The Book of Judgment

Being the grades and rates of mortals and angels in the light of God, as the word came to Es, Daughter of Jehovih.

CHAPTER 1 Judgment




32/1.1. These are the words of Judgment by the will of God, Jehovih's Son, as rendered by Es, |1251| for the resurrection of man:

32/1.2. Hear the words of your God, O man! I am your elder brother of tens of thousands of years' experience. Profit in my wisdom, and learn the discourse of your God.

32/1.3. Jehovih, Creator of all things, spoke to me, your God, saying: Hear Me, O God, My ambassador of the earth and her heavens for this your season. Obey My mandates, and teach mortals and the angels of your lower heavens to know Me and to rejoice in My creations. The time has come when the light of your inspiration and your angels shall extend around the whole earth and in her heavens also.

32/1.4. In all former cycles, My Gods had to deal with separate divisions of the earth; My revelations were to each, for a special time, which is now at hand. I have prepared this land |1252| untrammeled with Gods, Saviors and Lords enforced by the sword, so that My revelations of this day shall be published and not suppressed. And you shall reveal to mortals the plan of My worlds; and as to who you are, and the method of your inspiration and dominion on the earth and her heavenly kingdoms.

32/1.5. You shall keep the gates of heaven open for a season, and the spirits of the dead shall commune with mortals, good and evil, wise and foolish. And mortals shall see them, and talk with them, face to face; and they shall recognize their own kin, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, the dead and the living.

32/1.6. And the angels shall demonstrate the subtlety of corporeal things, and the capacity of one solid to pass through another solid uninjured.

32/1.7. Yes, the angels shall bring heavy substances from great distances, and cast them down in the presence of mortals, who shall see these things done, and testify to it.

32/1.8. And man shall understand that even as plants, trees, fish and serpents can be wielded by My angels, so also can virus and pestilence be carried by angels of darkness to cast mortals in death.

32/1.9. And you shall allow evil spirits and all manner of drujas, vampires and engrafters, to come and manifest to mortals, so they may know that My revelations unfold the matters of earth and heaven.

32/1.10. For man shall understand what I mean by the words: As you live on the earth, so shall you reap in heaven.

32/1.11. And you shall allow to fall in darkness those mortals who consult the angels with regard to riches, marriage, or self, or for curiosity, frivolity or for anything of an earthly nature for profit's sake. They shall prosper for a season, but end in being confronted with folly and falsehood.

32/1.12. And whoever asks for the spirits of great men, allow him to be deceived by drujas and all manner of lying spirits.

32/1.13. And whoever asks of the sar'gis for great men, or for Moses, or Jesus, or Kriste, or for any well-known name, as applied to ancient times, allow him to be answered by evil spirits and deceivers.

32/1.14. Whoever desires the angels for profit's sake, and he has power in sar'gis, give to him a band of drujas and vampires, and give them great power in signs and miracles.

32/1.15. And whoever consults the angels, without regard to becoming a better man himself, allow him also to become captive to lying spirits.

32/1.16. And to all men who feed on fish or flesh, you shall allow vampires to inhabit them.

32/1.17. And to those who drink to drunkenness, or smoke or take narcotics, you shall allow fetals and engrafters to come upon them.

32/1.18. And in families whose heirs are born from parents wed for earthly considerations, you shall allow spirits of obsession to enter and drive them mad.

32/1.19. For they shall be made to know the meaning of the word, hell, as applied to the lower heavens.

32/1.20. And to whomever worships Gods or Saviors because of miracles, you shall give them plenty of miracles and signs through unclean spirits, and through mortal sar'gis (mediums) of low grade. And more, you shall let spirits of darkness assume to be these very Gods, so that mortals can be made to know what manner of evil spirits dwell in their churches and temples.

32/1.21. And to the rich man, who makes pretense to righteousness, but who does not do toward the poor as to himself, you shall give him a host of spirits of hypocrisy and lying, so that he may realize the company he is preparing for his own spirit in heaven.

32/1.22. Give signs and miracles to the unclean seer as well as to the clean; to the liar and deceiver, as well as to the truthful man.

32/1.23. For, I will destroy the worship of all Gods, Lords and Saviors on the basis of miracles.

32/1.24. And you shall take great liars, and give them lying spirits to speak through them by inspiration and entrancement. And these spirits shall profess the names of great persons long since dead. And they shall manifest great oratory, wisdom and truth; but, nevertheless, their preaching shall be of little benefit for righteousness' sake, or for good works.

32/1.25. And their applauding audiences will not contribute to the poor, nor establish any improvement on the doctrines of the ancients.

32/1.26. For the spirits who speak through them shall be the first resurrection of the inorganic heavens, not knowing Me or the higher kingdoms. Truly they shall be of the same order as the spirits who minister in the churches and temples, being those spirits who have not yet been delivered up from the earth.

32/1.27. And some shall say: Hear me, for I am God! Some shall say: Hear me, for I am the Lord! Some shall say: Hear me, for I am Jehovih! And others shall profess the names of mortals who had great power on the earth. And you shall let them do these things.

32/1.28. For I will make man understand that he shall accept nothing from angels or men because of the name professed. Only on the merit of wisdom, truth, and good doctrines that raise men out of darkness, poverty and crime, shall they accept either spoken or written words.

32/1.29. And they shall try to organize to carry out good works, but they shall fail. For many will desire to be leaders, being under the influence of selfish considerations, desiring the applause of men.

32/1.30. And they will profess freedom, but they will not pledge themselves to any sacrifice, either of money or opinion for sake of the public good.

32/1.31. And little good shall come out of their works, and even less peace of soul shall come to them. For they shall dispute and quarrel, being divided in all their ideas, philosophies, sentiments and in their understanding of My kingdoms.

32/1.32. For, by this means, you shall show them they are under the inspiration of the unorganized |1253| es world, and of spirits who have not yet entered into My organic resurrections, which I created for them. But in the time of the light of My revelations, you shall raise up a few, here and there, capable of the All Light. And you shall cause these to form a basis for My kingdom on earth.

32/1.33. And they shall forswear all Gods, Lords and Saviors, but profess Me, the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

32/1.34. And they shall pledge themselves to one another in fullness, as brothers and sisters, holding their possessions in common.

32/1.35. To live for the sake of perfecting themselves and others in spirit, and for good works.

32/1.36. They shall not eat fish nor flesh of any creature that breathed the breath of life.

32/1.37. And they shall keep the seventh day as a day of communion with Me and My angel hosts.

32/1.38. With rites and ceremonies explanatory |1254| of all the doctrines in the world.

32/1.39. Practicing good for evil; non-resistance to persecution and abuse.

32/1.40. And abjure war; even, if necessary, by submitting to death rather than take part in it.

32/1.41. And they shall become an organic body in communities of tens, twenties, hundreds, and of thousands.

32/1.42. But they shall have no leaders, only their Creator; but they shall be organic, for the sake of good works.

32/1.43. But they shall not go about preaching for sinners to go to repentance.

32/1.44. Nor preaching for charity to the poor.

32/1.45. But they themselves shall go about gathering up sinners, the poor, the helpless, and orphans; and bring them into comfortable homes, teaching them how to live, to be a glory to Me and My kingdoms.

32/1.46. To such persons, My angels from the second resurrection shall come and minister in My name for the joy of the earth.

32/1.47. And when such people die, they shall be received into the second resurrection, escaping the first.

32/1.48. Neither shall any other people in all the world escape the place of the first resurrection.

32/1.49. Whether they are kings, queens, beggars, Brahmins, Buddhists, Kriste'yans, Mohammedans, or any other pretenders in heaven or earth.

32/1.50. Behold, the day of preaching and professions is at an end. I will have practice only.

32/1.51. Whoever is not in My organic kingdoms on earth, shall go into My inorganic kingdoms in heaven.

32/1.52. For I created the heavens and the earth, and all things in them, so that like goes to like.




1251  Es means "Spirit world." The teachings of this book correspond with the information received from enlightened angels (spirits) wherever they have communicated. --Ed.














1252  North Guatama (United States of America)

























































































































1253  inorganic



















1254  encompassing; comprehensive treatment


CHAPTER 2 Judgment




32/2.1. God, ambassador of Jehovih, says: You shall assemble for the communion of angels, regularly, and maintain intercourse with them. For in no other way can you demonstrate the immortality of the soul (continued life of the spirit).

32/2.2. Doing this in the name of Jehovih, and for spiritual light in regard to spiritual things.

32/2.3. Whoever consults the spirits for earthly things, shall fall in darkness.

32/2.4. But when you assemble, let no man or spirit be a spectator to others. But as all men labor in the field to gather the harvest, so shall all members in the assembly, by prayer or by music, contribute a glory to the Father.

32/2.5. Remembering that the humblest prayer, even with weak words, if given with a full heart, is as strong to Jehovih as the best oratory.

32/2.6. From all men the spirit shall pour forth to the Father in praise, according to what has been created to it. Nor is more required of any man.

32/2.7. But this shall happen to many: Learning to speak by entrancement or by inspiration, they shall imagine themselves controlled by certain angels, when, in fact, it is only their own spirit, eliminated from the corporeal senses.

32/2.8. Others, being influenced, shall imagine it is themselves and not an angel, whereas it is an angel speaking through them. This was the case of Ka'yu [Confucius --Ed.]. Both are good, and shall be practiced.

32/2.9. Let no man concern himself as to whether it is the spirit of himself or an angel; for it is only the subject uttered which is of value. In this day, all things shall stand on their own merit, and not on a supposed authority.

32/2.10. And let him, who speaks with his own spirit, not judge others to be the same; nor yet the reverse of this; |1255| for no two in all the world are alike.

32/2.11. To those who have not experienced elimination of the spirit-self from the corporeal self, all speech is believed to be of the corporeal senses only, or of a diseased condition. Such men are not to be blamed for their interpretation; rather you shall pity them, and not answer them.

32/2.12. For many such, even after death, will not admit they are dead, because of the darkness upon them.

32/2.13. It is wiser for the spiritual-minded to keep to themselves, especially when communing with Jehovih and His angels. For a greater wonder than these will follow: Some will enter the trance of the first resurrection, and go in spirit out of the body, but only subjectively; others will enter the trance of the second resurrection, and go in spirit out of the body objectively. And the first shall not believe the second was other than like himself, going only subjectively. For I have created alike no two men in all the world, says Jehovih. Even after death, many are not capable of entering the second resurrection objectively. He, who is in subjective state, speaks and writes from the earth, looking upward; he, who comes of the objective heavens, speaks and writes as one come down from My kingdoms to the earth.

32/2.14. Two conditions will manifest: Subjective spiritualists will affiliate with the world's people, being deniers of the Ever Present Person, and they will pursue earthly vocations for self's sake; but objective spiritualists, being those who live for the spirit's sake, will be Faithists, believers in the Ever Present Person, Jehovih, Whom they will worship not only in words, but by abjuring self, and uniting themselves in brotherhoods, for the sake of doing good to others. These latter are the chosen people of the Father of the Kosmon era, and they will become supreme in all the world.

32/2.15. These three peoples, the world's people, the believers and the Faithists, have existed in all ages of the world. Of them all, only the Faithist practices harmony and good works. Both of the others are resistants, quarrelers, warriors, disintegrators and breakers-down of all things.

32/2.16. Yet the Faithists, having faith in the All Person, shall ultimately possess the whole earth, and make it a paradise of peace and love.

32/2.17. As the first is bound in the flesh, and as the second is bound by the hadan spirits, so is the Faithist bound to Jehovih, which is emancipation. As the second can commune with the spirits of the first resurrection, so can the Faithist commune with the Father through the second resurrection.

32/2.18. Nevertheless this shall happen: The second shall say: My angels are high, yours are low! Or they shall ask: How do you know your light is higher than ours?

32/2.19. And the Faithists shall answer them, saying: We know no high, no low. We give up all things, in order to serve Jehovih by doing good works to our fellows. ||

32/2.20. And Jehovih shall judge between them, as to which is high or low; not by their words, but by their works.

32/2.21. And the signs of good works and self-abnegation shall be like a witness before the world, as to where the inspiration of each comes from.

32/2.22. Let no man say that only seers, prophets and those persons who work signs and miracles, are under the influence of spirits, for even as much as these, so are other mortals under the dominion of spirits. Yes, the infidel, the disbeliever, the philosopher, the lawyer, the judge, the preacher, the fanatic, and all others, are more controlled by the spirits of the dead than by their own personal spirit. And the more a man's spirit is wrapped up in his own corporeality, the more he is subject to vampires and spirits of darkness.

32/2.23. Nor does the philosopher know whether his ideas come from Jehovih or from the spirits of the dead.

32/2.24. Whoever has witnessed and knows in truth that he has seen the spirits of the dead, that knowledge is impregnable. |1256| And whoever has entered the second resurrection, even though in mortality, that knowledge is impregnable.

32/2.25. But whoever has found the All Person, his knowledge is greater than all. And none below him can judge him. Neither can any man attain to this knowledge, till he has passed through the other two conditions.

32/2.26. No man knows the Creator, unless he has proven the communion of spirits. Neither can any man rise to the second resurrection, till he has risen to faith in the All One, Jehovih.

32/2.27. Nor shall the Brahmin, Mohammedan, Buddhist or Kriste'yan join in the second resurrection on earth or in heaven.

32/2.28. For they do not have the doctrine of unit; they are as a house divided against itself. Their colonies and communities shall fail in all cases.

32/2.29. There shall be only one doctrine, which is Jehovih, the All Person, Who is Ever Present; with good works done to others, with all of one's wisdom and strength.

32/2.30. And this shall prevail with the young; whom, as orphans and castaways, you shall gather up in infancy, founding them in the light of Jehovih, teaching them from the start to sing and pray to Him, in reverence, fear and joy, so that He may be glorified in their purity and good works.

32/2.31. And they shall be of all nationalities and races, growing up not knowing: This is mine or that is mine, or that is yours, but understanding that they own nothing, and that all things are Jehovih's.








































1255  i.e., let him who speaks by angel inspiration not judge others to be doing the same



















































































1256  beyond doubt, irreversible, undeniable, irrefutable, indestructible, permanent


CHAPTER 3 Judgment

The Judgment upon the Brahmins, the Buddhists, the Kriste'yans, the Mohammedans, the Confucians, the Jews and all other peoples on earth, in the words of God




32/3.1. Do not think, O man, that I am insufficient to the times and seasons. Or say that God spoke in the dark days of the earth, but latterly holds his tongue.

32/3.2. Behold, I am your elder brother, even as a captain of the earth and her heavens for a season. As I am, even so were my predecessors in the time of the ancients:

32/3.3. Ambassadors of the Most High, Jehovih!

32/3.4. Whose power and wisdom are given to me, even in the same way as your earthly kingdoms are governed and disciplined.

32/3.5. By which means, order is able to contribute to the resurrection of all of His created beings.

32/3.6. First, I charge you that whoever says: God, God! calls in vain.

32/3.7. I have not come to establish, but to abolish all Gods, Lords and Saviors among mortals.

32/3.8. For what is past, is past.

32/3.9. But from this time forward, whoever hears my word and the decree of my commandment, and continues to make an idol of any name, except the Great Spirit, blasphemes against his Creator.

32/3.10. But whoever cries out in fullness of heart, saying: God, God! meaning by that, the Ever Present, the Creator, is not a blasphemer before me.

32/3.11. And whoever says: Ormazd, Ormazd! meaning the Ever Present, the Creator, is not a blasphemer before me.

32/3.12. And whoever calls any name in any language that signifies the Ever Present, the Creator, is not a blasphemer before me.

32/3.13. But whoever says: Brahma, Brahma! signifying a God in the figure and shape of a man, sitting on a throne in heaven, is a blasphemer against Jehovih, the Ever Present, the Creator.

32/3.14. And whoever says Buddha, Buddha! signifying a God in the figure and shape of a man, sitting on a throne in heaven, is a blasphemer against Jehovih, the Ever Present, the Creator.

32/3.15. And whoever says: Kriste, Kriste! signifying a God in the figure and shape of a man, sitting on a throne in heaven, is a blasphemer against Jehovih, the Creator, the All Person.

32/3.16. And whoever calls on the name of any other man or angel, worshipping such as a God, is an idolater in my sight.

32/3.17. Nor do I judge them less idolatrous than if they worshipped stone idols or graven images.

32/3.18. And whoever says: Deity, Deity! and Divinity, Divinity! and Divine law and Natural law, are adjudged to be in darkness.

32/3.19. For I proclaim my heavens open, and the way of understanding clear.

32/3.20. Jehovih is Ever Present, and does by virtue of His Presence, and not by any law.

32/3.21. And whoever says that which will lead men to believe He is not Present, or that He has gone away, leaving certain laws after Him in His stead, the same is adjudged a blasphemer against Jehovih.

32/3.22. And whoever says: Call on this Savior, or call on that Savior, and your sins shall be forgiven you; and, in the hour of your death, because you have so called on him, you shall ascend into a heavenly paradise, the same is a falsifier of my kingdoms and a blasphemer against Jehovih.

32/3.23. And whoever says: Come before the church and priest, and make prayers and confessions, and you shall be absolved and forgiven your sins, the same are falsifiers of my kingdoms and blasphemers against Jehovih, the Creator.

32/3.24. Nor have I provided resurrection in this world, or in my heavens above, except by good works done to others; and this is serving Jehovih, the All Person; and not because of any worship or confessions done before any of the idols on earth or in heaven.

32/3.25. Nor is there any redemption in heaven to the Brahmins, Buddhists, Kriste'yans or Mohammedans because of their prayers and confessions.

32/3.26. But wherever good works have resulted in affiliation, and in lifting the people up out of misery and crime, the same is adjudged as worship of the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

32/3.27. Wherever the Brahmins have let a people fall from knowledge into ignorance, or from virtue into vice, my judgment is against them.

32/3.28. Wherever the Buddhists have let a people fall from knowledge into ignorance, or from virtue into vice, my judgment is against them.

32/3.29. Wherever the Ka'yuans [Confucians --Ed.] have let a people fall from knowledge into ignorance, or from virtue into vice, my judgment is against them.

32/3.30. Wherever the Kriste'yans have let a people fall from knowledge into ignorance, or from virtue into vice, my judgment is against them.

32/3.31. Wherever the Mohammedans have let a people fall from knowledge into ignorance, or from virtue into vice, my judgment is against them.

32/3.32. Where beggary, vagrancy and all manner of darkness have increased in any of the cities or countries of any of these idolaters, my judgment is against them.

32/3.33. They shall not excuse themselves nor escape my judgment by saying: O the true Brahmin, or the true Buddhist, or the true Kriste'yan, or the true Mohammedan, has not fallen. These who fell were those who did not embrace our doctrine in fullness of heart. ||

32/3.34. Because my judgment is also against impotency. They have tried their respective religions for hundreds of years. And they have not raised up one city of righteous people.

32/3.35. And for that reason, I have come to put these doctrines away, and give them that which shall prove itself potent in all the world.

32/3.36. That which I proclaim, shall be proclaimed by the angels of the second resurrection, to all nations and peoples.

32/3.37. My light is not to one people only, except to the righteous, who serve the Creator by doing good to all men. In my sight, the nations of the divisions of the earth are as one people only, brothers and sisters.

32/3.38. I take from all of them their idols, their Gods; but I give them a greater, even the Creator.

32/3.39. I say to them: I permitted my children to have idols; but now that you are men, put away your idols, and accept Jehovih, Who is the Creator of all.

