Book of Ouranothen

or Light from Heaven

|1236| CHAPTER 1 Ouranothen




31/1.1. These are the words of Ouranothen: By Your light and dominion, O Jehovih, peace and good will to all men; with faith in You, and forbearance toward one another for Your glory, amen.

31/1.2. I do not come to abridge liberty, but to give more of it to you, with love and wisdom, so that the resurrection of men becomes established on earth as it is in heaven.

31/1.3. He Whom you worship under diverse names, placing Him far away, I declare to you His actual presence. And I accord to you much praise and thanks if you worship in truth, fulfilling His commandments, acknowledging there is only one God, even Jehovih.

31/1.4. Whether you say: Brahma, Brahma, or Buddha, Buddha, or Christ, Christ, or Allah, Allah, doing so in reverence to the Almighty, our Creator, practicing good works with all your wisdom and strength---even so do I proclaim your good deeds in heaven.

31/1.5. For all of these (Saviors, Gods, religions) are the Father's buildings, to bring His children into ultimate resurrection, for joy and glory within His kingdoms.

31/1.6. Therefore, I do not come to take from you any of your Gods or Saviors, nor to abridge your field for practicing righteousness, but rather to show you a greater glory in comprehending all of them in the plan of the Almighty, to reach the different peoples in all parts of the earth.

31/1.7. Pleading with you to be charitable to one another, and more comprehensive in your judgment, putting away egotism in professing among yourselves that such of you alone were the favored of Jehovih.

31/1.8. First, then, His Living Presence I declare to you; that He is now, always was, and ever shall be present in all places, worlds without end.

31/1.9. Doing by virtue of His presence; quickening into life, and moving all things onward to a wise and definite purpose.

31/1.10. Whose Presence is everywhere and boundless.

31/1.11. That all the living are His sons and daughters.

31/1.12. That none are as orphans, but all have a Father; part and parcel of your flesh and spirit is He, even the Creator. |1237|

31/1.13. Into Whose harmony you are like keys to one instrument, with Whom you can become as one, by practicing His commandments.

31/1.14. That only in this way is there peace and happiness to any person on earth or angel in heaven.

31/1.15. Second, this also I declare to you, that if you have put the Father far away, saying such as: There is a divine law, or, there is a natural law, || this shows you do not comprehend the living presence of Jehovih, but profane Him and His works.

31/1.16. For there is no divine law, nor is there a natural law.

31/1.17. But all good things are accomplished by the living presence of the Creator.

31/1.18. Things commonly called evil being done by striving to go against Him.

31/1.19. Third, that Jehovih has not finished His creations and retired from His works; that where you have said: He tired, or He rested from His works, || you have let yourselves fall, through errors of language, into profanation of the Almighty.

31/1.20. For He is also Master over all weariness, and is His own everlasting rest and unrest, beyond the comprehension of mortals and angels.

31/1.21. And He is forever bringing together (creating), and forever dissolving and dissipating worlds without number. |1238|

31/1.22. Illimitable |1239| in soul and spirit, forever quickening into life from His own parts, without loss or waste, or lack of space, and without hindrance.

31/1.23. Fourth, that Jehovih is the soul of all, and that you are like independent atoms of His Person.

31/1.24. How then can any man say: Behold, my people are the chosen of the Almighty! He has singled out my people to go forth and redeem the world! ||

31/1.25. I proclaim all people His people; and I say also: Go forth and redeem the world. But not with words only, nor by the sword (enforcement), nor by armies of destroyers, but by peace and love, and providing remedies for the poor, the afflicted, helpless and distressed.



1236  Ouranothen means comprehensive light from the atmospherean heavens of the earth; or as we might say, from the throne of God; or, as spoken through God; or, Light from God; or, Light of Heaven as spoken by God.










































1237  Note that this means every one, no matter how exalted, or how alone, or how unripe he or she may be, is still a child of Jehovih, and cannot be severed from Him, although such a one may turn away from Him for a season.























1238  being too many to count

1239  limitless, immeasurable, inexhaustible, infinite, uncircumscribable


CHAPTER 2 Ouranothen




31/2.1. These are the words of Ouranothen: In the name of Jehovih, peace and love to the angels and mortals of earth.

31/2.2. Because it has been demonstrated to you that the knowledge of man is only his own consciousness of the records that have been written on his body and spirit, so let it be testimony that the affairs of heaven and earth are registered everlastingly on the soul of man.

31/2.3. Whether written upon by his own behavior or indulgence, or by the places of his resort, he is the book of his own dominion; and in the hands of Jehovih, or else against Him.

31/2.4. Which shall also be testimony that the eye of the Father is ever upon all men, both in this world and the next.

