall you ever make yourselves known to him through his corporeal senses; for your labor is with the spirit. But when you find it rightful that angels shall approach his corporeal understanding, see to it that they are exalted and in the way of My everlasting kingdoms. For the plan of My creations is for the resurrection of the soul of man to be forever and ever!







































1233  i.e., in work shifts




Chapter 40 Bon's Praise





30/40.1. Praise to You, Jehovih! Who can search out the completeness of Your creation?

30/40.2. Or know the magnitude of Your places, You Almighty! And Your endless inventions?

30/40.3. You shall be my theme forever; to find the far‑seeing devices of my Creator, the work of my soul.

30/40.4. I was alone in the world. Angels and men did not feed my soul; I hungered and was in gloom.

30/40.5. Then I turned to You, You Almighty. And You gave me a new growth, a fruit of life in fire!

30/40.6. Which grew brighter and brighter. And my vision was recovered, and Your heavens were opened like a book is opened.

30/40.7. And I drank of Your waters, and ate of the tree of the resurrection to Your everlasting kingdoms.

30/40.8. The secret of Your Wisdom, O Jehovih, was uncovered; the way of Your Mightiness made imperishable forever!






Chapter 41 Bon's Praise





30/41.1. Because You gave into my own hand to exalt myself, |1234| O Jehovih! You shaped my every part for perpetual resurrection before I knew the way of the Almighty! Praise to You forever! Says the Faithist!

30/41.2. Because You provide from the ancient times for Your Mighty word, You have everlastingly provided for prophets to know the way of the Omnipotent! To reveal the unseen heavens created by You!

30/41.3. Because You have kept alive the line of Your Majesty in mortals! Built a house for Your chosen, wide as the world! Faith in You above all things in earth or heaven! Says the Faithist.

30/41.4. When all the world otherwise fails, |1235| You, my Creator, stand before me Mighty and full of love. You, One Alone, imperishable forever, and just and merciful. Praise to You, Jehovih, Who are greater than All!





1234  e.g., by learning, and then appropriating that wisely











1235  i.e., when all else seems to be failing...




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