32/3.40. Nor shall any man say anymore: I worship the Brahmin principle, or the Buddhist principle, or the Ka'yuan principle, or the Kriste'yan principle, or the Mohammedan principle. For all of these have proved themselves to result in war and destruction.

32/3.41. None of them have faith in Jehovih, but faith in their armies of soldiers, and in their weapons of death.

32/3.42. But I give to all people one principle only, which is to serve Jehovih. This is broad enough for the redemption and resurrection of all men. And I will have none other.

32/3.43. Seek, O man, to believe in the All Person, Who is Ever Present, Whose eye is upon you, Whose ear hears you; for He is the All One, Who is the password to the highest of heavens.

32/3.44. And you may call on your idol at the gates of my heavens, but the gates shall not be opened to you. For I will have no quarrel in my exalted kingdoms in heaven as to Gods and Lords and Saviors.

32/3.45. Till you are washed clean of them; coming in spotless white, a servant of the Most High, you cannot withstand the light of my kingdoms in heaven.

32/3.46. But you shall return in spirit to the earth, and abide in the church and temple of your chosen God, wandering about, in stubbornness of heart, a prey to drujas, vampires, and other angels of darkness.

32/3.47. Have faith O man, in Him Who created you alive; about Him there can be no mistake. Glorify Him by righteous works, having faith that even as He brought you into life, so will He provide for you, according to your just deserts.




CHAPTER 4 Judgment

The numbers of the Judgment, in the words of God




32/4.1. Hear the words of your God, O man; I am your elder brother, the captain of heaven and earth.

32/4.2. And for that reason, I declare to you in this day, that the same (as I reveal here) shall be testified to by millions of angels, to mortals, before one generation passes away.

32/4.3. Of Brahmin angels in the lowest of heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than four billion.

32/4.4. Of Buddhist angels in the lowest of heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than seven billion.

32/4.5. Of Ka'yuan angels in the lowest heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than three billion.

32/4.6. Of Kriste'yan angels in the lowest heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than three billion.

32/4.7. Of Mohammedan angels in the lowest heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than two billion.

32/4.8. Of Jewish angels in the lowest heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than thirty million.

32/4.9. And of other angels, idolatrous and otherwise, even on the earth, more than twelve billion.

32/4.10. And of all these angels not one is above grade five, in the first resurrection (of the inorganic heavens).

32/4.11. But of those who are below grade one, there are more than six billion, which comprises those angels who know nothing more than babes, though, for the most part, they were full-grown adults as to earth-life. Some are fetals, some engrafters who dwell with one mortal during his lifetime, and then engraft themselves on another mortal during his lifetime, and so on, calling themselves reincarnated, and, in fact, knowing no other heavens, being disbelievers in the All Person and in my exalted kingdoms.

32/4.12. Those who are below grade one, I have classed |1257| this day as drujas, because they have not left the earth and entered the first resurrection.

32/4.13. They inhabit mostly the oldest cities, and places of filth and indecency; nevertheless, they also inhabit the palaces of kings, queens, emperors, popes, priests and rich people.

32/4.14. Of grade one, there are hundreds of millions of angels strolling about on the earth, crying out: I want to go to Brahma; I want to go to Buddha; I want to go to Jesus; I want to go to Kriste.

32/4.15. And I send my hosts of high-raised angels to them, saying: Come to the kingdoms of Jehovih, and be clothed and fed, and learn to clothe and feed others, for this is the way of resurrection.

32/4.16. But they will not believe, and turn away in stubbornness of heart, even as you of the earth do, saying: No, I will rise only by prayers and confessions. I want to be changed in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, and rise and sit at the right hand of God.

32/4.17. And there are hundreds of millions who, being dead, do not know anything; but, through belief in a judgment day, went to sleep, and are waiting for the trumpet of Gabriel to call them forth.

32/4.18. And I send my exalted ones to them to awaken them, and call them up; but they are drunk with their faith, and they relapse again and again, for years and years, for hundreds of years!

32/4.19. Fulfilling Jehovih's mandate, that whoever is bound on earth shall be bound in heaven.

32/4.20. And, even as one drunken man on earth entices another to drunkenness, so are there hundreds of millions of idolatrous angels who return to mortals, and persuade them to their same doctrines and debaucheries.

32/4.21. Hear the words of your God, O man, and be wise in your judgment: He Who created you alive, gave to you of His Own Being. Be steadfast to Him, and you shall not err, but eliminate yourself from the chance of error.

32/4.22. He alone is unmistakably your sure foundation, in Whom you shall not be tripped up.

32/4.23. Your Creator is sufficient for you and your resurrection. And for this reason, in your soul you shall abjure all Gods, Lords and Saviors.

32/4.24. Neither shall you try to exalt His name by adding to it any name in the shape and figure of man, nor by anyone of woman born.

32/4.25. Seek to attain to His voice in all things, and to obey Him for righteousness' sake. Do not be stubborn in your conceit.

32/4.26. In your singleness of purpose you shall be ministered to by the spirits of the first resurrection; but as you unite yourself in a brotherhood on earth, in the name of Jehovih, so shall you be ministered to by the light of my second resurrection.

32/4.27. But it has been proved, and it shall be proven again, that all brotherhoods on earth founded on any of the idols in heaven, shall not stand.

32/4.28. Because, there is no second resurrection to minister to them.

32/4.29. And all societies, constitutions and bylaws, founded by men, not capable of the second resurrection, shall fail.

32/4.30. But whoever establishes in the second resurrection, which is the abnegation of self to serve Jehovih, shall not fail.











































1257  ranked, classified, categorized


CHAPTER 5 Judgment

Of the Jews




32/5.1. Hear the words of your God, O Israel. Do not shut yourself up against the wisdom of your elder brother, God of heaven and earth.

32/5.2. Nor magnify the ancient days above the present; nor feign and say, your God is gone away to come no more forever.

32/5.3. Behold, you have gone forth as a little man to battle against a giant. With your sling you have smitten him with your one stone, Jehovih!

32/5.4. You were encompassed on all sides by a multiplicity of Gods; one by one, you have overcome them, and cast them out.

32/5.5. The giant of the great beast, the false Gods, lies dead and cold at your feet.

32/5.6. The nations of the earth cry out: There is only one Great Spirit, Jehovih!

32/5.7. And I declare to you, O Israel, the Voice of the I Am is not gone from the earth.

32/5.8. Through the seed of the Faithists I have held up the Father's kingdom; by the voice of my beloved, founded Him in all the nations of the earth.

32/5.9. Your enemy exulted, saying: Behold, they are a scattered people!

32/5.10. But your God profited in your footsteps, and in the words of your mouth: There is only one Great Spirit, Jehovih!

32/5.11. And I have provided to you, after the manner of your forefathers, a place to inhabit, where you shall not longer pay tribute to the Gods of the idolaters. |1258|

32/5.12. Come out of the darkness of despotism, and inherit the wilderness of this land. And it shall bloom like a new paradise before your hand.

32/5.13. But because you have accomplished the One Ever Present, behold, you shall no longer be an exclusive people; but shall allow your sons and daughters to commingle with the Faithists of all the races and tribes of men.

32/5.14. And you shall forsake the ways of the world, and go and live in the manner of your forefathers, in colonies, without kings or rulers; serving none, but Jehovih.

32/5.15. And your people shall hold all things in common, being neither rich nor poor; master nor servant. And you shall call out to the idolater, saying: Come into my house, and be one with me. Behold, there is only one Creator; you are my brother.

32/5.16. And it shall come to pass for you, O Israel, the way of your people shall be open, and they shall be delivered out of the bound kingdoms of the east.

32/5.17. Because, for two thousand years, you have not gone forth with the sword to possess any new country, and establish yourself, you are glorified before your God.

32/5.18. Because of your long suffering, you shall find peace through the light of my kingdoms. Behold, a new cycle is upon the earth; your people shall find proof of these, my words.

32/5.19. My angels will come into the houses of your people, and they shall talk with them, face to face.

32/5.20. Do not think that this book is my only revelation in this day; within your house, O Israel, you shall prepare for the voice of your God.

32/5.21. For I will raise up many seers and prophets among your people. And they shall testify to my words, on all sides.

32/5.22. Do not judge, O Israel, as to who are apostates before your God. I say to you: He who forsakes Jehovih and worships mammon and the ways of the world, is an apostate in my sight. For, even though they maintain the rites and ceremonies, they have forsaken the spirit and truth of my commandments.

32/5.23. Whereas, many who have forsaken the rites and ceremonies in search of higher light, are more to the way of Jehovih.

32/5.24. For, though they keep the rites and ceremonies, do they not drink to drunkenness, and eat to gluttony, feasting on flesh, from which they have taken life?

32/5.25. And they engage in selling wine, and in dealing in stocks, like the idolater; while your forefathers were scrupulous to labor, and brought forth out of the earth, that with which to feed and clothe man.

32/5.26. And they say: God prospered me!

32/5.27. In which they falsify me, and blaspheme Jehovih and His kingdoms. I say to you, they are prospered by satan; and their prosperity is the wages of bondage in heaven.

32/5.28. And because of their wickedness, they have led my people to disbelieve in my justice and the plans of my kingdoms.

32/5.29. For which reason, they are more apostatized in my sight, than those who are good, who say: There is no God.

32/5.30. Throw open your doors, O Israel; my angels stand at the threshold. These, my words, which I have told to you beforehand, shall be corroborated by hundreds of thousands of witnesses from my heavens.

32/5.31. Seek for the resurrection of your soul, O Israel, so Jehovih may be glorified in you, forever and ever!
































1258  This refers to the United States of America. [Note the past tense, "I have provided…" Therefore this cannot be the modern state of Israel, as some have suggested, since this latter was not in existence till 1948 c.e.]


CHAPTER 6 Judgment

Of resurrection. In the words of God




32/6.1. Whether on earth or in heaven, the same rules apply to both:

32/6.2. He who serves himself one-half, and serves others one-half, shall stand grade fifty.

32/6.3. He who serves himself three-quarters, and others one-quarter, shall stand grade twenty-five.

32/6.4. He who serves himself one-quarter, and others three-quarters, shall stand grade seventy-five.

32/6.5. He who serves himself only, shall stand grade one.

32/6.6. He who serves others wholly, shall stand grade ninety-nine.

32/6.7. And whoever serves accordingly, himself or others, shall stand in grade even as his works manifest.

32/6.8. To serve one's self is to work for one's self; to strive for one's self, to think of one's own self, as to what will benefit one's own self only.

32/6.9. To serve others, is to do good to others; to help them; to teach them; to give them joy and comfort. This is the service of Jehovih.

32/6.10. But there are some who are below the grades; who seek to do evil; who seek to make others unhappy; who delight in crime and pollution. These, if mortal, shall be called druks; and if spirits, shall be called drujas [druj, singular --Ed.].

32/6.11. The grades of my heavens of the earth, being atmospherea, in general follow this manner:

32/6.12. Grade one is on the earth; grade fifty, midway between the earth and the emancipated heavens, etherea.

32/6.13. Grade twenty-five is one-quarter of the way up from the earth, toward etherea; but grade seventy-five is three-quarters of the way up, toward etherea. And so on, intermediate grades and places of ascent corresponding in like manner.

32/6.14. But grade ninety-nine is the highest atmospherean grade, preparatory to entrance into the company of the all pure in spirit.

32/6.15. But good works alone are not sufficient to attain the highest grades, for they require knowledge and capacity to unfold others.

32/6.16. To accomplish which, those of the higher grades shall often return to the lower, and learn to lift them up. For this is what calls the ethereans in the times of resurrections.

32/6.17. Accordingly the righteous, who are yet mortal, begin at once lifting up their fellows.

32/6.18. Which labor is to the spirit as exercise is to the mortal body, that which gives strength.

32/6.19. Judge, then, yourself, O man of the earth, as to the place your spirit will rise in the time of your death.




CHAPTER 7 Judgment




32/7.1. || A man may be wise as to books, |1259| philosophy, mathematics, poetry and great learning, and yet be low in grade as to spirit.

32/7.2. A man may know little of all such knowledge, and may be poor also, but by hardship and experience, developed in sympathy and good works done to others, be high in grade as to spirit. ||

32/7.3. So it may be also with spirits who manifest through you as great orators, that they stand even in the lowest grade in heaven.

32/7.4. Do not let yourself deceive yourself, O man, as to your knowledge, or your speech or professions.

32/7.5. You have the scales in your own hands, and shall, sooner or later, weigh yourself justly, and take your place, even as you have prepared yourself.

32/7.6. Neither flatter yourself that you can cheat heaven, or change its ways.

32/7.7. Nor hide yourself behind doctrines, or behind the promises of Gods or Saviors.

32/7.8. Old things are done away with, and none of these things shall help you on earth or in heaven.

32/7.9. Whether you are a king, queen, judge or servant, the same judgment shall stand upon all.

32/7.10. When the garment is gone and the diadem, riches and flesh also, consider the grade of your spirit and the bondage upon you.

32/7.11. You shall take that for which you have fitted yourself, according to what you have done.



1259  i.e., able to reiterate the knowledge learned in books; book learning; book smarts; the literature in one or more fields of knowledge


CHAPTER 8 Judgment




32/8.1. Hear my words, O man, and consider the justice of your Creator.

32/8.2. These are my exhibits, which I place before you, so that you shall not err:

32/8.3. And if you are a rich man, and adorn a city by donating a park, with statues and pleasure-walks, hoping by that to glorify yourself and be praised by men---in this, your self buries you in the first resurrection. And the act lowers your grade instead of raising it.

32/8.4. For in whatever you give, you shall consider, first, the lowest of the low, whether they have bread to eat, and a place to sleep; and the sick, whether they have attendance and good provision.

32/8.5. And if you are a rich man, and contribute a house for orphans or for the helpless and aged who cannot help themselves, it raises you in grade.

32/8.6. But to the extent that you do this for the applause of men, you detract from the rate of your beneficence.

32/8.7. Nor does such a good work help you any more than the poor man helps his own grade by assisting one poor orphan.

32/8.8. For your resurrection does not depend on the quantity you give, but as to whether you give according to what you have. Of which matter you shall judge yourself.

32/8.9. For he who gives a penny may be raised up more by doing so, than he that gives ten times ten thousand.

32/8.10. A certain rich man, being converted from the desires of earth, went about casting his money freely in the streets, and in giving to all those who asked him for some.

32/8.11. And some gathered it up, and fed and clothed themselves; others took it and went and got drunk, and became worse than before.

32/8.12. The measure of righteousness of that man's behavior was not in giving what he had to the poor, but in the good and evil that came of it, being weighed, as to which outbalanced the other.

32/8.13. And where he lowered the grade of those who received this money, or where he lowered a greater number than he raised, there his act of casting the money away was a judgment against him.

32/8.14. He who gives, saying: Here, you beggar! || does a good corporeal act, but an evil spiritual act. He lifts up with one hand, but knocks down with the other (i.e., injures with his tongue). Such an act detracts from the grade of that man.

32/8.15. A certain rich man, being converted to do good works, went and built a score of soup-houses to feed the poor gratuitously.

32/8.16. And all the poor people of that town went to them and were fed. But the next year, behold, there were twice as many poor. And the rich man built another score of soup-houses, and they were all fed.

32/8.17. But the next year, there were still twice as many poor people to feed; but the rich man had exhausted his means, and could feed none at all.

32/8.18. Judgment is therefore rendered against that man for his supposed beneficence.

32/8.19. For, while he did a little corporeal good, he did a great spiritual wrong, because he lowered the grade of manhood and womanhood in those whom he fed. His benevolence promoted dependence.

32/8.20. A rich man founded a place of labor for the poor, who had nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep. And he said to them:

32/8.21. The Creator has given you hands to work with; come, be men and women.

32/8.22. And they went and worked and earned their living.

32/8.23. Judgment is rendered in favor of that man, for he raised the spiritual grade of the poor. This is a beneficence that extends into heaven.

32/8.24. Let your charity be to the sick and helpless, but be wise in directing the able-bodied to help themselves.

32/8.25. For all charity tends to lower the self-respect of the receiver, and casts him lower in the grades in heaven.

32/8.26. Certain ones depend on alms, not having either sickness or strong bodies. Nevertheless if they were aroused, they could support themselves.

32/8.27. When you give to them regularly, they depend on you. These become beggars in the lowest grades in heaven.

32/8.28. That which you give them accounts against your own grade. It is better for you and for them, if you arouse them from their degradation.

32/8.29. To do this tenderly and mercifully, is a great virtue; to do it cruelly, is a great crime.

32/8.30. Do not consider so much what you can do to raise your own grade, but what you can do to raise the grade of those within your reach.

32/8.31. Remember, all men and women are your brothers and sisters, and you shall labor to make them make themselves a glory to the Creator.




CHAPTER 9 Judgment




32/9.1. Remember your Creator and the magnitude of His creations. Before Him you are only an atom, and as only one small creature.

32/9.2. Nevertheless, a multitude of people make a nation, with cities and hamlets.

32/9.3. These are also graded by your God, according to the ascendancy or declension of the whole.

32/9.4. If a city, then the grades of all the people shall be summed together in a scale of one hundred.

32/9.5. And if a nation, then the grades of all the people of the cities and hamlets, along with the people of isolation, shall be summed together in a scale of a hundred.

32/9.6. And if half the people are above grade fifty, and half below fifty, the grade of that people shall be fifty.

32/9.7. If only one-quarter are above grade 50, then the grade of that people shall be twenty-five.

32/9.8. Thus the grades of a city and of a nation shall be on the basis of individual grades.

32/9.9. And the behavior of a city or a nation shall be graded in the same way, like an individual.

32/9.10. A certain nation built alms-houses and asylums sufficient for the needy, but by its tyranny, made an equal number of needy ones. That nation did not raise its grade for the good it had done.

32/9.11. Another nation built no alms-houses, but, by its wholesome laws, there were none needed. That nation raised its grade many-fold.

32/9.12. And yet another nation maintained a standing army, in order to maintain itself. That nation stood in grade one only.

32/9.13. The place of this last nation, in entrance into the es world, shall be grade one, which is the animal region, which is on the earth.

32/9.14. Whoever dwells in such a land, though he has a good individual grade, shall suffer deduction in the ratio of the grades of different nations of the earth.

32/9.15. But whoever dwells in a nation high in grade, shall be ascended in his own individual grade.

32/9.16. As these grades are on earth, so have I made them in its heavens. In all cases depending on what one does for the resurrection of others.

32/9.17. If a city, nation, or a kingdom in heaven, does to others in resurrection, then it shall be credited accordingly.

32/9.18. But if there is no gain in the good that any of these do, they shall receive no grade.

32/9.19. But if they increase in raising individual grades, then such cities and nations are rising in grade.

32/9.20. Consider your nation, O man, compare one generation with another; and as the relative proportion of individual grades rise or fall, so shall you determine whether your nation is ascending or falling in grade. Number its paupers and criminals as to increase or decrease.

32/9.21. Do not consider its wealth, ships, armies, or great buildings. These all together are only one grade, and are of no value as to the spiritual grade of its people.

32/9.22. For the strength and life of your nation depend on its spiritual grade. Pursue this course, and you shall prophesy truly as to the growth or the downfall of a nation.

32/9.23. Pursue this also with regard to the nations of the earth, and you shall determine the relative place of your own nation in the es world.




CHAPTER 10 Judgment




32/10.1. You are remembered, O man, by your God, and admonished and instructed for your soul's sake, so that you may become a glory to your Creator and to yourself.