31/2.5. For which reason no man shall say: God cut him off || meaning Jehovih turned away from the evil man.

31/2.6. Which is a profanation against the Father. For He does not turn away, nor does He cut off any man.

31/2.7. Nevertheless many cut themselves off by denying Him and by not obeying His commandments.

31/2.8. And they bring darkness and misery upon themselves; and they cry out: Where is the justice of God, that He afflicts me? Or, why does He not come to those who are in distress? ||

31/2.9. And when they are in darkness, they marry and bring forth in darkness and with predisposition to misery and death.

31/2.10. For which reason it was said of old that the sins of a man are visited on the third and fourth generations of those who come after.

31/2.11. And then the infidel cries out: Behold the misery of the creatures of God!

31/2.12. But I say to you, all these things were revealed long before, and you are the testimonies (fruit) of those who deny the wisdom and glory of Jehovih, your God.

31/2.13. What then is the register |1240| of the earth? Where shall the Father find an exemplary people?

31/2.14. ---Where you love your neighbors as yourselves, practicing virtue, and exaltation in righteousness above all else?

31/2.15. For I say to you, they have cunningly interpreted the revelations of heaven so as to open the door to unrighteous teaching.

31/2.16. By saying such and such things are done by divine law instead of being done by the actual presence of the Creator.

31/2.17. Persuading themselves that their God had gone away, leaving certain laws to carry on His works.

31/2.18. And the ungodly interpreted them, saying, that since God had gone far away, He did not see the behavior of men, nor registered their deeds in truth as done in the body. ||

31/2.19. For, in this way, they have been led to believe that sin and evil deeds are hidden away, and that neither man, angels nor God, know they have been done.

31/2.20. And they have grown up in disbelief, ignoring the Person of the Almighty, even though the powers of life and death stand before them.

31/2.21. Being addicted to crimes and misdemeanors against one another, in no fear of God the Father, and only restrained by the laws and prisons of man. ||

31/2.22. He Whom you therefore ignorantly worship, as being far away, I declare to you His actual presence. And that His eye is ever upon you.

31/2.23. And that you are a perpetual register of both the good and evil that you practice toward one another and in the Father.

31/2.24. This is the foundation on which I proclaim Jehovih's kingdom on earth. Without this there is no resurrection either in this world or the next.

31/2.25. And as much as you establish this doctrine in the understanding of the young, |1241| so will you have laid the cornerstone for the edifice of Jehovih, your Creator. |1242|

31/2.26. To which end you shall put away all terms such as divine law and natural law. |1243|

31/2.27. And from this time forward, teach them of the living I Am, the Jehovih, Who is over all and within all His works, doing by virtue of His presence, call him Lord or God as you may.











































1240  tone, tenor, book, grade, standing






















1241  i.e., children

1242  The Foundation Doctrine: Jehovih's Actual Presence is always here and now, and that His Eye always sees you, no exceptions, and that your every Act, Thought, Word, Emotion and Attitude is Recorded---no exceptions, ever---and that others can read the record.

[For those who have already done evil, all is not lost, however; for a preponderance of good acts washes away the darkness in the soul, so that, at length, it will be the goodness in the soul that shines forth, and the records of the redeemed dark deeds of the past become essentially transparent. --ed.]

1243  By natural law is meant the so-called unalterable laws of nature or laws of physics; their spiritual counterparts are thus called Divine laws.

Note that it is not here suggested that we disregard constancy or wisdom, but rather that the constancy and wisdom is because of Jehovih's actual presence, and not because these constancies (so-called natural laws or divine laws) are somehow potent and inviolate in and of themselves. And while these are, or may be, part of the system and order of the universe, yet that system and order is held so by Jehovih---by His actual living presence.

CHAPTER 3 Ouranothen




31/3.1. These are the words of Ouranothen: By the power and wisdom of Jehovih in me, I salute you in peace, love and reconciliation with the Father.

31/3.2. To make you magnanimous and of comprehensive judgment in discerning the dominion of Jehovih.

31/3.3. So that you are not puffed up with your knowledge of the ancient prophets and revelators of God, the Father, saying: His words were revealed of old; the ancient revelations were final. ||

31/3.4. Jehovih is the same today, yesterday and forever. His voice and His hands are with you; He does not change as the wind blows.

31/3.5. Open your understanding to the Living Present, the I Am, in remembrance of the ancient days, when the prophets of God were denied also.

31/3.6. For the same things come in every cycle in the travel of the world. And the same doctrines are revealed, embracing the same exalted commandments; proclaiming the actual presence of the Creator to all men.

31/3.7. But those who do not love Him with all their hearts and souls, and their neighbors as themselves, cry out: We will not have this; let us crucify him! ||

31/3.8. Now, behold, Jehovih's season is manifest among all nations and peoples. Do they (the religions of the World's People) not cry out against the skepticism of man? |1244| And are their doctrines not trembling on their foundation?