32/10.2. Hear, then, your responsibility and its extent, and consider the magnitude of your own grade on earth and in heaven.

32/10.3. Which is in proportion to the power and distance of your reach. Of which I have also graded all men on earth and in heaven.

32/10.4. If your Creator gives you strength to carry four men on your back, and you will carry only one, you shall be one-quarter grade. But if you carry the whole four, you shall be full grade.

32/10.5. One man has the means to feed one man; another has enough for a thousand; and another for a hundred thousand. These are the distances of the reach and power of these men, which is the extent beyond which nothing more can be exacted of them, on earth or in heaven.

32/10.6. Yet when they have all fulfilled these to the utmost, they shall be in this only equal in grade.

32/10.7. But if they fail in their parts, the responsibility of one shall be a hundred thousand; and another shall be one thousand, and the least shall be only one. These are the debts men owe the people of the nation, the city and the hamlet.

32/10.8. Consider, therefore, the darkness of the people of your nation; the poverty and the crime; and judge yourself as to your own responsibility.

32/10.9. And this rule shall apply both on earth and in heaven. And your grade of responsibility in heaven shall begin even in the same place you established it on the earth. Where you were short, you shall labor; where you did fulfill, you shall rejoice, and be without compunctions.

32/10.10. This rule shall also apply to the king, queen, emperor, and all rulers who have means and power; and the responsibility shall extend to all the people of the kingdom or empire.

32/10.11. Nor shall this responsibility be escaped by death; but the bondage in heaven shall be according to the avoidance of the trust imposed.

32/10.12. Consider, then, what you shall be encumbered with in the es world.

32/10.13. Pursue this philosophy, and you shall determine what the labor of the king shall be and of the queen and the great ruler, after they have died, and entered the es world.

32/10.14. Find the grade of their respective dominions, and you shall determine, by its ascension, the duration of their bondage in the first resurrection, whether it is fifty years or five hundred years.

32/10.15. But if the emperor's dominions are in declension instead of resurrection, then, on his entrance into heaven, he shall be at the mercy of the spirits of his kingdom, who shall be waiting for him, and he shall not escape them.

32/10.16. Some other heavenly kingdom shall deliver them; otherwise, they fall into anarchy and madness (hell).




CHAPTER 11 Judgment




32/11.1. Remember your Creator and the comprehension of His kingdoms; and consider the words of your God:

32/11.2. All men profess to desire resurrection; they hope to ascend to exalted heavenly spheres.

32/11.3. Yet many will not even try to exalt themselves.

32/11.4. He says in one breath: To not eat the flesh of anything created alive, is the highest.

32/11.5. But immediately he fills his belly with flesh.

32/11.6. He says: To return good for evil is the highest.

32/11.7. But he does evil even before the sound of his voice is hushed.

32/11.8. And yet, he will find fault with his Creator, if holy angels do not promise him a high seat in heaven.

32/11.9. And there are others who constantly profess to have the higher light; but they go about tattling, and making evil remarks about their neighbors.

32/11.10. Yet many of these do good to others, giving to the helpless; truly they are both rising and falling, in regard to the resurrection.

32/11.11. The measure of the grade of such a person shall be by weighing the whole behavior as to its result in the community where he abides. And this rule shall apply, both on earth and in heaven, to all such people.

32/11.12. There are men who do great good to others, and are talented as well, but who are great liars; and much prone to exaggeration. So that their good works are outbalanced by the shame of their tongues.

32/11.13. The grade of resurrection of such people shall be modified or benefited only a little by their good works. But they shall be weighed as to their evil habit, whether it is increasing or decreasing; and the grade of such men shall be accordingly, and shall come under the rank of spiritual disease. Because it will be entailed upon them into the es world, and shut them out from the grade which they manifested.

32/11.14. When you search for the grade of a city, all such persons shall therefore stand as grade one.

32/11.15. There are some who say: I do not care for the spiritual man or the es worlds. One world at a time is enough for me.

32/11.16. And they may be good as to the way of the city, contributing alms to the helpless, and visiting the sick. Nevertheless they utter truthfully their own resurrection, which shall stand grade one.

32/11.17. This is no crime in them, but an unfortunate imbecility of spirit. When such persons die, their knowledge, for the most part, dies with them. And they enter the es world even as if they had died in infancy.

32/11.18. They shall stand grade one, because owing to their weakness of spirit, they need to be habited on the earth for many years.

32/11.19. There are others who are forever talking about heaven, and consulting the spirits of the dead, who are nevertheless low as to good works, and low in holiness of heart. These shall be graded the same as liars and hypocrites.

32/11.20. For in prophecy [calculations --Ed.], you shall estimate the sum of all the virtues and vices of yourself, your neighbor, and of the whole city, or state, or even the world; and accredit the grade in ascension or declension, and you shall compare one generation with another, as to the increase or decrease of its spirituality.

32/11.21. And you shall know in truth, the standing of the whole world.

32/11.22. And from this, you shall also determine the time when man came on the earth; how long the race will survive and bring forth; and the time he shall become extinct as to the earth.




CHAPTER 12 Judgment




32/12.1. O man, remember your Creator and praise Him. In this, you are graded by your God.

32/12.2. Those who do not see Him, are weak in spirit; those who see Him in all things, and hear His voice in the leaves, and in every herb, are strong in spirit.

32/12.3. These are the grades of the resurrection of the souls of men.

32/12.4. For what is the earth other than a foaling nest, and the possessions of the earth other than chains of bondage?

32/12.5. My heavens rest upon the earth; the place of the es'yan is in my keeping. And I have adjusted the places of the grades of my heavens, according to their inhabitants.

32/12.6. I people the heavens of the earth with the spirits of the dead; according to their grade in their corporeal lives, so do I arrange them.

32/12.7. To provide for their everlasting resurrection, and make them rejoice in their being. These are the labors of your God.

32/12.8. For the beasts of the field, and the birds and fowls of the air, and for many animals that are companions to man, I made a place in heaven where their spirits could survive for a season.

32/12.9. And this animal heaven I graded, one, in the order of my heavens.

32/12.10. For I saw that man on the earth had delight in them; and I provided for him in his es'yan period, so that he might rejoice in remembrance of finding his loves.

32/12.11. And I made the animal heaven rest on the face of the lands of the earth, the same as the place of the es'yan in grade one.

32/12.12. Remember, O man, your Creator gave to every animal a season on the earth; but He limited them to a time to become extinct. Even so, and of like duration I made a heavenly period for the spirits of animals companionable to man.

32/12.13. But for man I provided heavens above, where he shall rise as to place, even as he rises in goodness and knowledge.

32/12.14. Magnify your perception, O man, so you may comprehend the kingdoms of your God. Consider the example your Creator set before you in the design of the earth.

32/12.15. In large bodies, He placed the lands; in large bodies, He placed the oceans. Not in little hillocks of land and little puddles of water.

32/12.16. Even larger than these are the plateaus of the heavens of your God; these plateaus are divided into separate heavens by atmospherean oceans. |1260|

32/12.17. I do not fill the air of the firmament with angels scattered about; but I give them regions habitable and home-like. And I grade the regions as to how suitable they are to the resurrection of the spirits of the dead.

32/12.18. Consider the work of your Creator, and the knowledge and symbols He places before you. You hold up a lump of salt, and it is solid and has dimensions; but cast it into water and it is not seen, but dissolved and lost to your perception.

32/12.19. And you see the earth, which has dimensions also; but the ethe, you do not see. As water is the solvent to salt, so is ethe the solvent to corporeal things. The solid earth holds its form by slow velocity; yet, in ethe, external to the body of the earth, the swift velocity of corpor is magnified into dissolution. |1261| These things are accomplished by vortices in ethe.

32/12.20. In the atmosphere of the earth, behold, there is sufficient corpor to make many worlds like this habitable earth. And this corpor, which is in solution (and so, unseen by corporeal eyes), floats in the firmament of the earth, forming strata (plateaus) in continents wide as the earth, and deep as the earth; and there are thousands of them.

32/12.21. And yet, O man, these are only the atmospherean heavens. These are the dominions given into the keeping of your God. These are my kingdoms and my heavens for a season.

32/12.22. As you, O man of the earth, sail your ships abroad over the ocean, and coming to a new land, go ashore and settle your people on it, and it becomes a new kingdom, so likewise does your God accomplish in the heavens of the earth, in the plateaus of this vortex.

32/12.23. Remember the magnitude of your Creator's works and the symbols He set before you: Where the clouds float high, it does not rain; where they drag on the face of the earth, it rains daily.

32/12.24. Consider the habitations of the resurrections of the dead, which are in the keeping of your God.

32/12.25. Even as to the square of the distance away from the earth, so are the grades of my resurrections.

32/12.26. According to the exaltation of man's soul, so shall he inhabit the places I have made.

32/12.27. According to his own soul's growth and development, so shall he ascend in my kingdoms, outward away from the earth; from grade to grade I adapted them.






















































1260  see image i006 (with text)

















1261  For example, if a teaspoon of salt is poured into a cup of still water, salt crystals can be seen at the bottom of the cup; but stir inside the cup with a spoon, and the increased velocity causes the remaining salt crystals to dissolve. Similarly, if the earth were sped up sufficiently, the ethe would dissolve it.


CHAPTER 13 Judgment




32/13.1. O man, to know the creations of your Creator, and the things He has placed in your reach!

32/13.2. To apply your knowledge, and understand with reverence the work of His hand!

32/13.3. How considerate He is of your little wisdom, and your love of liberty, which He gave to you.

32/13.4. Even before He had perfected you, He called out to you to behold His creations. And you did not pause to learn, but ran away, half completed, to vent the exuberance of your soul, which He gave to you.

32/13.5. Behold me, your God; I am your elder brother whom He sent after you. Come, and learn wisdom from your God.

32/13.6. You linger in the grade; you are not aroused to know your Creator. You turn your back on me, and say: Behold, there is no God!

32/13.7. I beseech you, turn about, and hear the wisdom of my words: I will teach you to know your Creator; to hear His voice, and to see His hand.

32/13.8. And you shall rejoice in your life, and teach your brethren to rejoice also.

32/13.9. You have a corporeal body and a spiritual body: Hear me, and I will open your understanding.

32/13.10. Your spirit has eyes, ears, and judgment. Nevertheless the beginnings of your two parts were, at the same time, quickened into one person, because of the presence of your Creator.

32/13.11. O man of the earth, if only your spirit and your corpor stood even in wisdom and power all the days of your life!

32/13.12. But you are so delighted in the earth that you have left your spirit unfed. And it stands within you like a spear of grass covered with a stone.

32/13.13. And you do not see spiritual things; nor hear the Unseen. For a stone lies upon your soul.

32/13.14. Yet you have great learning as to corporeal knowledge; and great vigor as to corporeal judgment.

32/13.15. And you rate your neighbor a fool, because, in fact, in contradistinction to you, he hears and sees spiritually.

32/13.16. And your God weeps for you; because at the time of your death, you shall stand in heaven in grade one, even as the spirits of the beasts of the field.

32/13.17. Your present knowledge shall be void, and your vigor only like that of a newborn child. And my angels who are wise and strong shall take you about, in hada, the heavenly plateaus that rest on the earth, and divert you with things approximating between the two worlds, so that you may be made to comprehend yourself and your Creator's work.

32/13.18. As your corpor was fed on corporeal substances, so, then, your young spirit shall be fed on atmospherean substances, which your guardians shall provide to you.

32/13.19. Consider the wisdom of your Creator, Who sent me to fetch you into places of delight.

32/13.20. O if only I could take you to the highest heavenly places! If you could stand before me, and talk face to face!

32/13.21. But, even as a newborn child is unsuited to feed on corn and nuts, your spirit is as a starveling in high heaven. And I take you to the nurseries where I have provided for you according to your weakness.

32/13.22. Your mother was provided for you before you were born; and my heavens arranged before your spirit enters there. You did not shape yourself in your mother's womb; and, behold the perfection of your every part.

32/13.23. Trust in your Creator, but seek also to go with Him, and you shall attain easily to the highest mountains (places, conditions) He created for your glory.

32/13.24. O if only you had not contaminated your corporeal part by the flesh of the beast and the meat of His living creatures! This is one of the things that like a stone, covers up your soul, and blockades your way to the upper grades.

32/13.25. Your young spirit must remain within the atmosphere of the animal creation for a long season; like to like, you have fashioned your spirit to the flesh of your body.

32/13.26. According to the atmosphere of things, as to the purity and sweetness, behold, your Creator has fashioned them in relative ascent above the earth. That which stinks, rests on the earth; that which is pure, is upward and high.

32/13.27. Consider the place of the hells of the spirits of the dead, and the weapons of warfare in their hands. As the corporean is to corpor, so is the spirit as to the atmosphere of the earth.

32/13.28. O man of the earth, consider what you put into your mouth, for its atmosphere is the food of your spirit. And the habit of that will be entailed on your spirit for a long season after your mortal death.

32/13.29. If you have been a gross feeder on flesh, your spirit will seek to linger in the atmosphere of gross feeders still dwelling on the earth. The slaughterhouse, the kitchens and the restaurants, shall be the places of your spirit's resort.

32/13.30. And your spirit shall feed on the atmospherean part of dead flesh in these places; and your companions shall be millions and millions of drujas; like vultures that flock to a dead carcass, and you cannot withdraw away; like the pull and grip of a magnet, these haunts are to the spirits of darkness.

32/13.31. O man, I have heard you in your fullness, say: I must have my flesh-food; I must have my wine and beer and tobacco and opium.

32/13.32. I say to you, if you do not have strength today, neither shall you have strength tomorrow. What strength shall you gain by the loss of your corporeal body?

32/13.33. Consider your corporeal body as a ship, in which your spirit is sailing across a wide sea of water. It is better that your spirit learns to acquire strength while it has a corporeal body to ride in. After death, it floats in the direction you have shaped it. Neither do you have power for a long season (after you are dead) to go against the current.

32/13.34. Remember, O man, these are the lessons of your Creator, which He gave to you, to learn to master the elements of your surrounding.

32/13.35. Stretch forth your hand to your Creator, and swear to Him, you will conquer every passion that is unclean, and every habit not conducive to the purity of the growth of your spirit.

32/13.36. This is the beginning of your resurrection; and you shall be your own judge and master.

32/13.37. Neither shall you call out: God, God, exalt my soul! or, O Lord save me and raise me up! || until you have first begun to do something for yourself.

32/13.38. O, if only you knew where the virtue of prayer begins! And that he who practices the All Highest he knows, has the ear and the hand of his God! In which the prayers of the righteous accomplish, while the prayer of the un-godlike is as void as the wind.

32/13.39. Certain men were down in a deep well, and they laid flat down on their bellies, and prayed to be taken up, yet they would not even raise their eyes to look upward. And others, at the top of the well, let down ropes, and they called down to those beneath to look up and catch the ropes, but they would not. And in course of time, those at the bottom said: Alas! Our prayers are not answered!

32/13.40. O man, if only you would put yourself in the way of your God! To put away the uncleanness of the body first, and the uncleanness of your spirit afterward.

32/13.41. To seek for things that are pure and good, instead of criticisms and philosophies that rise up out of your contaminated flesh-house (physical body).

32/13.42. Whoever desires resurrection, let him begin to resurrect himself.

32/13.43. Do not make your confessions, which are between you and your Creator, before men; but covenant with Him, within your own soul, saying nothing of this for the laudation of men.

32/13.44. Your spirit is as a seed of a beautiful tree, which your Creator planted; give it good light and a clean soil, so that its blossoms and its fruits may glorify your Creator and you.

32/13.45. Such is the resurrection of the spirit of men. Do not wait for a Savior to save you; nor depend on words or prayers; nor on listening to good sermons, flattering yourself that you have done well; but begin to save yourself:

32/13.46. By purifying your flesh, by purifying your thoughts, and by the practice of good works done to others, with all your wisdom, love and strength.

32/13.47. For through these only is there any resurrection for you, either in this world or the next.




CHAPTER 14 Judgment




32/14.1. Regarding the foundations of the resurrections of your God, there are two kinds; one which deals with those already born, and the other, with those who are not yet born.

32/14.2. For, after you have purified your flesh and spirit, two conditions are open to you, celibacy and marriage.

32/14.3. To those who are by nature inclined to celibacy, let them rejoice; for, in not having offspring, they shall have less bondage after death to remain in the lower heavens, and to return to the earth, to their kindred.

32/14.4. It is a great glory for them to make themselves Brides and Bridegrooms to the Great Spirit, to be His for righteousness' sake.

32/14.5. But as to you who desire marriage, pursue the same course as to purity and holiness of person, regarding your own resurrection.

32/14.6. For in this, you shall be graded also, according to what you do.

32/14.7. The delight of your God, who has dominion over both the earth and her heavens, is to witness the birth of those who come from the pure in flesh and pure in spirit.

32/14.8. All children are born into the world in likeness of the father and mother; and every child is a new creation, quickened into life by the presence of the Creator, Who is the All Life.

32/14.9. If you are pure in flesh, your child shall be pure; and, if you are pure in spirit, your child shall be pure in spirit.

32/14.10. If you are a flesh-eater, a drinker of strong drink, and a user of narcotics, |1262| your child shall come forth with your contaminations upon it.

32/14.11. Consider, then, what your grade shall be, which shall be according to your heirs, as to their grade in the place where they are born. As to whether you encumber the world with progeny lower in grade, or lift up the world by progeny of an exalted grade.

32/14.12. Be wise in the selection of your partner, as to purity and righteousness. But do not be deceived by those who merely do not eat flesh, for the purification of the corporeal body is only half the matter. Look for one who is pure in spirit.

32/14.13. Whoever is pure in flesh and in spirit shall bring forth heirs to resurrection, which shall be little or no bondage to the spirit, after death.

32/14.14. But whoever marries for the earth only, shall bring forth heirs of bondage. And profligacy |1263| and debauchery |1264| and sin |1265| shall come upon the heirs of that marriage.

32/14.15. The spirits of such fathers and mothers shall fall in the grades in heaven; and long will be their bondage in hada.

32/14.16. Flesh-eaters seek their partners according to the impulse of the flesh, as to its temptation, or according to riches, or caste, all of which are earthly considerations and for themselves only, and with no regard as to what their heirs will be.

32/14.17. And their offspring come forth in darkness; they are void of su'is, void of heavenly aspiration, and deaf as to the voice of the Creator.

32/14.18. They go about, saying: I see no All Person! I do not hear the Unseen! No, I cannot believe that any man has seen or heard Him!

32/14.19. This matter was revealed to you of old: Some are born of the beast, and some are born of the spirit. Which I declare to you, O man, is the interpretation of all the poverty, crime, war and licentiousness there is in the world.

32/14.20. This is the fountainhead, which your God would bring to the understanding of all people. But there are many, even hundreds of millions, who cannot be made to appreciate this.

32/14.21. Nevertheless, the kingdom of peace and righteousness shall not cover the earth over until this is understood by all men and women.

32/14.22. Whoever understands this, let him wed accordingly; and let such people be as societies to themselves. In this day, no mark of circumcision is required; but men and women shall converse on the ways of the Creator understandingly.

32/14.23. And when you have children born to you, you shall consider the place of your habitation, as to temptation, more than your dominion over them.

32/14.24. To dwell in a city, which is full of iniquity, you shall be a tyrant over your heirs, restraining them from liberty, in order to keep them from vice.

32/14.25. And in this, you will be a sinner also.

32/14.26. But dwell in a place of purity, and give to them liberty and nobleness. They shall not be your slaves.

32/14.27. In this matter, you take upon yourself a new grade, according to your heirs and your God-ship over them.

32/14.28. Be cautious in your proceedings. He, Who created you alive, gave you no sinful desires.

32/14.29. Because you are not yet a completed man, these things are.

32/14.30. You shall find joy in your talents, and profit in the wisdom of your God.

32/14.31. To perfect yourself is a great glory; to raise up sons and daughters who are also perfect, is a ten-fold greater glory.

32/14.32. For, it is the fullness of the life your Creator gave into your keeping; which is the glory of heaven and earth.



































1262  Narcotics here means any intoxicating or addictive substance which includes stimulants, depressants, euphorics, hallucinogens, exhilarants, etc.














1263  lack of moderation and restraint, recklessness, extravagance, wastefulness, dissipation

1264  zealous indulgence in one's appetites, especially sensual; movement away from morality

1265  indulgence in evil


CHAPTER 15 Judgment




32/15.1. Of the abundance of your Creator's creations be appalled, O man!

32/15.2. Consider the inhabitants of the whole earth, and the number of a billion brought into life every thirty-three years.

32/15.3. Compute the number for a thousand years, and for ten thousand years.

32/15.4. And yet, the earth is not full.

32/15.5. And the heavens of the earth are even as if scarcely habited. There are thousands of plateaus, with no angels to dwell on them.

32/15.6. But to induce the spirits of the dead to rise up from the earth, this is the work and the glory of your God.

32/15.7. To make them put away earthly desires, to become pure, wise and strong, and adapted to the sublimated |1266| spheres, what an endless labor for your God and his exalted angels.

32/15.8. As you, O man of the earth, hold to the desire for earthly things, you entail |1267| yourself in heaven, and cannot rise upward. Even so is it with the great harvest, the billions of angels born of the earth.

32/15.9. If you stand a pyramid before you, the width of the base being equal to the height, such are the proportions of the spirits of the dead on their entrance into the es world.

32/15.10. Consider, then, O man, how sparse the settlements are in the upper kingdoms of the earth's heavens, compared to the numbers in the lowest grade. And remember the percentage of inspiration that comes to you from this lowest grade, which is doubly degraded in the cities and great capitals.

32/15.11. Know, O man, that all cities built by men, sooner or later fall into destruction. Search into the generations, as to the grade of mortals, and you have a type of the spirits of that city, chiefly as to the lowest grades. But remember, the highest grades of angels go away, while the lowest remain. As the spirits of one generation are to the form of a pyramid, so, not so will be the spirits of that city in the next generation.

32/15.12. But in proportion to the increase of the mortal city, and in proportion to the raising up of the second, third, fourth and fifth grades, so will the relative increase be in the proportion of drujas that dwell in that city.

32/15.13. And in time, all holiness passes away from there; and when your God abandons that city for a day, taking away his holy angels, the people fall into anarchy, or run with brands of fire and burn down the city.

32/15.14. And the hundreds of millions of drujas lose their anchorage on the earth, and your God and his exalted ones march them away.

32/15.15. Find the grade and the rate of declension of the mortals of a city, and when the whole number, including the spirits, has fallen to one percent, you shall prophesy the time of the fall of that city.

32/15.16. Be fearful of the abundance of drujas about you; and search out your own imperfections, uncleanness and your passions, lest drujas fasten upon you in a way you do not know of.

32/15.17. Do not call upon the spirits of the dead to come to you; but call on your Creator for wisdom, light, truth and purity; and if it will be well for you, He will send to you those spirits who are best adapted to you for your resurrection.

32/15.18. Whoever consults the spirits as to earthly things, profit, great undertakings, marriage, war, or riches, is already in the hands of drujas. Woe to him in the hour of death.

32/15.19. When you sit in communion with angels, do so reverently to your Creator; and the members of your circle shall pray to Him, or sing songs of praise and glory to Him and His works. Nor shall you habit yourself to sit with those who do not do this reverence to Jehovih. And when the angels appear and converse with you, remember that even the least of them has passed the bars of death.

32/15.20. Do not be long-faced or melancholy with doleful songs; but rather cheerful, like the birds that sing to the Creator. And let your speech be respectful, and relating to spiritual things. Learn from them of the places they inhabit in heaven, and the manner of their occupations.

32/15.21. And if you inquire of them regarding earthly things, let it be about how you may help the poor and distressed.

32/15.22. For, if the angel that talks with you is a druj only, your discourse shall, in this way, awaken him to see his own shortness.

32/15.23. And if they are high-raised angels, they shall understand the working of your soul, and they will provide you for your everlasting exaltation.

32/15.24. Be upright before your Creator and your God who know your weakness. Emulate them in all your doings, for this is the way of resurrection, worlds without end.



















1266  rarefied, subtle, lofty



1267  enchain, encompass, enmesh, bind, fetter


CHAPTER 16 Judgment




32/16.1. O man, weigh the words of your God, your elder brother, of tens of thousands of years' experience.

32/16.2. Where your soul perceives a ray of light, follow it in truth, and not in words merely.

32/16.3. It has been said of old: You cannot serve both, God and self. And many go about preaching this, but they themselves, labor for self every day.

32/16.4. To serve your God, is to work for others, especially the sick and helpless, and not for yourself. Your prayers and confessions to me are only the waste of your breath.

32/16.5. There are those who preach for money, and also are graduated from the colleges and are called learned priests; but they have not yet learned 'not to serve mammon,' except in words.

32/16.6. I say to you, that a poor man, who cannot read a line, who goes into the house of the afflicted, giving what little he has, and, with a willing heart, cleans the floor and garments of the bed-ridden, is more learned in my kingdoms than these graduated preachers are.

32/16.7. The word, labor, or work, is easily understood.

32/16.8. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by those whose trade is preaching and praying. They profess to be laboring for the spiritual man; and according to the number of their converts, who are also taught words, prayers and confessions, instead of works, so are they called, great workers for the Lord.

32/16.9. But I say to you, all these are only the subterfuges of satan (self), to palm off words for works.

32/16.10. All such preachers, priests and converts, are still lingering in the mire of grade one.

32/16.11. Hear your God, and weigh his words in the balance, and do not be blinded by the tricks of satan.

32/16.12. A preacher, receiving a good salary, gives half his money to the poor, and the other half to the church; and his people say: O what a good man!

32/16.13. And immediately they raise his salary, and they present him a good house, where he feasts sumptuously every day, laughing up his sleeve.

32/16.14. Now I say to you that this preacher contributed nothing to the poor. The money he gave away was not his, but the fruit of hypocrisy.

32/16.15. Because he did not practice labor, but as a beggar and a vampire obtained his money, not for work, but for words, he was false before Jehovih.

32/16.16. To serve your God, or to preach and practice the words of your God, does not require great oratory or education. I do not require colleges to brace me up; nor preachers who do not serve the Creator.

32/16.17. One cries out: Come to God! or: Make your peace with the Lord! But he himself would not give up his bed to a poor sick woman, nor share his house with the poor of his own church.

32/16.18. I say to you: All such are either hypocrites, or deceivers of their own souls.

32/16.19. Unless you use your hands, and bend your back in practice, producing something in the world, and contributing it to others, you are none of mine, nor know the way to come to me, nor to make peace with me.

32/16.20. It has been said of old: Do to others, as you desire to be done to you; also, to return good for evil, and to sell all you have, and give to the poor, and love your neighbor as yourself.

32/16.21. And these words are well known; but who is there, that practices them?

32/16.22. In which case, the words are impotent and of non-effect.

32/16.23. Instead, many practice serving themselves by their labor; but in Jehovih's service, their practice is by prayers and confessions: words, words, words!

32/16.24. Saying: It is not possible to do these things in the present condition of society!

32/16.25. Did your God limit you, saying: Do this in the present condition of society? The way was open for another condition; but you did not seek to find it. You would not give up your self, and live in a brotherhood. Under the name of liberty, you held fast to satan and his haunts, saying: I am willing to serve the Creator, but I will not sacrifice my liberty.

32/16.26. And you sell yourself to self, which shall follow you into hada (the next world).

32/16.27. Know then, O man, that whoever would rise into my organic kingdoms in heaven, shall teach himself the first lesson of liberty, which is to free himself from self.

32/16.28. He shall not say: I want this; or: I must have that; or: I cannot have self abridged; or: I will suffer no dictation.

32/16.29. I say to you, all such men are already in the bonds of drujas and the throes of hell.

32/16.30. But you shall say: Here I am, O Jehovih, Your servant! Appropriate me whichever way I can do the most good to others! My self is no longer any consideration.

32/16.31. This is to be a Faithist in the Father.

32/16.32. If an exalted man marries a woman beneath him, he can lift her up.

32/16.33. But if an exalted woman marries a man beneath her, he will pull her down. |1268|

32/16.34. And even so is it with the righteous man, who weds to the world and lives in it: sooner or later, it will pull him down. |1269|

32/16.35. But if the righteous man goes with his fellows into a separate place, and weds himself to Jehovih and His ways, then that righteous man shall be lifted up. And, moreover, he shall be a power to lift up the world.

32/16.36. Shall a bride not live with her husband? And those who chose the Creator, live with Him?

32/16.37. I say to you: If you do not live in a brotherhood on earth, you shall not soon find one in heaven.

32/16.38. But you shall unite yourself with those who are compatible with you; with whom you shall live equal in all things, where you can do to them as you would be done by, loving them as yourself, returning good to them constantly.

32/16.39. Being willing to make any sacrifice of your own self's desires for the sake of founding the Father's kingdom on earth.

32/16.40. Remembering, you were born in darkness [the world --Ed.], and are not the same as will be the generations who come after you, who shall be born in these communities, His kingdoms.

32/16.41. Even for those who are yet unborn, your sacrifice shall be.

32/16.42. In which you shall consider that it is for the resurrection of others, and not for yourself, that you are chosen of Jehovih.

32/16.43. For in this lies the key of all resurrections; which is to labor for others; to induce them to assimilate to Jehovih, and with one another.

32/16.44. The words of your God are not for the glory of any man under the sun, nor for any angel in heaven, but for Jehovih.

32/16.45. You have had sufficient revelation for thousands of years, and sacred books with most holy doctrines. And yet, many who know these well, come into the es world as low as drujas, and as wandering spirits.

32/16.46. You shall judge yourself; your spirit is like a manuscript in your own handwriting; you are daily writing your grade and the place of your abode in heaven.












































































































1268  Both men and women have positive and negative within them, i.e., the Na and the Om, or going forth and receptivity. Because male is an expression of positive, Na tends to ascendancy in men (males); and because female is an expression of negative, receptivity tends to ascendancy in women (females). Also there are two conditions, Es and Corpor. Es is female, and Corpor is male.

Accordingly, a husband who is not oriented to Jehovih tends to dominate in ways of the beast, and in the aggregate will not nurture the es, either within himself or within his wife. Now, if an exalted woman marries a man with a lower es, he will not be able to supply the es food (grade of spiritual nourishment) she requires, and will, in the aggregate, be pulled down by him over the course of the marriage.

Oahspe speaks later on positive and negative qualities, and on how diet affects these, and on positive and negative vortexian currents manifesting in males and females, and on positive and negative spouses.

1269  The righteous spiritual man (male or female) is Omish (receptive); but comparatively, the social order of the world's people tends to dominate in the ways of the beast. Hence the unrighteousness of the husband (worldly orientation, uzian) shall pull down the wife (Es-oriented person).


CHAPTER 17 Judgment




32/17.1. Remember the words of your God, O man, and be reasonable in your understanding.

32/17.2. Wherever you build a city, and it increases in inhabitants, it equally increases in pauperism and crime. Nor do you have any doctrine under the sun to provide against this.

32/17.3. But I have now opened the book of knowledge before you. The place of my habitation and of the line of my light and of my holy angels I have made plain.

32/17.4. You may travel a thousand other roads, but none other shall be blessed with the light of my countenance.

32/17.5. As you say at the door of the college: Young man, neither prayers nor confessions shall graduate you in my house, to be companion to those who have passed on before you.

32/17.6. So I say at the gates of my exalted heavens, to the inhabitants of the earth: Only by knowledge and righteous works, done to one another, shall you be able to endure the light of my kingdoms.

32/17.7. Now it shall come to pass, early in the Kosmon era, that many shall be gifted to heal by laying on of hands. And they shall say: Behold, the lost gift has returned! Have I not done a good thing in the world?

32/17.8. But I say to you, O man, that these also mistake the coming of Jehovih's kingdom.

32/17.9. The healing of the sick may be compared to giving alms to the poor, and saying: Have I not done a good work?

32/17.10. I say to you, these things were of the past cycles. They shall now consider what shall be done to prevent sickness. This is better than to heal. They shall now consider what shall be done to prevent poverty. This is better than giving to the poor.

32/17.11. I have not come to heal and treat the diseased in flesh or spirit; nor to re-establish any of the ancient doctrines or revelations.

32/17.12. I am not a patcher-up of old garments.

32/17.13. I am not an apologizer for ancient revelations, nor do I have anything in common with what is past.

32/17.14. Neither their doctrines, nor sacred books, nor their Gods, Lords or Saviors are anything before me.

32/17.15. I have not come to captivate the ignorant and unlearned. Nor have I come to call sinners to repentance; nor to convert the debauchee, profane man, or harlot.

32/17.16. Sufficient have been other revelations to all these.

32/17.17. Nor have I come to say: Behold, this is my book! And there shall be none other!

32/17.18. But, behold, I come to found Jehovih's kingdom on earth. I come to the wise and learned. And not to one man only; but to thousands.

32/17.19. That which I am uttering in these words, in this place, I am also uttering in the souls of thousands, and I will bring them together.

32/17.20. I do not command, saying: You shall believe, because I, your God, have said it, or revealed it in this book.

32/17.21. I come as your elder brother, in the name of Jehovih. I show you how you can live without the governments of man. And how you shall live, in order to join in my resurrections.

32/17.22. Let the Faithist of this day not say: I will purify the government! I will leaven the whole mass!

32/17.23. I say to you, your God does not labor in such method. The cure is, come out of Uz, and be clean.

32/17.24. Whoever has more faith in Uz, let him remain in Uz; whoever has faith in Jehovih, let him come into His kingdoms.

32/17.25. To know your Father in heaven, O man, who has learned this? They profess Him in words, but they belie Him in their behavior.

32/17.26. Renounce them, O my beloved; gather up your household, and follow my voice, which I speak into your soul from the Almighty. Follow your highest knowledge, and make yourself a glory in Jehovih's kingdoms, forever and ever.




CHAPTER 18 Judgment

God judges religions of the world's people




32/18.1. Hear the words of your God, you who are priests and preachers and rab'bahs, and all you who have set yourselves up before men, professing to hold the key to salvation and the places of my resurrections in heaven.

32/18.2. Listen to the words of your elder brother, God of these heavens and the earth; behold, I will set you in judgment over yourselves; and the powers of Jehovih within you shall cry out for truth and justice.

32/18.3. Take your chosen of the congregation of your church, and make manifest that which you preach.

32/18.4. And prove that you have a good and sufficient doctrine for the salvation of souls.

32/18.5. Choose the best of your flock, and show your God an example of all those who do not serve mammon, |1270| but Jehovih. Seal up their mouths; for you shall judge them, not by words, but by what comes of the soul.

32/18.6. And you shall divide your earthly possessions with one another, being as brethren. And you shall cast it upon the altar of your church, saying: We give it to the poor!

32/18.7. Or if you have houses, you shall say to the poor: Come and dwell in our houses!

32/18.8. Do not persuade yourselves, O men of darkness, that you are not graded by the angels above; nor say to yourselves: Jehovih does not see or hear.

32/18.9. Nor say: When we are dead, our souls shall turn suddenly good, and ascend to the right hand of God.

32/18.10. Nor flatter yourselves, saying: We did the best we could under the circumstances.

32/18.11. I say to you in truth: You have not fulfilled the first law, which is to make clean your own corporeal bodies. Because you have stuffed yourselves with carnal food, my holy angels cannot approach you; neither can your understanding approach the place of my kingdoms.

32/18.12. How much less, then, have you purified your souls? As you will not put away flesh, because you love flesh, even so will you not put away self-righteousness. Because you shun the practice of labor, showing to the world that you love words, and the renown |1271| of men and caste, making preferences in your churches, having rich and poor in your congregations, this is itself, your condemnation. For you should divide your possessions with one another, putting in practice your doctrines.

32/18.13. Which one of you has a congregation who, rich and poor, have given up all, and who make themselves alike (as regards wealth)?

32/18.14. Do you say my kingdoms in heaven are like that?

32/18.15. I say to you: You shall be bound in the first resurrection, in hada, to all these whom you have professed to lead; neither shall you rise in heaven until the lowest of your congregations of spirits have put away uncleanness and selfishness; which is the first labor. And after this, they shall learn to practice fellowship in union, for the resurrection of others.

32/18.16. Do not flatter yourselves, that because you wear fine cloth and you preach, that you are not responsible also. Nor hope, that when you become spirits, you shall ascend suddenly into places of delight. You are marked by your God!

32/18.17. Your souls are written all over with your deeds and works and words; and you shall see yourselves as in a mirror, and of your own accord shun my kingdoms of light.

32/18.18. Because you have learned words, and practiced only in words, behold, I come in this day to command practice in works. Not for a pittance, but for all you have.

32/18.19. I have not come to destroy your religions; you have done that already.

32/18.20. I come to give you a religion in which all men can be as brethren.

32/18.21. Even the infidel shall accept the Creator and good works. For he, being the fruit of your behavior, is even in the foreground in the march of my armies.



















1270  money; the ways of the world's people; material gain; riches; self




























1271  fame, celebrity, acclaim, prominence


CHAPTER 19 Judgment

God gives a new religion




32/19.1. God said: Hear the words of your God, all you preachers, priests and rab'bahs; and do not seek to gainsay my words. |1272|

32/19.2. In times past, I had certain representatives, and I said to them: Go, preach my doctrines to the inhabitants of the earth; make them understand the way of the Almighty.

32/19.3. And you shall take neither money nor payments of any kind for your labor, but be an example of faith in the promises of God.

32/19.4. So, your predecessors went forth fulfilling my commandments.

32/19.5. But look what you are doing today! You patronize the man of wealth; you boast of the riches of your congregations!

32/19.6. You receive salaries, and you dwell in fine houses; my doctrines you sell as merchandise! You have fine temples and fashionable audiences, and you curry favor with those who are in affluence.

32/19.7. You do not go to the drunkard's den, nor to the unfortunate woman; these you do not take in your arms, saying: My brother, my sister, come with me, I will show you the kingdom of God! ||

32/19.8. Behold, I have come to you in spirit and in truth, but you put me off, saying: Is not the first duty to one's own household? Is not self-preservation the first law?

32/19.9. Now I answer you: These questions spring from the beast, and not from the spirit.

32/19.10. Neither does it help you one bit to rise at the break of day and recite prayers all day, nor to say: God help the poor! or: Blessed are you, my God!

32/19.11. When you cannot purchase one another by flattery, how do you hope for the favor of the Almighty, by praise and prayers and flattery?

32/19.12. Behold, the selfishness of man has made the world like a house on fire! My little ones are in pain and suffocation (the world made a place of wretchedness; the people live in misery and need).

32/19.13. Go then quickly to them, and provide a remedy. This is the new religion I give to you: Demanding sacrifice of you and your congregations, of all you have, that is not in use and actual need.