31/3.9. The enthusiasm they put forth is only for a day; with the death of the preacher his church becomes like the house of a stranger.

31/3.10. For they do not worship the Father, but bow down before the oratory of man.

31/3.11. For which reason, in this day I say to you, the present time is greater than of old, for as this present cycle embraces the whole earth, becoming as one people around it, so, to that end, the light of Jehovih is being manifest among all nations and peoples.

31/3.12. And the skepticism and breaking to pieces in one region of the earth is only a type of the same manifestations in the others.

31/3.13. Do not think, then, with the circumscribing of the earth (when the Kosmon era began), that Jehovih is not sufficient for a universal doctrine, adapted to all the inhabitants of the earth.

31/3.14. For He plies |1245| His angel hosts according to the work He has on hand.

31/3.15. Raising up one man to one work and another man to another work; appropriating all people to building His kingdom.

31/3.16. And He sends His angels to man to give him signs and omens; and man says: I feel it coming; a new advent (beginning) is at hand. ||

31/3.17. Of which matters the earth is stored with history.

31/3.18. As when in Egupt, in the great kingdom, the Pharaohs had fortified themselves with learning and with monuments designed by man to be everlasting.

31/3.19. And both, angels of darkness, and angels of light, descended upon that land, and the people were overwhelmed with miracles and necromancy. |1246|

31/3.20. And the Father called to the multitude to come out of Egupt; and as many as had faith in Him rose up (Moses and the Faithists) and departed away from that land.

31/3.21. Then came darkness upon Egupt, and she went down to destruction. Her temples and places of great learning fell down or became known no more.

31/3.22. Now this I declare to you, that the same kinds of necromancy and angel manifestations appear in the beginning of every dan'ha cycle. |1247|

31/3.23. For, the Father allows even angels of darkness to appear before men to confound them in their unbelief, and to make them fearful in their unrighteous behavior.

31/3.24. And this also happens soon after the advent of a cycle, that the angels of the second heaven (etherea) come, calling sinners to repentance, and proclaiming the difference between the higher and lower heavens.

31/3.25. And those mortals who have faith in Jehovih, practicing righteousness, are led forth into a new place and holier condition. But those who do not heed the voice of the angels of God go down in darkness.






























1244  It is well known that at that time, the religions of the world's people preferred blind faith and unquestioned obedience to their dogma, rather than opening their teachings up to questions. Accordingly, those whose inclination is to question authority may be more to the ways of Jehovih, than he who would docilely accept without question or reasonableness or proof, the dictates of a religion. Also note the same as is just said about religion may be said of oppressive governments or any oppressive organization.










1245  wields, applies, employs

















1246  predictions from spirits of the dead; black magic; sorcery









1247  i.e., every 3000 years or so


CHAPTER 4 Ouranothen




31/4.1. The words of Ouranothen: By the grace and power of the Creator, God of all peoples, faith be yours and within you, for your own redemption.

31/4.2. First come signs and presentiments, then belief, and after that faith, which is followed by works.

31/4.3. And this law |1248| is for all the living, whether man, bird, beast, or creeping thing; there being signs and presentiments to all the living, according to what concerns them.

31/4.4. Behold, the times of heaven and earth are made of summers and winters (cycles, seasons) for all things: a time when the harvest of one revelation or one doctrine comes to its ripening, and a time afterward when it is gathered in by the Father, and is known no more (except, perhaps, as a myth).

31/4.5. To one age, God bestows revelation on man, according to what is good for man, but when it has fulfilled its work, God gathers it in, and bestows another revelation.

31/4.6. Such are the works of Jehovih, neither can man nor angels stop His hand.

31/4.7. To Greece, to Egypt and to India, He gave many self-Gods. According to the necessities of the times and the light of man, so that man could be raised up through belief and faith, so did He give them self-Gods and doctrines suited to them.

31/4.8. And man became tenacious of his self-Gods, truly making idols of them, and depending on the self-Gods and angels to accomplish, by intercession and otherwise, man's ultimate exaltation in heaven.

31/4.9. So man ceased to work out his own salvation, depending on his self-Gods to save him, even in his crimes and blasphemy.

31/4.10. And Jehovih caused disbelievers and signs and miracles to overrun these peoples, and He raised new prophets to them, rebuking them for their unrighteous behavior.

31/4.11. The adherents of the past revelations rose up in might and slew the prophets of God, declaring them breakers of the laws of man.

31/4.12. Nevertheless it came to pass with all these peoples, their many self-Gods went away from them, and the new revelations took root in the persecution and death of God's prophets.