32/19.14. And you shall judge the limit of your contribution, remembering that whoever is bound on earth, is bound in heaven.

32/19.15. I have drawn aside the veil of death, your sons and daughters, your fathers and mothers, the dead and the living, stand face to face.

32/19.16. And the angels are testimony to you, that your doctrines, as you practice them, are a blasphemy against the Almighty.

32/19.17. You persuade yourselves and your congregations that, after death, the soul shall go far away, and to an exalted heaven. But, behold, those who are dead are with you. They testify to you by the thousands, and by tens of thousands, that you led them astray.

32/19.18. The evidence of the work of heaven is at your door. You stand accused before Jehovih, that you do not practice what you preach; that you fare sumptuously, and connive at sin; that you preach what you cannot prove; by the angels of your own blood and kin, you are accused.

32/19.19. You have no personal knowledge of heaven, and, in stubbornness of heart, you dispute with my seers and prophets, who can prove before you that they have power to see unseen things, and to hear that which you cannot hear.

32/19.20. You study spiritual things with your corporeal senses; nor do you have the capacity to see and hear the spirits of the dead. How much less, then, shall you presume to interpret Jehovih and His kingdoms?

32/19.21. Now, behold, I come in this era, not only to declare to you, that the time of preaching is at an end, except where it is practiced in deed as it is spoken in word, but also to prophesy to you, that many of you will give up your calling, and preach no more.

32/19.22. And your temples, churches and meeting-houses shall be turned into consultation chambers, to find remedies against poverty, crime and debauchery.

32/19.23. And the congregations shall be enrolled, and, at the meetings, they shall be inquired after, to see if they are in need. And they shall have volunteers, who shall go about seeking out the helpless and distressed.

32/19.24. So that, instead of the congregations sitting to hear your sermons, they shall come as co-workers for Jehovih's children.

32/19.25. This is the new religion, which I give to you; and, moreover, let it be a prophecy to you of the words of your God. For there is no such congregation this day in the entire world; and yet, before this generation passes away, this shall be proven before you.





1272  To gainsay is to oppose, generally by argument. While one is advised to not set out to deny, dispute, contradict, oppose, circumvent, misuse, outright declare as false or otherwise refuse to recognize the words, simply because they do not fit into one's present doctrines or worldview, yet one certainly can and should seek to confirm or otherwise ascertain the truth of the words.


CHAPTER 20 Judgment

God declares a day of Judgment, and he also bequeaths liberty to all men




32/20.1. God said: There shall be a day of judgment to you, O man. Sooner or later, you shall take the matter into your own hand; and you shall look into your own soul to judge yourself. This comes to all men; none can escape it.

32/20.2. Such, then, is the judgment day. Let no man complain against the judge; you shall be your own judge.

32/20.3. And every one judges against himself, and sooner or later, cries out: O Jehovih, I have sinned against You; in my youth I tried to find excuses for my behavior, but now I am broken down utterly. ||

32/20.4. After judgment comes reformation and resurrection, which begin within man as a new tree of life.

32/20.5. But, whether you shall judge yourself in this life, or wait until you are dead and risen in spirit, the matter is in your own hands.

32/20.6. Yet it would be better for you, if you would sit in judgment on yourself every day of your life.

32/20.7. But touching the matter of how you shall judge yourself, hear the wisdom of your God, your elder brother, and benefit accordingly.

32/20.8. Because of the Ever Presence of Jehovih, you were quickened into a conscious being. As your earth-body is of the earth, so is your spirit of Jehovih. Nevertheless, spirit is the opposite of corporeal life; for the latter comes to an end; but the spirit of man is a tree of everlasting life.

32/20.9. Your spirit grows by cultivation, which is by the practice of wisdom, truth, virtue, benevolence and affiliation with others.

32/20.10. Do not think that the soul grows by prayers or confessions to this God, or that God; for no one shall be exalted for words without works. Yet, in whatever God you firmly believe, you may worship him, for he is your choice. Nor shall any man prevent you in this your liberty. But remember, the same rule holds for all in this day: You shall never see the God you worship, unless, indeed, it is an idol (a deceiving spirit), or an image of wood or stone or some corporeal substance.

32/20.11. For, behold, I have cast out all Gods, Lords and Saviors on the earth and in the heavens of the earth.

32/20.12. And when the spirits of the dead come to you in sar'gis, saying: Behold me! I am your Savior! I am your Lord! I say to you: All such spirits are drujas.

32/20.13. Nevertheless, if you worship a God or Lord, then let such be a role model to you to cast your eyes into your own soul, to purify yourself in the sight of your Creator, Whom you cannot doubt.

32/20.14. In that respect, it is no sin for you to worship any good ideal, whom you shall emulate in your behavior.

32/20.15. Yet, because of such worship, this you shall also prove: that whoever of the ancients was great, or whatever God was well known, that you set your soul on to love, behold, familiar spirits will come to you to deceive you, professing to be that ancient or that God.

32/20.16. And if you believe them, then this too you shall prove: When you are dead, and your soul risen from the dead, behold, some deceiving spirit will come to you to use you; nor shall you discover for a long season that you have been the dupe and slave of an unscrupulous master.

32/20.17. For this day in the lower heavens there are millions of false Brahmas, millions of false Buddhas, millions of false Kristes and millions of false Gabriel-Gods.

32/20.18. Whoever binds himself to these names while on earth, becomes a fit subject for drujas to fall upon when he enters heaven.

32/20.19. Do not think that great wisdom comes suddenly by dying; in your early entrance into the es world, you shall be easily deceived.

32/20.20. For which reason you shall school yourself every day of your life, that your Creator only is your God; and that you shall never see Him as you see a man or an angel; but that you can see Him every day in the glory of His works.

32/20.21. With this faith in your soul, you shall die and enter heaven fearlessly; and when a pretended God or Savior comes to you asking tribute, |1273| you shall know in truth that he is false.

32/20.22. Now, therefore, when you judge yourself, to determine the balance of your good and evil deeds, and your good and evil thoughts, let your Creator stand as the light of your soul, and, through Him, judge yourself, but not as to your worship, but as to your works.

32/20.23. Neither shall you judge yourself by any God, Lord, Savior, or other idol, nor by any man or woman; for you yourself stand second to Jehovih in your attributes. It is your responsibility to make a God of yourself, in your behavior and in your words and deeds.

32/20.24. Neither shall you judge yourself by any sacred book or any bible, in the entire world; nor by the words within them purporting to be my words, or the words of any God, Lord or Savior.

32/20.25. For I have abolished all such sacred books and bibles, and words and sayings contained in them, purporting to be my words and the words of any God, Lord or Savior.

32/20.26. Neither shall you bind yourself by them, nor judge yourself by anything that is written or printed in them.

32/20.27. But, behold, I declare to you a greater glory and judge in their place, which is Jehovih, your Creator.

32/20.28. By Him and through Him you shall judge, and be judged.

32/20.29. Books are imperfect; but Jehovih, never. |1274|

32/20.30. Neither shall you, from this time forward, swear by any book under the sun; nor by any God, Lord, Savior, spirit, idol, or image. But you shall swear by Jehovih, your Creator.

32/20.31. You shall covenant yourself to Jehovih only, and you shall do this in your own way only, and not according to any book, bible, priest, church, or spirit.

32/20.32. Behold, the former times (pre-Kosmon era) are passed away; and your God sets aside the bondages of the former times also.

32/20.33. They were sufficient for the times they were created. Today, a man shall not be bound |1275| like a child; nor shall man's judgment be bound by the things that were intended for man before he attained judgment.

32/20.34. Have you not observed the signs of the times? What I give here in words, Jehovih manifests over all the length and breadth of the world.

32/20.35. None can stop the hand of the Almighty, or negate the words of your God.























































































1273  acknowledgement, recognition, homage, service, duty






























1274  Jehovih the All Person Great Spirit is the Immaculate; that is, totally perfect and without blemish.











1275  compelled, restrained, hedged in, limited, constrained


CHAPTER 21 Judgment

God decrees against infidelity




32/21.1. God said: Hear the words of your God, O man. In the ancient times, I came as a father to a child, dictating to man.

32/21.2. Now that you have attained to comprehensive judgment, Jehovih has inspired you to liberty, and to think for yourself, and to consider what is best for you.

32/21.3. And your God does not come now as a dictator, but as your elder brother, with ample experience.

32/21.4. And I say to you, like your professors in the college to their graduated classes: Behold, you are free; go your way, and no longer hope to hold your God accountable for your behavior.

32/21.5. For with your freedom, you also attain to responsibility.

32/21.6. Do not think that because I emancipate you from the God, Lords and Saviors of the ancients;

32/21.7. And from the bibles and sacred books of the ancients; and from the ancient commandments and injunctions, that, as a consequence, you are not bound in fidelity to your Creator.

32/21.8. You are bound more now than before; for you shall not, from this time forward, throw the responsibility of your conduct onto this man or that man, or onto any God, Lord, Savior, holy book, bible, priest or church decree.

32/21.9. So that your fidelity to your Creator and to your fellow-man, in righteousness, love and good works, shall be the most sacred study of your life.

32/21.10. And your example from day to day shall be a perpetual register of your accountability; truly you shall be a living sermon before men and before Jehovih.

32/21.11. And where your behavior detracts from the grades of your fellow-men, you shall be bound in the behavior of those who copy after you; and for the shortness you bring them into, you shall suffer for them in time to come.

32/21.12. Beware, O man, for this rule applies to all the generations of men: that, by sudden emancipation from an old condition, man runs into another extreme, from which spring libertinism and licentiousness.

32/21.13. For which reason, you shall proclaim before the multitude the responsibilities of the new condition, rather than try to win their applause by proclaiming their emancipation from the old.

32/21.14. Because I have opened the heavens, the spirits of the dead return to you, and commune in your household; do not flatter yourself that the whole of the Father's kingdoms are revealed to you, and that the angels who converse with you, can make plain |1276| the dominions of the higher heavens.

32/21.15. Many of these shall return to you, saying: There is no hell, no satan, no God, no Lord, or anything in this world to make you afraid. For, in truth, the hell they looked for, they did not find; nor did they find a God, Lord, or Savior, such as they had hoped or expected to find. And for this reason, such angels are jubilant for the time being.

32/21.16. Nevertheless, a time will come to them also, when they shall tire of dwelling on the earth, in the places of their mortal kin; and they shall seek resurrection into more exalted places, where wisdom and purity dwell. Then, indeed, they shall begin to comprehend the ways of the kingdoms of the Almighty.

32/21.17. And they will cry out in pain; pleading for pity, compassion and help. And after that, when they come to you, they will also proclaim, even as your God now does, that the commandments must be fulfilled:

32/21.18. To love the Creator above all else;

32/21.19. And your neighbor as yourself;

32/21.20. Sell all you have, and give to the poor;

32/21.21. Return good for evil;

32/21.22. Do good to others, with all your wisdom and strength;

32/21.23. Abnegate self in all respects;

32/21.24. Making yourself a servant to your Creator;

32/21.25. Owning or possessing nothing under the sun;

32/21.26. And look into your soul, to judge yourself constantly, to discover where and how you shall do the most good;

32/21.27. Complaining not against Jehovih for anything that happens;

32/21.28. Making your neighbor rejoice in you;

32/21.29. Making yourself affiliative;

32/21.30. Without self-righteousness above anyone;

32/21.31. Being a producer of something good;

32/21.32. And learn to rejoice in your own life, with singing, dancing, and a jovial heart, paying due respect to rites and ceremonies, so that all things may be orderly before Jehovih. ||

32/21.33. Remember the words of your God, O man, when angels or men advise you against these commandments, they have little to offer you that will promote the harmony of the state.

32/21.34. Consider, therefore, that whatever promotes the greatest harmony and wisdom within the state, has also been discovered and is in practice in the higher heavens.

32/21.35. And given the case proven to you, that a state divided against itself cannot stand, even so are the heavens above not divided, but as a unit.

32/21.36. Judge, then, O man, when one spirit comes to you preaching one thing, and another spirit comes to you preaching another thing, their contradicting words are proof that they have not yet entered the harmonious heavens of your God.

32/21.37. And it is because of the disharmony of your own soul, that you are open to these conflicting messengers. This is infidelity against the All Person, Jehovih. And such conflicting spirits deny the Person and the Unity of the Almighty.

32/21.38. Do not let your emancipation from the bondage of the doctrines of the ancients lead you into infidelity against Jehovih.






















































1276  make easily understood, clear, apparent, obvious, simple, evident


CHAPTER 22 Judgment

The Father's kingdom on earth




32/22.1. God said: I have heard your prayer, O man: Your kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven.

32/22.2. Have you considered your words? And are you prepared for it? Have you fulfilled the commandments? And do you love your neighbor like yourself? And have you done to the least among you, what you desire your Creator to do to you?

32/22.3. Now, behold, Jehovih has sent me, your God, to answer your prayer.

32/22.4. I demand of you, that you have no favorite doctrine above your neighbor;

32/22.5. And that you are servant to no God, Lord, Savior or church that is unacceptable to any man in the world.

32/22.6. But, that you serve Jehovih with all your wisdom and strength, by doing good to your fellow-men with all your might.

32/22.7. That because you are strong or wise or rich, you understand that you shall use these excellencies |1277| for raising up those who do not have them, believing that Jehovih so provided you to that end.

32/22.8. Consider, O man! You have a kingdom (Jehovih's government) already. Would you have two kingdoms? |1278|

32/22.9. Behold, the kingdom of man has its power in armies and ships of war.

32/22.10. The kingdoms of your Father do not have these, but love, wisdom, righteousness and peace.

32/22.11. I demand of you, that you shall give up your army and navy. Are you prepared to say: To whom strikes me on one cheek, I turn the other to be struck also?

32/22.12. Is your faith still more in weapons of death, than in the Voice of Everlasting Life? Do you esteem your army and navy to be depended on, more than Jehovih?

32/22.13. Are you willing to sacrifice your time, money, and self-interest for the sake of Jehovih's kingdom?

32/22.14. Use your judgment, O man. From the time of the ancients till now, the only progress toward the Father's kingdom has been through sacrifice.

32/22.15. What less can you expect?

32/22.16. If you sell what you have, and give to the poor, behold your neighbors will imprison you for being a madman.

32/22.17. If you abnegate yourself and labor for others, they will persecute and revile |1279| you.

32/22.18. If you should profess to love your neighbor as yourself, they would mock you.

32/22.19. Therefore, I declare to you, O man, in the land of Uz |1280| the Father's kingdom cannot be.

32/22.20. But you shall depart from Uz; and, behold, I will go with you, and with your neighbor, and show you how to build, even as a kingdom in heaven is built. |1281|






















1277  virtues, desirable traits, righteous talents and attainments




1278  That is, Jehovih's government and the government of man. Note that God is not advocating the overthrowing of man's government, but rather the opposite; by being models of virtue, practicing goodness of heart and other excellencies for sake of Jehovih, it is around these that the Father's kingdom (the Higher Government) is formed. It is toward these that all people move sooner or later. Governments of man that allow for or even encourage the practice of these virtues are on the right track.













1279  contemptuous, disparaging and abusive character assassination; insult; berate

1280  In this sense, Uz must mean "world's people." --Ed.

1281  So we see that in verses 16 through 18, we are given examples of how the 15 commandments (32/21.18-32) cannot be wholly adhered to while living in the culture of the world's people. But instead Faithists must cultivate a culture within which they can practice

CHAPTER 23 Judgment

God judges Uz, commonly called the world's people




32/23.1. God said: I have not come in this era to judge the drunkard, harlot, thieves and murderers; these are known to you, O man.

32/23.2. I have not come to repeat former judgments against those whom all men understand to be sinful; for, behold, I gave governments into the hands of men, to deal with such themselves.

32/23.3. But I come to the leaders of men; to kings, queens, emperors and presidents; and to philosophers, men of learning, priests, rab'bahs, cardinals and popes; and to merchants, bankers, manufacturers, farmers, shippers and hucksters. |1282|

32/23.4. Those who pass unscathed before the laws and governments of man, and are reckoned passably wise and good before the world.

32/23.5. And not even to such of these who are bad men in disguise, who escape condemnation before the courts, by cunning and stratagem.

32/23.6. But I come to the best of all of them, whether they are true Brahmins, true Ka'yuans, true Buddhists, true Kriste'yans, or true Mohammedans. |1283|

32/23.7. Therefore, O man, hear the judgment of your God against them: They are not united and affiliated as brothers.

32/23.8. But the best of all of them are as so many individual entities pulling in different ways, every one for himself.

32/23.9. The Brahmins are not communal; the Ka'yuans are not communal; neither are the Buddhists, Kriste'yans, nor the Mohammedans; neither are the philosophers, priests, merchants, nor any one people in the entire world.

32/23.10. There is no fullness of heaven among any of them. They are divided into thousands of ideas and projects.

32/23.11. Now hear me, O man, and consider the wisdom of your God: Satan is wiser than any of these I have named.

32/23.12. For satan has made armies of soldiers communal. He has discovered the power of affiliation and discipline.

32/23.13. Behold, a thousand soldiers are more efficient than ten thousand unorganized men.

32/23.14. Judgment is rendered against the best of men in the world, because they are inorganic for righteousness, and for establishing the Father's kingdom.

32/23.15. This, then, is what befalls the nations and peoples of the earth: The angels of heaven minister to all mortals in the same way (except where your God and his Lords provide especially otherwise), the inorganic heavenly regions minister to the inorganic inhabitants of the earth.

32/23.16. Now behold, I said to you in the former times, try the spirits, and see if they are of God.

32/23.17. For, the angels who wander about on the earth do not know my kingdoms, and they deny me, and deny all order, system and discipline in heaven and earth.

32/23.18. And each and all such angels, coming to mortals, do so on their own account, assuming any form and name they may find acceptable to men.

32/23.19. Such angels have not yet passed the first resurrection; nor do they belong to any disciplined kingdom in heaven.

32/23.20. And all mortals like the ones I have named, deemed by the world's people to be the best and highest of mortals, enter the es world (after death), only into the inorganic regions of heaven.

32/23.21. Neither can they enter the lowest of my kingdoms until they abnegate self and learn affiliation.

32/23.22. Therefore, after death, they remain, for the most part, in their former places: The merchant in his counting-house, the banker in his bank, the shipper in his place, the philosopher in his place, the pope in his, the king in his, the farmer in his.

32/23.23. Neither do they have power or wisdom to go to any other place; and they stroll about, like one that has lost his master. Nor will they affiliate with other angels; but, in stubbornness and moroseness, persist in working out an individual identity, until they are broken down in sorrow and darkness, which may be in a few years, or it may be hundreds of years.

32/23.24. And then my holy ones come to them, and carry them away to my es'yan schools. |1284|














1282  peddlers, traders, hawkers, vendors, entrepreneurs









1283  The word "true" here would seem to mean either those who consider themselves to be true to the teachings of Buddha, Christ, etc., or else true to the good within that discipline.




























































1284  that is, to become enrolled into the organic first resurrection


CHAPTER 24 Judgment

God shows how to know the kind of angels that minister to mortals




32/24.1. God said: I have given one rule to all men, by which it may be known what kind of angels minister to them; that rule is a mortal's own manifestations and behavior.

32/24.2. Whoever manifests serving himself chiefly, has little light from my organic kingdoms; but whoever serves Jehovih by laboring for others, with all his wisdom and strength, is attended by the light of my organic kingdoms.