31/4.13. Such are the cycles upon the earth; they are as the harvests of the Almighty, which He gives to the different periods of His creations.

31/4.14. Here is wisdom, O man, to heed the signs of Jehovih's seasons, and the march of His dominion on the earth.

31/4.15. Not allowing yourself to become bound by things of the past while the signs of the Almighty rise up before you.

31/4.16. Neither judge the ways of God by the little that is done in a corner, nor by prejudices deep-rooted in your own understanding, because of your birth and surroundings.

31/4.17. But survey broadly over all the earth, considering what is good for all people, as to whether the doctrines and revelations are powerful enough to abolish poverty and war and all manner of crimes among men.

31/4.18. This is the guide your Creator gave to you, so that you could learn to prophesy concerning the administration of your God; remembering that Jehovih is the only master of life and death (because whomever He has quickened into life is His, and death is His decree in His own time and way).

31/4.19. And whoever comes between man and his Creator, visiting death upon his brother, wages war against his Creator.

31/4.20. Life and death are Mine, says Jehovih.

31/4.21. Whoever then presumes to engage in death no longer fulfills the righteousness of God.

31/4.22. By which sign you shall judge all people who engage in war, and know in truth whether their doctrines and their self-Gods are appropriate to establishing the Father's kingdom on earth.

31/4.23. Not allowing yourself to be blinded by their pretensions and professions of peace, but by their practice, observing if they have more faith in weapons of war and standing armies than in Jehovih.

31/4.24. This is one of the signs also, in addition to the infidelity and necromancy, |1249| from which you shall surely prophesy that the old doctrines and revelations have fulfilled their time with mortals.








1248  Law here refers to the unfailing nature of the construction and consequence of Jehovih's system and order. Again, held as such, not intrinsically because of itself, but because of Jehovih's actual presence, wisdom and power in sustaining the system and order; and operable because of His presence. Thus the elements within one's milieu act according to the system and order that is set up and sustained for them.

So, when used in that sense, the word law and sometimes the word rule, are terms of convenience. Also, since the laws, regulations and rules, made by man's social order to govern his behavior, are lower order imitations of Jehovih's system and order, they are, accordingly, also sustained by person, whether that person is the king, a republic, a fraternity, or some consensus cluster within them.






























































1249  which, aside from evil-spirit manifestations, includes fawning over spirits of the dead; see e.g., 31/4.8-10

CHAPTER 5 Ouranothen




31/5.1. The words of Ouranothen: In the love of God, peace and goodwill be yours, amen.

31/5.2. In times past, the Almighty has bestowed His signs, monuments and histories; by which you shall understand the dominion of His word.

31/5.3. Because the ancients were bound down by the doctrines and revelations of their predecessors, Jehovih allowed evil-disposed men to fall upon their libraries and destroy them.

31/5.4. And man mourned on the earth, saying the light of heaven was consumed.

31/5.5. But Jehovih comprehended what was good for man, desiring him not to be bound down to the ancients; but rather that man should be quickened to the ever-present light of God.

31/5.6. For man had become like a drowning man, clinging to that which was taking him down under the water. So only by the destruction of the ancient records, could man be persuaded to turn to that which is ever present, even Jehovih.

31/5.7. And the same condition has always come to all the ancient self-Gods and men; for men fear to let go from that which is carrying them farther and farther away from their Creator.

31/5.8. This I also declare to you: The sum of revelation in each and every cycle has been to bring man nearer and nearer to the comprehension of the Ever Present; to make man know that Jehovih now is, even as He was with the ancients.

31/5.9. So that man might ultimately have his understanding open, so as to receive his own revelations from his Creator, and from the angels of God.

31/5.10. Such being, in fact, the founding of His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

31/5.11. Since, then, direct inspiration shall come from the Father to all men, |1250| how do you hope to not be bound by the revelations of the prophets of old?

31/5.12. The same Creator now is, always was and ever shall be.

31/5.13. To be as near Him, and as much in Him, and as much one with Him, as were the ancient prophets, shall you then not also be one with the Father, to prophesy and to accomplish good works?

31/5.14. For if God, the Father, is ever the same, and you fulfill His requirements as the ancient prophets did, the same result shall happen to you as to them.

31/5.15. To quicken man, therefore, to enter into the living present, instead of leaving him as a follower of the ancient light (old revelations), is the work of your God.

31/5.16. Toward that end you shall join in wisdom and earnestness, regardless of self-sacrifice.

31/5.17. Now therefore, when the signs of decadence in the old systems manifest themselves, as for example, when those who are of good mind and sound judgment, having been believers in the ancient doctrines and revelations, but afterward turn away from them because the doctrines are impotent, you shall know in truth a new cycle is underway.








































1250  (male and female) via the soul



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