32/24.3. Judge yourself, O man, to know who and what angels attend you.

32/24.4. Behold, one man will say to you: I have a band of wise and most ancient angels who attend me! Another will say: I have very Gods who attend me!

32/24.5. Do not judge them by their words, nor by the names professed; but judge them by the work they accomplish. Nevertheless, hold your peace |1285| in regard to them.

32/24.6. I also give this rule to you, in regard to the angels who attend mortals.

32/24.7. As for example, you know that a soldier is not permitted to go away from his regiment, and pursue other employment.

32/24.8. The soldier belongs to his regiment; he is one with the regiment; he moves with it; the affairs and business of the regiment are his affairs and business also.

32/24.9. It is even so with my organic heavens, where es'yans become volunteers to accomplish resurrection.

32/24.10. And, after that, they apply themselves not to isolated development, but to affiliation, for attaining to the higher kingdoms.

32/24.11. The least of my organic kingdoms contains half a billion angels; and many of them contain five billion.

32/24.12. These are composed of thousands of branches, suited to the various talents created with all; so that all who enter find a delightful adaptation.

32/24.13. When you were taught of old, to say: May Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, it was instruction given to lead you in the method of my dominions.

32/24.14. As to wandering spirits, they have not yet passed the inorganic first resurrection; but those who have enlisted in my organic kingdoms, are called es'yans while learning the rites and discipline, and are said to be in the first resurrection of the organic heavens. And those who have become organic workers are in the second resurrection, and this is a kingdom of heavens.

32/24.15. This rule is also uniform in all my heavenly kingdoms, that, after entrance to the organic heavens, none of the angels return as individuals, to commune with mortals, except as mentioned further on, or except when specially commissioned by me or my Lords.

32/24.16. Do not think that my discipline is less systematic than that of a mortal general's army, or that the heavens of your God are permitted to run at loose ends, and without order or concert of action.

32/24.17. Be reasonable, O man, weigh these things according to your own observation and judgment, for there is not, in all the heavens, any wide departure from what you have in some form a counterpart-resemblance on earth.



















1285  keep silent, stay quiet, say nothing, remain still


CHAPTER 25 Judgment

God shows how and when the second resurrection manifests to mortals




32/25.1. God said: In the cities and country places, I have innumerable Lords, apportioned to districts and to the mortals and angels within them.

32/25.2. And my Lords know the rates and grades of their people, their occupations, aspirations, labor, and behavior, private and public.

32/25.3. Now, behold, I have said to my Lords: The era of dictation is past; man has arrived at kosmon. Declare the light of my heavens to man; but let man judge himself, and labor to save himself, so that by this he may have honor and glory.

32/25.4. And I further said to my Lords: Man has prayed, saying: Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Now I give this to you, that, where men abnegate self, and affiliate into a communal brotherhood, after the manner of my heavenly kingdoms, you shall then affiliate my organic angels with such mortals, and make them one with my second resurrections.

32/25.5. And you shall surround such communal brotherhoods with the light of my kingdoms, controlling the angelic intercourse with mortals, so that drujas and vampire spirits cannot molest them.

32/25.6. And these brotherhoods shall be taught to not question the spirits and oracles on personal matters, but for light and truth as to what will contribute to meliorating |1286| the condition of man, and as to light and truth regarding the higher and lower heavens; and as to attaining spiritual gifts and great wisdom.

32/25.7. And these mortals shall have times and places for worshipful matters; and these times shall be in concert with my Lord of that district; and the light of his throne shall be given to such a brotherhood.

32/25.8. The members of such a brotherhood shall not desire a leader; neither will any one of them desire to be a leader. For, if one should so desire, he would not be of the God-head, but of himself.

32/25.9. Moreover, none of the members of such a brotherhood shall go off, of his own accord, to minister as an individual to the inhabitants of Uz. But each and all in the brotherhood shall concentrate their profits and force to one focus and objective.

32/25.10. My organic heavens are also like this; all the members of each heaven being as a unit with the whole, they do not waste their strength and time in isolated endeavors.

32/25.11. So, if a prophet foolishly boasts to you, as to having some high-raised angel, with a loud-sounding name, as his special guardian and guide, you will know that prophet is in the hands of drujas, who have not entered my heavenly kingdoms.

32/25.12. Nor has it ever happened on the earth with any individual man, raised up by me or my Lords for a specific work, like Moses, Ka'yu, Sakaya, or any other, that they knew of or boasted of any special angel over them; but all of them experienced the light, which was as a pillar of fire.

32/25.13. Even such is the manifestation of the second resurrection through my Lord and his Holy Council.

32/25.14. And the manifestations are not like those of a mere magician; but the accomplishment of something that embraces nations, empires and mighty peoples.

32/25.15. For this reason, O man, I declare to you that the Father's kingdom is now being founded on earth, and the mortal manifestation of it is near at hand. |1287|

32/25.16. But it shall not come in this era, as in the past, through any one great leader-forth; but it shall appear as a spontaneous light, permeating the soul of thousands; and they shall come forth, establishing Jehovih in truth and fullness.

32/25.17. Now therefore, O man, consider the judgment of your God against all those who are called the best of men, the wisest of men, the greatest of kings, queens or popes; for none of these have even passed the first resurrection in their own practice.





























1286  improving, mitigating, remedying, bettering










































1287  It is remarkable that for etherean chiefs overseeing planets, a dan'ha cycle (a few thousand of earth's years) can seem like only a year for them. Similarly, for Gods and Goddesses, who are thousands upon thousands of years old, a few hundred years can seem near at hand.


CHAPTER 26 Judgment

God judges the ascetic




32/26.1. God said: There are those who shut themselves up in colleges (cloisters) and others who retire to the forests, |1288| devoting their lives to prayers, confessions, rites and ceremonies, being most systematic in routine, and in being shut away from the Uzians [world's people --Ed.].

32/26.2. And they allot certain ones as leaders and overseers, making themselves inquisitors over one another, in the hope of purifying their thoughts and aspirations, constantly trapping one another for shortness, and then submitting to petty punishment and inflictions, hoping by this to check evil thoughts, words and actions.

32/26.3. Judgment is rendered against all such people, whether they are mortals or angels.

32/26.4. For these are the methods of the imprisonment of mind. All such mortals are preparing themselves for the bondage of drujas on their entrance into the es world.

32/26.5. Yes even in that same college, they shall be immured |1289| after death, by thousands of drujas who inhabit the place, who profess to have some scheme of projected salvation.

32/26.6. All such people are the manifestation of darkness instead of light. Jehovih created man with the capacity for developing talent to do good to others.

32/26.7. Now, behold, these ascetics labor for themselves in these foolish proceedings; they do not do these things in order to meliorate the condition of their neighbors. Nor have they shown, in a single instance, where a benefit resulted to the state in consequence of their practices.

32/26.8. They call their initiations sacred, but I declare to you, they are a blasphemy against Jehovih. They are like a snare, for the imprisonment of the mind and the soul.

32/26.9. And after death, these people are prevented by their drujan masters from entering heavenly places of resurrection, becoming, instead, slaves in the es world, to pursue any calling and practice that may be put upon them.

32/26.10. For the same rule holds on earth and in heaven, regarding the bondage of the mind. If, by imposing rites and ceremonies, and by the stratagems and cunning of mortal priests, they can be captured on earth, so can they also be retained in bondage in heaven.

32/26.11. And it happens with them, that even as they honestly believe they are right on earth, so in heaven they will persist in believing they are right, even willingly submitting to cruelty and to torture, in order to prove their fidelity.

32/26.12. Be considerate, O man, of the words of your God: He, Who created you, gave to you one star of light by which you may determine truth and wisdom.

32/26.13. Whatever doctrine shows self as the chief consideration, even if it is for obtaining wisdom or supposed purity for self's sake, is not of Jehovih.

32/26.14. And yet, the aborigine who roves foolishly in the forest, stands higher before your God, than the nun or the ascetic does. For though the former lives for self only, yet he is not bound in spirit.

32/26.15. In all things, you shall weigh the object and end aimed at, and the final result; and where self stands as a part, or whole consideration, you shall know that matter is not of Jehovih, but of satan.

32/26.16. It is not sufficient for the apologist of satan to say: O we dwell in the colleges (cloisters, etc.), in order to pray for Uzians.

32/26.17. But you shall weigh their prayers also, and you shall estimate their value by what is accomplished. And you shall prove whether their prayers provided harvests of wheat and corn, and food and clothing for the poor, and education for the unlearned, or any other thing that was good.

32/26.18. Do not be not put off by the cunning of satan's words in the mouths of priests or popes; but look matters in the face, and be a God yourself in discerning things that meliorate the condition of man.





1288  convents, nunneries, monasteries, ashrams, hermitages

















1289  enclosed, enveloped, shut up within, encysted, hemmed in


CHAPTER 27 Judgment

God judges charities




32/27.1. God said: A certain man built a dam across a river, using only stones, but no cement. And the water ran through the crevices, rendering the dam worthless.

32/27.2. Then some neighbors came to him, saying: You should apply cement to the crevices.

32/27.3. So, the man went to the lower side, and applied cement; but, lo and behold, the result was only temporary, for the water washed the cement away.

32/27.4. Again his neighbors said to him: Apply the cement at the upper side, and the water will carry it into the crevices, where it will remain with good effect.

32/27.5. And the man did so, and, behold, the dam was a complete structure.

32/27.6. Using the same principle, O man, consider all charities. You may apply your riches and your estates, for charity's sake, but be of no benefit under the sun.

32/27.7. When the man applied the cement, where it was not self-sustaining, the waters washed it away.

32/27.8. Wherever you apply charity, and it is not self-sustaining, judgment is rendered against you.

32/27.9. When the man applied the cement toward the fountain, it became self-sustaining.

32/27.10. Wherever you apply charity, and it is self-sustaining, judgment is rendered in your favor.

32/27.11. When you meet your neighbor on the road, and he has fallen down and broken his legs, and cannot stand, consider how foolish it would be to lift him up, and then, let him fall again. Do not flatter yourself, that such actions would be charity.

32/27.12. And yet, how much of the so-called charity of the world is of that kind.

32/27.13. You may feed three drunkards' families, and flatter yourself you have done charity worthily; but, if you have not done that which will make them no longer in need of charity, you have done little.

32/27.14. Another man may not feed them, but he may reform them, and put them in the way to be self-sustaining. Such a man will have done a hundred-fold greater charity.

32/27.15. To open the way for employment and industry, this is the greatest of all charity. For, by these avenues, charity will not be needed, even for the aged, or for orphans.

32/27.16. Consider, then, how little any people have to boast of for charity's sake. Even their asylums, poorhouses, and homes for the aged and helpless, are as so many witnesses of condemnation against the people who built them; because some great wrongs and evils existing within the state were also built by the same people in the first place. |1290|

32/27.17. They (the charities) are like paint and plaster for the sins of a wicked people, hiding and redeeming the sins, in some measure.

32/27.18. And when such a city says: Behold us! What a charitable people we are! || I say to you, that this city does not understand the kingdom of your God.

32/27.19. Yet, you shall avoid going to the other extreme, doing nothing, which is worst of all. But you shall go to the root of the matter; your charity shall be directed to prevent the causes of such ill-fortunes.






















































1290  thus favoring conditions that bring about or increase the numbers of the poor, the helpless, those with mental, emotional, moral or physical dysfunctions, etc.


CHAPTER 28 Judgment

God shows how to do charity




32/28.1. God said: O man, consider the folly of individual effort! One will say: I help my family and my neighbors; let others do likewise, and all will be well.

32/28.2. This is his philosophy and doctrine! Now I say to you, this is just what has been tried for thousands of years, and it has always resulted in impotency.

32/28.3. It has been said: Sell all you have, and give to the poor; but I say to you, you shall not do this [neither in Uz, nor willy-nilly, |1291| nor in hopes of your own salvation --ed.]. |1292|

32/28.4. Though that opened the way to salvation in the ancient days, it is not sufficient in this day. Neither shall you hope, that, by giving to the poor, you shall escape condemnation.

32/28.5. But you shall go to the foundation of things, and go systematically.

32/28.6. Your efforts shall not be single-handed, but you shall unite with others; and together, you shall provide a remedy against poverty.

32/28.7. Remembering, it is wiser to accomplish with the young than with the aged. For the mature will be dead in a few years; and, by then, those who are children will be mature.

32/28.8. It is better that you provide a way to ten fatherless children, than for forty people who are grown.

32/28.9. But, even in this, you may err toward the children. For, to provide them an asylum in infancy, saying: Behold, what a good work we have done! || shows that you do not measure as your God measures.

32/28.10. For it is not sufficient to just feed and clothe little ones; but you must teach them a trade, and occupations, and give them learning, so that, when they are grown, they can sustain themselves.

32/28.11. But, even then, your work is not the highest; but you shall so provide them, that they will not only be self-supporting, but that they shall be willing and capable of rescuing others, as they were rescued.

32/28.12. After this, you shall see to it, that all things are so provided, that, after your death, your institution is not liable to fall into disuse or perversion.

32/28.13. This is founding the Father's kingdom on earth; and whoever labors thus, shall be ministered to by my heavenly kingdoms for the glory of Jehovih.

32/28.14. Therefore, do not let your charity be for a year, nor for a hundred years; but you shall be the cornerstones, founding places on earth where a system shall rest perpetually that will provide a new race, where poverty, crime and helplessness cannot enter.

32/28.15. You thus become, even in mortality, members of my second resurrection in heaven.












1291  indiscriminately, haphazardly, without forethought; whether it is needed or not

1292  What in this present verse, and indeed this entire chapter, is being addressed is not the nullification of the general ideal, sell all you have and give to the poor (32/21.20,33), which should still remain as an ultimate or crowning aim; but rather that indiscriminate giving and without forethought as to results, is to be avoided, whether as an individual or as a group.

It is a process to get from uz to the ideal of the Father's kingdom. Indeed a purpose of this chapter is to show steps toward that end. That is, if one is to apply one's resources to others in the way of charity, then God suggests here the highest best way to do charity.


CHAPTER 29 Judgment

God judges the missionaries




32/29.1. God said: In past times, I commanded you, saying: Go forth into all the world, preaching my doctrines, chief of which was: There is only One, even the I Am; Him you shall love with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself, having faith in Jehovih through righteousness and good works.

32/29.2. Moreover I declared to you, that whoever fulfilled my commandments, believing in Jehovih, certain signs would be given to them, by which they would be known to men.

32/29.3. And you went forth; and, behold, my signs went with you, and you did accomplish service to Jehovih.

32/29.4. But it came to pass, in the course of time, you did forsake your Creator, setting up Lords and Saviors of your own, worshipping them instead of Jehovih.

32/29.5. And I looked down upon you from my holy place in heaven, and I saw that you had become obsessed with evil spirits, thousands and millions of them, who professed to be the Lords and Saviors whom you worshipped.

32/29.6. And I said to my Lords: Behold, man has erected an idol in heaven, go to those who preach in my name, and take from them the signs and miracles which I gave. |1293|

32/29.7. And my Lords came to you, finding you had gone abroad over the whole world. And my Lords cut you short of signs and miracles.

32/29.8. For this was the judgment of your God against you, because you had turned against the I Am, teaching another God other than Jehovih.

32/29.9. And I made this, my edict, manifest on the earth; for I withdrew my holy angels from you, and from that time forward, wherever you have gone, behold, I have given you none of the signs, with which I had been liberal before.

32/29.10. And I measured the work of your hand in the places of your mission, and I found that you were impotent to establish good works.

32/29.11. And wherever you had gone, thousands and millions of drujas followed you in your path; and your people went with weapons of destruction, slaughtering those Jehovih had created alive, in order to establish your idol-God.

32/29.12. And my Lords numbered all the places of your missionaries around the earth, and behold, there was not one place that you had established, which was not given up to sin and blasphemy against Jehovih.

32/29.13. Neither had you raised up any member, or members, in all them, who practiced even the first commandments.

32/29.14. And I said to you: Behold, you do not have the signs and miracles; give up your preaching, and go among the barbarians, teaching them how to plant, sow, reap, clothe themselves and to live in houses.

32/29.15. But this was distasteful to you in your hypocrisy; and you turned your occupation into a scheme to live in worthlessness on the contributions of your neighbors.

32/29.16. And behold, your doctrines have not prospered to work righteousness for the glory of the Almighty, in any place in the whole world.

32/29.17. Do not flatter yourself that you have done a good work, because you have taught the ignorant to say: Brahma, Brahma! or, Buddha, Buddha! or, Lord, Lord! or, to sing anthems in praise of your idol-God.

32/29.18. Your God measures you and your converts according to such purification as adds to the glory of everlasting life, in heaven as well as on earth. And such purification manifests not only in words, but in good works for the glory of the Father.

32/29.19. And when it has come to pass that your mission brought about a war afterward, behold, that war is also upon your head. |1294|

32/29.20. I do not measure a little good that happens for a moment, and there an end. I comprehend the lapse of scores of years and hundreds of years; and I weigh the whole matter, and render judgment in the aggregate. |1295|

32/29.21. Neither do I judge by man's inventions or mechanical contrivances. My judgments are in reference to man's comfort and joy in life, and to his resurrection in my heavens.

32/29.22. According to a man's, or a people's, ascending grade in approximating Jehovih, so shall a man and a people be judged.





























1293  It is a remarkable coincidence, that as soon as the Brahmins began to preach Brahma, instead of Ormazd (the Creator), they lost the signs and miracles of the ancients. The same thing came to the Buddhists; as soon as they began to preach Buddha, the signs and miracles left them. And the same thing happened to the Christians; as soon as they made an idol of Christ, signs and miracles left them. The Roman Catholics have frequently pretended to have the signs, but it is only a pretense. Manifestations, like those at Lourdes (even if true), are only the tricks and games of drujas, as the results show. --Ed.






































1294  i.e., you cannot escape responsibility regarding it




1295  the sum, the overall result; many distinct parts considered together as a whole; the entities and activities considered as an entirety


CHAPTER 30 Judgment

God judges dominions




32/30.1. God said: Now, behold, a certain rich man coveted his neighbors' children, and he went and captured many of them. And because he was mighty above his neighbors, none of them could regain their offspring.

32/30.2. And a certain rab'bah inquired of Jehovih concerning the matter. And Jehovih answered him, saying: Whatever he coveted and has taken, suffer him to keep. What he has taken exultingly shall be, in time to come, a bondage to him in sorrow; for he shall provide according to law.

32/30.3. And it so happened that a famine came upon that land, and according to the laws, the rich had to provide for the kin of their own households.

32/30.4. And, behold, the rich man's possessions were consumed by the neighbors whom he had robbed, and great sorrow came upon him.

32/30.5. Such, O man, is the way of the dominions of men. A mighty king stretches forth his hand to possess his neighbor's kingdom, and Jehovih gives it to him.

32/30.6. And that king exults, saying: Behold my possessions and my power!

32/30.7. Hear, now, the judgment of your God, O man: Sooner or later, all things answer to Jehovih in a way man does not imagine. Whoever covets and receives, is bound to Jehovih.

32/30.8. And when a king possesses a new country for himself, he not only receives its riches but its misfortunes also. The profits and losses are all his.

32/30.9. And the sins of the people are his, and are, from that time forward, upon his head.

32/30.10. And when a famine comes upon that country, the king shall be responsible for that country.

32/30.11. And he shall supply every want of the people, or judgment shall be upon his head.

32/30.12. And for all of the newly acquired subjects, who may be in sickness or distress, the king shall be judged.

32/30.13. Moreover, judgment shall pursue that king into the es world; and the subjects he took to himself on earth shall be his in heaven to redeem, and provide for, and educate.

32/30.14. Nor shall he have exaltation in my heavens faster than the lowest of his subjects.

32/30.15. Behold, I not only bequeath the glory and joy of the Father's kingdom on earth, but I also reveal the responsibilities, which shall become known to mortals.

32/30.16. Man shall not only perceive the justice of my judgments, but he shall realize the power of my hand upon kingdoms and empires.

32/30.17. I show man not only the way of liberty, but the way of bondage. He shall know understandingly the ways of my dominions, and the judgment that is upon him.

32/30.18. For every one whom the king causes to be slain, in order to possess a new country, the king shall mete out reparations until all his enemies pardon and forgive him.

32/30.19. || Behold, I have revealed the grades and rates; and any such king shall perceive, that his bondage cannot be less than six generations, but may be twenty or forty generations, |1296| before he reaches beyond the second resurrection. ||

32/30.20. And the same rules shall apply to every king, queen, emperor, and every other ruler in the world.

32/30.21. The resurrection in heaven of each and every one of them shall be with, and no faster than, those they ruled over on earth.

32/30.22. And they shall be responsible to all their subjects for deaths resulting from wars, where the subjects were used for the glory and power of the king. And for: All famines, pestilences and all other injuries that come upon the multitude through any shortness in the king's government.

32/30.23. And for: The poverty of the people, and for their ignorance and crime; nor shall the king escape retribution for any good thing he might have done, but did not accomplish.

32/30.24. And for all the profit and service the king receives on earth from his subjects, he shall render back to them an equivalent profit and service, either on earth, or in heaven.

32/30.25. Let the king or other ruler no longer flatter himself that death effaces |1297| the bondage of man to his subject and neighbor.

32/30.26. Behold, by opening the gates of heaven, I have given you its glory; and with it, I also give you the responsibilities.

32/30.27. I have brought the angels to your door; they bring you news of great joy, and bring you also the afflictions you cast upon them.

32/30.28. I told those of past times, that sword would answer sword; war would answer war; and peace receive in peace.

32/30.29. Such, then, is the judgment of your God upon dominion; and this shall be ratified in time to come by every ruler on the face of the earth.


































































1296  That is, not less than 200 years, but may be more, like 40 generations, which is about 1300 years. Grades and rates are discussed in more detail later in Oahspe.




















1297  erases, destroys, removes, cancels


CHAPTER 31 Judgment

God judges the man of promise




32/31.1. God said: Consider the judgments of God, O man of many promises.

32/31.2. Behold, I have heard you say: O God, if I were rich; or, if this undertaking holds good; or, if I am spared; then I will do something handsome for the Father's kingdom!

32/31.3. And your vows have been registered in heaven, over and over again.

32/31.4. And my angels have labored with you to fulfill your promise. And, yet, you do not regard your word. But you hold on to your earthly possessions, saying: Wait yet a little while.

32/31.5. Hear, then, the judgment of your God, for it is that which you shall put upon yourself after your entrance into the es world.

32/31.6. Which is, that you shall be bound in heaven till you accomplish what you might have done, but failed to do.

32/31.7. And this is the penalty for neglecting, on earth, to fulfill the light that was given to you: You shall, in heaven, accomplish without money, what you could have done with money. And the difference it requires to do a thing without means, as compared to what might be done by one with means, is the extra bondage and duration that shall be upon your head and soul.

32/31.8. To all men, who set out with a promise to accomplish charity, or any good for the resurrection or melioration of man, and fail to do it, the same judgment shall be upon them in heaven. Nor shall they rise above the first resurrection until they have fulfilled the same in all particulars. In this way they shall judge themselves in heaven.

32/31.9. It is not sufficient for you, O man, to say: I did not see my way clear as to the best method of doing a thing, and so I waited.

32/31.10. The commandment of Jehovih is upon you, to do what you can, according to your highest light and ability to accomplish. In this respect, then, you shall find no excuse, because you did not know the best way.

32/31.11. Neither does it matter, that the amount of your riches is less than another man's riches.

32/31.12. Nor shall you find an excuse, in saying: I did more according to my means than my neighbor did.

32/31.13. One man shall not be judged by another; but all shall be judged according to the light of Jehovih in them, and according to what He has given to them.




CHAPTER 32 Judgment

God judges against war




32/32.1. God said: Now behold, O man, I have declared my first and second resurrections to you. And in like manner is the third resurrection, but still higher. And so on, are all the heavens of Jehovih, higher and higher, until the inhabitants of them become very Lords and Gods.

32/32.2. Nevertheless, hear, O man, the wisdom of your God, and be appreciative of the way of resurrection being opened up to you.

32/32.3. Now I declare to you, there are angels lower than the first resurrection; being incapacitated by various causes from knowing who they are, where they came from, or where they are going. Indeed, many of them do not know words of speech, nor signs, nor tokens; but are as destitute of knowledge as young babies.

32/32.4. Many of them died in infancy; some of them were killed by abortion; some of them were idiots, and some of them deranged.

32/32.5. Many of these live by fetal. And so that you may know what fetal is, behold, Jehovih has given you testimony in mortality, such as when a young child sleeps with a very old person, that child is devoured of its substance. In such a case, the old person is fetaled on the young child; the old person is said to live by fetal.

32/32.6. Now hear, O man, the judgment of your God: Half the people born into the world, including stillbirths and abortions, die in infancy. Therefore, there are a billion angel infants fetaled on the earth every thirty years.

32/32.7. These angels never obtain objective knowledge of the corporeal earth, but are compelled to learn earthly things subjectively through mortals upon whom they are fetaled.

32/32.8. Judgment is rendered against all nations and peoples on the earth for this great darkness, these early deaths. And because these angels are thus bound to mortals, and cannot go away from them until such time as mortals die, mortals are responsible, and bound to train them by examples of righteousness and good works, to rise up.

32/32.9. Now other than these angels, there are those who are slain in war, whose minds are in chaos, who, dying in the heat of passion, fear and anger, become wild and bound on battlefields, or perhaps stroll away into deserted houses and castles, and are lost, bewildered and unapproachable.

32/32.10. Of these, there are hundreds of millions; and they are in all countries and among all peoples in the world.

32/32.11. They are distracted and tormented with their own fears and bewilderment.

32/32.12. Judgment is rendered against all nations and peoples in the world who engage in war, thus bringing these afflictions upon the angels of heaven.

32/32.13. Judgment is rendered against every nation and all people in the world who carry on war, or who are accessory to war, in which any man, created alive by Jehovih, is slain, in defense of any king or other ruler, or in defense of any country or government in the world.

32/32.14. And whether any war is offensive or defensive, my judgment is against its aiders and abettors, and against the kings and queens, or other rulers who are parties to war, willingly, knowingly, or otherwise.

32/32.15. And I judge him guilty also who is general, commodore, captain, sergeant or private, that engages in war or takes part in it, aiding, abetting, or otherwise, in which any man, created alive by Jehovih, is slain or caused to suffer death.

32/32.16. And yet, aside from angels who are in chaos, there are hundreds of millions who are in declension, instead of resurrection. Such angels are those who, in mortal life, were whipped and tortured in prisons, or perhaps were hanged or otherwise put to death.

32/32.17. These angels take delight in evil instead of good. Sometimes they go about singly, and sometimes in gangs of hundreds and even thousands.

32/32.18. In the past, the false Gods used such angels to fulfill curses on mortals; and to carry poison in the air, and inoculate mortals with foul diseases.

32/32.19. Behold, in this day, my angels have shown you that they can bring flowers and ponderous |1298| bodies; similarly the false Gods with their trained warrior angels, who delighted in evil, could cast mortals in death by poisons and suffocation.

32/32.20. Judgment is rendered against all nations and peoples who use prisons as places for whipping and torturing prisoners; and against all nations and peoples who put to death, by hanging, shooting or in any way whatsoever, any prisoner, or any person whom Jehovih created alive.

32/32.21. Judgment is rendered against the judge and the jury who condemn to death any man; and against the lawmakers who make, or have left in force, a law authorizing death as a penalty against any person Jehovih created alive; and against any sheriff or executioner who puts to death, willingly or knowingly, any person Jehovih created alive.

32/32.22. And this is the bondage I put upon all those who do not obey my judgments, and conform to them: They shall not rise above the first resurrection in heaven, while war remains upon the earth. Even though their bondage is a hundred years or a thousand years, yet this, my judgment against them, shall not be put aside.

32/32.23. Neither shall any king, queen nor any other ruler in the entire world, impress as a soldier, any man who is unwilling to engage in war. And whoever does not obey this, my judgment, shall not rise above the first resurrection in heaven while war remains on the earth.

32/32.24. Nor will I anymore consider the prayers of any king, queen or any other ruler, or any nation or people anywhere in the world, who engage in war, offensive or defensive, or who aid or abet war in any way whatsoever.

32/32.25. But I will abandon all such people; and my Lords shall abandon them; and my holy angels shall abandon them.

32/32.26. And they shall be left as a prey to their own harvest of evil spirits, and to all manner of drujas.

32/32.27. And they shall be afflicted with assassinations, intriguers and despoilers, and with anarchy, riots and destruction.

32/32.28. For they shall be made to understand that whomever Jehovih created alive is sacred upon the earth; and that whoever does not heed these, my judgments, sins against the Almighty.

32/32.29. Behold, it is not sufficient apology for them to say: O, an evil king will come upon my country and possess it!

32/32.30. I say to you, O man: All countries are Jehovih's. Be His servant for peace and righteousness, having faith in Him.

32/32.31. Behold, your God has come to put away old things, and to give to you the kingdoms of Jehovih, as they are in His exalted heavens.

32/32.32. Heed the judgments of your God; you cannot stop the hand of the Almighty.

























































































1298  heavy, unwieldy, large


CHAPTER 33 Judgment

God judges against exclusiveness




32/33.1. God said: Hear the judgments of your God, O man; look upon the whole world with the eye of a God.

32/33.2. Be comprehensive in judgment over all nations and peoples upon the earth.

32/33.3. Jehovih has said: Out of My very self I created all the living; brothers and sisters I made them, from the members of My body.

32/33.4. In the early days of a world, behold, I provided man with different continents and islands, separated by mighty waters, so that man in one division of the earth, would not interfere with man in another division of the earth.

32/33.5. Behold, I allot one nation and people to one civilization, and another nation and people I allot to another civilization. Separately, on the different divisions of the earth and on the islands in the seas, I situated the different peoples I created.

32/33.6. But when the world grows older, and man attains to wisdom, I say to him: Build ships, and sail across the waters I created; go visit your brothers and sisters in the different divisions of the earth.

32/33.7. And man masters the ocean, and comes to his brothers and sisters, remotely situated, and I say to man: Because you have mastered the ocean, let this be a testimony to you, that there shall be no barrier, from this time forward, between all the nations and peoples I created.

32/33.8. In kosmon I come, saying: Be brethren upon the face of the earth and upon the waters of the earth; these are the legacies I bequeath to My children.

32/33.9. Be a help and a benefit to one another, judging wisely regarding the differences which circumstances and places of habitation have developed in the races of man. ||

32/33.10. Now, I, your God, O man, declare this judgment to you: Because your wisdom has surmounted the corporeal barrier, the ocean between you and your brother, it is fitting and proper, that your soul surmount the barrier of prejudice against your brother.

32/33.11. And that instead of making laws against him, you shall do the opposite of this, and throw open the place of your habitation, and your soul, and your love, to receive your brother, godlike, and with open arms.

32/33.12. Do not flatter yourself that you can turn aside, or set backward, the seasons of the Almighty.

32/33.13. Where you do this, affliction shall surely come upon you.

32/33.14. Behold, I have made the heavens of the earth universal; and established heavenly roadways around the earth, so that the angels of the different nations and peoples may be as angels of universal heavens, to help one another.

32/33.15. Will you make a law to incite the enmity of the spirits of the dead against you, and thus open the door for still more aggressive wars?

32/33.16. Shall the laws of man interdict |1299| the march of Jehovih?

32/33.17. Now behold, when kosmon came I said to you: Come with your God; you shall knock peacefully at the doors of Chine'ya and Japan, and they shall open to you.

32/33.18. This, you accomplished; and those who had been exclusive for hundreds of years, turned from the old ways to welcome Jehovih's hand in your promises.

32/33.19. Now I declare to you, I will not have exclusiveness anymore, in any of the nations and peoples in all of the world.

32/33.20. Neither shall there be taxes and duties (tariffs) of one nation or people against another.

32/33.21. Behold, you have asked for the Father's kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven, and I will give it to you. As you have prayed, so will I answer you, in the name of Jehovih.

32/33.22. You shall not serve both, Jehovih and mammon. Neither shall the light of my heavens be with you, unless you heed my judgments.

32/33.23. I will have all the ports open and free, and without partisan taxation, either in favor of one nation against another, or of one people against another people.

32/33.24. It is not excusable for you to say: Lo, the poor foreigner will come and consume my riches!

32/33.25. You shall say the opposite: Welcome, my poor brothers and sisters! Whatever is mine, is yours also. Come, and dwell within my country; it is ample, and Jehovih will provide for us.





























































1299  forbid, outlaw, make illegal, restrain, block, suppress, take precedence over


CHAPTER 34 Judgment

God judges the governments of man




32/34.1. God said: When a man has young children, he makes just laws, in order to teach them discretion, justice, harmony and consideration, in regard to one another.

32/34.2. But when his children attain to be men and women, man no longer holds a law over them, for they have become his equals, as brothers and sisters.

32/34.3. Similarly, in the ancient times I had provided you, O man, with governments and laws for different nations and peoples.

32/34.4. Nevertheless, I said to you: Let your government be like a father over the people, and not as a separate matter against them.

32/34.5. But you have disobeyed my commandments; your government is as one thing, and your people as another thing. That which should be one entity, you have made into two.

32/34.6. Your government has become a separate self from the people; and the people are like servants, supporting the lawmakers, who trade in projects and schemes for their own profit and glory.

32/34.7. Since the earliest days all the governments of man have drifted into this.

32/34.8. When a government no longer fills the grade, according to the advancement of the people, behold, your God withdraws his heavenly protection from that government. And the people run immediately into anarchy.

32/34.9. Do not lay the blame of anarchy, revolution and assassinations on the people; my judgment is against the government in all cases. These conditions of vengeance are only the fruit resulting from the government's divergence from the will of Jehovih, and the march of His light.

32/34.10. For example, as the offspring of inharmonious parents, or of parents wrapped up in selfishness, are lower in grade than their predecessors, even so do the subjects of a king decline in grade in proportion to the prevention of liberty and the neglect of general instruction.

32/34.11. Judgment is rendered against government where it does not provide liberty to the people, and where it neglects providing means for the development of the talents created with all.

32/34.12. In those respects, O man, governments are measured and graded by your God. And whenever a government sets itself up to enforce and strengthen itself by violence against justice for the multitude, behold, I turn away from that government; and I call away my Lords and holy angels.

32/34.13. And with that, drujas come upon those people, and the people fall upon their government, and destroy it.

32/34.14. If a government is a king only, and he has no holy council [parliament --Ed.], then the responsibility of the shortness is wholly his.

32/34.15. But if the king has a holy council, then the responsibility for shortness lies partly with the king and partly with the council.

32/34.16. Judgment is rendered against them, not only in this world, but in the es world. And each and every member of such a council shall be bound in the first resurrection until he has made amends to all his people for the shortness he manifested on the earth.

32/34.17. Hear the wisdom of your God, O man, and consider the way of righteousness in the governments of mortals:

32/34.18. The nearer the two are to being one, that is, the government and the people, the nearer they are like my heavenly kingdoms.

32/34.19. The more alienated the government is from the people, the further it is from the kingdom of your God.

32/34.20. Let this be a guide to you, O man, in prophesying the change and the overthrow of governments: According to the square of the distance a government is from Jehovih (which is Righteousness) so is accelerated the pace of its coming change or destruction.

32/34.21. Do not think these matters are governed by chance or accident: Jehovih is Perfect Righteousness; the all Everlasting.

32/34.22. He is All One. For a people and their government to attain to be all one with each other, this is great strength, with a long existence and internal peace.

32/34.23. You shall also consider this, O man: All governments are tending toward oneness with one another. This is the march of Jehovih. None can stop Him.

32/34.24. Consider, then, what wisdom is between governments: To make themselves reciprocal |1300| toward one another.

32/34.25. A government that sets itself up for itself, and against other governments, is a selfish government. And your God rates it the same as a selfish man, being disparate |1301| from Jehovih and His kingdoms.

32/34.26. Judgment is rendered against such a government. Neither my Lords nor my holy angels shall bless that government.

32/34.27. Governments that practice affiliation, to bring about reciprocal brotherhoods between governments, are on the right road toward the Father's everlasting kingdoms.

32/34.28. Do not flatter yourself O man, that these matters can escape the observation of your God. The affairs, |1302| legislations, laws, treaties, and all things that governments accomplish directly or indirectly, good or bad, are known and recorded in the heavens of the earth. And the leaders, kings, and councils, shall, sooner or later, face them; and they shall judge their own fullness or shortness in serving Jehovih in righteousness and wisdom.






























































































1300  complementary exchanges, mutual agreements, harmonious interchanges, have functioning relations



1301  distant, incongruent, discordant, divergent











1302  concerns, proceedings, conduct, pursuits, undertakings, programs, contacts, associations, dealings, transactions, interactions, deeds


CHAPTER 35 Judgment

God declares against the governments of man




32/35.1. God said: Whoever lives with Jehovih is free from Jehovih. These need no man's government; for they practice righteousness, peace, love, industry and wisdom, with due regard to one another.

32/35.2. Such is the Father's kingdom on earth. In which, there shall be no laws made by man; neither shall there be leaders nor rulers.

32/35.3. The progress of man is toward this; the progress of the governments of man should shape toward such a consummation.

32/35.4. The time was, when laws were required for all things, even to the manner of a man coming in and going out of a house; and to every occupation that man followed; with licenses and taxes regulating them; a time of apprenticeship to a barber, a weaver, lawyer, preacher, physician, smith, and to all other trades and occupations, with examinations and passports (diplomas, licenses) to practice within the king's dominions; with rates for fees; and rights and privileges.

32/35.5. But these laws and governments were for the past eras; they were righteous in the first place, for they shaped man's judgment toward perfecting himself.

32/35.6. But, behold, a new time is in the world; as a result of the acquisition of knowledge, a new liberty has been born into the world. And it cries out on every side: Throw open the doors to all trades and occupations; behold, the multitude are sufficiently wise to judge for themselves as to whom they shall patronize.

32/35.7. Judgment is rendered against the laws and governments of man in all cases where they prevent the liberty and choice of man as to his vocation and knowledge.

32/35.8. It is not sufficient for you to say: Behold, the public will be taken advantage of by ignorant pretenders. You have no right to say what the public will suffer, and thus base a law on prospective damage.

32/35.9. When the public have suffered, and when they, themselves, demand protection by such laws, then such laws shall be made. To make such laws beforehand, is to sin against Jehovih.

32/35.10. It was said of old: You shall keep the Sabbath day holy. And it was defined what a man should not do on that day.

32/35.11. Judgment is rendered against that law; nevertheless, I do not put aside the practice.

32/35.12. But the time has now come when man shall himself judge as to whether he will or will not keep any day sacred.

32/35.13. Moreover, from this time forward, man shall not be held accountable as to whether he keeps, or does not keep, any day as a sacred day. Yet this accountability shall be upon all men: whether they fulfill in wisdom and righteousness to the utmost of their capacities.

32/35.14. There was a law of circumcision; but I render judgment against that law also, for it has fulfilled its time. This law, I put aside in practice. But I give permission to the adult to have himself circumcised, according to his own judgment.

32/35.15. Judgment is also rendered against infant baptism; and I put aside this law also, and I make it an abomination before Jehovih.

32/35.16. Nevertheless, when a child has reached fourteen years of age, and it chooses of its own accord to be sprinkled with water, to conform to the rites and ceremonies, then that child shall be thus baptized in the name of Jehovih, but not in the name of God, nor any Lord, Savior or angel.

32/35.17. This is wisdom, O man: To have no law or government between man and wife.

32/35.18. This is ignorance: To have a law between man and wife.

32/35.19. Yet, because there are bad men and bad women, who do marry, it has been found necessary to have a law between man and wife, regarding their duties.

32/35.20. But consider how wrong it is to have a law between a good man and good wife, regarding their duties. It is better for them to be thrown upon their own love and judgment.

32/35.21. I gave governments and laws to all peoples in the following manner: To the bad and evil-minded, rigid laws, with many details; but to the wise and good, I come now as an emancipator, saying: Go, and without laws and government, fulfill your destinies according to your own judgment, so that you may be an honor and glory to Jehovih.

32/35.22. In kosmon, man shall no longer be driven in yoke and harness, he shall stand upright before Jehovih, practicing his highest light with rejoicing, being a free man, and a brother to his God!

32/35.23. Behold, the Uzians have a custom of eating bread, and drinking wine, saying, like the worshippers of Baugh-ghan-ghad, of old: Eat of this, for it is my flesh; and, drink of this, for it is my blood, signifying, that this which they do, was commanded by me, God of heaven and earth.

32/35.24. Judgment is rendered against this custom, with abhorrence; moreover, from now on, it shall be known as blasphemy against Jehovih.

32/35.25. Your God has never commanded man to eat flesh and blood, nor pretended that bread and wine were flesh and blood, nor commanded them to be eaten in remembrance of the flesh and blood of any man born of woman.

32/35.26. They also have a custom of decorating and draping themselves in black crepe, |1303| and characterizing the same as a sign of mourning for the dead.

32/35.27. Judgment is rendered against such a custom, but without prohibition.

32/35.28. Jehovih creates alive, and Jehovih takes life away, for all things are His.

32/35.29. Remember your Creator with wisdom; and neither in your dress nor habit shall you censure Him for what has been.

32/35.30. Neither curb the full sorrow of your heart and your soul, because your brother or sister, son or daughter, or father or mother, has passed away.

32/35.31. But remember, Jehovih is over all His works, and provides wisely for the living and the dead.

32/35.32. Jehovih has said: To man I gave an earthly body so he could learn earthly things; but death I gave to man so he could rise to the inheritance of My heavenly kingdoms.

32/35.33. He appoints a time to all; to some an hour, to some a year, and to some a hundred years; every one fulfills to result in wisdom and happiness, and for the glory of the Almighty.















































































































1303  a thin, lightweight, crinkled fabric


CHAPTER 36 Judgment

God shows how he has wrought




32/36.1. God says: Behold the work of my hand, O man: As you find an old house, no longer habitable, you send workmen to pull it down, and then you send laborers to clear away the rubbish.

32/36.2. And afterward you bring builders, and they lay a new foundation, larger and broader than the old one, and upon it they build you a new edifice, adapted with new improvements for the increase and requirements of your family.

32/36.3. Even so has your God labored, for hundreds of years, to prepare for the generations of this day.

32/36.4. For I saw beforehand that man would circumscribe the earth, and that all the nations and peoples of it would become known to one another.

32/36.5. And I also saw that in the coming time, which is now here, the old edifices of doctrines, creeds and religions, including those of the Brahmins, Buddhists, Jews, Ka'yuans, Kriste'yans and Mohammedans, would not fulfill the requirements of man.

32/36.6. And now, behold, O man, the wisdom of Jehovih in His preparations: He had permitted corruptions and contradictions to creep into the sacred books of all of the said great religions, purposely and with design, so as to make easy the work of your God.

32/36.7. And when I saw that the coming together of nations and peoples would require a new religious edifice, I perceived, also, that the old ones must be cleared away.

32/36.8. And behold, I, your God, went to work systematically, inspiring man to accomplish that which man has now accomplished.

32/36.9. I raised up scholars and infidels against these religions, inspiring them to attack the corruptions and contradictions in the sacred books of all these peoples.

32/36.10. And, in the same time that I sent infidels against the Jewish bible, I sent infidels against the Hindu bibles, and against the doctrines of Brahma, Buddha, and Ka'yu, and against the Kriste'yans and Mohammedans.

32/36.11. And I made the beginning of the work of these infidels and scholars to correspond with the discovery of Guatama by Columbo, and I kept them at their work for three hundred years, which was up to the time of the establishment of the republic of Guatama, which I, your God, provided to be untrammeled by an established religion.

32/36.12. After my workmen, the scholars and infidels, had thus undermined the old edifice, behold, I sent laborers, under the name of merchants and traders, to commence clearing away the rubbish.

32/36.13. And because of their desires in money getting, they did not consider the religious edifice of any people, and they provided comity |1304| relations wherever they went.

32/36.14. For a hundred years, these, my laborers, have been at their work, stripping off and clearing away the prejudice of nations and peoples against one another.

32/36.15. And then, behold, I came with my builders, and I prepared a new foundation---broader, firmer, and more open; for an edifice adapted to all the nations and peoples in the world.

32/36.16. First, I sent my miracle-workers forth into every quarter, saying to them: Whatever was done by the ancient Gods and Saviors, do likewise, and greater. For I will show the entire world that no man or God is worthy to be worshipped because of miracles. |1305| ||

32/36.17. And they went forth at my command, and my angels went with them, doing wonders.

32/36.18. They healed the sick, by the laying on of hands; they restored the blind to sight; made the deaf hear; and have brought the supposed dead to life. |1306|

32/36.19. They have caused writing to come on stone tablets, and on paper, in the light of day, by unseen hands.

32/36.20. They have caused ponderous bodies, without mortal contact, to move, and to beat time to music.

32/36.21. A child has lifted eight full-grown men with her little finger.

32/36.22. They have passed full-blown |1307| flowers and plants through boards and tables, unbruised and uninjured, and yet, there was neither hole nor opening in the boards and tables.

32/36.23. They have made stars of light that spoke with audible voices; they have made pillars of fire by night, and pillars of cloud by day.

32/36.24. They have caused the spirits of the dead to appear as if in flesh and blood; and while thus appearing, talk face to face with their mortal kin, who saw them, heard them, and by the subject of the discourse, proved them to be the very angels of heaven, returned to their earth-kin and friends.

32/36.25. For the time of one generation your God has thus kept open the gates of heaven; working through mortals, by the angels of heaven.

32/36.26. My testimony and my witnesses are hundreds of thousands. I do not hide the work of my hand and of my angels in a corner; I extend them abroad over the earth; I manifest in the cities and country places; I prove to all peoples, that common men and women can do the miracles for which Gods and Saviors have been worshipped.

32/36.27. Yes, I give these powers to good and bad men, and to good and bad women.

32/36.28. For I show miracles in order to break down the worship of miracle-workers.

32/36.29. For I will have none worshipped but Jehovih. And I have inspired angels to this end, and to the end that good works and wisdom shall be, from this time forward, the means of resurrection in heaven.

32/36.30. And I have shown also, that only by harmony and the union of many, can any great good come to the generations of men.


























































1304  courteous, respectful (toward the other's person, laws, customs and institutions), civil, cordial, polite, agreeable, friendly, affable, warm, inviting, welcoming











1305  This refers to the Spiritualism movement which flourished thus from 1849 to 1882.





1306  I have seen two cases of blindness thus cured. One had been blind twelve years, and the other eight months. These two, I knew of my own knowledge; but I have heard of many other cases, which were well authenticated. I also know of a child that three physicians pronounced dead, which was restored to life, and is now living. I have heard of many other cases, but find, the authority is not sufficient for a work of this kind. --Ed.

1307  fully matured, fully grown, in full bloom


CHAPTER 37 Judgment

God reveals his method of work




32/37.1. God said: Do not think, O man, that your God goes about accomplishing a work without system and order.

32/37.2. Truly, these are the first of my considerations.

32/37.3. First, I send my loo'is, my masters of generations, down to the earth, to the nations and peoples where I intend to build my edifice.

32/37.4. And my loo'is, by inspiration, control the marriages of certain mortals, so that heirs may be born into the world suited to the work I have on hand.

32/37.5. Toward this end, my loo'is labor for many generations, raising up thousands and tens of thousands of mortal heirs according to my commandments.

32/37.6. So, O man, for four hundred years my loo'is shaped mortal births to bring about the armies of your God.

32/37.7. And now, when the time of Kosmon had come, behold, I sent my Lords and my numerators, to receive the harvest and the records of my loo'is.

32/37.8. Thus, O man, your God knew beforehand what part and what place each and every one of his mortal laborers was adapted to.

32/37.9. And through my Lords, generals and captains of my angel hosts, I commanded man to commence work on my building.

32/37.10. Some to heal the sick, some to work signs and miracles, some to lecture, some to write, and so on, every one according to the work of his adaptation.

32/37.11. And all of this to one purpose: not to build up or exalt any man, God, or religion, but to found Jehovih's kingdom on earth.

32/37.12. To give man the system of universal peace, love, harmony and kosmon, |1308| adapted to all nations and peoples in the world.

32/37.13. And to this end I commanded my Lords and angels, generals and captains; and I further commanded certain angel registrars to accompany and be with mortals in this, the Kosmon era, to observe them at the work I provided them.

32/37.14. And whoever does a good work in truth, righteousness, wisdom and love, their sphere of usefulness and light shall be extended by my holy angels. For so I have commanded.

32/37.15. And I further said to my angels: Go with these proofs before mortals, with signs and miracles; go to the rich and the poor, to the learned and to the unlearned. And you shall observe them, as to what use they make of the new revelations.

32/37.16. For some shall appropriate these things to money-making; some, to personal fame; some, to evil purposes; but a few, to the glory of the Almighty, and the exaltation of mankind.

32/37.17. Try all mortals, and make a register of them, and their behavior, and preserve the same in my heavens.

32/37.18. And it shall come to pass that many of my seers shall have great poverty and great hardships, for they will be unsuited to serve mammon. Nevertheless, they shall convert the rich, proving my truths to them. And it shall also happen that my seers, in distress, shall go to the rich, who shall deny and refuse them.

32/37.19. Make a record of these also. For, in course of time, and, because of the hardness of their hearts, I shall withdraw my holy angels from such rich people, and they shall be left to fall into the obsession of drujas.

32/37.20. And their families shall be obsessed, their wives, husbands, sons or daughters.

32/37.21. And the drujas shall divide the families, turning a man against his father, and a daughter against a mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

32/37.22. For, whoever goes away from me, paying tribute to satan (self), I will not follow after. |1309|

32/37.23. And the drujas shall say: Do not think we have come to send peace on earth, we come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword.

32/37.24. And families of the unrighteous, being obsessed with drujas, shall keep their convictions secret, and they shall say: This is lunacy, meaning derangement.

32/37.25. Others, being asked if they belong to the new dispensation, shall say: No, we know nothing of it; behold, we are good members of the church!

32/37.26. And now, accordingly, all such matters were recorded in my heavens, and such mortals became known to me.

32/37.27. And those who consult the spirits in regard to money-making, or to earthly matters for self's sake, also became known to me.

32/37.28. And I commanded my holy angels to withdraw from all mortals who were not working for Jehovih's new kingdom, who were of no profit in the resurrection of man; and, behold, this was also done.

32/37.29. And it came to pass, that many whom I had planned for exalted work, fell into the hands of drujas. And they held conferences, and were divided, man against man, and woman against woman; full of boasting and short-sighted wisdom, seeking the applause of the multitude.

32/37.30. And so my angels sifted them and sorted them, in order to find those who were willing to sacrifice self for the sake of the Father's kingdom.

32/37.31. These I drew aside, and I said to them: You who choose to serve Jehovih, behold, Jehovih has chosen you also.





































1308  Kosmon pertains to accessibility and balance, with spiritual senses and spiritual knowledge in balance with corporeal senses and corporeal knowledge. Kosmon is also the time for man to become perfect in his order.





































1309  i.e., I will not seek to call him back to righteousness (will not actively seek to redeem him), but let him go his own way.


CHAPTER 38 Judgment

God shows the mistakes of man's judgment




32/38.1. God said: I said to you, O man, pursue your wisdom after the manner of your God. |1310|

32/38.2. I go to the beginning; I labor not so much to convert adults, as to prepare the minds of the young.

32/38.3. Now, behold, because I told you this, you sought to have children born to you after the manner of Gods. |1311|

32/38.4. You said: I understand the new kingdom; I have the solution for raising up a new generation on the earth. I have chosen me my women, who also comprehend, and, behold, our offspring will be very Gods!

32/38.5. But I admonished you, saying: You open the door for adultery; you shall surely go down.

32/38.6. You would not profit by the wisdom of ages. I had held up my hand, and said: One wife, one husband!

32/38.7. Now hear me, O man: In a new cycle, man always runs to the extreme opposite of the old errors, and so brings upon himself new ones, that he did not know of.

32/38.8. I say to you: The new edifice shall be of all that was good of the past, of things proven in heaven and on earth.

32/38.9. Also, I say to you, it shall be of the young, and not of the adult.

32/38.10. Because you have attempted to beget offspring for the new kingdom, you, of all men, are the most unfit.

32/38.11. My laborers shall not have desire to be either fathers or mothers. Nor shall they seek in any way things that belong on the earth, nor have passions that belong only to the earth.

32/38.12. Nevertheless, they shall be the founders of the Father's kingdom on earth, and with the young.

32/38.13. They shall gather up hundreds and thousands of infant orphans and castaways and take them into colonies.

32/38.14. And these infants shall be fed, clothed and raised up, not after any man's whim or conceit, but according to the accumulated wisdom collected from all the different nations and peoples in the world, as to how to make the best corporeal and spiritual men and women.

32/38.15. Behold, it has been proven in the warrior and pugilist |1312| how to raise a savage man, by flesh diet and inharmonious surroundings; and in nations and tribes of peace, how to raise a virtuous and industrious man, on herbs and fruit diet.

32/38.16. These are things for you to learn, O man, going at the subject systematically, to find the best way to make the best men and women out of the infants entrusted to you.

32/38.17. Not only as to diet, but as to clothing, and as to comfort and cleanliness; and to avoid disease; and as to strength, suppleness and swiftness; and as to virtue and modesty; and as to education, practical and theoretical; and as to industry and quick perception; and as to willingness to work for one another; and to trades and occupations; and as to pastimes, amusements and recreations including singing, dancing and playing with great joy and delight; and as to worship, and to rites and ceremonies; and as to acquiring seership, prophecy, signs, and miracles, in su'is and sar'gis; and as to communing with angels, and to the value of angels as teachers and instructors by tangible presence and audible voices.

32/38.18. And yet, above all things, you shall preserve liberty to all, with pleasant and enjoyable discipline for everything, in the manner of my heavenly kingdoms.

32/38.19. Remembering, that every faculty in every one shall be cultivated to the utmost.

32/38.20. Teaching them, from the beginning, that the eye of Jehovih is upon them, and that His hand is stretched over them, to bless them according to their goodness, purity, love, gentleness and wisdom.

32/38.21. And that they shall not own or possess individually; but that all things are Jehovih's, and they, themselves, are angels in mortal form, created by Jehovih to rejoice and to help one another forever.




1310  That is, proceed along the course of your wisdom, like God proceeds along the course of his; in other words, the example that God provides in the way of wise dominion, is worthy of study and emulation, especially in providing a way for man to rise toward Jehovih and the beautiful creation (His kingdom come).

1311  Which is to say, his (or her) notion of how to found the Father's kingdom on earth is first to know how to bring forth godlike, then second, find a mate or mates who also know how; and then third, produce children, who are thus expected to be born godlike. || Such a person undoubtedly believes the first step has been attained, but it is a delusion; and subsequently, so are the final two steps a delusion. Nevertheless, such a person evidently believes that the taking of those three steps fulfills the wisdom of God.




























1312  boxer, fighter, scrapper, contender, belligerent, brawler


CHAPTER 39 Judgment

God provides for increase




32/39.1. God said: When your educational colony of infants have grown to manhood and womanhood, they shall understand that, as they were once homeless and fatherless, and were gathered up and provided for, so shall they go and do likewise, gathering from the Uzians other orphans and castaways, raising them in other colonies, as they themselves were once raised.

32/39.2. And it shall come to pass, that many will desire to marry; and it shall be granted to them to choose among their own people, and marry whom they will.

32/39.3. But it shall be a law that no man or woman shall marry more than one time.

32/39.4. Whether the partner dies, or whether they divorce themselves, yet, to none other shall either wed ever again.

32/39.5. Also it shall be a law, that, at maturity, if anyone desires to leave the colony, he shall do so without hindrance or prejudice.

32/39.6. Though it shall be inculcated |1313| into them, during their youth, that, at maturity, they are supposed to swarm out, like bees becoming too numerous for one hive, and go and form a new colony; and, that in all things they shall be taught not to do anything for self's sake, but for the good of man and for the honor and glory of Jehovih.

32/39.7. And the following things shall come to pass with these people:

32/39.8. They shall abjure war;

32/39.9. They shall be non-resistants;

32/39.10. They shall have su'is, and shall see without their mortal eyes, and hear without their mortal ears.

32/39.11. My angels shall appear before them, and walk with them, talking to them, and teaching them of my kingdoms.

32/39.12. And angels of the I'hin race will come to them; as will the I'huans, and all other peoples of whom mention is made in this Oahspe.

32/39.13. And mortals shall recover, from the libraries in heaven, things that have been lost on the earth, including languages and histories of tens of thousands of years ago.

32/39.14. And mortals shall prophesy accurately about things in heaven and on the earth.

32/39.15. And many shall attain adeptism, and in spirit go out of their mortal bodies and appear hundreds of miles away, and there make themselves known; and they will return again to their mortal bodies, unharmed.

32/39.16. All these, and even greater things, my angels shall teach them.

32/39.17. Do not flatter yourself, O man, that these things can come in Uz, or that they can come suddenly. They can neither come to Uzians, nor can they come suddenly.

32/39.18. It is not the work of your God in this cycle to raise up any man to become worshipful because of such wonders; it is my work to show man how he shall attain to these things himself.

32/39.19. For this reason, I do not come in this day to call sinners to repentance, nor to gather up the lost sheep of Israel.

32/39.20. I come now to the wise and pure, who have fulfilled the former commandments.

32/39.21. I come to give them a new lesson, which is, to show them how to build the Father's kingdom on earth.

32/39.22. I come to raise up a new people in the world, greater than ever has been.

32/39.23. Those that I sent have cleared away the old edifice. I come not as a destroyer; I come as a builder.

32/39.24. Into your hands, O man, I give the key to the heavenly kingdoms. Remember, the password which admits you to the all highest kingdoms is, JEHOVIH, THE I AM.
























1313  instilled (taught) through frequent repetition or persistent teaching



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